Naruto Chapter 628 Breakdown: We want more! We want more!

Ah yes. Isn’t it the bane of every manga reader when the manga they love so much goes on a week’s break? I mean, I understand the author’s need for rest now and then, but that still doesn’t make it any easier on all the fans around the world who are eagerly awaiting his work.

There are many feelings and emotions that seem to walk hand-in-hand with these breaks, the most prominent of which are the high expectations of fans that seem to be birthed from their ire of having to wait in anticipation; expectations that, for all intents and purposes, may be somewhat unrealistic or unfair. The only question is, did Kishi’s latest chapter after a week’s break live up to those expectations, however, high they might be?

Naruto fans on a rampage...

Naruto fans on a rampage…

If I were to answer the question posed above, going by most of the comments I read on the previous breakdown, I suppose the answer would be a resounding “no”. Not many of you were happy with Kishi’s latest Naruto chapter, with a few citing “is this all Kishi can come up with after a week’s break?” However, in my opinion, these kinds of comments can end up being a little bit unreasonable.

At the end of the day, a week’s break is exactly what it sounds like – a break. It isn’t a week for Kishi to work extra hard on the next chapter to make it even more epic for his fans, it’s a week for him to not work at all and to take some needed time off. I’m not sure why fans seem to have higher expectations when a week break comes along or what kind of rational drives those expectations, but I personally believe that expecting too much can cause a fan to miss out on enjoying what might have otherwise been perceived as a perfectly decent chapter on any other normal week.

As for me personally, I actually enjoyed the latest chapter, mostly because I never expected anything beyond the norm. Perhaps it’s just because I am overly optimistic, or perhaps it is simply a difference of tastes, but either way, I suppose it is what it is and there’s no changing how people feel.

Oh look. It's two flaming balls and a... head?

Next time on Masterchef Narutoverse. Things get hot in the kitchen as our amateur cooks… er… cook!

As for the chapter itself, it pretty much had everything one could hope for in a battle focused issue. It had a lot of flashy explosions and high level jutsu, but more importantly, I think it did a good job of showing us just how far Naruto’s control of Kurama’s chakra has evolved. Not only is he able to adjust it to match the chakra patterns of those he is transferring it to, but it seems he is also able to control it externally – from a distance – to do whatever he wants even if he isn’t in direct contact with those who adorn his chakra cloaks.

This means Naruto can use that chakra to both protect his comrades and to attack his enemies on a whim, although controlling Kurama’s power on such a large scale does seem to take some severe tolls on him in terms of fatigue.

This situation also brings us back to the question posed some time ago near the beginning of this war arc about whether the Jinchuuriki should be used in the war from the start or weather they should be hidden, and although opinions on the matter had been split back then – with some opting to use them rather than hide them – I think it is now clear that Naruto’s contribution to this battle is really the only thing keeping the alliance alive right now, which proves without a doubt that the presence of Jinchuuriki on the battlefield is not only a boon, but ultimately a necessity.

And yet all you can do is be useless as usual...

Well, maybe if you were a bit more useful than a rock, he wouldn’t HAVE to keep it up.

Another point that seemed to come up in this chapter was the conflict of interests between Naruto and Obito and while Naruto seems to be putting everything he has into protecting the alliance and his friends from harm, Obito seems to be more interested in taunting him and questioning his resolve.

One thing I liked about this part was how Naruto’s comrades seemed to stand by him every step of the way – as if to act as a pillar of support against any doubt that might have otherwise stricken Naruto at that point – and how they even help him in a conjoined attack against Obito, as if to reinforce their sense of unity and camaraderie. We’re basically seeing a battle of principles here that pits two contrasting ideals against each other. On one side, we have the two lone wolves who believe that people can never truly trust or rely on each other and who believe a world of dreams is the only true path to peace, while the other side is composed of an alliance of shinobi uniting under a single goal who have placed their faith and trust in their new-found bonds with one another.

The only question is, which of these two sides is building the strongest foundations for the peace the are fighting so hard to create? Can peace really be built on trust and bonds, or is that simply a naive ideal? Likewise, can a strong foundation of peace really be built on an illusion or dream?

Someone give that man a hug, stat!

Someone give that man a hug, stat!

Unfortunately, even though I said I enjoyed this chapter, this is where it started to slip away a bit towards the end. Although I mentioned this in the comments on the previous breakdown, I might as well say it here again.

You see, as we get towards the closing pages of this chapter, I felt as if things started getting a bit out of control and although Naruto was a focal point for the most part, he started getting pushed into the background as a hero-figure. The first sign of this sudden change is when we see Madara’s rape face after he detects Hashirama’s chakra. While I understand the rivalry the two share, it kinda felt like he was no longer interested in the alliance or Naruto and only cared about his bout with his former ally turned enemy.

“Alright, that’s fine” I thought to myself. After all, there was still Obito right? Well, unfortunately that didn’t last long either as he and Kakashi both warped away to have their own personal lover’s spat in the privacy of some inter-dimensional motel room.

And here we have a demonstration of the Kamasutra position number 69.

And here we have a demonstration of the Kama Sutra position number 69. It’s a bit warped… but some people like it?

So here’s my issue. There are three characters that up until recently, I would have dubbed as the three primary villains in this story – and those are Madara, Obito and Sasuke. Sasuke was the one villain I expected Naruto to handle himself, especially considering the rivalry between the two of them, but that role was taken over by Hashirama instead, who managed to convince Sasuke to help protect Konoha and Itachi’s ideals.

Alright, so now we’re left with two primary villains for Naruto to deal with, right? Well, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case anymore, mostly because Madara seems more interested in Hashirama than anything and will likely end up battling him instead, while Obito decided to warp away with Kakashi, as mentioned before. So what does that leave for Naruto, the main hero of the story?

It’s an issue I find worrisome, mostly because it feels like too much is being taken out of Naruto’s hands. The whole reason he was given Kurama’s power to begin with was to deal with Obito – whom Minato regarded as a calamity that would threaten the world – and now it seems like he’s not even going to do that anymore. In addition to that, despite all the faith and trust people placed in him in regards to dealing with Sasuke – including from himself – that matter was also seemingly dealt with by another character.

“He still has the Juubi to deal with” some of you might say, but in the end, I always found the dynamic between a hero and a villain, along with their clashing ideals, to be the most interesting part of a battle between dark and light. It’s adds a lot of depth and emotion to a battle that cannot exist in a bout with a mindless beast that doesn’t seem to have any feelings whatsoever.

Mindless destruction

It almost reminds me of one of Sasuke’s old temper tantrums.

At the end of the day, I just hope that Kishi isn’t just trying to rush through the story to reach the finale, all the while casting aside some of his long-term developments along the way. I really hope we still see that final battle between Naruto and Sasuke because I still firmly believe that it was meant to be sorted out between the two of them without any outside interference.

What I really want to see is something like the battle between Naruto and Sasuke at The Valley of The End, a battle that – to this day – is one I still consider to be among the best in the series alongside Naruto’s battle with Pain. What made both of these battles so great was that conflict of ideals and the emotion driving both sides to win. I want to see a battle with that kind of heart and emotion again and I really hope Kishi delivers it.

All disdain aside, I’m still excited for what is to come. Judging by the way the Juubi’s hand tails seem to be evolving into something more hand-like, I’m assuming he’s undergoing another transformation, perhaps into his final, true form. Maybe then he’ll grow a personality, in which case I won’t mind if he becomes Naruto’s final nemesis, because at least then there will be some more dynamic to the battle.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. To grant a request of many of you, I’ve decided to reintroduce the Bubbliton Contest to the breakdowns, so here is this week’s screen!

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

Alright, so I couldn’t resist using Madara’s rape face for the Bubbliton Contest, but I wasn’t sure if I should use that panel on its own, or whether to use it with the Juubi’s panel below it. So, in the end I decided to use both together and let everyone decide how they wanted to approach it.

In other words, you can either use the panel with Madara on its own and just show his thoughts, use the Juubi on its own or use them both consecutively together. It’s up to you and I’ll just put in whatever ends up being the funniest.

Good luck! And I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 30, 2013.

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    Great breakdown.

  4. FOUR. IS. DEATH!!

  5. hmmm. from your breakdown tenrai.. since you already said. madara is more likely have a battle with hashirama and the other kages, obito against kakashi.. then naruto/sasuke and the alliance against the juubi. that’s good enough for me. just like you said. the juubi is a mindless beast. and the naruto talk no jutsu won’t work on it this time. so maybe… just maybe.. we will see a great battle of jutsu here.

  6. @ Tenrai

    I just disagree. your usual optimism is waning. I think it’s good Naruto didn’t save Sasuke by himself. Hashirama and Itachi helped him to be commited to helping the Alliance but that doesn’t mean Sasuke agrees with Naruto’s ideals. so a battle between Naruto and Sasuke still seems possible.

    Also we don’t know the outcome of the battle…. for now we know we might get to see the question about Rin’s death answered.

    We might see Hashirama get defeated by Madara now that he has the Rinnegan. which would leave Naruto to defeat Madara and surpass Hashirama. Naruto has to surpass the previous Kages and one way to do it would be able to do what Hashirama can’t

    you are just taking the chapter at the face value without considering other possibilities than the straightforward.

    also we have the wild card Orochimaru. I really doubt Orochimaru has converted to some nice helpful guy. He’s clever.

    Naruto will emerge as the Hero but right now it’s probably good that the villians are preoccupied long enough for Naruto to have a temporary reprieve. He just can’t do it all…

  7. @Tenrai

    I think your new approach to the breakdown give a lot of room for people to debate on. Not saying that your old approach which basically covers all the grounds isn’t good enough but it doesn’t promote discussion as much.

    I still feel that Naruto is or will be the catalyst that will create a new ninja system where peace will be achieved. Just like Jiraiya wanted him to.

  8. Great Breakdown.

    I’m rooting for a Juubi with a personality. Except it’s the kind of personality the Kyuubi had before he made friends with Naruto. The destructive kind with malice towards the world. Kind of like Obito was when he went on rampage after Rin died.
    That would provide an excellent opponent for Naruto and his ideals.
    But then, here’s some thoughts:
    What (or whom) will Sasuke actually be fighting?
    Is Hashirama stronger than Madara now?

  9. I don’t think the Juubi can be battled at this time. From what we’ve seen, even the alliance, Madara & team hawkage combined stand no chance against it. Probably the only way to stop this creature would be talk-no-jutsu. Can’t say that I’m a big fan of it but as it stands I can’t think of another way.

  10. No Naruto until 5-13… May 13th?

  11. the juubi can be battled. and naruto will be the one to do it and not with the talk no jutsu. he still has the chakra of the other bijuus in him. and i think that will come in to play when the juubi transforms into its final form. the alliance will suffer first ofcourse, madara transcending to the afterlife, ressurected hokages saying thanks to naruto and also going to the afterlife, etc. sasuke down and barely breathing, obito might go back to being the plain obito he used to be back then. remember he’s in a battle with kakashi and i think after all the battles that kakashi has gone through with naruto maybe he already mastered the talk no jutsu and he may use that against obito.

  12. @Ashes

    Though I did point out my concerns, I still enjoyed the chapter. I still can’t tell what path Kishi will go down but all I do know for sure is that I don’t want him to take too much out of Naruto’s hands as the hero of this story. I’m not saying Naruto doesn’t need some reprieve now and then, but too much reprieve can also be a bad thing. It’s all about balance.

    I do hope Naruto and Sasuke still battle though. Even if that much just happens, then Madara and Obito can go with Hashirama to Neverland for all I care.

  13. Sheesh Tenrai think of the Lost Boys and the Indians. Neverland would become a wasteland if you warped Madara and Hashirama there… LOL

  14. Think of the Children, Tenrai. The Children 😛

  15. Yeah, Obito probably wants to talk with Kakashi about sending all of that random stuff into his dimension. A fireball, an arm, a nail.. other stuff… Kakashi’s just wrecking the place. Obito sits down for a nice dinner, and bam – exploding ninja at the table. Thanks again Kakashi…

  16. Um, why is there no new chapter yet?

  17. Golden mothertrucking week! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  18. My answer to that:

  19. I think that the Juubi might really be Aizen in disguise. I mean just look at all of those different transformations.

  20. Aizen was the one that taught the Sage of Six Paths jutsu, and thus sat every thing in the Narutoverse into motion

  21. How does one keep themselves from suiciding during golden week? <_<

  22. hahahaha! obito and kakashi next chapter. the epicness of the madara vs the resurrected hokages can wait.

  23. i wonder when will oda finally reveal sabo is still alive and working with the revolutionaries as a warlord. specifically traffy

  24. wrong page to post about one piece. >_< sorry guys

  25. Greta breakdown ten i do not think naruto fighting the juubi is bad if you think about it thats how it should be his final oponent. I meen the juubi Brought in the era of the ninja when it was defeated by the sage so what better way to bring in peace than by beating a creature made of pure malice and destroction.

  26. What if Hashirama loses to Madara now because Madara has the Rinnegan?

  27. Also, considering Hashirama and Madara are probably on the same level now, given the Rinnegan, what if Naruto has to step in in order to seal them both in order to stop an eternal battle? Because both of them are reanimated, so both of them cannot destroy each other except through seals.

  28. hashirama wouldn’t be able to beat madara this time even with the aide of the other 3 resurrected hokages and even with the alliance.

  29. I dunno… we haven’t seen Sasuke’s new ocular powers yet. Could be pretty devastating!!

  30. I think Sasuke’s job will be to trap Madara into that “loop jitsu”. That way Madara can be sealed, killed, dressed up in Sailor Moon cosplay, whatever.

  31. Caption: Is that a monster in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

  32. can i kill a conversation, or what? 😉

  33. F**k that. Pretty much no one responded to my comments. Has nothing to do with conversation.

  34. Wow, amazing breakdown Ten! so many great points brought into it! THANKSª

    Madara: kukukukukukukukukukukukukukukuk
    Ten Tails: You didn´t yell surprise you *^*$%?%$?$%
    Caption: Moku Bunshin no Jutsu meets One Thousand Years of Pain.

  35. @ Andrew I think Madara is probably stronger than Hashirama now. However he also has three more Kages and Sasuke to contend with. I just can’t see how this will play out but I would think that Kishi gave Sasuke Izanagi for a reason.

  36. I wonder how you defend against Izanagi. Would Naruto be able to do it?

  37. Bubbiltion: Say hello to my little friend.
    Caption: Well at least he’s not over compensating.

  38. @ashesreignited hmm. i’m wondering if izanagi would work on madara since he’s not only “a uchiha”.. he is “the uchiha”

  39. Naruto 629 Spoiler:

    -Ten tails raches final frorm
    -edo kages taka and orochimaru arrive to see Tsunade trying to heal other kages
    – Kakashi vs Obto begins end of chapter

    via Mangapanda

  40. @Ten
    I’m really starting to think you are Kishi. It’s out

  41. It’s out!

  42. hmmm. is this a preview of what’s to become of naruto?

  43. spoiler:
    Why was Naruto’s right arm damaged.
    I also noticed a picture of all the Bijuu behind Naruto and the next panel looked like the Sage was behind him.

    Who was the one that theorized that Kakashi had to killer Rin? I forgot, but it was one of you guys.

    Tobi was just being Nostalgic.

    And the Juubi seems to be getting a personality… I think it’s going to be like Majin Buu (from Dragon Ball Z) type thing. The Majin Buu had some of the traits of the Kai that got rid of him stayed with Majin Buu after he was absorbed.

    I think the Juubi is going to be like the Sage. Hell, maybe this is where we are finally going to get the back story of the Sage. The Juubi might be able to give the details to what was really going on.

  44. i think his hand got damaged when he tried to fist bump the juubi. :)) i think naruto’s trying to communicate with the juubi and on the next panel we see the different chakra’s inside naruto the only one missing is 8 tails chakra. so that may be the reason he said “it’s not working” lol. the next panel shows.. naruto is most likely becoming the SO6P!

  45. Well, it seems the theory about Rin being a Jinchuuriki was correct at least. It also seems that I was right in my breakdown about Madara being less interested in Naruto now that Hashirama has made his debut into the world.

    Still, it was a good chapter and it looks like the Juubi definitely sees the Sage of the Six Paths in Naruto. The fact that he also saw the other Bijuu in him suggests that there was some form of chakra transfer that took place when they talked to him, or, at the very least, he carries their will.

    As for why Naruto was injured, I reckon he took a hit in the Juubi’s last attack because he was spending all his chakra on protecting everyone else which left very little for him to use to protect himself.

    Lastly, I’m glad Obito’s reasons for war don’t revolve solely around RIn and rather around the shinobi system that created tragedies. My only question is, what happens next? Naruto gets a chakra boost from dad? Team Hawkage arrives and Hashirama has a woody battle with Madara? The Juubi turns into the cookie monster as his final form? Only time will tell…

  46. MMmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaiiiittttttoooo Gggggaaaaaaiiii!!!! *thumbs up, tooth sparkle*

  47. well i just re-read the chapters where the other 7 bijuus gave their names to naruto. — it was said that one day they will become one again. and the SO6P said to the bijuu’s that they should search for “real strenght” which i think is naruto, since they entrusted naruto their souls. —– as per the kyuubi “naruto is the old man’s” i really don’t know but i think it may be “reincarnation”,

    so it’s possible that naruto is or would be the sole person able to stop the juubi.

    according to page 15 what naruto really acquired wasn’t just chakra but their souls, meaning the SO6P didn’t just seperated the juubi’s chakra but he gave each on of them a soul which may have come from himself since he was already dying he seperated his life force(soul) unto this ball of chakras to create the bijuus to give them character, a purpose. and i’m thinking naruto is the vessel of the SO6P and the hachibi is the missing key to the puzzle. because he was the only one missing here.

  48. or the yin chakra that was sealed within minato and the hachibi. lol

  49. @Chaps

    I think all Naruto needs now to become “complete” is the Hachibi’s chakra, which Bee may give to him willingly to stop the Juubi. Oh, that and the other half of Kurama’s chakra, of course. @___@

  50. I think the mangastream translation is spot on. Naruto’s chakra has depleted dramatically.. The juubi see’s him as the sage of six paths. The juubi can sense naruto carries the different souls of the bijuus.. But he still doesn’t have the hachibi.. All in all i can see naruto becoming the Sage that he should be..

  51. You know, I’ve noticed that quite a few of you have been asking for the return of the bubbliton contest lately, and yet when I bring it back, no-one puts forward any entries.

    Is it too hard this week or are people just not really interested in bubblitons?

  52. Hm, I’ve submitted many bubble comments…. I guess they all just suck too much lol!

  53. I don´t know Ten. I love bubblition contests, maybe its that the folks are cold from the lack of em for the last couple breakdowns:

    Bubblition n2:
    Madara: “Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH.”
    Caption: And thus, the cookie monster was born.

  54. I think Naruto is going to have some type of Chakra transfer jutsu. He might be able to transfer out the Hachibi from Bee without killing him.

    And this jutus would be very useful in transferring out Hashirama’s cells out of Madara, making him more then bearable to fight.

    So Naruto would be able to create forms, and Sauske will be able to give it shape, when the time comes.

  55. @Tenrai: I wouldn’t mind winning one of those contests at least once. And granted, when I entered here and there in the past, I did get at least one honorable mention. I can keep trying, I suppose. Just keep posting them, Ten. I’ll give the next one a shot. But it can be easy to lose the motivation to do them, because why bother if what I submit doesn’t ever get picked?

  56. *sighs* Alright. I’ll try once again. Though the only thing that comes to mind, you sorta already used yourself in the breakdown. When posting a screen for the bubblition, don’t use any jokes on that screen for your breakdown. You practically already used what was likely the best joke someone else could’ve come up with for it already, leaving the rest of us with probably only subpar jokes at best. Dattebayo? (know what I mean?)

    Bubble: Why are you looking at me like that?
    Caption: Madara really loves his power.

    I’m sorry if the punchline doesn’t seem all that great. I took ten minutes trying to think up something clever, without it seeming silly. This is the best I could think of. I guess we’ll see what happens with this.

  57. @Ten i used to comment on bubble contests …infact WAAY back i gave ideas and pics to jerimiah on IRA, but here all the the winners seem to have an overwhelmingly similarity….most of the jokes that are submitted and picked have something to do with an ass nu jutsu or something that is sexual and honestly it gets dull and dry for me personally. If i submit anything it never gets picked or mentioned; so like mentioned above by Kevin, i just loose motivation. I’ll let the fart jokes roll on out because those seem to be the best.

  58. @Arpotu

    Sorry, I didn’t see yours. I usually search the word “bubble” or “Bubbliton” to find them faster. Lol. Thanks for the entry though. @__@


    I don’t only pick winners from one overall theme or feel, but some weeks there’s just nothing substantial and I’m forced to pick what few jokes there are, even if they all happen to follow a similar trend. In the end, if its good I’ll pick it but I also take a keen note of any other user comments in the breakdowns if they praise a bubbliton for being funny and factor that into my decision as well.


    I don’t want to force people to post for bubblitons, but I just also don’t want to waste time putting them up if no-one wants them, that’s all. I mean, there’s nothing worse than putting up a bubbliton and then come the next breakdown, there’s only one entry and I’m forced to choose it, good or bad, because there’s no competition. This defeats the whole purpose of the post, hence why I asked if people were still interested. X__X

  59. Bubble:

    Madara: Uchiha, Balls, big wood, Sasuke, Sakura, TEN TEN
    Juubi: Noooooo, for the love of God, please stop, i’ll grow another hand and slap you to death!!

    Caption: You know what hurts other people & monsters when you’ve lived as long as Madara.

  60. There is a lot of comments so if I rehash anything said before I apologize…

    Chapter wasn’t amazing to be honest. Kakashi killing Rin seemed half baked at best, it links in alright but it feels somewhat forced a lot like Kabuto’s back story. Like no real thought was put into it. Also, I think we all get that this is tearing the landscape apart, I dread seeing this part of the manga since its mostly just watching rocks crumble… Awesome battles in the past had at least some strategy and ninjutsu etc but this is just, powerful tech after powerful technique… It’s like DBZ with Ninja’s. and a drawn out version of Bleach 😛

    There are some pro’s though, Kishi didn’t run us down with a long over drawn History of Rin, which was good (just wish the story felt a little more thought out..) I think Mangastream’s translation really helped in the discussion with Kakashi and Obito, it felt genuine all I didn’t like was Kakashi basically preaching the Naruto word almost like its a religion now. No more will of Fire… Will of Naruto!

    Naruto seeing the Rinnegan reminded me of the battle with Pain, as I recall we saw it before.
    when Jiraiya in Sage Mode detected the ‘real’ Pain for the first time…. This shows that Naruto is trying to “sense” or link to the Juubi, he must sense all the different Tailed Beasts within and I think the Juubi will be a amalgamation of all the beasts characteristics and some residual Sage of 6 Paths within… It could be Naruto trying to absorb the natural chakra of his surroundings but since the landscape and there is only death so, instead of Sage Chakra all he can gather is the residual chakra of the Tailed Beasts. (please Kishi don’t make Naruto begin absorbing the Chakra of his friends to make a final beast bomb to take out the Juubi…)

    I would like to see Naruto fail at least a little. In most battles, Naruto has failed before climbing back up, in this battle so far even with all the good moments and that, I never feel like Naruto could fail. When he battled Neji, Pain and Sasuke, there were always moments of dread for Naruto which I don’t feel now. Neji’s death was a game changer but the effect was short lived. Jiraiya died off screen and Naruto was emotionally and physically changed by it. Neji died and now he has returned to grinning. I also want to state, I don’t want Naruto to now be a completely different character to who he normally is but just for Kishi to make him more human, he is in a War Zone people are dying left and right, he is happy that people are standing to protect him but he should also be dreading his loss of power etc. Like he did against Pain when Hinata died etc and we can say, “But Naruto trusts his friends.” etc. although valid, I still think there should be something some form of desperation on Naruto’s part not just “Well that didn’t work.”

  61. @ Should Bubbilition stay or go – I for one think its fun to have bubble posts most of the time… but I do miss the old debates on WRA. the essay’s of arguing whether it be Minato vs Pain, Kakashi vs Itachi, Itachi vs Minato or even Ten Ten vs a stump… they where enjoyable as well…

    I enjoy Naruto cause it can be a manga that challenges its readers, “What is the answer to peace?” etc etc. It makes you think hard about morals and ideals. Can shared Pain lead to peace, etc. I miss those debates where always my favorite as a community

  62. As far as exciting things go, plot-wise, I think Sasuke’s change of mind was the most epic and exciting thing to happen to the story. But we can’t always have crazy things happen. I like this chapter anyway, because of two things.

    One, there was a few mysterious panels where Naruto was surrounded by the faces of the tailed beasts. Then much like Pein’s all seeing eyes, Naruto was shown below a pair of rinnegan eyes. Who’s eyes were these? What was Naruto trying to do? Communicate with the Juubi? Was he trying to extract natural energy? I think Tenrai is right, in that, the Juubi sees Naruto as the sage now. Does that mean the Juubi expects Naruto to imprison him again? Anyway, I like those two panels, there is a bit of mystery to it – and it creates a further step towards Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths.

    Two, I’m not sure why people didn’t like the conversation between Kakashi and Obito. Maybe at this point we don’t want to hear more sob stories. But for me, the conversation was really potent at the end where the conversation comes to a T. Obito is messed up. He’s probably messed up beyond the point of no return. And this guy has some real issues. I saw more this episode of his lack of humanity than ever before. Just seeing that hole while hearing him explain how he doesn’t feel anymore pain, it made me empathize with him.

    Thinking about the chapter made me realize something simple about the series. The major problem that the ninja world has to deal with is chakra. We have enough problems in our real daily lives without the ability to mold chakra. The power to mold it, and use it for ninja abilities – it brings more chaos to the world and builds something that can’t be sustained in the ninja world. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the power of the juubi (who is mostly made up of chakra, I think) and all chakra in all forms has to be obliterated. (Especially the uchiha curse.)

  63. @pein0avenue if you’re talking about this page “” i think the juubi was looking at naruto. in the first panel the juubi sensed the different soul/chakra residing inside naruto, the juubi then magnified it’s vision and it reminded him of the SO6P making the juubi retaliate by trying to cast a jutsu shown at the bottom panel or maybe absorb natural energy shown onto the next page.

    i also think that this is not the the real form or should i say.. not really what it should look like. it looks like a failed experiment. distorted face, the body is not in proportion. get what i’m saying?

  64. how about we debate weather the Jubi has a conscious or not? One could say that he recognized similarities in naruto that connected him to the SSP and CLEARLY angered him…as to why only ONE arm got buff i don’t know lol. But there are animals that recognize aspects of those that abused them with other people that are new to their environment. So that being said we could say that the Jubi might not have a sophisticated conscious. But then again, he has been until recently, completely dumbed down by the obi-madara control jutsu. But given his rage, it looks like he’s not just trying to defend himself like an animal would, but rather, attack and go after those in front of him. Now why doesn’t he attack madara? he’s not attached or controlled by him, he can sense powerful chakra, madara is definitely one of the most potent there.

  65. well for me the only chakra he could recognize right now is naruto’s chakra or the bijuu’s chakra. which is somewhat similar to the juubi’s chakra. we would be able to tell whether it’s natural energy or a different one when hashirama arrives because he can also use natural energy just like the sage. and i think the juubi has a consciousness but it doesn’t seem to recognize everybody else since it can’t feel their chakra because it’s too weak.

  66. Reading this chapter made me hate Rin as much as I hate Obito and Yahiko (though not as much as I hate Madara and Itachi).
    @pein while it would be interesting to see Naruto fail. Just not against any Uchiha. Uchiha have ranked up too many victories and almost no losses (even then they weren’t complete losses).
    Bubblition: SURPRISE!!
    Caption: And here come the tentacles. Protect your rears!!!

  67. @Ten lol since i’ve posted look at the entries

  68. @Tenrai: Please…keep the Bubblition. Even if it doesn’t always get many entries, please don’t stop doing it. It’s not like it’s a huge thing to pull out a screenshot and plaster it for people to have a go at it.

  69. @Drice

    I definitely think the Juubi has some sense of consciousness, even if it is a largely animalistic one. It was clearly angered by Naruto’s presence and definitely seemed to recognize some link between him and the Sage of the Six Paths.

    I’ve always believed that Naruto has some direct relation to the sage, either as a direct descendant or as a reincarnation of some sort. We also know that the Kin-Gin brothers were directly related to the Sage – hence why they could wield his weapons – and oddly enough, they also had whisker marks like Naruto which may be a combined result of that relation and possessing Kurama’s chakra.

    It would be cool if we got a flashback to show the actual battle between the Sage of the Six Paths and the Juubi and the events that lead up to him splitting his power between his sons. It may give us a better insight into the Juubi’s existence as well and what meaning lies therein.

  70. If we take everythinh away.. And let naruto and the juubi fight one on one.. Then thats the flashback itself lmao.

  71. Bubblition

    Bubble for Madara; Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world!

    Caption; They’re Pinky and the Brain, Pinky and the Brain. The one is a genius, the other’s insane.

    “or even Ten Ten vs a stump”

    Ten Ten would lose!

  72. Baron? did I miss your return? was I being oblivious to the man who decried Tobito. I forgot the parade and the fireworks.

  73. @Ten you know, now that you mention it, i think the whiskers on Naruto face are a direct sign of the sage lineage. Hear me out….i don’t think it really has to do with mixing chakra with kurama…y? Well who else had mixed chakra with kurama for a VERY long time, both kushina and mito had their chakras mixed with kurama from the time they were children. But naruto had it mixed from the moment he was born! True, however the gin jin brothers did not, they had the nine tails chakra VERY late in their lives, yet they still had whiskers. Well what about when naruto got mad before, when he was taken over by the kubi his whiskers got thicker and darker. Yes again true, but when naruto took control of the kubi’s chakra he got the new clack that accented his already existing features. I believe the nine tails chakra only augmented the whiskers. So i think the whiskers are a sign that a person is directly related to the SSP, after all both the gin jin brothers had them and we know they were.

  74. In addition to what you’ve mentioned, the six whisker marks themselves could be interpreted as six paths. When Naruto goes into his full chakra mode, they don’t even look like whiskers anymore but rather like thick line markings and Naruto’s hair also changes to resemble the sage’s hairstyle more, in addition to the markings around his neck and such.

    I do believe that this type of transformation is exclusive to Naruto and has more to do with his own lineage than it has to do with him mixing his chakra with Kurama. In other words, if someone else had Kurama’s chakra, they’d probably undergo a normal bijuu transformation like Bee rather than the very unique transformation Naruto undergoes relative to his fellow Jinchuuriki.

    So the question now is whether Naruto is a reincarnated version of the Sage or just a direct descendant. Was the Sage himself an Uzumaki and if so, are the Uzumaki clan themselves the closest blood relatives to the Sage? Did the Sage have a third son that we don’t know about? Only time will tell, I suppose. >_>

  75. i think naruto may be a direct descendant and at the same time the reincarnation of the sage. just like Aang the last airbender who is believed to be the reincarnation of the “AVATAR”. it just so happens that everything was put into place, at the right time. maybe it was because of the namikaze bloodline and the uzumaki bloodline.

  76. Oh boy! So the Juubi saw the So6p in Naruto or what? ’cause some dudes all over the net are celebrating Naruto is gonna awaken Rinnegan

  77. @ Pein @Ten hmmmm well to have the rinengan, we would need the uchiha eyes mixed with the senju blood, of which naruto could have due to the uzumaki lineage….so…wouldn’t it be ironic if in order to stop all this sasuke gave naruto his eyes. After all the whole termoil between the two clans was that the older uchiha ancestor hated and rejected the way of his younger brother and wanted to fight, not help. Wouldnt it be nice to go full circle and correct that past mistake by now having sasuke who carry’s the will of the uchiha and naruto who carries the will of fire/ embodies it, to come to terms and for the Uchiha to love their younger brother again? I mean after all, the uchiha are supposed to be crazy about loving family members, thats how they get more powerful, yet it seems odd that their decendent hated the younger brother. Look at itachi and sasuke, itachi sacrificed everything for his younger brother, look at madra and his brother. All uchihas have this uncanny desire to love their younger brother, why didnt their decendent feel the same way? So i think that to correct this, sasuke will side with naruto and give him his eyes and entrust the futrue to naruto. That was madara’s mistake, he couldn’t fully entrust the future to Hashirama. Perhaps that’s why naruto and sasuke are going to fight, he needs to verify that naruto can protect the future. But i think naruto will obtain sasukes eyes and thus get the rinengan.

    I don’t know if the sage had a third son and it would be cool if he did, but i do think he is closly related to the uzumaki. After all, to hold the jubi he would have had to have had the strongest sealing tech of all and the uzumaki were known for having the strongest sealing tech. Now that i think about it, perhaps he did have another son. After all, the SSP was the one who started out all tech. So if he only had two sons, and jutsu was passed down to them, the uzumaki are a distant relative of the senju, then why didn’t the senju have the sealing tech of the uzumaki. If you passed on your tech to your sons, and you know sealing, but your son’s don’t or at least don’t know advanced sealing then how did the uzumaki get such advanced tech. Infact there was a clip of the uzumaki doing a sealing demonstration for hashirama. Perhaps they were showing him how to seal that creature inside a person so that he could use it on the nine tails and seal it in mito.
    It would also make sense that the sage was an uzumaki. After all he was formed by genes coming together from some clan or group. We don’t know the sages clan or group but perhaps he taught them jutsu and then taught his son’s jutsu as well. But not knowing if his sons would fight after his death or if evil would prevail, he gave the uzumaki clan the ability to seal all jutsu away. After all that is why they were so feared, because they could seal away your jutsu perminatly. Perhaps the SSP was trying to put in failsafes.

  78. @pein yes.. the juubi saw the SO6P in Naruto. it was because of the different souls/chakras residing within him. as i said before they didn’t just entrust naruto their chakras but also their souls, it was then decided by the other bijuu’s and jinchuuriki that naruto was the sole person that could do it. but it’s still going to be kishi’s call. that is what i understand after i reread the manga.

  79. I see… But Honestly I don’t want Naruto to ever get Rinnegan…. I mean Naruto is a character that fights his way through Hell with sheer Guts and Determination and then now he’s gonna get the Heavenly Samsara Eye which makes him a challenge when its suppose to be the other way around….

    What Does he even need Rinnegan for anyway?

    -Naruto is a Powerhouse already, the Yin part of the Kyuubi is on its way
    – Madara is more Interested in Hashirama
    – Obito is taken cared of (kinda)

    All Naruto is Left with is Hulk Hogan (Juubi) which i think wouldn’t be much of a problem with The other Hokages there plus Team Orochimaru and the shinobi alliance….
    So whats the Rinnegan for?

    Then again i thought Madara took several years before he could Awaken his Rinnegan…. Now Naruto is gonna get it out of the Blue….

  80. i might do an entry for bubblition for 629, if you put the panels where Kakashi is looking through the hole he made in obito. :D!

  81. @iamchops Can you not mention the non-existent Namikaze bloodline?
    @pein78 he would need the Rinnegan because anything that not sharingan or Hashirama related is deemed worthless.

  82. @ Kanton, Minato’s lineage might not be known but he’s blood might be the reason why Naruto has such a close relation to the Sage. I for one think It’s mostly because Naruto was the son of a Uzumaki witch had the Kyuubi inside her at the time of the pregnancy, so with Kurama’s chakra (the chakra most potent with that of the Sage) and Kushina’s uzumaki blood there wouldn’t be any more need for Naruto to have the Uchiha blood, as most suggest.

    He already has all the ingredients he needs to awaken the Rinnegan (8 Bijuus chakra inside him, Uzumaki blood and he can also use Sage mode witch might play a big role seeing as the Juubi is made of natural energy)
    So the Uchiha contribution in Naruto’s case might be useless.

  83. Hm, more than one way to get the Juubi and So6P, eh? I like that idea!

  84. Hey guys. I’ve been trying to start my breakdown but my net is giving me hell so I’ll have to do it tomorrow or wait for a double. Actually, I think waiting for a double will be better so I actually have more to write about (there wasn’t really much in this chapter for me to dig into in terms of the finer details).

    Sorry for the bother. @__@

  85. No prob Tenrai – thanks for devoting so much of your time here already.

  86. I just re-read the chapter, and am now thinking that Naruto managed to combine the vision of all the tailed beasts, and it created the rinnegan (all the beasts eyes, centered around a single pupil). As soon as he did it, Juubi took notice.

  87. …on page 7.

  88. @ Arpotu, I have to tell you the truth, i was thinking the exact same thing. If you add all the bijuu’s eyes on top one another you get the rinnegan style eye, except the slight in Kurama’s eye.

  89. There’s one thing that doesn’t make sense and that’s Shukaku. I don’t think Shukaku gave him any chakra unless he did during his fight with Naruto in part one.

    I know it’s two months old but no one has mention Ultimate ninja storm 3.
    Another thing did any of you see the Road to Ninja. It kind of sucked.

  90. @ Kanton – Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a game as I believe… But it only continues the story from the Hokage Submit, which is sort of a rip of in my opinion, if you gonna make an game based on a story like Naruto you can’t be like well the old games will cover the old arcs etc. I want to play a Naruto game that brings in at least the majority of Shippuden and important parts of Part 1 (Doesn’t really have another name… like the younger years or when it was a story about being a sneak ninja not an Omega Ultra Super Saiyan with a strange interest in Wood-release and Funky eyes) in the form of Flashbacks… @___@ Though saying this I haven’t really played it properly…

    @ WRA – Which do you believe was or is better, in writing/story wise. Naruto Part 1 or Shippuden?

    @ Chapter Debates – If Naruto gets Rinnegan then this show is pointless, he is already a “god” type character now. Way over powered in my opinion already with Rinnegan it will just push up the level of villain Kishi will have to create, which creates the DBZ Charts debacle.

    It is cool to think, how powerful he will be but where is the downfalls, its what has been lacking in Naruto’s character. The self sacrifice etc, MS Sasuke risks going blind for revenge, old Naruto shortens his life by going 4 tails, Tsunade shortens her life using her best technique, Danzou looses eyes using Inzagi.. etc etc. There was always a trade off, Kishi has made Naruto way too powerful for the hero of a manga…

  91. @ Kanton – I agree, I still believe that the image we saw wasn’t what people are thinking that Naruto has all this Chakra inside him. If it is then he is a container like Gedo and should in theory transform in a similar way since it seemed that all it takes is portions of each beast to form the Juubi…. also if it was it would make sense for the Hachibi to be there since he was actually within Naruto’s subconscious way before the other Bijuu

  92. @pein Well, considering that fact, that Uchiha are straight up Kishi’s favourite to a distubing degree. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Tobi just turned good and was made Hokage.

  93. @Pein: The 1st was way better compared to the 2nd part. The story arcs were very intimate. Naruto was going against DESTINY. He carved his own path. And the fights weren’t about who could do the most over powered jutsu. It was about who can out wit the other Ninja.

    The 2nd part just went all wonky. Naruto’s paths was set in stone. Naruto has not gotten over losing Sauske. I think that’s an attribute of his arrogance of thinking he can fix everything. They had to bring back Oro because they couldn’t think of any other better villains. The main villian is a guy who lost half his body and some how survived. Hashirama has become the main hero. It should be called Hashirama: Hurricane Chronicles. He has become the only person powerful enough to beat an Uchiha, was the descendent of the “good” son (good is a matter of perception). He gave the main villains the power to wreak havoc.

    I just wished battles were much more character centric. They should show all the abillities the fighter has to offer. And we were denied the chance to see an Uchiha fight a Hyuga who would have stood a chance… damn you to hell Kishi!

  94. What I think the Juubi saw in Naruto was the Sage’s presence. And since the Sage hadn’t put the Juubi in himself yet, that means the Sage had the rinnegan before putting the Juubi inside him.

    As for the Bijuu, how does the Juubi know what they look like? He was dismanlted before they were created. This is why I think a part of the Sage is attached to the Juubi. I got this idea from Minato being able to implant himself into Naruto as a fail safe. Maybe the Sage has done the same thing with the Juubi. Once someone becomes the Juubi’s jinchuruki, he will appear and tell whomever what they need to know… My Theory!™

  95. I personally believe that the first part was way better than the 2nd an almost every way. The only area where the 2nd part is better is the lost of meaningful characters. Jirayas and Asumas deaths, at least to me, were the highlights of the 2nd part. Besides these special moments, the 2nd part has largely been about who has the most powerful jutsu. Also it has focused solely on the main character, and the infamous Uchiha. The thing i loved about the 1st part of Naruto was the interactions between the different characters, and how we got to see each of the gennin grow and overcome adversity. This caused me to love and care for the different characters that Kishi created. I feel as if that magic has been lost an the 2nd part of the series. Kishi stopped doing a lot of things that made his series stand out such as 1. creating interesting bloodlines. 2. Creating new and interesting villains *cough not Uchiha cough*. 3. Overcoming obstacles. 3. Lastly making interesting battles that require skill and showing them. I feel as if every naruto battle can be described as Villain “i have a super powerful jutsu” Naruto “too bad i learned off screen a ultra super powerful jutsu”. That or if the battle seems to be too hard to write or dares not to focus on a Uchiha or Naruto then he writes it out. Here is looking at you Kakashi rampage. P.S sorry for the long post.

  96. I completely agree that the first part was way better, then the second part in almost every way (comic relief, heroic battles and the concept of beeing a ninja). A ninja is about agility, fast kills, beeing smart and invisible to the enemy eye.

    At this stage of the manga it has simply developped to mass destruction jutsu’s, whichever has the strongest most destructive jutsu wins.

    I also miss the side characters such as the konoha 11, who even now are only in the way and have been ever since naruto got his rasen shuriken.

    As for the comic relief, it was awesome befor shippuuden, whilst shipuuden only had a few good laughs all together.

    I’m just gonna advertise One Piece here once again =D, read it if you like some comic relief, epic battles and a protagonist that can not do everything by himself!

  97. @wiseman you forgot every decent threat had a sharingan. Everybody and Everything got derailed by the Uchiha. Also half-assed Uchiha backstory and way too convenient power-up coming from the other half.
    I also agree that part one was better. Shippuden at first was who had the bigger jutsu. Now, it’s who has a sharingan and/or a connection with the Sage.

  98. I’m just calling it right now…sasuke will be the one to beat madara

  99. its out! hahaha

  100. Cool

  101. Sweet! He finally made it and just in the nick of time! Who? Read it and see! XD

  102. The next chapter will either be Great, beyond 9000 and Captain planet, or it will start to suck a lot.

    There’s too much muscle gathering for the good guys and Madara is the only one holding the front for the opposition.
    I know the dude is immortal and has the Rinnegan along with Hashirma’s jutsus and can even throw meteors on the ground if he so pleases, but unless he takes control of the Juubi and covers it with his complete Susano’o the scales will be to much in the alliance’s favor.

    Because from now it’s going to be Madara, Tobi & the Juubi vs Naruto, Minato, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Bee, Gai, Kakashi, Kitsuchi,Team Hawk and the rest of the army ( and lets face it, there’s at least 10-11 shinobi there who either have been kages or are kage and above in power) Uchiha Hax as Madara might be, if he doesn’t step up his game on a level even Majin Buu hadn’t reached, he’s gonna get pown’ed into dust.

    Also the kages might get back to the fight thx to Tsunade.

    This was indeed a nice build up for great things to come.

  103. Goosebumps…. especially that Ino made herself very useful. 😉

  104. @Eugen that’s probably correct. but it also might be possible that madara might be able to reach the level Majin Buu didn’t reach. he might even go to the level of the SO6P in this war. i’m starting to think madara will enslave the juubi within him making him a jinchuriki of the most strongest creature alive in narutoverse.

  105. @Pein

    That’s a nice topic of discussion you bought to the table. If I were to say which I prefer between part one and two, I’d say that part one was probably a bit better overall, but there are parts in part 2 that I feel truly stand out as well.

    In saying that, I also think that all stories become tired as they go on for longer periods of time, not necessarily because the writing is worse but because we become more used to it and it starts to feel more generic. For example, when you start watching a new series on TV, it always feels fresh and exciting when you start but as you go further in, it becomes more commonplace and so those initial feelings tend to become less prominent. Ride the same roller coaster too many times and you eventually come to expect everything that happens, so the thrill that you felt when riding it the first time is lost.


    This was a good chapter and in particular, I liked the parts that involved the alliance and Minato’s entrance. Kakashi’s talk with Obito, while a necessity, was also a bit boring. I could have personally done without it, but I understand why it needs to be there. One thing I did find interesting though is that Madara mentioned that the Juubi is sensing the bijuu’s chakra inside Naruto. He didn’t just mentioned Kurama, but rather the term bijuu as a whole which suggests that he knows Naruto is housing more than just Kurama’s chakra. I wonder when we’ll see that element come into play…

  106. @Tenrai I agree with you that all series eventually begin to suffer fatigue, but i dont think that is what happening with Naruto. The 2nd part has simply dropped the ball. It took the series and took away what made it special. The writing is sloppy, interesting battles that focus on the side characters are written out, red herrings are used to make plot twist, and lastly the manga has become extremly predictable. On a sidenote what are the rules about discussing the current chapter the day it comes out? Do i need to mark it as spoilers or wait a certain time?

  107. @felixnaga

    Once a chapter is out, you can discuss it as you please. No spoiler notifications are necessary.

  108. @ Felix, Once the chapter is out there’s no need no mark it as spoiler, assuming most of us are clicking the refresh button all day long to read the chapter as soon as it’s out.

    @ Chaps, in order to claim the Juubi as his own Madara needs to have a leaving body, he already had this talk with Obito and that’s why Obito has Madara on a leash, beacuse he’s the only one that could resurrect him into a living body and not a Edo summon.

  109. Oh okay thanks guys. Did anyone else have mixed feelings about Minato’s entrance? On one hand it was awesome to see him enter the battle field, but then i was confused when naruto says “Nope, right on time dad”. I feel like naruto should be shocked to see his dad in real life. Secondly narutos face makes it seem like Minato showing up was all part of his master plan.

  110. @Felix

    I agree that i do miss side character development but we have had a lot more Naruto development and he is the star. the battles could not stay the same and had to become bigger. they maybe at a point that is probably too big but they had to go large scale. I think part 2 has had many moments that surpass those in the first part. there have been inconsistencies but i have enjoyed part 2 overall. I think predictable can be read as you know the story/characters well and the characters and we can now sensibly deduce where it is gonna go.

    The Minato entrance did seem strange by lack of shock on Naruto’s face, my only theory is that he had sensed him earlier in the battle and knew he was on his way.

    I enjoyed the chapter, good set up for next week. The Kakashi/Obito chat was interesting only from the view that we can see that Obito is seriously warped/delusional in his views.


    can’t wait for the double breakdown

  111. I think Naruto has been able to sense the chakra of the 4 hokages for at least as long as Madara. That’s why he wasn’t surprised.

  112. @ ashes

    I never left. I’ve been lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce….

    No seriously, I’ve got a lot less free time as of late. So mostly I only read the chapters and the breakdowns. I occasionally read the comments.

    I’m interested to see where Kishi is taking the story. I agree with Eugen, Madara is in some deep donkey doo doo now. I fail to see how, even with his Uchiha hax, he’ll be able to defend against a Ninja God, the brother of a Ninja God who knows Hiraishin and Edo Tensei, the student of both the Ninja God and the brother of the Ninja God who knows (almost) all ninjutsu in existence and a Hiraishin spamming, Shunshin Master, take-your-eyes-of-him-for-a-nanosecond-and-he’s-stabbed-you-AND-put-a-mark-on-you-allowing-him-to-literally-f*ck-you-up-no-matter-where-you-stand-as-you-ponder-wtf-just-happened.
    And that’s not including a certain Uchiha who seems to have an on again off again relationship with the dark side of the force and is in complete control of not only his own ocular powers but even the famous ocular powers Itachi loved to spam, or our friendly neighbourhood paedophile who is immortal without being an Edo Tensei summon.

    The only way I can see Madara overcome the opposition depends on whether he is capable of using all 7 powers of the Rinnegan or if he becomes the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki or if he pulls some very powerful fuinjutsu out of his posterior.
    I doubt Madara can use all 7 Rinnegan powers because if he could, wouldn’t he have used them by now?
    As for becoming a Jinchuuriki, he needs Tobi’s help for that. So that’s not going to happen before Tobi and Kakashi finish up their lovers spat.
    That leaves asspull-no-jutsu as the most likely thing to happen.

  113. What if Oro is working for Madara. He is just serving up Sauske to Madara. Sauske will be Madaras vessel and he will be able to be the Juubis jinchuruki. Then It will be a fight between the true darkness of an Uchiha against Naruto. Naruto is going to have to kill Sauske to end this madness.

  114. Then It will be Tobi, Madara (in Sauske’s body), Oro, edo 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hokage. Naruto will face Madara. Hashi and Bee are going to face the Edo’s and Oro. Kakashi gots Tobi. I’d really like to see Bee vs Oro while Hashirama deals with the other Edo Kage

  115. The other Hokages are turtles Minato arrived in a jiffy lol Tobirama had to back Hiruzen lmao….

    Just as predicted Minato has arrived which doesn’t make much of a difference….

    Anybody has any idea what his special kunai was for when he arrived, perhaps he teleported….

  116. @ Baron, great top have you back, I laughed my ass off at you’re description of Minato :))) that was priceless.

    As for the fights yet to come we will most likely need some more bad guys on Madara’s side to even out the balance. IMO Madara will most likely spam some sort of Edo Tensei of his own with people like his borther and other haxed Uchiaha’s and deadly shinobi from his past, or str8 up unleash the SSJ5 mode and starts the biggest whoop ass of the century.

    Whatever it will be He needs to surpass a fusion of Itachi, Nagato & Naruto, to be on par with the players that are about to join the fight.

    I would have been great too see a fight between the current good guys, including the almost dead kages (Tsunade, A, Gaara, Mei & Onoki) vs Madara, Orochimaru, The Sage Kabuto, Obito, plus whatever edo summons Oro & Kabuto could bring to the fray.

  117. right now i really don’t have an idea on how things would work out for madara, he’s going to face the strongest oppenents he wished didn’t exist. i think i’de wait for the next chapter

  118. Whatever the outcome Chaps, the next chapter is bound to be historic in the Narutoverse. It’s almost unreal how much power will be in one place, the only ones I regret aren’t present are Itachi, Nagato & the 3rd Raikage also the current kages.

  119. What if the 9 tails is forced into submission by the juubi or merges with him, and then takes over Naruto? Then Naruto becomes the ultimate villain that takes all of the hate in the narutoverse upon himself. It could cause the battle between Naruto and Sasuke that everyone has been waiting for. In their 2nd meeting Sasuke even mentions how they could easily be standing in each others shoes. Naruto makes it very clear that he will not kill Sasuke.
    I know this sounds a lot like a fanfic, but i have been trying to think of how the battle field could be evened. I just cant see how Madara can confront probably the strongest shinobi to ever exist all with the same edo tensei to make them invincible.

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    That to me is the 2nd most badass death in the Narutoverse after the 3rd raikage’s week long whoop ass of more then 1000 enemies to allow he’s people to escape.

    So to me, bringing the J-Man back from the dead, even I he fights for the good guys will lose it’s respect for him. I understand bringing back people who we haven’t seen in action before so there true strength can be measured but Jirayia had already showed us his true guts and there would have been nothing more to see from him except a proper goodbye to his godson.

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    I just miss him so much 😥

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    Speaking of the current kages, what’s their status. I know Tsunade was cut in half and that she said she would save the other kages. Have I missed anything or was that the last we saw of them?

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    What is this?
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  126. @allthingstakenintoaccount
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    @allthingstakeInaccount: That’s a shadow ball I think.

  128. @Kantonkage
    Not sure about that. A shadow ball is child’s play. A solarbeam has to gather and materialize. And it tears a new one on the ground the user stands on when launched. The panel below domonstrates the unruly force that mass carries. Thats straight up infringement. Lol

  129. @allthingstakeintoaccount: maybe it’s a shadow solar beam ball or an emo solar beam.

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    I’ve always wondered, what time is it where each of us are in the world. What time is it where you are? Here its about to be 9pm

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    Huh? What is this reply to?
    Anyways, Itachi doesn’t do asspull, he only does awesome. Itachi = awesome.

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    My future is so bright I have to wear shades. That’s two reasons why I can’t see the light.
    As for Itachi’s Genjutsu, we’ve all been trapped in it. In reality Itachi never died. In stead he saved us all from some horrific storytelling by going back in time and stabbing Tobi with the sword of Totsuka.
    Wouldn´t that take away Itachi´s reason to go back in time you might wonder. Well, Itachi is omnipotent. He can see the past and the future simultaneously. Plus, he just doesn´t like Tobi. Neither before or after Rin jumped in front of Kakashi´s pimp hand.

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    @4sannin: Welcome.

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    I miss Kabuto, but its true that im happy Oro is back, XD

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    And as for Ol’ Harry Potter, I think it’s a waste for him to still be standing in the cave down there….have him break out of Izanami and join the impending Smash Bros. fight.

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    Kanton and Dish even made a hotel down there seeing they were sent there on a regular basis.

    @ Kabuto’s situation, I hope the dude comes oyt of there stronger and smarten then ever before, I personally never liked the 4 eyed creep from the start but he showed real power against Sasuke and Itachi and that’s to be respected in my book. And seeing as the sage mode is his to perfect along with edo tensei, I reckon that Kabuto will make his comeback better then ever.

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    Was thinking of the battle debates that used to rage on here. Anyone want to suggest one? Just to tie everyone over till the next chapter

    I will start with an obvious one Minato v Naruto

  155. @ gendoikari, sorry but according to WRA laws no debate can be made with the following people: Itachi, Minato & Kakashi. Reason, because they are well over 9000 and Chuck Norris.

    And frankly Minato would beat the crap out of his kid purely for father/son status and because Minato’s the MAN.

    I would like to see a battle between Minato and Tobirama: Both hokages, both use the hiraishin, Tobirama uses expert water style and kinjutsu like edo tensei, while Minato is a pro at hidden sealing jutsus.

    I would give the edge to Tobirama but it’s anyone’s game:

  156. @Eugen

    Sorry for flouting the rules so casually!

    O wow a 2nd v 4th would be one hell of a fight. I think Kishi should do one shots of these sort of matchups. TBH though he would probably just make Sasuke win the fights even if he wasn’t participating in them.

    Also are the rumours of Tenrai being Kishi true? 🙂

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    @ gendoikari, I actually think it is true, tenrai is either kishi or his twin brother and every once in a while he gives us a taste of the following chapter. LOL about Sasuke winning the fight.

    It;s either that or Tenten :))

  160. @eugen I appreciate the fact that you gave me credit for building something I didn’t know existed. How very humble of you. I think you mean Kiba.
    Tenrai is Kishi’s triplet! How interesting.
    Come on guys, Tenten could totally win a manzai contest and she defeated Zetsu… unlike Kiba.

  161. Oh please, everybody knows Tenten is about as useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker.

  162. @redbaron but birds don’t have lips and the rubber would rip.
    See what happens when your under an Uchiha’s (namely Itachi) genjutsu.

  163. I’d be intrigued to see Sasuke vs Madara…Madara would more than likely win, but even so..Sasuke does possess the Eternal Mangekyou now.

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