One piece Breakdown chapter 705-Maynard the pursuer.

Hola everybody and welcome to another one piece breakdown. This chapter was great to say the least. It was out later than i expected it to be. But Better late than never I suppose. In this chapter we have so much juice stuff. We finally know find out who the old geezer is and we also get to learn about what the other strawhats and law have been up to.

Well enough of all that bs lets get to the breakdown. The cover page again left a lot of question’s on my mind. We see that scotch took care of a whole revolution by himself. As the caption read a stern warning. Which brings the questions why did kaido sent him to this island?  A warning to who  dragon or the people? Do this people work for dragon…..Their are so many more questions but i rather go on with the breakdown.

It looks like there is more to the toy soldier than what we first thought. He seems to know a lot more than what he is letting on. An for some reason he want’s to help franky. This could mean one of two things. The first one  is that he is working for doflamingo and is leading franky into a trap. The other being the complete opposite. He could hate doflamingo  and maybe the reason he is a wanted criminal in dressrosa is because of some beef he has with him.

We see that the marines have finally arrive. Not only that but they are making preparations to catch most of the pirates in the Colosseum.  A couple of chapters ago it was stated that the marines are not allowed in the Colosseum. But not only are they in the Colosseum but one is also participating.

Now since doflamingo is not part of the seven warlords. I suppose the marines do not have to follow any previous agreements they had.  Regardless of the reason the marines are in the Colosseum, and even they know that getting the mera mera fruit will  not be easy.

The person the marines have participating in this event is vice-admiral Maynard  “the pursuer”. As soon as he gets introduce he shows his strength by taking out Bartolomeo’s staff chief with little effort. A man worth 67,000,000 belly.  Now we know that he is not in block B. Their are only to more blocks left.

So either he is in block c and will fight against the undefeated rebbeca or he is in block D and will fight against luffy. I’m leaning more for him being in block D. I hope he is in block D so we can see luffy fight without using his devil fruit against a vice-admiral. That way we can see how strong luffy’s haki is.

Moving on we finally get to know who the old blind swordsman really is. He turns out to be a marine admiral. I guess i was wrong -___-.  I remember reading somewhere he resembles a japanese actor which seems to be the theme for all the admirals so far. I guess i should have paid more attention to it. Owell.

I normally really hate marine admirals specially after he who should not be name did to ace, but im really liking this new guy(whose name is fujitora BTW). He seems to care about civilians plus from what we seen so far does not get in unnecessary fights. He could have fought with luffy at the bar but instead just left.

I’m glad that this admiral seems to be a pretty good swordsman. Since now we can match him up with zoro and sanji can  go up against kizaru. While luffy takes care of you know who. I am curious to see who the other admiral is thought since aokiji quit and Akinu  -__- is fleet admiral. I really hope is a female.

Oda finally decided to show us what the other strawhat members were up to. We see that the caesar return team is in a cafe asking about the bridge. Now oda has mention this twice already so it should not be overlooked. The citizens of dressrosa are acting normal even though their leader just quit his position. A couple of chapters ago we seen them going crazy outside his palace. But now they are as cool as the other side of the pillow. Doflamingo sure know how to handle his people.Moving on we see CP0 is also there. They are the worlds  strongest intelligence agency.

I’m about to take a shot in the dark and guess they are their to gather intelligence. The chapter switches from law’s group to zoro were he finally catches up to the fairy that stole his katana.  We do not get to see it sadly but looking at zoro’s expression it really is a sight to be hold. Finlay we get to see were kinemon is at. It seems he got caught by some of doflamingo’s man.

I have a felling everything going just as doflamingo plan. Since doflamingo’s men knew what kinemon was after and got him to cooperate by telling him if he tries anything his pal gets it.


In sanji’s side it seems he was about to get sniped until he realised it and knocked the guy out. The more i keep reading the more i think violet is part of doflamigos crew. I believe she is leading sanji to a trap. It is possible for doflamingo to know sanji’s weakness to women. Since he watch the video of punk hazard and conducted a plan accordingly.But regardles if it is a trap or not sanji is finally getting some love and that’s all that matters.

Moving on to nami’s group we see that they are playing with momo making sure he does not get depress because of scar he has. Like i said before i believe mom has been trauma is do to doflamingo.

Head-in-crotch party?  awwwwwwww yeahhhhh- drizzy voice

As brooke tries to join in on the game . They here voices coming from the mens sleaping quarters. As for who it is im completely baffled. I do not thing is a marine thought. If i had to guess i would bet is trebol from doflamingo’s crew. But it could be anyone at this point and i will not be surprise.

I was hoping we could see a glimpse of bartolomeo but we will have to wait for the next chapter. I hope oda shows his fight instead of skipping through it. This chapter was like the calm before the storm the next few chapters are going to bring the epicness to Holy fudge level.


The one piece toriko and DBZ anime is out and you can see it in also One piece movie Z raw is their sub will be out soon.

Sorry for the long post anyways this weeks question is who has the strongest devil fruit?

BTW last weeks winner was Zoro


~ by simplyantony on April 11, 2013.

8 Responses to “One piece Breakdown chapter 705-Maynard the pursuer.”

  1. First.

  2. haven’t read your breakdown yet, just wanted to comment on the strongest devil fruit. I’m gonna go for Marco’s Devil fruit, it is without doubt the strongest zoan. But i doubt any fruit could 1v1 him. Not the yami yami, not even the gura gura. The only one which im not to sure of his the fruit Golden Leo Shiki had (fuwa fuwa).

    Another one with high potention would be Enels fruit (gora gora no mi). I think the fruit itself is stronger then kizarus since kizaru seems to need to focus on going to one point and enel can move as he like.

    I still think the Phoenix fruit takes it tho.

  3. Great breakdown. I want to see Luffy fight Dalfamingo in this arc. That is going to be crazy!

  4. @live aid I agree with u in Marcos fruit being the strongest zoan in order to beat his fruit u would have to k.o him since he can heal himself when he is cover in flames. But as for shiki I don’t think is that strong since all he does is touch anything non living thing and it can float. Enels is in my mind the second strongest it can work on anyone but luffy.

    The strongest devil fruit would be akainu the destroctive power the fruit has is immeasurable one clean attack and you are done for. A close second would be enels the Marco.

    @Thelaughingwiseman thanks and I don’t think that will happen I have a dealing law is the one that will fight him. But I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Although i agree with you on akainu having hell a lot of destructive power,
    i must say that in dueling i still believe marco’s fruit could take the upper hand. In my opinion it’s because akainu has hell a lot of endurance that the fruit matches him so well.
    I mean the dude took two quakes from whitebeard from point blank to the face and still walked away like a boss.
    If it would ve been anyone else it would have meant death.
    While Marco would just reganerate and be off.

    Marco wouldn’t be able to lose in the way ace did since as long as he is able to get off and reganerate their wont be any trouble.
    His only weakness so far which goes any devil fruit is when he was caught with kairoseki.

    As you mentioned Enels only weakness is Luffy’s fruit, he has superior speed to anyone, has the power to 1 hit KO people (although i hink people with strong haki could be able to take a few hits). and on top of that its a logia aswell.

    Onto the chapter, i really think the marines even with a admiral are way in over their head. This makes me think back of shabondy, where all the rookies were up vs an admiral + pacifista’s + sentomaru + few dozen of marines. Where in the end the marines didnt win a lot.

    Now their up vs all kinds of demons who are able to use haki.
    If they start an all out fight with the pirates, and when the pirates unite against the marines they will lose a certain defeat.

    I guess the best option for them is to wait untill most of the pirates slaughtered the others amonst themselfs in the colloseum to then kill /capture the others rapidly.

    @simply, i like your line up for the strawhat crew vs a marine each. Tho i doubt any of them including luffy will be able to go 1v1 with an admiral at this point.

  6. Yeah ik they can’t go against any admiral one on one at this point in the story that just for future arcs to come since I believe at some point luffy will end up in a war against the marines again

    Also I forgot to put in the breakdown but I been thinking maybe enel or bartolomeo could be the 7th warlord…I really hoping enel comes back into the serious some how.

    Oh and as for the marines being way over their heads don’t forget furijoe just order for 3 battle ships to come plus they already have a vice admiral and cp0 on the island

  7. I had the exact same thought about Enel beeing the 7th Warlord. Its atleast someone that has allready been seen trhoughout the series.
    But Enel would be really epic.

  8. Yeah if its not him then cp9 could be another possibility. Since they do not work for the government they could have become pirates….also I think I seen rob as one of the brokers

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