One Piece chapter-707 Block B

Aloha everyone welcome to another breakdown of a great one piece chapter.  I wanted to do this breakdown yesterday but it took me longer than expected to get out of tenrai senshi’s stomach. Since next week is golden week in japan there might not be a one piece chapter :(.  This chapter started were the other one left off. (obviously)  This chapter just proves why one piece is a great manga. I understand this chapter brought out some new characters that we could probably do with out. But think about it could it really be called a royal rumble with us only knowing one person in each group?

At the beginning of the chapter we see that the numbers game is not what dagama has in mind in order to win the tournament.  That is all in order for Elisabelio (which is the king of the empire that damaga is from) to warm up. His punch is powerful enough to knocked down even one of the yonkou. But the only draw back is that he can only use it once per battle. Im curious to see on what or on who they will use the punch on.

If i had to guess i would say they would use it on the arena itself since anyone out the arena losses.Moving on we see that Bellamy is questioning one of dressrosa’s army captain. To my surprise him and old Bellamy are exactly the same.  Except this guy can hold his own since he knocked out 3 gladiators into the water surrounding the arena. But it’s also a testament to Bellamy’s new-found strength since he manage to avoid the attack and counter it also.

The middle of the chapters were focus on introducing new enemy’s. This is another way of oda showing us the power of Burgess . From what we seem so far they are not all pushovers. We can guess there were a couple of people in blocked A that had at least this amount of power. But where all handle by burgess with ease.

Now out of all the new characters shown here i want to talk about two dan hack andRicky. Ricky was introduced as a “former” gladiator. Yet the other gladiators do not remember him. But the old man and the toy do. So there is a possibility of him being kyros. But i believe he is a descendent of kyros. I don’t normally look at guy’s bodys but i couldn’t help it this time. He just looks so young. Then again one piece old man are beast just look at rayleigh.

Dan hack is a fishman that is a master of fishman karate and jiu-jitsu. He is a friend of Jimbe and also whats equality for all. I can see him help out luffy since he is connected to jimbe in case all hell breaks lose. Also i am curious about his fishman jiu-Jitsu.

As i kept reading this chapter i was like this royal rumble is crazy i can’t wait to see Bartolomeo fight. Then i turn the page and see that he is just laying down coolin without a care in the world. He is either really stupid or super strong to be laying down in this chaos of a battlefield. There is body’s flying around  and he does not see to mind. But what is more amazing is that nobody seems to be going after him. Even when he is practically begging to get kicked out.

It seems to me that this group is not only between Bellamy and bartolomeo like i though last week. When the next chapter comes out we should finally see some action since must of the weaker characters have all been disposed of. I can not wait to see Bartolomeo fight i believe he will probably be the one that advances to the next round.

Now finally we are on to my favorite part of the chapter. It seems luffy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He was discovered by not only Bellamy But by one of garps former job companions? This moment made the chapter for me. It was hilarious. How quick luffy is to forget things never ceases to amaze me.  As he was trying to convince “cavity” to stop his vendetta in comes Don chin jao and asked him how his Grand father was doing.

An luffy being the man that he is answers him. Only to later realised caven dish is right there. I can not wait to see luffy vs don chin jao. Hopefully when they are fighting  we have a flashback of him fighting Garp. I always wanted to see how strong garp was in his Prime. With the battle royal and caven dish figuring out who lucy is next chapter should entertain.

Sadly it is the end of this breakdown. Last week i asked the question who will win Block b and even though there were a lot of responses. I am going to ask the same question this week since we got introduce to stronger characters.


Sanjis name was going to be naruto but oda changed his mind since kishimoto was coming out with a manga name naruto.

~ by simplyantony on April 25, 2013.

21 Responses to “One Piece chapter-707 Block B”

  1. First 🙂
    Also I been reading ur breakdowns since you started and wanted to let u know that u are doing a great job and I’m glad someone is finally doing a one piece breakdow
    Your breakdowns downs are funny and it gives one piece the credit it deserves keep it up

    For your question I think that the fish man will win the block he looks like he can bust some heads

  2. I get out of work and desided to read me some op then I come to this sight and the breakdown is already out so I been having such a great day I was like fudge it let me make an account and blessed op fans with my prediction… I predict Bellamy will win it all kishi wouldn’t have brought him back for anything….that vampire trucker gets on my nerves I hope he gets his ass beat.

    Oh great breakdown simply and I guess I can say FIRST!!!!!!

  3. Grr i meant second

  4. Nice breakdown!
    Bellamy will be block B’s winner!

  5. @junktruck , Dont mock the allmighty Oda by confusing him with some inferior Mangaka!
    Welcome to WRA btw!

  6. @junk that wholes true to bartolomeo also and let’s not forget he already took down a vice admiral and everyone seems to be avoiding him plus oda has yet to show his power….

  7. Simply ant u said it urself Bellamy is way stronger now he probably f*$k shit up in skypia and he has a better understanding of his fruit I don’t think he was weak just that he pissed of luffy and we all know how shut goes down when luffy is mad

  8. I feel like you guys are overlooking Dan hack he is a master of fish karate just like Jimbe so I’m guessing his power level is somewhere near Jimbe and hordy with out being a master of fish karate destroyed a mountain and trees with that water gun thing

  9. @junk ill give you that he is stronger but i do not think he did anything in skypea i meen wiper is their and i don’t see him beating him also he said after skypia he under went a transformation.
    @eating You right but i still believe that bartolomeo will win i have nothing to back that up since we havent seen him fight but ill still stick with him.
    BTW welcome to WRA

  10. No offense but Hordy wasn’t really all that powerfull, it was the steroids that made him the monster he was (also increased the power of his water gun significantly).
    Jinbe is a beast, but then again he was a sichibukai and is a living legend among all the fishman.
    Now i do believe that this guy is strong knowing fishman karate and all, but what convinces me that he will not win this, is the fact that he has never been mentioned befor. A lot of strong fishman have been mentioned in the manga befor.

    As for bartolomeo I personally believe that he has no role to fulfill in this manga, we have Kid who is the same type of pirate but prolly a lot stronger. I believe the guy’s only purpose is to show how much stronger bellamy has gotten. Of course Bellamy will not be ending up winning this whole thing, but i do believe he will come out on top of block B.

  11. Yeah ik he wasn’t that is what I meen jimbe said it himself that hordys water gun can not compare to the destroctive power of a fish man karate’s master…I do agree with you in the barto thing he is a just their I don’t see him advancing

  12. @live guess great minds think a like
    @eat that fish dude looks slightly beast but when Bellamy starts flexing his muscles his going to be just another character. I get what ur saying with all that water and karate Stuff but I do not see him advancing maybe if he was in group D but if he was their he will just get his ass kicked by Rebbecas gorgeous self

  13. You guys are under estemating him this battle will be won by him I just wish oda would have showed him fight more… Rebecca is definatly going to win her group

    That strategy thing is going to come back and bite them I feel like they will fall apart

  14. Its a good thing I get alerts to my phone of comment here lol
    Yeah that strategy is going to back fire but after they take out the fish guy and Bartolomeo 😉

    I gots to say i didn’t know how this comment thing was going to go but it feel nice having a convo with my fellow op fans mofos were I live don’t read mangas :/

  15. I hope they spend a little bit of time on the different blocks. I would like to see them elaborate on the fighters unique abilities. How many people advance from each block?

  16. i wonder when will oda finally reveal sabo is still alive and working with the revolutionaries as a warlord. specifically traffy

  17. @Eatingood I agree that the fishman is strong but oda is probably using him to show the others strenght but i hope thats not the case…I would really enjoy seeing him and jimbe fight to master fish karate that would be epic if he is indeed at jimbes level.

    @ junktruck hahaha you have jokes but nope bartolomeo is going to win he this however i do believe that the king will take out alot of people with his punch. He might even Destroy the arena

    @felixnago i havent seen you here before so welcome to WRA. but to answer your question only one person advances from each block

    @iamchaps Its surpricimg you think law is sabo why is that? I personaly do not believe sabo is alive(but i hope he is) and if he is i do not think he is law. Seens law was in do flamingos ship when he was younger

    Btw sorry i am so late i had Finals this week but thank good it is over

  18. Aaaaand there goes the fish.
    Kool chapter!

  19. Oda just wasted a great character smh…but on the bright side it’s looking a lot like bartolomeo is going to win this round.

    also i will have the breakdown friday since i just realised i have no internet :/

  20. No breakdown this week sorry but a double beeakdown nex week

  21. Finally get a chance to get back online to find out someones been sleap on his breakdown amd like I predicted that barto bastard won it all….great chapter though this shit is getting better and better

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