One piece Chapter 708 and 709 breakdown

Ciao guys hope you guys have been good. I apolised for not having a breakdown last week. But if you have been watching the nba playoffs you can see why i didn’t. This last chapter was nothing short of amazing. This breakdown will be a little different than the previous. Since it is a double breakdown i will not be putting any pictures. Plus their is a lot of stuff i want to discuss. Well i hope you guys enjoy it.

Anyways chapter 708 really was entertainining and brought out alot of questions. The first thing i want to talk about is chinjao. It is said that this guy split a continent in half with a headbutt. It does not seem like he has a devil fruit so he must have strong armadent haki. I belive it was his nephew that said that he was worth 500 million.
When i heard that i did not think much of it even after he took that hit from cavendish i still did not grasp this mans strenght. Even after luffy hit him with that punch. It wasn’t until i went back a little bit that i realised it was the same punch that luffy used to take out a pacifista. When the next round begins he should be fun to watch.

The next person i want to speak of is cavendish. He is at the rank of the supernova. For some reason i can see him following luffy in the near future or even joining his and laws alliance. We been introduce to alot of characters in this arc. But i am sure that he will be a part of future arcs. He also has one of the legendary swords. I believe this guy is on the top of the list of candidates to get the mera mera fruit. I can only see two people getting it outside the strawhats and that is him and rebeca.

Chapter 708 really set the tone for and the hype for chapter 709. It showed how strong the favorites really were. They each handle a great number of opponents. The chapter showed alot of fight and bellamy’s was the most impactful. He took out the duo brothers with ease. Yeah i know you guys are probably saying your wrong bartolomeo was. But him doing what he did was expected. Sure i did not know how he was going to go baout taking people out but i knew he would. Eatingood3 should feel blessed that i did not make a breakdown last week since his picked got beat by mine but i will save the gloating for later.

Now on to chapter 709 when i seen the title i thought it’s about to go down. It starts of with hacks getting a soccer kick to the head and everyone paying attention to bartolomeo. Their were two surprices in this chapter and one of those was that blue gilly was working with dagama. The other one being that ricky who im sure is kyros got took out so easily by bluegilly. At this point in the chapter i was actually thinking he was going to win. Speacially after he betrade dagama. But that was only a momment of weakness on my part.

I want to talk a little about the strategy that dagama came up with. It was a great strategy. If you think about it the only one that were suppose to survive were the king, those other weak gladiaters that were protecting him and bartolomeo. But because of bluegilly betrayal it was not sucesseful. If bluegilly would have stayed loyal i believe they would have won Block B. Since dagama would have figuered out barto’s ability like bellamy did.

Speaking of bellamy if i remember correctly liveaid and eatingood chose him as the winner, but to bad it was not ment to be. Bellamy has grown a lot though i believe that if the king wouldn’t have let his punch go when he did bellamy could have beaten bartolomeo.

Bartolomeo’s ability is really interesting he is a barrior man. He ate the bari bari fruit. His ability reminds me a lot of invisible woman. It will be interesting to see the extent of his power. Oda can make this guy one of the strongest characters in one piece if he plays with his powers a litle bit. I am also curious to see how haki will effect the barrior. I wonder if strong haki can completely neutralised the barrior. From what we seen last chapter his barrior works at a certain range from him and he does not want to fight hand to hand. I say this because when Bellamy grabed him he was freaking out. If that is the case then he will be no match for luffy.

The ending to this chapter was epic we find out bartolomeo is getting the fruit for “that person”. I will go out on a limb and say that “that person” is kaido. The chapter ended with the toy telling franky he will explain the story of the dressrosa. The next chapters should be a good one. I guessing it will flashback to when don flamingo became king.

Well its the end of the breakdown. To does that live in the U.S saturday toonami will start giving one piece episodes. It will start 200 episodes in. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown now go enjoy the nba playoffs and leave a comment or else.

For those who like spoilers has it a day before the release.

~ by simplyantony on May 17, 2013.

12 Responses to “One piece Chapter 708 and 709 breakdown”

  1. First again 🙂 Good breakdown and it is ok i make mistakes once in a while. But i also think it will be kaido one piece is the best manga out right now i can not wait until the next chapter

  2. Nice breakdown again!
    Seems like bartholomeo won’t be just a side character, and will actually gain some fame.
    There was one thing i wondered about in chapter 708, one of the nephews said that if they would be disqualified, they wouldn’t be able to achieve their “goal”.
    Somehow i doubt their goal is the mera mera fruit, because if it was why wouldn’t Oda have just said so?
    Am I reading to deep into things or might i have a point here?

  3. I had a similar though but the mera mera fruit is really strong but maybe they will play a bigger role when the straw hats take down dressrosa… also did anyone else notice Ricky blocking the king punch

  4. Good breakdown yiu right barto could kick some serious ass and he should be working for kaido…eventhough you were nice on bellamy his got on hit k.o twice
    And barto ability could be a great one but I say he gets his ass beat next round with out making and impact

    Btw the winner of block be will be rebecas sexy ass

    @liveaid when I first read it I thought they were just trying to reasure him what the priority is the mera mera but I hope does bastards are after some other shit

    @simply I like this breakdown better cause you went throw the chapter but said alot more of your opinion you should keep it this way but with pictures and shit and one last thing were the f@€$ isthe question this week?

  5. I just realised you mention that I picked bellamy also ….

    @ liveaid I agree with you it seems their is more to them than meets the eye I wish we could get more than one chapter a week or more pages to cover everybody

    @junk the winner will be cavendish he is getting alot of screen time

  6. @junk here’s the question who will win round 4? And will luffy get disqualify before he fights?

  7. Please that mofo is about to get his ass beat rebeca is about ti pull a barto…also I do not think he will get disqualify

  8. do you guys think rebecca would fit as SH Crew?

  9. Thanks for the recap! Who do you like advancing to the Finals in each Conference Final Matchup?


    No one piece net week oda is sick :/

    @iamchaps I remember reading somewhere the next crew member will be a girl so I believe she would make a great addition to the straw hats if she eats the mera mera fruit

    @Daniel king I be live it will be Burgess barto luffy and rebeca

  11. Fml so we have to wait 2 weeks for the next chapter? Or will their be a chapter this week

  12. Its looking like their won’t be a chapter this week :/

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