One piece chapter 710-to green bit

Hola everyone how you guys been ? I did not get a chance to do the review of punk hazard arc as plan stupid work got in the way. Well lets dive right into it. I am kinda hesitant to right this breakdown  since i heard that their will be another chapter this week. But if it does i will do another one i suppose.

The chapter starts with luffy checking up on bellamy after the beating he took. Bellamy Basicly stated what we already knew. Luffy’s haki is tremendous. Now at the end of the punk hazard arc when don flamingo send his goons to recover caesar he warns them that luffy is far more stronger than law.
He tells them to be careful.
Now there is a lot of people saying that luffy needs a power up to go up against the yonkous and that he is not ready for that yet. But we do not know the extend of luffy’s power yet. At the beginning of this arc when luffy met the admiral he stated that it would be bad for both if he told luffy who he is. Which leads me to believe that the admiral is not all that confident he can beat him.
You guys are probably asking what does all that bull$#!t have to do with the chapter. Well a lot since luffy and bellamy’s convo got over heard by bartolomeo. When he heard luffy’s name it wipe that confident expression right of his face, and for the first time since he got introduce he looks nervous.
I believe the measure of a great leader is not how strong he is but how humble and forgiving he can be. When you think of how strong and humble luffy is you can tell why he can draw a lot of people to him. I do not know if i am looking to much into this but bellamy seems to respect luffy a lot after their convo and luffy seems to consider him a friend. Also i do not think oda brought him back just to get his ass kicked. What i am trying to say is that bellamy has a legitimate chance of being a new strawhat member or at least go into and alliance with luffy and sail under his protection.
Moving on we see that robin,usoop and law’s group are in the bringe getting attacked by the fighting fish. Law tells robin and usoop to handle the fish and even free caesar so he can help them. Of course with his heart on hand. I know i just mention how bellamy has a good shot of joining the strawhats and a lot of people might disagree with what i am about to say but it must be said. Can caesar be the next strawhat member.

Before you guy’s blow a fuse bare with me for a bit. Caesar’s personality fits the crew really well. Think about it caesar wants to be the greatest scientest in the world. Him and usoop are very identical in the way they act. Also in order for everyone to be a strawhat so far luffy has had to save them. What if luffy saves caesar from don flamingo. Think about it the only reason don flamingo needs caesar is for smile .
If the factory gets destroyed he has no used for him, and we all saw how he told monet to die for him.
The only thing caesar has to do is change his diabolical ways. Well that’s a little food for thought for you guys. As the chapter goes on we see that the fighting fish gets caught in a net by something which quickly runs away after seeing law’s group. Law’s group finally makes it to green bit and they notice that a marine  warship got sent flying by the fighting fish and is stuck in the threes.
Law tells usoop and robin to go recon the area to make sure he does not get ambush and as they go into the forest they notice(or robing notices) that the marines got attacked by dwarves. When robin caught the dwarves it looked a lot like she used color haki. When she noticed the marines also. in punk hazard luffy said zoro and sanji were the ones that new haki. If that is the case then the strawhats can not take on any strong pirates i believe in order for them to be a truly fears crew all will need to know at least one type of haki.
Here is the haki that i feel will be most beneficial for the members of the stawhats if the plan on becoming the strongest crew.
Robin should used color haki it would help her take out enemy’s she can’t see.
Nami also color i don’t think she needs armadent since she can make lightning kinda.
Usoop armadent since he is a sniper so he can take out logia users.
Brooks will need armadent cause he is a swordsman.
Franky color he has that laser that I’m pretty sure can hit logia since it is the same as the pacifista
and chopper armadent because he is a hand to hand fighter.
I’m not saying they should only have one but this is at least what i would like to see if they get a power up. Of course two hakis would be good.
This whole chapter law tried to avoid fights so he can save his stamina for don flamingo. I am really looking forward to this fight. Don flamingo made smoker his female dog  we didn’t really get to see him break a sweat.  I am glad law is taking on don flamingo i want to see the extend of law’s power i hope he does not get beat and luffy has to safe him. Luffy proved himself to law last arc so law has to prove himself here. Since luffy will be the one that takes out the yonkou.
Anyways this is the end of the breakdown. I hope you guys enjoy it. Now here is this weeks question. Who do you guys think will win in a fight law or don flamingo?

~ by simplyantony on June 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “One piece chapter 710-to green bit”

  1. I’m getting good at this…

  2. a post is not complete until you nget first

  3. Great breakdown and usoop with armament would be great…and they all need at least one Haki like you said to take on the new worlds strongest

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