Naruto Chapter 627 Breakdown: Sasuke’s Answer.

Greetings one and all, and welcome to yet another Naruto manga breakdown. Last week I tried a new take on our typical breakdowns with a character POV, but this week we’re back to our normal format for the time-being, until I can think of something else to try and experiment with.

Coming from these latest few chapters, we’ve been taken on a journey back through Hashirama’s and Madara’s pasts. It was a tale of war, tragedy, friendship and betrayal, but ultimately, its main purpose was to serve as an answer to a singular and very important question.

What is a Ninja?

It’s a question that was presented by none other than Sasuke in his bid to understand the lives and choices of both himself and his brother, and for the most part, we’ve arrived at some form of a conclusion.

The will to endure, and the guts to never give up!

Yes, endurance is important… especially during one of those especially long surprises.

A ninja is someone who endures…

This is the answer we’ve been given by Hashirama, who learned after all his efforts to create peace that in order to protect the village he created, he would have to endure no matter what hardships he faced or what difficult choices he had to make. This is a sentiment that is also reflected on by Sasuke as he resonates those very same words with the memories of how Itachi, too, endured for the sake of both his village and his brother.

In essence, to endure is to have the strength and will to never give up, no matter how difficult things get, however, this answer is not unique, nor is it new. These are words we’ve seen spoken before many years ago by another wise teacher, who also just so happened to be a pervert as well.

Having a head as hard as a rock isn't a bad thing either...

Having a head as hard as a rock isn’t a bad thing either…



To be honest, I find it strangely ironic that the answer that has taken Sasuke so long to find is one that Naruto had already learned – and is one that Jiraiya spoke of – many years before. The ability to endure and the guts to never give up are traits that our blond hero has been exemplifying ever since he was fresh off the boat as a genin and ones that he still holds steadfast to, up until this very day. Of course, it stands to reason given his hardships as a Jinchuuriki that Naruto probably had to learn how to endure at a far younger age than most.

Naruto aside, this is also a significant indication of Jiraiya’s own wisdom as a teacher as well. As someone who also helped raise Naruto into a better shinobi, the fact that he too believed in these same ideals stands as testament to the fact that he had inherited Hashirama’s Will of Fire and that he also passed that will onto the next generation in his own way. He truly understood the true meaning of being a ninja. I only wonder if Sasuke might have come to this same conclusion sooner if he had a different teacher to help him along in the same way that Naruto had Jiraiya to help him find himself as well.

Of course, Naruto is also somewhat of an enigma of sorts and often times, he is the one teaching others as much as he is the one being taught.

I came back to tell you... Yolo is a lie...

I came back to tell you… YOLO is a lie… oh, and that you need to endure, no matter how many cliffhangers this manga subjects you to.

I really have to applaud Kishi for being able to present his answer to Sasuke in such a brilliant manner. He’s managed to tie this revelation back into the story as a whole and brought us back full-circle to a significant scene from almost 500 chapters ago. The fact that Kishi specifically referenced Jiraiya’s exact words to Orochimaru at the battle of the Sannin regarding his ideals of what a true ninja is, is quite startling and awe-inspiring.

But then, I also suppose that when we take all things into consideration, Jiraiya’s relationship with Orochimaru was very much like Hashirama’s relationship with Madara, so it stands to reason that they bear some similarities regarding their ideals as well. Still, given this sentiment, I can only wonder if Orochimaru himself took note of the fact that Hashirama’s answer regarding what a ninja is, was the same one Jiraiya had given him years before and whether he has contemplated the significance of this revelation. After all, it is ultimately this very answer that has influenced Sasuke’s decision, the very boy he has now thrown his chips in with.

Speaking of Sasuke’s decision, all I can say is… I honestly didn’t see that one coming…


WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!? AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH SASUKE!? On second though, don’t answer that…

Ah, yes. That awkward moment in a manga when one of the leading characters makes like an Xbox and does a 360.

I have to admit, this revelation was very much unexpected for me. I’d be lying if I said I had any inclination to believe that Sasuke would give up his desire for revenge and instead join the battle against Madara in an effort to not only protect Konoha – the very same village he had wanted to destroy up until just recently – but also the world. For the first time in this manga, Sasuke has managed to make a decision that actually seems rational and wholly non-maniacal… or so it seems.

How can someone with a duck-bum hairstyle make so much sense?

Still, despite this sudden shift in Sasuke’s goals, I still have a feeling that some way, somehow, he and Naruto will still end up having their battle with each other in the end – for whatever purpose that may be. The reason I believe that is because I simply cannot fathom the idea that Kishi would spend hundreds of chapters building up for the eventual confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke only to suddenly drop it right at the end. So many characters in this manga had entrusted Naruto with the task of saving Sasuke and so many people have believed in him, that it would be very bizarre for someone else to suddenly push him aside and complete his task in his stead, much less a someone who is technically already already dead.

Pressure! Pushing down on me! Pressing down on you! No man ask for.

Pressure! Pushing down on me! Pressing down on you! No man ask for.

I just really hope the entire premise behind Naruto’s mission to save Sasuke – along with all the hardships and sacrifices he has undergone to do so – hasn’t just been neglected and thrown away for the sake of wrapping up the story faster for whatever reason. If that really is the case, I’d probably go on a genocidal eating spree, leaving no survivors left in my wake.

However, aside from my own personal, somewhat murderous feelings on the matter, there’s also the fact that even the Toad Sage predicted a conflict between the two.

Toad Sage's Prophecy

Everything? I mean, weird stuff can happen, you know…

Of course, the Toad Sage could have possibly been talking about Obito when he referred to a young man with power in his eyes (if we consider him to be “young”), but somehow I don’t think that’s the case. Naruto also seems to believe he was talking about Sasuke – especially considering the determination in his answer – and when we consider the fact that he didn’t know that Tobi was Obito at the time (In fact, he thought he was Madara, who would have been anything but young), I don’t see who else Naruto would have suspected he would be facing other than his long lost friend.

Regardless of my concerns about Sasuke’s change, the prospect of Naruto fighting alongside his old friend and self-proclaimed brother to defeat Madara and Obito is a very intriguing one, so despite my reservations, I’ll doubtless enjoy this ride while it lasts. And when we consider who else is coming along for the ride, I’m sure it will be nothing short of crazy.


Would you like some fruit loops with your fruit loops?

Yep. Just to be sure that Sasuke wasn’t the only one hogging the limelight of “wth?” in this chapter, Orochimaru decided to surprise us all as well by coming out the closet. Of course, that wasn’t really a surprise at all so he quickly upped his game and did a surprise turn-coat as well.

And we all know how much Orochimaru loves his surprises… <_<

Still, if I were to try and explain Orochimaru’s willingness to follow Sasuke, I guess I could make some sense of it. You see, to me, Orochimaru seems like the type of person who always looks at the world from the outside in – kinda like someone looking at the reflection of their surroundings in a pond in an attempt to understand it – and every now and then, he likes to throw a pebble into the water just to see what kind of ripples form. Right now, Sasuke is that pebble and Orochimaru seems to be interested in what kind of ripples he sends out and how they change the world around him.

Sasuke takes a moment to reflect on how much panel space Itachi stole from him throughout the course of the manga...

Sasuke takes a moment to reflect on how much panel space Itachi stole from him throughout the course of the manga…

For Orochimaru – who seems to believe that the Uchiha’s eyes are the key to seeing the truth behind all existence – perhaps he is curious to see what truth Sasuke finds through his own gaze rather than always looking through the eyes of others, such as Itachi, Obito or even Orochimaru himself, as he had done so before. Maybe Orochimaru too is waiting for answers and perhaps he has decided to change his methods regarding how to acquire them. After all, for someone who just commented on how it was wrong for Kabuto to try and imitate him, perhaps he has decided that trying to imitate the Uchiha through stealing their bodies was no better.

Either that, or the snake is just acting and biding his time until he has the opportunity to make Sasuke his.

You have... way too many moments...

You have… way too many moments…

Either way, all I can say is that with Karin also returning to team Hawk and the four previous Hokage coming along for the ride as well, we now probably have the biggest group of eccentric misfits that we’ve seen in this manga so far. It’s completely bizarre… completely unfounded and completely…

… epic…

Really, there’s no other word to describe how I felt when I saw this new makeshift “Team Hawk” looking out onto Konoha, readying themselves for the battle that lay ahead. The moment was so epic that it literally made me feel like jumping out of my chair and cheering about the glorious flames of youth.

Tobirama suddenly regretted hitting his brother over the head with a rock when they were younger...

Tobirama suddenly regretted hitting his brother over the head with a rock when they were younger…

I think Suigetsu was right when he said that he’s not sure whether Madara will laugh or cry, in reference to his teammates joining the battle. I’m not sure what I’ll do either, but a little bit of both probably wouldn’t hurt.

Most of all, I can’t wait to see Naruto’s reaction when his former teammate and his very own father join him to fight at his side. I am curious as to what gift Minato has in store for him as well, but I suppose only time will tell. I do have some ideas though, but then, I am sure all of us do.

Artwork by Elocinaqui

(Artwork by Elocinaqui).

Until then, I will leave you with the most epic spread of this chapter and one I’m sure got all of our blood boiling and ready for the next issue that comes our way.

The road signs warn of epicness ahead and hell, it’s going to be one bumpy ride!

Mount "Badass" is looking truly awesome this night. (Artwork by IITheYahikoDarkII).

Mount “Badass” is looking truly awesome this night. (Artwork by IITheYahikoDarkII).

See you in the comments! ^ ^

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  5. Great breakdown Ten. I do think though, that after a 360, you’re right back where you started 😛

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    This is the internet. You’re not allowed to make sense! T___T

  7. Awesome breakdown and as usual you bring up things that make me think far more about a manga than most people thing about most things =P

  8. Epic chapter and epic breakdown XD I liked how you bring back the importance of the great toad master Jiraiya! We do miss him and I didnt realized but he did also said those same words of wisdom some while ago… and as for Sasuke decision, I bet my lunch he is not done with that hatred of his, IMO he is just leaving konoha alone in exchange of the life of our blondie hero, as Naruto offer him last time they met…”Save all that hatred to me” and “bring it on” or something like that 😛
    I think that as soon as the war is over, they will start their own battle, dont know how but that would be awesome 😀

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  10. @Tenrai – Awesome breakdown. Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with someone else doing the job of turning Sasuke around as suggested by Itachi (don’t do everything yourself). Of course, we all would like the two duke it ALL out.

  11. I think Orochimaru’s change is less convincing and almost seems contrived…. Sasuke’s is way more believable.

  12. Great breakdown was great Ten. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t that surprised with Sasuke’s 180 degree turnaround. He was very level headed ever since he got Itachi’s eyes and even more so I think the dead was done right after they finished the fight with Kabuto.

    As for Naruto’s gift, I think it’s the most obvious choice for Minato to give back the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra, especially now that he knows Naruto is fighting along side Kurama and he knows he can handle it.

  13. i really don’t see anymore reason for sasuke and naruto to duel after sasuke chose to fight with the alliance. well, whatever happens naruto would be able to tell what sasuke really feels and maybe, just maybe they’ll duel it out.

  14. @Tigerpalm

    Though it is ironic that the same Itachi that told Naruto not to do everything on his own is also the Itachi that told Naruto that he was counting on him to take care of Sasuke.

    In the end, I also feel like Itachi believed Naruto was the only one who could save Sasuke. It would just seem a bit lame if all that trust that was placed in Naruto, ended up being a wasted sentiment.

  15. What if Naruto has to keep his connection with Sasuke by standing up for him now that he’s changed his mind and whatnot?

  16. I think it’s simple. Naruto and Sasuke will still fight because they still have a rivalry.

    I think it would be awesome and different to see Naruto and Sasuke fight after they slay the Juubi in a high class consensual fight where they find out who’s the strongest once again. And in the end they can sit up on top of the valley of the end and share stories when they’re done.

  17. @Tenrai

    It is possible that Itachi under estimate Sasuke resourcefulness. Asking the previous hokages an age old question is quite an achievement. I mean this isn’t the first time that Itachi over protect Sasuke by not involving his brother into the equation.

    Although it is very likely that Naruto will have step in/up to protect Sasuke against everyone else that Sasuke have done something to. This will be very similar to how Hashirama had to step up for Madara when Tobirama wanted to just end Madara’s life.

  18. @tenrai great breakdown I’m.not gonna I really dislike this change at first btw Xbox 360 hilarious but I’ll give kishi the benefit of the doubt but naruto better fight sasuke or I will go on a rant like kanye

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  22. i think that was a late april fools joke for mangastream.

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  26. Awesome Breakdown! I think Sasuke’s turnaround was logical because of the post Kabuto fight like Eugen said. He got some recognition from someone he was always trying to impress. Also, if he didnt agree Kishi can’t exactly have them wipe Konoha off the map again otherwise what are the armies fighting for?
    Oro s in it for Rinnegans, it would be the fastest way for him to get jutsu and let’s face it if he disagreed with Sasuke at that point, it would be Hashi vs Oro at the very least. And if H could free himself he could free the others too.
    At this point it’s hard to see Sasuke going dark again, he has almost nothing to lose except his brother’s will to protect Konoha. It would be interesting to see how Naruto vs. Sasuke comes about. At the end of the day Naruto hasnt betrayed Sasuke yet so there s no real reason for him to hate Naruto, yet…

  27. i wonder how the fourth hokage is going to react to obito turning to the dark side. As far as he knows, he supposed to be dead. And worse for him to know that his former pupil tried to destroy the village, kill his wife and son. And because of him, his son lived a life of loneliness and isolation.

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  33. Actually, there has never been a situation so far in witch kishi to release 2 chapters at once, at the very best he gave us 2 extra pages. I’m really curious to see if kishi will post 30+ pages of Naruto next week.

  34. iirc it’s usually like that after a break, usually 1 or 2 days early we get the chapter with a color page or one or two pages more.

    About half the votes in the poll are for Sasuke genuinly intending to protect Konoha but returning to his hatred eventually. Anyone have thoughts on what might cause the turnaround?

  35. @zzattack

    It might not be that something turns Sasuke, but rather that he struggles to quell the hatred that already exists inside him. Remember, Tobirama mentioned that when an Uchiha loses someone they love, it causes a change in their brain which also causes their eyes to change as well. It’s kinda like a curse of hatred that causes an unwilling change in the victim, whether they wanted it or not.

    I reckon that if Sasuke does turn against Naruto, it will be because he’s still struggling with his hatred and he needs a place to focus it. Naruto will offer to be the willing martyr of course but the battle may very well be a mutual agreement between the two for the greater benefit of everyone.

    Actually, now that I think about it, for all we know, that’s exactly the role Itachi tried to fill as well. After killing Sasuke’s family, the one way of ensuring that Sasuke himself did not fall to hatred and become a threat to Konoha was to refocus all that hatred on himself. Perhaps that is why he forced Sasuke to hate him so that when he died, hopefully that hatred died with him as he became the sole focus of those feelings. It’s just Itachi didn’t foresee that Obito would then reignite that hatred and focus it in a new direction.

    That’s just one idea anyway. It may not happen that way depending on what Kishi wants to do with his story. I just hope that Naruto and Sasuke still have their battle, because not only would it be epic, but it was built up for hundreds of chapters as well.

  36. @Tenrai: Good point about the changing brain after loss of something deer. I too really do hope they battle in the end of course, but I don’t see anything Sasuke has left that he cares about enough to change him if he’d lose that thing. I mean, it didn’t quite seem like his Team Hawk members mean much to him. (Actually, maybe Karin; he did penetrate her once. No wait, that was different.) He didn’t have any problems killing Orochimaru before either. What else does he have? Kakashi?

    Maybe it’s not about anything he has currently that he cares about, but something that’s still to come. Some wishful thinking here: he could start to care for Sakura. Then she dies, which is quite likely cuz she can’t do shit. Sasuke will then go back emo mode and we’ll have the epic fight with Naruto. Win-win.

  37. Hey guys. New guy here. Lurker Since IRA days in 2009. Small activity then, but not much.

    Great Breakdowns, Tenrai. I’ve been here all along, reading without commenting. Great attention to detail, my good sir.

    Funny thing, the last page reminded me of this:

    “Let’s Finish This!” is the phrase that actually started the Bubblition contest 4 years ago.

    Just something I thought about, for those who even remember those days.

  38. @omnivore

    Hey, it’s good to see a new old face. Or was that an old new face? Ah well, its good to have you on the blog and I hope you join our discussion more.

    I remember the good old IRA days. Though I did only start commenting on IRA later than some of its more prominent users, I still enjoyed a number of debates and discussions there. I remember that Naruto vs Itachi debate that went on forever. >_>

    Now if only we could get 1000 + comments like some of the IRA posts had. Lol.

  39. Anybody notice how Sasuke’s decision did not involve Naruto in any way at all?
    It was only his thoughts about Itachi that made him decide to join in.
    Naruto? Naruto wasn’t involved.
    That gives a lot of room for conflict between the two later.

  40. I’m really hopping naruto and sasuke team up for a bit and kick some arse before they have their final battle

  41. Just some predictions for the upcoming chapters:

    Now that the situation with Sasuke is clear, the next chapter will probably go to Naruto and Madara’s fight. At the end, Sasuke will come in with the Hokage, with a big awesome landscape spread, and thus save everyone from destruction.

    In two chapters, Hashirama will have a “talk” with Madara on why what he’s doing goes against their dreams, and on “why” he’s a bad guy.

    Oh also, it should be clear that Madara knows Hashirama’s alive. He sensed Inoichi and Shukaku from very far away, so he probably has already sensed the Hokage, especially Hashirama and his big chakra.

    This is turning into a fight between dead people.

    And, once this arc is over and Madara loses, Madara and Obito will tell Sasuke something that revives his conflict with Naruto. Who knows, maybe it’s something along the lines of “I am your father!” that turns him back to the dark side.

    Just my predictions. What do you guys think?

  42. @Anon

    I basically feel the same way regarding how things will probably progress. It’ll switch back to the alliance and the battle and things will be going bad until suddenly, team Hawkage comes to the rescue. Beyond that I haven’t really thought of it but only time will tell what happens between Naruto and Sasuke.

  43. here is an interesting discussion until the next chapter comes out. Does anybody think that the jinchu actually EVER helped out their respective villages??? They were supposed to be a deterrent against other villages and to be used if needed to protect the village, but from everything we’ve seen, all that has happened by creating jin is chaos and destruction. The people with the tailed beast inside tend to go berserk and loose it thus destroying the village they are in. As far as i can tell NO jin was ever really used in a major war to crush another village or to combat another jin. The the question is, was the benefit for even having jin in existence really greater than the cost of keeping their existence in the first place?

  44. you could say that they couldn’t roam free because the uchiha would come and capture them and use them against people, but if thats the case, why didn’t they go get the fourtails? Or kurama? Remember miko was his first host and she married Hashirama THEN got the kubi put into her, the uchiha could have easily gone and taken control of the kubi before that point but didn’t. So i don’t think it’s a simple matter of them going and capturing tailed beasts, and as far as we know to date, the uchiha are the only ones that can enslave a tailed beast to do their bidding.

  45. @dricedt
    I’m pretty sure the Uchiha could only go after the Kyubi, and even so the only Uchiha who could do that is Madara.
    Also, there’s a couple of examples of using Jinchu’s in battle against another village: Gaara when Orochimaru attacked Konoha.
    The fact that Jjinchu’s are unstable also means that they’re like nukes: you put them in the right spot and get the hell outta there.
    I don’t think ANY Uchiha other than Madara could have controlled the Kyubi.
    Granted, Sasuke controlled him INSIDE Naruto’s thoughts, but that wouldn’t qualify as using it in battle.

  46. I hope the worst case scenario doesn’t appear. Which would be Juubi becoming to much for Tobito and Madara forcing the two to join forces with the alliance.

  47. @kantonkage
    I’m not sure if Tobito and Madara would rather see the world burn or see it under their control. Depending on that, they will make their move.
    If they would rather NO ONE lives outside their control, then they will let the Juubi run loose and kill everyone if he breaks free.
    (very likely Tobito would betray Madara and join the others if the Juubi does break free)
    I think the Juubi WILL go out of control; it’s just wasted plot/action potential if it doesn’t. It’s pretty clearly foreshadowed when Madara and Tobito said that “it’s hard to control” at this form. I doubt this is even its final form, as it’s too misshapen and ugly to be a good villain.

    @everyone else out there
    Come on people, there’s no discussion going on at all! This is like, one or fewer comments a day! Comment, people!

  48. i defenitely agree that the juubi will go out of control taking out a lot of the alliance and maybe madara with it. but kishi still has the “bijuu chakras that were transferred to naruto” card and i think that would also come into play when hell brakes loose. and if ever the juubi goes berserk only naruto can/would control it since he has conquered the ball of hatred (kyuubi) and i think that hatred within the kyuubi is the hatred that fanifests within the juubi itself.

    regarding obito and madara. i don’t think they would join the alliance if the juubi goes out of control. they’de rather have that berserking juubi than join the alliance.

  49. its out…

  50. Waited 2 weeks for a prelude to the real action… Just the same thing as last time we were in this theater of the war. They could have had Naruto go at Madara. That would have been fun

  51. agreed^ that chapter was REALLy lame

  52. @naruto628: That…was…..underwhelming.

  53. This chapter was really crap, thanks again Kishi for making us wait 2 more weeks for nothing,

  54. Obito and kakashi are gonna try out their conversation-no-jutsu.

  55. I think this chapter could only be considered crap if you were expecting something very specific to happen and it didn’t. Our expectations were set very high because we were expecting to see team Hawkage make an epic entrance onto the battlefield and that didn’t happen, but if we take those expectations out of the picture, this chapter really wasn’t bad at all.

    However, in saying that, I’ll give my own brief thoughts on it.

    What I liked about this chapter:

    I enjoyed seeing Naruto flexing his chakra control and showing us just how far his contribution is going in not only helping to empower the alliance, but also protect it from harm. The action was still good, if a bit sketchy, but overall, it wasn’t bad.

    What I didn’t like about this chapter:

    I didn’t like that Naruto seems to be losing his place as the primary hero of this story. Although the chapter did focus on him, towards the end, it started to deviate quite substantially. First Madara starts to obsess over Hashirama and then Obito and Kakashi warp away to have their own little grudge match in some other time or place that may not even be in this dimension.

    So what’s Naruto left with? He didn’t save Sasuke from his hatred because Hashirama did that for him. He isn’t battling Obito because Kakashi’s handling that now and Madara’s probably too obsessed with Hashirama to even care about Naruto or what he does. So what’s Naruto left with? A mindless beast that doesn’t even seem to have a will or personality of its own? I mean, the whole reason Kurama was sealed into Naruto was for the sake of him having the power to stop Obito, who Minato said was a calamity. Now Kakash’s handling that instead. And the whole build up for Naruto’s battle with Sasuke may have been for naught now.

    I just feel like Kishi’s taking away too much from Naruto’s role as a primary protagonist in this story. Hopefully things change up a bit soon because in my opinion, Naruto needs to handle at least one of the current primary villains on his own, even if it still ends up being Sasuke in the end.

  56. So much for a double chapter…

  57. @Mantisguy

    A double issue for jump does not necessarily = double the amount of chapters for a series.

  58. @tenrai, You’re right saying that the focus has been off Naruto a little bit, however as you have seen in this chapter as well, Obito was testing Naruto’s believe as Kakashi confirmed. I still feel that Naruto will in the end decide the path Obito is going to take.
    As for Hashirama, i honestly don’t think that he alone would be able to stop madara, as the latter is now.

    Sasuke and Naruto will still have their skirmish, for whatever reason it may be, that just has to happen.

  59. Obito and Kakashi still have a lot to talk about, that was bound to happen at some point.
    Inb4 flashbacks =D

  60. i think we have seen enough of naruto flexing his chakra abilities from the previous chapters. The detail this chapter went through for it should have just been left with the anime.
    I tried putting the high expectations aside and i agree with tenari but it still lacked some sort of cliff hanger for next week.
    Not saying it should be a cliff hanger every week but some sort of engagement that will keep the suspense up, after all, it is a war.
    Some might see Kakashi and Obito going off on their own as a next week lead up, but that it self was disappointing.
    I can imagine the flash backs and the constant back and forth, trying to convince each other to take their sides.

    As you can see, i dont like waiting an extra week for a stale chapter

  61. Very annoyed. Its basically 3 weeks of break.

  62. I don’t think this chapter was that bad i think that was a great way to keep us on our toes sure their should have been more actions but what better way to go on to golden week in japan than with a chapter full of especulations. If you really think about it we have enough to talk about. If you really want to

  63. @ chapter 628…. we always knew that Madara had a huge man crush on Hashirama… I mean look at the look on his face “deranged delight” ( it’s also a brand of cologne for inmates on death row. LOL).

    page 11 ( of Mangapanda) is pretty cool too. we don’t get to see alot of close up picture like this. Naruto is Epic looking

    also weren’t we supposed to get two chapters this week ?

  64. I really thought Naruto was going to be doing all the heavy lifting. It’s really lame that Sauske joined the Alliance. I wished he would have chosen the Obito and Madara path. They are severely overwhelmed. It’d be cool to see Sauske and his new pals fight against the shinobi alliance.

    I think Sauske wants to be able to punish the Ninja world in reality, and them being caught in an illusion will not be fun for Sauske. I think he is going to wait until Madara and Obito are defeated to take control of the Juubi. And It’s going to be Naruto vs Sauske Jinchuruki style.

    I just want Naruto to defeat some major villain

    One major thing I do like to note is that Sauske can become Madara’s new vessle since Tobi doesn’t want to relinquish his body for Madara. Madara just might steal Sauske’s instead. Maybe that’s how Sauske gets to become Jinchuruki.

  65. This was a terrible chapter.
    Waste of time, filler. It reminded me of the 100 episodes of filler no jutsu in the anime.
    Honestly, I’m not the kind of guy who’s interested in the friendship vs. Loneliness / Light vs. Dark debate. I’d like it a little better if somehow Naruto was a little more evil. Makes things just a tinge more interesting. I want Obito and Madara to die like Hidan, with some self respect.

    Here’s a thought: what if the Juubi isn’t just a mass of chakra? What if it’s like the Kyuubi and has a personality and thought, and maybe it develops its own allegiance?

  66. The current major calamity is the juubi. Whether Naruto uses “that jutsu” to seal it in himself or something, or if he ends up defeating it, it still seems to be the thing that he’s been working for all this time. He had to go through the trials that Obito and Nagato put him through, and everything else that has happened to him. He has kept his path light while recognizing that it could have easily been different.

    If he takes down the juubi in some way, he has pretty much saved the ninja world. And his beliefs have obviously affected many. He has brought everyone together, and will also likely bring Sasuke back from his darkness in the eyes of the others, because obviously many will want Sasuke dead. I think Naruto is going to be the one who keeps Sasuke alive, so to speak.

  67. Naruto has defeated villains in his own way. And to be totally honest, I like it like this. Normally it’s all physical fighting. This whole series has been kind of a subversion. Naruto doesn’t fight with his fists; although it sure seems like that. It’s more like what Naruto stands for and learns and becomes stronger that wins his fights.

  68. Can someone tell me the chapter were they brought up “that jutsu” cause I missed it so I want to go back and reread it
    Also I been thinking and its great that the alliance is useless. Maybe when the hokages come kishi will pull a pain arc and tell everyone to stay out of their way with the exception of naruto of course…..btw ten this weeks bubliation that face mandara made when he realised the 1 was going to the battle field

  69. @antony
    If I remember, “that justu” was mentioned waaaay back when Naruto came back post jump. Honestly, I don’t think it exists anymore, or if it does it’s the Rasenshuriken that hurt Naruto before Sage Mode. Either that or releasing the Kyuubi, which hurt him too much back then too.
    Probably in chapters 245-250, Jiraya says it to Naruto never to use that jutsu. Who knows what it could be if it wasn’t already revealed.

    As for right now, I also think the pein arc “I’ll do this alone” style will be repeated, but I really really REALLY don’t want that to happen. I’d rather everyone runs in fear of the Juubi and Madara and only then Hashirama and the Hokage (hey, that could be a band name) come and save their asses.

  70. Found it: 251, page 14.
    Hope that helps, Antony!

    I still think it no longer exists in Kishi’s mind. We’ll never know what it is, or we probably do know it but it wasn’t officially named “that jutsu”. Who knows.

  71. hmm.. got me thinking since naruto can transfer chakra to others i bet he could do the opposite and that is recieve chakra from others and make it his own. especially he has the chakra of the other bijuus with him. something like a genkidama or transform something like a different being like the Sage of the Six Paths maybe.

  72. @Anon the Lurker & Simplyantony

    Actually, “that jutsu” was bought up much later in the manga by Jiraiya just before he fought Pein. Here’s the link.

    Whatever “That Jutsu” is, it clearly has something to do with Kurama being sealed into Naruto and its completion seems to be reliant on Naruto mastering Kurama’s power, which he has only been able to do just recently in the story. For all we know, that Jutsu could be the Hiraishin, the Bijuu Bomb, a sealing technique or anything really. There has been no specific mention of Naruto completing it yet though so it’s hard to tell.

    Actually, it would be quite funny if it was the Kage Bunshin. But, actually, it would be pretty cool if it was because that was Naruto’s first real jutsu and the one that most defined him throughout the series.

  73. i think “that” jutsu is about naruto being one with the kyuubi. the frog was holding the key and naruto already used that key to confront the kyuubi and managed to take control of it. that was minato’s plan. but naruto went a little further by being one with the kyuubi. remember minato fought with the 8 tails before he battled obito. and he saw what a real jinchuuriki was and maybe he taught that you only need to use the chakra of the bijuu but that wasn’t the real deal. konoha had the 9 tails jinchuuriki long before but they waren’t able to use it as a strenght but only a vessel for the 9 tails. maybe minato thought if he made naruto as a jinchuuriki and stored the yang chakra within him and leaving naruto with only the yin chakra he would be able to control the 9 tails easily. now that naruto is able to control the 9 tails completely and him being revived maybe he would give naruto the yang half of kurama.

  74. Oh ok thanks guys when I read the one when jiraya first mention it I thought it was the control of the nine tail but it can be anything now since if that was the case kishi would have said something
    …I hope mandara brings jiraiya back

  75. I want Jiraya back too. Why wasn’t he resurrected by Kabuto again?
    Just for a little bit. A flashback containing him would be nice too.
    Any thoughts, people?
    I’ll concede that if it even exists, “that” jutsu is probably “loosen the kyuubi seal no jutsu”.

  76. I would imagine that the reason Jiraiya was never revived is because his body was completely submerged into the water. Like seriously really submerged and you’d have to go diving just to find his body. Not only that, but Nagato was pretty much the only person who knew where Jiraiya’s body ended up.

  77. The real reason is because Kabuto is not an Uchiha. Though I really believe that Kabuto can’t swim.

  78. anybody else think with Kakashi and Obito about to get into off on their own we’re about to re-visit why Kakashi killed Rin? I was just re-reading some of the manga and I was just reminded how obviously insinuated it was that there was something special about Rin and that’s why the mist village wanted her. I feel like this is a good oppurtunity for Kishi to return to it at this point

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