One Piece Chapter-706 i wont laught at you

Hey guys welcome to another one piece breakdown. First of all i want apologize for my tardiness in this breakdown but i had some test this week and a lot of essay’s due. But better late than never i suppose. Well on to the chapter.

In the cover page we see that caribou somehow escapes all the destruction. This guy has more life than a cat. Anyways we see that old lady is lying on the ground with a photo. I’m guessing that this photo is of caribou and that she is somehow related to him which is why she saved him.

Oda stay’s delivering chapter after chapter after chapter. What this chapter lacked in fighting it made up for in anticipation.  I forgot to mention last week how Bartolomeo destroyed a vice-admiral without breaking a sweat. We should keep him handling the vice-admiral in mind since him and Bellamy are on the same group. (so when Bellamy beats him it will prove how strong he has gotten)

Bartolomeo is like the Kid of his generation except 10 times worst. He is known for gunning down innocent civilians and he is also the one from the pirate skewering incident. (Btw a skewer is a long stick used to secure meat) This guy is by far the  most twisted sick crazy bastard in the one piece universe. If i am understanding this right he basically ate some pirates and recorded it.

I’m kind of disappointed because i feel like this guy is a throw away character. He has the potential to be in one piece what joker is in batman. Joker is by far the greatest super villain of all times. He is crazy  and does not care about anyone that  is why we all hate him. Bartolomeo can have that impact also.

I mean he is already hated by everyone in one piece. Another interesting thing about this guy is that he is  the captain of the batclub pirates and he looks a lot like a vampire.  So it could be a possibility that in the near future we could see some vampires i mean we already got zombies why not. One piece is the only manga were we can see the likes of fairy’s through monsters and it will not effect the story line.

As we continue reading we see that Bellamy notices luffy through his disguise. Bellamy has matured a lot after taking that beating from luffy. We find out that he is regarded as a hero by the people of dressrosa. He takes care of anyone that talks about the people of dressrosa. He is also said to have brough a huge piece of gold. Which I’m guessing is the piece that the skypieans were about to give to the strawhats.

Hopefully later we see a flashback of Bellamys time in skypiea. Bellamy said some interesting things when he was talking to luffy. The first is that he is not the men that he used to be. He does not seem scared of fighting luffy. He obviously thinks he can beat him and this time i do not think he is just talking. The other thing he said was that he wanted to get in doflamingos ship before the giant wave in gulfs them.  Without a doubt the future chapters are something to be hold.

We finally get to see who the contenders in luffys group are. Out of all does people i believe the one that luffy will have the most trouble is don chin jao. We he was first introduce i wrote down how he could be his great character with superior strenght and blah blah blah but i ended up erasing it. seeing as how he is the only former pirate and an old man in luffy’s  group he will be the one to watch for.

The other group consists of Rebecca and caven dish. Oh by the way their is also a mummie in this group (see another monster all we need is werewolves) and what i  believe is Buggys pet lion.  It seems that Blackbeard was not the only one to send a member of his crew there if that is the case.

Now i said earlier of bellamys confidence and how it was not all for show.  Its proven in this chapter.  A group of contestant form a mini alliance and are targeting bellamy. In order to past the round they are targeting the strongest people and taking them out. Next week we should see Bellamy and Bartolomeo deal with most of this men.I hope Bellamy has a better mastery of his fruit now. Also i can not wait to see Bartolomeo fight.


I seen One piece Film Z earlier this week and it is by far the best one piece movie to date.  We finally get a glimpse at were zoro and sanji are at. Also it depends on how you take it. But i believe this movie put to rest the sanji vs zoro debate. Zoro said it himself that it does not matter if it was 12 years earlier he would still be stronger than sanji. Also they fought against enemy’s that are as strong as vice-admiral so we can say that both of them are at that level at least. Z is another admiral i like and i really wish he was part of the regular storyline.  The way the movie ended was epic it is a most see.

I was thinking of doing a breakdown for it but i do not have the time this week. But like i said earlier is a most watch for OP fans. Sadly is we come to the end of this breakdown. I want to apologise again for my tardiness hopefully it does not happen again.

Now for this weeks Question. Who wins Block B Bellamy, Bartolomeo or someone else?


~ by simplyantony on April 20, 2013.

7 Responses to “One Piece Chapter-706 i wont laught at you”

  1. First.

  2. I am bono reincarnated.

  3. Who is bono?

  4. @Simplyantony

    Bono was famous back in the IRA days for always managing to get first on new posts.

    *Eats Simplyantony for not knowing that.*

  5. I shall come back when you eat some more cheese cake
    In my defense I was not a reader then :/ I discover this site after it converted

  6. Seems you were right about the former pirate, looks like he was a big shot back in his days. And now Cavendish knows about Luffys disguise.
    I highly doubt Cavendish stands a chance vs Luffy tho.

    Not very much to discuss in this chapter. I wonder if you can find something interesting to put down in the breakdown!

  7. I noticed a couple thinks but I am waiting for the manga stream translations since it is better

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