Naruto Chapter 639 Breakdown: Things are getting a little weird in here…

Hey everyone!

I have to say, chapter 639 was a very good entry for Naruto, one that – judging from the feedback in our comments section – was enjoyed by most of our readers. However, as good as it was, I also think it was a bit confusing for some readers as well, so my intention for this breakdown is to try and explain it to the best of my capability and hopefully make it easier to understand for those who might have missed something.

As such, this breakdown will be a bit less theoretical and a bit more analytical, so please bear with me for the time being.

Playing Tag, Hokage style. It's a blast!

Playing Tag, Hokage style. It’s a blast!

Alright, so first off, coming from chapter 638, we have a new, super-powered Obito making short work of the first and second Hokage – or at least, in the case of Hashirama, making short work of his Mokuton clone. However, despite his seemingly blinding speed, Tobirama actually manages to place explosive tags on Obito during his attack, proving that he himself is no pushover when it comes to the speed department, which is something that even Minato comments on.

Of course, the explosive tags themselves aren’t just your ‘run-of’-the-mill’ variety, and are unique in the sense that they continually summon more tags that then ‘assault’ the target in what can only be described as a series of explosions of epic proportions. I also believe this technique serves as another good example of how space-time jutsu can be used more offensively, and is a good indication of Tobirama’s mastery in that seldom explored field.

That's a big badda boom...

That’s a big badda boom…

I have to say, despite our short time seeing Tobirama in action, Kishi’s did a good job of giving us a glimpse of the power of who could be considered the most seldom seen and neglected of all the Hokage. However, despite the ferocity of this attack, in the end, Tobirama’s ultimate intention was not to destroy, but rather to learn.

As he put it himself, he knows the inner workings of Edo Tensei more than anyone, and as such, he also knows the strategies that make the most use of it. One of those strategies is to take advantage of the immortality granted by Edo Tensei and use it in a sacrificial manner to test the strength and abilities of your enemies without the risk of suffering any actual loss of life. In this case, Tobirama was testing Obito’s defense and durability and in turn, Hiruzen follows his former master’s lead and unleashes his own attack in an effort to learn more about Obito’s capabilities as the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki.

The game of Hokage Tag went sour when Obito realized he was always 'it'.

That awkward moment when your opponent grows balls out of nowhere…

It’s here that we learn some of the most interesting aspects of Obito’s abilities. Following Hiruzen’s Shuriken Kagebunshin no Jutsu, we see what appears to be two sphere’s of chakra appearing over holes at the back of each of Obito’s hands. However, rather than remaining in that spherical form persistently, it seems Obito can manipulate their shape in whatever manner he pleases for both offensive and defensive purposes.

While Hiruzen likens this technique to Onoki’s Dust Element, the first thing that came to my mind when seeing those black spheres form was that they looked like miniature versions of the Bijuu Bomb, only, unlike the Bijuu Bombs we see being used by other Jinchuuriki like Naruto or Bee, Obito is able to apply nature transformation to his version.

Obito's Jutsu

If I could hear people’s thoughts, I’d be getting an earful from Hiruzen right now.

It’s a topic that brings me back to the first lesson Kakashi gave Naruto on shape and nature manipulation when he was helping him complete the Rasengan. In its basic form, the Rasengan itself was an incomplete jutsu that relied purely on an extreme case of shape manipulation to condense the chakra into a perfect sphere. In order to evolve the jutsu into a complete version, he had to add his wind element to change the Rasengan’s nature and give it its signature shuriken-like cutting edge.

In this case, you could apply the same principles to the Bijuu Bomb, in that in its basic form, it’s just a giant sphere of pure chakra that’s used to attack an opponent – much like the Rasengan, only on a larger scale. However, when you add nature manipulation to it, its properties change considerably depending on what kind of nature it’s adopting and the jutsu becomes more “complete”. When we consider that Hiruzen has suggested that Obito’s technique probably uses more than 4 types of nature manipulation at once, then I think it’s safe to say that this goes far beyond the capabilities of a normal Bijuu Bomb as far as versatility goes, or any other jutsu for that matter.

I know they call it physical and spatial recomposition here, but I write that off as translation inconsistencies...

I know they call it physical and spatial recomposition here, but I write that off to translation inconsistencies…

However, despite its seemingly endless versatility as far as shape and nature transformations go, Obito’s jutsu seems to have some limitations in terms of how long it can sustain a particular shape for, as well as possible limitations in terms of the size and volume of those shapes.

If I had to make a comparison of sorts, I’d hazard a guess and say that Obito’s jutsu might be similar to the Nara Clan’s Shadow Mimic Jutsu, in that the overall size of the shapes that he creates cannot exceed the original volume of the chakra he is using, much like how the overall area of Shikamaru’s shadow must remain consistent regardless of what shape he adapts it to, thus limiting its overall range.

Shadow Posession Jutsu WeaknessIt’s potential weaknesses like this that might give the Shinobi Alliance clues as to how to defeat Obito in his current form, and it’s because of this that the Edo Tensei’d Hokage’s efforts to battle Obito while the rest of the alliance observes how he reacts to those attacks is so important – a fact that Sasuke bluntly points out to Naruto when he doesn’t seem to understand the situation.

However, I think what they didn’t expect was for Obito to turn his attention away from the more immediate threat of those attacking him – including Minato – and instead turn his attention to launch a surprise attack on Naruto.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear... oh wait, it wasn't that kind of surprise?

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear… oh… wait… it wasn’t that kind of surprise?

I think this might have been the most confusing part of the chapter for most people and even I have to admit that I had to read it twice before I fully understood what was happening here. I attribute that mostly to the fact that Naruto and Minato look so similar to each other right now, that it’s difficult to tell who’s where and what’s why. So, to break it down (as one does in a breakdown), I’ll give a quick step-by-step run through of the situation.

First, after seeing Obito’s body become enlarged because of his lack of control as a Jinchuuriki, Minato charges in to attack during the potential opening, at which point he creates a clone of himself to perform his “Rasen Senkou Chourinbukousanshiki”, whatever the hell that is. It’s at this point though, that the upper half of Obito’s body moves underground in a manner all to similar to Zetsu and launches a surprise attack on Naruto and Gamakichi, who are much further behind. The attack knocks Gamakichi over and sends Naruto flying through the air towards the now surfaced upper half of Obito’s body, who then attempts to finish Naruto off while he’s helplessly in mid flight.

Luckily for Naruto, Sasuke manages to block the attack for him and saves him from impending doom.

Sasuke saving Naruto is almost as surprising as Tenten suddenly becoming useful. Almost...

Sasuke saving Naruto is almost as surprising as Tenten suddenly becoming useful. Almost…

While Sasuke is saving Naruto from being penetrated (most likely because he’d much rather penetrate Naruto himself), Minato and his clone, who are still currently near the bottom half of Obito’s body, are both kicked away.

Obito attacking Minato

At first, I actually thought it was Naruto and Minato being kicked away in this scene, because of the panel on the right showing Naruto’s expression, but this can’t be the case because Naruto was flying through the air behind Sasuke at the time (far from Minato’s position). I do think this might have confused a lot of people though, so hopefully this explanation helps put everything into perspective.

With the battle aside, however, the most interesting part about this scene was what Sasuke said after saving Naruto.

I guess you can't take the emo out of the Emochiha.

I guess you can’t take the emo out of the Emochiha.

If you look at the panel above, you’ll notice that Sasuke is actually talking to Obito in this scene. He has a flashback of the old team 7 – during which he envisions a slash appearing through the image of Naruto specifically – and then goes on to say “It’s not you. The one who will cut away the past is me.” Basically, he’s referring to Naruto as “the past” and is clarifying that Obito won’t be the one to kill Naruto, but rather that he (Sasuke) will. In other words, the only reason Sasuke saved Naruto was because he wants to deal with Naruto himself and it seems he won’t let anyone else take away that gratification from him.

As for why Sasuke would still want to kill Naruto, as mentioned before, it might simply be due to the fact that Naruto is still a Jinchuuriki and thus, is seen as a remnant of the old Shinobi system that Sasuke wants to destroy. If Sasuke had no hesitations about killing the other 7 Bijuu rather than trying to free them as Naruto requested, there’s no reason to believe he’ll show mercy for Naruto or Bee either, despite the fact that he’s declared his desire to protect Konoha. Of course, another possibility is that he simply still holds some sort of grudge against Naruto for some reason, perhaps because of Naruto’s growth or perhaps because Sasuke sees him as a threat to his seat for Hokage.

Either way, for now I’m sure Sasuke will see this battle through to the end and assist Naruto until the time is right. However, it’s easy to see that Sasuke has every intention of clashing with Naruto still, much like how Madara wants more than anything to battle Hashirama. The only thing left is to try and survive long enough to do just that.

Double facepalm. Because Sasuke's still emo and Naruto's still dumb. >_>

Double facepalm. Because Sasuke’s still emo and Naruto’s still somewhat dense. >_>

Well, that’s all from me for this week. I know it was a bit of a long breakdown, but hopefully everyone enjoyed it and benefited from the more detailed analysis.

Seeing as how we haven’t had a proper Bubbliton in some time, I’ve decided to include one for this week. Here’s your new screen!

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*Insert caption here.*

Good luck! And I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

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  1. Thanks for this breakdown Ten, really helps me understand some parts much better. Let’s hope tomorrow’s chapter is a good as this one!

  2. Sauske saved Naruto out of instinct. Naruto was already forming seals. I’m pretty sure Naruto was just surprised at the fact that Sauske saved, not because of Tobi’s extension. Naruto has been seeing the fight long enough to know Tobi was able to do that.

  3. @Tenrai: You said: “Either way, for now I’m sure Sasuke will see this battle through to the end and assist Naruto until the time is right. However, it’s easy to see that Sasuke has every intention of clashing with Naruto still, much like how Madara wants more than anything to battle Madara. The only thing left is to try and survive long enough to do just that.”

    You made a bit of a typo there: “…much like how Madara wants more than anything to battle Madara.”

    I’m sure you meant Hashirama at the end of that sentence. Or does he want to repeatedly hit himself? lol


  5. Five… finger… fist of rage!
    *punches his way out of tobi-space.*

  6. Yo! Chapter 640 is out!

  7. I swear these chapters seem to get shorter and shorter! I read through all that action and BLAM, it’s over…or rather, another week of waiting.

  8. So, Tobi gained full control of the Juubi? And all because of Rin… I still don’t think it is love he has been feeling for her. It’s beyond me how it could have been love. IF she was actually his girlfriend, if she had actually been in love with him, if they had actually been shown to have any sort of intimate connection, then all this could have been believable to me.

    If anything I don’t see him as the new Sage. I see him as the corrupted Sage. He forced himself into becoming a Jinchuruki. Naruto is going to become the light side of the Sage. Naruto is slowly becoming Sage like and is acquiring it through natural progression. Tobi is using unethical means to achieve his powers. I think that is why he looks grotesque. He messed with his body’s composition to the point where he looks like a mutated Sage. Naruto with his cloak looks pure and actually is fueled with life force to the point where he can punch life literally into things (the white Zetsu).

    I have a few ideas.
    One thing I did notice though, albeit a bit ominous. For some reason I really think Naruto might die. He has moved beyond the realm of Hokage. He isn’t just thinking about his village anymore. It might be that he is actually thinking about the whole of the Shinobi world. Sauske showed that he still has some feelings for Naruto. Look how he saved him and actually wanted to be the one to “fight’ him. And then this near death experience was also indicative that Naruto might die in this fight. Maybe Tobi might bring Naruto back to life with his Rinnei Tensi afterwardsi.

    I just want Naruto to get the other half of Kurama.

    And I also think that the Hachibi is gonna come to the rescue. It’s a shame how big a role he played in Naruto’s Kurama Cloak and he has been thrown out like yesterdays news. I think he is gonna make a comeback and save Naruto. Maybe even die and have Hachibi absorbed by Tobi, powering him even more.

    I don’t know, those are just some ideas I’ve been having these past few chapters

  9. No time to chat, hurry up and read that shit, it’s gonna make your day a hell of a lot better.

  10. FIRST!

    Bubble Contest – First entry

    Gama : ohhhh! the laxatives have kicked in..
    Sasuke : man how many did you guys pour in his drink?
    Minato : a gallon.. or so..

    “where will you be when it strikes?”

  11. that chapter lacked a page or two. lol. nice chapter btw.. looks like obito really didn’t have control the juubi until now.

  12. Chapter’s out.

  13. @Kevin

    Thanks for pointing out that error. I’ve fixed it now.

    I must have been tired or something, because the sad thing is I even read through the breakdown to make sure there weren’t any mistakes and I still missed that glaring error. Lol.

    Now, I’m off to read the new chapter!

  14. @Wiseman

    Naruto wasn’t forming seals at any point during his flight through the air. I think you might have mistaken him for Minato.

  15. @ Wise, the next few chapters are going to be insane, if you think about th fact that the former hokages are pail in comparison Obito right now then it’s going to take a huge leap for Naruto to close the power gap between him and the new So6P.

    Frankly Obito is only just starting to show his powers and the speed and blood line hax are all he needs to attack and defend at a level way beyond 9000.

    I’m not sure just how much help Hiruzen, Tobirama, Hashirama, Minato, Orochimare and the Kages will against Madara and Obito. The only way to stop Obito now, IMO, is for Minato to transfer his kyuubi chakra to Naruto and Bee should probably do the same (sure, it will be at the cost of his life, probably) that way Naruto can have full control of his complete chakra cloak thus his speed and power will most likely be on par with with Obito’s.

    Plus Naruto has the faith of the Bijuu’s with him, so using the Sage’s powers will probably fell more natural and easy to him.

  16. @Tenrai – Great analytical breakdown.

    @Eugen – I am not sure if Bee will die if he transfer Hachibi. Here is my theory, if the tailed beast is forcefully extracted from the host, then the host will suffer great consequences (mainly death unless you are from Whirlpool clan). On the other hand, if the tailed beast willingly transfer itself to a different host, there will not be any ill effects. It would be awesome to see Naruto get the full Kyuubi and also Hachibi. Will the beast form be a OctoFox?

    Also, it appears that Naruto saved Sasuke by using his chakra arms to connect to Minato for the hiraishin to work. So I guess they are even although Naruto saving Sasuke was genuine whereas the other was just because.

    Another thing that is interesting is the staff that Obito is holding. It appears to be exactly like orb that destroy the shurikens. I am curious what the symbology of the six shapes hanging/flowing around the circle on the top.

  17. @ Tiger, The staff if the exact shape of the one the Original Sage of 6 paths had depicted in the flashbacks. I guess it was formed with shape manipulation from one of the orbs as you pointed out.

    What I’m very interested in, is Madara’s trumps card for the situation at hand. I hope he’s not referring to the complete susano’o, Awesome as that thing is, it was already used to send the kages 99% of the way to St. Peter’s gates. Without a doubt that monster Susano’o is sick beyond 9000, it makes me think, what else could Madara be holding back in order to match Obito.

    I know the dude has to have a plan B, he did teach Obito everything he knows, so countering him would be easy for a seasoned veteran like Madara.

  18. OK, so I was just thinking. Naruto seems to be well on his way to getting quite a bit of power. And of course as mentioned Sasuke is still intending to fight Naruto, to the death even. Assuming they both survive and do fight each other, how exactly will that go? Sasuke has his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan but by the end of this fight Naruto will most likely the full power of the Kyuubi and heck maybe even the power of the Sage. I guess my question is, does it seem like Naruto might have a huge advantage over Sasuke? CIS not withstanding. I know power isn’t everything but still.

  19. @Eugen – I am not sure if Susano’o will be of much help since Sasuke version got a hole from the orb blast when he save Naruto. I think you might have stumped onto something regarding Madara’s trump card. What if Madara had Rin change to an Edo and just waiting to use it against Obito.

    @Wise – You mentioned, “I still don’t think it is love he has been feeling for her.” I can understand what you are saying but I believe that puppy love or imagery love can provoke so much more internal emotion that could drive a person to do crazy things.

  20. Thank you so much Ten for such a great breakdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Detailed, insightful, funny, explanatory… 9000/10 !

    Now, to read the chapta!

  21. Wow, that was nice…
    I´ll need time to enter tha bubble contest, I want in on this one XD

  22. Thanks for the break-a-down, Tenrai. The whole Minato and Naruto matching outfits thing does make it challenging, for sure. I think Tigerpalm might be onto something, what if Madara can summon Rin? Mess a little with Bijuu-Obito’s head some. An unstable rascal is sure to be easier to deal with than I sharp one. I don’t see how it is even possible for Naruto to become the jinchuriki of the 8 Tails, while simultaneously the 9’s. Doesn’t make sense, plus I don’t remember ever reading that a willing Biju could swap host whle not killing the former. In that I dissagree with Tigerpalm. It looks like Sasuke will have to envelop Minato, Naruto, and himself for them to take survive the present sent by Obito. Or at the very least, himsef and Naruto since Minato is attatched to the bomb and will be difficult to strain Minato from the bomb. Plus he will regenerate anyway.

  23. I actually just realized something. Minato is still only in the first Kyuubi chakra form, the same one Naruto first achieved when he won his tug-of-war with Kurama. I thought Minato was in the same form Naruto takes when he partners with Kurama (with the cloak and all) but then I realized that wasn’t the case because the symbols that appear on them are different. Minato’s are currently still the same as Naruto’s are in his first stage (having spirals) whereas Naruto in his second stage has fully blacked out circles in place of where the spirals usually are, with more lines and stuff covering him.

    I think the reason we all assumed that Minato had achieved the second state was because of the cloak, but that’s just Minato’s normal Hokage cloak, and not the same as the cloak Naruto gets when he goes to stage 2.

    It makes sense though, because Minato has no Bijuu to partner with so naturally, he’d only be able to achieve the first stage of transformation. I just thought I’d throw that out there now to clear some things up. Lol.

  24. @Rin summoning Theory

    Here’s another mind-fluffing idea. What if Rin never died, and Madara saved her much in the same way he saved Obito without Obito knowing it? What if she’s been playing along with Madara’s plan all along, hiding in the shadows and waiting for the right time to make an appearance?

    Okay, so that’s a bit far-fetched, but with this manga, you never know. >_>

  25. @ All things, I agree with you on the eventual gain of the 8 Tails from Bee, there hasn’t been a case where a bijuu got extracted or released from a host without it resulting in death. Kushina was the only one who survived and most likely she would have lived on if not for her sacrifice.
    And that’s saying a lot when you think about how great the Kyuubi really is compared to the other bijuu, If Shukaku would have been released for Kushina in the same way I would bet she would have been at least at half of her strength and ready to fight after.

    @ Ten, Besides the fact you just pointed out about Minato I would like to attract your attention to another fact. If you compare Naruto’s SSj1 form to Minato’s SSj1 form, you will see they are opposite when it comes to the pattern of the chest spiral and lines.:

    As you can see the thing that looks like a 2 spiked fork and encloses the spiral on there belly is in opposition.

    So in order for naruto to complete the SSJ2 form he would need the other half of Kurama’s chakra thus achieving the So6P true form like Obito probably.

    As for the Rin part I sure hope she isn’t alive, if she is then she’s the biggest douche-bag of all time, bigger even then Danzou, for making Kakashi and Obito suffer for all this years and actually being a catalyst for this world war.

    P.S. Is anyone going to save Yamato and Anko ? Yamato might even become the new Hashirama if he manages to absorb the power of the Hashirama flower and make it his own.

  26. the battle is just about to start 🙂

  27. Am I the only one who doesn’t think the Hachibi is going anywhere? Lest we forget, Naruto is still waiting to receive the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra from Minato. And of course, there’s the Edo Hokage and the current kage on their way as well. It may be that everyone involved is fixing to be present pretty soon.

    @Tenrai: I don’t see Rin coming back still alive. Her death was pretty much laid out there. As an Edo summon, I don’t see it happening that way either.

  28. @laughingwiseman: Your following comment made me realize something…

    “He has moved beyond the realm of Hokage. He isn’t just thinking about his village anymore. It might be that he is actually thinking about the whole of the Shinobi world…”

    I see a Pokemon Red type of ending coming for naruto, dont you think by the end of naruto, sasuke will become the new hokage (gym leader) and Naruto will become some sort of world hokage that watches over all the nations type of guy (Red living in mountain as most powerful trainer)

    I think this might be a very viable theory?

    Anybody care to chip in on my idea?

  29. So i’m going to say that the Jubi has the ss06p in it…like minato put his chakra in the nine tails. I think this because of the staff obito now has. He obtained the staff ONLY after he absorbed the jubi becoming more SS06P like…HOWEVER…the SS06P had the staff while he was fighting the jubi not AFTER he absorbed it…so how does having the jubi give you the staff???

  30. @bakakage we’ve already thought about that. when naruto becomes the SO6P he will become somewhat different and if he stays with konoha, the balance of power would greatly shift towards his village which really doesn’t look good. and by the way.. he’s dream is to become a hokage that would surpass all hokages.. so it’s highly possible that naruto would become someone like that.. but right now.. since sasuke wants to become hokage and want’s to get rid of naruto and the past.. this theory is questionable.. but the theme is still brotherhood so forgiveness is still there.

    hmmm.. if madara was able to acquire the rinnegan.. and naruto having all those eye transformations.. its possible that he can also acquire the rinnegan..and if it happens.. naruto might be able to restore everything to the way it was..

  31. I was reading through some of the Naruto chapters. And I got caught up on something very important to the plot. Naruto’s promise to Sakura. The promise has been accomplished. Sauske has been brought back to Sakura. And she was finally able to prove her worth to Sauske. She has gotten everything she wanted, and yet it is not what she wants anymore… I don’t know. I always felt that, that promise was the major reason Naruto wasn’t able to act on his feelings for Sakura. And then once he sensed Sauske was coming, his…inadequacy to bring Sauske back to Sakura was erased. And I think that is why he was able to answer his dad when Minato asked if she was his girlfriend.

    I think this new Naruto isn’t burdened with bringing Sauske back and he knows that the next time Sakura says she loves him, she would really mean it. His new goal is now to set Sauske on the right path. But his current goal is to defeat Madara and the Juubi. But the aftermath is going to be fun to see.

    Sauske is going to want to destroy the parts of the ninja world that harmed his brother. Naruto will be seeking to reform it. Sauske is going to be looking to kill the Bijuu, and Naruto is a jinchuruki (one who houses a Bijuu). Do you really think Sakura is going to stand by and actually accept Sauske’s motive to kill Naruto? She’s already in the process of making her choice. She’s gotten her Sauske back, but now it seems like it’s not what she wants anymore. Once the Sauske issue is resolved, she will now be able to make whatever choice she wants. And Naruto will actually be accepting of whatever she chooses, or whomever. Naruto is close to finishing up his goal (stopping hatred). Once he basically redeems himself from what has transpired (more on that in my other comment), he wont have the weight of failure weighing him done anymore, and then he’ll be able to pursue whatever it is he wants.

    I am writing this because I don’t like Sakura. But I do want to like her as the main Heroine. There are some instances where she is shown to progress, but there are those instances where she is just bad and they tend to outweigh her progression. If I had it my way Naruto would marry the daughter of Ichiruka. She would be the one to truly make Naruto happy. You know what they say about the key to a man’s heart? Through his stomach.


  33. There is something else that has been bothering me. It’s been Naruto. In part 2 it always seems like Naruto has been trying to keep himself from enjoying the pleasures in life. He has been a real sob story the whole of Shippduden. There is always something that is bringing him down. Its like he doesn’t allow himself to feel good. He waits to be presented with gratitude instead of actually looking for thinks to satisfy himself. It’s like he is passive. Like he doesn’t deserve what he’s earned. Maybe it stems from his failure to save Sauske. I really think that if he were to let go of his passive attitude and actually be more aggressive (like he was in part 1) he’d have become a much stronger ninja. He has all these burdens because of the expectations other people have placed on him. He then taking all that outside influences and morphed them to fit his “nindo”. He just needs to let go of those things, and stop saying “I wonder if my master will be proud of me if I do this” and start saying “I am a ninja actually being able to carve out the path I want.”

    I dont know. It’s just the feeling I’ve been getting form Naruto, during the Pein arc. How there were flashbacks of Jirayia saying Naruto woould find a way to bring peace to the world and how the Giant Toad sage basically told him he was the child of Prophecy.

    I hope once he defeats “hatred” he can actually relax and pursue what he wants. I hope he does become able to be stronger then the Hokages of the past. He would be able to roam the globe and go wherever he wanted. That is something I can see Naruto doing. He seems like he craves adventure. And through others peoples interactions with him, then they will change. He wouldn’t have to go around the world because people would consider him the next sage. He’d just go around because he wants to. And just by being around Naruto, people will change. He doesn’t have to preach the word of peace.

    This recently released chapter shows that Shikamaru can handle the mantle of Kage. Naruto can become more then a Kage and most likely have his face carved on the Moon. The sage showed that there was nothing that was untouchable because he created the moon. And it’d be really awesome to see Naruto going back to his roots, but instead of defiling the Hokage More, he defiles the light side of the moon. Forever being remembered. And it’d be such a cool way to show Naruto’s achievements. And it’d also just reaffirm his character as the Number 1 hyperactive, knuckle headed ninja.

  34. @ Wise, I agree with you on both, the Sakura promise issue, and the weight of the world on Naruto’s shoulders from the start of shippuden.

    I guess you’re right, he need not concern himself with the promise he made to his team mate, Sakura, since Sasuke’s back and he’s fighting for the right team once more, Naruto’s part is done. From what we saw this last chapter Naruto and Sasuke do make a hell of a team, and Minato with Tobirama dished out the greatest high speed combo I’ve seen in the narutoverse so far. At one point I actually thought Tobirama would swap places with Minato and the 4th would have just exploded with the jutsus on Obito’s back.
    But to trade places like that was amazing.

    As far as the sob story goes, I’m guessing it’s just how Kishi considered to show us, the readers, naruto’s growth in some way. When he was a kid he was always up to no good and always had a smile on his face, but deep down inside he was sad for being shun’ed and for not having any friends, in shippuuden, on the other hand, he had the bonds and the master but he turned his grin into a serious face. Most likely due to his frustration with getting Sasuke back.

    @ Chapter. I still can’t see what Madara has up his sleeve, whatever it is, I bet the dude is planning something really huge.
    Naruto & Sasuke and Minato with Tobirama are, as of today, the best teams in the Narutoverse. I was in awe when I saw the level of understanding this two teams had, especially when they haven’t fought together like this ever in there lives.

    Sikamaru as a hokage was a bald thought from Temari, and sure, if you can rally up a crowd and make them believe in each other and most of all, that they can make a difference in a war of demi-gods, you truly have kage material, but let’s not forget a Hokage is also the strongest person in the village, able to save everybody from harm if the situation presents itself.

    Shikamaru, while a great strategist, if not the best, can’t hold back an army on his own. He would need the help of every shinobi in the village and make a strategy to include everyone and at the same time trying to keep them safe.

    As this great chapter ends I can’t wait to see what Orochimaru and Hiruzen can rally do as a tag team. So far I wasn’t disappointed with Hashirama, Tobirama and Minato. I truly hope the edo Kages will live up to there legends and we’ll get a show to remember.

  35. @Wiseman

    I think Sai hit the nail on the head when he suggested that Naruto’s comrades were making him suffer just as much as Sasuke was and even Shikamaru agreed with him, saying that everyone was relying on him too much.

    I think the problem stems from the fact that at the start of the series, Naruto was isolated and ostracized by everyone in his village, so naturally, his greatest yearning was to gain their approval. The problem is, once you do start to achieve that goal and once you defeat loneliness, you become too dependent on your bonds with others and are afraid to lose them. I think that’s part of the reason Naruto wanted to handle this war on his own, because he was afraid of losing everything that he had worked so hard to gain. It’s kinda like a curse of sorts, in that by wanting to gain the approval of others, you start to lose your own independence, because your actions are always determined by their desires.

    The second side to this problem is the fact that because Naruto worked so hard to prove himself to others, they started to become too reliant on him as well. They became enraptured by his enthusiasm and determination and started to put all their faith in his strength. It progressed to the point where they started expecting him to save them all the time from whatever troubled them, whether it was Jiraiya expecting him to find peace, Tsunade expecting him to save them during the Pein attack, or even Sakura expecting him to bring back Sasuke, I think a lot of Naruto’s peers began to believe too strongly in his strength, rather than acknowledging the fact that he was still fallible and still human and that they also had to play their own part rather than expecting a “hero” to solve all their problems. In turn, Naruto might have unknowingly accepted that role and began to believe himself that it was his duty to be the hero that everyone expected him to be.

    Lastly, I also think it also comes down to this being a curse of being a Jinchuuriki as well. Because of the power a Jinchuuriki contains, there’s also the burden of responsibility that comes with it. It’s hard to be exclusively self conscious of your own desires and wishes when your mere existence as a Jinchuuriki means that any action your partake in can influence entire nations and either make or break them. It’s because of that power and influence that a Jinchuuriki is naturally tied to the will of the nation in which it resides.

  36. @Chapter

    This battle continues to be epic, and rightly so. I think the Hokage are doing a great job of showing how epic they are, except for Hiruzen because he’s still recovering from that head wound. >_>

    I would have liked to have seen Hiruzen summoned in his prime though, just to see how strong “The Professor” was at the absolute peak of his power, because when he fought Orochimaru, even Oro mentioned how his old age had dulled his strength. Who knows, maybe Oro will arrive and tweak his Edo Tensei a bit to make Hiruzen stronger and then we’ll really get to see all four Hokage at their peak.

    As for Naruto and Sasuke, once again they’re proving to be a dynamic duo, but I think Sai and Sakura should join in the battle as well, as parts of team 7. I don’t like that they’re being left on the sidelines again.

  37. Tobirama power!! Also, damn was I glad someone made a remark about Minato’s crazy ass jutsu names.

  38. I liked the chapter. It was very solid. It progressed the plot without needing that much words. Most of the dialogue was commands or battle related. Although that blast from Naruto and Sauske looks like it had no affect on Tobi.

    I also think Oro is reviving Jirayia right now… I mean look at what happened. He left for the battle front earlier then the Kage. And he still hasn’t made it to the battle field. The only thing I can think of is that he went to go get Jirayia samples from the bottom of the water area where he died. And he has the perfect tool to get him. Suigetsu! Yes, the water turning shinobi. I think he is the only one who can survive depths that deep and collect some DNA sample from him. And the other zetsu they had in their back pocket, since they had 6 of them, well be used to revive Jirayia. I don’t like that idea, it just came to me

  39. Ha, did anyone notice Kishi’s tongue-in-cheek joke on behalf of the Second Hokage? “I’d appreciate it if you could show me the respect deserving of the second..” *CUT TO FIRST HOKAGE*


  40. Bubblition:
    Right to Left
    Obito 1: Look at me, I’m a
    Obito 2: Pretty, Pretty, Butterfly!!
    Naruto: See Sasuke, this is what Emo does to you
    Sasuke: I can quit anytime
    MInato: Sure you can….
    Caption: This PSA brought to you by the Anti-Emo Foundation.

  41. I thought Edo Tensi’s couldn’t be Jinchuruki? How is Minato able to control Kurama’s chakra?

  42. What’s it gonna take for Naruto to get the other half of Kurama?

  43. @thelaughingwiseman: That’s exactly it. What Minato has is Kurama’s chakra, but not Kurama himself. And because the nature of the Shiki Fujin is to seal one’s soul (or in this case, chakra, even that of Kurama) into the user’s body, that’s how Minato died: with Kurama’s Yin chakra sealed inside him.

  44. @Wiseman

    It’s basically like Kevin said. He has Kurama’s chakra but he isn’t a Jinchuuriki, because to be a Jinchuuriki you have to have the tailed beast itself sealed inside you.

    The same goes for the Gin-Kin brothers, who were also Edo Tensei summons but also displayed the ability to use Kurama’s chakra.

  45. Does anyone else think that by the end of this Sasuke will get so injured that he will give Naruto his eyes. This will eventually give Naruto the Rinnegan making him the true Sage of the six paths. I think thats what the sage is, someone with the Rinnegan, the ability to use Natural energy and use the chakra of the tailed beasts. He doesnt need the Juubi inside him he just needs to be able to fight it.
    Also when Hinata told Sakura that Naruto and Sasuke were smiling what were they smiling about. I understand that Naruto was probably happy to be fighting with Sasuke again but what was Sasuke so happy about? I don’t think he cares about fighting alongside Naruto, perhaps when he combined his attack with Narutos Rasen-Shuriken he noticed something that could give him an edge? He was controlling it with his eye.

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