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Source: 2ch
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ナルトが呼び出したのはブンタでは無くガマ吉 サスケのアオダと言う蛇  サクラはカツユを呼んだ
Naruto summons Gamakichi, not bunta, Sasuke’s snake is called Aoda, and Sakura called Katsuyu
4代目と3代目がもういちど口寄せ三すくみが見れるとは思わなかったといい 三忍を思い出す
This is a bit unclear, so I’ll work on this a bit later…but the 4th and the 3rd remember the Sannin at the sight of those 3
猿飛『新たな時代よ!行けい!』 敵をすり抜け十尾へ向かうサスケ ナルトはガマ吉とジャンプで向かう サクラは回復として皆にカツユを送る
Sarutobi: It’s a new age! Go! …Sasuke slips through the Jyuubi spawns, Naruto jumps over them and Sakura offers support with healing through Katsuyu
サイは第7班の力に驚く サスケ達を冷静に見つめるジュウゴ
Sai is amazed at the power of team 7, and Juugo stares at the calm of Sasuke and co.
スサノオ×アオダ ガマ吉×ナルト 二人の技 発動 風遁超大玉螺旋手裏剣 と炎遁 スサノオカグヅチ攻撃する二人
Both attack on their summons, Naruto uses Fuuton Chou-Oodama-Rasenshuriken, and Sasuke uses Enton Susanoo-Kagutsuchi
二人の技は炎と風 大きな力になり十尾へ届く!! 二人は全く同じチャクラ比で術を合わせた
Their elements combine into a powerful attack and hits the Kyuubi! They use up around the same level of chakra to do this
4代目が名付けて灼遁光輪疾風漆黒矢零式 ・・・・無いな・・・と言う
This is really hard to translate, but it says that the 4th describes the attack…I will try to make sense of this(it’s hard without the actual art, even the spoiler poster is unsure)
Sasuke and Naruto are standing as equals in front of the Jyuubi
サイがジュウゴに話しかける  彼の本当の狙いは何なんだ?
Sasuke asks Juugo if he knows what’s its (Jyuubi’s? not sure without context) true goal
Juugo says he has no idea
Orochimaru, Karin and Suigetsu arrive to Tsunade’s place
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Chapter is out. You can read it here!

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