One piece start of new world and fishman island review

Hey everyone i hope you guys have been good. It is looking like their will not be a one piece chapter for the next couple of weeks. So i decided to make a review of the arcs in the new world. I will start with the Fishman island arc and next week i will do the punk hazard. If chapter 710 is not out

One Piece 598 Page 3

i will do others. Even thought i wanted a new chapter this week i am kinda glad that their isn’t, since i wanted to cover somethings from the Fishman island. But before i get to all that i will revisit some of my favorite moment from the arc. One of the most epic moments of the series was when luffy one hit k.o that pacifista. The same pacifista that 2 years earlier took the whole strawhat crew to defeat. The anime made this moment all the more epic. But it also gave it a little human touch to it when it showed zoro and sanji’s expression to seeing luffy.

One Piece 602 Page 4
I want to also mention kuma and the duval gang help protect the sunny. Moving forward a couple of chapters we see that the strawhats arrive at fishman island after having a fight with vander decken. When they get their we see that jimbe left a message for luffy telling him not to fight hodi yet. As the story progresses some of the strawhats are arrested by the Neptune’s army because  caribou kidnapped some mermaids and they though it was the strawhats. Luffy finally meets with jimbe and jimbe ask his help to stop hodi from taking over the kingdom.
We also learn the story of the mermaid queen and how she died. I remember reading it and thinking we could do without it.  It is  a couple of years now and i still believe that story was a waste of time . But i suppose luffy needed a little motivation. After hearing that hordi killed the mermaid queen and was about to kill king neptune luffy comes out of a shark and punches hodi in the mouth.
As he did this the rest of the strawhats arrive and started to face up against the new fishman pirates. Hodi gets up and with a smirk on his face looks at the strawhats. He starts blabbing about how he will be the new king of fishman island and says he will be the pirate king at that moment he introduces 100,000 crew members.
One Piece 634 Page 13
Luffy gets mad since he said he was going to be king of the pirate.  He walks up right in the middle of everyone and takes out half of them with his kings haki. When he does this the other crew member decided that they will join in on the fun and start to fight also.
A couple of chapters  later we see that the fight is over and they start having  a feast. Jimbe tells the strawhats about the changes that happen in those 2 years. Later we see that robin goes and talk to neptune about princess shiraoshis power.
One Piece 651 Page 18
Caribou heres this and tries to kidnapped the princess. Luffy notices this and one hit K.O caribou. He later gets send by nami to find caribou and retrieve the treasure that he has. On his way back he meets some of big moms crew and ends up challenging big mom to war in order to take fishman island.
That is the end of the arc. I know I skipped a lot of stuff but this was just a short review. Since i was rereading the arc and something peaked my interest. That i want to bring up since i believe it will be brought up later.
One Piece 652 Page 10
As i was reading the chapter i noticed that caribou also wants to get the treasure for you know who? Now the question i ask myself is who is you know who? Bartolomeo also wants to get the mera mera fruit for “that person”. I do not think they are talking about different people. If it is the same person then i am guessing it is kaido. I can see bartolomeo being part of his crew and caribou wanting to join him. I’m curious as to what you guys think?
Sadly this is the end of the breakdown. See you guys next week .

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4 Responses to “One piece start of new world and fishman island review”

  1. Holy shit balls I did not even noticed that now I can see why oda keeps him in the cover pages which makes shiraoshi the next candidate for the crew right? I rather have Rebecca thought

  2. A One Piece breakdown out of the blue!!!
    Nice breakdown, and a nice and short once over of the Fishman Island Arc.

    Looking forward to more of these =]

  3. Agree with iamnotreallyhere glad you decided to make this since I had forgotten that person caribou mention….but I also think him and bar to are talking about the same people

  4. @ Iamnotreallyhere thanks I was planning on doing on when we don’t have a chapter….the only one I don’t want to do is ennies lobby since it is my favorite arc I will probably rant for days

    @junk lmao at your comment it is crazy how every time we meet someone we all want them to join the crew

    @eatingood yeah I hope they are for some reason I want luffy to fight big mom first then kaidou…right now I’m thinking who ever caribou tells will be the reason luffy destroy fish man islands

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