Naruto Chapter 642 – 643 Breakdown: The other half.

I have to say, as far as the longest battles in Naruto are concerned, this one with Obito and the Juubi easily takes the cake as far as its shear length in chapters is concerned, but one thing I’ve always found with battles that stretch on for too long is that they start to become a bit weary and grating and tend to lose that feeling of adrenaline they usually stimulate us with in their early, waking moments.

As for this battle in particular, right now I feel like I’m treading the fine line between excitement and monotony, because despite the fact that this battle has stretched on for quite some time, Kishi has somehow still managed to keep it feeling mostly fresh by continuously introducing new twists and turns to help liven it up. I think one of the largest contributing factors that have helped keep me interested in particular, is the fact that Tobirama himself has become such an compelling character, one that has really helped keep things flowing nicely in these past few chapters as a whole.

Thank you for being epic Tobirama. You've finally justified Eugen using you as his avatar. (Artwork by Lord-Nadjib)

Thank you for being epic Tobirama. You’ve finally justified Eugen using you as his avatar.
 – Artwork by Lord-Nadjib

Luckily for me, despite this being a double breakdown, chapter 642 doesn’t actually give me much to talk about from a narrative perspective, mostly because it was just a load of typical banter that served more as a build-up for chapter 643 than anything else – all action aside. However, to give a small recap, the most significant factors established in that chapter were the fact that Senjutsu seems to work on Obito where normal jutsu cannot, and that the other half of Kurama has made an appearance inside Minato.

Oh, I guess it’s also worth pointing out that Naruto seems to be able to make Rasengans with one hand now – even outside of his chakra form – not to mention the overall size of the Rasengan it seems to be larger than normal as well.

Next step, the Spirit Bomb!

Next step, the Spirit Bomb!

With a culmination of events building up in chapter 642, we start to notice a bit of a reversal of roles as far as the relationship between father and son goes. Typically, it is the role of a parent to encourage and support their children, but in this chapter we find Minato taking on the more vulnerable role while Naruto, conversely, has adopted the role of vanguard and leader, even to the extent where it’s left to him to support his father in what appears to be a moment of emotional weakness on his part.

Of course, I think we all understand the doubts and trepidations that might come with a decision as weighty and consequential as turning your son into a Jinchuuriki – as seen even with the likes of Gaara’s father – but I also think this turning point in the manga has an even greater value from a storytelling perspective, which I’ll touch on a bit later. Suffice to say, these interactions are enough to attract even the attention of Kurama’s other half, who itself seems to be moved by Naruto’s actions.

Great, now we have two over-sized emo bunnies.

I’m not going to ask what part of him is moving, but for some reason, I wonder if the position Minato is standing in is completely safe…

This is probably the most significant reveal moving from chapter 642 to 643, because we now know for certain that Minato is not just carrying half of Kurama’s chakra, but half of his “body” and consciousness as well. It raises a lot of questions about whether this is the first time they’ve spoken together like this, or whether they’ve spoken before in the realm of the Death God, and it also made me curious as to what kind of personality this version of Kurama has.

From the offset, it seems as if this half of Kurama is on more friendlier terms with Minato compared to how Naruto related with his half throughout most of the series. This could be attributed to the possibility that Minato’s half is the polar opposite to Naruto’s half (if we consider the whole Yin and Yang scenario) and thus, a lot less emo by nature, but it could also simply be a case where Kishi didn’t want to have a recurrance of the politics between the tailed beasts and their hosts and simply decided to bypass it this time around. The third possibility is that Kurama’s other half is still linked to him in some way, and thus changes that affect one half also affect the other half directly.

You know you've hit an all time low in life when it's left up to a giant demonic fox to give you a pep talk.

You know you’ve hit an all time low in life when it’s left up to a giant demonic fox to give you a pep talk.

Moving onto chapter 643, it becomes even more apparent that Kishi’s intended goal was to establish in Minato – and in us readers – the realization that his son has surpassed him in just about every way possible, from the completion of the Rasengan, to mastering Senjutsu. However, the gap between Minato and Naruto is not limited solely to their strength as ninja alone, but also in the strength of their will as well.

Where we see Minato waver at Obito’s venomous words – unsure of whether the decisions he made were correct – Naruto conversely stands his ground and even defends his father from the condemning onslaught. For me, it’s a sign that times have changed and where once the fate of the world had rested in the previous generation, that responsibility has now fallen completely on the capable and read shoulders of their successors, who – as shown by the likes of Shikamaru and Naruto – are more than ready to accept their role.

In saying that, I also realized that there was another form of disparity being played on in this chapter as well, and that was the ever-growing gap between Naruto and Sasuke, which, once again, seems to be widening considerably. I couldn’t help but notice that without being able to use Senjutsu like Naruto, Sasuke has becoming a proverbial walking pile of uselessness, and I think he’s noticed just how much he’s fallen into Naruto’s shadow in this battle if his expression is anything to go by.

If you smell something burning, don't worry. It's just Sasuke's ego bursting into flames.

If you smell something burning, don’t worry. It’s just Sasuke’s ego bursting into flames.

This sentiment, which might play on feelings of inferiority withing Sasuke, also brings me back to part one of Naruto where we see the two battling on top of the hospital roof, and where – after both display the power of their strongest jutsu – Sasuke realizes that Naruto managed to surpass him.

Since that time, the rivalry between the two of them has constantly evolved along with the development of this story as a whole, with Sasuke taking a lead again through the starting half of part two, only to fall behind Naruto time and time again as the latter mastered various jutsu in an effort to become stronger. Even now, we can still see signs of that rivalry throughout this battle in the way Sasuke often treats Naruto more as a hindrance than an aid, and I think the fact that Naruto has mastered both Sage Mode and Kurama’s chakra are all contributing to the ever-growing bruise on Sasuke’s pride. It makes me wonder how he’ll feel after seeing Naruto go into his full chakra mode while partnered with Kurama.

Of course, Sasuke isn’t the only Emochiha on the battlefield, and, not wanting to be left out, Obito decides to finally bring a close to things with what appears to be one final, killing blow.

Obito's trump cardI’m sure you’ll all recognize the overgrown flowers as the same kind the Juubi practically regurgitated in an earlier chapter, only to then subsequently fire a Bijuu Bomb from. This means the alliance has four similarly powered attacks coming  their way, which, coupled with Obito’s barrier jutsu to keep them trapped, spells big trouble. It’s also been made clear that even with their combined efforts, Minato and Tobirama would only have enough time to warp away two of the Bijuu Bombs.

It’s here – in this seemingly hopeless situation – that Kurama insists on communicating with his other half via means of a fist bump between Naruto and his dad to enlist some chakra. It’s also here where it seems Naruto has come up with some sort of plan to deal with the attack.

In my personal opinion, I believe Naruto – who has now transformed into his full chakra form – will try to link the four bijuu bombs with his own chakra arms and thereby to Minato so he can warp them away, much like he did when he saved himself and Sasuke from Obito’s facepalm of death, but of course, there are other possibilities as well.

And so, we come to the end of our chapter, which is just another epic cliffhanger wetting our appetites for what is to come. I’d really like to see Naruto and Minato go all out in a real father/son tag-team battle. Also, I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out the differences between Naruto’s full chakra mode and Minato’s seemingly incomplete one now that they’re standing next to each other and also how Minato’s version of Kurama has darker fur than Naruto’s (which you can tell even on the black and white version).

– Artwork by i-azu –

– Artwork by i-azu

In any case, I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown! I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on August 27, 2013.

43 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 642 – 643 Breakdown: The other half.”

  1. Great breakdown. The battle doesn’t feel like a battle. More like the top ninjas just nit picking at obito. I want a full scale war! Is it me or does obito overgrown flower look like vileplume (from pokeman) on evolution crack stone?

  2. 2nd! XDDD

  3. (I am on holidays, so I have a lot to read, but I saw that last breakdown was quite popular, congrats Ten!)

  4. 3rd


  6. Nice double Tenrai, as always very insightful, thanks for the avatar remark, I’ve been betting all my cheescakes on Tobirama for a lot of years now, and I’me proud he didn’t let us down.

    He is a bit of a str8 forward D-bag, but he always had the village and the will of fire in his heart and his main concern was always the well being of the people and a well organised village both in military and in a day to day life.

    Also Obito is a bit of a fanatic to kill everyone like this, it’s no less then a nuke in the head,.

    It raises the question, who besides Naruto can survive a blast from no more then one Juubi dama. Gaara might stand a small chance and so might Sasuke with his new Susano’o, whitch BTW he might bring out any moment now.

  7. I thought minato would pass on his seal for the FTG technique to Naruto. So Naruto can make a clone and split with Minato, Tobirama, his real self and clone each going to a Juubidama and teleporting it away. I get this idea from Itachi’s ability to transfer powers by touching Sauske’s forehead. Maybe Minato and Naruto can transfer Knowledge by fist bumping

  8. Great breakdown Ten. :3 I always like.

    As for Gaara, I just realized. I wonder if he could manipulate the sand flowers?

    Naruto’s shadow clones have always been symbolic of him having to do everything on his own for a long time.

  9. Awesomeness breakdown as usual =P

    I know there isn’t a bubble contest going but I couldn’t help myself seeing the double fist bump there at the end.

    Naruto and Minato: Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
    Caption: Form of SSJ4 Goku! Shape of Spirit Bomb!

  10. Wasn’t Naruto able to form a rasengan in the Pein fight when he first appeared and took out that first path of pein that was attacking Tsunade? I think he can in Sage mode.

    Awesome Breakdown! Been busy and have been away but it’s good to get some more insight into the chapters. Just caught up on all the breakdowns. Thanks for the hard work!

  11. Awesome breakdown! Thank you for making the manga that much better to enjoy with your insightful breakdown.

    @Wiseman – I think the ability of Itachi transfer powers is not by touching Sauske’s forehead but by connecting their eyes. Just a theory though. Of course, all the bijuu did transfer something to Naruto through a fist bump.

    @iamnotreallyhere – awesome refer to the wonder twins from Super Friends cartoon.

  12. Hmmmm obito seems to want to test naruto on his motivation…what if sakura dies on narutos birthday…that ought to put his morals and values to the test…after all people that were the most loved were killed.

  13. somebody posted a spoiler at mangapanda.

  14. since yin and yang cannot live without the other.. i think we would see a major increase with naruto’s power now that the two parts of kurama are together.

  15. its out!

  16. that chapter was quite awsome considering how things went. now that the chakra cloak of kurama is back i think kakashi would be able to go out of the other dimension and tell them the secret of the juubi. he’s been there for quite sometime, he should have already come up with a plan or something

  17. very cleaver kishi!

  18. That was actually very predictable, as I’m sure the army would have probably survive even if they were hit by the juubi damas while being shielded by Kurama’s chakra cloak, the strategy was more or less what we’ve talked about last week, a strategy in witch Naruto will use shunshin with the help of Minato but the prediction was for Naruto to use shadow clones and touch everybody.

    The idle chakra cloak within every shinobi was the real surprise of the chapter, showing that Naruto was always protecting the army even if he was on the front lines with the strongest shinobies.
    That is awesome beyond anything, and it’s mostly due to Neji’s sacrifice, I think, Naruto wouldn’t risk any other friend being killed so he left a small bit of chakra in everyone in order to protect them if they were in danger.

    Also, it was unexpected to find out that the shadow clone jutsu is in fact Tobirama’s original invention. If you think about it Minato and Naruto are combinations of Tobirama and Hashirama to the bone (mostly Tobirama).

    It’s amazing how much this one dude gave to Naruto and Minato without him knowing, he actually left behind a legacy for two of the strongest shinobies in the narutoverse. Also Tobirama’s reaction to Naruto’s comment was priceless :)))))

  19. That was a good chapter. It felt short but it was enjoyable.

    So, it was a case where Naruto’s chakra was used in conjunction with Minato’s Hiraishin, but I got it somewhat wrong in the sense that rather than connecting and teleporting the Bijuu Bombs, they teleported the alliance instead. It was still a clever and well thought-out strategy though and I have to commend Kishi on that one.

    To be honest though, the implications of an entire shinobi army being linked together through Naruto’s chakra, to Minato and being able to use the Hiraishin on the fly whenever they want, is actually quite terrifying. Imagine if Minato and Naruto were a tag team during a normal ninja war between the five nations and where able to mobilize entire armies to any location in a split second. Konoha would literally be an unbeatable Ninja village with those two leading them. Lol. It also makes me wonder how that connection will be used throughout the rest of this battle.

    Also, I think the most terrifying part about all of this, is that Naruto managed to think up a solution in a situation where even Shikamaru was stumped. It just goes to show how extremely developed his battle instinct is, even if he’s not the brightest spark under the sun.

  20. Isn’t it a bit strange Hiruzen, Kakashi, Orochimaro and the Kakes haven’t joined the fight yet. Hiruzen should have been able to recover from his brawl with Obito seeing as the ninjutsu nullifying technique Obito used to permanently chop off Minato’s arm was introduced only after Hiruzen us KO’ed.

    So normally he should still be on the scene, it must have been a bad day form him because after the head explosion, possible recovery, he took 4 bijuu damas to the head again.

    Hell of a day.

    As for the connection, now that’s a terrible thought for any enemy. The power of such a jutsu is beyond 9000

  21. @ten have you seen sasuke’s reaction after he learned that naruto managed to save the whole alliance? seems to me, the uchiha really have trust issues.. his look was so emo i wanted to smack his head with something other than a p*ssy! he should grow a d*ck and man up and accept that sometimes in life not everything goes as planned and there will always be someone stronger..

    and about that jutsu.. yes it’s probably terrifying if ever that happened.. i can’t see any other jutsu having the battle power other than juubi jinchuuriki to go against an entire squadron cloacked with kurama chakra. hahahaha!

    i think kakashi would reappear in the next chapter or so and hiruzen maybe 😀

  22. Haha – poor Hiruzen. “Hi guys, I’m ba-“

  23. Somebody grab Arpotu by the legs before Tenrai swallows him whole again !!!!!!!!!

    @ Chaps I hope the comeback of Kakashi, Hiruzen, Orochimaru and the Kages will have a constructive impact, because so far it seems like Naruto, Tobirama and Minato are doing all the fighting with Obito and Hashirama’s main body is tied up with Madara, who btw seems to enjoy his brawl with Hashirama a little too much and for no apparent reason.

    I can’t help but suspect Madara is up to something, but I don’t know what, he might have achieved the Rinnegan when he was close to his death and he might try that again now, but to what end, he already has both the EMS and the Rinnegan, what’s next ?!?!?! What dose he know that we don’t, and what’s his aim in this pointless fight.

  24. What do you guys think of the bottom left panel. A glance at Naruto’s and Minato’s chakras. While Naruto’s chakra looks alive and flowing like a open flame, Minato’s, on the other hand, is more square and well defined at the edges, very precise. It’s almost like a combination between Mathematics and Art. I hadn’t picked this up at first, actually didn’t pay it much attention but when Naruto will have that other half for his own, he’ll probably be the same level as Obito, if not stronger.

    Sasuke surprised me a lot in this chapter, he asked Naruto: “What do we do next, and even told Juugo he’ll summon both him and Naruto out of the barrier. So it was basically F&*K Sakura and everyone else, the 3 of us are out of here.

    :)) Say what you will but Sasuke if a funny basterd, emo or no emo, Naruto is Sasuke’s long lost brother and I think the jackass still cares a lot for Naruto.

    Also a few loose end I’d like to bring up and as you guys for opinions:

    1. What’s Kakashi up to in the other dimension?
    2. Where is Orochimaru and the other Kages?
    3. What happened to Hiruzen after a 5 juubi dama gang bang @_@?
    4. Who is using kabuto as a bitch right now?
    5. How long will Yamatou (Tenzou) slack off in that unlimited hashirama Chakra flower, and how strong will he be after he escapes and absorbs all that power?

  25. I’ve not been liking Minato’s character these pasted few chapters. He’s just been doing the same thing Kakashi did by Minato arrived. Just being a walking sob story while Naruto was doing all the work. Well that plan wasn’t really all Naruto, Kurama is basically feeding him the ideas.

    And also, on one of the last pages it seems like Minato might be leaving; saying something like he wished he would have had more time to talk with him. I really do think Minato has done all he can.

    Oh! And the Shinobi Alliance is no longer a hinderance and the big boys can now play.

  26. like adult swim promo’s. Children out of the pool, it’s time for the adults only

  27. Just to contribute a little 🙂

    Our predictions came true but what amazed me the most was Kishi’s way of handling it. Very smooth if you ask me.
    I read the comments but i didn’t found anyone who mention Naruto’s maturing at the point that he even puts at ease his own father and redirect his mind to the future (relieving himself of the past) and that’s pretty bold if you ask me. Naruto is just showing us the seriousness that we always wanted him to have.

    As for Kakashi I think that he is molding chakra and healing himself from the battle. The question is did he got the boost from Naruto as well ?

    The other Kages will certainly come to the rescue at the next twist..

    Orochimaru is doing something really mischievously … i really hope so 😀

  28. @eugen i think what you noticed about minato chakra signature is that it’s somewhat made of edo tensei thats why its defined and have edges. but if its not like that.. and naruto manages to make his chakra similar to minato’s.. then.. i don’t know whats going to happen.

  29. You forgot #6 – “Where is Konohamaru?” I still think that kid is going to make a surprise visit before the end of the war…

  30. @Pavo, Naruto did turn into a really serious dude when the time calls for it, he still has his dim whited attitude about him but IMO that’s what makes Naruto the great character he is now.

    @ Chaps, my first thought was that they look so opposite because of the Yin/Yang chakra of Kurama, it was only natural for them to be polar opposite in shape as they are in nature (I’m talking about the two halves of Kurama). So if they come together they might make something really awesome.

    I wonder what Minato’s half of the Kyuubi can do as a special power, Nartuo’s is known to be a life force that influences trees and he can also sense ill feelings and hate.

    So what special powers those the other half possess??

    @Arpotu, I think Kono will most likely bring a jaw dropper by the end of the war with a perfected attack str8 out of Hiruzen and Naruto’s playbook.

  31. I love reading the comments here as much as the breakdown.

    If I remember correctly, whenever we were shown the puzzle pieces that are the Ninja Alliance, didn’t it show their chakra and form blocky as well? It’s almost like everyone else is a solid, but Naruto is a liquid and can form any shape.

  32. @ Andy, yup, you’re right, I just revisited that chapter and it’s indeed this fire flow chakra Naruto has that makes it malleable enough to form perfect links to everyone else.

    But still Minato’s fist on this page:
    Is even more square then everyone else, where naruto has pieces of fire and flame emanating from himself, Minato had tiny squares and cube like shapes do the same for him.

    My guess is that one is the Yin and the other is Yang and if you combine the two they could form the Rinnegan

  33. @Wiseman

    “Well that plan wasn’t really all Naruto, Kurama is basically feeding him the ideas.”

    Actually, I don’t think this is completely accurate. Remember, it was Naruto who figured out being able to join his and Sasuke’s chakra with Minato’s to escape Obito’s attack after Minato explained how anyone in contact with his chakra could be teleported. Teleporting the entire alliance is just an extension of the same idea, so Naruto was already aware of it.

    Sure, Kurama might have been the one who informed him that it could be done on that scale, but I think we should give Naruto credit where it’s due.

  34. @Chaps

    Let’s just say that for someone who wants to be Hokage, Sasuke is doing a crappy job of showing how much he “cares” for the comrades from his village. He was just willing to abandon them all on a whim and to me, that’s not very Hokage-like. A real Hokage knows his own weaknesses as well and rather than sulking about them, he tries to overcome them. @__@

  35. Naruto dose not really strike me as a liar…if the translation was correct he did say the plan that he and kurama came up with.

  36. And after all this, I bet Sakura still doesn’t want to bone down Naruto… Anko, where you at?! She’d be perfect for Naruto! #mangalogic

  37. @wiseman after everything naruto did on his own before sasuke showed up….saved all the villagers….fought and saved all the nations from sure destruction by zetsu and the ENTIRE fight with tobi….again saving all the villagers…and all the nations…sakura STILL wanted sasuke who just showed up and said…hey. Then sakura gets all fucking overconfident and challenges narutos dream. You know i never was a true hater of sakura untill that happened…i disliked her but after that F#$# her. And thats not even including Naruto saving her life …FROM sasuke but alas.

  38. A hokage candidate is supposed to be able to sway the hearts of others. I think Minato’s blocky chakra was both a key and a lock, but Naruto’s better at it, as he doesn’t have a constant shape. He just sort of meshes with others and maybe even learns from some.

  39. @Eugen its safe to say that naruto has the chakra pool of the likes of hashirama, a chakra type like that of kushina that acts as medium and the chakra of minato which can be molded into different shapes so that it can be shared or link to anything. – according to this chapter naruto does have a unique chakra.

    if this is the case.. the only thing that is stopping naruto to becoming the most powerful ninja is the seal for the hiraishin. the basics are already there.. if minato ever decides to tell naruto how to do it, it would basically become a second nature skill to naruto, imo i think it has the same principle with the kage bunshins

  40. @ Chaps, I read that chapter recently also and indeed, if Naruto learns how to use the seal to the hirashin I can only imagine 1000 clones acting as beacons in the battlefield, Naruto would be able to take out a whole army in a flash.

    Also the chakra part is real unique but I what to know how that could benefit himself, because so far Naruto has been using this skill to shield and protect the whole army but it seems that there’s no upside for him, unless he can transfer some skills or thoughts through that chakra communication jutsu of his.

    If we remember, Naruto could learn at great speed any technique with the aid of his clones, what if this chakra sharing has the same outcome and once Naruto cancels the chakra within everyone, he’ll automatically there skills or at least the principle of understanding the individual jutsus.

    Ponder on that and imagine the awesomeness of learning free shit like the uchiha do, only via chakra transfer.

  41. I imagine the Hiraishin is like tags mixed with kawarimi mixed with shadow clones.

  42. Yo, what’s up guys? Good job with the breakdown Tenrai.


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