Naruto Chapter 644 Breakdown: The bond between father and son.

In our lives, there will always be certain kinds of relationships that define us some significant way. Whether it’s a bond with brothers and sisters, the affections for a lover, or even the closeness with a childhood friend, these relationships often have a lasting impact on who we are as a person and, in some cases, can even make or break us as individuals.

However, the first and most important relationship in any person’s life, is that with their parents – whether it’s their mother or father, biological or adopted, or even literally or figuratively – and because of this, it’s also this first and primary relationship that builds the very foundations for who we are and what we become as we grow into adults.

At this point in Naruto, I think Kishi has chosen to focus on this primary relationship – in particular, the relationship between a father and son – and how it has defined Naruto as a character.

We have to be considerate...

We have to be considerate…

In Naruto’s case though, it could be said that his foundation was built not by his relationship with his parents or his father, but rather, by the lack of one. From the early stages of his life, he had always been alone for the most part, especially if we factor in his status as a Jinchuuriki, which isolated him even further from society. In fact, the only thing close to a father figure that Naruto had until he actually met Minato’s chakra form at the age of sixteen, was Iruka and even then he could be seen more as a big brother.

Because of this, Naruto had to be headstrong and independent from a young age, and yet despite that, in the end, he still somehow managed to grow up as a compassionate and caring person as well and now that his real father has finally appeared before him, he has also managed to grasp that even without that vital relationship in his life, the love his parents had for him existed nonetheless, even if he wasn’t immediately aware of it, and it has since carried over to him and reinforced his determination.

Despite Naruto’s strong feelings for both his father and mother, however, this chapter focuses a lot more on Minato’s regrets as a father and how his decisions – which lead to his own and Kushina’s deaths, as well as turning his son into a Jinchuuriki – caused Naruto to live a hard life.


The most interesting part about this, is that during their fist bump, Naruto is seemingly able to perceive Minato’s thoughts and even responds to him verbally. This is a skill that, until now, only Bee has been shown to be able to perform, but now that Naruto has also displayed the ability to read minds through fist bumping, it has lead me to believe that this is a skill all Jinchuuriki eventually acquire once they gain full cooperation with their tailed beats. After all, even the Bijuu themselves seem to be able to contact each other telepathically, so it stands to reason that they would transfer that to their hosts to some degree when their chakra merges.

It’s also a skill that seems to put the Yamanaka’s mind reading techniques to shame, seeing as how it takes a lot less time and preparation to execute, and seems to be able to penetrated a person’s deepest thoughts and memories with practically no effort whatsoever.

Iruka... you're an awesome person...

So… Naruto has been eating Iruka’s class lecture notes this entire time?

In the end, it’s once again up to Naruto to be the pillar of support for both his father and for the entire alliance. I’d go on about the whole plan regarding the sharing of chakra and connecting it to Minato, etc, but I’d just be stating the glaringly obvious. All I can say is that Kishi really outdid himself with this chapter in terms of explaining how the alliance survived what should have otherwise been an unavoidable demise, and also how the father and son team between Naruto and Minato allows them to achieve great things together that will no doubt further amplify the strength of the alliance as a whole.

This chapter also managed to squeeze in a few light-hearted moments with some banter between Tobirama and Naruto (which makes me wonder if he’s had similar experiences in the past with his own brother, Hashirama), as well as some sentimental moments between Minato and Naruto as the latter explains how he met his mother (no movie title puns intended) and how he had already heard all that they wanted to tell him.

It's hard to fathom a parent's love for their child.

Sometimes children just know exactly what to say to their parents to make them smile.

All-in-all, I’d say this is all a form of build up leading to what could be called some form of resolution and involvement for Minato. We’ve seen how Edo Tensei summons in the past have passed on once their minds are at ease and nothing is holding them to the world anymore and I think for Minato, the one thing that might be holding him back are his own regrets and his concern for Naruto.

Once he realizes that Naruto is capable of standing on his own two feet and that he has the strength to overcome these trials, perhaps he’ll also find it in himself to give him the other half of Kurama’s chakra and then leave the world to him to take care of. I do think the transfer itself will be an inevitable outcome, especially if Naruto wants to have any chance of beating Obito, but the question is just a matter of when it actually happens.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. I know this is a rather short breakdown by my standards, but I couldn’t really think of much to say for this one that wasn’t already apparent. For now, I’ll just leave you all with a thought-provoking poll…

I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 4, 2013.

38 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 644 Breakdown: The bond between father and son.”

  1. First

  2. And the new chapter is out. Epic Sage Mode + Kurama’s chakra combination ftw!

  3. 2nd hokage is so funny, Naruto drives him nuts just like his brother. Such a good observation hadn’t thought it like that. That why I like your breakdown they go beyond the chapter.

  4. i love when my manga is only 12 pages >.> ….but at least they were a good 12. Who do you guys think that was clenching their fist, saying how did naruto get this kind of looked like sakura? Wasn’t sasuke, they were wearing a vest

  5. that chapter was epic in a way 😀

  6. @Drice

    It was Sasuke. You can tell because you see part of his bow tie thingy. As for the chapter length, it was actually its usual length, but a few of the pages were double spreads so it appears shorter than it is.

  7. @dricedt i think thats sasuke.. look at the rope belt 😀

  8. ah thanks!

  9. The brakdown was great Ten, a real treat, and the chapter was perfect to top it off.
    I truly regret that bastard, Obito, took out the Juubi to start the moons eye plan. It would have been great to see Naruto expand a bit on his new found fusion power, so far it looks just like a Kurama cloak with attacks that can hurt Obito but from the short attack I didn’t see something new in terms speed, and jutsus, only a power up witch is a bit irrelevant seeing the full bijuu mode was already so strong to begin with.

    As fort the funny situation that happened this chapter, it was priceless, Tobirama is a bit of a troll in a way, always throwing bombs like this only after Naruto is on the attack, the dude could have warn him from the get go not to be so eager, if was pure comedy non the less, even Kurama was laughing his ass off.

    Strange thing is, Minato’s cloak didn’t change to the 2nd level like Naruto’s. It didn’t form the darker parts of the seals on the body even though he went into the avatar mode with his half of Kurama.
    Apparently all that’s left for Naruto is to receive form Minato the other half of the Kyuubi and learn FTG, as of now he’s mastered everything he’s ever learned to kage level and beyond.

  10. All I say say is, “FINALLY!”

  11. @Eugen

    More importantly than new powers, Naruto just looks badass now with the new sage/kyuubi eyes. @__@

  12. since the juubi is out again in the open, i think naruto’s next move would to take the bijuus out of the juubi and take them all in him. since kurama hinted that the only reason naruto wasn’t able to utilize sage chakra and his chakra was because he didn’t want to share his space. and if you think about it.. the only reason why jinchuuruki’s die is that its because it is somewhat forced to enter someones body.. and if its willing to do so it can enter anybody if it chooses to..

  13. @ Ten, he dose look over 9000 badass, I’ll admit, it almost looks like it was supposed to be there from the start.
    Also If Naruto and Minato’s rassengan managed to crack Obito’s black sphere, i bet a hand made bijuudama with added sage chakra can shatter that thing, going all out like that was a bit of a overkill.

    As far as how the chapter ended, I’m guessing the next one will start with Naruto’s bijuu dama hitting the Juubi. i wonder how much damage that ugly thing will take from the Sage Scooby Kyuubi dama of doom (say that phrase 5 times faster :)))

    I was sad to see Hiruzen is still having a bad day, passed out somewhere in the rubble without a head. It almost makes Sasuke look happy :)).
    As for Sasuke’s previous chapters of bravado, all I can say is: BURRRRRRNNNNNNNNN.

    @ Chaps, I don’t think the Ultimate Tsukuyomy can be used with individual bijuus, if that were the case they wouldn’t have sealed them in the Gedo Mazou (I.E the original Juubi Body from the moon) to start with.

    He might actually allow that hideous thing to reach it’s perfect form.

  14. Man, even in this chapter Kishi was still trying to delay the inviitable power up of Sage+Kurama mode. I felt like there was a lot of talking without progression. We didn’t even see an effective battle. Naruto just tried one sage rasengan and then Tobi got scared into pulling out the Tsuki No Me. I mean he must really be afraid to pull that out quickly: my idea is proven by the fact that Madara was even surprised Tobi was starting the Tsuki No Me up.

    prolonging sage+kurama mode for the first 1/5th of a chapter, a little too much pointless dialogue/inner dialogue (Minato), not enough fighting; I got the feeling it was kinda filler to leave a cliff hangar. I give it a 6 out of 10.

  15. About the only thing I agree with you @Eugen is Tobirama’s jabs at Naruto. It is pretty good comedy. His face every time Naruto does something dumbfounded; it’s like he’s saying “Is this guy really leading us?” with his face.

  16. After this war Sakura has to bone down Naruto, right? RIGHT!?!? Naruto deserves a Harem of the hottest women ever assembled called “The Soothers!”

  17. So, Emo Sasuke rears his ugly head once more. *sigh* *facepalm* Seriously, he needs to overcome that inferiority/superiority complex of his. But, besides that, how can he fight Naruto now? I doubt that even the Rinnegan would help him now…

  18. On the other hand, Naruto seems to have severe short term memory loss….Sakura may have hit him one too many times…. @__@

  19. @Eugen i wasn’t talking about the infinite tsukuyomi 😀 naruto wanted to get those bijuus before obito made himself the jinchuuruki of the juubi, and now that its back into the open he might find a way to help the bijuus since that was his goal from the very beginning.

  20. Incoming Emo Mode Stupid Action No Jitsu…

  21. @arpotu yeah, it’s bad enough Juubitobitobi the ultimate EMO is there but now Sasuke might go back to being Emo. The good news is Itachi is not around to emo Sasuke up to Juubitobitobi level. So Sasuke might be a Madara level emo.

  22. Actually, I don’t think it’s a case of Sasuke “going back” to being emo. I don’t think he ever actually left it in the first place. I mean, if you look at his behavior from the moment he entered the battlefield, there seems to be some dark cloud looming over him in the way he talks and acts.

  23. Now that you mentioned it underneath Tobito -> Juubitobitobi’s emo cloud is a smaller one over Sasuke’s head.

  24. I wonder if Sasuke will try to take Juubi from Obito, or if Obito (upon his death) will “give” Juubi to Sasuke to, you know, keep the emo alive… (ah ah ah ah stayin alive, stayin alive).

  25. Hey random thought….what if Kakashi can’t exit the other dimension of Kamui because Obito cannot use it either? Their eyes are linked after all. And Obito did state he couldn’t travel through dimensions due to being the Juubi’s Jinchuriki….of course this begs the obvious question, “How would he get out?”

  26. Here a random theory. I believe with 85% that emo Sasuke and his idiot brother, Itachi are Madara’s direct descendants. Why because they share the same MS tech, unlike Emobitobi and Shisui.

  27. @kantonkage I’d agree with that. Since both Madara and Fugaku were both Uchiha Clan Heads, and that position is passed down, it seems 100% true.

  28. if that would be the case.. then sasuke is madara.. and itachi is izuna 🙂

  29. @ chaps, I think it’s the exact opposite, Madara wes a logical thinker with big plans for the world and with aspirations for peace. It was at the moment when Hashirama’s dad and Tobirama attacked that he changed (when he felt the loss, Tobirama was talking about after his resurrection). Until that point Madara was actually a good guy, but after, no matter how hard Hashirama tried, he wouldn’t have been able to come back. Especially not after Tobirama killed Izuna, for Madara that probably was the biggest blow he could take and the trust would never be there again.

    Maybe he learned to trust in Hashirama, but knowing everyone in the village suspected him, it was almost like how it was for Naruto when he was young, shunned and outcast, people always whispering behind his back.

    What man can overcome something like that? Madara simply didn’t choose to prove himself as Naruto and Gaara did and he started focusing on the secrets of the tablet and how to gain more and more power to fight with Hashirama all out.

    So in my opinion, Madara was for a brief moment like Itachi and Izuana was the little overreacting, untrusting little brother (a bit like Sasuke but not that much).

    Sasuke will probably face the same wall Madara did after the war is over, people won’t trust a war criminal, especially not an Uchiha, to lead them. So the only redemption Sasuke can bet on is to save Naruto and the whole army withing an inch of his life, just to show he’ll be willing to sacrifice himself for them. By what Sasuke show’ed when the 4 Juubi damas were about to strike, I don’t see him covering anyone’s ass except Naruto’s.

    Say what you will but since the reunion Sasuke has had Naruto’s back at every chance he could to protect him. He might be jealous of Naruto but he spun Susano’o to protect him every time he could so far.

    It stand to reason, Naruto is the only person Sasuke cares for right now, and no one else.

  30. @ Tenrai, say what you will but that was Sasuke’s attitude from the start, or at least ever since Itachi killed off the clan.
    Sasuke is his normal self and as of now he’s probably looking back and thinking: This blonde dumb kid achieved so much skill and power in 5 years while I left the village for nothing and all I got in return was to kill my brother for nothing and have him give me all of his powers like a homeless bum.

    Yeah, Sasuke actually left the village for nothing what so ever, he’s motive for leaving was so that he could gain enough power to be able to kill Itachi, I think Kakashi could have brought him to the level he was after Orochimaru’s training, minus the curse seal, but on the other hand Sasuke might have learned sage mode for himself from the Slugs or the snakes or from wherever Hashirama did, and thus becoming something similar to Kabuto plus the added bonus of the sharingan. Eventually Itachi would have let him win and he would have had the EMS + sage mode and eventually the Rinnegan, instead of just envying Naruto for his hard work and accomplishments.

    What struck me dubious, as I told Chaps, was the fact that Sasuke only shielded Naruto and only thought of him to save at the Juubi dama attack, if Juugo hadn’t come to Sasuke and the solution with the FTG wouldn’t have been in the books Sasuke would have summoned his Snake and would have teleported only himself and Naruto away.

    I for one, am very curious what’s going on in Sasuke’s mind and how’s he going to step up and protect his only remaining friend.

  31. under all that talent and skill i still have a hard time of reading sasuke’s attitude. he wants to save naruto, but on the other hand he wants to kill him, i really don’t get it.. seems like the uchiha are really a cursed clan becuase of their eyes.

  32. ” This blonde dumb kid achieved so much skill and power in 5 years while I left the village for nothing and all I got in return was to kill my brother for nothing and have him give me all of his powers like a homeless bum.”
    -good one Eugen 😀

    We all know that you aren’t an Uchiha if you don’t have a plan and Sasuke is acting too much cool (not emo-cool but steady cool) only reacting if his life or Narutos are in danger. He isn’t risking a lot even though it’s nearly apocalypse. My idea is that he is waiting for Orochimaru and the other Kages for a great big finale.

  33. @ Pavo, you’re most likely right, Sasuke has never entered a battle without full control over the outcome. The best example was his fight with Deidara, a battle he controlled from start to finish and only let Deidara think he had the upper hand a more then 2-3 occasions.

    Sasuke’s sharingan also might be the strongest one in Uchiha history, so far he didn’t use the EMS but as far as progress goes he managed to make the Amaterasu, a jutsu Itachi used to threw as a last ditch effort to catch his opponent off guard due to the instant hit capability, a jutsu Sasuke manipulated in such a way that he is now able to control it’s shape and also add it to other people’s jutsus, like he did with Naruto.

    And that’s just one jutsu, Sasuke is also fast and has knowledge of Izanagi and Izanami, and also he saw how Kabuto’s sage mode works and he most likely knows the implications.

    Sasuke might even come up with a plan to break Obito’s black spheres.

    Food for thought. I ask this of everyone on the blog. In this final chapter we saw Minato’s and Naruto’s rassengan cracked Obito’s black orb shield, that happened but 4 Juubi damas did nothing to the shield Obito encased himself in. So the question is, if a rassengan with sage and kyuubi chakra did that to Obito’s shield, what do you guy think the Kyuubi Sage Bijuu dama will do ?

  34. I realize I’m having a moment, but what does FTG mean?! DX

  35. @ Kev, it’s short for minato’s and Tobirama’s teleportation technique Flying Thunder God (FTG for short)

  36. @Eugen it’ll make his Chakra Weapons and his shield go bye-bye @__@

  37. @pavo and Gen Uchiha plans are like smacking yourself in the head with a baseball bat and somehow hitting a grand slam in the process.

  38. I don t care if Sasuke cracks his skull with that bat I just want to see that grand slam and I bet it’s going to be exceptional!

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