Naruto Chapter 637 – 638 Breakdown: All-in-one and One-in-all! It’s time to me the SA fall!

I have to admit, in my last breakdown I bashed Obito a bit under the pretense that he was a dull and boring villain. The unabashed assault stemmed from the feeling that he was just another pawn in Madara’s game, and really, it’s hard to love a pawn when it’s only purpose is to act as a sacrifice for the sake of the king.

However, much like in chess, sometimes the pawn gets to the end of the board and becomes a much more powerful piece that affects the outcome of the entire game, and it seems Obito has somehow managed such a feat, proving against my previous assessment that not only does he have a mind and will of his own, but that he was also able to break the control of his previous superior and rise above him. It was truly an unexpected twist, especially with how ominously chapter 637 seemed to start out for our emochiha.

And this is why you should never borrow money from a Loan Shark...

And this is why you should never borrow money from a Loan Shark. It always ends badly…

For most of us, I think it definitely felt like this was the end for Obito, especially at this early point in the chapter. I mean, there’s not much hope for a guy with a gaping hole in his chest being controlled by one of the most powerful shinobi to ever live, is there? It was also at this point that once again, Madara seemed to have all the cards in his hands, even going as far as suggesting that he expected this outcome from the start and had already planned for it from the moment he first saved Obito’s life.

But what most of us didn’t notice at first – which is something that we could only truly discern in hindsight – is that Naruto had already looked deeper into the situation and realized what was really happening here.

Sometimes you have to look underneath the underneath.

Sometimes you have to look underneath the underneath.

If we look at the page above, the first sign we receive that something is amiss is Naruto’s shocked reaction. At first, I thought this might have been due to the fact that he recognized the seal Obito was using and that Madara would be revived through Rinne Tensei, however, when Hashirama tells Naruto and Sasuke to stop Obito before it’s too late, Naruto seems to ward against Sasuke moving ahead too hastily.

It brings up the question as to why Naruto would be opposed to haste when the situation demanded it, especially when Madara’s resurrection seemed inevitable.

It’s also at this point that Minato himself also seems to detect something out of place.

Namikaze Minato: Managing to look badass even when he's just thinking about crap.

Namikaze Minato: Managing to look bad-ass even when he’s just thinking about crap.

From here on out, it seems to be a mad rush between Naruto, Sasuke and the various Hokage in what appears to be an attempt to stop Madara from reviving. I have to say, this was quite an exciting moment and definitely succeeded in creating a sense of dredge and urgency in this chapter.

However, the true highlight occurred when Minato – after realizing that he had a seal placed on Obito – appeared first on the scene in a desperate bid to prevent a disaster. What follows seems like an almost bitter-sweet and yet fatefully tragic reunion between a master and his fallen pupil as Minato delivers what appears to be the final and decisive blow.

You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain...

You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain…

At this point – after a brief yet somber reunion between Minato and Obito – it almost seems as if the latter has died, and judging by his expression, he even seems to be at peace. All of this, along with Madara’s admittance that his attempts to resurrect himself failed, creates a deceptively reassuring sense of relief, as if the threat has now passed and all that’s left is the matter of taking care of a mindless Juubi and a hopelessly outnumbered Madara.

It’s at this point, however, that the truth behind Naruto’s hesitance is revealed and the tables are dramatically turned. In a truly unexpected twist, it turns out that Obito had succeeded in completing the seal required to make himself the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki. It turns out that Naruto did, in fact, recognize the seal Obito was using, only he recognized it as being a different seal to the one used for Rinne Tensei, which he had seen Nagato use before. This coupled with his ability to sense the Bijuu’s chakra being pulled into Obito meant that Naruto knew from the start that Obito was about to become the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki, which would explain his reluctance in rushing in like Sasuke did.

Naruto showing signs of intelligence... what is this world coming to?

Naruto showing signs of intelligence… what is this world coming to?

I have to say, it really is quite a special moment when Naruto is showing so much foresight and understanding, that it ends up being left to him to save shinobi hailed as geniuses – such as Minato and Sasuke – from harm.

Moving onto Obito’s transformation thereoff, the first thing I would have pointed out about hiss appearance is that he actually looks pretty bad-ass now, and even gives off the feeling of being inherently evil and incredibly dangerous. Kishi really hit it off with his character design as a Jinchuuriki and it almost seems sad and funny at the same time that this isn’t even his final form. However, one thing I would like to point out are the markings on his back, which seem to have some significant relation between the markings we see on the back of the Rikudou Sennin’s cloak and even some resemblance to Naruto’s cloak markings in his Kyuubi Chakra form.

Trends. Some transcend generations.

Trends. Some transcend generations.

The most interesting relationship between these markings lies both in the similarities, and the slight differences at the same time. In the case of the Rikudou Sennin, we have the nine Tomoe on his back and then a sphere which seems to resemble the Rinnegan. With Obito’s new transformed state, we also see the nine Tomoe and the sphere, but with a twist in that the ringed sphere has a angled marking at the bottom that makes it look somewhat like a tenth Tomoe.

The interesting aspect therein is that Naruto’s markings in his Kyuubi chakra form seem to resemble Obito’s quite closely, in that he has the Tomoe as well as the spiral mark that is market to look like a Tomoe as well, only instead of the sphere having perfect rings like the Rinnegan, it has a spiral more like that of the Uzumaki clan. This same mark appears on the back of Minato’s cloak as well and it brings up the question of why the symbol of the Uzumaki clan also appears in this transformed state using Kurama’s chakra, and how the Uzumaki are related to both the Rikudou Sennin, Kurama and the Juubi. If there is a chain that connects them all, then where do the Uzumaki fall in that link?

In terms of other aesthetic features, I’d also like to point out that Obito has ten spine-like appendages coming out of his back, which could also be said to resemble the ten tails of the Juubi. As for the power that comes along with that appearance, well, Hashirama said it best really.

What gave you that idea? I mean, it's not like he has the Sharingan, the MS, the Rinnegan, Mokuton, a virtually immortal body, space-time jutsu and is the Jinchuuriki for the Juubi.

What gave you that idea? I mean, it’s not like he has the Sharingan, the MS, the Rinnegan, Mokuton, a virtually immortal body, space-time jutsu and is the Jinchuuriki for the Juubi.

With Madara’s betrayal and Obito as the single greatest threat on the battlefield now, I think its safe to say that this war has now become a three-way battle between the interests of Madara, the interests of the Alliance, and Obito’s own agenda, whatever that may be now. Madara still seems to have some sort of trump card up his sleeve though, so it really is anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.

The only other thing I think that’s worth mentioning about these last two chapters (other than the fact that they were epic), is that I’m no longer completely sure if Obito is still Obito. When Minato tried to call out to him, he almost seem unaware of his former self, which makes me wonder how much of his actions now are based on his own will, and how much of that will might have been lost to the Juubi now.

Obito, or not Obito? That is the question...

Obito, or not Obito? That is the question…

Well, that’s it for me for now. I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 16, 2013.

37 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 637 – 638 Breakdown: All-in-one and One-in-all! It’s time to me the SA fall!”

  1. 69th

  2. Almost 4th?

  3. I forgo whatever Providence deems my number be.

  4. Finally 4th ….

    Great breakdown Tenrai.

    I think Obito is absorbed by the Juubi which is ironic.

  5. uhmmm… 1000th?

  6. 6th homage Danzo!!!!! Great breakdown ten…anyone notice the 3 feet? Could that be new Edo tense I or the hokages

  7. @Antony

    I think the three feet are the three Hokage landing, seeing as how we see them land on the very next page.

    Also, seeing as how no-one has said it yet, FIRST!

  8. No way’s your breakdown. I’m FIRST! 🙂



    Now that’s what I call a great chapter

  11. ^beat me to it.

  12. If it makes you fell any better chaps, in all the years I’ve been on IRA and WRA I never took the 1st post in the naruto breakdown .

  13. I think I understand Tobi’s weapons a bit more. I think there is a certain amount he can use on each hand. And the amount of area the shape can take is limited to what he can create.

    I have no other idea what he can do, since he is the host and it looks like the Juubi has more control over Tobi

  14. I still don’t get how the power up can make the Juubi way more quicker then Naruto or Minato. That was just a lame ass power up. But I guess the more tails you have the first you become. Naruto became faster when he gained control of the Kyuubi, so I guess I can deal with it. But still that Juubi doesn’t even have the Hachibi or Kyuubi…

    I get that the Juubi is suppose to be all powerful, but that is a fully complete Juubi. And I haven’t seen anything that is not overly powerful to the point where Naruto can’t defeat it. Naruto just needs that other half of Kurama.

    And this chapter really put a damper on Naruto’s toughness. He was the only one complaining and not even acting on anything. He took a backseat to all the previous Kage and Sauske…

  15. Epic chapter was epic. Looks like Sasuke still hates Naruto, but oh well. He’s emo like that.

    Now I can’t wait for next week. @__@

  16. @Wiseman

    I think Naruto was complaining because he doesn’t like to see others being potentially killed, even if they are immortal, whereas Sasuke seems to be indifferent to what happens to the Hokage. I wouldn’t say that’s a negative aspect of Naruto’s, rather it just shows that he is considerate.

    As for the Juubi, it does have some of Kurama’s and Gyuki’s chakra, so the speed increase can be explained. However, it was also shown that Obito isn’t used to the Juubi’s power yet, which is also why he doesn’t seem impossible to defeat yet. I reckon if Naruto was in his final chakra form, he would be able to keep up better.

  17. If anything, Minato knows he can’t stand a chance anymore, but he is undead though, so he can still be useful, I just think Naruto is the main character and he needs that other half. Minato should have given it to him. No amount of coordinated attack is going to do anything for the Hokage. Someone just as powerful as the Juubi has to stand up against him. Naruto is purity incarnate. He has no hate in his heart, he has the resolve to fight for every and he has something that the other Bijuu have given him as well. And I think if he gets the other half of Kurama, he will unlock that hidden power they gave him

  18. @Eugen LOL! you can have that man.

    anyways.. from where things are headed.. i’de have to agree with TheLWM.. only naruto can stand a chance against the juubi’s jinchuuriki.. and what happened to hachibi and bee (i googled it for the sake of remembering their names.) but here’s a question.. why was obito after naruto.. we all know that he’s being controlled by the juubi.. is this because.. naruto is the “ONLY” “REAL” threat to the juubi’s rampage? and tenrai was probably right about sasuke being super emo and wanting to erase the bijuu’s including naruto and the others.. but that’s not an issue since he’s a uchiha.. oh well better wait for the next chapter.

  19. @Chaps – I thought the juubi see Naruto as the Sage so it make sense to deal with him first before “Sage” take care of him.

  20. I wonder if Minato is going to give Sasuke a field promotion to Hokage. After all, if he sees more Hokage potential in Sasuke than Naruto….

  21. @Arpotu

    Sasuke basically just admitted that he wants to kill Naruto. I don’t see a field promotion in the cards, not that Minato, who is dead, has the authority to give one either way.

  22. Chikusho! Chikusho!! This chapter is a mighty good one, and one I will definitely be waiting on Tenrai to break-a-down. I especially liked the part where Sasuke tried to be all cool only to have the biju grab him and Naruto by the face lol.

  23. I can definitely see the Juubi as well above Naruto’s stregth. I would wager he, even with Kurama by his side, couldn’t take on Hashirama. Having said that, Hashirama made it “bluntly” clear that Obito as a junchuriki is out of his league. Am I the only one that gets confused as to who Naruto and the 4th are in the art? I swear, I have to pay better attention, but it looks like Naruto and his dad were going to team up to attack? Or was it that the 4th has his special kunais, 3 a piece in each hand? Anyway, it looks like, to me, that Obito totally owned Minato. And now Minato has been relegated to “praying” his next move goes right. WoW. And what are we to call Obito? Is he Obito, the 10 tails jinchuriki, will he be eventually just the 10 Tails?

  24. from the looks of it obito body is being used by the juubi.. it’s like the worst case scenario for naruto when kurama was still in his cage. having that said.. the juubi may look like it’s all powerful but i think it’s has potential to be very very powerful and that is what i’m waiting for.. it’s like aizen vs ichigo again.. and i also think thats the only way this war could end.. naruto becoming the true jinchuuriki of the juubi which he already has in him, he’s got the bijuus consent and support and i guess when that time comes we would see the true power of the sage of the six paths.

  25. @iamchaps
    I agree that without the Hachibi and Kurama, the Juubi isn’t at his strongest. Having said that, at this presise moment It is still way more than can be handled. I think that Orochimaru is the one that will eventually (whenever he deems fit, though countless fans are waiting for his triumphant entry to the brawl) turn the tides of the battle. As for Naruto becoming eventually the Bijuu’s jinchuriki, I don’t think that will happen. Or it may, but it wont be like that at the end. I think now that Naruto knows the biju to be living things with feelings, he will have control over them, but they will be free. Under Naruto’s supervision and responsability. Pets and master kind of relationship.

  26. I read this chapter twice and I still did not understand much but one thing is clear next chapter will be epic

  27. I agree, I think Oro will turn the tides of this battle, remember the scroll that taka found where they said if they gave it to sasuke they could win the war with it. Also the jubi IS as strong as it would be if it had it’s full amount of chakra. Remember what tobi said…a fraction, though incomplete is just as potent as the full thing. It’s like having a glass of cyanide vs a vat of it. One can kill allot less, but it’s still as potent.

  28. the scroll was used for the resurrection of the former hokages.. if there is still anything in that scroll.. oro will be remembered as the greatest shinobi who ever lived. LOL

    what i meant about obito being the jinchuuriki is that the juubi is the one who is in control of his body. he already has the chakra of the kyuubi and the hachibi. the only problem is the juubi is the one being incontrol. remember when naruto would go berserk? that’s how obito is now with the juubi. he doesn’t have complete control over the ten-tails or whatever. and if naruto manages to get his hands on the yang chakra of kurama which probably is the last missing piece to this madness naruto might or would become the ultimate ninja.. i really can’t understand where this story is going.. seriously.. we have 2 rampaging uchihas on the other side one became super ultra haxed and one became a jinchuuriki.. one super emo uchiha on the other.. 9 hokages and 4 of those were unmatched when they were alive.. an alliance of ninjas complete with medics and etc.. techniques passed down from generation to generation which has probably evolved already to become even better.. and oro who probably is the most outstanding student of saru when it comes to jutsus. and the main protagonist naruto who probably has his powered multiplied a hundred fold.. and we’re all here still guessing what will happen? how strong was the juubi and how strong was the sage of the six paths? how weak are the jutsu’s that his children inherited… i thought that the sharingan can only be good if its a pair.. and the same goes for the rinnegan.. but why did madara and obito get stronger when they have one of each? why is naruto not doing anything? i remember him being on attack mode before facing obito and madara he even got rechared awhile back.. is his senses telling him not to do anything since it’s the juubi and he thinks that the juubi shouldn’t be attacked because he sees it as friend or something like the kyuubi(which he probably thinks)

  29. I for my part still believe the juubi to be weaker than he could be. What Tobi meant was that the juubi could still be resurrected even if with only some chakra from the 8 and 9 Tails. It doesn’t make sense that with only a tail of the 8 Tails and residual chakra from the Silver and Gold brothers the Juubi could come back as strong as it wad when ir was composed by all 9 beasts.

  30. Gyuki has already told Bee that the Juubi isn’t in its final form yet and that this form Obito is in is temporary. So, we already know what Obito isn’t at his strongest, even if we take his lack of control out of the picture.


    I don’t think Madara became stronger with only on Sharingan. Right now he has two, while at the same time possessing the Rinnegan. At no point has it ever been suggested that he was stronger when he only had one. As for Obito, it’s hard to compare a gennin with two low level sharingan eyes, against an adult with an immortal, half-mokuton body, the MS and the Rinnegan. I’d say if Obito got his other eye back and got Susanoo, he’d be even more of a threat right now than he already is.

  31. I´m with Anthony, Ten plox, do a breakdown so I understand what happened. XD

  32. @nike

    Yeah, I actually had to read the chapter twice to understand fully what was going on myself, but it’s all pretty clear now. I’ll give a nice, detailed breakdown. @___@

  33. We all are so lucky of having such a nice breakdown writer as you Ten, and also so many nice users!!!

    Cheers to us all! XD

  34. DEBATE!!!!! Who’d win in a fight to the death: Tobi or the 3rd Hokage!

  35. @TLWM
    Do you mean Obito, since we now know it to be him, or do you mean before we knew it was Obito?

  36. @ Debate
    I don’t think we can comprehensively and in good faith assume what the 4th was like at his peak. True, he was called “The God of Shinobi,” but what does that really entail? Was he the “God” of hs contemporaries? or of ALL shinobi, past and present? I am not sold that he was ever stronger than the 1st, though a moniker as such assumes a powerfull intent in whichever context it is meant, more so when it involves the entire scope of the shinobi timeline. Tobi for his part was bested by the 4th, no shame in that, considering he accomplish much before being defeated speaks well of him. Tobi before the bells and whistles now attached to him would get curb stomped by Hiruzen, I think. But then does that mean Hiruzen would also best the 4th since the 4th struggles a bit with Tobi? With the current bells and whistles it isn’t fair, Obito CURVE STOMPS Hiruzen.

  37. Damn, I meant Hiruzen when I said the 4th at the beginning. O_o

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