Naruto Chapter 633 – Everybody Hates Sai…

Awe WRA! Pein here filling in for Tenrai, so while he is saving the world one cheesecake factory at a time, I will be here to fill in the details of this epic chapter 😉

For almost as long as I can remember Naruto fans have been asking for some development for the Konoha and this chapter, “Forward”, delivers on most accounts. Only leaving out Lee and Ten Ten (Who we all know has mastered all Jutsu and is actually waiting as the S.A. trump card). This unfortunately creates my only issue in this chapter in that, I do not care enough about each characters development. At first I looked at it as groups, seeing the teams and members battle growing individually but when I began to break it up, I realized that while Kishi has made a great stride to bring together these characters in one chapter to show this growth, he has also condemned them further to ‘Side’ roles un-important to the main story.

Sakura had an entire chapter to show a single new technique, while the rest of the 11 had one to show each one’s development. It is a delicate balance though and I feel that while Kishi has given us what we wanted it was too much and too rushed for us to begin to process. In the Chunin Exams each character seemed important and interesting, now they just seem like a group of characters needed for the story to progress but they have lost a little bit of that heart that was placed into them in the beginning. Most Naruto fans will remember when Lee removed his weights to fight Gaara, how Hinata stood up against Neji, Naruto defeating Neji and Sasuke using Chidori for the first time. All those moments will be remembered for their impact and the growth hit each reader whether with emotions or just general excitement. This failed to give us most of that, it was enjoyable but rushed in the end.

I really been enjoying the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke, it’s an awkward tension almost fighting out a Cold War in their minds, suspicious of a battle in the near future and this page got me thinking more than any other in this chapter about the outcome of this war. We know that there is still a lot to happen before it is over but there must be an end game for Kishi here or at least a ‘life after war’ section. How will the Shinobi World react to Sasuke and his past actions.

Most of the Kage’s seemed to be defeated or dead, Kishi will most probably bring most if not all of them back via Tsunade’s healing but there is a burning question can Sasuke just be forgiven. Does peace justify the lives he has taken, or will his death be punishment to his actions. Tenrai and I, debated this fact for a while after the release, currently the world is forgetting his crimes to deal with the threat at hand but if it comes down to the Shinobi World calling for Sasuke’s head to prevent a future Madara situation again, where will Naruto fall? Will he stand by the people or defend Sasuke who is in all sense a murderer.

This could be important to why Kishi introduces this scene amongst all the ‘good’ development, laying the seeds for a future battle between the two and at the same time showing that there is a lot still to sort out when it comes to the last living Uchiha…

Team 8 

Overall I think I was least impressed by Team 8’s abilities moving forward, they showed very little team work and while their abilities and jutsu have increased only Shino seemed even remotely close to touching Team 7’s abilities.

Kiba learning to do a single Shadow Clone was very underwhelming and when I saw the 3 Headed Dog, I was so excited thinking it would somehow link into the Beast Pain summoned against Jiraiya with the ability to continuously grow in strength. Hinata looked like a Bad@$$ but still seems to fall behind against Sakura’s development during the last chapter, 64 Palms was a technique that Neji knew in the Chunin Exams. Though one would expect that with Hinata being the healer in the group she would have a better knowledge of the anatomy and her technique would be far more effective against ‘human’ opponents.

Team 10

InoShikCho really impressed me the most this chapter, their combined strength is truly amazing taking each ones strengths and being able to create a single powerful jutsu from it was enjoyable to see in action, also their interaction and relationship with the rest of the Konoha 11 is also enjoyable, Shikamaru’s competitiveness even in the midst of battle was nice to see. Though they improved as a group you can see their individual strengths has grown with it and made it that much more impressive to me. I see it as Team 7 grew completely separate from each other but each member grew to be Kage level or close to it, while Team 8 grew but not to the same degree. Team 10, was able to grow as individuals and as a team unit that can be seen as Kage level.

I would like to see Team 8 do the same and grow as a Unit more, using Combo attacks etc.

I commented a week or two ago about how I could almost hear Sai weeping when Naruto said Team 7 was back together again. I was glad at first to see that Sai would be brought back in to show some of his abilities and that Team 7 wasn’t this useless team before Sasuke decided to return but unfortunately for him, only one Emo member of Team 7 can have glory at a time…

The complete and utter castration of this once semi likable character (I am sure somewhere there is a Sai fan crying right now though if they are it is a single tear) its almost like the Red Wedding scene where you are so hopeful for a character you sort of care for loose all hope and become useless… Kishi makes Sai seem like a real wimp, for lack of a better term. Whining about the growing threat while everyone else is becoming stronger and fighting harder etc. Only for him to be shown up by the “Real” members of Team 7 summoning three powerful Summons with ease.

Now before I get to the summons, I would like to insert a small theory I have heard around the Naruto pages. That Orochimaru and Saigetsu are in the process of retrieving Jiraiya’s body. This would allow Orochimaru to revive Jiraiya to the world and have the prospect of the original Sanin fighting alongside the “New” Sanin. This was further helped by the fact that it seems all the summons are the younger in each group. Allowing Jiraiya to still summon “Big Boss” (not a Snake) and Orochimaru to summon Manda (is a snake).

Also the fact that Sasuke summons a Snake and not a Hawk was interesting as I believed he lost most of that ability with the loss of Orochimaru’s DNA inside of him. It would be interesting to see Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade all battling with their students…

Well that is all for this week, I am not sure how the Bubble contest work now so I will be skipping that part. Instead I would like to introduce a small battle debate.

Team 8 vs Team 10, Which team would win. Will have to take both individual growth and team growth into account.

Pein Out! 

~ by pein0avenue on June 11, 2013.

52 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 633 – Everybody Hates Sai…”

  1. finally first after sooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooonnnnnggg!!!!


  3. 3rd 🙂 now to enjoy the breandown

  4. @Ten while i agree with what you said about hashi having a lakes worth of chakra compared to the jubi having an ocean….why then dosnt he create thousands of clones….sure every clone has a lake of chakra and seperatly they dont compare to the jubi…but collectivly they can easily overtake the jubi and then some…futhermore, what about madara…why dosnt the fourth take him out in one swoop. Someone said that you had to restrain him first like the other kage…but thats because the ninja wernt fast enough to seal them in one go….the fourth is more then capable of hitting madara with numerous seals before he could even bat an eyelash

  5. FOUR IS DEATH!! And I am Son Goku!!

  6. FIVE … the full number of fingers on a hand. What do you get when those fingers close? A FIST!!! In your face …..
    *que prawlkage’s wrestling entrance music*

  7. Or in case I didn’t make five
    SIX …. the full number of fingers on a hand plus a d*ck… what do you get when those fingers close? A HANDJOB !!!!

    * que porno music*

  8. Great job on the breakdown Pein, it was right on the money. As for Orochimaru, it might be one of two things, it’s either your theory for getting the J-Man’s body back, or he might go and assist Tsunade in healing herself and the other kages (also he might just kill them for the fun of it).

    @ Prawl. :))))))))))))) =)))))) Glad to have you back bro, you’ve been surly been missed.

  9. BTW Lucky No.7

  10. Thanks for the breakdown Pein! I owe you one. @___@

  11. Um exactly how did Sasuke become a murderer? He killed Itachi? who at the time was considered a bad guy and he provoked Sasuke into killing him. Orochimaru? He is still hanging around. Uh his girlfriend, Karin? she is still alive. Danzo? Kishi’s way of getting rid of a bad guy through Sasuke’s revenge? I mean he obviously had intent but as for actually killing anyone, only Danzo.. So intentional but inept murderer? He couldn’t bring himself to kill Naruto at the Valley of the End and chastened Suigetsu for being too blood thirsty. I just don’t see Sasuke as a murderer, as more of an anger management program wannabe (i’m kidding). He just couldn’t make up his mind who to kill… All kidding aside. We can call him a murderer ( personally I believe intent is enough) but still he didn’t eliminate a whole clan like Itachi. Half the time he was killing off the village enemies. Well actually Deidara blew himself up, technically Itachi removed Orochimaru from Sasuke and again all we have is Danzo’s death. So in a way shouldn’t the village be thankful that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” or that Sasuke’s selfish actions lead to the neutralization ( of Orochimaru, Itachi, Deidara and Danzo?) I just don’t see what they can hold against him. I wonder if Kishi intended it that way.

  12. Attacking the kages at the summit probably doesn’t bode well with anyone though..

  13. To be fair, Danzo killed himself. Although, he was pretty much done for at the time.

  14. Does anyone realize that Orochimaru is the sole reason why the Alliance even has a shot at this? He revived the hokages.

  15. It’s out:

  16. interesting chapter, they left out a bit…i think sasuke means burn down the thing holding the jubi back, the wooden poles

  17. @Ashes

    You forget all of the Samurai he killed leading up to the battle with the Raikage.

  18. Guess I nailed it this time, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Karin did go after Tsunade and the Kages. Now if he intends to kill them or heal them is to be found out next time.

    Also the final phrase was a bit misleading, I doubt the Juubi is defeated 110%, but what are the dark clouds Kishi’s referring to???

    Will Orochimaru change the tide of the war, will he use the previous Hogakes against the S.A., did he met Madara in the past and has been working with him all along and once Madara will take out Hashira he’ll proceed to capture the Juubi and use it to make himself it’s jinchuriki.

    A lot of questions have popped up but the battle is far from over seeing there’s still a lot of mini Juubi’s running around, even if they’re cannon fodder, they can still take out the majority of the army given the chance.

    Also, ever since Sakura made her speech for achieving greatness, this is the first chapter I really felt proud of what she did, she could have stormed on and reduce the MiniJuubis with her might, instead she helped everyone recover and thus took Naruto’s place thus aiding him and helping him focus only on the offensive.

    Plus the Enten Arrow Fuuton Rassen Shurike was a great jutsu to behold, now it’s time for a Mizu Rassengan Chidori combo, if Naruto can learn a new element, that is. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed he’ll find the Banana Fan thus granting him access to all the elements.

    Downside of this chapter for me was the fact that we didn’t see Hinata use her Lion Fists 64 or even 128 palm attack on some Juubies.

  19. Soooo now what? Madara and Hashirama gonna duke it out next? Ugh! So many questions, that I just don’t know where to start! >_<

  20. Great chapter, finally I have some more respect for Sakura. Also, I searched for ages for the flashback panels that were now shown on page 14 🙂

  21. Impressive chapter, to be honest. Whilst reading this, I was looking out for an explosion and prepared immensely to duck on reflex….but I guess it was something I could absorb. I quite wonder if sai was speaking in the short or long term when he asked Jugo what sasuke’s true goal was.

    Can’t wait till next week.

  22. Hehh hey, welcome back Totalitarian, I guess you finally got out of Tenrai stomach :)) glad to see you back posting.

  23. zz, those panels were back when Kakashi was telling Naruto about types of chakra, when Naruto was learning to split the waterfall.

  24. @Totalitarian – in the mangastream translation, Sai said what is his true aim. I am curious whether it implies a double meaning: intention or where the arrow is heading.

  25. What do you guys and gals think will happen next week? I’m really curious to see where the evil will come from, as of now, we only have the following bad guys present: Madara, Obito (who is a bit “hollow” at the moment), and without a doubt Orochimaru and Taka didn’t do a 180 degree for the better.

    I think Oro will bring the chaos soon enough, if not him then Sasuke, I can’t figure out who else will take the throne of evil.

    It actually seemed like Madara was the best Ubber bad Guy around but now all that interest’s him is fighting Hashirama. We all remember what this two guys did to the surroundings in there last fight. :)) I can’t wait to see the Juubi making a WTF look when these power houses start switching East and West around.

  26. What if Oro kills off the kage and resurrects them for his evil deeds? Brings them to the dark side, while Sauske just works over Their main competitors for world domination (Tobi, Madara, and Juubi).

    Then Oro take’s over Sauske’s body while Madara takes over Tobi’s. The knew face of Evil! Oro with EMS and Madara being the Juubi Jinchuruki!

    I wont the villains to be truly powerful.

  27. @arpotu: I thought so too, but couldn’t find it. Searched around 315-316 and also in the Anime.

  28. @Eugen well the mangastream translation is really different..

    orochimaru enters the frey.. if its the real one then.. he probably would help tsunade and the other kages heal. and about sasuke’s real intentions.. if his real intention is to burn those pillars.. its either him being the jinchuuriki or madara.. and if that doesnt work.. hell if i know.. hahahahaha! kishi’s the one pulling the strings.

  29. and also to add something.. naruto can really sense if his intentions are good or bad.. because if these events transpire to be different than what it should be.. and that is saving the narutoverse.. we would have a big plot hole here.

  30. and i’m really having 2nd thoughts on sasuke because of juugo’s reaction.. its been going on for the past chapters already.. this might be some sign that sasuke is still the avenger that he once used to be.. and i think what he meant by being the hokage of the leaf is by taking it by force.. and if that ever happens.. tenrai’s wish would of naruto and sasuke battling it out would really happen in the future..

  31. Yayyyy, Sasuke’s going to be the first communist kage in the narutoverse :))).
    @ Chaps, at the pace Sasuke’s changing his mind about his path in life I doubt this hokage business is going to last for very long.

    As for Orochimaru, I truly hope he’ll aid Tsunade and the kages, I’m guessing that’s why he took Karin along for the ride, seeing as she can heal people through S&M techniques.

    Also, how much of a jaw dropper will it be if Kakashi comes back from the other dimension with sharingans in both eyes (Or Obito in the same situation), now that’s the kind of cliffhanger I’d like to see.

  32. Shakuton kourinshui ppukokuyari zero-shiki.
    Pls no… XD

  33. Im not sure I see this suspicion a lot of people see in Naruto and Sasuke. When they are checking each other out, to me is nothing more than realizing that both have changed since they last saw each other’s stuff. Not being able to see what Sasuke was looking at when he said “burn it down” is pretty annoying. As is Juugo and Sai’s telephathic feel for ulterior intentions. I hope Jiraya’s memory is remembered and he isn’t made to be brought back. Although if he was and the reason was for Orochimaru to apologize to him, that would be pretty cool. I am still opposed to Naruto having Hinata thrown at him. Naruto deserves better, who? Im not sure.

  34. I think there is a strong possibility that Naruto and Sasuke had a secret alliance since the valley of the end. What they agreed upon, I don’t know. Maybe they just knew something was wrong with their corrupt village. I think Sasuke put on an act for Orochimaru and everyone else, but was affected by it like an undercover cop can be. I think they knew eventually they would have to come back.

    I think the only big hole in the theory is that Naruto would have pulled off one hell of a long con with Sasuke. And Naruto is known for not being as bright as Sasuke. Then again – Naruto has come up with some major surprises before.

    There were times to doubt it. Like when Sakura tried to kill Sasuke – she must not have been in on it.

    But look at the jutsu that they just performed. Are we just going to chalk that up to being a well timed incredibly smart but unplanned move? Or is there something else at play here?

    At the very least, history is repeating itself. Naruto and Sasuke are going to be like Hashirama and Madara.

  35. @gavin So it was Itachi’s plan since Sasuke can’t think without consulting Itachi.

  36. @kantonkage: Yeah, haha.

    My idea is pretty far fetched. But if in some crazy twist, it does come true – then I can at least say I mentioned it. It’s probably not even worth debating.

    But about the Itachi thing. Itachi could have had his plans in place in his circle – but my concept is an attempt to tie together Naruto and Sasuke’s history. One plot point is just how confident Naruto was in Sasuke from their big fight at the Valley of the End all the way to the present.

  37. Hi guys. Sorry I won’t have a breakdown out my usual time so I’ll have to do a double. I’m just over-encumbered with work at the moment.

  38. It’s out:

  39. So it seems Sasuke is trying to get rid of all the bijuus in one go. Silly little emo, doesn’t he know they get resurrected after some years after they’re killed.

    He might also try to take out Naruto and Bee, seeing as they’re the only two jinchuriki still alive.
    The bad part of this chapter was the Karin and Suigetsu meaningless talk witch took a lot of panel space, also as far as the final page goes, how the hell can Obito still move after he got a basketball hoop sized hole where his heart is supposed to be.

    What’s up with that shit?!?!?

    I’m happy Tsunade and the the other kages are rejoining the fight but if you ask me, they outlived there usefulness, they would surely bring a lot more power to the battleground and the army will get the motivation boost for fighting alongside there leaders.
    But Long story, short, they were defeated and to start again and witness the sheer power of the other hokages, Naruto, Sasuke and Orochimaru will most likely fall as a big slap on the face for this guys.

    Funny thing about the kages, I associate them mostly with team 8, they’re really good at pulling off great combo attacks, but on there own they’re not that strong in comparison with the big guns on the front lines.

  40. I admire Sauske’s goal, but I don’t think other people like it. He is going for creation through destruction. Naruto is change without violence.

    I think Sakura is starting to see that Sauske is not the same anymore. Like Oro said, people change. Sauske has changed, as has she. She and Naruto had been clinging to the past for nostalgia’s sake. They romanticized their time as team 7 to the point where they are blinded by the return of Sauske. Now Naruto and Sakura are starting to see, Team 7 is gone…

    I think Naruto is going to find a way to release the Bijuu, so they could get reborn. Sauske is trying to destroy the ancient relics of the past to create a new world. That also means Naruto is in his cross hairs.

    They wasted a good 2-4 pages on Suigetsu and Karin. I didn’t like that. I give this chapter a 7 out of 10

  41. @Wiseman

    Creation through destruction is essentially the same goal Madara and Obito have. I mentioned a few breakdowns ago how I thought Sasuke was walking down the same path as Madara and it seems I was correct in that regard. This is why Naruto and Sasuke will still clash, because Naruto doesn’t want to destroy everything precious just to remake it. He wants to preserve the world but still change it.

    Also, his new found understanding of the Bijuu and subsequent friendship with them means that Naruto won’t want them to die. They’re just as much victims of the Shinobi system as Itachi and the Uchiha clan were, so if you ask me, it’s a bit of a contradiction for Sasuke to kill them after how far he went for his brother’s sake.

    Aslo, I agree that there is a chance that Sasuke may in fact target both Naruto and Bee as Jinchuuriki, because he may see them as remnants of the old system just like the other Bijuu.

    All-in-all, a very interesting chapter.

  42. @Eugen

    I might be wrong but I thought that was just Obito Messing with Kakashi’s Head with Genjutsu

  43. @ Ahsan, It could be but how to you use genjutsu against your own eye ?!?!?! It’s a bit strange but I think Kakashi could be in a sort of Obito mini moon’s eye plan realm, seeing he already show’ed kakashi a younger version of himself and Rin.

    Whatever the outcome I really lost interest in that fight for some reason, I’m really looking forward to seeing Sasuke’s new skills and Orochimar’s play in all of this.

  44. Obito’s like all the zetsu clones now. He seems to be soley made of chakra, which is why he appears to have no organs.


  46. The last panel with Kakashi and Tobi seemed a little out of place. I was more focused on the Sauske thing then anything else really. I think that final page was a needless cliff hanger. But I guess we know what next chapter is going to be about. I’m not really interested in that fight either. It’s been drawn out with needless talking, and it could have been over a long time ago (either Tobi killing Kakashi or Kakashi killing Tobi).

  47. @ Wise, did you notice that after Obito’s identity was revealed he’s powers and skill suddenly dropped, I mean this guy was show’en to take out a group of Mizu Anbu, fight formidably against Minato while having control over the Kyuubi, he escaped Konan’s sea of X billion explosive tags and killed her after, and also fought against the strongest good guys still around, all that while keeping things pretty much chillax, ever since Naruto broke his mask he didn’t really show any great individual powers.

    That’s strange when you think about the fact that Obito is one of 3-4 people in the entire narutoverse who can use Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang release, he has great ninjutsu and Taijutsus skills and has the F*ing Rinnegan in one eye. It’s like all his skills dropped ever since Kakashi figured out how his eye works and how to counter him.

    @ Andrew, that might be it, I was suspecting this ever since the Good Boy Zetsu covered Obito for the first time. I think that’s how he slowly lost his path, the Zetsu must have screwed with his brain and he slowly became the evil dude he is now. I don’t think the half zetsu body, Madara implanted on him, would have spread into his entire body causing him to turn into a zetsu fully, but after he merged with the Good Boy it probably caused a fusion between them. We see him in his introduction as speaking just like the Zetsu with the ” Tobi’s a good Boy” line and when he got serious he would change his tone of voice. Also the spiral mask could indicate the merger of the two as a tribute to the zetsu.

  48. @Eugen

    Keep in mind that Obito’s greatest strength was the ability to warp out of existence and avoid enemy attacks. It was for this reason he was able to take on multiple opponents and still give them a run for their money. Now that both Kakashi and Obito are fighting in the other dimension and Kakashi has the ability to render Obito’s Kamui useless, all those advantages are gone.

    This isn’t a case where Obito has become weaker. It’s simply a case where his strongest technique has become redundant against a particular opponent who can work around it.

  49. @Eugen To be fair Kakashi now has the same space-time jutsu, since the constant battle has unlocked it. But yeah, Tobi also was able to use a form of Mokuton. The only scary thing about him was his taijutsu because he was quick enough to evade and counter attack. His body seemed immune to a lot of attacks until they got figured out.

    The rinnegan is another story. So he can use the ressurcettion thing but he can’t use the other powers? I don’t get it. Why is it that the Rinnegan is constantly on too? If he is an Uchiha can’t he control the Uchiha eye? I thought UChiha’s are the only ones who can control Uchiha eyes, and the reason Kakashi can’t turn his off?

    I also think the constant battle has taken a toll on Tobi as well. And I thought you can’t stay transparent for more then 5 minutes? I cite Tobi’s battle with Konan for that. I think it’s been more then 5 minutes and they should be back by now.

    I’m really tired of Kakashi’s past. It’s not his cross to bare anymore and the fact that he has his own battle to fight is ridiculous, if anything Naruto should be having his own battle while everyone else tries to stop the Juubi.

  50. Not to sorta change the subject, but does anybody know how long these damned fillers are going to keep going in the anime? After all, day two of the war is supposed to kick off with the reanimated jinchuriki against Naruto. Of course, a lot of it is brief tidbits of the present, while most of it is flashbacks. But still…

  51. @ Kev, the anime guys are trying there hardest to slow down the normal story track, enough to let the manga take a bit of a lead again, think about it, 1 anime episode is about 2-3 maybe even 4 chapters in the manga, what happens when the anime is up to date on the manga, they’ll have nowhere else to go but to start anime fillers just to let the manga develop the originally story further. So I’m guessing the fillers will be as usual, 2, 3 months, before the original story continues where it left off.

    IMO there doing a decent job of the fillers with a bit more action from the 7 ninja swordsman of the mist, Torune’s past and skills, I admit the Kota episodes were retarded, but I guess you can’t win’em all.

  52. *shoots Eugen for mentioning that abomination*
    @wiseman I agree since it ends with his precious person causing suicide.

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