Naruto Chapter 645 Breakdown: Before and after.


Naruto – looking even more badass with each passing month.
– Artwork by Melonciutus


It’s a word that all of us are familiar with, but for many of us, it’s meaning can have vastly different implications depending on the context in which it is used. For some, change is the promise of a better future, for others, it’s a curse to be feared, but no matter how you look at it, strangely enough, change is the only true constant in our lives.

Still, when it comes to humans, there are some parts of our being that never truly change, even if we ourselves continue to evolve in various ways, and with regards to Naruto as a series, we can easily see the few constants in our heroes that have remained throughout their growth as a character. For better or for worse, in Naruto’s case, one thing that has always remained constant is his penchant for having “blond moments”.

There's nothing I can add to this scene that would make it funnier than it already is. O_O

Well, he is blond, after all… so we can forgive him, right? X__x

I have to hand it to Kishi here. Despite the seriousness of this battle as a whole, he still manages to break up the tension now and then with humorous interjections, mostly stimulated by Naruto’s spontaneous bouts of density. This humor is even further escalated by the sharp contrast between Naruto and the more serious and stern Tobirama, who, despite his stoic disposition, seems to crack under the seemingly vast depths of Naruto’s stupidity.

But, rather than seeing this as a negative trait of Naruto’s, instead I’ve come to admire this part of him, because it shows that despite his growth in power and skill, he is still the same person deep down inside. He still has the same strong sense of justice, the same desire to protect those who are important to him and – yes indeed – he’s still somewhat of a baka, but in a funny sort of way. For me, it would be odd if Kishi suddenly portrayed him as some sort of intellectual genius just for the sake of highlighting some form of growth and I think it’s more natural to see Naruto as an instinctive genius instead (I.E. he acts more on his highly developed instinct rather than thinking things through). This keeps him in character, at the very least.

That awkward moment...

Well, you have to be number one at something.

However, even though some parts of us never truly change, there are some parts of us that inevitably do and in Naruto’s case, his growth is quite clear otherwise. Not only has he mastered some of the most advanced jutsu ever conceived, but he has also mastered Kurama’s chakra, Sage Mode and he continues to grow in leaps and bounds even in the relatively short space of time this battle with the Juubi has taken place.

However, this change isn’t limited only to Naruto’s power, but his strength of will and determination as well. Naruto, who once only acted in the interests of gaining everyone’s acknowledgement and approval, is now acting as a true leader figure for the good of all those who follow him and even though he can still be impossibly dense at times, people can’t help but acknowledge his potential as a future Hokage, as shown when Tobirama mentioned that he could even surpass his brother, Hashirama.

But I think the most exciting change this chapter, and one we’ve all been waiting for, was the combination between Naruto’s Sage Mode and his Chakra Cloak form, which is a clear indication marking the pinnacle of his strength and chakra control. After all, to be able to balance natural energy, his own chakra, and Kurama’s chakra perfectly so as to attain a perfect Sage Form without turning into stone must take a significant amount of skill.

When a picture is worth 9000 words...

When a picture is worth over 9000 words…
– Artwork by i-azu

I have to admit, the way Naruto looks with the mix of Sage Mode and his Chakra Cloak form can only be described as “badass”. I’m definitely pleased with the way this turned out and if we think about it from a comparative point of view, we could liken this combination of eyes to the combination between Sasuke’s and Itachi’s eyes in his EMS, in that it’s a merger of two already formidable powers to create a new, even more impressive form.

However, it’s also this very form that highlights yet another constant that has remained throughout this series, and that is Sasuke’s frustration regarding his rivalry with Naruto and the fact that the latter always seems to be surpassing him at every turn.

Grown? Er...

You just can’t take the emo out of an Emochiha.

As we can see, no matter how much he’d hate to admit it, Sasuke is definitely offended by Naruto’s growth as a shinobi. Of course, this stands to reason when one considers that Naruto is likely Sasuke’s biggest threat as far as candidates for Hokage go, but I think it also goes much deeper than that as well. I think Kishi is intentionally trying to create a large amount of disparity between Sasuke’s power and Naruto’s – to show Naruto as the clear superior – and I think it’s because he wants to use this as a trigger of sorts to once again push Sasuke down a darker path.

If we look back to part one in this series, we see a similar situation occurring before, when, after seeing how much Naruto had grown over the course of their time together as Team 7, Sasuke, in his frustration, challenges Naruto to a duel on the hospital roof.

Alright... seeing as how you asked so nicely and all... <_<

Alright… seeing as how you asked so nicely and all… <_<

It was also during this battle where Sasuke learned the true extent of Naruto’s growth – when they both used their strongest jutsu – and Sasuke witnesses the destruction caused by Naruto’s Rasengan on the nearby water tower.

Really speaking, it was actually this very situation that ultimately led Sasuke down a darker path, a path where he took whatever shortcuts he could to attain more power mostly thanks to his inferiority complex about Naruto’s growth compared to his own. I also think we might see a repeat of that very situation now, given that Sasuke is once again being made painfully aware of just how far above him Naruto currently is.

If we take note of just how far that rivalry ultimately pushed Sasuke, evidence lies in the fact that every time Naruto surpassed him, Sasuke took some extreme measure to catch up, from utilizing the power of the Cursed Seal to taking Itachi’s eyes, which he himself attributed to wanting to reject everything Naruto stood for.

This guy clearly has issues.

This guy clearly has issues.

Ultimately, I think that, much like in the past, Sasuke will once again attempt to acquire new power to bring himself back up to Naruto’s level, or perhaps to even try and surpass him. The only real question is, what measures will he utilize to do so this time around? Will Sasuke try to elevate the power he already has to even greater levels, or will he take another external form of power like he has in the past?

Personally, I believe that there is a good chance that Kishi is building up to a situation where Sasuke will try to take the other half of Kurama’s chakra in some way in an effort to even out the playing field with his greatest rival. The reason I say this is because the theme of Yin and Yang, or light and dark, has remained quite consistent ever since the concept was first revealed through the story of the Rikudou Sennin separating his chakra between his two sons and how they clashed against one another in the past. If we consider both Naruto and Sasuke to be descendants of those sons and thus, of the Sage himself, then we can see their rivalry as a continuation of that conflict.

However, much like the Sage’s own chakra was split between his sons, Kurama’s chakra has been split into Yin and Yang in a similar manner, so it stands to reason that Sasuke might inherit the dark – with Naruto already wielding the light – thus bringing the theme of that conflict to its peak both literally and figuratively.

Light and darkness working as one. Could these two forces one day clash against each other?

Light and darkness working as one. Could these two forces one day clash against each other?

Of course, this isn’t the only avenue Sasuke could take to gain more power, but so far, to me, it does seem like the most likely given some of the alternatives.

But what does everyone else think?

Despite what might happen in the future, for now it seems Sasuke will remain on the sidelines for the most part, until he finds it in himself to become useful in some fashion. I’m not sure if he’d fall so low in his own eyes to act merely as support for Naruto, as opposed to dealing the decisive blow to Obito himself, but somehow I feel his pride would get the better of him should such a train of thought ever dare to try and surface.

Either way, Naruto is going to need all the help he can get now that Obito has decided to bring out the Juubi and initiate the Moon Eye plan. One can only guess how he’d stop it, but I suppose that’s part of the excitement of reading in the first place.

I'm not sure if this thing even knows which way is up or down anymore.

I’m not sure if this thing even knows which way is up or down anymore. X__x

Well, that’s all from me this week. I feel much better about this breakdown than the last one and I think I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I know I went off on a bit of a tangent, but hopefully you all enjoyed it.

See you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 9, 2013.

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  1. Super breakdown Tenrai, even for the high standard you’ve set. I can’t see Sasuke getting anywhere near Naruto’s current level, but it is a prerequisite for their final battle. Him getting the Rinnegan probably wouldn’t put them on equal level, and Naruto has a lot of experience fighting Rinnegan wielders anyway. I don’t see Madara boosting him, and no f’in way he can take the yang part from Minato, he’s too cool for that.

  2. Tobirama!
    Ten, for what i read, you say it it´s as if it was almost a given that Obito is going to lose the war…
    What if he wins but he isn´t able to subdue Naruto, and then he chooses Sasuke as his champion to fight against him?
    Or something on this level, I hope you guys understand what I´m trying to say!

  3. @Nike

    While I can’t be sure of how this war will turn out in the short run, one thing I believe quite adamantly is that Obito isn’t the penultimate villain of this series. I have believed for a long time now that Sasuke will be the final obstacle Naruto will need to overcome and that he will probably be the most dangerous one as well.

    It’s just that there are too many signs pointing towards Sasuke clashing with Naruto. Kishi has been building it up for a long time now and to me, that it would almost seem strange if he didn’t follow it through now. I also don’t see Sasuke being controlled by Obito again, seeing as how Obito’s goal now clashes directly with Sasuke’s. Even if Obito wins the war in some way, there’s no perceivable reason for Sasuke wanting to follow to his beck and call again.

  4. FOUR IS DEATH!!!!!!!!
    Why is that all the ridiculously powerful, seemingly sacrifice brainpower for attack power?

  5. @Kantonkage

    Because men can’t multitask? X__x

  6. Not to kind of change the subject. But am I the only one who thought the latest episode of Shippuden really brought out the epicness of the chapter(s) it was based on? I mean seeing Naruto and Kurama finally come together to fight, the accompanying music, and the animation was just totally badass!

  7. Another Great Breakdown.
    Maybe its just me but I’m kinda hoping theres more to the Uchiha massacre than we’ve been told. I’m hoping we learn it was the Uchiha who were responsible for the destruction of the Uzumaki clan. This would give Naruto a parallel to Sasuke and be quite Ironic, Sasuke would see how Naruto takes it and compare it to his own descisions.
    Or else we find out that they attacked the Senju clan without warning. This would give a reason why there seems to be no Senju left (except Tsunade, who was out of the village for a long time) and explain why the Uchiha were so set on attacking the village. Maybe the other clans were afraid they’d be next but couldn’t attack because of an Uchiha/Hyuuga alliance (Kind of like the Senju/Uzumaki alliance). It wasn’t until the Uchihas actions weakened the village so much that Hinata was kidnapped and the Hyuuga chiefs twin brother was killed that the Uchihas allies gave up on them.
    It just seems to me there are still questions about why the Uchiha were so set on attacking Konoha that they’d go ahead even when they knew the whole village was expecting it and many of them like Itachi/Shisui spoke out against the idea. And Also where the hell are the Senju? Why were the Uzumaki clan killed and Scattered? Did Madara and Obito have anything to do with it? Will Sakura ever be useful?? So many unanswerable questions!

  8. Epic breakdown was epic Ten, As you said the build up for the final battle is there but I think/hope Sasuke should wait, he should be patient in the following times and hone his skills to the max just like naruto has done over the years.

    Sasuke has a bit of a disadvantage for not participating in the war, Naruto came a really, really, really long way form the start of the war, from when he was training with Bee, all the way to the present.

    He went from killing Zetsus with epic chakra cloak control, then to killing former Kages of epic power and rassengan variations, like Muu (only half of him at least) and the 3rd Raikage, who was a real badass, and all the way to fighting Madara and later Obito, managing a perfect trio force with Kakashi and Gai so as to break apart Obito’s teleportation jutsu and reveal his true identity.

    And after all that, the epic fight against Obito, Madara and the Juubi, where Naruto not only kept the odds in check but he also managed to shield and save so many shinobies with his chakra sharing capability.

    Sum that shit up and you get an amount of XP Sasuke just can’t gather in so short a time. He could pull an Uchiha on us and present his full Susano’o (just like Madara’s) and start slashing away on the Juubi with Amaterasu swords and arrows.
    To me that’s the best bet I would choose for Sasuke to be able to get back in the game, that and the ascension to the Rinnegan.

    There’s not much else Sasuke could come up with on his own and frankly, to give Sasuke a bijuu (or the juubi for that matter) would just be wrong.
    He doesn’t have the right to take all that power now that it’s convenient.
    I truly hope Sasuke doesn’t end up a jinchuriki.

  9. Great Breakdown. i think sauske main problem is he doesn’t know how to control him power. so far his training is get super emo, get crazy power, destroy and kill everything and then crash and burn. Then find someone short cut way to sustain an control my super emo powers ( take itachi’s eyes). if he trained like Naruto to get those powers, it would be like naruto said ‘ I just a loser, a failure but your a genius…’ (or something along those lines)

  10. Early release boys:

  11. whoooa! that was unexpected

  12. That sure escalated quickly !!!. It’s a F&*(ing Treeeeee! I can’t believe it !?!?!?

    And so the reunion of the army with Orochimaru and the kages is underway.

  13. Well, that explains the link between the Juubi, Hashirama’s Mokuton and the Rinnegan/Sharingan at least. Seeing as how chakra was originally stolen from the tree, it only makes sense that the Sage inherited all its power to some degree and thus, when he split that power between his sons, they inherited it as well. That’s why the Sharingan and Rinnegan share some visual traits with the Juubi’s eye and why Hashirama’s Mokuton is the same as the Juubi’s actual body. O_o

    Oh, before I forget, that was an epic chapter and finally Hiruzen returns!

  14. Can anyone say Rassengan to the face (Naruto’s final attack on Yahiko style) next week.
    I can see great things coming and I’m glad Kishi killed so many people this chapter, it’s true they were fodder but it shows he’s not afraid to bring the sens of overwhelming despair right after the tables turned into Naruto’s favor.

    Sasuke might team up with Naruto to take out, either Obito or the Moon itself.

  15. Splendid breakdown Tenrai.

    Wow that was really thrilling! And the next chapter will be 21 pages! I assume epic will be a small word for the next chapter 😀

    Not trying to get religious on all of you but did anybody catch on similarity between Shinju (God tree) and the fruit that gave power with the Christian mythology of the garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit ?

    btw did anybody figure out that the princess had horns just like SO6P? I know we didn’t discussed it but what are Kishimotos reasons for that ?

  16. i think that the stone tablet of the uchiha is just a make believe story created by the SO6P since it can only be read by their Cursed Eyes. anyone with me on this? the stone tablet does require a sharingan right? and tobirama once said that by achieving a higher form of sharingan makes you hard to reason with.. and the only way to read the tablet is through a higher form a sharingan?

  17. @Chaps

    Actually, the stone tablet can be read by all three great Dojutsu, to varying degrees, with the more powerful eyes revealing more secrets. The Byuakugan can apparently read the least, followed by the Sharingan, then the MS, EMS and finally, the Rinnegan, which is the only eye power that can see everything written. At least, that’s as far as I recall.

    I reckon the part about the god tree is only perceivable by those who have the Rinnegan so I don’t think it’s made up.

  18. Oh noes! It’s the Tree of Might! Wait, wrong movie. >.>

  19. @ Pavo, I was thinking the same thing, and guess what, the GIRL did it again :))))). Not to be sexist or anything but she single handedly gave rise to wars w/ superpowers, way to go Kaguya. (Kimimaro would be proud of his linage, maybe that’s why they were the war mongering kings of the shinobi world, coincidence? I think not.)

    @ Chaps, I’m with Ten on this one, maybe the tablet was a journal left behind for those who would reach higher power in life and heed the message left behind by the Sage so that a future Rinnegan wielder would know not to bring back the foul power of the Juubi into the world once more, a warning if you will, for the bad things that would be unleashed into the world.

    Good thing Madara is a cretin and didn’t understand anything from the story left behind.
    In any case, the true bringer of destruction to the world is non other then Nagato.

    He was the one to summon the Mazou from the moon when he tried to avenge Yahiko’s death at the hands of Hanzou and Danzou (Just realized those two sound like loony toons characters) and thus giving The End of the World, a body once more.

    If the Gedo Mazou would have been left in the moon Obito would have had no other choice but to fight Nagato for the rinnegan in order to summon the body himself seeing as there is no other means to do it without the Rikudou’s eyes.

  20. Eugen : Madara had already broken the seal and captured the Mazo by that time. Read over when Obito first wakes in the cave, Madara is already growing Zetsus by that time and Obito doesn’t approach Nagato till after Madaras death.
    I’m not sure I like this Tree of Might angle. Before that chakra was a persons own power, able to be increased and mastered through training. Now it seems like just a stolen power and working hard and training does nothing really. It just gives a bit more control. I suppose it explains why certain familys (descendents of the Rikudo) have so much more than others while most others are just the dregs with little or no skill.
    I just don’t like how it implies that if your not born into a certain family your a loser no matter what you do or how hard you train. Before this, yeah some people had advantages, like Super eyes, implanted chakra monsters or gekkai genkai but it was implied if you trained hard and studied you’d become just as great. Not anymore.

  21. I’m kinda disaapointed with this origin story of the Juubi. I guess it was there to push the story in a certain way or I don’t know. I liked the origin story that the Juubi was just the world punishing the people for what they’ve been doing (having wars). And the Sage was a person who felt that Humans were the reason the Juubi was created, then humans can be the reason to stop the Juubi. Seemed more fitting that he was a monk that learned of chakra. But now he is also a child of destiny. Born to what seems a virgin mother, making the Sage even more Holy… I don’t think I like it

  22. And the other religious aspect I found was the eating of the forbidden fruit… I just felt that this origin story should have been more original. I give this chapter an 8 out of 10 because I liked how they show the past and origins, I just don’t like the origin in it self

  23. You bring up a great point constantine. I didn’t think about how it seems like the person is destined to have a certain amount of chakra. But we don’t know if that’s the case. But it does seem like people related to the Sage get a whole lot of benefits though.

  24. Nagato read the stone tablet didn’t he? Remember how he remarked the sage was said to have made the moon. We didn’t he read this whole other part? Why didn’t he tell Naruto of what was to come when they encountered each other?

  25. I think I know Naruto’s next power up. It’s going to be the chakra the other Bijuu gave him. And He will fist bump the eight tails. And Bam! the new Sage is born, because this manga shows you, that you don’t need to be in any full form at all to achieve your goal. That Juubi isn’t in it’s full form. Naruto was able to sage sync in not having full Kurama. So might as well tap into his other bijuu powers to make something happen.

  26. Well now we know why naruto is the Sage’s replacement. They were both born under the same circumstances. The So6P was born when his mother had the natural energy in her, and thus he gestated through it…as did naruto…born with the kubi’s natural energy surrounding him in the womb.

  27. @ Constantine, thank you very much for pointing that out, I tend to remember things chronologically and the Pain arc was some time before we found out Obito’s past. Indeed you’re right, Madara did have the Gedo from way back then. So it seems he had everything planned out and ready to go, all he needed was someone to collect the bijuu. So here comes clueless Obito with a soft spot for a girl that would change the world through her death. I wonder if Rin would have known what Obito was about to do, would she throw herself in Kakashi’s raikiri or would she try and find another way??

  28. You are right with that Eugen, Rin plays a very important part in this hole story and we only know pieces of her blury story. I reckon she could reappear even though Kishi is trying to tie up all loose ends of the story.
    (but who knows ?)

  29. SOOOOOOOOOOOO can anybody help me out here….since all chakra came from the one fruit…and since the only two people able to have chakra were the SO6P and his mother…does that mean ALL people have chakra from the So6P…so they are all decedents? And does that mean that when the SO6P and his mother had children..their chakra was broken off or divided to their children..thus the child’s chakra pool is only as big as what they inherited..and does that mean the parent is now subsequently weaker?

    If this is the case then what Neji said long ago was actually true, you are destined to be something when you are born, you can’t actually make your own path in life. No matter how much hard work you put in…if you don’t inherit some large or potent amount of chakra then you’ll never be good.

    Also what happens when a person dies…their chakra goes to where? What about edo tensi??? if all chakra comes from that tree…how do they keep replenishing their chakra? What exactly is molding chakra if all of it comes from the tree…how can you make your own? Plz somebody explain all this and more to me because…..the whole power thing in the naruverse was just turned on its’ head…

    Lastly what about sage tech??? Naruto said he could sense the natural energy from the jubi…but if the jubi is made of chakra…does that mean chakra is derived from natural energy? How did they jubi suck out the natural energy from naruto..i thought it was only going after chakra because it originally owned all chakra…so it shouldn’t care about natural energy…i guess thats why only sage tech can work on it because if you attack it with chakra it’s like attacking itself

  30. @Drice

    I don’t think that’s necessarily the case with all people being descendants of the sage and his mother. You need to remember that when the sage became the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki, he also used his power to create life and there’s a good possibility that he created humans who could then use chakra with the Izanagi, or something along those lines. Perhaps he was also just trying to create a new world believing that ninjutsu and chakra were powers that, if given to the people, could create peace.

    It’s kinda like how Prometheus stole fire from the Olympic gods and gave it to mortals believing it would help them prosper as a people.

    Lastly, I believe all natural creatures who never stole chakra from the tree would have only been able to resort to sage techniques and absorbing natural energy to perform Senjutsu. This is why we see all of the animal summons using Senjutsu instead of Ninjutsu and perhaps that is how it was naturally meant to be for all life so as not to disturb the god tree or the balance of the world, etc. Who knows?

  31. Possibly i just feel that kishi did a number on his story with this chap…its interesting but it conflicts with everything he’s set up. We’ll see if he elaborates on it later.

  32. hmmm. madara said that the tree grows a fruit once every a millenium.. since the tree grew a flower and flowers usually turn into a fruit.. what if this one turns into a fruit..and sasuke with his thirst for quick power ups suddenly took a hold of this fruit… maybe we will have our deathmatch between naruto and sasuke.

  33. I love this chapter and especially the part where Sasuke is once again perturbed by Naruto once again surpassing him in power. I’ve never really liked Sasuke cause I felt he always lived off the reputation of being a Uchiha and being called a “genius”, leading to him maybe becoming relaxed. While Naruto, fueled by his ambition to be Hokage and the approval of the village, continued to train and now the fruits of his labor are being shown. As you aforementioned, Sasuke has taken short cuts to receive power, being a “genius” has probably caused Sasuke to not know how it feels to try over and over again during training, cause everything comes so easy and natural to him. With that said, I think 2 things are going to happen, either Sasuke will somehow get the rinnegan or he’ll become the jinchuuriki

  34. Hi Tarzan, and welcome to WRA. I don’t believe I’ve seen you comment before but it’s always good to see a new face around, so to speak. @__@

  35. I’m confuse about one thing so when the flower booms it will cast the jitsu right? Has this jutsu been cast before? Shouldn’t the fruit come out instead of and eye? Or does the fruit look like and eye

  36. Or maybe at the end it will go all Matrix on us and we find the Sage of the Six paths had people in the infinate Tsukiyomi all along. He did it to stop the wars in the real world and left the Uchiha Stone to allow people to escape or at least realise the truth. Troll Kishi at his finist, Naruto never actually existed :(.

  37. Has anyone considered the idea that using Naruto’s chakra, Sasuke has used a powerful Izanami on Jubito?

  38. Makes you want to go in time and kill Obito and Itachi.

  39. @constantinethetrickster You almost sound like pre-Chuunin exams Neji talking about fate and how which clan you’re born into determines your importance in the grand scheme of things.

    The whole God Tree thing may have echoed Genesis, but likewise it is what it is. The ninja in that world possess chakra and it has become a part of who they are. What’s done is done. The only thing that can be done now with them is to move forward and make the most of that chakra they possess.

  40. Hey guys. I think I’ll probably be doing a double breakdown when the next chapter releases. I just didn’t find time to do it yesterday.

    P.S. For all those wondering, I did find some hint of a link to Japanese mythology with regards to the world tree and I’ll mention what it is in my breakdown.

  41. The new Chapter is out. Won’t spoil it for you yet!!

  42. A fast link to the chapter would still be nice:

  43. *Reads Chapter*




  44. I’ll remember that for next time. Anyway about the chap, how come Naruto wasn’t drained?? That is all.

  45. Awesome chapter.. Ten can you give me a link of that world tree

  46. @Chaps

    I know it’s not exactly the same, but I just thought how the Jubokko sucks the life and blood out of a victim is similar to how the god tree sucks the life out of people as well.


    I’d say Naruto’s contact with the tree was brief enough that not all his chakra was drained, thanks mostly to Hiruzen’s fast rescue efforts. I also think we need to consider the fact that Naruto has far more chakra than just about anyone else on the battlefield so it would take longer for him to be drained completely.

  47. Tenrai I suppose your right but I was hoping it was more to do with Sage Tech. It seems to be the Juubis weakness and I thought it would be cool if Naruto had only the Kyuubis Chakra and Sage techniques left proving he wont give up even if his own chakra is taken.

  48. To add to what Ten said, Naruto did mention he’s natural energy intake speed was upgraded a lot after Kurama agreed to fuse his powers with the added natural energy.

    So Naruto might have just gathered the chakra in one swift move out of anger and spite, if not for Sasuke’s jump to battle I bet Naruto would have knocked the teeth out of Obito’s mouth at beyond light speed, while firmly holding a bijuu rassengan in his fist.

    The chapter as a whole was really great, I enjoyed it even if there was no action, but the way Naruto’s feelings embraced everyone and they got to know his life’s story and how he struggled in his childhood should be a lesson to everyone about acceptance and embracing those close to you even if they are shunned by ignorant elders.

    Also Hashirama was EPIC in the way he slapped everyone’s face about not giving up on hope.

    Can’t wait for the breakdown Ten.

  49. I love how “Let’s eat Eugen” was the second highest scoring option for the one poll in the breakdown.

    Hmmm…. O_o

  50. I really enjoyed the chapter, the way all the different emotions and memories were picked up by the relevant people e.g. Sarutobi seeing Asuma dead etc. and always good to see Naruto’s resolve, although i’m surprised he needed to see a pointless flashy move by Sasuke to get fired up again. i feel the recent set of chapters have all been high quality.

    I just can’t wait for the resolution of this battle and see how they set up the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke.

    Completely off topic but does anyone else feel the manga as a whole will end soonish, i.e. within the next 2-3 years? or even sooner?

  51. @Gendo

    Sadly, I think this manga is heading towards its end, and that it will probably be within the next year or two. That is, of course, unless Kishi comes up with some continuation story that follows a new character or something.

    Part of me would like to see that, but then another part of me also wants to see what other ideas Kishi might have, which could be just as epic as Naruto.

  52. @Tenrai

    yes, it will be very sad when that time comes and I hope by the end we do see Naruto as Hokage. I always thought prequels involving all the Hokage would be interesting, along the lines of the Kakashi chapters.

    i enjoyed Kishi’s one shot earlier this year called Mario. Very different to Naruto but enjoyable all the same.

  53. This latest chapter is how you use flashbacks to perfection. It was necessary to show Naruto’s growing pains and the one thing that was always running through his mind; Sau… I mean never giving up! Although I am getting weary of all the flashbacks Naruto has when ever he reaches the climax of his battles. This one was done well.

    I can’t really explain what was going on there. It was like for a few seconds the shinobi alliance became manga readers are were able to follow Naruto’s journey like we did (albeit in a much shorter time then we did). Kiba was all “it’s that time” as if he were seeing how that mission ended. Everyone got to see what he went through, and the key losses and motivators driving him.

    One part that struck me in all his flash backs was that small little section for Jirayia. Those two panels showed drastic changes: Naruto smiling at Jirayia and then next it was just his grave. It was a powerful scene showing how fragile a person’s world is that it can shatter at any moment. The only thing we are able to control is how we feel before our world comes crumbling down. And Naruto chose to show no regrets. So, I am expecting Naruto to do things we haven’t seen him do, seeing as this might be his last fleeting moments before his world comes crashing down.
    I also liked how humble that little panel space was. It was like the perfect descriptor for Jirayia. He never claimed himself the best and it didn’t even show the top half of his face, as if he was saying “come on now, there are other more important people you can give panel space to”. And the small panel under it just showing his grave and no one else. Just a humble panel all around, not sad, not angry nor happy, just a grave stone with some decorations

  54. @ Ten, I see you’ve managed to turn everyone to the Dark Side of Cannibalism (there might be a light side @_@).
    Who knows I might find Supertreck and Totalitarian in the bowls of your stomach.

  55. Eugen said: Can’t wait for the breakdown Ten.


  56. Am I the only person who really hopes that this isn’t for real with Shikamaru being dead? First Neji, now him?

  57. @wiseman – the word on Jiraiya tombstone is teacher so it is most likely done by Naruto to remember him by.

    This chap was a real tear jerker and the message in it was loud and clear: live your life with no regrets.

  58. @kev shikamaru is not yet dead. he just lost a little bit of chakra.

  59. hmmm.. so it seems that jiraiya was buried but wasn’t chosen to be resurrected or anything.

  60. @chaps – having a tombstone doesn’t necessary mean the body is there. What about all the soldiers that never make it back? I agree with you that Shikamaru is not dead yet, I think Karin will heal him.

  61. anyway. i just though that the body is there since konan gave flowers. and i think negato did bury his sensei.

  62. @iamchaps Kabuto said directly that Jiraiya’s body was to deep in the ocean to recover so he couldn’t resurrect it.

    On a side note…when does anybody think the scroll that jugo found come into play for sasuke? They said it would give him the edge to win the war…and with everything coming to light, i’d say that power up will be played for him very soon.

  63. @iamchaps i belive those are the flowers of hope konan gave to naruro maybe he did it to tell his sensei theres still hope and that now he gets what trully was left for him to finish

  64. i see. 😀 thanks for the info

    wasn’t that the scroll about getting oro’s powers back?

  65. @Drice

    The scroll was about Orochimaru’s research on undoing the Reaper Death Seal so that he could get his arms back. The reason it was considered something that could change the tide of the war, is because it literally meant being able to resurrect those who were once sealed, like Hashirama, etc.

  66. And it may also offer the possibility to control the Death God and use it as a puppet I.E. Sasuke could use the Shinigami as a secondary Susano’o and attack Obito with it thus sealing him away.
    Also the sword of Totsuka would have come in handy right about now.

  67. @eugen its not so bad inside tens stomach we just got free wifi

  68. @Ten where does it say thats what the scroll is for? I dont remember reading about it 😦

  69. @dricedt – today’s anime actually show the scroll. It is the hand sign along with the death god. So what Oro did was in the scroll to summon it.

  70. OMG Antony, you were right !!!! There is wireless internet in here. No need to get out anymore :))

    Who’s thinking Sasuke’s gonna shrink the gap of power between him and Naruto next week? I’m sure he’s gonna pull out something great out of his ass, as a pure blooded Uchiha has the right to do, I.m thinking a Huge Suasano’o like Madara’s or some sort of F’ed up genjutsu along the lines of Izanami/Izanagi (With infinite use and no loss of eyesight). Think about one thing, Sasuke now has Uzumaki/Kyuubi chakra resonating inside him thanks to Naruto’s cloak, and we all know that’s almost the perfect combo for the Rinnegan awakening.

  71. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’m about 70% done with the breakdown but I needed to take a rest. It’s a lot to think about and go through so I’ll probably finish it up in the morning. Lol.


    Here’s a link for you.

    You see Sasuke holding the scroll that they found on this page. It’s about Orochimaru’s research on undoing the Reaper Death Seal.

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