one piece 713-usoland?

Yo hope you all been good.  This chapter is the perfect example of why one piece is one of the best manga’s out there. I will be doing this breakdown a little different from the others. Instead of starting at the beginning I will start at the end and work my way down.

A few chapters ago we realized that usoop had deceive the dwarves and told them he was some great hero. It turns out what he had told them was that he was related to norland. Who a couple of centuries ago went to the island of dwarves and led them in battle.

One Piece 292 Page 2

After reading this chapter i went back to re read some of the skypea arc and i found the page above.  Oda does not waste a page in this manga. It looks like even in the beginning stages oda was foreshadowing  arcs to come. So i will be re reading some old chapters to see if i can find any more foreshadowing. If you guys find any please let me know.

Anyways let me continue with the breakdown. In order to make his lie more believable usoop said that the earthquake that they experience is because of his haki. Not only that he also said that his haki was strong enough to knockdown 50,000 soldiers at fish man island.

When robin realises what usoop has done she calls him a bad person. Sanji once said that usoop is the smartest out of all the strawhats. He proves so here. I believe that usoop and robin could have escaped from the dwarves regardless of his lie. But since usoop lie to them and they believe him they are able to leave without resistance, restock on supplies and get a free meal. So basically they can take on what ever enemies they find. At full strength.

We already knew since previous chapters have basically told us that the dwarves want to go to war with DD. The straw hats are the luckiest people in the mangaverse. Here they are about to challenge the throne and captain usoop just got a whole tribe of warriors ready to follow him.

This is already turning into one of my favorite arcs. Zoro, sanji ,Mr.samurai and franky are all heading to the flower field and now robin and usoop are also. The flower field is about to be more chaotic than the tournament. With DD crew/soldiers heading there and all the strawhats and dwarves also.

Moving on to the middle part of the chapter we see that sanji is talking to franky. Franky is telling him how he can not just destroy the factory. He also tells him that he already knows about DD and he shouldn’t worry because payback is going to be a female dog when they blow up the factory. As franky tells him to go to the flower field so they can meet up, sanji tells him that he is worried about nami since he can not reach her.

What franky told him here is very interesting. He tells him that she is not a damsel in distress any more and if worst come to worst she has brook and that MONSTER chopper. Now i took tree things from this one is that this may be a way of oda telling us that what ever or whoever were in the strawhat crew is handled. Two is that chopper should be considered a force to be recon with. I do not know if franky means this in a physical sence or in his fighting prowess but for argument’s sake i will take it as this fighting strength.

Lastly nami is way stronger than what we expect. Which got me thinking violet seems pretty strong, and she could not get any info from sanji because his mind is so perverted. So what if she is playing sanji. I mean let’s be honest here sanjis luck with girls is none existent. She was with sanji until know when she finally realised what they were planning. Basicly what I’m trying to say is i can see a nami vs violet fight. Not only can i see it but i want to also and not just so i can see nami’s melons through violets eyes.

Well moving on sanji see’s that luffy is on the television fighting and starts freaking out. I am glad oda only gave luffy a panel and basically told us that he was beating some ass. It looks like luffy has  not used his devil fruit which i am glad.  I want to see luffy just used haki whole arc and no gum gum bull or at least until the next round.

We also got to see that kimono was not caught but was being chased by DD’s men. Sanji quickly handles them but not before telling violet were they can meet up again.

Now i save the best for last. Last weeks chapter left of with DD law and Fuji all about to square of.  It begins with law telling DD that their agreement is obsolete and that they will have to start from scratch. To which DD says he will be taking CC with him. At this point he starts talking to fujitora and we see that he and Ryokugyuu became admirals threw a marine draft.

For those of you who are taking what this to guys have done let me break it down a little. So far all the other admirals  have been in the marines for at least 20 years before they were promoted to admiral.  I am basin my claim on the fact that when kishi attack 24 years before the current time line if i remember right. They were all VA.Even Akainu who is a beast in his own right had to first be a soldier then captain and so on. But this to guy’s came in one day and flex their muscle a bit a boom they were admiral. Not only that jimbe said that the marines are stronger than ever. I want to say that they are stronger than previous admirals but we really have not seen any other admiral’s or how strong they were. But i can say with complete confidence that they are feeling in that role nicely.

Regardless of this DD doesn’t seem to be that scared of him. When fuji questions him about his affaires he tells him to come at him with prove that he is doing what they say he is. Then quickly ask if the marines decided on how they will deal with law.  At this point fuji ask law if he is allied with luffy and law say’s yes.  But only so he can buy more time.

Now the question is more time for what. The easy answer is that law is waiting for some of his crew to show up. But i am hoping he has something else in mind. Like a new technique or something. When fuji here’s this he uses his power and calls a meteor down. To “attack” law. I put quotes in that cause i believe fuji was trying to get rid of law and DD. If he wanted to attack just law he could have used the same attack he used at the bar.

I can not put a finger on what his devil fruit could be. It looks like it is something to do with gravity. But he could use it as some sort of barrier also since he block the parts of the meteor that law and DD cut. At fist glance i thought that was a sword technique that he used to block but now i am not so sure. What ever the case his devil fruit should definitely be considered one of the strongest if not the strongest we seen so far. Specially if he can add haki to the meteorite he calls for. He has the power to destroy the world. Actually i change my mind he definitely aim for DD also.

Well that’s it for my breakdown it was a bit long but this chapter deserved it. i hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter will be something to be holed.





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6 Responses to “one piece 713-usoland?”

  1. I claim this “First!” for Mother Russia!!

  2. Ura!

  3. That “meteor shower” devil fruit power is pretty sweet. I don’t know, all the events going on is kinda convoluting the main goal. I do like how they are trying to stick to one event for a while before switching.
    There is Sanji’s wanting to free the girl of his dreams
    Lucy… I mean Luffy entered a tournament for Ace’s devil fruit
    Usopp and Robin are trying to free a kingdom of dwarves
    What are Nami, Zoro and Franky doing?

  4. Franky is on his way to destroy the factory in the next couple of chapters we should see everyone reunited excluding luffy since all the straw hats besides nami and brooks are heading their…but i’m guessing the next chapter will revolve around nami and them since we haven’t seen them and probably luffy vs don chaijo

  5. Pretty kool chapter, Luffy hasn’t run into much trouble yet as expected, I was a bit dissapointed with how easily Nami, Chopper and Brooke were caught off guard, but they will prolly kick azz soon enough.

    Now my speculation on bartholomeo, he said he had “way deeper connections to Luffy”. I’m guessing it has something to do with the polchemy incident. Either he is related to that guy or to bluejam or something. Or maybe he lived on the grey terminal as well.

    I wonder what is in his suitcase tho, any thoughts/ ideas?

  6. It looks like I won’t be able to do a breakdown until next Tuesday…I let a friend borrow my laptop and he got some ice virus on it so I have to get it fix…unless someone knows how to fix it and what’s to let me know lol

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