Naruto Chapter 640 – 641 Breakdown: Complete mayhem.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t able to deliver a breakdown last week, but I’ve been having a bit of a case of writer’s block lately. I seem to have lost a bit of motivation when it comes to writing, so I decided to just give myself a break. I’m still feeling a but under the weather at the moment, but I didn’t want to miss another week so I’m going to give it my best shot, for better or for worse.

So here we go!

So... this is what writing a double breakdown feels like then...

So… this is what writing a double breakdown feels like then…

Luckily for me, these past two chapters were more action than talk, and while chapters to tend to feel much shorter when they contain less dialogue – despite having the same number of pages as any other chapter – it also saves me a lot of deliberation as far as verbal suggestions are concerned. Then again, knowing me, I’ll somehow find a way to deliberate endlessly either way.

In this case, however, I can safely say that despite their seemingly brief feel, chapters 640 and 641 were truly epic, as we like to say here on WRA. I was also pleased to see that both Naruto and Sasuke managed to hold their own against the impossibly powerful Obito (with some help from ‘dad’ and Tobirama) and that Naruto himself showed that when it comes to battles, though he may not be a genius in the sense that Sasuke is, he still shows an equally comparable level of cunning and wit, as shown when he returns the favor to Sasuke for saving him earlier by doing the same in return.

Flash! Ahaaaa! Savior of the universe! Dum, dum, dum, dum!

Flash! Ahaaaa! Savior of the universe! Dum, dum, dum, dum! (That just popped into my head).

Judging by Sasuke’s expression following Naruto’s improvised rescue, it’s hard to tell whether he’s grateful that Naruto managed to pull it off, or annoyed at his increasingly competent display of skill. When one considers the ever-persistent rivalry between the two, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the latter. I was, however, glad that Minato acknowledged the fact that Naruto was keeping up with, or is on par with Sasuke, because I’d hate to think he was still lagging behind despite his immense growth in this war arc.

Still, despite the seemingly overwhelming danger that Obito poses as the new Jinchuuriki for the Juubi, it becomes painfully obvious that he was not, in fact, in complete control anymore and that the Juubi’s own will was clashing with his own, as many of us had already suspected beforehand. We get a brief glimpse of him within himself (which is completely odd), as the Juubi tries to subjugate him completely, but Obito’s will proves to be stronger as he finally manages to assume direct control (no Mass Effect puns intended) with the help of some memories of his past bonds.

We need some duct tape over here, stat!

We need some duct tape over here, stat!

I found this scene particularly interesting because we get the impression that Obito’s identity is represented by his bonds with his former team and that this is what makes up the entirety of his being. I say that because as he is being pulled apart, the picture in his mind of team Minato was being destroyed in a similar manner as if each memory formed a significant part of his whole. I also found it interesting that when Obito pulled himself back together again, he reformed the entire image and didn’t leave anyone out – not even Kakashi – which proves that despite what he has become, Obito still cherishes all of those bonds.

It suggests that even though no-one agrees with what he’s doing, everything Obito does is for the sake of those he cares for. He simply believes that he is the only one who can create a perfect world where they can be happy, even if they don’t seem to want that dream world for themselves. You could even compare it to how a parent might treat a child, in that the parent believes that the child doesn’t know enough to know what’s good for them, so it’s up to the parent to tell them despite their protests. To this extent, Obito will go to any length to achieve his goals, even if it means adopting the form of the Rikkudou Sennin himself.

You can call me awesome...

My name, you ask? You can call me Awesome.

Of course, I could deliberate about the cloak and the spines on Obito’s head, or even the tomoe markings and the staff, etc, and how it all seems so familiar when compared to the silhouettes we’ve seen of the Sage himself, but then I’d just be stating the glaringly obvious. All I will say in any reasonable amount of words, is that Obito simply looks epic in this transformation. As a villain, he truly is starting to come into his own from a ‘presence’ point of view.

Of course, it’s not just his appearance that has improved; his power has also seem a similar burst of growth. Luckily for Minato, Naruto and Sasuke, Obito isn’t the only badass we have here, and moving onto chapter 641, Tobirama proves once again that he is not to be left out when one considers the strength of the four past Hokage.

If badass had a name, it would be Tobirama.

If badass had a name, it would be Tobirama.

From here, we move onto another scene involving Madara and Hashirama and while the battle between then didn’t particularly interest me at this point, given the far more epic battle happening with Obito, I am curious as to what Madara’s motives are for fighting Hashirama at this point, especially when he risks Obito gaining to much power while he seemingly refuses to intervene.

One thing that did pique my interests was what Madara says with regards to their battle.

Hashirama and Madara Colossal battle

In the image above, Madara says that he has no other options as far as battling Hashirama is concerned. This suggests, to me, that he’s battling not because he doesn’t perceive the threat that Obito poses, but because this battle itself forms part of the solution for dealing with that threat.

If we look at the results of Madara’s battles with Hashirama in the past, we know that in his last battle, he managed to acquire some of Hashirama’s cells, which subsequently allowed him to acquire the Rinnegan. With that in mind, could this be another case where the battle is nothing more than a means to an end to gain even more power for Madara? Or is there another factor we’re not considering?

Aside from the options above, I’d say one option would be for Madara to work with Hashirama, rather than battling against him. With two powerhouses like that working together with the other Hokage, Naruto and Sasuke, I’d say even Obito would have his hands full. Of course, knowing Madara and his whims, I doubt this would ever happen, and even now I question his objectives and whether he’s truly interested in the Moon Eye plan, because surely if that was his only goal, he’d be more than happy to allow Obito to enact it in his place.

The fact that he seems to feel otherwise suggests that either he doesn’t trust Obito to carry out the plan properly, or that his objective wasn’t the Moon Eye plan to begin with.

Still, despite their battle, we also have a brief reference to Shikamaru, who gives another inspiring speech to help keep the SA in a calm and collected state, despite the awe and power they are faced with. In the wake of this, once again the topic of Hokage comes to the fore.

To be Hokage, or not to be Hokage? That is the question.

To be Hokage, or not to be Hokage? That is the question.

I have to admit, as the first to become a Chuunin and with his intellect as it is, Shikamaru certainly would make a great Hokage for Konoha, especially with how he’s come into his own in this latest battle as a leader figure. Much as Temari suggested, having the ability to sway the hearts of the masses is one of the qualities needed for the title and Shikamaru seems to possess that quality to a fairly significant degree. However, we also know that Naruto possesses this trait as well, and although he may not have Shikamaru’s genius, he certainly has the heart and will of a Hokage and has similarly been able to sway the hearts of many and unite their will to his own, including some of the most stubborn hearts such as Tsunade’s, the Raikage’s, Gaara’s and formerly Neji’s.

It brings to question what qualities matter most when it comes to being Hokage. Is it intellect? Is it courage? Is it the ability to never give up? Or is it simply a matter of strength? As far as I’m concerned, Sasuke is probably the least suitable candidate for becoming Hokage right now from a practical standpoint simply because he lacks the acknowledgement of the people and thus the ability to sway their hearts, but I’d also like to know what you guys think regarding who, out of the current generation, is most suited for the job.

To bring my breakdown to a close, the last thing I’d like to touch on is the teamwork between Sasuke and Naruto. Despite their rivalry, and despite Sasuke’s verbal insistence on doing things alone, they still seem to know when cooperation is required, as shown with their combination attack against Obito.

Well, Sasuke was touching Naruto's sphere, so...

Well, Sasuke was touching Naruto’s sphere, so…

While the results of the attack weren’t quite as spectacular as I was hoping, I think it’s important to consider that when it comes to fighting what could be considered an incarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths, the best chance one might have is to combine the power of his two sons to try and match it.

If we consider that Sasuke is a descendent of the Sage’s oldest son and that Naruto might be a descendent of the youngest, then combining the two halves would create something that could equal the power of the Sage himself. Of course, we also need to factor in the Juubi’s power as well, but I reckon Naruto will make that up with Kurama and the other Bijuus’ chakra somehow. Of course, Madara and Hashirama might have been able to fill a similar role to Naruto and Sasuke, but they’re too busy having their grudge match so I guess that’s out of the question.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I think my breakdown has overstayed its welcome as far as word count is concerned so for now, here is last week’s Bubbliton Contest winner.

Iamnotreallyhere: This PSA brought to you by the Anti-Emo Foundation.

Iamnotreallyhere: This PSA brought to you by the Anti-Emo Foundation.

There won’t be any Bubblitons this week because of a lack of entries. I’m trying to think of new stuff that I might be able to introduce, but my brain has decided to go on strike.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

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  1. Im actually first? Kl breakdown. It is very annoying how everyone still thinks naruto is lacking or not on the same level as sauske. Can they ever stop being surprised?

  2. What is Kishi waiting for? I really want to see what the Bijuu gave him. Is he able to use what they gave him, or is it going to sprout out like a reaction. I don’t like these drown out cliff hangers. Is it going to wait for Tobi to reach his final stage to activate?

    And Tobi’s powers are pretty stupid. Super speed and eraser-like orbs… He is suppose to be closes to Rikkudu Sennin and that’s all he can do? Where’s the meteor, the creation jutsu, the tons of different elemental jutsu he can use. He really doesn’t seem over powered.

    And another thing too. I’m also waiting on Naruto to reach perfect sage mode. I thought when he was able to properly fuse with Kurama that he’d be able to go into sage + Bijuu mode? I’d really like to see Ma and Pa frog get summoned and latch themselves on to Naruto. I really liked those characters and the fact that it’d be a little Jirayia memento

  3. Hey! I’ll take 3rd! XD

  4. Fourth … finally


  6. @wiseman – I too hope that ma/pa will merge with Naruto/Kurama to form the eye that we got a peek at during the Nagato meeting in the tree. As for why Tobi can’t use these special abilities: 1 – no really need to show your hand right away, 2 – he is not exactly a complete So6P yet, 3 – he is too emo to deal these abilities out.

    @tenrai – pretty awesome breakdown with very little to work on except this time is just not enough chit-chat to make much from it.

    Someone predicted that Oro got fishboy to go fetch Jiraiya for reanimation. How does everyone feel about this?

    Also, I am not sure I care to see two Edo fighting since neither could die. Just a thought, can an Edo summon the death god? Don’t recall see anything specific regarding this detail.

  7. @kanton – sorry man!

  8. its OUT!

  9. well that chapter was epic in some way. 🙂

  10. and it looks like.. we are into some surprise in the coming chapters

  11. Kurama+Sage mode coming right up!

  12. obito will soon get the beating of his life. and it might be worse when minato decides to give naruto the other half of kurama’s chakra since minato doesn’t need it anymore.

  13. Minato realizes his time is coming to a close. The half that he has notices that the other half in Naruto is now good. That means if Minatos half goes into Naruto, he will become more powerful. He well make Minato realize this and Minato will give it to Naruto. He knows that if he dies, his half of Kurama will be erased. Naruto might be getting his other half of Kurama. And this might be the missing piece needed for him to go Kurama + Sage mode.

  14. Well… that explains why Sarutobi hasn’t returned yet. He’s dead. For real. I was wondering what happened to him. How come none of the other characters have remarked on it, anyways?

    And to think, Minato and Sasuke reprimanded Naruto for worrying about the edo-tensei Hokage. How ironic.

  15. very good chap, i always love it when naruto impresses us like this, event he great sasuke did not notice something was up. And the other half of kurama!!! i wonder what the two halfs will say to each other if they meet or once naruto’s version sees it

  16. Great breakdown and a great chapter that answered some questions, 1st Edo bodies can be destroyed by Obito, I don’t think Sarutobi is dead because he got a KO from the black sphere attack as opposed to the direct chop Minato got from Obito. It still remains to be seen what happened to Hiruzen.

    Another important aspect is Tobirama’s awareness, the dude is in tune with everything, he reacted to the black sphere attached to minato’s arm and sent it back to obito a chapter ago, he pulled off a bad ass duo attack with Minato last chapter and now he wasted no time to teleport Naruto to Obito for the Rassengan slap.

    Also, another important aspect is the presence of the other half of Kurama’ body inside Minato, a fact most of you dismissed speculating he couldn’t be physically inside Minato is he was already inside Naruto, well it looks like it was just that, seeing as a bijuu is a mass of chakra it was only logical each half would take the shape of the bijuu under any circumstances.

    Now more then ever I wish for Naruto to learn the FTG from Minato or Tobirama, that jutsu can create the opportunity for victory in a split second, a chance you might not get again if you hesitate of take to long to launch an attack.

    I have to say that after this latest chapters I will choose Tobirama as the 2nd strongest Hokage, 2nd only to his brother, from what I’ve seen Minato is a half step behind the dude at every turn. I’m still waiting to see the true power of Hiruzen, Kishi bragged about so long ago being the best of his predecessors, I highly doubt he can match Hashirama or Tobirama in either power or speed, so all that’s left is hidden ninjutsu.

  17. That was another great chapter and I’m glad Sage mode is being given an important role again. I have to admit that I thought only half of Kurama’s chakra was sealed in Minato but it seems half his personality was as well. Maybe that’s why the half inside Naruto became so hateful?

    Either way I reckon Kishi is setting things up to give Naruto the other half now.

  18. i guess tobirama’s only advantage against the other hokages is his instinct to kill. it just shows how ruthless he can become when its needed. seriously he wastes no time.. his actions look like a second nature. when its time to kill he would, by any means necessary. minato might also have some of those traits but tobirama’s war experience should really go along way since the senjus and uchihas had fought even way they were both born.

  19. it seems the mangastream translates the story a little differently.

  20. did minato just noticed naruto’s strenght and that he has surpassed his old man by mastering senjutsu and also being able to control the 9-tails.

  21. Thanks for teh breakdown Ten!!!!

    @New Chapter: All of you talking for so long about that other half of the nine tails chakra were right!!!!! O.o

    I couldn´t enter the bublittion, but I see IANRT entry was hilarious XD

    @iamchaps Great insight!

  22. Thanks for the great breakdown Tenrai. Don’t let them become a burden!

    Also, again, great chapter. Should Naruto get ‘the upgrade’, doesn’t that basically settle that he’s stronger than Sasuke by a significant margin, seeing as they’re supposedly pretty much equals at this point?
    And, did Naruto just unknowingly talk-no-jutsu the f’ing dark side of the Kyuubi? Guess his Rasengan isn’t the only jutsu he keeps on improving!
    How do you guys think Madara will come to an end? Apparently, Juubito is the only one actually able to hurt him beyond edo-repair. Maybe Kakashi should return and copy-cat dat teqnikez so he can fuck him up good. Or Juubito should deal with Madara. My bet is Hashirama will be toast to keep it interesting and the ‘next generation surpasses’ theme. So who then?

  23. Sasuke obviously needs sage arts for himself too if he wants to be more useful in this fight against Juubito. Also, what if Minato gives the other half of the Kyuubi chakra to Sasuke? Then again, Naruto DOES have a little bit of the chakra of the other bijuu.

  24. @ Ten, I would like to thank you for everything you did so far for the blog, we know and understand what a burden you took upon yourself but I want to let you know that your breakdowns are like the subtitles to a eskimo conversation, you catch a lot of info and you always pay great attention to the details.

    It’s great to see and read about your take on things in the chapters, things I, or anyone could miss, so many thanks once again for all your hard work.

    @ ZZ & Andy, naruto should get the upgrade, I was actually meant to be his anyway, it actually makes you wonder what super powers Mito and kushina could have been if they got along good with Kurama. If Naruto is as strong as he is with only half of that power then imagine how powerful he’ll be with a complete kyuubi inside him.

    Andy, if Sasuke gets the other half I’m on the first flight to japan to track and assassinate Kishimoto. There’s only so much evil one person can do and a Sasuke jinchuriki would be the biggest punch in the crutch from Kishi to all the Naruto fans.

    I hope Wise is right and we finally get to see a Sage + Chakra + Bijuu fusion at long last. Can you imagine the sheer power naruto will be able to output from something like that !?!?!?

    I’m thinking 10X the speed, 10X more power, and chakra control to the subatomic level capable of doing even Obito’s 4 nature blood line limit, expansion uchihax fusion jutsu balls.

  25. Also Tenrai how’s the weather in south africa, send us some cold because I’m slowly roasting away at 43 celsius / 110 fahrenheit.

  26. Tenrai thanks for every breakdown. I agree on what Eugen said that we are thankful for every analysis and insight that you share with us.

    Like most of us here I’m too very excited on seeing how much Naruto will evolve in aspects of power and cunning but I am little bit more interested in Obito. He is a little bit neglected, put in the shade of the overwhelming attacks coming his way yet did anyone noticed how schizophrenic Obito is ?

    I admire how Kishimoto put the “Idea of Jinchuuriki” as a an idea of the inner beasts in everyone of us. I’ll clarify, in order to become stronger (in any aspect you like):
    first: you mustn’t let the inner beast take control over you
    second: learn to control it
    third: Learn it’s name ( in other words get to know it better )
    last: Befriend with it ( turn your weakness into strength )

    In the hole Narutoverse you can find examples of this Idea. I like to think that Obito is a hostage to his “Beast” and I am eager to see how the story will unfold.

  27. Obito is going to fail as a container, and Madara will give Juubi to Sasuke.

  28. Agreed with Eugen’s elegantly established thankfulness.

    Also a Sasuke Kyuubi jinchuuriki would suck. XD He needs to get something else. Then again, his Susano pretty much IS a bijuu of sorts.

    I wonder what Bee’s going to do. Is he even alive anymore?

  29. I must admit, when Gamakichi did his little attack I didn’t think anything of it. Sure glad Naruto and Tobirama picked up on it haha..wonder why it’s like that though? How come the only thing Obito is vulnerable to now is natural energy? That basically makes Naruto the only one who can damage him at all, or possibly Hashirama with his lil sage art activated.

    Definitely think the stage is being set for Naruto to combine Kurama’s chakra with sage chakra. Get those combo “cross” eyes back like when Nagato impaled him with that chakra rod. I just feel like Kishi wouldn’t have shown us that bcak then if he had no intention of eventually bringing it back.

    Also…Ten you’re breakdowns are invaluable to the WRA community, and those who fill in for you on occasion as well. Thank you very very much!

  30. @ Pavo, Kishi is a great MangaKa in that sense, he was always known to import and elaborate on native history and legends as well as foreign cultures, applying those ideas in the Naruto story. that’s what makes him so great. He was always capable of introducing real world problems and giving us the answer he thought was fit for the situations.

    Take the Pain arc for example, that was a real world nuke bombing and, Naruto, representing the attacked village didn’t throw the same punch, instead he turned the other cheek and tried to find piece through understanding his enemy. That’s just one example, throughout this whole manga you’ll find such great examples.

  31. tomorrow would be the day that we won’t get to relax once the chapter is released.

  32. Hey guys. I’ll be doing another double breakdown this week, because I was out for work all day yesterday and wasn’t able to write one. In any case, I think it might be a good idea of maybe someone volunteered as a back-up writer for the Naruto breakdowns for these weeks when I’m just snowed under.

    If anyone’s interested, they’re welcome to email me!

  33. @Tenrai – I can’t speak for everyone here but I look forward to your breakdown as much as the manga. It doesn’t matter if you or the manga take a break, I just wait patiently for both of them to eventually to show up. If I have the same in depth and ability to write such awesome breakdown I would volunteer to help. Where is Caption Pickle or Pein nowaday? In short we are lucky to have you pour your heart and soul for us.

  34. Well, it seems Jump is on a break this week. So I’ll be able to do a single after all. Lol.

  35. how do you find out when it’s on break? I didn’t see an notice on the last chapter.

  36. @Drice

    They mentioned it on Mangastream.

  37. so the “MOST likely” comment on mangastream might be true.

  38. Dang, I feel like naruto/Jump is always on break 😦

  39. So let me start up a mini convo, I don’t know if anybody saw my comment before, but I believe the sage’s chakra is in the jubi itself; similar to what minato did with naruto. When you think about it Obito obtained the staff and the look of the sage AFTER he obtained the jubi. Naruto also contained similar looks as the sage after he obtained the power of the ninetails fully. SO it makes me believe that the sage imparted part of his chakra in each biju. Again obito obtained the looks of the sage and the Staff of the sage after he obtained the jubi. However, due to what we have seen before we know that the S06P had the staff, tomos etc BEFORE he fought the jubi. Because of this we know that it isn’t the jubi that grants the staff and thus doesn’t grant that weird black substance manipulation but the power is in fact from the sage. If that is the case then one must be obtaining the power of the S06P when they absorb the jubi. Now kishi stopped the growth of the jubi before it’s final form on purpose, perhaps this was done because at the final form the S06P appears?

  40. @ Dricedt, Obito’s staff is actually made out of one of the black orbs. He only manipulated it to take the shape of the Sage’s staff. As fot the sage inserting his chakra into the bijuu’s, I think it’s only natural they would possess his spirit seeing ast they were part of him when he was the Juubi Jinchuriki and after he split them into 9 beasts he probably inserted his goodness inside them so they wouldn’t go on a destructive rampage like the juubi did.

    I guess the only time they did harm was when the people of the world tried to enslave them and thus use them as weapons.
    Long story short, I’m guessing Naruto will also attain a similar form to Obito’s once he completes the Kyuubi’s chakra with the other half from his dad.

  41. I was wondering, if Obito’s weak points are senjutsu attacks, would Hashirama’s 1 million hands Goddess be able to kill the turd, seeing it’s a senjutsu summon ?!!?!

    Also, Tobirama might know some sort of sage mode as well, besides Naruto he was the only one to pick up on Gamakichi’s attack and it’s true purpose.

  42. Naruto’s gonna give everyone a senjitsu cloak, and they’ll all attack Juubito at once.

  43. @arpotu – I hope you are joking because senjitsu cloak will most likely turn everyone into frog statues.

    I am still hoping and waiting for ma and pa to show up on Naruto’s shoulders collecting nature energy so Naruto can go all out without running out of juice. It will be totally awesome to see both Kurama modding chakra and ma/pa collecting nature energy.

  44. just got to read a spoiler of naruto seems like the 2 kyuubis are different in someway

  45. Anyone know Spanish!!!!!

  46. Great to be back in this site missed it so much

    @respect I do *SPOILER ALERT* basicly the 2nd says how him and naruto work together just as good as him and his brother…mandara did not let the 1st past him so he could stop obitos bijuu bombs naruto tell sasuke about nature sakura working obito comments on how tomorrow is the day run and narutos mom died naruto says its his body and it end with the sub title the strongest duo about to attack when naruto and minato are ready to fight also the kuubi in minatos side gives the one in narutos side chakra.. END OF SPOILERS if u have question just asks and I will clarify because finally simply has come back to WRA

  47. SPOILER I ment 2 morrow is narutos bday and obito wants to start the moons eyeplan but will first kill everyone with bijju bomb..he locks the all in a 6 sun gate is what it roughly translates to

  48. are we expecting an all out barrage of attacks coming from naruto and minato in the next chapter?

  49. its out

  50. why is Kishi prolonging the inevitable… Minato only has one arm and only can remove one bomb out of the 4. And there is Naruto being able to use all these tech’s and even able to tranfer Chakra. Just imagine what he can do with a full Bijuu within him. It looks like Naruto now has to persuade Minato’s half of Kurama. Bull shit I say.

    I don’t know what to think of the chapter. It looked to be building up suspense. Then there was that whole duality of the death and birth aspect of life. To die means to end, to give birth means to create a new beginning. Again, I reiterate it’s not Naruto’s and Sauske’s ability to team up without having been fighting together in years; it’s Naruto. He’s the one that makes it possible to work together. Many instances show this: Matching every shinobi’s chakra perfectly while giving some of Kurama’s chakra to all, working with Sauske, Working with Tobirama. He is a pillar and everyone is able to fight and communicate with Naruto in sync (not just Sauske).

    And the Madara vs Hashirama is just taking up too much panel space. I said it since the beginning. They’ve already had their fight, no need to show it again.

    Maybe the Hokage are going to bust out their strongest technique to stop those bombs. Tobirama and Minato said they can teleport one away. Maybe Hashirama can stop one with his sage arts Thousand Palms tech. And I’d like to see the 3rd. He hasn’t done anything other then find out something about Tobi’s jutsu.

    And this chapter again reconfirms that everything Tobi is doing is about Rin. As he states the anniversary of her death was the next day and he killed his Sensi’s wife that day in commemoration of that “dark” event. He’s like a teenager. “i’m not doing what I’m doing because of her!” when he clearly is. I really think he would have blew up the world if they actually went out. He is extremely emo, it puts Madara and Sauske to shame.

    I give this a 7/10 hokages. The story was progressing but the gears were moving very slowly. And I’m glad it’s back to Naruto being the main focus.

  51. Sucks that Neji died before Naruto’s birthday. But there is an eery feeling I’m getting. There have been women who have died on Naruto’s birthday that affect the whole of the story… Maybe another women will die on Naruto’s birthday that has major significance to him. Rin had MAJOR significance to Tobi, Kushina had major significance to Minato. Maybe Hinata or Sakura might bite the bullet on his birth day. It looks like this fight is going into the night too (even passing into the middle of the night.)

  52. let’s hope it’s tenten instead

  53. Wait, what if Kakashi DID learn Chiyo’s life transfer technique with his sharingan!? WHO WOULD HE BRING BACK TO LIFE? MINATO? KUSHINA? RIN?

  54. Great, as I’m starting my breakdown I realize the new chapter is out. Lol.

    Guys, I’m going to have to wait for a better scan of the new chapter before I can do the double so it will be out tomorrow, hopefully. That’s assuming Mangastream’s version is released by then.

    Other than that, it was a good chapter in some ways, but I also felt like Kishi was delaying the inevitable a bit by not giving Naruto the other half of Kurama right away. Then again, maybe it’s just because I’m impatient and excited to see Kurama at his full power that I feel that way.

    It is also interesting to know that it’s Naruto’s birthday coming up, and I think that might also be a trigger for something. I also think its quite exciting that Kushina has made an appearance, although whether or not she’ll actually appear on the battlefield is another story. All-in-all, I’m sad that we have to wait yet another week to see what happens next. T__T

  55. Chapter 643 is now posted:

  56. I must say, the quality of these scans look rather subpar there.

  57. You know what I REALLY BADLY want to see?

    Kushina with sage arts. WOULDN’T THAT BE SO FUCKING KICKASS?

  58. @Kevin

    Yeah, that’s why I’m not doing the breakdown until the mangastream version is up. I don’t want to use such ugly scans in the breakdown. Lol.

  59. any ideas as to why minato would regret giving naruto the other half?

  60. @ Dricedt, I think it was only due to a bad translation. In mangareader’s new release the translation is a bit different and with the info we had prior I’m guessing what the Kyuubi inside Minato stated was exactly opposite. So in fact it was a good idea to make Naruto the jinchuriki.

    My question is, if Naruto was already in sage mode when he bumped fists with Minato why did he go into Kyuubi mode and not combine the two powers together. At first, that’s what I thought Kurama was going to say to Naruto when he told him to “listen up”.

    Sadly Naruto only went as far as SSJ 2 again, I’m eager to see if there’s any improvement now that he’s being fed Full Kurama Chakra for his Bijuu mode. Speed and power might increase but I want to see some of the more complex powers like stronger frog katas and mini rassen shurikens and planetary rassengan barrages.

  61. what if minato managed to teach naruto the hiraishin, that’s possible right? lol

  62. and what ever happened to kakashi? i think naruto would be able to get an enormous power up after that fist bump. i don’t what it would be but i’m hoping he mixes it with the power of the sage since it’s the only way he could fight obito.. but i think they would get rid of the bijuu dama first.

  63. @ Chaps, I was wondering the same thing, if Minato manages to teach Naruto the Hirashin then he could use a combined attack to land a fast and powerful blow on Obito without any aid.

    Funny thing is, Minato and Tobirama are alike just like Naruto is with Hashirama, so IMO the FTG should go to Sasuke ( blasphemy, I know ), but Susuke is more the type to learn a fast attack with a lot of hand seals and markings.

    I’m hoping Naruto can master the Sage + Kyuubi Fusion, the form he’ll obtain will probably be epic and the power output will most likely be 10 to 20 times greater then his actual power in Bijuu mode.

  64. @Eugen

    Keep in mind that Naruto is the sum of two halves, the one half being his father and the other his mother. So he’s not just an Uzumaki, but a Namikaze as well, which means he could be just as suited for the Hiraishin as he is for the sealing techniques of the Uzumaki which will likely benefit him in using it. Also, so far as I’ve seen, the Hiraishin doesn’t use any hand seals. It just uses sealing techniques themselves which, of course, should be right up Naruto’s alley as an Uzumaki. We also haven’t seen Sasuke show any proficiency with seals so it would be prudent to assume he’d be suitable for using them.

    As for pure speed, I think it’s already safe to say that Naruto is far faster than Sasuke at this point, if we factor in his Kurama chakra mode. Now imagine we added the Hiraishin to that…


    I’m still waiting for the mangastream translation to do my breakdown because of the quality of their scans, so sorry for the delay. I’ll get to work on it as soon as it is out.

  65. Mangastream is out and it’s the best all around translation so far.

    @ Tenrai, I guess all the facts are there, but Naruto, to me, is more the powerhouse type (see: Jirayia, Hashirama, Madara, Bee, Kisame) as opposed to the more genuinely talented shinobies who are good at the finesse part of ninjutsu (see: Itachi, Nagato, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Tobirama, Muu, Minato). He might be a Uzumaki but the skills are lost if there’s no other elder or descendant who can teach him there trademark sealing jutsus, same goes for his father’s side of the family.

    I truly hope Naruto can unlock a lot of skills from the bijuus he has inside because other then Kakashi and Orochimaru, there are no living people who can measure up to Naruto’s standards right now in order to teach him something significant.

    Also Naruto managed to learn two of the most extreme things in his 16 – 17 years, the sage mode, that only hashirama can do in the perfect form and he also managed to befriend his bijuu thus unlocking extraordinary powers, something only Yagura (3rd mizukage) and Bee, have been known to do to a perfect level ( it makes me think if Yagura really had control over the bijuu or Was it Obito’s control over him that kept the bijuu in check), apart from these 2 only Yugito and Roshi had a give and take relation whit there beasts.

  66. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Naruto put his own spin on Hiraishin, and made it so that if anyone attacked (touched) him, or his clones, they would get marked.

  67. That would be cool and interesting, but I honestly want to see some sage mode with, like, Kakashi’s dog, Gai’s tortoise, and something having to do with Kushina.

    Damn that would be so cool if Kushina learned how to use sage powers to some degree.

  68. I honestly haven’t had a good prediction in a long time. But, arpotu (and the current conversation in the comments) gave me an idea of what we might see from Naruto if he gains both halves of Kurama.

    Again, playing off what arpotu said, I think Naruto will have the absolute fastest movement speed of any ninja. Faster than dad or anyone else. I think there are those who would think that Naruto couldn’t pull this off again, because he had already bested ‘A’ the Fourth Raikage in speed. I think this is somewhat of a ruse to make us think that speed might not be his next upgrade.

    But, I still think unmatched speed will be his next upgrade.

    First: There has been a lot of teleporting around in Naruto, though like flight, it is supposed to be rare. Wouldn’t it be great if Naruto had mastered it though?

    Second: Minato has always been the fastest. This manga is a lot about superseding your predecessors. Naruto should eventually be faster than his father.

    Third: When people talk about Minato, they talk about how quickly he deals out his punishment to people that are threatening the village. People knew about him and were terrified of him in battle. He was swift and shrewd. He wasn’t one to do something without a reason. And this has arguably has yet to be seen with Naruto. I would argue that Naruto must gain the swift justice thing without being a death dealer. And the speed and power in which he beats someone in battle should almost be god like when he really comes into his own.

    Fourth: Recently we have been seeing the power levels of Hashirama, Madara, and now Obito (Juubito). Naruto needs to either totally surpass Obito’s level of power, or be able to surpass Obito via teamwork with Sasuke and Sakura. Somehow I don’t see Naruto taking the cake. I see Sasuke always being somewhat comparable in power even though Naruto seems to be way ahead right now. Sasuke can easily move ahead if he develops or gains access to the rinnegan. So I wouldn’t count him out. Not sure about Sakura, the girls always fall out of the limelight for some reason. Point is, he needs to surpass Obito in some way on his own. Some could argue he has already done that. However, I want Naruto to bust through Obito with speed, just like Obito busted through the first and second Hokage. Payback.

    Fifth: We need to see that crazy eye thing where he has frog eyes crossed with fox eyes. And it needs to be an identifiable form. What better time to gain unmatched speed.

    Sixth: Why not be so fast that he can pretty much stop time? Naruto has always been very … diplomatic? You all call it talk-no-jitsu. I would be okay with so much of a speed upgrade that he stops time so that he can talk to an enemy and make him his friend in a split second, much like the fist bump ‘understand one another’ move. Or… something similar to this.

    I could go on. What do you guys think? Naruto could potentially become swift justice man and be the fastest teleporter (even between dimensions) that exists.

    As an aside… I want someone to be able to save Kakashi. Is there potential for Sasuke to get Obito’s eye? I’m just saying… I think someone mentioned that Sasuke might get the juubi – that would be crazy.

  69. That “stopping time” idea reminds me of Izanami.

  70. My take on the FTG tec would be that naruto would teleport using himself. Remember minato said it only works if he or his chakra is toughing something…well imagine naruto marked himself perminatly like minato did with kushina …then he makes clones whereever he wants and he and his clones can teleport to one-another. That would be far superior to minato…naruto could also mark or tag other things so it would give him the ultimate field advantage. The reason it works so well for naruto and no one else is because no one else can create the volume of clones naruto can. He dosn’t need a set number of kuni like his dad, he has himself.

    Also remember what lee said to sasuke when they fought, it dosnt matter how great your eyes are, if your not fast enough you can’t win. Naruto has sasuke down because of his sheer speed. He dosnt need to lighten himself to go faster so if sasuke tries to block with susuno naruto will smash through it. And if he uses himself as i mentioned above, sasuke wont be able to kill any naruto clones or naruto himself they will be teleporting instantly. So it wont matter if sasuke could see the fake clones using his sharingan because he simply cant keep up. GG

  71. @holydemonandy: That might even re-enforce the idea that Naruto would increase in speed to match that of the crazier techniques.

    @dricedt: that’s an excellent idea about what the actual technique could be. I agree about the stuff about Sasuke, although I still think they will find a way to make him compete with Naruto.

  72. Sasuke still has yet to achieve sage mode. I figure he’ll be getting the same sage mode that Kabuto had.

    I want to see Kushina sage mode and Sakura sage mode most of all though.

  73. Just a crazy idea …what if Naruto and Minato are trying to teleport everyone out of the Six Crimson Yang Formation so that the same barrier would stop the blast. Yes, that would take a huge amount of chakra from Kurama but there must certainly be an upside from it
    just a thought ^^

  74. @ Pavo, It’s not a crazy idea at all, I was thinking the same thing. Whit Naruto’s massive shadow clones and Minato’s FTG the two of them could take the whole army in one flash. Minato and Tobirama could make a lot of clones with the aid of kurama’s chakra and Naruto’s ability to share chakra with anybody.

    So a mass escape could be the most probable solution.

  75. If they escape and can’t get back in, then the Moon’s Eye can’t be stopped.

  76. @holy thats why you mark it before you leave 😉

  77. that probably would work.. he only needs to mark naruto and then naruto uses his kage bunshins.. naruto can use his sage/bijuu mode.. get a hold of the bijuu dama’s take it out.. or he can also do the same but instead of the bijuu damas.. he takes everyone one the barrier.. make the bijuu dama explode inside..

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