one piece chapter 711 and 712 double breakdown

Yo how you guys been. Sorry for this double breakdown i been to busy lately. But this last few chapters have been great. Especially 712 it reeks of epicness. But i will save that for later. At the beginning of 711 we see that robin is being uhmm held down by some lucky dwarfs.

I do not know if robins sweat consist of her being surprised or excited but that’s a different story.

As we continue to read we see that robin is being question by the dwarves.  But as soon as she tells them that she will not hurt them they set her free. To which she notes that they are really trusting.  After they set her free they told her either give them weapons or they will have to strip her. Lucky for us Robin does not carry any weapons.

At this point my mind was completely in the gutter only for usoop to troll us by making up a lie that he is the hero and she is his friend. After hearing this they stop attacking robin, and the story switches back to zoro.

In chapter 710 we see that zoro caught up to the dwarf and after talking to her for a bit he realises that the strawhat ship is about to get attacked by members of the doflamingos crew. It looks like the only one who has not found any one to fight yet is sanji and  im guessing he will fight the guy in the spade seat. I will bet anything that trevor is the one heading over their. If you do not remember who trevor is his that logia fruit eater that we seen earlier. He looks like a swordsmen.

The only other point worth nothing in this chapter is the ending when sanji warn law about DD not quitting the warlords. This was a great way to go into a break. Oda never misses a detail with this manga and it shows with the ending. Now we know why everyone was so relax.

Now i don’t want to say i called it. But oh yeah i called it. I remember back when i did chapter 702 breakdown i said that i will not surprise if violet was working for DD. Even after having said that i did not expect it to happen. But anyways moving on. We see that sanji is all beat up at the start of a chapter and violet and her crew kept trying to get info on them.

Violet posses the goggle goggle fruit. She can see through anything and even read minds. She tells sanji that even if he doesn’t talk she will know what they are planning. She goes and reads sanjis mind but she did not realise that their is not any internet connection in the sunny so sanji can not relieve his frustrations. She see’s that the only thing on sanji’s mind are perverted thoughts. Sanji soon convinces her that he is not a bad guy and she changes her mind and helps him.

She intern lets him read her mind and we see how sanji found out it was a trap. It turns out that cp0 (who are in direct control of the celestial dragon) told the citizens the report was false and not to worry. Moving on we see that luffy is about to start fighting in the colleseum. I am really hoping the next chapter focuses on law and robins predicament and least on luffy hopefully he makes quick work of the round with so Kings haki.

The x factor on this whole DD ordeal will be the marines and what part they play in this. If they only go after law and luffy then it will be practicly impossible for them to escape unless the dwarfs help. But if they stand still and do not do anything then i can see the strawhats beating DD. I really can not wait for the next chapter since it looks like akainu is angry and is going to contact marijoe.


From now on DD will forever be known as Mr.charisma. The way he gets his way is incredible. Besides dragon he is and enigma. The way the chapter ended of was pure brilliance. Mr.charisma is connected to just about everything in the one piece world so far. He has connections to the underground, the marines, and a celestial dragon. Some where deep in my mind i can see him being a celestial dragon. But for some reason i do not thing that is the case.

This is what i think it is obvious he has ties to a celestial dragon. I think that he is controlling one of them with his power we seen that he can manipulate people’s movement. But what if it does not stop their what if he can even control their voice.  We seen that the celestial dragons are the strongest things in OP not in strength but in power. If that is the case then it is easy to understand why Mr.charisma is involve in just about everything since he can cover his track. I know it is very unlikely but i will stick to this theory. Even though the most obvious thing is that he himself could be a celestial dragon or he saved one of them and they feel indebted to him.

Regardless of what the case may be one thing is for certain the following chapters of OP will be amazing.

Fun fact usoop mention something about dwarfs a long time ago. Also in the original strawhat desing their was a dwarf.

Well this is this  is the end of the breakdown see you next week.




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5 Responses to “one piece chapter 711 and 712 double breakdown”

  1. Ohai.

  2. kool breakdown, i actually do think he either controls a celestial dragon or is a descendant of a celestial dragon.
    Celestial dragons find it only normal that they are saved when in danger, so i doubt thats the reason.

    I really wonder who the fk is gonna help Law now, since he simply wont stand a chance against both DF and fujitora, my bet is on the dwarfs rescuing him.

  3. Yeah but I was just remembering back in the fishman island arc when they saved a CD and thy got that letter from him in return so I am hooping is something like that ….I am really hoping He is not a CD or related to oneit will be way better if he controls one…. Another thing I was thing was that maybe he told that CD that luffy punch ( whose name escapes me at the moment) that if he does that he can capture Strawhat and his crew since we all know that they hold a grudge
    And I don’t really think law need’s any help if he uses his power correctly he can probably transport to the dwarve country under ground when things get bad…if not usoop the hero can lead the dwarves on a rescue mission lol oh saint Charles is his name I believe

  4. Still believe he is related to them somehow, the statement vergo made “you do not know about DF’s past that will be fatal to you”.
    I Wonder if the next chapter will skip to Luffy in the Arena or stick with law vs DF and Fujitora

  5. I hope he is not related but somehow got involve with him that will add a lot more to his characteralso here is the spoilers of the next chapter if u are curious on what direction it will go…..

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