Naruto Chapter 646 – 647 Breakdown: The pain of regret…

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I think we could all safely agree that these past few chapters of Naruto have been really epic, but 646 and 647 in particular have really driven the emotion and intensity of this battle home in a big way. While Obito continues to vie for the top spot as the biggest ass of a villain ever, I think one thing that did catch us all a little by surprise, was the fact that the Juubu’s true and final form was actually that of an overgrown tree.

Ninpou! Gardening Disaster no Jutsu.

Ninpou! Gardening Disaster no Jutsu!

However, despite the fact that this development might seem somewhat odd or even contrived, in a way, it does make a lot of sense. We always knew that the Juubi had a strong link to Mokuton from the start and in addition to that, we’ve seen signs of its true and final form in the earlier moments of this war, when Naruto first went head-to-head with a small White Zetsu ambush force.

When we consider that the White Zetsu clones themselves were made using the body of the Juubi – which itself seemed to be made out of Mokuton – and that they turned into trees when coming into direct contact with Naruto’s chakra, it only seems logical that this was their original and natural state and that the Juubi’s own true form was the same.

Zetsu Trees

So much for global warming.

However, I don’t think anyone was left thinking that the tree was in any way a sap post transformation (pun might be intended), as it proved without any room for doubt that it was just as dangerous, if not even more so, then all the Juubi’s forms prior to it.

What followed has to be, in my eyes, the most devastating attack against the Shinobi Alliance to date, leading to what seems to be thousands of casualties in mere moments as the aptly named “God Tree” absorbed the chakra of anyone it came into contact with, once again replicating a technique we’ve already seen the White Zetsu clones use before, only on a much larger and more potent scale.

Well... that sucks...

Well… that sucks…

I think the most heart-breaking part about this scene is that despite Naruto’s efforts to protect everyone, even the chakra cloak he shared with the alliance did nothing to stem the death and bloodshed that followed, which just goes to show that no matter how strong you become, you can’t always save everyone.

Despite the tragedy, one thing I have to say was a highlight of this chapter was that we finally got a glimpse into the true story of how the world was in the past and how the Sage of the Six Paths came into being.

As it turns out, human beings never used to have chakra before and the only living being in the world that possessed such power, was the God Tree itself. However, that power was stolen by a frisky lady named Ootsutsuki Kaguya (what a mouthful) who ate a fruit that was only born by the tree once every millennium. Having attained the power of “god” this lady then went on to end all wars using her new found power, and eventually gave birth to a son named Ootsutsuki Bagoromo (an even bigger mouthful), otherwise known to us as the Rikkudou Sennin.

This historical biography was brought to you by Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Because apparently, people with godly powers didn't know how to write normally.

This historical biography was brought to you by Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Because apparently, people with godly powers didn’t know how to write normally.

While it’s understandable that many readers would automatically find similarities between this story and the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, who took and ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, in truth, there are a lot of religions and mythologies that depict trees as places of origin or power, with many depicting them as massive “world trees” that link the heavens, the earth and even the underworld. One such example is the tree “Yggdrasil” from Norse Mythology which even the gods themselves visited as a holy place and a central existence that connected all other worlds together.

Trees even play some relevance in Japanese mythology in relation to its deities, with one such myth portraying a demonic vampire tree known as a Jubboko (a name that is somewhat phonetically similar to the name “Juubi”) that often grew on battlefields of war, where it would suck the life out of any victim unfortunate enough to come within its grasp, which it would then use to vitalize itself for growth and nourishment.

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind…

I also felt this back-story when a long way in trying up a lot of loose ends, such as the origins of both the Sage’s own power and even that of his sons. If we take into consideration that this power originally belonged to the Juubi itself and that the Juubi’s eye has the appearance of the Rinnegan and Sharingan, while its body replicates the power of Mokuton, then it’s only logical that the Sage himself inherited this power directly in the form of the Juubi’s own life force and spiritual energy. When the Sage split this power between his sons, it can be said that each son really inherited either the Juubi’s spiritual energy and thus its eyes (which explains why the Sharingan and Rinnegan share aesthetic features with the Juubi’s own eye and why the Juubi can use Tsukiyomi) or its physical body and vitality (which explains where Hashirama’s Mokuton comes from and how it is directly linked to the Juubi or God Tree itself).

This back story might also hold an explanation as to why animal summons use senjutsu through natural energy instead of ninjutsu. Perhaps it is because only humans ever stole chakra from the tree and thus, animals don’t have chakra of their own and thus had to learn the secrets of absorbing and controlling natural energy to perform their jutsu, a secret they would later go on to share with humans proven worthy enough to learn it. It may also be a case where the only way to destroy the Shinobi system that creates hatred, is to return everyone to their natural state before they came to posses chakra.

Still, despite the fact that a lot of answers have been indirectly given to us, there are still many more questions that remain unanswered, such as where the Uzumaki clan falls into this whole mess, or, in particular, Naruto himself. It might have been a question we’d never see answered if it wasn’t for the timely rescue efforts of Hiruzen Sarutobi, who seems to have finally recovered from his facepalm of death.

Saru to the rescue

Don’t worry, Naruto is used to late rescues.

I actually found this scene to be strangely touching, because as one of the few people who actually cared for Naruto in his younger years – when he was still hated by most of Konoha – it only seems fitting that Hiruzen would be the one to rescue him in such a desperate moment. Even the look on Naruto’s face seemed to be one of familiarity and acknowledgment, as if the mere sight of the “old man” was enough to momentarily put him at ease.

At the very least, this scene served as a momentary reprieve from the tragedy to follow, as Naruto witnessed the horror of Obito’s destructive and relentless assault on the Shinobi Alliance. When we consider that even Shikamaru seems to have fallen as a victim to this indiscriminate attack, I think it’s safe to say that even some of us readers were shaken by the impact of these passing moments, plagued with the uncertainty of who might live and who would die.


Take Tenten instead, dammit!

One thing that really rustled my feathers, however, was how through all of this death and grief, Obito tried to present himself as some sort of savior who would ease everyone’s suffering.

He even seems to act as if none of this destruction was his own doing, but rather was merely the result of the foolish actions of those who tried to oppose his questionable ideals. Even when he had presented a peaceful end to those who refrained from opposing him, his dark intentions were still betrayed by the fact that even given that ultimatum, he was still willing to sacrifice more lives to hasten the activation of the Infinite Tsukiyomi, showing, without a doubt, that he didn’t care at all for the feelings or well being of any living person.

Obito's true nature

This brings a new meaning to the term “cannon fodder’.

But even despite his intentions, Obito’s words undoubtedly cut deeply into the hearts of every person who heard them, to the point where we see the Shinobi Alliance beginning to waver and lose hope and where even Hashirama’s words of encouragement cannot spur them on. It’s that feeling of intense, utter defeat that is so strong, that even death almost seems like some sort of comfort worth embracing.

Even Naruto seems to have lost hope for a moment and it stands to reason that seeing so much death, especially the deaths of people he was trying so hard to protect, would have a very profound effect on his will. It’s only after seeing some flashy moves from Sasuke, who finally decided to make himself useful rather than sitting on the sidelines, that Naruto remembers why he had come this far and why, despite all that’s happened, he has to continue it through to the end.

What follows, is probably one of the most emotional scenes I’ve seen in any manga, one that is so profound that I felt it was only best that I had to paste the whole thing here in one go.



Yeah, I know, this just makes scrolling to the comments section take that much longer, but I felt this entire scene deserved some special treatment. I think all of us can relate to the feeling of having regrets in our lives and I think at some point, all of us wish we could go back and change something, whether it’s to right a wrong, to do something we were afraid to before or even to say the right words to someone we loved and lost.

I think in a world of shinobi, loss must be prevalent, so I’m sure many of the people on this very battlefield being touched by Naruto’s emotions, can understand and relate to what he is expressing. Still, there are some hardships only a Jinchuuriki can really understand, like isolation, loneliness and rejections from the world, so it made me wonder how the people from his village must have felt when they looked back on his life and what he had to go through, knowing that at some point they had contributed to those hardships. It even makes me wonder what Sasuke thinks, knowing what his friend went through, or what Minato thinks, knowing the life his son has had to live.

Still, rather than to destroy with despair, I think Naruto’s feelings only helped reinforce everyone’s resolve by reminding them all what they had been through and how far they had come. It reminded them that no matter how hopeless things seem, to throw away that life and all the hardships they had been through, and all the achievements they had made, would be to give into regret once more and to truly die in the purest sense of the word.

Well, I think that’s all from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, despite its length and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 24, 2013.

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  1. Great breakdown Tenrai and it wasn’t that long because you hit all the right topics

    I would just like to propose a theory of where the Uzumaki clan came from and i know it will be a little far-fetched but bare with me.
    Kishimoto revealed to us that there was a war between two sides and on one side there was SO6P with his mother but we don’t know almost nothing of the other side. Perhaps the “other” side was led by the Uzumaki clan and after the war they offered as a peace treaty and sign of good faith one of their female clan members as a potential wife to Rikkudou Sennin. Wouldn’t be the first time in Naruto-history that we saw a “Most powerful shinobi -Uzumaki marriage ” ( Hashirama and Minato)

  2. so.. technically.. im third.. lol nice breakdown ten 😀

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  6. @Pavo

    Actually, the Sage’s wife being an Uzumaki is a very interesting idea. It would be even more interesting if Minato was a descendant of the Sage because then it would be like a replica of that marriage. Lol.

    Still, now that you have mentioned it, I wonder who the Sage’s wife was, because an important detail like that could have also affected much about their children and thus, their descendants.

  7. I still think the Rikudo sennin’s wife was someone who used the Byakugan. Specifically because, I think, Kakashi once stated that the Sharingan is a mutated version of the Byakugan.

  8. Brah-hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the Breakdown Ten!!!!

    It’s a shame that we’ll never hear about the Kekkai Tota. Since he constantly focuses on the Mokuton and Sharingan.

  10. i still don’t believe madara. i think he really misinterpreted the tablet!

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  13. If I see one more sappy chapter with more flashbacks, I’ma flip out. I liked the last one because it was Naruto rallying the troops. No it’s getting over blown with Hashirama wanting to do the same thing Naruto did. It would have been cool in an other chapter or two. I was really wanting to see what damage Naruto and Sauske were gonna do… I did not like this chapter much. It did have history shown but not needed at the moment. They could have done it a few chapters along with the arrival of the Kage. It just took away from Naruto’s and Sauske’s fight with Obito.

  14. @wiseman, I agree with you….i feel like all these chaps are fillers. The story isnt really progressing. However, I think kishi is trying to build importance for something and that something will only matter if we see these flashbacks. But over all it was a craptastic chapter, only 13 pages. And of course…sasuke can use the sage tech because of juugo and not have to train or anything to get to that potential. I would have liked him to get in the action but be support to naruto.

  15. The curse seal being natural energy is a bit of a cop out to me…. sasuke should have learned sage tech the proper way like kabutomaru

  16. Three things I liked about the chapter:

    1. We saw The 1st and 2nd generations of the kages. I really enjoyed seeing there faces. [Since we know how the second Hokage (Tobirama), 2nd Raikage and 2nd Tsuchikage (Muu) looked like, I enjoyed seeing the second Kazekage and 2nd Mizukage (who looks a lot like Orochimaru)].

    2. The first Raikage looks like jimmy Hendrix (Is it me or is Kishi really racist? Dumping all the black people in one place.), also the 3 tail Bijuu has an strange similarity with the first Mizukage, both having wounds and scars on there left eye.

    3. The final panel was aces. you had the kages touching down, Tobirama and Hashirama close up, Naruto & Sasuke rage faces just as they’re ready to chop Obito’s “black balls” in half.

    Also Sasuke is a cretin for not knowing sage mode by now, after all those years having the curse mark and understanding the concept he still gets over lapped by a noob like Kabuto who str8 out injected powers into his blood, and sage mode was the only thing he learned on his own, that and medical ninjutsu.

  17. @Drice

    Actually, the chapter was 17 pages in all, if you take into account the double spreads, so it was typical length for a Naruto chapter. Still, I do agree with you and Wiseman that the flashback in this chapter wasn’t near as potent as the last one, or as necessary, but perhaps it is building up to something important.

    As for Sasuke using Juugo’s power, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen him borrowing power from others, but in reality, no-one can afford to hold back now for the sake of pride or playing fair, and in my opinion, it would be stupid for Sasuke not to take every advantage he can get regardless of whether it seems cheap or not. The same could be said for anyone else on the battlefield, after all, let’s not forget that the entire alliance is still borrowing Naruto’s power as well. It’s not like we’d blame them for that either.

    Also, now that I’ve mentioned that, I wonder if Naruto using Senjutsu power with Kurama’s chakra will make all the people linked to him share that power as well now, while they are covered by his chakra cloak. It would be awesome if we saw the entire alliance go all out against Obito with senjutsu powered attacks capable of damaging him.


    To be honest, it isn’t really a cop out, seeing as how we already learned that the cursed seal was related to senjutsu over 50 chapters ago.

  18. @Eugen

    I wouldn’t call it racist. It makes sense for different regions to have different dominant ethnic groups. While we live in a world where people travel, emigrate, immigrate and where different races have become widespread and intermingled, we need to consider that in the Naruto world, there was a lot of discrimination and hatred that divided the five nations, so it wouldn’t make sense for people from one nation to emigrate and “move in” with people they hate.

    Still, I think once the five nations unite as one, you’d see more of a modern world situation in terms of cultural diversity. O_o

  19. Ah snap damn tenrai you’ve got an idetic memory! so got burnt lol

    Anyways while we are on the sennin subject then, what sennin mode is this of juugo then? a “off the shelf general purpose” sennin mode? What i mean is naruto has some frog form of it, kabuto has a snake form of it…

    They have to be still to use it or have a partner controlling it, where as the curse mark can be used on the go, doesnt turn you to stone and it seems is activated by rage, so very different from the sennin mode we know?

  20. Just realized also juugo is supposed to be the master of the seal/sennin mode but at his strongest he cant handle raikage i think it was? but sennin naruto could handle pain, which IMHO is about raikage level strong.

  21. I wonder what role Suigetsu is going to play in this.. Is he going to water the God Tree?

  22. @Bakakage

    Well, Naruto had the advantage of not losing his mind when he went into Sage Mode. Juugo, on the other hand, didn’t seem to follow any coherent or rational thought pattern when he went into Cursed Seal level 2. I reckon if he actually had more control of all that power, he might be something of a threat even to a Kage level shinobi.

  23. @ten ya i agree with you that sasuke will take any edge right now. But what is he going to do when he faces naruto? Bring him and his 100 buddies to fight? Also i can’t blame others for having naruto’s chakra as an easy powerup because this is their first time getting one…sasuke on the other hand lol well I’ve lost count

  24. Hey guys! I thought I’d share this with everyone, seeing as how it has to do with foxes, and then I don’t have to go insane on my own. @__@

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  33. rereading the last chapter i realized…Oro still sees no value in naruto. Naruto is above the level of sasuke and that is obvious….but no mention of his strength or growth

  34. @drice, i think its because sasuke has easy powers to unlock, naruto had to work his butt of to get where he is now, plus i suppose oro is looking for eye prowess specifically so that he can do eye prowess things. Amaterasu BBQ, Make the dog/wife shutup genjutsu, just crashed my car, no problem, Izanagi, had amazing bouncy naked yum yum time, just hit repeat with izanami. take part in arrow championships, susanoo etc etc etc.

  35. Also now that kurama is free in naruto, can you imagine the welcoming party in naruto when oro does his weird body take over technique? dont think kurama will allow it.

  36. Ya i get all that, but i really feel like none of the main antagonists acknowledge naruto’s strength and perseverance

  37. Dricedt – I think Obito does or is beginning to. In this chapter he says ‘Uzumaki Naruto, again and again…’ when Naruto once again attacks. He doesn’t mention Sasuke even though he attacks first. Obito definately notices something about Naruto and is starting to both fear and respect him.

  38. it seems like the only way naruto can destroy that tree is by transferring sage chakra to it. it will turn into a rock and will stand as a monument.

  39. im glad they havent binned sage chakra, alot of manga usually does that.

    On a side note, is there any manga release today?

  40. @Drice

    While I do understand that Oro doesn’t seem to see any value in Naruto, if we flipped things the other way around, we could say that Jiraiya saw no value in Sasuke either. I think a lot of the bond between a teacher and a student has to do with their ability to relate to that student, and so while Jiraiya probably found it much easier to relate to Naruto and acknowledge his way of the Ninja, I think it’s just as easy to say that Oro can also relate to Sasuke more in that both of them continue to walk the fine line between light and darkness. In the end though, I never saw Tsunade or Jiraiya acknowledge Sasuke, or see value in him, but they certainly put all their bets on Naruto.

    Also, about none of the main antagonists acknowledging Naruto, I also feel that’s a bit incorrect. The very first antagonist of the series, Zabuza, acknowledged Naruto in a big way, in my opinion. Hell, he was even moved to tears by Naruto’s words and ended up dying in a noble way in Haku’s honor. Kabuto also acknowledged Naruto during the search for Itachi arc when he remarked on how Naruto found an identity for himself beyond just being a Jinchuuriki and how he himself, had no identity and wanted to become more like Naruto, which is what spurred him into trying to surpass Orochimaru.

    Pein/Nagato also acknowledged Naruto, to the point where he sacrificed himself and left the future in Naruto’s hands, while former “villains” like Itachi, one of the strongest shinobi to ever live, have also put their faith in Naruto in some way or another.

    I don’t think I really have to speak for other former series antagonists like Gaara, or deliberate on how even the five Hokage – including the stubborn Raikage – ended up putting their faith in Naruto, etc, but I think it’s quite safe to say that Sasuke is very much out of the limelight compared to Naruto if we’re comparing how many have acknowledged them. That’s what you get for trying to be the lone wolf who rejects others.

  41. This was on mangastream:

    So today just happened to be one of those days. Our raw provider, while inches from home, dropped the issue in a gnarly puddle. Most of the issue was ruined beyond repair. We managed to somewhat salvage naruto but it was super smudgy so it’s below our usual quality. The rp is going to pick up another copy first thing in the morning and we’ll re-release a proper version along with Bleach and One Piece (it’s just too much work and manpower to edit a page that’s been smudged with water). We’ll get them out ASAP.

    I’m guessing that’s why they’re running late.

  42. Its out :
    Crap I don’t have time to read it now!!

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  46. Also, mass respect for Sai. What a boss.

  47. @Zzattack

    You get the award for best comment of the week. @__@

    Hey wait… maybe we should make something like that. O_O

  48. Kiba and his delusions of grandeur. tsk tsk tsk. Someone really needs to read the atmosphere.

  49. @Kantonkage

    I think our resident “atmosphere reader” Shino, is doing a good enough job of that already. >_>

  50. I did not like this chapter. They said things that have already been said about 5-10 chapters ago about how Naruto is doing everything for them…blah blah blah, more flashbacks. The only difference is that Hashirama now acknowledges it now. It felt like a filler to me. All this stuff was just building up to the real action next week. I bet you will be able to read next weeks chapter with out having to lay upon this weeks. 5 robin hoods out of 10 robin hoods

  51. What really got my interest piqued was Ino. She seems to have the ability to read minds! Her distance of hearing minds can reach pretty far, it can pick up Naruto’s thoughts. I’m wondering why she isn’t attempting to read Madara’s or Obitos thoughts?

    She’s focusing too much on the drama that’s going on that the isn’t focusing on the 2 main antagonist. It don’t matter how strong you are you can keep someone from reading your mind. Obito wasn’t shown fighting people with the ability to read minds (really read minds not just use sharingan eyes to say that they do) and if he has, he’s most likely faced very few in his short life time. I really think Ino can play a vital role in seeing what they have cooked up. How can they stop her from reading their mind if they are focused with their own shit right now?

  52. I meant to say “can’t keep someone…” not “can keep someone” in the second paragraph

  53. I think her reading of Naruto is due to a combination of him sharing chakra and his strong will.

  54. It can’t be because of the chakra alone. She’s able to read Sakura and Shikamaru’s minds.

  55. @thelaughingwiseman i’de have to agree with you. because if you think about it, naruto did gave ino a powerup. if this is through naruto’s chakra which connects almost everyone then how did ino project naruto’s and the first hokage’s thought with the 5 kages, naruto did not gave them his chakra cloak..

  56. It’s interesting to think that this ( is how the Third Hokage finds out about Asumas death

  57. At the moment, it looks like everyone’s consciousness is linked through Naruto’s chakra. All Naruto’s feelings are being shared through that link and it seems everyone else’s feelings are being shared as well. I don’t think it has as much to do with Ino anymore because we’ve already seen in the past that Jinchuuriki can read the minds and hearts of others on a level that seems to even surpass the mind reading skills of the Yamanaka.

    Usually, they seem to do it through fist bumping, as Naruto was able to hear Minato’s thoughts about his regrets regarding Naruto’s life and Bee has shown multiple times that he can read peoples hearts and minds through fist bumping as well, but I think since Naruto has started sharing his chakra with everyone, the ability is now working remotely through that link alone.

  58. Riddle me this Tenrai, then how are Hashirama, Tobirama, Oro, and the Kages able to link and hear Naruto’s thoughts without being linked to his chakra?

    His thoughts are being amplified by Ino. Maybe it is the chakra helping her read minds but I think since she has that power now, and seeing as how Obito has a piece of the Nine Tails Chakra (kinda quantum entanglement theory) then she should be able to hear Obito’s thoughts.

  59. @Wiseman

    I honestly don’t see why Ino would broadcast everyone’s thoughts to Obito as well, because that would be strategically unsound. Also, from what we’ve seen so far, every time Ino usualy wants to broadcast someone’s thoughts to everyone, she would need to touch them directly. This was the case even during the times that Naruto had been sharing his chakra with everyone.

    At the moment, it just seems like Naruto is generating so much emotional energy through his chakra, that everyone on the battlefield is sharing their consciousness through it for some reason.

  60. “I honestly don’t see why Ino would broadcast everyone’s thoughts to Obito as well” That is making her sound like she has no control over her powers. I’m saying that her powers (that she has control of) are just amplified.

    I would get if it was just emotional energy, but every was able to see what he was thinking of ( I’m saying her powers are so adept that she can even share what Naruto is thinking in his mind to people not touched by his chakra cloak (like the previous Hokage, the current Kage and Oro). And I’m saying that being in tune with Naruto’s chakra like she is, she can see into Obitos mind as well to see what he is going to do since he has a piece of Kurama’s chakra inside him as well.

    I do wish the other Konoha 11 were able to help as much as possible and that’s why I am sticking up for Ino. She has been relegated to front line cell phone. If she has any possible way to further help out, this would be the way to do it. She can relay what’s going on with Obito to the people who are fighting him.

  61. I really like this image too lol It’s pretty funny:

  62. It has been a while since I posted…or even read the manga…so please forgive me if I’m a bit clueless on the details. Given Viz Media has exercised it’s right of censorship, many of the chapters I’ve missed are not deleted everywhere these writeups are all I have left to get caught up and Tenrai and Co, your write ups are fantastic as usual. I’ve missed your analytical write ups. Thank you. Although I haven’t missed much in the battles, you have managed to catch the nuances of the battles.

    This, by far, is the longest, most monotonous battle of the entire series. Not even the six month battle of Pain comes close to this. However, something that was noted in this write up struck me – the appearance of the Wood Style: Yamato. We all forgot about him, didn’t we? It appears Obito is still drawing on his life force which would explain his need to produce the wood, which Naruto resonates with into wood, which Bee would immediately catch onto since he witnessed it first hand. Yes, there’s the theory of Jiraiya floating (sorry for the pun) around, but we can’t rule out Yamato. He’s still there, even in energy spirit. He’s not dead; he can’t be given his life force is turning into a major factor in this battle.

    Sasuke is going to remain emo Sasuke. That much is clear. He wants to eliminate Naruto, always has. At first it was to prove his prowess. Now it’s because he has a bijuu inside of him. However, he’s not going to be successful. He will have an entire alliance to contend with. I think he, however, will be a major force against Obito, given he is an Uchiha. I think he will have better luck with that. The best he can do is help with eliminating Obito to help the effort. When this will end…who knows?

    The five Kage appearing was a nice touch – and about damn time. They will definitely be a big help. However, I don’t think they will be the deciding factor. The deciding factor will be the Will of Fire passed to the next generation. You have three generations on that battlefield and Tobirama sees it. Hashirama sees it. Yondaime (Ok, Minato) sees it. Now, it’s up the to the current Kage to see it. It’s going to take all of them to get that beast back in its cage and back to Oblivion, if there is such a place.

    Kishi has to end this sometime. It’s gone on way too long. How it ends is anyone’s guess. But the little things he adds are touching and definitely tie up loose ends so the edo tensei summoning can return and rest for good. Now if Kakashi can return from his dimension…bad ass for sure!

  63. What if Naruto has to give up his desire to be Hokage, in order to achieve the level of So6P? Kinda like the challenge against “evil Naruto” at the waterfall. If he voluntarily stepped down, who would fill his vacuum?

  64. with all that is going on right now.. and with all that has happened and about to happen.. naruto becoming hokage is a little bit of a downgrade.. seriously..

  65. its out!

  66. Old predictions are coming true.

  67. @Gavin. what were the old predictions?

    I don’t know man I think Naruto and Sauske are going to have success at first but then Obito is going to one up them again. And after that I think something is going to happen to Sauske and then Naruto is going to finally use the power up from the other Bijuu. That’s the only way I see Naruto beating Obito. Since Obito is using only a piece of Oonoki and Kurama and is able to mold their chakra to full (to make a complete Juubi) why can’t Naruto do the same with the other pieces of Chakra he recieved when he met them. And He has some residuals from the 8 tails too.

  68. this is unrelated to naruto but.. did is really disturbing even though matsumoto is lying down… maaaaan.. those are really huge.. LOOL

    anyway.. @tlww i think naruto and sasuke would be able to destroy that black thing shrouding obito.. or atleast get it to crack and be useless on the next attack.. but obito would retalliate, sasuke tries to protect naruto, sasuke takes a big blow (others would acknowledge him), naruto somewhat snaps and spaces out, kurama talks him out and reminds him that he has the other bijuu’s inside him, kurama also tells him that he already knows how to unlock the power of the SO6P. naruto then starts to unlock his powers deep within.. and i almost forgot.. kakashi would also play a big role on this.. maybe he would go out sometime before anything big happens. and i also feel that this would be the last time kakashi would live.. i think his time is also up. but hey.. naruto wouldn’t let it that way. LOL

  69. @thelaughingwiseman: There were a lot of people arguing that Sasuke and Naruto would never team up again. I was on the side of them teaming up again someday when Sasuke came to his senses. Now, I know that this argument kind of ended before, when they started fighting together with Sakura – but I felt a bit different this chapter. Naruto and Sasuke resembled the forms they had at the Valley of the End. Not only is this kind of symbolic, but I knew back then that they were getting back together and never changed my stance since that fight.

  70. Another (not old) prediction/pondering was a week or so ago, when I wondered whether we would see a Susanoo cloak on Naruto’s Kurama. I’m sure I wasn’t the first, but it was a prediction 😉

  71. @Gavin, I don’t know, maybe I just want that fight to happen. I really want Sauske to find a way to just want to destroy all that Naruto loves. I’d like for him to just be joining Naruto in stopping the Infinite Tsukyomi because if he’s stuck in an endless dream than he wont ever get to destroy konoha, which I hope he really wants to do.

  72. i bet sasuke’s reason for joining naruto is the same as with orochimaru.. he only wants to stop obito so he could continue his plans. but i hope i’m wrong.. because if that happens.. tenrai will get his naruto vs sasuke super fight.

  73. I’m sure either way we could still see a fight between Sasuke and Naruto.

  74. Naruto and Sasuke will definitely fight, I’m quite certain of that. All the signs indicating such an outcome are there and pretty hard to ignore. I know they’re working together now, but I definitely feel like Sasuke’s ultimate agenda involves removing Naruto from the picture as well.

    Sure, Sasuke’s reasons for fighting him might no longer be the same as they were before, but I do think in Sasuke’s eyes, Naruto is still standing between him and his goals in some way, whether it’s in a symbolic or literal way.

  75. Yeah, I think there was a bit of foreshadowing in the chapter where Hashirama stabbed Madara in the back.

  76. Isn’t it weird too that Naruto hasn’t said anything about Sauske having any malevolence in his Chakra?

  77. @wiseman – maybe Naruto is getting smarter because when he maybe considering the current circumstance and it will be wiser to keep it to himself until they deal with Obito.

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