Naruto Chapter 636 Breakdown: A mysterious mystery has mysteriously presented itself.

I have to admit, this breakdown won’t be very long. The reason it won’t be long is because to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered to write up any considerable amount of discussion regarding Obito, who I find to be an incredibly uninteresting character at this very moment.

Why is he so boring? Well, probably because Madara and Sasuke make far more interesting villains than he does. Maybe it’s because of his lack of charisma, or a lack of mystery regarding his motives, I don’t know. All I can say is that every time a scene comes along that involves him almost exclusively, it just about feels like filler content.

That was the last time Kakashi and Obito ever attempted the "Pasodoble".

That was the last time Kakashi and Obito ever attempted the “Pasodoble”.

If I had to put my finger on a possible reason why Obito has become less and less interesting as a villain – especially since he removed his mask and thus, all mystery around himself as a character – it would be thanks to the fact that right now, he feels more like a puppet to the true villain here, which is Madara.

Let’s face it, Madara was the one pulling the strings all along. He’s the one who set all these chains of events into motion and Obito is ultimately just another pawn on the chessboard, while Madara remains the king. It’s because of this that I had ultimately also lost interest in the battle between Kakashi and Obito, despite the fact that I still love Kakashi as a character. There’s just no weight behind it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Kishi didn’t try his best to create some form of emotional investment. All-in-all, this chapter was filled with a lot of flashbacks and somber words that tried ever so admirably to elicit some form of empathic reaction from us readers. However, whether the attempt was successful is questionable, because for me personally, it wasn’t. In fact, the only emotion brought out of me during this entire battle was a sense of satisfaction and relief when Kakashi put a quick end to it.


Well, it could be worse… It could have been Orichimaru doing the penetrating.

The only truly interesting part of this chapter that is worth discussing at greater length was what happened after Obito was skewered like a kebab. We see him retreating back to the battlefield with Kamui after admitting his loss to Kakashi, only to be the victim of what looks to be some sort of agonizing bodily take-over on Madara’s part.

We see the half of Obito’s body that was largely made up of Hashirama’s cells begin to turn black and rod like extrusions begin to manifest, which resemble the same black rods that Nagato once used to control the bodies that made up the 6 Paths of Pain.



Of course, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the first thing to come to mind after seeing half of Obito’s body turn black was Black Zetsu, and rightly so. After all, Black Zetsu is, in itself, a manifestation of the extension of Madara’s own will, which he imparted into a normal Zetsu clone.

This also brings up the possibility that much in the same way Madara imparted his will within the entity we now call Black Zetsu, he might have similarly imparted his will in the cells he used to reconstruct the other half of Obito’s body with. This might also imply that Obito’s change to the “dark side” was not, in fact, due to what happened to Rin, but rather a result of Madara’s own hidden influence. Or perhaps it was just a combination of both and Madara’s influence simply helped push Obito over the edge.

Where there's a will... there's 100 relatives.

Where there’s a will… there’s 100 relatives.

Of course, it makes sense for Madara to impart some of his will or influence into Obito, after all, he couldn’t be 100% certain that Obito would follow his plan right through to the end without deviating from it. You could say that this might have been some sort of endurance policy on Madara’s part that would ripen if Obito ever went off course, so to speak.

In addition to the implications around Obito’s actions, this new development also reflects back onto another incident regarding a member of Akatsuki, and that is Nagato.

Er... so, about the birds and the bees... we call this version the wasp and the tarantula. X__X

Er… so, about the birds and the bees… we call this version the wasp and the tarantula. X__X

If we consider that the black rods exiting Obito’s body and the subsequent take-over therein is part of an influence from Madara’s will, then likewise, we could hypothesize that the black rods that impaled Nagato at the time he summoned Gedo Mazo might be related as well.

It might help explain Nagato’s dramatic change in demeanor after the events of Yahiko’s death, and when we consider that Nagato was using Madara’s eyes all along, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to consider that Madara himself might have sabotaged those very eyes and implemented a system whereby they would react to some sort of emotional trigger in order to release his influence and make its hold on Nagato complete. When we also consider how Nagato was also able to use those same rods to inject his chakra into an individual and control or cripple their actions with it – even dead bodies – then it stands to reason that he might have been controlled by them in a similar manner.

This also means that it’s very likely that Madara will use a similar method on controlling Obito now, by using those chakra rods to force him to commit an act against his own will.

I'd also scream like a girl if I had a giant hole in my chest.

I’d also scream like a girl if I had a giant hole in my chest. We’ll just ignore the fact that screaming is physically impossible when your lungs have a giant hole in them and half your wind-tract and diaphragm is missing.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Madara will likely be Rinne Tensei’d now, though I think it would be more interesting if someone like Naruto stepped in and broke Madara’s control over Obito, both in an act of mercy and intervention.

If Madara did become the Jinchuuriki for the Juubi, however, all I can say is that things will go south very fast. Either way, that’s all from me this week. It’s a shorter than usual breakdown, but oh well. Here are last week’s Bubbliton Contest winners.

Fifth Place: kantonkage
Number 2: Haha doesn’t matter you may have an army but we have a Tailed Be… oh wait you are a tailed beast too. Dammit!
Caption: Movie quote has epically failed.
Fourth Place: kantonkage
Bubblition: Sasuke, you JUST HAD TOO SAY: “You and what army.”
Caption: Uchiha even when they’re your allies, they still manages to make everything worse.
Third Place: constantinethetrickster
Bubble : “Lets see, a thousand constantly regenerating enemies and then an ancient all-powerful God”.
Caption : Not going anywhere for a while?? Grab a snickers.
Second Place: prawlkage
Gamakichi: Oh hell no! We are sooo not paid for this shit! This violates the terms of our contract! That’s it, we’re on strike!
CAPTION: Support your local IBoSB – International Brotherhood of Summoned Beasts.


There won’t be any specific Bubbliton contest this week because I’m tired and I don’t know what to pick. So instead, I’ve decided to try something new.

This weeks Bubbliton Contest will be an open Bubbliton. In other words, you can pick whatever page or panel you like from the latest chapter, and come up with your own entry. The same rules still apply, and whoever has the best entry wins, but if you struggle to use image editing programs to make your Bubbliton, you can just provide a link to the specific page or panel you want to use and text underneath it.

Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 3, 2013.

49 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 636 Breakdown: A mysterious mystery has mysteriously presented itself.”


  2. 2nd and there has to be a form of hope for Darth Tobi

  3. 2nd is the real god of shinobis

  4. -___- I ment third

  5. Does this mean I am fourth!!!

  6. I think it is poetic justice when Tobi was controlling the Akatsuki but in fact he himself was being controlled.

    I am really hoping obito will revive minato instead of rin or madara.

    @Tenrai – another short but sweet breakdown.

  7. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that Madara will likely be edo-tensei’d now…”

    I’m assuming you meant Rinne Tensei’d?

  8. @Kevin

    Ah, that is correct. I guess my fatigue is showing in my breakdowns. I’ll go correct that, thanks.

  9. its out

  10. Okay… Obito went from being a dull villain to something much more interesting now. Who the hell would have thought he’d pull such a fast one on Madara and everyone else like that?

    Wow… just wow…

  11. what a twist! i must say that was quite awesome.
    What i found a little dull was that the former kages couldnt use their full power while the other resurrected people could use all their power to the fullest.

  12. @LiveAid

    Think of it this way. Now that they’re no longer trying to suppress the Juubi, they’ll have no choice but to go all-out. We’ll see them using their full power now but even then, I’m not sure if it will be enough against the “Juubi’s Jinchuuriki”.

  13. its out

  14. unexpected plot twist cant wait to see what happens nex chap.

  15. OMG the Douche became the juubi’s jinchuriki, crappppp.
    I guess Minato and Bee (who is nowhere to be seen) are probably gonna give there Bijuu chakra to Naruto so he can match Obito’s new found Hax.

    The question now is, what will Madara do, will he be like “Crap I’ve waited this long to get punk’ed by a kid, I’m going back to my cave” or will he aid Obito ??

  16. WDF did I just read?
    Waiting eagerly for your breakdown Ten!

  17. I think now would be a good time for Minato to give Naruto (Kurama) back his Yin chakra. lol

  18. So let me see if I understand what just happened. Madara was on the verge of pulling off yet another Uchihax at Obito’s expense. But instead, Obito was like, “REJECTED!!”, stole the ball from him, and went straight for the Juubi, absorbed it, and has become its jinchuriki.

    Ya know, I have to admit that that was a pretty clever move there. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this when I say that I figured Obito was done for at that point. So what? His gaping mortal wound has been miraculously healed?

    I swear these chapters seem to be flying by faster and faster each week!

  19. From the panels where it shows Madara inserting his ‘will’ into the Zetzu I’m guessing Obito figured out Madara had done something similer to him. If thats true then Obito knew Madara would use and betray him and planned for it years in advance. That makes Obito a much more interesting character than I’d given him credit for, although seeing how he used and manipulated Akatsuki should have reminded me he has the will and determination to see his plans through. What is his goal now?? Bring back Rin? Moons-eye plan?? World domination?? Will he be able to Phase through attacks in a giant Juubi body? Kakashi is stuck in the other dimension, if Obito teleports will he be squashed? Clever of him to trap the only one who can damage him in the other dimension. I really like bad guys who use their brains to come out on top so Obito definately became a bit more epic to me.

  20. Like i knew, there is hope for Darth Tobi. LOL, i never lost any hope with you Obito but that was a good surpise motherf@@@@er

  21. I believe I lost a few brain cells trying to comprehend the Uchiha hax counterhax (better known as Spongebob logic). I’ve come up with the conclusion, that Tobi has Uchiha anti-Uchihax.

  22. anyone else wondered what will kakashi do know? he’s still in the other dimension.

  23. kakashi can already come out of the other dimension, he did it once before when Kurama threw him in and he punched Obito in the gut.
    I’m not sure if he can go inside the other dimension at will, but as far as coming out, that’s something he already did.

    So no worries there. I’d be more worried about Madara now, he’s to relaxed now that he’s stuck in a Edo body and without a doubt he’ll try something to be reborn. Maybe Oro could provide him with what he needs.

    Also, best of all, every edo hokage will join the fight full power now and without a doubt Obito will show power that will make Madara and Aizen look like rug rats.

  24. I haven’t pointed this out so far but have you guys notice by now just how deadly Minato’s attacks are, every time I’ve seen a fight in Naruto it doesn’t seem like any shinobi goes all out for the kill (Not even Pain or Hidan) but Minato has a massive killer instinct, and the way he sliced Obito in this last chapter was awesome.
    Who do you guys think are top natural born killers in the manga so far?

  25. What happened to the Sharingan only being a Genjutsu and Copying eye? It’s unbelievable how much the story has changed. I guess it is very difficult to keep things constant while trying to make the story go as long as possible.

    I hope a new Villian shows up and messes everything up. And honestly only wants the destruction of the world.

    Tobi just wants the infinite Tsukiyomi to control everyone, Madara wants to do something similar, Sauske wants to make a new Government.

    Oro is a different case. I never saw him as a villain, believe it or not. I’ve seen him as a scientist willing to go as far as he can to understand the world around him. He does things (like fight villages) to see the effects. And I really didn’t know why people thought he was the best villain. He did things to try and understand them more. Itachi did way worst then Oro (basically genocide).

    While I was righting my rant I came up with an idea. What do you guys think would make the perfect villain for Naruto?

  26. This chapter confirm what I been thinking for quite sometime obito is the biggest pedaphile in the narutoverse he is willing to kill millions to make one little girl fall in love with him…
    @wiseman I thought pein was the bet villain for naruto I mean he was purely eval and wanted to force everyone into obaying him if not he would have them taste pain…..the perfect villain is some that can look naruto in the eyes and smile to him befriend him whil e killing everyone he knows someone who does not want to save the world but rule it with and iron fist a person who can kill his most trusted subordinate if they see fit… Like the joker from batman a demented person.

  27. Ya know. I realize this is kind of out of the blue. But I’m really hoping to see Might Guy open all eight inner gates, so we can see just how powerful someone like him would become in that state. That would be interesting. Of course, it would mean Guy would die, but what can I say?

  28. The Joker was just a crazy person. He only lived to be the opposite of Batman. If that were the case, I want a villain who strives to be the opposite of Naruto. He doesn’t want peace, but chaos. He doesn’t have friends because he kills everyone. I want someone who was raised in a worst situation then Naruto but still came out “okay” in a sense. Like a rational crazy person. Someone who wants the Bijuu to destroy everything. I thought I saw him in Garaa, but it turned out he was easily convinced by Naruto’s “speech-no-jutusu. I want the villain to be just as stubborn as Naruto in his ways and wouldn’t be persuaded by Naruto. I don’t like that they revived Oro. His time in the lime light set when Sauske took him down and that it was found out that Itachi easily beat him too.

    @STony, I did like Pein in the beginning too because he proclaimed himself Godlike, but Kishi had to go about humanizing “a God”. I didn’t like that aspect. It seemed weak that a person had a few events that seemed to deal with Death made him want to have a God complex. I was hoping it’d be the rinnegan and weilding it would have done it to him. You know, Gods/ Deities don’t have attachments to material possessions; but this “God” did? Kinda a lame thing.

    And lets be real, Tobi was being a villain for a chick that didn’t even like him back? Madara doing this because he wasn’t the strongest person? That’s the reason he is doing his stuff. It wasn’t his brother dieing that made him lose his mind, it was the fact that Hashirama was better then him, even with his brothers eyes. And I still think he took his brothers eyes on purpose (or did you guys forget about what Itachi said about Madara?).

    Sauske is just emo.

    And a really badass way to introduce this character would be something like this: Orochimaru shows up and tells everyone that he is know a wielder of the Sharingan (remember Tobi’s eye collection?) and before he starts creating and copying jutsu, a person comes from behind and slices him into 2 pieces… The New Naruto villain is revealed!

  29. I think Yamato is gonna pop up at some point, and strike a critical blow against Madara or the Juubi. We also haven’t seen Konohamaru show up in battle – I’ll bet he has been working on a more powerful rasengan.

  30. I for one hopes Obito completely owns Madara… I believe in one of those previous chapters with Kabuto, he told Tobi how to end the edo tensei, saying the edo tensei user has to end it himself, now just as Naruto rejected Nagato’s black rod(of doom) because of his own chakra pool, Obito may now have the stronger chakra necessary to counter Madara’s rod(of doom) possibly backfiring and forcing him to perform the seals… When two uchiha battle, they are going to hax eachother… which hax will come out on top? O_o…

    You guys remember when Tobi promised Sasuke “If you betray me, I will kill you” –>
    Well what if he actually goes through with it? Just a prediction, it would open up the window for Naruto more with Sasuke’s death at the hands of Obito

  31. If Konohamaru has a more powerful rasengan by adding, like, earth or yin and yang, that would be so cool.

  32. it’s out! early release

  33. hmmm. i think this will be bad for obito and the juubi.. he would’t be able to understand how this sh*t works.. naruto and the other jinchurikis took years to master the art of controlling and being friends with their bijuu’s how the hell will obito pull this off.

  34. Naruto isn’t Naruto if it doesn’t have an Uchiha getting haxed out of his mind…

    Naruto is going to receive his other half now and then he’ll be even with Tobi. Even if it’s considered the Juubi it’s still missing the Hachibi and Kurama. I don’t think it can become full unless it has them. It’s like it’s body parts or parts needed to fully resurrect it.

    I don’t think the Hokage were ready for that. I mean a super powered Lee cut Madara in half. I’m expecting those to Hokage to rematerialize again and form a counter attack. But I think their best bet is just give Naruto his other half and let him rip. Give him his space and let him handle the Juubi Jinch

  35. well.. i can see clearly that he absorbed the hachibi and kyuubi. as on the panel where naruto was explaining what he saw —

    the only question here is obito.. is he still alive within that thing called the juubi he’s rather senseless. he became a container but not a real jinchuuriki like naruto and the others. he’s somewhat possesed by the juubi just by looking at his reactions.

  36. Hey guys, just to let you know I’m going to be doing a double for this week. I just don’t have the energy to write a breakdown at the moment, sorry. X__X

  37. the last movie might have nothing to do with the manga.. but looking at how things are going.. the concept might be the same.. and if i’m correct naruto is the only one that could stop obito.. juubi vs juubi, jinchuriki vs jinchuriki.. madara vs everybody else since he said he has a trump card.. but i hope i’m wrong since the other kages are about to arrive and oro hasn’t done anything as of now but help the other kages.

  38. @iamchaps; I don’t think he absorbed them. If anything it was that small tail Sauske thought was Bee, and the Gin-Kin brothers chakra from their time inside Kurama. They do have the chakra but not the whole Hachibi and Kurama

  39. well if that is the case.. imho the juubi is an incomplete being, it may be powerful but its still vulnerable.. and if its true, the predictable outcome that might happen would be naruto becoming another jinchuriki of the juubi.. its like aizen and ichigo battle once again. lol.. everyone is a mismatched against obito as of now.. and we still have madara and his uchihax trump card.. so looking at all the possible battle that might occur.. team work and all this crap with the alliance and ressurected kages + the other kages would be outmatched by a super uchihaxed character with plenty of tricks up his sleeve (madara) and another super duper ultimate uchihaxed jinchuriki (obito) so.. all i want to say is that we need another super duper ultramagnetic protagonist that would save the day and that’s naruto.

  40. Just to build off of what other people were talking about, and because i was just thinking about this today, I think the real “power” the SS6P will be naruto not because he has the jubi but because the jubi will want to be with him. I thik the SO6P was refering even to himself and saying naruto will be more powerful than he. He, obito and whoever else who has/will have the jubi wont have real power because they are using the Jubi. Naruto controlled kurama but wasnt truly powerful till kurama worked with him. I think this will be the case for defeating obito. Obito is powerful, but the jubi isnt working with obito. All the other biju have given naruto their consent or like him, when naruto because the Jubi host, the jubi will want to work with him and then even the S06P wont be able to compete with him

  41. @dricedt
    That would give Naruto a sort of Harry potterish end.
    But I can actually see that happen.

  42. @dricedt: Yes, what you said. I totally hope this happens.

    Another thing to add is that if Naruto is able to work with the Juubi, he might get to the point where the power needs to be redistributed. If Naruto wants the system of villages to persist, then he may appoint new leaders and give them all bijus again.

    In that case, maybe Gaara will have the chance to get his biju back? Maybe this time in a very different way.

    The only thing I would caution against is that I think this is the way Hashirama did it, if I’m not mistaken. So maybe there will be a more improved plan. Perhaps a lot of the Konoha 11 will become Kages? (They seem to be the stars of the show in the war.) Maybe some will take a biju with them and rule another country?

  43. @dricedt yep thats highly possible.. and even now.. what obito now is a fake jinchuuriki.. and if ever the story ends.. the bijuus would be able to roam freely i guess

  44. I really don’t see the biju getting redistributed throughout the other villages. Remember that’s really what has been messing everything up this entire time, the biju system. I get why the S06P did it, so the biju wouldn’t rampage again, but intern he created something as bad if not worse. Villages have been trying to use each of the biju to their advantage. This has created discourse between all the people, resulting in them killing one another for control. Also, now that the people know the biju actually think, they will treat them differently, maybe not nicely but they will think twice before abusing them. Also, so far we have seen that people in Naruto believe that the power of a biju is depicted by the tails it has. If naruto divides up the biju again it looks like he is favoring villages with biju that have more tails. This then creates the same desire for greater power that was there before. Also people who have greater tailed biju will believe that they are more powerful than others. I just see Naruto dividing up the biju again as recreating the same problems and solving nothing. However, what we don’t know is WHY the jubi decided to be a jerk to begin with. Were people attacking it and it got mad one day, only the SO6P could stop it and couldn’t win against it so he sealed it? Or was the jubi just an ass? If the jubi was just intrinsically mean, naruto can’t just let it roam free again. Even if it was nice he can’t let it go because people will want to steal it and use it. I really see a Dragonball GT ending where naruto and the biju become best friends and disappear into the sunset thus eliminating himself from being edo and people using the jubi.

  45. The only difference with what I was saying is that maybe they could give new leadership to the separate countries. That leadership could come in the form of new jinchuurikis. Those jinchuurikis could be from the konoha 11. I say this would work better this time around because of the ninja war. The countries came together this time, instead of being forced into making peace. I’m hoping for a better, new, plot twist thing though.

  46. @dricedt naruto and the juubi becoming bestfriends are more likely to happen than redistributing the bijuu’s.. or.. we can have new jinchuuriki’s wherein the bijuu’s freely choose there hosts thus eliminating the death toll on forcing one to be one. and i think after this war.. this jinchuuriki’s would play a bigger part on creating peace instead of war..

  47. What could possibly trump the juubi? Madara better come up with something sweet and totally possible, not some unbelievable-obviously-not-fully-thought-out arsepull. I don’t think Naruto will get his father’s half of Kurama because I think it does more good to have a juiced up Minato than a full-fledged Naruto. Though he will get it eventually, most likely after the battle when Minato and his kage friends have to go back. Its going to be fun seeing the kages go all out now that they have to, though it looks like their efforts are going to have to be epic to stand a chance, as Hashirama pointed out that he is no match. Oro, Im waiting to see you in action!

  48. Oh, and about what will happen after WW Shinobi, I think Naruto will keep the Bijus to himself. He will be their master and it will work out sort of as pets and master kind of thing. Naruto now knows that they are living things with feelings and it is unfair to have them subjected to a jinchuriki. They will roam free, though under Naruto’s care and resposability incase they go feral.

  49. Whats with the whirlpool, presumably the Uzumaki clan’s symbol on Obito’s back on page 13? And Oro, make a move!!

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