Naruto Chapter 651 Breakdown: What could have been…

Hey everyone.

I know it’s been three weeks since I last did a breakdown and even this one is a bit late, but I guess things have just been a bit difficult for me lately. So, first off I’d like to say thanks to Iamnotreallyhere for covering for me, because it helps a lot.

As for the Naruto chapter itself, I think we might be at a point at last, where we’ll finally see the battle against Obito decided in some way or another, however, whether or not this is the end of the war as a whole is another matter entirely, especially with Madara still present on the field. One thing I can say for certain, however, is that regardless of the outcome, this chapter was, in my eyes, one of the best, if not the best chapter in this war arc so far, simply because it encapsulated such a great amount of energy and feeling.

Bushido fox, ready for action!

Bushido fox, ready for action!

I think from a visual standpoint, this chapter was definitely epic in just about every way possible. Kishi did a great job with drawing Kurama armored by Susanoo, and it truly did portray a foreboding and potent force that really made me, as a reader, feel like the Alliance actually stood a chance against the otherwise hopelessly powerful Obito.

However, I think the true heart of this chapter lied in the message Kishi was trying to convey within it. We’re given a glimpse of a powerful scene where Naruto calls his friends to his side and they answer without any hesitation. This very act of camaraderie in itself seems to stand in defiance of Obito’s goals, which forsake all bonds for the purpose of creating a dream world where overcoming hardships and sharing your pain with others become meaningless sentiments.

Friends Rally

Body language level, Asian.

As Naruto, Sasuke and Obito prepare for their final, deciding blows – backed up by the power of the other rookies and even Sai – we get a glimpse of the sharp contrast between Obito and Naruto in particular and with some help from Kakashi’s narration, we begin to paint a picture as to what makes them so different and yet, at the same time, so strangely similar.

The final attack...

You know you’re done for when you get hit by a Kurama and Susanoo fusion, an entire side cast and a ‘speech no jutsu’ all at the same time…

It’s here, during the closing moments of the chapter that Obito get’s a true glimpse of the power of bonds, and a strange vision at the same time. At first, it almost appears as if Naruto and Obito are melding into one, but in reality, I think Obito was just seeing his own self reflected within the path Naruto has chosen to walk.

Kakashi mentioned how the hole in one’s heart can be filled up by their friends, and I think Obito’s vision of a different life is a testament to what could have been, had he chosen to return to Konoha rather than abandon it for a lonely path.

So kids, don't do drugs.

So… does this count as a forwardflash?

In a sense, this is the life Obito would have lived if he had not allowed himself to be lead astray by Madara. If he had chosen to, he could have returned to Konoha and mourned for Rin alongside his friends and, much in the way Kakashi described above, those friends could have filled the void in his heart that was created when Rin died and helped him to pick himself back up again and move on with his life – much like how Naruto’s friends filled the void of loneliness in his own life and helped him overcome the hardships of being a Jinchuuriki.

But, in a way, this comparison is not one that only considers Naruto’s life and choices, but also Kakashi’s as well. We’re talking about a man who lost his father, both his teammates and his sensei and yet who still managed to persevere with his comrades at his side, so I think Kakashi fully understands the implications of his own words and thus, the truth that lies therein.

I also think we can draw back to the words of Uzumaki Mito and Kushina, when they described what was necessary to live as a Jinchuuriki.

Filling the Vessel

Or we could fill it with cheesecake? O_o

In a way, the sentiment above reflects Kakashi’s own words, only it’s described in a slightly different way.

In the end, I think Obito has been defeated in both a physical and symbolic way, however, that’s not to say that things have ended here or that he’s necessarily out for the count just yet. There are a number of possibilities regarding what could happen next, so I’d like to know what you guys think.

Personally, I’ve been thinking of what could happen from here, and an interesting idea popped into my head that I hadn’t thought of before. What if Obito somehow sabotaged Itachi’s eyes before giving them into Sasuke, and implanted some sort of fail-safe that he could activate when the time was right? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen such a thing happen, as shown with how Itachi implanted a fail-safe in Shisui’s eye, so the possibility is certainly there.

Still, theories aside, part of me actually wants this battle to be over now. As good as it has been these past few chapters, I think if Kishi dragged it out any further, redundancy will truly start to kick in, so it might be best to “quit while you’re ahead”.

Well, it was good while it lasted...

Lesson learned. A DNA double-helix does not double as a great weapon.

I think that’s all from me for now. It was a somewhat short and sweet breakdown, but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway.

See you in the comments! ^ ^

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  3. Numba Three is me.

  4. You know, Tenrai, you might have just hit the nail on the head, when it comes to the difference between Obito and Naruto. Since Obito’s vessel is not filled with love, perhaps there can never be a full merge between Obito and Juubi.

  5. …by the gods, that sounded sappy….

  6. FIRST!!!
    This is my first post under this article, so technically it’s true. No more having to be first to be first. By that logic, everyone get’s to be first! So there! 😛

    Oh, and awesome breakdown. I agree, I do hope the end is near. I would think so anyway considering how close to fully blossomed the flower is. It’s do or die now.

  7. a shinobi should ENDURE.. those who don’t FAIL..

  8. Great breakdown. I like your analogy to Kakashi’s life to Naruto and Obito.

  9. its out

  10. Epic chapter was epic…

    But it ended on an epic cliffhanger. T__T

  11. No need to be sorry Ten, we’re happy with the breakdown whenever we get it and from who ever has the time to do it. So thank you all who do there best in entertaining us all these years.

    The latest chapter was a treat, Kishi managed to slow things down a bit, but he did it in a good way. 2 things come to mind now:
    1. Sasuke might grab the bijuu chakra from Naruto and become the new Sage (even if he seems like he really turned to the good side)
    2. Madara will pop up from a hole and grab everything and start F^&king shit up really really bad, unlike Obito, this bastard was born to fight, destroy and cause mayhem.

  12. yeah the chapter was epic.. but i can see naruto using his ultimate jutsu.. i just wish this one doesn’t last too long.. man.. talk no jutsu is just so awesome.

  13. Awesome that Gaara’s getting his Tail Beast Back, that was badass!! Wonder if Naruto will become the Host now or if he will free the other Tailed Beasts.

  14. @Eugen

    Like I said before, I have a feeling Naruto will get all the Bijuu and then Sasuke might take the Juubi’s body and become its host. Then it will be a case of the Juubi’s chakra and spiritual energy (in the form of the Bijuu) vs the Juubi’s life force and vitality, etc.

    Of course, Madara could also interfere and completely mess things up, so I guess anything can happen now.

  15. *Tick all the boxes*

  16. I hope we won’t witness a month of speech no jutsus and Obito revelations in the chapters to come.
    Also I wonder how Sasuke will treat his fight with Naruto because so far the only viable option and reason for the fight would be for the title of kage.

    Leave behind the acknowledgment of others and all that stuff, IMO it’s going to come down to a pure 1 on 1 fight for the title and Sasuke might steal the body of the juubi from Madara who, in turn, will probably steal it from Obito in the following chapters.

    So from then on Sasuke will try to wash the bad rep Madara threw on the Uchiha and after he defeats Edo Jinchu Hax Madara he will go on to have his fight with Naruto.

    Honestly Tenrai, if Kishi will pop up another stupid reason for revenge in Sasuke’s mind…., I’ll flip out.

    That’s why I think the only true reason for the Sasuke vs Naruto fight is for the title of Kage, be it Hokage or Kage over the whole world, to me it’s the only real scenario to pursue.

  17. ^Agree

  18. @Eugen

    I don’t think it has anything to do with revenge anymore. Remember that Sasuke said a few chapters ago that it wouldn’t be Obito, but him who erases the past. I think Sasuke believes that he is the one who needs to abolish the old shinobi system and he might see Jinchuuriki as part of that system. It would have less to do with revenge and more to do with cleansing the world so it can start anew, perhaps.

    However, maybe it’s not even the Jinchuuriki at all. Maybe the only way for Sasuke to truly get rid of his hatred is to refocus it in another direction and that direction is Naruto. Naruto did say that he’s the only one who can shoulder Sasuke’s hatred after all. I can’t imagine that someone can simply go from hating the world one minute, to wanting to save it the next just on a whim. There’s no way someone can just have a complete change of heart without some lingering issues.

    Also, remember what Itachi said. If you become arrogant and believe you can do things on your own, you’re on the path to becoming another Madara. Well, when the Konoha rookies confronted Sasuke and said they couldn’t just forget what he had done, he said he didn’t care what they thought. To me, that tells me that he still thinks he can do things on his own without the support or acknowledgment of others, and that also means that, as per Itachi’s own words, he’s still on the path to becoming another Madara. I’m certain of one thing, the fight between Naruto and Sasuke won’t just be a friendly bout for the title of Hokage. It will have a lot more purpose and meaning than just that.

  19. I agree with you Ten, but to go on and say it’s justified to erase all remnants of the past, while witnessing the collective might of the alliance and the important part Kurama and Ghiuki (Kyuubi & Hachibi) played in all of this is absurd. Sasuke will, most likely, have a change of heart, he felt Naruto’s true pain and what his feelings towards Sasuke were when they were young. All of this subtle moments must have hit home for Sasuke in some ways, so you can say it’s not a whim anymore, Sasuke found out the true history from the Hokages, he found out the truth from Itachi, he found out the truth and the feelings Naruto had, and now he shared the unity of the alliance.

    I doubt even the Raikage is still pissed at Sasuke now, when they see both him and Naruto winning this battle, a battle no one else could have won,.

    Sasuke is slowly starting to be seen as a savior along side Naruto and IMO he can be an ass as long as he likes, if they don’t acknowledge his merits in all of then the SA is wrong. Sure it doesn’t absolve Sasuke from all he’s done, but as I said, it wouldn’t have been possible to beat Obito otherwise.

    Maybe a Naruto and Hashirama duo would have had a great chance but seeing as Hashirama has been a true shield for the alliance against Madara, who without a doubt would have killed almost every unknown shinobi in the army by now if not for Hashi. So Naruto and Sasuke was the only option against Obito’s power.

  20. @Eugen

    I don’t particularly think that the alliance will be against Sasuke now that he’s helped Naruto, but one thing is brutally clear. Naruto is the one they recognize as the candidate for Hokage and not Sasuke. Even Shikamaru, who was probably the best candidate outside of Naruto, is prepared to follow him and be his adviser and has no ambition to be Hokage himself.

    The current generation acknowledges Naruto, not Sasuke. I’m not saying they’ll hate Sasuke or mistreat him or anything and they may very well admire him for his efforts in this last battle, but there’s a difference between acknowledging someone as a great shinobi and acknowledging them as Hokage. If Sasuke still thinks he can become Hokage without that backing, especially when it’s clear that Naruto has it, then isn’t he being arrogant?

  21. @ Ten, I was only trying to point out the fact that Sasuke should no longer have a hidden hateful agenda. Sure there might still be leftovers in his mind but the true goal he have when he joined the army surely must have changed by now.

    As far as the hokage seat goes, there isn’t any doubt in my mind Naruto has 100% of everyone’s vote in that matter, I’m sure not a single person will want Sasuke as Hokage or any other type of kage for that matter.

    I’m just stating that Sasuke’s only motivation for fighting Naruto from now on is for the title of kage, I’m not saying he’ll have the support of others or have support from anyone other than Orochimaru, Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo, but He will probably try non the less because in his mind it might be the only thing he cares about. Not the approval of others, but simply beating Naruto and taking his spot.

    I’m only making this statement from what I would consider a viable point of view of Sasuke’s. Other then this it would be childish to challenge Naruto, and without a doubt he wouldn’t stand a chance by himself without sage training of his own, at least.

    The scales are to outmatched, even Madara was weak compared to Tobirama and Hashirama without the Kyuubi under his control.

    P.S. I’ve watched 15 or so anime episodes at once, I was saving them for some time and decided to watch them at once. The battle Madara had when he first made his appearance in the anime, against the SA was pure epic, IMO that’s how the whole anime should be filmed. It was pure awesomenss, and you could really taste the power he had and the battle hardened skills he had acquired throughout the years. It was a true testament of his power, and by far the best depiction in the anime so far.

  22. @Eugen

    I think these kinds of anime would be much better if they were seasonal rather than continuous. That way the quality would always be better. When I look back at the Naruto vs Pein battle in the anime… *shivers*.

  23. What if Naruto becomes the new Juubi Jinchuriki, so that Madara has to take it away from him, rather than taking it from Obito? Now that’s a battle I’d like to see.

    Madara: “I’ll be taking the Juubi now”
    Naruto: “I’d like to see you try”

  24. It was very clever to use the bijuu’s chakra that Naruto got as a magnet to attach itself to Obito. The only thing that I am curious about is the statement made by Kurama about not having Ichibi or Hachibi. Shouldn’t it have read “we” instead of “they”? Translation error or who is they?

    @Tenrai – I agree Eugen that we are lucky to have awesome breakdown no matter when or how long we have to wait. In addition to your analogy, a person view of whether the glass is half full or half empty determine the course they take in life.

  25. I have to say. Something that happened that people seem to be forgetting is that Suigetsu at one point told the old prisoners and experimented people to spread the word that Sasuke would be bringing peace to the world.

    I think Sasuke might make his own army and then it’ll be a clash of ideals to a degree, if anything like that happens.

  26. I thought naruto had a piece of Hachi’s chakra? didn’t the kubi take a piece when he cut the tentacle off during the first tug of war????

  27. I’m going to be really pissed if Naruto talks Obito out of it. I want Obito to lose and lose hard in this fight. No body can do what he did and not pay the price. I swear the Uchiha are terrible when it comes to their tantrums. I can really understand why Tobirama wanted to keep an eye on them. They are just terrible people from the get go. When they say “a few good apples spoil the bunch” they don’t kid. Arrogance and feeling as if they were entitled to do what they wanted, is not cool traits.

    Now that I have that out of the way, I do think Naruto will finally convince Obito (which, i said, will hate immensely) and then BAM! Madara jumps in and takes over the mix and pulls the Juubi back out.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d let go of the past be accepting those people closest to me are dead, but I would punish the person for his crimes against humanity and the world, and banish them into their own hell. I’d find a way to make Obito Immortal and seal him away in the Husk of the Juubi and keep him awake and in his loneliness for all eternity. Naruto has lost so much because of Obito/Madara (Jirayia, Sauske, Kushina, Minato, Neji).

    Then again I have just finished reading all the Berserk chapters. before reading this chapter, and have grown weary of all the sadness that surrounded Naruto and how much he has done to try and get out of the sadness and feel pure joy (be it friends, teachers, praise etc.)

  28. I find that a little odd. I read through all of Berserk. I was expecting more friends to die and I REALLY expected Caska to be unable to live through what she suffered through.

    Also, I don’t feel Obito deserves being trapped in a prison for all eternity, or even as long as it would take for another Obito to rise up. Naruto’s better than that. Especially given the path that Naruto is trying to travel upon.

  29. @Wiseman

    While I do understand why you feel the way you do, ultimately, Naruto’s goal is to destroy the hatred in the world, much like his Sensei, Jiraiya, wanted to do. However, the way I see it, before you can destroy the hatred in the world or even in others, you first have to destroy the hatred in yourself.

    Naruto can’t afford to allow hatred to consume him at this point, whether that would be hatred towards Obito for what he did, or towards any other person or group of people. In fact, the entire point of the training he did at the waterfall of truth was to destroy that hateful part of himself, so I think we can expect that as he is now, Naruto is not the same as other people since that experience and that he sees the world from a completely different perspective. Even after meeting Nagato for a second time, the same person who killed his Sensei, he seemed to be at peace with things and even had a friendly conversation with someone who he should have every reason to hate.

    I also think it’s a case where Naruto also fully understands that he could have just as easily become the very thing he is now fighting against. He knows that if it wasn’t for people like Iruke or Itachi giving him a pep talk and setting him straight now and then, he could have become just like Obito, so he also sees it as fair game to give others the same opportunity to change that he was given. Also, now that he’s seen Obito’s full past, felt his regret and understands him more, I just think it would be completely against his nature if he tried to take out revenge in some way or make Obito suffer for his actions.

    I do think Obito will pay for those actions in some way, much like Nagato did, but it won’t be by Naruto’s hands. You could just call it Karma or whatever. Lol.

  30. I totally agree with you Tenrai. Naruto was talking to Tobi/Obito from the beginning that he will smash/rip off his mask, not to stop him in the classic way by defeating him but to convert him in some way. That is the true way.

    My opinion on Madara is that the other Kage reanimation can handle him. Because in a way things from the past should be resolved with those from the past and buried in the past, leaving the future to the next generation of shinobi.

    As for Sasuke (the new generation) I don’t have in mind what he could do although every decision he makes will be backed-up with Orochimaru and that is a nasty duo.

  31. OK, after seeing Naruto Shippuden ep. 212 again, I am now seeing how useless Sakura is. I was looking to seeing this episode as to see how she fell in love with Sauske (and basically the reason for her stupidity throughout the series)… There was no resolve. Her love for him has always been superficial, but (because of my stupid OCD on completing stuff) I endured the whole episode (although the omake at the end was funny). She is just a terrible person. There were never any moments of Sauske even showing any remote romantic interactions with her and yet she kept saying how much she loved him. And then that part where he was leaving the village, she still fangirled (i just created the past tense O.O) out like crazy and even went as far as to want to leave with him!? that’s just BANANAS! I had totally forgotten about that.
    Like I said, Naruto deserves whom ever he wants. But I hope to God that it isn’t her. She has been bad for him since the get-go.
    I really think Kishi is partially to blame for her character and the lack of development after the “Rescue the Kazekage” arc. And her downward slope after that into the same fangirl. I really want to like Sakura but she is just playing childish lol.

    Poor Naruto, I’d rather he died as a tragic hero than end up with her. I’d like Naruto better if it was more of a tale about Naruto, and not any of these undertones of romance in them. I guess it’s too late to introduce a character that can actually be a good match for Naruto; A great example is in the Anime only, where this one girl from the Sand was introduced to faun over Gaara towards the end of part 1, and she was even kept for Naruto Shippuden and even seen in some scenes in the 4th Great shinobi War.

  32. All I can say is the “What If” of Obito has actually intrigued me so much, that I think Kishi should write a spin off of Naruto telling the story of Obito coming back to Konoha and choosing the good path, what do you guys think?

  33. Sounds good to me, Tar.

  34. Man i remember the debates on who is Tobi and man could there been anyone else but Obito. I know the Izunas and ect. but man Obito makes a great character from way back in Kakashi gaiden to overall Naruto story.

    @Tar yea it would it’s got two things going for it, a Naruto type character and he has the sharigan and I think he was the youngest to awaken the mangeku but who would he fight Oro, cause he pretty much created the Akatuski. Ooooh Obito, Shisui, Itaichi and Obito’s fellow leaf Kakashi, Gai, ect fight the Uchicha revolt or something.

  35. The Uchiha coup likely wouldn’t’ve happened due to the fact that Obito wouldn’t have released the Kyuubi on Konoha, thus no suspicions placed on them. Besides, having Obito as Hokage would have also affected them.

  36. @Tar (The nickname seems to be sticking)

    I smell an interesting fanfic idea…. @__@

  37. @holyde Kishi has proven that the Uchiha where gonna be pushed even if the Kyuubi attack didn’t happen cause of the elders. Nothing that was shown about the attack proved Uchiha being the ones, the 4th that it was Madara and even questioned it. What was it even like 7 years after that attack but back to my case Oro as main villian or an Uchiha and another village attacking the leaf to get to the conclusion of Obito the hero and Hokage.


  39. Argh naruto you f’in pussy…

  40. Somehow I’m not surprised by this chapter. But I guess, Naruto is sticking to his ideals. As for Obito’s response…idk, I would think he would the right path, but Madara is still out there

  41. @zzattack

    Don’t be mean. >_>


    Didn’t expect it to be this early. I guess that means I’m doing a double. Lol.

    Time to read.

  42. That chapter was really good in my opinion. This was actually one of Naruto’s better speech no jutsus and he showed a lot of wisdom and insight in this chapter. It wasn’t just one of those run-of-the-mill “I won’t give up” speeches, Naruto really seems to understand what it means to be Hokage now and what it takes to lead people forward.

    He’s also sticking to his ideals, which is what I expected. There’s no point in talking about peace for a world if you can’t even find peace for yourself and stand above the normal ways of using violence and revenge as a solution to your problems.

  43. @Tenrai you’re right, this was one of his better speech no jutsus. He is finally coming know how to achieve his sensei’s dream.

    I just wonder how things will progress from here on out. By giving Naruto his hand, what will happen to the juubi’s chakra? Will losing it kill Obito, like it does to other Jinchuuriki?

  44. @Dante

    I don’t think Obito would die if he lost the Juubi, mostly because his body is no longer normal in any way, considering half of it is made up of Hashirama’s Mokuton cells. Also, I don’t think Naruto is removing the entire Juubi at this point, just the Juubi’s chakra which makes up the nine Bijuu. The Juubi’s actual, physical body will probably still be left inside Obito, which would likely help him survive as well.

    Still, with that in mind, I think there are a lot of things that could kill Obito in the next chapter or two. One is Madara taking control of things and messing them up. The other could possibly even be Sasuke, who may not share Naruto’s willingness to accept Obito to their side and who may even make a power play for the Juubi’s body. O_o

    Usually in manga you find that when a character has too much blood on their hands, they end up dying as a form of karmic justice, even after turning good. I think it’s the authors way of acknowledging that you can be forgiven for your crimes but you still need to accept responsibility for them in some way. So, for me personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obito was killed off in some way as a symbol of that justice, though I do think it would be quite an interesting twist if we could see what would happen if he was spared that fate and did live to atone for his actions.

    Let’s face it though, this is the world of shinobi. It’s a world of killers – so to speak – and there are very few individuals who don’t have blood on their hands (with Naruto being one of those very rare few). Even the Kage themselves have been responsible for thousands of deaths and have often risked all out war to fuel their own agendas. I think the alliance would have to take all that – and their own bloody past – into consideration when they decide how to deal with Obito’s actions if that time ever comes. It could be an important turning point because they’d have to decide if they want to continue the cycle of hatred and take revenge on Obito for his actions, or if they want to move on and choose a more peaceful solution.

  45. I like this chapter. It all fits, in my opinion. Naruto is in a position to have insight about what Obito is feeling in many ways, and finally we see a smidgen of hope from him. And remember, he is pulling a Uchiha back from the depths of evil – which is supposed to be tough to do.

  46. I loved this chapter. It demonstrates so much of what I love about Naruto in the first place. It’s chapters like this that make me love Naruto so much more than One Piece.

  47. Even if it was just talk, boy oh boy, did I enjoy this speech. Without a doubt , as many of you stated, Naruto held a very mature speech, he didn’t yell or cry or bout, he actually threw everything out there, and just as Gavin pointed out, Naruto held all the cards, he knew exactly what to say.

    If Obito will accept Naruto’s proposal, I think he will die in some way, Tenrai was right in saying, people who do bad things have to atone for there mistakes in some way or another. You can find the answer in Nagato’s death, clearly he couldn’t have lived on after what he did to the citizens of Konoha, now the question is, will Obito sacrifice himself in order to stop Madara or in some way to save naruto and Sasuke’s lives?

  48. I believe Obito will agree to return to the village for atonement but, thanks to Madara, he will never make it there. Obito will (somehow, maybe a Naruto powerup?) die heroically, though, leaving the root cause of all of this mayhem, Madara the immortal…

  49. What if Obito gives Naruto his other eye?

  50. Hm, I don’t know about Naruto getting an eye. It kind of goes against his “Hokage must walk the steep path” no jitsu he just laid down…

  51. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Juubi Naruto looks somewhat like this guy?

  52. This chapter proved how powerful Naruto is. He has this facade up that he’s dimwitted and does things recklessly, but he is in fact a very manipulative man, who is very cunning with his words. To me that is the is the most dangerous shinobi a live.
    I think Naruto is more manipulative than either Madara or Orochimaru. Look at the list of people he was able to change by means of showing some force (to prove that he is no ordinary person) and by cunning speeches: Zabuza, Neji, Gaara, Pein, and now Obito. That is a pretty powerful list of Shinobi to persuade from ( in Naruto’s perception) the dark side.
    And then add to the countless thousands he has manipulated by always reinforcing that he’d one day become Hokage. The more times that statement gets reverberated, the more it becomes ingrained in their mind that it is truth. And thus they all see the world the way Naruto wants them to see it: He is their hope, he will save their world, and he will become their Hokage. And he is all doing it in such a cold and calculated manor. Didn’t Kishi once say to look underneath, the underneath (paraphrasing of course). What if it meant that Naruto was the really just about a boy who wanted nothing more than to achieve by any means, even if that meant fulling everyone into believing it was so. Naruto was so good at it, that even before he was born, his own father believed in him (or manipulated!!) to the point where he gave a portion of the Kyubbi to help Naruto along his conquest over the Ninja world.
    His power is truly terrifying. Such physical power mixed with the mind that could even persuade a vegetarian to meat-eater, is just unGodly.

    (my side par in regards to Naruto; kinda like a letter to him or a comment towards him)
    Naruto… you sneaky bastard. You had us all caught on to the deception that you were the genuine article; and then you go and do the impossible. You bring nobody into existence and even grant that nobody a personality and a name, and you named that nobody “Uchiha, Obito.” Oh, how I longed for a villain that could truly be your opposite, someone who wanted the world to crumble for “crumbles” sake; nothing more, nothing less. A villain that actually killed more meaningful people in your life (like Sakura >:D) just because they were there. A villain who would revel in your suffering and show everyone that they can’t be persuaded by your cunning tongue but can actually use it to his advantage.
    I hope I get to see that villain in Madara. He seems to want to destroy the Ninja world because he believes that it should all be returned to the mother tree. Hopefully he can test your mettle as the most dangerous shinobi of all time. I also hope it’s a one on one battle so you can’t rely on anyone for outside help and actually defeat the ultimate “evil” by yourself and thus reinforce everyones view that you are in fact the “warrior for light” and all things good; or so they are forced to believe anyways…

  53. I think Naruto’s mental power comes less from his ability to manipulate (as he doesn’t appear to do it on purpose), more from his ability to see a situation from a different angle. Naruto said it himself, as though it was obvious to him, despite the fact that Obito claims he’s no longer Obito, he really actually does care about his history and used that to fight back the Juubi. Naruto saw this contradiction when Obito didn’t.

  54. @ wise, that was a awesome point of view mate, you got my vote for best post of the week.

  55. @wise, seems to me that you are as manipulative as Naruto by twisting his motive to your liking. The best part was he manipulate his dad before he was born to get one half of Kurama. I bet you could write one hell of breakdown that have everyone’s head spinning.

    @tenrai, I am going to bet you cheesecake that Obito will die but not by the hands of the alliance and Naruto will do his best to safe Obito from death. This will show that Naruto does not fuel by hatred but by his desire to protect.

    @chapter, I always thought that Obito’s love for Rin was more imaginative like puppy love with no substances but the flashback do show that Rin and Obito having some chemistry. Maybe it is just a team mate type of thing.

  56. Even though I think Naruto’s ability to open dialogue with the enemy and sway people is a natural and instinctual thing. I do like talking about other theories.

    In a fan fiction I wrote, I started by having Naruto and Sakura letting go of their inhibitions and start flirting and fooling around in a romantic way.

    The second act was about Naruto seeing Kurenai because of Shikamaru’s suspicion that Naruto’s ability to sway people was more than just an innate human talent. Upon putting Naruto in a trance-genjutsu Kurenai found that putting Naruto under pressure caused this innate Bloodline Limit to form, making it increasingly hard for her to put him under such duress. She told Naruto that he had this bloodline limit and it troubled Naruto greatly. In the story I made this an eye technique to put him at odds with the sharingan.

    The third act involved a meeting with Hinata, who couldn’t help but stalk him once more. Hinata kicked the crap out of him for feeling sorry for himself. She told him that even if the bloodline limit exists that improves people’s feelings for him, that people liked him just fine in all the normal ways and people wouldn’t come back if he wasn’t leaving a lasting impression – apart from the effects of his newly found eyes. As a cliffhanger, Sasuke returned. This was set before the war, just after the fight with Pain, so it is unfortunately no longer relevant.

    The final act was a full fledged battle between Naruto and Sasuke. They both agreed that even if Sasuke came in peace, that Naruto could only truly trust him if they fought one another yet again. In a surprise move, Naruto buried thousands of clones to recharge an almost infinite amount of sage energy. Sasuke built up Kirin in response and Naruto – seeing the impending strike, used his clones to boost himself up above the clouds before the lightning could strike and sacrificed the rest of his clones. Naruto and Sasuke, fresh out of chakra could only trade blows until Naruto extended his hand. Sasuke, in an uncharacteristically friendly move, extended his own hand to Naruto. Naruto, then, in an uncharacteristically underhanded move – headbutted Sasuke and knocked him out. Naruto stood only for a moment, to smile at his victory and then passed out.

    Sakura woke Naruto soon after, and comforted him. Naruto urged her to go to Sasuke and heal his broken nose. She refused and stayed with him, trying to prove her affections for him. Naruto urged her to go, joking that he couldn’t take away his only real advantage: which was that he’s too damned pretty. She warmed up to the joke, smiled, and went to heal Sasuke’s wounds.

    I guess the interesting thing to me is that people know that Naruto’s talk-no-jutsu is his real power. Yes, he is now probably one of the strongest ninjas. But his ability to change people is so effective that it is hard not to think it is his greatest power. And it therefore is hard not to predict that there is some trick to it that has never been revealed in the story.

    That said: who feels like Naruto could be mortally wounded by Obito next chapter? Anyone feeling like Obito will take Naruto’s hand and knife his other hand right in his heart? For me this is kind of a tense moment.

  57. @ Gav, Nice story, it would make a good episode, as for Obito stabbing Naruto, I don’t think it will happen.
    I see, maybe, 2 scenarios:

    1st Obito accepts Naruto’s request and goes to the good side for the briefest of moments and then, Sasuke or Madara or even Orochimaru move in for the kill and either of them takes Obito’s juubi body.

    2nd Obito remains bad, but he’s attacked and killed, non the less, by either Sasuke or Madara and in a last ditch effort he somehow saves Naruto’s life, maybe even Kakashi’s life too.

    3rd He knows they can’t stop Madara after he takes over the tree or even the Juubi body and somehow he gives Kakashi his other eye and gives Naruto the knowledge and power he achieved so far.

  58. It’s out… *sniff

  59. Looks like Naruto is using his ultimate attack: Talk-No-Jutsu!

  60. @ lousytv, not to be rude or anything but the chapter was out since yesterday. Cheers

  61. @Eugen: You’re right… but still… =(

  62. @tenrai I forgot about the body of the Juubi. Would Madara benefit much with just having the body of the Juubi if Naruto does manage to take all the Bijuu chakra?

    As I think about it, without any of the chakra from the one-tail (forgot how to spell his name) and the eight-tail, Naruto wouldn’t really become the host of the Juubi. Of course he could easily get a small portion just like how he did from the other Bijuu.

    And now with Gaara becoming a jinchuuriki again, will his relationship with the bijuu change? We never did know much about how his relationship with the bijuu was or if he even had any interaction with the one-tail. Plus, does the one-tail even know what happened with the other bijuu (can they communicate within the gedo mazo?)

    With Obito taken care of, either turned to the good side or just plain defeated, Hashirama can focus on fighting Madara. I think that he should be a problem for the previous generations of Hokage to solve. Mainly, Hashirama, his best friend.

  63. Hey LousyTV! You’re back!

    *Eats LousyTV* @__@


    I wouldn’t call Naruto manipulative. I just think he has a stronger will than others and thus, is less likely to fall to their own manipulations. In the end, the biggest difference between Naruto and those he has changed, is that they didn’t have as strong a will as he did and thus, were either manipulated more easily by others (like how Obito was preyed on by Madara or Sasuke was goaded on by Itachi) or were too unsure of the paths they decided to walk on to resist someone challenging the legitimacy of that path.

    I see this talk between Naruto and Obito as more of a game of chicken than as a game of chess. It’s two people rushing towards each other at full speed on a highway, believing that they are on the right side of the road while the other is not and whoever moves away first, is not necessarily doing so because the other is more imposing than they are, but rather, might be doing it because they’re the least sure of themselves in the end. To be honest, I can’t see how someone who has allowed themselves to be manipulated by others and who has a change of heart the moment something bad happens in their lives can possibly win a battle of will with someone who has always stayed true to their own path no matter what hardships came their way.

    That being said, we still don’t know whether Obito will take that hand or not, so we can’t even be sure if Naruto’s speech no jutsu will have the desired effect this time.

    As for that one villain who just wants to watch the world burn, I used to think that Orochimaru was that kind of villain, because before, he always seemed to revel in his evil actions purely for the enjoyment of them and not because of any significantly deeper reason. But, recent chapters have suggested that there was more to his actions than has been let on as well, so I guess Kishi as an author might simply believe that there is no such thing as a human being who is so black and white, that they are either just purely good or purely evil. I also don’t think that Naruto will fight Madara one-vs-one, because I have a feeling that battle is reserved specifically for Sasuke.

  64. @Dante

    I don’t think the Moon Eye plan is possible without the full power of the juubi, as has been suggested in the previous chapter, so if Naruto and the alliance manage to extract the other Bijuu’s chakra out of the Juubi’s body, then the plan as a whole can be considered a complete failure.

    As for Gaara, we never did get to see if he managed to form a better relationship with his Bijuu by the time he became Kazekage, but he did seem to exert much more control over his Bijuu during the battle with Deidara when he used partial transformations without losing his sanity. I don’t think he would have necessarily had the same friendship Naruto now has with Kurama, but at the very least, there might have been some form of respect between the two.

  65. I wonder what will happen to the Bijuu that are going to be released. Is Naruto, Bee and Gaara going to get the Chakra, they lost, back? or is it all going to go back to the world and the other Bijuu reincarnate in a certain time in the future.
    Since this is the same struggle battle that Naruto had with Kurama, I think Naruto might absorb the other tailed beast, excluding Shukaku or Gyuki.

    This is all just assumption of course; assuming Obito accepts Naruto’s hand and assuming the Naruto+The Alliance are successful in extracting the other Bijuu.

  66. testing out my new gravatar

  67. @Wiseman

    Someone has read or is reading Berserk. 😛

  68. @Tenrai I had actually forgotten about the partial transformations in the fight with Deidara. Now that Gaara is actually accepting Shukaku into him, things will be interesting, assuming it happens. Gaara should get quite a powerup from that. I guess it also depends how much we see of Gaara from now on.

    I can see Madara wanting the juubi’s body to attempt to steal the bijuu’s chakra again. But what purpose could it serve Sasuke if he tried to get it? He isn’t very likely to be able to steal any of the Bijuu chakra (He is an Uchiha afterall so it seems anything is possible) since even Naruto was unable to free Shukaku and the bit of the 8-tails.

  69. @Dante

    If Sasuke had a motive for taking the Juubi’s body, it would be so his power was at least a match for Naruto’s. If one has the Juubi’s body and the other his chakra (the bijuu), then it stands to reason they’d be more or less evenly matched.

  70. I’ve just finished reading it (to the current chapter) about a week ago and now I’m re-reading it. Then I’m going to wait another 20 years and hopefully by that time that story will be over and i’d be able to enjoy again

  71. @Tenrai how much power does the Juubi body actually have on its own? Were we ever really shown this anywhere? I’m sure it does, considering that the sage sent it to the moon supposedly. Would it really be enough to put Sasuke on a more even level with Naruto (Natural Energy, Kyuubi, and all the other Bijuu).

    So many questions….gah! I can’t wait for the result of this fight. lol

  72. @Dante

    We have actually gotten glimpses of the power of the Juubi’s body on its own and probably the most extensive example is when Nagato first summoned it to fight Hanzou’s and Danzou’s forces.

    I mean, given that the Gedo Mazo is the Juubi’s body and that this happened before Akatsuki began actively collecting the Bijuu, I think it stands to reason that this is just the power of the Juubi’s body on its own and yet it was enough to send an entire shinobi squadron and one of the most powerful shinobi in the ninja world running scared.

    Another example was when Obito, using the strength of the Gedo Mazo through the connection with Tobi (the mokuton clone) was able to obliterate the mountain wall trapping him with Madara in a single blow.

    I suppose if one was to become technical about it, you could say the best example of the power of the body vs the power of the spirit can be seen with the Uchiha and Senju, one of which was given the Sage’s body, life force and vitality, and the other which was given his eyes, spiritual power and chakra. If we consider that the Sage’s own power can also be traced back to the Juubi as well, then the comparison of power between Uchiha and Senju, could be an example of the power of the Juubi’s body vs the power of its chakra. O_o

    In saying all that, I can’t guarantee what would happen next. It’s all just hypothetical for now. Lol. But I think the bottom line is that even a Jinchuuriki who only has the Juubi’s body on its own, would still pose a considerable threat even without the ability to activate the Moon Eye Plan.

  73. @Everyone else

    I just wanted to let you know that I made a new manga post and it’s a series I think is well worth looking into (some members of the blog are already following it).

    And as I have mentioned before, if there are any other series anyone here feels are worth doing a post on, you’re welcome to write up your own preview of it following the same format of my post, and I’ll post it for you (with a credit of course) so we can share the love, so to speak. Lol.

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