Naruto Triple Breakdown Terror!!! 648 – 649 – 650

Welcome to a prodigious and possibly overly ambitious Naruto Triple Breakdown!!

This is your author Iamnotreallyhere standing in for Tenrai who is still recovering after eating a Death Star that didn’t agree with him. Anyways there is a lot of ground to cover so onwards, forwards, upwards, and outwards = P

Chapter 648: A Shinobi’s Dream…!!

This chapter had a pretty solid start. Sasuke as always has a way to be relevant even though he himself isn’t a senjutsu user. This chapter did not however revolve around Naruto and Sasuke or their battle with Obito, the real focus of this chapter was the First Hokage’s memories of the first meeting of the Kages where the Biju were distrubuted between the villages.


We all had suspicions but now it seems it’s official… Sasuke’s Susanoo has the Emopox

I find it interesting that the Hidden Sand were the only village aside from the hidden leaf to have captured a Biju on their own, and rather than taking a Tailed Beast they asked for land and money, land and money that I can only assume Hashirama conceded to give them. That kind of castes their relationship and alliance, and subsequent betrayal (however temporary) earlier in the series in a bit of a different light.


The reaction of the other kage was less than positive to say the least and the meeting possibly could have gone sour had Hashirama not intervened before the already heated argument could ignite any further. It’s no surprise that Hashirama’s dream was to unite the shinobi world as one, though it is interesting that his dream is the logical next step of naruto’s dream of bringing peace to the world rather than the other way around.

The chapter ends with the arrival of the five current Kage, cue the epic pose and on to the next chapter.

Chapter 649: The will of the shinobi


And here we are as the five Kage take charge of their respective village’s forces. Unfortunately this chapter seems to have a lot of not much going on. The shinobi alliance prepares to go on the offensive and we’re also treated to a glimpse of the fight between Naruto/Sasuke vs Obito though nothing too interesting is revealed. We’re then treated to some flashbacks from our favorite lazy genius as he reminisces and declares that only he can really be Naruto’s adviser as he doesn’t have a smart brother like the first had. After a little back and forth between Hashirama and Tsunade we get even more talk no jutsu from the five kage.


Meanwhile in a world separated from the chaos Kakashi has been practicing his needle work as he prepares to rejoin the fray (I hope), and then we go back into more preparatory exposition.

Chapter 650: I’ll Sleep


Which leads us into the latest chaper which starts off with what the last few chapters have been sorely lacking: Action. Finally the shinobi alliance goes on the attack and I must say they make a decent showing of it. Everyone seems to be eager to do something here, even Orochimaru pitches in some.


One of the more interesting things that we learn this chapter is that we’ve only seen a small percentage of Katsuya (Tsunade/Sakura’s Summon). And even together they can only summon ten percent of the giant slug. Makes me wonder what it would take to summon all of Katsuya to any one place, or even if it’s possible.

The chapter then turns to the main fight as Naruto and Sasuke are still having trouble with Obito. Though rather than following the battle entirely we are treated to the thoughts of Kakashi on whether or not Obito still has a will of fire, and that part of him still fights against that. Apparently he’s seeking the answer to that conflict in Naruto. Cue Obito and his latest the reason you suck speech, naruto in classic form totally shrugs off. The end of this chapter strikes me as interesting as though there are many parallels between Madara/Hashirama and Sasuke/Naruto I don’t think the former ever fought together against anyone, not entirely sure how this will effect things but I think it’s significant. We are then left with an image that can mean soo many things.


The symbolism here is unmistakable. You have the whole Yin (Sasuke’s Susanoo) Yang (Naruto’s Kyuubi) thing going on as well as the merging of the two into one amalgamated form. We are either going to see one heck of a beat down next chapter or…. something else will happen >>


~ by iamnotreallyhere on October 10, 2013.

48 Responses to “Naruto Triple Breakdown Terror!!! 648 – 649 – 650”

  1. For the first time (and I’ve been around since IRA)

  2. On that note I wish there was an IRA anniversary tribute to remember how it all started with a message from Jeramia and the old IRA crew…..

    Anyways, great breakdown!!!!!
    And everyone should stay awesome

  3. i really do think that sasuke would fall protecting naruto.. just like always. LOL

  4. Fourth is death!

  5. @iamnotreallyhere – awesome breakdown, short and sweet.

    Is there anything symbolic between Shikamaru saying he will be Naruto’s right hand man and the fact that he use his right hand to push himself up?

  6. Great B_down, I really enjoyed it and it was str8 to the point. As far as we’ve seen in Madara’s battle with Hashirama the Kyuubi Susano’o combo can be beaten by a huge pissed off women with 1000000000 hands. The only difference here is the Kyuubi has the added power of Natural energy and the team is stronger seeing as how Kurama is not forced to fight via sharingan so the trio will most likely put a dent in Obito.

    However I can see Obito forming an Avatar of his own, a materialization of his spheres into a Susano’o monster. It most likely will come down to Naruto and Sasuke being able to break the spheres in there new form.

    @ Bijugami, cheers dude, I still haven’t grabbed the 1st post here since the time I started posting, and it’s coming close to 7 years now I think.

    I would love to see all the old users drop by and start posting again.

  7. @Eugen
    But the Susanoo/Kyuubi combo of Madara’s lacked Senjutsu power so that’s a new element in the mix. I also can’t say as to whether Obito could use susanoo without two sharingan, or two Rinegan eyes as they seem a little out of balance power wise.

    It probably symbolizes that Shikamaru is right handed = P

  8. @iamnotreallyhere Obito may possess the Mangekyo Sharingan, even though he apparently can’t use it as a jinchuuriki; but even if he could, he only had the ability to use Kamui. Ironically, as been stated by Obito himself, for an Uchiha to use Susanoo is a rarity, nevermind that just activating the Mangekyo Sharingan itself was a rarity as well. And since Obito lacks the ability to use any other Mangekyo technique, Susanoo is unfortunately unattainable for him.

    Personally, I’m kinda glad that for all of Obito’s insane Uchihax upgrade, it came at the price of not being able to use either of his dojutsu. Just having the ability to erase all forms of ninjutsu is a seriously overwhelming deus ex machina.

  9. I think the most symbolic part of the latest chapter was how everyone seemed to acknowledge that Naruto would be Hokage. Even though Shikamaru has the smarts to do it, they all know Naruto has the heart and the will. Even Kiba changed his goal from being Hokage, to competing with Shikamaru to be Naruto’s right hand man instead.

    All I can say is that Sasuke has zero chance of taking that title right now, given how overwhelmingly Naruto is in favor of his peers. The only way Sasuke could possible become Hokage now is if Naruto himself makes it happen somehow.

    I also thought it was pretty cool how Shikamaru acknowledged how Naruto was alone in the past and how he didn’t want Naruto to feel that way ever again. That was a pretty sentimental moment.

  10. One thing still bothers me, no one on the battlefield is capable of great power, if we look in the past shinobi like Tobirama, Hiruzen, Muu, Oohnoki, 3rd Kazekage, Minato, etc etc, can’t be found in present days.

    All the greats (And I mean kage level only) are Naruto, Bee, Sasuke, Kakashi and possible Gai, Darui, Kurotsuchi and a hand full others. The truly great ones were in the Akatsuki and most of them were take out by more then one opponent, except for Hidan. I doubt that if you make a one on one championship of Akatsuki members vs the likes of konoha 11 and 2nd tier shinobi from the other villages like Darui, the fat guy and the girl from the hidden stone, Ao and so on, that 2 maybe 3 will survive.

    As far as fighting Nagato, Itachi, Konan and Kisame I think they cannot be beaten on a 1 on 1 fight by the shinobi mentioned before.

    So basically Madara was right in his taunt towards the Kages, ever since Hashirama, no truly great shinobi were born, other then Hiruzen, Sasuke and Naruto who seem to be the pinnacle of power ever since the 1st generation of kages. Keep in mind Nagato was “Made” and not born for greatness. Sure he might have become a truly great shinobi in his own even without the Rinnegan, seeing as he’s of Uzumaki blood, but Jirayia’s training could only have brought him so far.

  11. I believe that, in a review with Kishimoto, it was stated that the red cloud coats they used were supposed to invoke a surreal feeling – like a dream – because that’s how powerful they were compared to everyone else.

  12. @ Andy, it would have been awesome if Nagato, Kakuzu, Itachi, Konan, Sasori, Deidara, etc were alive and fighting for the alliance now. Maybe with their help Obito would have been stoped and killed before he could fuse with the Juubi and become the new Rikudo.

  13. @Eugen

    I can see Nagato, Conan, Itachi and maybe (very big maybe) Sasori fighting for the alliance, but not Deidara or Kakuzu. The former of those two was just a terrorist who was more interested in explosions than politics and the latter was only moved by money and not ideals.

    Also, if they were, I reckon this battle would have been over long ago with those kinds of powerhouses adding to the already formidable powers in the alliance.

  14. I would absolutely hate it if that happened, specifically because it’d make death more trivial than it already is (and maybe even make it as a trivial as it was in DBZ). However, in this death isn’t fully trivial, especially given the fact that you need sacrifices to use edo tensei.

  15. Latest Chapter is out :

  16. enjoy guys: page 3 is not up, so skip to 4

  17. That was a great chapter, and the konoha 11 finally made a combo attack worth a million words.

    I wonder what made Obito see what his future could have been if he returned to the village? Maybe it was Naruto’s chakra, maybe it was a genjutsu from Sasuke (Izanami) or from Kakashi. What ever it was I bet it shook Obito from the inside pretty bad.

    All in all a great chapter, a perfect blend of action, flashback and talking.

  18. I will share more once mangastream releases it’s issue later in the day.

  19. this chakra cloak thing is going to far.. lol. so the konoha 11 manages to get a full cloak of kurama.. man i’m getting teary eyes just by reading this chapter.

  20. @ Chaps, seeing Tenten blast Obito’s shield with a rassengan bigger then her was the last straw !!! Kishi did it this time !!! I let it slide when she stumbled upon the banana fan and killed EdoKakuzu, but this just isn’t fair. She actually took part in taking Obito down and we have the likes of Tobirama, Minato, Hiruzen, Kakashi, Gai, Bee, the kages and so on, just enjoying the show from the side lines.

    Damn you Kishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. HAHAHAHA! it really went too far.. especially now that you mentioned tenten using a rasengan and having a full kurama cloak and as you said she even took part on taking obito down..

    but i still have teary eyes after seeing naruto and sasuke land that blow and obito having those flashbacks.. i think it was kakashi’s thoughts that obito saw.

  22. @Eugen

    I think it was more odd that Sakura wasn’t in there with them as well. I understand that she was helping Tsunade keep the alliance alive and that it was an important job, but as one of the original rookies, I think she should have been delivering the final blow with her teammates.

    Also, I couldn’t tell if Sai was in there or not, but it would be cool if he was.


    I think the chapter was awesome. It was a truly inspired moment with the whole gang delivering the final blow together and I think it was great how Naruto shared his power with everyone. The only question now is, what will happen next?

    We know Obito’s probably out for the count, but there’s still an immortal, edo-tenseid, Rinnegan wielding Madara on the field to contend with, and there’s a good chance he’ll try use this moment to take control of Obito or the Juubi again. He could also try and get Obito to revive him once more, now that he is weakened.

  23. @Tenrai i think sai is on 3 o’clock. its counter clockwise

    rock lee is at 6 o’clock

  24. I Think sasuke will want the kuubi later on it the story, my reason being so concerned about it is this page:

    Sasukes comment just seems like he is feeling power and wants it like all uchihas do.

    On obitos note, he is probably down for the count, i hope when he falls kakashi takes his other sharingan or even the rinnegan if he wants to. i can just imagine kakashis susano O.o

    As for madara i hope his own generation takes him out, the new generation already did their part. plus we didnt really get to see the old gen reaallly stretch their muscles.

  25. Am I the only one who thinks Obito will pull out of this mess ?!!?! I actually think he’s gonna regenerate or recover in some way, but I also support the notion of Madara taking advantage of this situation and going in for the kill and capturing the Juubi.

    I wonder if the Tree can be reverted ? If not, how will Naruto split the Bijuus once more? We know it turned into the 1st stage Juubi when the Sage captured it and became the Jinchuriki, so will that scenario happen again if Obito and Madara are defeated? Safe to say, Naruto might not agree with the others in taking down the tree seeing as it’s the complete form of the Bijuu’s he promised to save.

  26. I agree. One of the best chapters yet. Good feelings all around.

    About Sasuke, I am extremely interested in seeing what he will do after the fight is over. It’s either good or bad; friend or foe – right? I think this is a good time for him to give a light smile but we still can’t quite be sure if he is power hungry or just filled with some hope for a change… Or is it just a rush for him to realize that he might be one of the most powerful ninja on the planet?

    I’m still rooting for a good guy Sasuke in the end. And I don’t just want this because I am a sap for things turning out alright. I also think it would be more interesting for him to be a good guy in the end complete this 180 degree turn he’s on. Either way, good or bad, I want a good explanation for what side he is taking. I want him to go full internal monologue and explain his thoughts about Naruto and the village.

  27. And, to the comments of this great chapter, might I add…


  28. Here’s what I could possibly see happening further along.

    Naruto somehow manages to free the Bijuu from the Juubi, but even after that, the Juubi’s body still remains, weakened, but alive. Sasuke takes the opportunity to seal the Juubi’s body within himself, thus becoming the new Jinchuuriki for the Juubi and Naruto, with the other Bijuu, ends up having to fight him.

    I know it sounds a bit far-fetched, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened. It would almost be like a battle where on one side, we have a Jinchuuriki who has the power of the Juubi’s spiritual energy and chakra in the form of the nine Bijuu and on the other side we have someone who has the Juubi’s physical body and life force. Almost like how the sage himself split his own power between his sons, only this time Sasuke would have the Juubi’s physical body mixed with his own spiritual energy (from the sage), while Naruto has the sage’s body and life force, mixed with the Juubi’s spiritual energy and chakra.

    In a sense, we’re already half way there given that the bijuu have Naruto their chakra (though we don’t know to what degree).


    Yeah, it looks like Sai was in there, which is good because he deserves to be counted among the rookies in my books. @__@

  29. this the moment Madara has been waiting for?

  30. I think, if Obito survives this, that he will fight with the alliance against Madara. Of course, the whole drama of “should we heal him?” will unfold, but worse case, Naruto will heal him with his life-force-tree jitsu.

  31. Ten, wtf did you smoke man

  32. Hey guys !

    Firstly, I would wish to congratulate Iamnotreallyhere for a great breakdown love the color pics.

    Secondly, This was an ass-kicking chapter with all the the components in the right ratio. For those who think that Obito didn’t survive that attack remember that Tsunade was cut in half and puff (20 chapters later) she is the one who is doing the healing. Just to mention the First Hokages instant healing and they don’t even have the Juubi.

    Thirdly, the symbolism of friendship that tells us if you have friends on who you can rely on (that got your back, literally )
    there isn’t an obstacle just like Obitos shield that you can’t overcome. They will make an opening so you can grasp you victory.

    Last thing, did anyone caught up on the So6P sword and its resemblance to a DNA molecule? Coincidence or lack of swords ( Bleach has all the copyright 😛 )

  33. Yeah. There were nine tails, with nine friends in each of them. Sai took Neji’s place, and Rock Lee and Tenten took Sasuke’s and Sakura’s place.

    It’s possible that this is symbolic of Naruto having all nine of them as advisors. What will happen with/between Sakura and Sasuke I don’t know yet. Despite all the shit Sakura’s done, I’m still a NaruSaku fan, though I can also go with NaruHina, especially given Hinata’s Byakugan.

  34. Sorry for the double post, but yeah, I also noticed the DNA thing and thought it was a really nice touch.

  35. Sorry for a triple post, but I felt it’d be cool to explain why I’m a NaruHina fan too.

    The first one that I’ve mentioned many times before is because I believe it was once stated that the Sharingan was a mutation of the Byakugan, which is why I think So6P wife had the byakugan or something.

    Hinata is like a princess. She’s an heir who has gathered a lot of strength over time. Whether she can keep up with Naruto or not is completely debatable. But part of Hinata’s name, “Hina,” means “doll.” And I find it pretty interesting.

    Hinata is somewhat of a stalker, but I love how she’s the one who tends to help Naruto out of his ruts (which makes her a great advisor as she has insight and doesn’t let popular opinion sway her – she can easily see the good in others. This can be taken both ways.

    Also, I imagine Neji would be completely content with Naruto ultimately marrying and having children with Hinata, who is like a strong princess.



  37. In the image that shows Naruto and Obito, did they merge? Similar to how Naruto and Sasuke battle at VOTE. When two high calibrate shinobi fight they can feel each others emotion.

  38. @Tigerpalm

    I don’t think they were merging. Remember that Obito sees a lot of his old self in Naruto, so I think in that moment, he was having a vision of what his life could have been like if he followed a different path, and remained true to himself like Naruto is currently doing, rather than following Madara’s will.

    He could have returned to Konoha rather than abandoning it, and mourned Rin’s loss alongside his friends and, much like Kakashi pointed out in this chapter, those friends could have helped fill the hole in his heart like they did for Naruto and made him stronger.

  39. @holydemon. I don’t care for the reason’s of NaruHina, or how blatantly obvious Kishi try’s to make it. I want Naruto to get whom ever he wants by the end of the series; Be it Sakura, Hinata or (my personal favorite) Ichiruka Ramen Guy’s daughter. He’s done way more for the world to just end up with Hinata (come one she isn’t even the hottest chick in Naruto for crying out loud), let alone one woman. I feel the romance of Naruto and Hinata is contrived and it’s also lopsided.

    Hinata is more like an admirer and Neji dying forced Naruto to hold her hand basically saying “there, there”. And she basically forced her way into the Pein arc when Naruto was captured, when he specifically told everyone to stay out. But no, her Naruto was in trouble so she had to go there. And she basically put Naruto in a corner when she said she loved him and she lived to see the next day. Do you know how akward their interactions would be after that?

    The most organic of relationships is Naruto and Sakura. They’ve actually spent a hell of a lot of time together and she basically knows him like the back or her hand (and vice versa). It started out lopsided but things got real, it wasn’t about them anymore. It was about surviving from Akatsuki, about her protecting him, and about bringing Sauske back. Sakura represented the village. They did not like him for no reason at all, but once they started hearing about his exploits they grew to admire him. But no one knew how hard he worked and how much he perceived other than Kakashi, Jirayia, Tsunade and her (that is a very intimate group of people that have been with Naruto through it all).
    Lets face it, Sakura was only in love with Sauske because of his bad boy image. She still held on to and in fact romanticized the time she spent with Sauske

    Again, I’m not a fan of how the love triangles are in Naruto. I feel like he should have multiple woman as his prize for saving the world: including the 5th Mizukage, Hinata, Ramen Guy’s daughter, Sakura, Ino and Konan revived by Obito as his final act of kindness to the Naruto verse :3

  40. Jiraiya would definitely be proud if he does get multiple women 😛

  41. @Wiseman

    To be honest, romance was never Kishi’s strong point, even at the best of times. That’s probably why he’s focused so little on it over the course of this story. As for who he deserves to be with, for me, Hinata was the only one who really showed any affection for Naruto, while Sakura pretty much declared her love for Sasuke and only did so for Naruto when she was trying to get him to give up chasing after Sasuke. Even then, he knew she was lying to him. So, to put it quite plainly, Naruto’s love life sucks, and is pretty much close to being exterminated by nuclear lasers from space, it’s just that bad and wholly underdeveloped as a story element.

    There is, of course, also the question of whether or not Naruto will actually survive long enough to be with anyone at all. For all we know, Kishi will pull the tragic hero card and kill him off in the end, though that seems a bit less likely now that he seems to be building up to Naruto becoming Hokage. X___x

  42. i’m saying after this whole ordeal, Naruto should have the right to choose who he wants, not the one who’s showed him the most affection. Hinata wasn’t the prettiest of the bunch, and I never liked her shy-girl demeanor. Others thought it adorable but I don’t. She grew out of it, but still holds that soft-spoken attitude. I want a girl that can challenge Naruto (Sakura), can feed him (Ramen Guy’s daughter), and can make him happy. So far the NaruHina hook up would be one sided and Hinata would be the only one happy.

    In fact, I’d rather Naruto died the tragic hero than survive and HAVE to stay by Hinata’s side (since Neji basically told him to take care of her…)

    In fact, Ten, I think Naruto will die. He will have the Nine tails extracted by a possessed Obito. But then Sauske will do something to defeat the Madara possessed Obito, and then Obito will use his regained consciousness and last ounce of strength to save Naruto. Naruto will no longer have Kurama in him, but the other Bijuu, along with Kurama, will be revived in their new forms; thus fulfilling the Sage’s prophecy that they will be combined and again take on a new form.

  43. @Wiseman

    I don’t think Obito will extract Kurama from Naruto. I don’t think Madara has any intention of collecting the last two bijuu either, seeing as how both have stated that there’s no real point to it now. For Madara or Obito, killing Naruto and Bee would be a far more efficient way of ending their interference and initiating the Moon Eye plan than trying to capture them and performing a timely ritual to extract their Bijuu.

    As for Naruto’s love life debate, I still think Hinata’s a better choice for Naruto than Sakura. You’re talking about one-sided relationships but Sakura still loves Sasuke and not Naruto from what I can tell. How can we say that he should be with someone who doesn’t even love him? Sure he deserves to be happy but part of being happy is being loved the same way you love someone else. I’m not entirely sure if Naruto could return Hinata’s feelings yet either, but if you ask me, it looks like his feelings for her are growing at least.

    Unless Sakura’s attitude changes, I just don’t see that relationship working out. And, as much as the ramen stand girl might be a popular pairing for Naruto in fanfics, I just don’t see it ever happening in cannon. Besides, even if it is about feeding Naruto, so far, Hinata’s the only one in the story who has offered him free lunch. 😛

  44. Can somebody tell me how sasuke knew that madara put amaratsu over kurama in the past? Thanks

  45. @Dricedt – It was during the Sasuke’s answer with the previous four hokage. When the first hokage was telling his fight with Madara, here is one of the image from the fight: You can see that Kurama was covered with susanoo.

  46. I remember when Ninja’s where ninja’s and not Super human power beasts of mega ultra techs… Imagine if they still used stealth or where clever when they attacked… So far just been Sasuke and Naruto using more and more force to try stop Obito. @__@

  47. Ninja are tools of the Kage. Naruto sure is using them like tools, even Ten Ten.

  48. I think Naruto is still an awesome Manga but I am growing tired of this battle. I would of loved to see Obito overly outmatch Naruto and co but instead of Naruto/Sasuke just getting more and more powerful techniques to stop him, Naruto and Sasuke out think him. Instead of just slowly becoming more and more powerful with little regard to weakness etc. That is why the 2nd Hokage, 3rd and Minato are my fav. they don’t just have unbelievable strength but use the strength they have most effectively…

    @ Tenrai – I think they will still need to extract the Bijuu from Naruto and Killer Bee, not cause they need to but I have a odd feeling that if Kurama and Hachibi are still in the Tailed Beasts they will be impervious to the Genjutsu anyways since they will be woken up??? @__@

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