Naruto Chapter 634 – 635 Breakdown: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, things sure have gotten interesting in Naruto lately, haven’t they? I mean, to list but a few of the recent twists in the series, Oro has seemingly become more noble, Sasuke has vowed to protect Konoha and Sakura has become useful again.

Yeah, that last one was the biggest twist so far…

Sure enough, epicness has followed and the battle against Madara and the Juubi has now increased in both scale and delight, especially now that the “Big Three” have been summoned to the field.

Next up on our new National Geographic special!

Well, technically they’re a frog, a snake and a slug, but I suppose you can call them guns if you want to.

I have to admit, when I first saw these three summoned, I thought that Naruto was riding on top of Gamabunta. It was only after I noticed how much younger this frog looked and the prevalently missing scar on his face, that I realized it was actually Gamakichi.

For me, this – coupled with the fact that Sasuke also seemed to be using a new snake summon that might be considered the successor to Manda – was a nice touch on Kishi’s part, which indicated that the new generation was taking over the roles of the old and that even summoned creatures were following this trend.

Even Minato remarks on how he never thought he’d see the “Trio” summoned again – having obviously witnessed the amazing spectacle before at the hands of the original Sannin – while Hiruzen comments on how it was “indeed a new age”.

The new Sannin

Since when did Gamakichi take up smoking?

For the most part, chapter 633 did what it intended to do well, and that’s deliver an action-packed iteration that was filled with more flash than narrative substance.

One aspect that really piqued my curiosity, however, was the banter between Naruto and Gamakichi, which seemed to be very suggestive.


Gamakichi, the only thing in this series who has grown more than Hinata’s cup size.

I noticed that Gamakichi mentioned something about Naruto finishing a seal, but what I’m curious about is what seal he was referring to. We don’t see Naruto using any hand seals that are recognizable, per say, but rather, we see him place his hands together in a manner similar to how Jiraiya did during his initial battle with Pain.

This had me wondering if Naruto was preparing some sort of seal to either suppress the Juubi’s power, or to help him free the Bijuu from its body, something that we later discover he intended to do. It may also be a case where Naruto was putting up a detection circle like the one Jiraiya did, to help him keep track of his enemies and maybe even to help him locate the spirits of the Bijuu to help in extracting them. It also brings up the question about whether our blond hero is on his way to becoming a proper seal master, a factor that would go a long way in helping him live up to the name of the Uzumaki clan, who were revered and even feared for their mastery in making seals.

Aside from that, the other most notable thing worth mentioning for chapter 633, other than the obvious epicness of the battle, was Sasuke’s and Naruto’s combination attack.

Why am I not surprised that the ultimate combination attack in Naruto is comprised of a long spear and a giant ball. Can anyone say, surprise?

Of course the ultimate combination attack in Naruto is composed of a long spear and a giant ball. Can anyone say, surprise?

Firstly, I thought it was impressive seeing Naruto and Sasuke use an attack on this scale, which in itself went a long way in showing just how far the two have grown since the start of the series. More than that though, I also enjoyed how Kishi linked this moment back to a time when Naruto was discussing elemental weaknesses with Yamato.

At the time, Naruto remarked on how his wind was the only thing that could keep Sasuke’s candle burning, which, despite sounding very suggestive in ways that would make pickles proud, was also touched on nicely in this chapter with how Naruto’s wind technique was able to make Sasuke’s fire technique stronger and that they were the perfect match-up.

It’s a moment that is so grand and inspiring, even the original graduation class can’t all help but cheer Naruto and Sasuke on, with Sakura even being bought to tears by their teamwork and the implications it might have held, but even in such a glorious moment bathed in what seems to be an overwhelming light, a dark silhouette makes itself known that brings with it, a lingering shadow of doubt.

We don't need no water...

That’s something we’d all like to know…

Before we get to that shadow, moving onto 635, our scene moves to the other half of team Hawk, who are accompanying Orochimaru on what seems to be a search and rescue mission.

At first, the chapter tries to adopt a more humorous tone, which not everyone appreciated, but I for one welcomed the small moment of reprieve from what has otherwise been a very tense past few chapters, even if it meant seeing Orochimaru act out of character to varying degrees.


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to protect your rears!

Now the question has once again come up about whether this change in Orochimaru is one that could be considered “good”, or to be more accurate, is one that has turned him into a better man.

When it comes to Orochimaru, however, I think I can safely say that he has never been either truly good or truly evil and that his actions have always been partaken in the benefit of his own self-interests. While we see destruction or malicious intent in his past actions, he might simply see a necessary means to an end, though the same could be said for main so-called villains in this series, from Pein, to Madara. While I personally would prefer it if Orochimaru retained his enigmatic and unpredictable nature rather than being placed wholly on one side of the fence or the other, I’m also interested to hear what you guys think about the possibility of him becoming altogether “good”.

With that small moment of what some considered wasted comic relief aside, we move back into the main game once again, only that shadow I mentioned earlier begins to rear its ugly head, all the while presenting the possibility that Sasuke’s intentions may not be as noble as they seem.


Somebody call 911! Juubi’s fire burning on the dance floor. Oh Woahoah!

As we can see in the screen above, despite Naruto’s pleas for Sasuke to quench his flames so that Naruto could rescue the Bijuu trapped within the Juubi’s body, Sasuke blatantly refuses, citing that he’ll “put an end to this antiquated system” and build a new one from it.

I mentioned a few breakdowns ago how I felt Sasuke was still walking down the same path as Madara did and that Naruto had recognized that danger, but this scene pretty much confirms it. Essentially, no matter how you look at it, Sasuke is doing the same thing Pein once tried to do – and the same thing that Obito and Madara are currently trying to do – and that is to create a new world regardless of the cost involved in doing so. The only difference is that while Pein wanted to create a world of peace created through fear and death and while Madara and Obito want to create one by creating a new dream reality to replace the old, Sasuke simply intends to destroy everything associated with the old system outright, regardless of whether his victims are innocent or not.

It also seems as if Sai, who has once again become the voice of reason for team 7, recognizes the threat Sasuke poses, a threat that Sakura herself doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge even though her pained expression clearly betrays how she really feels.

Is this an intervention?

Smile though your heart is aching. Smile even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow. Smile and maybe tomorrow. You’ll see the sun come shining through. For you. If you just smile…

I’m personally glad that Kishi hasn’t neglected Sai’s role in team 7. In fact, on the contrary, it seems as if Sai’s role has suddenly become even more important now and as the placeholder for Sasuke, the responsibility to show his comrades the truth about his predecessor seems to have fallen on his shoulders.

To be fair, I’d even go as far as to call Sasuke a hypocrite in light of his actions in this chapter, after all, the bijuu are just as much victims of the Shinobi system as his own brother Itachi was, in that they were used to commit acts they did not necessarily want to. In fact, I’d say even more so seeing as how they were trapped and used as weapons against their own will, which is hardly something one can blame them for. We can tell quite clearly by Naruto’s pained expression following Sasuke’s words and even Hashirama’s alarmed response that things are going to get ugly. It also pretty much confirms that a clash between Naruto and Sasuke is still inevitable, which is something I am actually quite grateful for.

What happens next, however, is anyone’s guess. For now though, it seems the battlefield is about to heat up even more with the return of the five Kage. One can only hope they make up for their fall from grace by putting in a good show worthy of the title they bear.

Next time, try harder.

Hopefully this time you’ll keep your promise to Naruto…

There was also something about Obit and Kakashi stabbing each other, but who cares about that, right? In either case, that’s all from me for now. I hope you guys enjoyed the double breakdown!

Here are our previous Bubbliton Contest winners, as chosen by Gavin.

Fourth Place – simplyantony
Sakura: I told you guys I was use full.
Sasuke: Yeah Sakura, you are as useful as a sweater in the summer.
Naruto: Yeah, you are just as use full as Kiba.
Caption: Poor sakura even team 7 thinks she is useless.
Points for use … use less… I … I don’t know what I’m doing…
Third Place – prawlkage
Sakura : Hey Sasuke, what exactly is “Kubo-Tite-No-Jutsu” ?
Sasuke: Oh, trust me, it has nothing to do with Trolling ninjas in genocidal fashion.
Naruto: Sonafubitch! Why does everybody but me see this coming?
CAPTION: Troll-lol-lol
Points for Kubo-Tite-No-Jutsu being fun to say.
Second Place – kantonkage
Naruto: Sakura You can’t be Hokage yet. Maybe you could be the 8th.
Sasuke: Hey, what about me?
Sakura: You could be 257642489513452139th.
Caption: Isn’t that Kiba’s chances of winning a fight.
Points for knowing who is useless. What the hell are all these large numbers?
(Tenrai’s Answer: Well, it seems they’re directly related to Tsunade’s chest size).
constantinethetrickster: Orochimaru, beats Pedobear hands down.

constantinethetrickster: Orochimaru, beats Pedobear hands down.

Congratulations to all who made it into the top four!

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Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^


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34 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 634 – 635 Breakdown: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  1. 1st ;x

  2. 1st!!!
    Reading now =P

  3. Bubble: A frog, a snake, and a slug walk into a bar…..
    Caption: Something tells me this isn’t the kind entertainment Orochimaru’s party guests were expecting…

    Great breakdown as always =P

  4. 4th is dead!

  5. Tiger, I’m afraid that, technically speaking, you’re third.

  6. Reclaiming my spot *shoots Tenrai with a laser cannon*

  7. @Tenrai – I knew it was too good to be true. That’s why I didn’t see Kanton here yet!

    Bubble: I hope this one have lots of good loot.
    Caption: That is the biggest chubby skag ever saw!!!

  8. bubbilation contest:

    Bubble: ♪We are really gonna die, baby, bye bye bye♪

    caption: that awkward moment, in a dire situation, where the only thing that pop’s into your head is cheesy boy band music

  9. Whoo-hoo, I won a bubblition. I’m expecting the check in the mail. I’ve already booked a holiday to spend the prize money on. Actually I need a new car so I’m going to try to win this week too.

    Bubblition :
    Gamakichi : “Aw hell no!! Let me see that summoning contract again!!”
    Caption : The moment a summons learns its been conned.

    Is it just me that thinks in the picture of the Kages it looks like Tsunade forgot her top half?? Still a fine rear though 🙂 Seriously though I have an issue with how Sai is being portrayed. Its almost like he is trying to sow mistrust amongst the team. I know that Sasuke can’t be trusted straight away (or at all) but having Sai being the one to point it out just makes him look like a S**t-stirrer.
    Another thing I’d like to add is that if the Juubi can basically reform its body to stop any attack and regenerate the damaged pieces, its invulnerable. Seriously it has no weaknesses, the only tactic is to seal it into a Jinchuuriki.

  10. great breakdown Tenrai, good to see you guys are still going strong.

    I just dropped into say holy cow, i thought Orochimaru was tough to kill, but apparently Tsunade just doesn’t die either. When she said she can’t be killed in battle she meant it. To be cut in half, survive, and maintain a summon is something. To then start walking seconds after being put back together is incredible as well. It makes Jiraiya look like a bumbling idiot when compared to the other sannin in some regards (grant it he focused more on infiltration, spying, and espionage). All in all i believe in most regards Naruto and Saskue have passed the capabilities of their respective sannin sensei and though Sakura’s strength exceeds that of Tsunade, I don’t think her self-healing medical ninjutsu will ever be on the scale of Tsunade, mostly because she doesn’t have Senju blood.

    Gamakichi: But I would kill 500 monsters, and i would kill 500 more just to be the frog who kills a thousand monsters to fall down at your door…
    Caption: While a worthy attempt, the young Gamakichi’s still had much to learn in the ways of humor-no-jutsu.

  11. *Forgets how to count*

  12. BUBBLE

    Gamakichi: Oh hell no! We are sooo not paid for this shit! This violates the terms of our contract! That’s it, we’re on strike!

    CAPTION: Support your local IBoSB – International Brotherhood of Summoned Beasts

  13. BUBBLE:
    Gamakichi: Look! I told you the big one farted! You can see the cloud rising up out of his spiky ass!

    CAPTION: The toad’s nose knows!

  14. great breakdown ten. hehehe! sorry guys. i’ve really been very busy lately. as usual ten will have his naruto/sasuke fight. hahahahaha!

  15. Bubble:
    Gamakichi: Ok, so who’s the first one to go hug grandma` ???
    Caption: The Juubi, a monster with a face only Orochimaru could Love “from behind”…..@_@

  16. BTW 11th, you guys should really learn how this counting thing works :)))… shoves everyone into Tenrai’s mouth..

  17. Great breakdown!

    Bubble: “Are they still staring at us like we’re meat?”

    Caption: Walking Dead…Juubi style

  18. Call me crazy, but I have a theory on what might happen towards the end. Skipping past the final end of the war and the Naruto and Sasuke battle, let’s jump to this possible ending. Orochimaru has literally proven to have turned to the good side and all the good guys are back in the newly rebuilt Konoha.

    Celebrations are taking place everywhere and Naruto is being made the new Hokage. The twist to make it extra special: The reanimated past Hokage are still around and in attendance. Naruto, or rather Kurama, has been given back the Yin half of his chakra and the two are now good friends like Bee and Eight.

    Upon realizing his destiny, Naruto witnesses the proud expressions of the previous Hokage, who then finally fade into dust, but not before some last words between Naruto and Minato, which is simply that the latter is proud of the former.

    I honestly can’t say if Sasuke would be alive and present as well, since it’s seriously a guess for me whether he is ever truly swayed to be good again. In any case, I just think that would make for a good ending to the series.


  20. still waiting for the mangastream release. but seeing obito being controlled by madara.. is really too much for me..

  21. Yeah it seems as if Madara left his ‘will’ inside Obito, like he did with the black Zetzu. Kind of cheapens Obito IMO. At the start when I saw it was all just Genjutsu I was like ‘Aw crap, this fight hasn’t even started’, then they both put holes in each other and I couldn’t see the point of the genjutsu. They just did the exact same things again. Well, I think Obito will use Rinne tensei to bring back Rin and totally Troll Madara. I’d like to see his face then.

  22. 22nd 🙂 in the words of katonkage fourth is death i would particpted in this weeks but it is to hard lol next week i will win third !!!!…..
    Great breakdown 10

    @constantine i though that was the zetzu just black zetsu lol and i agree kishi should have skiped the genjutsus

  23. Well, that chapter was interesting, especially the end, which gives me something to discuss in my next breakdown, but I also think it’s safe to say that I’ve never been so glad to see a battle end in my time reading this manga.

    At the moment, Sasuke intrigues me more as a villain than Obito, but Madara isn’t doing a bad job himself either.

  24. Can someone explain to me, how can someone (Obito) hold the power of the world in his hands for more then 18 years, create a club house of the strongest bad guys out there with powers that can’t be matched under the right conditions, rule a whole nation witch could have gone to war for you, and still he gets beaten by a F*&king dead man.

    Why the hell would he go through all that shit, gather the majority of the bijuus, resurrect the Juubi, and can easily become the monster’s host, only to lose to Madara witch he could have stopped by killing Kabuto.

    Even Obito wasn’t so stupid to think he could hold control over Madara once he got hold of the Juubi.

    All in all the snot got exactly what he deserved, I don’t care if any of you fell pity for the dude now that he’s in a ditch, even if he crawls to Minato’s feet and begs for forgiveness for causing the death of Kushina and leaving Naruto as a orphan, I would still kick him in the F’ing face for his stupidity.

    This is the person who went on a personal vendetta because Rin sacrificed herself for the safety of the village and he didn’t respect her noble decision
    enough to go on and help Konoha grow stronger with his help, who knows he might have become Hokage and the Uchiha massacre wouldn’t have happened thanks to Minato.

    So go on and die in the dirt Tobi. Glad I got that off my chest :))

  25. @Eugen

    He did that all at the behest of Madara. At the end of the day, Madara was the one with all the cards in his hands and Obito was just one of those cards. In the end, he was played in the same manner he played others, like Kisame, Nagato and all he affected.

    He shouldn’t care though, right? If Madara’s plan is the same as his, then he should give his life willingly, unless of course he’s doing what he is for selfish reasons.

  26. @ Ten, you and I both know Obito probably wouldn’t have resurrected Madara if it were not for Kabuto’s surprise Edo move.

    Indeed Obito was brain washed into thinking a world of dreams can be better then the real world. If you think that way you should just go and call Chuck Norris a woman and he’ll send you to sleep, forever.

    Now this proves Obito was indeed played by Madara, and without a doubt Madara used the zetsus in order to find out what made Obito tick and with this he was able to exploit him to the max. So much so, he knew full well Obito will resurrect him without fail.

    I don’t know if that would have happened if not for Kabuto but the fact is Kabuto is right were he is supposed to be. I hope the pain will grow bigger and bigger and he’ll beg Minato for forgiveness before his life is over, he could even pass some power to Naruto to try and wash away the mile think layer of crap that is Tobi.

  27. Just a thought, but maybe the black Zetzu was there to keep an eye on Obito and make sure he resurected Madara. Notice at the end that Obitos Skin gos black as Madara bends him to his will. Maybe the black Zetzu could do the same? He did have the will of Madara, and Madara definately couldn’t have known that Kabuto would use Edo Tensei on him. He wouldn’t have counted on Obito not having a change of heart, he would have a backup plan in case Obito got cold feet. That’s where Black Zetzu comes in. We don’t know what Madara did to the Zetzu half he transplanted to Obitos body, its probably full of seals and jutsu that alter ones mind. Knowing Madara its probable that he has been affecting Obitos decisions since the beginning, I mean he seemed awfully sure Obito was going to join him, even allowing him to leave the cave.

    Bubble : “Lets see, a thousand constantly regenerating enemies and then an ancient all-powerful God”.
    Caption : Not going anywhere for a while?? Grab a snickers

  28. well i think the black zetsu is a part of madara. just like venom (spider-man)
    and @eugen i also think he would do something before his last dying breath, something that would give naruto and the alliance an upper hand in this war.

    @tenrai probably sasuke is still the villain of the manga and i just hope that the ending won’t be as dramatic as i was thinking.. like naruto and sasuke had their war and at the same time losing their lives in the process..

  29. Does anybody think that Obito will revive Rin instead of Madara ?
    or anybody else ?

  30. @Pavo – my money is on Minato!!!!

  31. Bubblition: Sasuke, you JUST HAD TOO SAY: “You and what army.”
    Caption: Uchiha even when they’re your allies, they still manages to make everything worse.

    Number 2: Haha doesn’t matter you may have an army but we have a Tailed Be… oh wait you are a tailed beast too. Dammit!
    Caption: Movie quote has epically failed.

    Number 3: Come lets destroy Disney and get our Shippuden rights to Toonami.
    Caption: Legal battles can be a bitch.

  32. what if obito manages to press the reset botton, resurrecting almost everyone that has died before madara started his vendetta against the leaf. erasing whatever mistake he did in his time. lol. but i bet he will resurrect rin. she deserves more screentime than tenten

  33. @iamchaps you forgot to add Kiba, as well.

  34. my bad. lol. hahahahaha!

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