Naruto Chapter 632 Breakdown: It’s time for some short and sweet!

Hey guys.

This won’t be a very long breakdown (at least by my standards) and I guess the reason for that is because this just isn’t one of those chapters that you can really pull apart at great length like some of the others. You could say it was all action and no talk, although what little talk was there might have been enough to rub you the wrong way. So, to make it up to you, I’ll include some pretty color pictures for all of you to stare at in wonder.

Alright, here I go! @__@

Next time, on two and a half men! (Artwork by VitalikLoL).

Next time, on two and a half men! Not sure which one’s the half though…
(Artwork by VitalikLoL).

Basically, I think there are three things we wanted from this chapter coming form the awesomeness that was chapter 631. The first was a nice, healthy dose of epicness, the second was for Sakura to become useful again and the third was for Sasuke to be at least a bit less of an ass. Now, while I can say that the first two might have met some of our expectations, that third point is another story altogether. I guess you just can’t take the ass out of Sassuke (intentionally bad spelling ftw?).

But let’s get back to Sakura, shall we? Yes, she has a chest flatter than most male swimmers and yes, she has a temperament that’s about as inconsistent as a pregnant women with schizophrenia, but at the end of the day, she’s still a part of Team 7 and thus, to some degree, us readers will naturally have some sort of emotional attachment to her (hate is an emotion, right?). With this in mind, I think most of us were at least someone interested in seeing if she’d finally become useful again and earn her place in Team 7 next to Sasuke and Naruto. After chapter 632, it seems she is, at the very least, on the right track now.

(Artwork by GiA-SeCaNdO92).

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?
(Artwork by GiA-SeCaNdO92).

For all of us who expected that Sakura might have learned the Yin Seal Release, I guess I can safely say that we all called it right this time. Of all the jutsu Sakura might have inherited from Tsunade, this would probably be the most powerful trump card, so it’s only natural that it was going to come out at some point. It also makes the most sense, seeing as how Tsunade herself said that medical ninja must never fight on the front lines and that the only exception to this rule is for those who have learned the Yin Seal Release, so the only reason Sakura would have gone onto the front lines as one of Tsunade’s students is if she herself could abide by her master’s rule.

The fact that Sakura managed to store up chakra for three years for that seal also means she has three years worth of chakra to play around with and to use to enhance her power. The results are immediately clear.

Sakura took her game of "Punch-buggy" way too seriously...

Sakura took her game of “Punch-buggy” way too seriously…

Looking at the image above, I think it’s safe to say that the progress Sakura has made in this chapter from a power point of view is simply ground-breaking!

*Gets eaten alive for bad pun.*

In fact, the extent of her strength was such that even Hashirama commented on how it might have been even greater than Tsunade’s. To me, this was a good sign, because it means that the new generation truly is overtaking the last and now it’s not just Naruto and Sasuke who are overcoming the boundaries of their masters’ strengths, but Sakura as well. It’s keeping in with the long running theme in Naruto where the new generations will surpass the old and I think it’s only right that as the disciple of a Hokage and Sannin, that this particular Sakura flower would eventually blossom into something that can be admired rather than scorned.

However, despite her flashy show, not all of our readers were happy about Sakura’s supposed “out-of-the-blue power-up”. While I can understand why some might feel as if seems somewhat contrived, for me, the pros of Sakura becoming useful again far outweigh the cons of a minor plotkai, though I do admit it would have been nice if we had at least some hint about Sakura storing up chakra from the early stages of part 2. Who knows, maybe there was and we just didn’t notice it at the time.

Still, all discussion about Sakura aside, I think the real treasure of this chapter was the reunion of Team 7 and, whether it was for good or bad, in the end, seeing the three of them standing back-to-back together, ready to unleash all kinds of epicness, was the epitome of awesomeness, and I think the following image translates the feeling I had when seeing it very well.

Oooh... it's shiny... *___* (artowrk by IFrAgMenTIx).

Oooh… it’s shiny… *___*
(artwork by IFrAgMenTIx).

Yes, I’ll admit, Sakura’s Sasuke-squee and Sasuke’s own arrogance did make me feel like projectile-vomiting, but this scene was still super-epic either way and I think a lot of people read a bit to far into the behavior of each member of Team 7 where I think Kishi was just trying to create a nostalgic moment for us readers. I also have to commend IFrAgMenTIx for his awesome color rendition of this screen; it’s just amazing. I’d also like to recommend that if you like the artwork of the images I posted, please click the links in the artists’ names to visit their pages.

I can only hope that the chapters that follow this one are as epic as the image above, with less instances of Sakura fawning over Sasuke and more of a focus on the united power of Team 7 and not just the individual power. Either way, that’s all from me for this week. I know my breakdown wasn’t half as long as usual, but I wanted to take a more relaxed approach this time. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Here are the winners of last week’s Bubbliton Contest, as chosen by Gavin.

5th) Kantonkage:
Bubblition: You will ACCEPT my LOVE HASHIRAMA!!!
Hashirama: Ninpou: STFU NO JUTSU!
Madra: …
Hashirama: I can’t believe that actually worked.
Caption: No one did, Hashirama. No one did.
Points for comedic timing.
4th) Kantonkage:
Bubblition [Madara]: MWAHAHAHA! There’s no one who can stop me now.
Hashirama: Isn’t that your mother behind you.
Hashirama: it looks like she going to use the dreaded Spank no jutsu.
Caption: Just when world domination is within grasp… Mom shows up.
Points for something I wasn’t expecting.
3rd) Constantinethetrickster:
Madara “Finally its time for our epic battle, Hashirama.”
Hashirama “Booger bomb – go.”
Madara “……..”
Hashirama “Well, it worked in one piece.”
Points for boogers – exactly what I was thinking.
2nd) Iamnotreallyhere:
Madara- I just want to thank you all for choosing me as the main villain, it’s always been my life’s ambition to wipe you all…
Hashirama 1: Yo Madara, I’m really happy for you! I’mma let you finish but…
Harashima 2: Orochimaru was the best villain of all time!!
Caption: Orochimaru: ~whistles innocently~
Points for a not often used meme that fit quite well.

Kevin Phoenix: How Hashirama REALLY keeps Madara in line.

Kevin Phoenix: How Hashirama REALLY keeps Madara in line.

Note from Gavin: Sorry I’m late this week guys, I’m on my honeymoon! KevinPhoenix finally came out ahead this week, congrats!

*Back to Tenrai.*

Well, I finally decided on a Bubbliton this week. Seeing as how this was a scene I’m sure a lot of you would have liked to rewrite, I decided to give you all the chance!
*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on June 4, 2013.

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  1. 9999th!

  2. lol

  3. Hurray second!!!

  4. 3rd I guess

  5. :)) Sorry Kanton,

  6. You people can’t count. >_>

  7. Lol, awesome breakdown… Right on point

  8. and with the image of naruto/sakura and sasuke back-to-back-to-back.. naruto didn’t had that smile.. he had his signature smirk, which tells me that the message kishi wanted to show was all about nostalgia.

  9. Nice breakdown Tenrai, I didn’t expect it to be long because there wasn’t really that much to talk about from last chapter. Also congrats to KevinPhoenix on finally achieving your goal ;D

  10. The breakdown was str8 to the point, As you said Ten, there wasn’t much to talk about in this latest chapter and hopefully we’ll make due without Sasuke’s ass personality and Kiba’s pipe dreams next chapter. Also I hope Sakura will step up here game tomorrow and show us something new.

  11. 257642489513452139th

  12. Can you spell that for us Kanton ???? :))

  13. Two hundred fifty seven Quadrillion six hundred forty two Trilion four hundred eighty nine Billion five hundred thirteen million four hundred fifty two thousend one hundred and thirty nine.

    Everyone else just add +1 :))) (It’s Kanton’s number, I think)

  14. 257642489513452140th

  15. 257642489513452141st

  16. 257642489513452142nd

  17. Ya know, one awkward moment in a chapter of Naruto is one too many. When I read that bit with Kiba spontaneously saying he will become Hokage, I felt almost as embarrassed as if I were standing there near him in that world. I mean here we have a character who has never personally showed any noticeable development, at least not with any new techniques since the time skip. And now he’s pulling what essentially came off as a desperate plea for attention just because Sasuke did it.

    Probably the only thing that saved him from utter humiliation was Hinata. That was very kind of her to always be there to support anyone who needed it, even when others would shun that person for it. Suffice to say, I just think that bit with Kiba reeked of awkwardness.

    Another thing that frankly griped me about this chapter was how despite all the respect and support Naruto has earned from Sakura all this time, she immediately almost completely goes back to being all fangirl for Sasuke and once again disregarding Naruto. That moment where those two had to save Sakura after letting her guard down resulted in a moment that made me swear that if Naruto somehow ends up with Sakura instead of Hinata, there will be torches and pitchforks. Sasuke can have Sakura, but leave Naruto to someone truly worthy of him and vice versa…Hinata.

    I just think that Sakura seemingly completely forgetting that Sasuke tried to kill her at one point was messed up. It just seems like obsession at this point, though I’d say it always has been. And considering how Sasuke is so arrogantly saying that he doesn’t care what others think of him, that right there is reason number one why he would never really become Hokage.

    I know there are some people who think that Naruto oughta pass on the title of Hokage to Sasuke, after getting it himself, in some attempt to break that cycle of hatred once and for all. But you forget that Hashirama tried that same thing and it didn’t work out. If anything, after all Sasuke has done, no one in their right minds would accept him as Hokage. I think this is actually the start of a new mindset for him that’s going to culminate in that final battle between him and Naruto.

    And remember, Naruto still has a promise with Konohamaru to fight for the title of Hokage someday. The former can’t exactly do that if he hands over that title to someone else. Yeah, Naruto has come too far for anyone but himself to be the next Hokage. I’m actually hoping the other current Kage manage to show up. Though for some reason, I have this feeling that Tsunade used up the last of her chakra to save the others.

    I’m not sure what to think about Madara’s current disposition. It’s like he’s just hanging out almost. He’s in no hurry to fight Hashirama, especially not after such a bad choice of patronizing him with a wood clone.

    Now for all the bad things I said about Sakura, I will give her this. It’s about damn time she “blossomed”. All those promises she made about being the one that Naruto and Sasuke sees from the back seemed to have gone unresolved until now. I think it’s quite fitting that she forms the Yin Seal and unleashes is in a crazed fury that resulted in one of the funniest reactions I’ve ever seen on Naruto’s face. I just think Kishi could’ve done better than to just stop her newfound momentum, requiring Naruto (and Sasuke) to save her yet again. She just needs to learn to always see Naruto, even when her precious Sasuke is standing next to her. Because if it wasn’t for Naruto, Sakura…would…be…DEAD!

    I have a feeling that this reunion is not going to last. When Jugo silently questioned what Sasuke was thinking, it made me realize that that may have been a hint from Kishi that something will indeed happen to put Naruto and Sasuke on opposing sides again. Guess we’ll see.

    Now then. Regarding the bubblition from last week…Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that I finally won it. In fact, I’m thrilled! But in a rather ironic twist, I actually didn’t expect to win this particular one. The delivery up to “Pull my finger” was spot on IMO, but I had a hard time thinking of any good dialogue for Hashirama after Madara’s silence. I think it would’ve been more effective if it has just ended at Madara’s silence. The same thing with the caption as well, I just couldn’t think of a particularly funny way to cap it all. So was mine really that funny that it deserved first place?….don’t answer that. >.>

    I’ll continue to do the bubblitions regardless. But for now, my mind needs to recharge a bit after all this before I have a go at this one. lol

  18. Bubblition: Naruto: Sakura You can’t be Hokage yet. Maybe you could be the 8th
    Sasuke: Hey, what about me?
    Sakura: You could be 257642489513452139th.
    Caption: Isn’t that Kiba’s chances of winning a fight.

  19. Forget about Sasuke, Konohamaru is the next hokage.

  20. Does this offically mean sai has been dropped? How will they get by without his ability to draw bunny wabbits against juubi? Only that root member of danzos has been discarded of worse. I guess that means a transfer over into team Maito Guy. I would for a pair of those green spandex. Oh yeah and Wtf happened to Yamato? Was he disrespected and died off panel or Is he really actually still alive. Everyone just forgot him. His creepy rape face makes him stuff of legend. In that he suppased harishima.




  21. @Kevinphoenix : You took the words right out of my mouth. After reading the breakdown I wanted to explain that it wasn’t her powerup that was annoying, as a matter of fact it was logical, useful and totally not ‘out of the blue’ and long overdue. It was the attitude she had of immediatly assuming she was the equal of Naruto and Sasuke and rushing in to prove herself. Instead she had to be saved again totally undoing the coolness she had just gained. And also as KevP said, her total fangirl drooling over Sasuke completely ignoring Naruto. I’m not against Sakura but she should take a good look at whos done what for her between Naruto and Sasuke.

  22. *Appears out of T’Obito space*

    Since we had nothing from Kakashi and Obito this week, I assume they’re settling their match the only way that it could ever truly be resolved – With a CHILDREN’S CARD GAME.

    Sakura : Hey Sasuke, what exactly is “Kubo-Tite-No-Jutsu” ?
    Sasuke: Oh, trust me, it has nothing to do with Trolling ninjas in genocidal fashion.
    Naruto: Sonafubitch! Why does everybody but me see this coming?

    CAPTION: Troll-lol-lol

  24. A wild Prawlkage appears. Kageball GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  25. Guys, take a look at this spoiler pic…

    The epicness is about to begin. @___@

  26. Holy Mother of Vegeta, It’s Prawl O_O, Quick Tenrai eat him before he get’s away!!!
    Long time no see bro, we’ve been missing you’re post and gross bubble entries like a plate of cheese cake with oreos. Welcome back, hope you’re here to stay.

  27. @ spoiler pic, I’m guessing it’s gonna be a talkative chapter seeing the team is summoning there respective beasts at the last page of the chapter.

  28. From what I can see, Kishi doesnt care about Sakura any more, :/ dont know why but after the spoiler pic, thats my deduction, Sasuke looks calmed and cold as usual, Naruto seems energic and enjoing himself after fighting side to side with his former teammates reunited, but Sakura looks tired…already? Thanks Kishi, lets hope the hype from the previous chapter hasnt been for nothing, let the epicness begin!


  30. Wow… Kiba did something useful!

  31. pissing contest starts in 3… 2.. 1.

  32. great chapter, inoshikacho and the rest of the former rookies were pure awesomness :D, it was cool that Minato noticed how much Naruto has grown and how he perfected the rasengan, this chapter was epic and even more

  33. I actually really liked how the InoShikaChou collaboration was shown in this chapter. That was probably the coolest part. Seeing Hinata finally master the 8-trigrams 64 palms was nice as well and for once Kiba actually did something. It wasn’t that spectacular, but still something.

    I’m glad to see team 7 use their summons and pay homage to the Sannin. As for Sasuke, I’m not even sure why Kishi gave him the hawk summon seeing as how it had such a short time in the light and he’s now gone back to using Snakes again.

    All-in-all, I’d say a good chapter. There’s nothing to complain about in particular anyway.

  34. Enjoyed seeing some of the new skills from the Konoha 11. InoShikaCho were very impressive. Ino is very good nowadays! Also enjoyed the Shino panels, they were very good.

    Good chapter overall. Very enjoyable

  35. It’s funny how much of a coincidence this chapter is after my long rant, specifically about Kiba. Here I was figuring he’d not have any new techniques up his sleeve and sure enough, he actually, well sorta, pulls off an enhanced version of the two headed wolf combo.

    It seemed like a nice homage to see Hinata finally perfect the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms technique. While not exactly original, to see it being performed by Hinata made it just as fun to see. Frankly, it was awesome all around to see all of the rookie 9 show off improvements to their fighting styles.

    I felt kinda bad for Sai though. He certainly wanted to show that he could keep up with everyone, but instead he gets wounded in the process. Sucks to say, but he kinda seems like a fifth wheel now with Sasuke back with team 7. Though I still have a feeling that it’s not going to last. I certainly took note on how Naruto and Sasuke seemed to size up each others’ latest forms/eyes.

    At least for now though, we’re getting a nice treat here. Though there is one thing I’m a bit confused about. Nevermind that Sasuke had last switched to summoning hawks. That giant snake would have to be Kabuto’s Manda II, because the original Manda was killed ironically, albeit indirectly by Sasuke himself. So then how and when did he reestablish his summoning contract with snakes, least of all that one? Stop me if I’m wrong. But from my understanding, aside from Pain, a ninja can only have a summoning contract with one animal species at a time.

    Well in any case, it seems like the previous Hokage will indeed be spectators more than participants after all, which is good. With the talk of Naruto struggling with his and Kurama’s chakra levels, I got this really good sense that Minato will soon impart his half of Kurama’s Yin chakra back upon him and not only restore Naruto to full power, but enable him to greatly exceed it even more than ever before to a point where he may even be able to directly take on the Juubi, at least until he reaches his final form. And let’s not kid ourselves, he will be eventually.

    I think that covers everything. All in all, this was another great chapter of awesomeness. Oh, and I’m thrilled and frankly relieved that there was a brief tender moment where Hinata reflected on Naruto holding her hand. This should help reaffirm to us, the readers, that NaruHina is still alive and very much a likely outcome. Let’s hope…

  36. By the way, anyone else noticing how Orochimaru is surprisingly not showing himself lately? Assuming he’s present, it just seems odd that he would be in the background with Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu.

  37. It just looks like Sai’s bird took a dump on the jubbi then exploded from exhaustion…must have been holding that one for awhile..

  38. Who stole Sai’s awesomeness and gave it to Kiba?!

  39. @Tenrai but you know, there’s no actual evidence that summoning contracts are exclusive, is there? As far as I’m concerned, the contract is simply there for records saying that the summoner are indeed allowed to summon that particular animal. Furthermore, Sasuke may only be able to summon one species at any one time. That could be a restriction stated on any contract. Just because Sasuke’s species alignment might be with the hawks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be restricted to summoning ONLY hawks.

  40. @ Kevin, Orochimaru will probably rape Kakashi and Obito in the other dimension, Sasuke can summon, just like Naruto, a whole bunch of snakes, it doesn’t matter witch one it is, Sasuke has a contract with snakes and he’s not limited to just one. As for the hawk, I’m guessing he has the hawk also, and I don’t remember being stated that a person can only summon one type of animal. If your good enough you can summon Alfred from the bat-cave for all I care.

    Kiba is a one jutsu guy and he’ll only use the same thing with a twist over and over again. I also liked Shino’s insect inside-out devouring jutsu, and the fact that Hinata’s catching up to Neji’s skills.

    Also the InoShikaCho was great, just as Ten said, the depiction of the jutsus was awesome and Ino is actually better than Sakura if you ask me, It’s a hard thing to say, but out of the rookie 9 she’s the best kunoichi.

    She has seansing abilities, the Yamanaka abilities, witch she started to excel at since the start of the war, and also she has medical ninjutusu skills.

  41. Also, it just hit me, the frog Naruto summoned is Gamakichi. At first I thought it was Gamabunta, but damn, that little frog sure got huge in the last 3 years.

  42. Gamakichi smoking a cig = BEAST XD

    Thanks fro the breakdown Ten!

    Thanks to all bubble entries, I lol.

    Oro is too bussy looking to Sasus ass XD…

  43. Hey guys
    The new manga was really great but I would like to put it aside and talk a little about Orochimaru.
    Bare with me for a second. What if he actually used this hole fuss with the Juubi and the absence of Tobi/Obito from his headquarters just so he could freely get to all those sharingans
    Quick reminder :
    And we all know that Orochimaru has a hard on for sharingans. But then how did he got the knowledge of their whereabouts ? My answer is either Kabuto or Sasuke.
    Rather bigger question is, if all these things are true, what is his plan to do with it ? Is Sasuke also in the scheme ?
    I think he is, for whatever reason, orochimaru and sasuke are getting along pretty well for a couple that tried to kill one another.
    One more thing to consider is that Yugo is surprised to see Sasuke back in team7 …Is Sasuke overlooking Naruto to see how much did he evolved because he is the most biggest threat ?
    This is just a theory if you see some logic in this I would be happy to continue discussing it.
    So much from me, Pozdrav 🙂

  44. @ Pavo, Orochimaru might, indeed, go after the sharingans, seeing he absorbed the information from Kabuto and Anko when he was resurrected he now knows from those two where Obito’s hideout is and there’s a special surprise waiting for him there. Yamato is still trapped down there and Orochimaru might even implant sharingans in Yamato in order for him to gain the Rinnegan.

    I guess we’ll see in the next weeks to come what Oro is really up to.

  45. Also Mangastreams translation was better then mangapanda’s with one exception.
    Minato: “That slick bastard Naruto ….. even managed to evolve that rassengan of his”

    I really don’t see Minato calling his son a slick bastard.

  46. It was a great chapter indeed, I wanted to give my thoughts about Sasukes summonings, not given any explination from Kishi about how contracts with animals actually work I see something very symbolic about Sasuke leaving away hawks summonings, Sasuke named his group Hawk when he decided to destroy Konoha, so after his change of heart it was important to see his determination to protect his brothers legacy translated into his change from Hawk to Hebi, thats how I see it, LOL maybe Im overlooking that point too hard but anyhow this chapter was cool 😀

  47. A pretty good chapter which showed how much each team has grown. I was hoping for more from Hinata, maybe we’ll see what those lion hands can do soon. Anyway I still find myself suspicious of Sasuke. His studying of Naruto is telling, but maybe its just their rivallry. It seems that Naruto is planning a frontal assault on the Juubi next chapter and don’t forget that the Kages should show up soon assuming Tsunades healed them. I’m hoping that even with such an epic force they get defeated and everyone realises just how hopeless their situation is. If even the Kages, every Hokage, the Konaha 11, the shinobi alliance and Orochimaru and his crew can’t defeat the juubi it would show just how epic the SOT6P really was. Then Naruto would really have to prove himself the successor and it would make the final battle that much better. Or maybe Sasuke plans to be the Juubi Jinchuuriki and remake the world as he wants it. Never underestimate the Emo!!

    Bubblition :
    Naruto : “Everyone back to back, Orochimaru is close!”
    Sasuke : “I stayed with him for three years, I wore a chastity belt”
    Sakura : “Phew!! I’m glad I’m a girl”
    Caption : Orochimaru, beats Pedobear hands down.

  48. Not sure if I missed out on this conversation, but how does Minato have the yellow chakra cloak?

    I get that he has half of Kurama’s chakra, but how could he conquer all of his hatred (without using the falls of truth) and play Kyuubi chakra tug-of-war (without the help of Kushina and Bee) all while reaching the battlefield before the other Hokages, teleporting a massive tailed beast bomb into the ocean, and reuniting with his son?

    Seems a litlle farfetched to me.

    Maybe it’ll be explained eventually…?

  49. @metachi.. minato doesn’t have the kyuubi within him. he only had the yang chakra which probably he could tap into whenever needed. i guess minato’s bloodline is the one which let’s naruto pass chakra unto others. and i think the uzumaki bloodline is the one that can let naruto store plenty of chakra..

  50. This naruto chapter was epic much better than the last one i liked the ending.

    sakura: i told you guys i was use full
    sasuke: yeah sakura you are as useful as a sweater in the summer
    naruto: Yeah you are just as use full as kiba

    caption: poor sakura even team 7 thinks she is useless

  51. People sure do like copying me by saying random numbers….. I feel cool again.

  52. Yeah, the frog Naruto summoned is Gamakichi. The easiest way to tell is that he doesn’t have a scar on his face. Anyway, as for what Oro and Suigetsu are doing, Pein suggested that they might have gone off to retrieve Jiraiya’s body from the bottom of the ocean (if anyone could survive that pressure, Suigetsu could). He may intend to get all three former Sannin back in the battle to fight alongside the three new Sannin.

    That may also be why Kishi had Naruto summon Gamakichi instead of Gamabunta, so that the new generation of sannin would use new summons from their own generation and the old generation would use the older summons.

  53. Minato had the yang chakra. The light chakra. Therefore it’s unlikely that it was evil and hateful.

  54. Oro is more likely o be helping tsunade that he is going to the bottom of the ocean.

  55. well, i’de buy that theory no matter what.. i want to see j-man fight this battle with naruto.

  56. ok one thing I dont get….edo tensei gives you unlimited health and chakra….sooooooooo shouldn’t a clone be the same strength as the original Hashi??? You devide up your chakra with a clone…if you give it 100 percent you die…but and edo is already dead…so it can do that…furthermore, why is hashi or any of the kages for that matter having trouble controlling the jubi…their chakra is more than it’s…because they have unlimited…shouldn’t the first be pwning the jubi left and right with his unlimited wood jutsu???? please can somebody clear this up for me. Why as well…couldn’t the fourth create a clone that seals madara….i dont care what anybody says…the fourth is faster than madara and could do it in a blink….

  57. imho.. yes they have unlimited chakra, but i think it works like a replenish kind of thing.. their chakra has a limit or something like a storage.. they use some but it doesn’t get restored quickly.. something like how the juubi molds its chakra.. get what i’m saying..

  58. @dricedt Imho, I believe Madara needs to be restrain first like the previous Kage so he won’t break out.

  59. I could have sworn that the chakra that is replenished comes from the person using Edo Tensei. Otherwise they only have as much as when they died or whatever.

  60. Excellent breakdown guys! Keep up the good work!

  61. @Drice

    I think you’re seeing the whole concept of unlimited chakra the wrong way.

    Let’s say we compare normal ninja to the Juubi in terms of chakra. The normal ninja has a cup’s worth and the Juubi’s is an ocean. It’s clear that the Juubi’s power is more vast, correct?

    Now let’s say we take an exceptional ninja like Hashirama, and say that his chakra is like a large lake compared to the ocean. It’s better than a cup, but still not as vast or as powerful as the ocean. Now that he’s an edo tensei summon, his chakra never runs out, however, it’s still just a lake’s worth in terms of overall power, only now the lake will never dry up. However, his power still isn’t as fast as that of the Juubi’s.

    It’s like comparing a hand gun which never runs out of ammo, to a nuke that can detonate as many times as it wants. Sure both can be used repeatedly, but the power difference between them is still incredibly vast.

    Basically, my ultimate point is that unlimited chakra does not = unlimited power. Hashirama’s power is still the same as when he died it’s just he can use it more now.

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