Naruto Chapter 631 Breakdown: Epic isn’t just a word, it’s a state of being.

If there’s one word I could use to describe these past few Naruto chapters, “epic” is one of the first few that comes to mind. I mean, let’s face it, the scale of this battle against Madara and the Juubi has only been climbing higher and higher as we go, and now with the arrival of Minato onto the field, I’d say the epic ship has officially just set sail with the wind pushing briskly at its back.

It only seems natural that Minato’s first act as he arrives would be to cut the Juubi’s big balls down to size.

Some poor fish is about to have a really, really bad day.

Some poor fish out there is about to have a really, really bad day.

One fact we are alerted to from the get go is that the reason Naruto wasn’t surprised to see his father was because he had already sensed him approaching them while in his Sennin Chakra mode. While I can understand that, one thing I will say is that I was a bit disappointed that Minato’s entrance was treated with less shock and awe than it could have been regarding the reactions of Naruto’s peers, especially given our own excitement as readers.

It would have been really cool to see how the other rookies would have responded after learning that Naruto was the son of the Fourth Hokage, but going by Sakura’s reaction, they didn’t even seem to know who Minato was in the first place, although maybe that’s a given considering he died before most of them were old enough to walk.

Still, Minato’s entrance still managed to remain awe-inspiring regardless and after asking whether Sakura was Naruto’s girlfriend, it helped inject some comedic relief as well.

Poor NaruHina fans...

Poor NaruHina fans…

Now, this scene above holds a lot of implications, some that NaruHina fans in particular may not be happy about. Firstly, when Minato asks whether Sakura is Naruto’s girlfriend, Naruto is the one who awkwardly tries to give him a positive confirmation of that very sentiment. Now, this in itself suggests that Naruto still has feelings for Sakura and thus, still holds true to the idea that a relationship might be possible between them. Of course, it may also be a case where Naruto was just saying it to tease Sakura or as a joke, but you can never be sure with him because of how sincere he usually is with his words.

The other implication that suggests that Kishi may be steering towards a NaruSaku relationship is the fact that even Minato likens Sakura to Kushina, which brings us back to a scene from a number of chapters ago, where Kushina tells Naruto to find a girl like his mom (Sakura) and not some weird or awkward girl (Hinata?).



At the end of the day, I really think Kishi is confusing the whole love pentagon that he has now created. I mean, as it stands right now, the current chain is as follows…

Hinata loves Naruto > Naruto loves Sakura > Sakura loves Sasuke > and Sasuke loves being Emo.

Right now, I’d say that after Hinata’s love confession, Sakura’s fake love confession and Naruto’s half love confession that wasn’t really a confession even though it was trying to be one, it’s now anyone’s guess as to where the hell Kishi is going with the romance side of his story (which, admittedly, is a very, very small side to it). What do you guys think?

Moving along from the relationship woes, we get back to Minato and the other three Hokage. Obviously the heat is really turned up when Minato reveals the fact that he can also use Kurama’s chakra and achieve a similar transformation to Naruto, and I think I can speak for many of us when I say that his version of the transformation is also pretty badass.

How to steal the limelight, by Namikaze Minato. (Artwork by i-azu)

How to steal the limelight, by Namikaze Minato. (Artwork by i-azu).

Oddly enough, even though Minato’s version of the transformation is really cool, I still personally prefer Naruto’s version. I think this is because when Kishi designed the chakra mode, he had Naruto in mind and so designed it around his character’s aesthetics. Because of this, we see his features enhanced accordingly, such as the slit eyes and the marks on his cheeks becoming more prominent, etc. On Minato, the transformation seems oddly out-of-place and even his eyes lack the slits that would have otherwise added a bit more towards the overall cool factor.

In saying that, the fact that Minato’s transformation does look similar to Naruto’s holds a few implications in itself, because both bear the likeness of the Sage of the Six Paths in this form, including the tomoe marks around the neck and the similarities in the two long spikes in their hair styles. I discussed a few theories in the last breakdown about how Naruto might be related to the Rikudou Sennin himself and a chance of direct lineage on Minato’s side was one of the possibilities that came up, but this latest chapter seems to suggest that the possibility of Minato being the primary link is there.

Still, with Minato and the other Kage using their energy to hold up the barrier to contain the Juubi, we may not actually get to see his transformation in action, at least, not right away. For now, the manga seems to have shifted focus onto another reunion, one that’s just as dramatic as the one between a long-lost father and son and perhaps, in some respects, even more exciting.

Sasuke's return

Late? Yes. Fashionably? Well, that’s up to the fangirls to decide.

The first thing I noticed regarding Sasuke’s arrival was that he didn’t acknowledge Naruto’s presence even once during the entire exchange, even though he made a direct reference to Sakura. Naruto, on the other hand, did acknowledge Sasuke’s arrival. You’d swear with the way Sasuke acted that Naruto was invisible.

This makes me wonder if part of Sasuke still rejects Naruto in some way or another, in a similar manner to how Madara still rejected Hashirama and what he stood for even despite Hashirama’s efforts to forge peace and friendship between the two of them. This sentiment was even further reinforced by what Sasuke says next, which were words that I believe felt like a slap in the face for both Naruto and possibly for many of our readers as well.

Ahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Haha... ha... ha... Wait, he wasn't joking?  O_o

Ahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Haha… ha… ha…
Wait, he wasn’t joking? O_o

Now, to me this was the most interesting part of the chapter and not just because it was the first time Shino has ever shown an actual facial expression. At first, it was one of those moments where I was just about ready to faceplant after Sasuke’s announcement – even though I think its good of him to want to protect Konoha – however, after reading the chapter a second time, I found that there was a lot more meaning in Sasuke’s words and behavior than what appears at face value.

However, to explain, first I’d like to take a look at the reaction to Sasuke’s announcement by his peers.

Yep, pretty much what we expected, right?

Yep, pretty much what we expected, right?

We have shock and awe from Sakura, rage from Kiba and what could be called a logically thought out dispute from Shikamaru and Shino. To put it quite flatly, Sasuke’s proposal was categorically rejected in just about every way possible and even Naruto seems to be bothered by it in some way.

Basically, what could be said here is that none of the Konoha 11 acknowledge Sasuke anymore, nor do they feel he has a right to put himself forward as Hokage. This is to be expected after all he has done, but Sasuke himself doesn’t seem to care what they think.

Sasuke's Argument

Why am I not surprised? <_<

Reading this scene a second time, I realized exactly what was happening here and it bought me back to the discussion Naruto had with Itachi a few chapters back.

When Naruto was trying to do everything on his own rather than trusting in his friends, Itachi warned him about the dangers of doing so and how it can lead to disaster. Itachi reiterated that it’s not if you become Hokage that you’ll be acknowledged, but rather that only those who are acknowledged can become Hokage.

Itachi's advie

Basically, the bottom line is that you cannot use the title of Hokage to gain the acknowledgment of others and that you first have to gain their approval before becoming Hokage. The second step cannot precede the first, but Sasuke seems to believe that he can become Hokage without being acknowledged, even though this sentiment has been proven false, as Itachi described above.

Ultimately, this was when I realized that despite Sasuke’s apparent change of heart, he is still walking down the wrong path at the end of the day – the exact same path Madara walked down before and one that would ultimately cause Sasuke to become exactly like Madara.

Well, actually, that's Obito, but they're all the same right?

Well, actually, that’s Obito, but they’re all the same right?

In the end, this is why I believe that there will still be some form of conflict between Naruto and Sasuke, just like there was one between Hashirama and Madara even after they had once united to form Konoha together. We’ve already seen before that even those who share the exact same goal might still clash if the paths they choose to get to that goal are different and I believe that this is what will happen here with Naruto and Sasuke, both of whose paths are now on a collision course with one another.

Even Naruto seems to be aware of the threat that Sasuke’s current path implies, because he himself reflects on Itachi’s words, as well as his promise to take care of Sasuke.

To keep a promise and to save a friend, Naruto will reject Sasuke's path!

To keep a promise and to save a friend, Naruto will clash with Sasuke!

At the end of the day, I think the reason Naruto announced that he would become Hokage despite Sasuke’s declaration, is because he aims to reject the path Sasuke has chosen and to save his friend from the darkness he is creating for himself. Naruto understands that by choosing to walk the lonely path towards becoming Hokage, Sasuke will ultimately end up becoming the same as Madara and Obito did.

Out of the two, Naruto is also currently the better candidate either way, simply because he has already been acknowledged by everyone in a similar manner to how Hashirama was acknowledged as the first Hokage while Madara was rejected. In saying that though, I also do believe that Naruto will try to help Sasuke find his feet and show him how to gain the acknowledgement of others again. This, however, might ultimately lead Naruto to a crossroad where he’ll have to make a decision and choose between his own dreams of becoming Hokage and stepping back to give Sasuke the pedestal instead in an effort to destroy the hatred associated with the Uchiha name.

It’s a real dilemma, one that even Hashirama failed to deal with in the past, however, before any of that can happen, our freshly reunited Team 7 has other matters to take care of first.


My gosh Sasuke, can you at least learn how to smile? Sheesh…

And here it is folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! I have to say, I think many of us have been anticipating the reunion of Team 7 for many years now, so one can only guess what epicness will come from such an occasion.

The fact that we’ll see these three former teammates fight together is one thing, but what excites me even more is that for the first time since we saw her battle Sasori, Sakura sounds like she’s actually going to bring out the “kickass” again. It sounds like she may have learned the Yin Seal Release from Tsunade if her words are anything to go by, so that makes me think that she’ll at least show her true power now and hopefully not be completely outshone by Naruto and Sasuke. These are the students of the three Sanin after all, so at the very least, I’m expecting a lot from all of them. I’m just hoping that they get to fight Madara on their own without any interference so we can see just how awesome they are together.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. Oddly enough, this breakdown was even longer than the previous double, so I think it’s best if I cut it off now and move straight onto the Bubbliton Contest winners from our previous breakdown. But first, to rehash, here is the latest chapter in a nutshell.

(Artwork by hyamara-neechan).

(Artwork by hyamara-neechan).

Last week’s Bubbliton Winners (as Chosen by Gavin):


Obito : “Ha-ha, yo think this will stop me”
Kakashi “Obito, stop acting so tough, you’re almost dead”
Obito “No, how did you know I was acting”
Kakashi “I can see right through you..”
Caption “Kakashi, Master of the double entendre”.

Points for double entendre – fifth place.


Obito: “The ass was fat”
kakashi: “I concur”
No caption

Points for ‘the ass was fat’- but why? – fourth place.


Bubble 1 (Top left): I was showing off my new clothes to Tenrai Senshi.
Bubble 2: (Top right): But when I told him, “Eat your heart out!”
Bubble 3: (Lower left): I didn’t expect him to take it literally!
Bubble 4: (Lower right): You see what that mad man did to me?!
Caption: Obito discussing his “flesh wound” to his health insurance agent.

Points for ‘eat your heart out’ – third place.


Shot in the heart and you’re too late.
You give love a bad name.
Was this very line use in a previous caption. Plus I don’t love you.
God dammit!
Caption: Originality is hard to come up with these days.

Points for a very fitting song choice – second place.

When battles can't get any more epic

Lostpride: When battles can’t get any more epic.

Points for surprise plot ‘twist’ – first place.

Note from Gavin: Hey guys, just wanted everyone to know that I’ll be doing these bubblitions for a while. Make me laugh!

Well done to everyone who entered. Here is this week’s Bubbliton.

Bubbliton Contest 631

*Insert caption here.*

Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

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  2. And for the first time in a long time, Kantonkage gets first. >_>

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  6. Bubblition :
    Madara “Finally its time for our epic battle, Hashirama”
    Hashirama “Booger bomb – go”
    Madara “……..”
    Hashirama “Well, it worked in one piece”

    Anyway, there’s not much to say until the new chp is out. Maybe you”ve given the Naru/Hina camp a bit of hope but its not looking good.

  7. @ Love Stories – Who loves Hinata… Maybe that goes full Circle and Sasuke falls for Hinata @__@ I think that NaruSaku is most likely. But then again, I follow Naruto cause its about Ninja… this isn’t a soapy 😛

    Breaking News: It has just been confirmed, the Sarutobi Clan are distant relatives of the Sage of 6 Paths, Second Son…

    @ Sasuke declaring he going to be Hokage and not caring what others think, I agree with what you been saying Tenrai that it seems arrogant but to me I see it as Sasuke’s true ‘rebirth.’

    Look at Naruto when he was younger shouting he would be Hokage etc, because he wanted to change the way things where he didn’t care when people said he could never be Hokage, he was a failure in just about everyone’s eyes and hated worse than Sasuke is now even (though he didn’t deserve to be). I think Kishi is bringing Sasuke back to that point in the story for Naruto where a single goal becomes his purpose.

    And I think Naruto see’s that, looking at Sasuke is almost like looking in a mirror to how he used to be, filled with darkness but instead of becoming Gaara (and Sasuke of a couple of chapters ago) he decided rather to become good and drive to a goal to change things for the better and not just make things worse for everyone else…

    Breaking News: It has been suggested that the Akamichi Clan are in fact distant relatives of the Senju… more to follow…

    @ Team 7 reunited – I can just see Sai sitting back there crying quietly to himself 😛 We need Kakashi to make this a reborn Team 7.

    Breaking News: It has been confirmed that Ten Ten is in fact a distant relative of someone really un-important and un-interesting who once met the second son of the sage of 6 paths… more to follow.

    One thing that has annoyed me about Naruto is at first the Uchiha, Hyuuga, where revered as elite clans, but in this part all these other names seem to have been created to explain unimaginable power…

    Naruto – Born unknown clan Uzumaki (no one ever said in part one wow he is desended from that legendary Uzumaki clan which is almost extinct…) but in Part 2, Uzumaki is actually the Senju’s distant cousins @__@

    Minato – No mention of lineage, I personally assumed he was just a genius making his own way with no blood helping him… but seems I may be wrong…

    Nagato – Orphan with epic powers born in a small country etc, was given the Rinnegan (at some point) by Madara and is an Uzumaki… well guess that takes some of the rare unnatural talent Jiraiya saw in him.


    The list continues, if Kishi wants to explain a strong character it falls into 4 categories

    He is a desendant of the First Son and has the eye haxed to the max

    He is a desendant of the Second Son and just generally Haxed…

    He is a villain that could be born with a good bloodline or just generally insane/immortal…

    He is a unimportant side character that is created mostly one dimensional to further the growth of one of the above… @__@


  8. @Pein

    Lol. Great comment, it had me laughing quite a bit, especially the Tenten part. It’s nice to see you checking in every now and then, but that comment was almost long enough to be a breakdown. 😛

    Not one of my breakdowns, mind you. >_>

  9. Great breakdown ten….I interpreted sakura not knowing the first as her seeying his back and wondering who that was but now that I think about it doesn’t it say 4 hokage or something on the minatos coat thing? Also I think everyone knows naruto is the fourth son I think I read it in earlier chapters but I could be mistaken I will try to find it later

    Lmao @peins comment its probably longer than my breakdowns lol for a second I though what he was saying was true

  10. @pein you forgot to be specific. You meant a villain with a variant of the sharingan.
    @tenrai: *blows up tenrai with a cruise missile*

  11. I’m guessing that once Minato has his use of Kurama’s Yin chakra, he’s going to give it back to Naruto, or more specifically, back to Kurama. And thus Naruto will be at his most powerful as a result.

    As for this bubblition, I am rather clueless as to what to insert in it. Though nice to know I at least made third on the last one. But thus, my goal is still unmet.

  12. nice breakdown pein0avenue. lol.

    @kevin i’m still you’re no.1 fan. hahahaha! jk

  13. if the spoilers are true.. then sakura managed to learn a lot from tsunade.

  14. @iamchaps
    No. 1 fan of what?

  15. Bubble 1: “At last, we meet again Hashirama! This time, it is you who will…”
    Bubble 2: “Pull my finger!”
    Bubble 3: ….
    Bubble 4: “Shuts him up every time.”

    Caption: How Hashirama REALLY keeps Madara in line.

  16. It’s out!

  17. its out!

  18. Well, seems like Sakura is finally stepping up! XD

  19. the chapter was pretty short.. 😦

  20. yup she did step up her game. and i think she deserves it.

  21. That was it? Sakura just using her strength again? I expected more. I think Tsunade trained her wrong. She should have just taught her as a teacher, not as a legendary Sannin. That’s what Oro and Jirayia did. They taught their students their techniques, not how to be a sannin …

    All that talk about being behind them… I’ve heard that before. Everyone else is behind Naruto and Sauske when it comes to power, I don’t know why Sakura thinks she is so important that she should be included with them… Everyone else knows they are not on Sauske and Naruto’s level and they’re fine with that. I don’t know why she isn’t. Out of all the Kohonoa 11, I think Shikamaru, since Neji idea, is closer to Naruto and Sauske then the rest.

    I don’t know what Kishi is doing. I don’t know how he did, but he actually regressed every character of the rookie 11 to their early stages as Shinobi. Everyone wanting to be Hokage and being childish. I don’t think it was necessary to put that little kid stuff in there. By doing so he diminishes the characters and the role of Hokage… They’ve all seen Naruto work his ass off to do what he’s been able to do. I would have acknowledged Naruto as my leader a long ass time ago. Now everyone is being childish and jealous because Sauske came into the picture?

    I didn’t like the chapter but it was needed to move the story along. There was really nothing else Kishi could write about. The Shinobi Army had to defeat that thing as fast as possible. And Kishi needed a way to have the Juubi break free from it’s barrier to transform into it’s last stage.

  22. Breakdown:

    Really enjoy how you analyse the chapters Tenrai. I just can’t believe that Kishi will go down the route of making Sasuke Hokage before Naruto.


    bwahahahaha Kiba thinking he can be Hokage! Sakura annihilating the battlefield was impressive and her strength makes sense as it is only being used for power! I hope Sasuke at least looks at Naruto in this new mode and comments. He is just so dismissive. Also Madara is hilarious

  23. @Wiseman

    “I don’t know why Sakura thinks she is so important that she should be included with them…”

    The difference is that Sakura made a promise to Naruto that next time he’d be looking at her back. Perhaps that promise was just as important to her as Naruto’s promise to bring back Sasuke was to him. I’m not sure why that is seen as a bad thing.

    You’re also forgetting that unlike everyone else, Sakura is part of team 7 and a student of a sannin and the fifth Hokage. It would be pretty dumb if she was infinitely weaker compared to her two team mates, especially given who trained her. It’s not like we can say that the other rookies were trained by Hokage or sannin.

  24. @eugen and @ten atleast we hit the mark on sakura learning the yin seal and the strenght of a hundred tech. and i guess she went a little higher.. maybe she’s going to be better than tsunade. i hope she will.

  25. *sigh*

    I’ve finally calmed down and decided not to post a reheheaaally lond-ass rant about everything i found so indescribably irritating in this chapter. Just a mini-rant to vent some of this frustration that recent events in Naruto have been stoking.

    Nostalgic you say, Ino-buta? Yes, yes it is very nostalgic! So frickin’ nostalgic that it takes every fiber of my being not to seek out a cheek to slap at the return of “SASUKE-KUN!!!!!!!!” Never mind that quite a few chapters back the guy tried to seriously KILL you, you goddamn twit!!! As if the fawning wasn’t enough, it had to end with another delusional moron (Kiba doesn’t count. He was, is and forever will be a joke after the fart incident to me) declaring the desire to become Hokage. And, “Don’t get in my way, Naruto”? Really, Sasuke? You’re the last person I ever want to say that. But seriously, how much more powerful must Naruto become for Sasuke to finally acknowledge Naruto? Plus, all this crap about “finally catching up” and at the very end of the chapter, and Sakura still had to have her ass saved. Kishi really does hate you huh, for him to be giving plenty of fodder for Sakura-bashers to last them until you next “shining moment”. So yes, it’s very nostalgic Ino-buta, because this chapter somehow made these people regress to the old days where Sasuke was an idol, girls were panting all over him and Naruto was basically just air.

  26. @ Chaps, I really hoped we would be wrong seeing Saskura’s now just a copy of Tsunade with nothing original of herself to use in battle.

    Maybe she will get to use some form of powerful genjutsu in some way now. via Wiki :The Yin Release (陰遁, Inton; Viz “Dark Style” or “Shadow Style”) techniques, based on the spiritual energy that governs the imagination, can be used to create form out of nothingness. According to the Second Mizukage, genjutsu fittingly falls under the broad category of Yin Release.

    I would like to see Sakura fighting with some techniques similar to those of the Second Mizukage, keeping the opponent guessing with illusions enough to get close and deal a monstrous KO.

    One thing’s for sure, if she’s all punch then she’s no better then Tsunade and we all saw what good that did her against Madara. Last time we saw her was in chapter 603 (if I’m not mistaken) and she was a bit split between jobs.

  27. Split between jobs, lol. Yeah you could say she was branching out.

  28. I wonder if Sakura suffers from borderline

  29. Orange, I know that feel bro. How can you throw Sasuke in our noses, make the alliance, except Shikamaru, instantly fall in love with the dude and just move on. Are you serious, what shit is that. Sasuke can’t get back what he did even if he sacrifices himself for Naruto’s life and that of the whole alliance.

  30. @ Pein, just finished reading you’re comment, OMG on the Tenten remark, pure genius :)).

    Also Minato might just be the Sage himself as a Benjamin Button hax 😉

  31. Bubblition :
    Madara “Honey, you left the keys of the car on the table!”
    Hashirama “Oh! Stop it right there!”
    Madara “……..”
    Hashirama “We aint a couple! I tell you!, we are just friends!”
    Caption: Friendzoned, right back at ya Madara!

  32. @ Tenrai, I great breakdown. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Epic is indeed epic.

    @ Wra: I have never felt so much dis-likeness toward A female character in my life. Its as if she doesn’t have a brain. First off, she gets this random power up out of no where, and now suddenly she is on Naruto’s and Sasuke’s level? GTFO! Do you know how long Naruto has trained, what he has gone through to get where he is now. And it one episode you plan to compare to all his hard work and what he has endured for her stupidity and the love of his village?-____-

    Secondly, her remark about Sasuke saving her, and her complete ignorance of Naruto’s hand in it. Naruto has gone through FAR to much for her to ignore anything he has done for her. But now that Sasuke’s there, she can go back to her old stupid fanfaggirl self.

    Third, I thought her statement about becoming hokage if anything, was a complete slap of disrespect to Naruto himself. This much is self explanatory.

  33. I know how you guys feel. I kind of liked Sakura’s display of potential power. Against a simple underling it was extremely unnecessary, and just seems really cliche at this point (especially given how much work Lee has put into becoming strong enough to tear through a body and armor with just his leg under the influence of Kurama’s chakra).

    I read a fanfiction awhile back that gave Sakura earth element, and she trained long and hard to master different techniques with it, ultimately turning her tons-of-pressure-punch (along with the influence of chakra) so hard and powerful that she was able to destroy a beam of electrical energy. She didn’t come out of it unscathed, as she needed to heal. Because of the lightning vs. earth problem, it pretty much split her arm to the point where there were cracks running along it after deactivating the jutsu. I feel if Sakura’s hits are supposed to be devastatingly powerful, she should have had an earth element to work with, being able to use her amount of chakra control to deal heavy hits with critical accuracy and strength, and maybe lay back on genjutsu when necessary.

  34. Oh. And the earth element, by having the control to make it so dense it goes over a ton to two tons of weight, would also protect her along with her ability to dodge so many attacks.

  35. This is the chapter where we see what Sakura really thinks of Naruto and what hes done for her. In previous chapters when she first finds out he has feelings for her she immediatly tries to use them to manipulate him into breaking a promise and abandoning Sasuke. She gives no thought to how this will affect him or hurt his feelings. And now she not only feels she is just as good as Naruto but when he saves her she completly ignores him and thanks Sasuke. Naruto points this out and she basically says “shut up, it was Sasuke, oh and you know your dream of becoming Hokage, well I’m going to steal that and get in your way, because Sasukes doing it too”. I swear to god that is what I felt when she said that. Please Naruto, give up on this chick, even Tenten is more worthy of your attention.
    Another thing I want to mention is Madaras lack of care about the Juubi. Since Hashirama arrived he just wants to fight him. What about his plan?? Is he really going to allow the Juubi to be destroyed, has he considered how Obito will take this??

    Bubblition :
    Madara : “Time to die Hashirama, HAhaha”
    Hashirama : “You forgot about the wood clone behind you again, didn’t you”
    Madara : “…..”
    Hashirama : Speaking softly “Suprise”
    Comment : Hashirama firmly believes its not rape if you say “suprise”.

  36. Kishi does not know how to write female leads. I hope Naruto doesn’t end up with her. Anko ftw! NauAnk!

  37. Good day… new chap and now only a few days away from high school graduation..

    Anyway, I agree with most of you. Sakura needs to not be so cocky. You know what they say: “Pride cometh before a fall.” She still has far to go before she can even think of being on the boys’ level. Sasuke’s attitude…well, more of the same. This chapter, to me, really just seems like a transitional type of thing. I enjoy the combat in the series, though, so I still thought it was decent.

  38. Do you guys know how epic it would have been if that second to last panel was full two page spread without Sakura? Sauske and Naruto back-to-back the way they’re looking at that panel?! lol That would have been awesome. Sauske saying the same thing “Stay out of my Way Naruto!” and Naruto saying something like “You would have been ramen noodle if I wasn’t here” or something clever like that lol. I just feel their relationship was stretched across the whole of the 2nd part that I feel they should have at least tooken up a 2 page spread by themselves. But no, we get Sakura in the middle… tis a wasted opportunity

  39. Tenrai after this chapter I find myself looking forward to your breakdown ad see how you are going to fix it I was slightly dissapointed I expected epic ness but the way sakura treated naruto ruin it for me

    @wra you guys finally made me see the light I desided to go naruhina now I strongly disliking sakura characters especially after reading constatines comment

  40. @The4thsannin

    I don’t see how confidence in one’s self suddenly constitutes being cocky. To be honest, I don’t get all the hate for Sakura right now. Why is it that everyone else can have a goal they want to get strong for, but the moment Sakura does she gets bashed for it? That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Also, I don’t think she was serious about being Hokage. I think that was just a joke to tease at Naruto and Sasuke fighting with each other, so I’m not sure why everyone’s blowing it so far out of proportion. Yes, the Sasuke-kun thing did irritate me a bit, but I also think that was Kishi trying to recreate a typical team seven moment to try and bring back some nostalgia.


    “Do you know how long Naruto has trained, what he has gone through to get where he is now.”

    Well, technically speaking, Sakura has been storing up her chakra for three years with the kind of precise chakra control even Shizune couldn’t master, not to mention she underwent rigorous training from Tsunade. Wouldn’t that constitute hard work as well? If it took three years to get here, then rather than saying its out of the blue and Sakura didn’t work for it, shouldn’t we be happy she’s finally becoming useful? People always complain that Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones out of the original graduation class that are actually becoming powerful. Then when someone else joins them, they complain even more.

    Maybe Kishi should just wipe the rest of the cast off the map and just leave Naruto and Sasuke, if those are the only two characters you guys ever want him to actually develop.

  41. @Tenrai: It’s nice to see you let loose a little. Makes you seem much more human then your normal glutton/overseer state. loll

    The reason I bash on Sakura is because of how She got the fire lit under her because of Sauske’s arrival. I feel like Naruto had done way more to warrant a response that she has shown Sauske, if not, more so. Instead she bashes his head in for even thinking about a relationship with her, and doesn’t acklowledge his existence when he saves her once again. Really, why would Kishi include Naruto’s two-cents about him being near her too? It was to show exactly how much attention she was paying to Sauske and not him.

    I complain a lot about how the Uchiha and Senju, as a whole, are overpowered.

    The people i think have shown to be great ninja, despite being in the shadows of the Uchiha and Senju relatives, are Shikamaru, Lee, Bee, Darui, Anko and Onnoki (the 3rd Tsichukage). Those are the people I’d like if they joined Naruto in a fight.

    @WRA: What would you guys think would be a great 3 man cell out of the remaining Konoha 11? I think Naruto, Shino and Ino. Shino seems to be a very smart tactician. It’s a shame he hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time. Ino can communicate and take hold of people and also read minds! Naruto is just a beast.

  42. @tlwm ummm.. naruto and sasuke are both equals when it comes to what they have done with their lives.. the only difference between them was the paths they chose.. if we would only look at naruto’s achievements and overlook sasukes hardships then it will be biased. i find it much harder for sasuke.. imagine going through all those and suddenly pulling a 180 just because his brother said this and that.. that’s why juugo was thinking about sasuke’s thoughts.. he knew sasuke was in a lot more trouble than he looks.

    and for the hokage thing.. i really think naruto’s role is now more than just being a hokage and i think the konoha 11 should acknowledge sasuke.. if not as a hokage then maybe as a friend, becuase if they can’t accept sasuke now.. and sasuke ignores them… the hatred won’t stop.. and this manga won’t end.

    @ten i bet sakura has something up her sleeve other than the yin release and strenght of hundred tech. :)))

    @wra.. has anyone seen oro? seems a little fishy if you ask me.. madara’s not fighting.. obito in another dimension.. i’m having a feeling that orochimaru wants to get sliced into two and finally die at the hands of sasuke.. becuase the way hashirama reacted to madara’s response was really something.. i just realized that orochimaru hasn’t come out..

  43. @Wiseman

    “The reason I bash on Sakura is because of how She got the fire lit under her because of Sauske’s arrival. I feel like Naruto had done way more to warrant a response that she has shown Sauske, if not, more so. Instead she bashes his head in for even thinking about a relationship with her, and doesn’t acklowledge his existence when he saves her once again. Really, why would Kishi include Naruto’s two-cents about him being near her too? It was to show exactly how much attention she was paying to Sauske and not him.”

    Like I said, Kishi was probably just trying to create a team 7 Nostalgia moment. He probably did it the wrong way but I think we might be reading too far into it too soon. We need to see how things progress first before placing all our chips down at an ice burg viewpoint of the situation (90% of an ice burg is hidden underwater).

    “The people i think have shown to be great ninja, despite being in the shadows of the Uchiha and Senju relatives, are Shikamaru, Lee, Bee, Darui, Anko and Onnoki (the 3rd Tsichukage). Those are the people I’d like if they joined Naruto in a fight.”

    But they’re not part of team 7. It would be a bit odd if we ignored the core characters of the series like the original graduates, and replaced them with characters that were only introduced recently into the story. I like that it’s the graduates that have all entered the fray now and I reckon in the next chapter, or next few at least, we’ll see all of them in action. At the end of the day, this isn’t just a team 7 reunion, but also a Konoha 11 reunion as well.

  44. @wiseman apparently, you forgot the motivational speech she gave two chapter prior. Plus she WAS healing Naruto at the time.
    @tenrai you mean Konoha 10 + 1/2 – 1/2 (+ = Tenten and Akamaru eclipses Kiba making him the minus.)

    Bubblition: You will ACCEPT my LOVE HASHIRAMA!!!
    hashirama: Ninpou: STFU NO JUTSU
    Madra: …
    Hashirama: I can’t believe that actually worked.
    Caption: No one did, Hashirama. No one did.

  45. Well that was a completely backward chapter. Everyone shat on Naruto’s face. Not a single character said after Sasukes self proclamation as future Hokage that the seat was reserved for Naruto, after all he has done for the village and saving everyone multiple times during the war. Then Sasuke has the audacity to tell Naruto to stay out of his way what an arrogant prick. On a side note i dont think Sakura is claiming she is on equal footing in terms of power to Sasuke and Naruto, but she means she can stand on her own two feet and battle side by side without them being burdened by her presence.

  46. @ Tenrai:

    “Well, technically speaking, Sakura has been storing up her chakra for three years with the kind of precise chakra control even Shizune couldn’t master, not to mention she underwent rigorous training from Tsunade. Wouldn’t that constitute hard work as well?”

    I never denied she did work for what she has now. I just stated it was a random power up. Something the Uchiha are FAR too familiar with. This is the first we are hearing of it in this chapter if I am not mistaken.

    “People always complain that Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones out of the original graduation class that are actually becoming powerful. Then when someone else joins them, they complain even more.”

    You make it seem as if this is all I ever complain about, when the fact of the matter is, this is the first time I have ever addressed the issue of a random power up. And that this is only part of the reason I was upset with Sakura’s character. Her statement, be it a joke or not about “Snatching the title of hokage from under your noses,” right after her complete ignorence of Naruto’s hand in saving her because Sasgay is there, was what really got to me.

    I thought it was disrespectful, in that she knows Naruto personally and intimately, and knows how much the dream of becoming hokage means to him.

    Constantine nailed this one on the head to me when he said: “She gives no thought to how this will affect him or hurt his feelings. And now she not only feels she is just as good as Naruto but when he saves her she completly ignores him and thanks Sasuke. Naruto points this out and she basically says “shut up, it was Sasuke, oh and you know your dream of becoming Hokage, well I’m going to steal that and get in your way, because Sasukes doing it too”.

  47. @Marks

    “You make it seem as if this is all I ever complain about, when the fact of the matter is, this is the first time I have ever addressed the issue of a random power up.”

    Actually, I said “people” not you. Lol. It’s a very general term that wasn’t intended to make it sound like you’re only complaining about one thing.

    In any case, I think Hinata said it best when she said that Hokage was everyone’s goal, and in a way, it is true. The title of Hokage usually goes to the strongest shinobi in the village, and it’s only natural that all ninja will strive to become stronger, so to be “the strongest” is a common goal shared by many. Just because it’s Naruto’s dream to become Hokage, that doesn’t mean no-one else can share that dream as well. That’s like saying only one person should ever desire to become president and no-one else is allowed to share the same goal as that one person. If you ask me, that’s just selfish to say that only one person can have that dream and that no-one else is allowed to.

    In the end, it’s the rivalries between ninja that push them into becoming stronger in the first place, and if one ninja decided to stand back and let everyone else go ahead of him just because he didn’t want to trample on their dreams, that ninja would be weak in his own complacency and would ultimately lose my respect as a reader and the respect of those around him. That wouldn’t promote a strong Ninja village, it would promote a weak ninja village where everyone steps aside and only allows one person to be strong and even then, that one person would be weak because he had no competition and no rivalries to push him or her into becoming even stronger.

    I personally do want Naruto to become Hokage, but I don’t want him to be elected as such out of pity or some sense of entitlement. I don’t want everyone else to just hand the title over to him out of some obscured sense of honor or because he kept shouting about it as a dream of his. When he does become Hokage, it should be because he deserves it the most and for no other reason.

  48. A bit off topic, does anyone know how long these damn fillers in Shippuden are going to go on before we finally get back to the main manga story itself? This is really getting irritating. >_<

  49. @kevin in June possibly.
    Come on, guys. What the big deal about Sakura new power-up? Have you forgotten the Uchiha fiasco of ridiculously convenient power-ups out of nowhere. Which is almost everything that Madara, Tobi and Itachi does/did.
    Also, unlike the Uchiha, the yin seal didn’t exactly defeat the Juubi.

    Didn’t I blow up Tenrai with a cruise missile?

  50. Bubble:

    Madara: Hashirama you fool, there’s no way I’m going to get eaten by Tenrai !!!!
    Hasirama: You idiot, we’re already in his stomach.
    Madara: ………..
    Hashirama: Baka Madara should’ve known better then to think he could escape Tenrai bowels of Hell..
    Caption: There is no escaping the one person more haxed then the Uchiha.

  51. Bubblition

    My blood boils for battle harishi…
    OMG, WTF is that!


    Caption: Guess some legends are exaggerated

    Hey people. Does all of this talk of Hokage pretty much mean tsunade is dead? Would explain a lot right. You see I sense a potential power vacuum. Why? Because I really cannot see this manga ending with out much hyped Naruto vs Sasuke part 2. Since their first battle it has been much debated as to who is stronger and kishi would not be stupid enough not to make this happen. How can the two rivals at the peak of thief powers not fight.

    As for Sakura, she has no unique skills of her own and will fade away baring another random power up. Seriously what can she do that is original. But I still like Rock Lee for some reason. Hey I admit I am a bit of hater but really can you see her beating anyone of any relevance. Watch out Zetzu Clones or whatever? I kinda hope I am wrong but hey I am a realist.

    As for getting rid of under developed characters in the story I kinda thought this war would weed out the weak characters giving most of them a glorious death showcasing why we liked all of them in the first place. That and give more liked characters a chance at fame. Well I guess it is half true. Sai shined bright for a chapter or two and Kankarou owned sasori but no glorious death neji. The edo Tensei opportunity has kinda been wasted a bit now there being too many good guys and not enough baddies to fight but hey there is still time I guess.

  52. @ Lost pride, speaking of under developed shinobi. Neji was the best out of the Konoga 11 or 9 or whatever, besides Naruto and Sasuke, guess what Kishi dose?? That’s right, he kills the best guy worthy of a great power-up.

    Neji could have easily reached the level Kakashi and Gai are on right now, and let’s not forget, Neji was Jounin level, the only one out of the original 11. So the question is, under what circumstances are worthy shinobi like Shino, Shikamaru, Lee, Ino and Chouji going to reach a level of at least ANBU.

    And by ANBU, I’m talking Sakashi, Gai and Yamato level.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Ino Shika Cho are a great team, no doubt about that, but in a 1 on 1 fight Shikamaru a only reliant on his Shadow tricks and his smarts, Chouji could probably handle himself the best in a solo fight and Ino will probably kill herself. Fu (Danzou’s Yamanaka bodyguard) was a really cool dude with great clan jutsus but I’m afraid Ino still a long way’s away.

    Also, I would like to see Shino using a, deadly to the touch, bacteria jutsu like Torune used in his fight with Tobi.

    As for Lee, well I guess all he can do is perfect his gates and he’s pretty much great in a fight, he had both power and speed and he will probably learn Gai’s jutsus at a better level then what we’ve seen Bushy Brows do so far.

    Kiba and Tenten are as useful as a table and Hinata could probably learn to surpass the Byakugan at one point, now that Neji won’t be in the picture anymore, someone else is gonna have to step up the game in the Hyuuga family.

  53. Bubble:
    Madara- I just want to thank you all for choosing me as the main villain, it’s always been my life’s ambition to wipe you all…
    Hashirama 1: Yo Madara, I’m really happy for you! Imma let you finish but…
    Harashima 2: Orochimaru was the best villain of all time!!
    Caption: Orochimaru: ~whistles innocently~

    Awesome breakdown as always =P

  54. @ eugen

    I suspect he ran out ideas for the hyuuga or he just plain gave up on them. Neji was one of my favs and after times skip thought he would be a major character given his abilities. But between time spent on Naruto training montages and kishi’s self confessed man crush on the emo assuke it pretty much condeemed of all the rookies to being a surplus to requirements. Shikamaru is the only one with any development. If he gave them half the attention that he gave sub characters like itachi and kabuto they might still be relevant.

    Oh yeah did any think the team 7 reunion was a bit forced? Nah forget it. Still seemed more natural than the Karin and Sasuke relationship. “Sorry” lol. Couldn’t help myself.

  55. @ iamnotreallyhere

    So true. I like the whole akatsuki thing but when orochimaru was the main baddie it just made sense. Moon eye plan? Orochimaru didnt explain ish. He just likes little boys. It doesn’t get more evil than that.

    It still could of worked. If that isn’t a another reason for the third ninja war too then what the hell is?

  56. basically Sakura and Ino’s reactions when Sauske came to the battlefield

  57. Did Sauske really change his stance? I mean this is the same Sauske that made up his resolve to kill Naruto and was really excited about testing his new abilities:

  58. @ thelaughingwiseman

    Yes. Yes he did. All the time. Cos he so damn emo.

    First he want to kill his brother and abandons his village to do so. Then he wants to avenge his brothers death who he killed by obliterating konoha. Now he wants to honor the brother he’s killed wishes and protect the same konoha he abandoned and wished to destoy.Its so damn hard to keep up with him due to his emotional retardation. I now just assume such a change a reasonable.

    As for his relationship with Naruto it went from ignoring him and looking down at him to him becoming his best friend and rival who life he spares in a fight. Then makes home with orochimaru. Goes back to ignoring and looking down at him to then transplanting his brothers eyes assure his bloody messy defeat should they fight again. And now he trying to play footsie with everyone again. Look the guy is messed in head. It is understandable why he is but trying to make sense if it is waste of time outside of calling him fucked up.

    Oh and now wants to become Hokage. Can someone that indecisive really lead a village. And he has serious loyalty issues. What else has he got going for him. He snuffed out a Hokage elect although he was organ havesting scumbag. He attacks the kages during the summit which would really help the villages relations with other nations. He has the minor infringement of joining up with THE WORLDS NEMESIS akatsuki and generally does not give a flying fuck about anyone which he reminds everyone repeatedly.

    And Harishima considers him a candidate for some reason. Well I guess democracy needs at least 2 choices. cos kiba and Sakura as Hokage just plain sounds stupid. Shikamaru for president. Konohamaru for Vice. Ino for Secretary of State. Yeah I said it.

  59. Bubblition: MWAHAHAHA! There’s no one who can stop me now.
    Hashirama: Isn’t that your mother behind you.
    Hashirama: it looks like she going to use the dreaded Spank no jutsu.
    Caption: Just when world domination is within grasp… Mom shows up.

  60. Great breakdown, I do feel also that this thing is getting epic, if I were to complain about something it would be this:

    IMO everything else was cool, Sakura finally showing her true power and Naruto and Sasuke showing up their new jutsu, even if you think a bit about it and both jutsu amaterasu and rasenshuriken are way to powerful and dangerous to use so close to Sakura, she could got hit from the shockwave of the rasenshuriken for starters but whatever, it was awesomnes!


  62. :))))) Flex what did you smoke bro ?!?!?! :))))

  63. The good stuffs.

  64. I swear upon you the curse of a million and one angry NaruHina fans if you ever pair Naruto and Sakura together Kishi ><!!!

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