One piece chapter-704 Lucy and the Statue of Kyros

Hello all and welcome to another one piece breakdown. This chapter had so much information and we can make so many different speculation on what future chapters will bring. Oda has been delivering week after week. After the mermaid island arc and the Punk Hazard arc i seen a lot of complaining. But as we can see all those mini arc’s were crucial. I have a feeling that this arc can be better if not just as good as the enies lobby arc which in my mind has been the best arc to date.

Well on to the breakdown. A couple of weeks ago i remember saying how oda never forgets any of his old characters no matter how useless or little they are. In the cover page we see none other  than our old friend scotch. For those who do not remember scotch he was the one X drake attacked in order to get kaido’s attention.


I was always a bit curious as to what happen in their little fight but i just let it slide. But now seeing him again piqued my curiosity once more. It’s best we pay attention to this guy. I’m pretty sure we will see him again when the strawhat go and fight kaido.

Well moving on to the actual chapter luffy get’s everyone’s attention since he K.O spartan who was a “one of the most prominent draws” to the Colosseum. Unfortunately luffy also get the attention of a worker who was about to kick him out. In fact if it was not for the chinjao family he would have got kicked out. This guy’s sure are  odd. That is one thing we can always count on in one piece the characters are always unique to say the least.

As the chapter continues we find out that  competing for the mera mera fruit are a lot of big names from the new world. There is a lot of strong individuals here. I believe we were told this as some foreshadowing for the way oda ended the chapter.

Just like i said earlier we get to see another old friend of ours. This time is bellamy. For those who do not remember bellamy he was the one from the jaya arc. He was defeated by luffy in one punch for stealing crickets gold. All this time i though bellamy was killed by doflamingo. But i guessed he survived. Not only that but he manage to earn some trust since it is stated that he was hand-pick by the donquoxite family.

We also see that their is also some other huge name pirates who haven’t showed up like  bartolomeo who i am curious about. Oda also mention the pirate prince. At first i though he was some amazing guy just by name alone. But we later figure out that he has that label cause of his look. It turns out he is a self center individual who hates luffy and the others from the worst generation for stealing his spotlight.

Moving on in the chapter we see that luffy goes into the combatants preparations quarters.  He comes out looking like master roshi from dbz and the king of skypia. We finally get to see the prince face and we see all the women (and that fat guy in the middle left box also….pause) are falling head over heels at his feet. He gets really mad like everybody in OP when luffy ignores him.

When we continue to read we see this statue of and old gladiator. As luffy is admiring the statue he gets interrupted by the female gladiator Rebecca. She has not lost a fight in the Colosseum yet. She starts to tell luffy the story behind the statue. The statue is in honor of and old gladiator who won 3000 straight matches, and in all this matches he only took one hit from a single opponent. As to who that person is it is still a mystory.

Liveaid commented on last weeks breakdown that he though Kyros (the name of the gladiator) is the old man. That’s another great possibility. If kyros turns out to be the old man then it can explain why he retired.

“but she can play with my sword anytime”?….whoa lets keep this pg Oda

Before i keep going with this breakdown i will like to make a prediction. Every time luffy gets a new crew member he always ends up helping them out of trouble first. After reading this chapter im leaning towards rebecca being the next crew member and also her getting the mera mera fruit. I have a couple of reasons for this one is rebecca wants to take down doflamingo. What he did to her is still not clear. But im pretty sure luffy will help her out after hearing her story. Two the strawhats need a logia type. They need to get stronger . I say this knowing full well that we still have not seen their full power yet. And finally they need another female crew member.

I guess i could have left the last one out but owell.

First fleet?

One piece is like fine wine it gets better with age….wait that doesn’t making any sence. One piece is like the last piece of candy it always leaves you craving for more. When i seen the last page i was in complete aww. I mean look at burgess teeth they are to perfect for a pirate they most be fake. But in all seriousness i expected blackbeard to crash the party but i never though he would send someone to participate in the Colosseum. Not only that but he send his FIRST fleet captain. If luffy ends up beating this guy will blackbeard come after luffy.

So far luffy has declared war on big mom is trying to take down kaido and now he has the chance to take out blackbeard’s first fleet captain. If this happens then their is no telling which of the yonkou he will fight first. The next chapter will definitely be epic.

SIDE NOTE: Their will be and OP, DBZ and toriko anime coming out in a couple weeks.

FUN FACT: Doflamingos nickname Ten yasha translates roughly to sky walker or Heavenly  Yaksha which is spirits.

Sadly this is the end of the breakdown until next. But before i leave who would win in a fight sanji or zoro? im curious to see the responses.


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12 Responses to “One piece chapter-704 Lucy and the Statue of Kyros”

  1. First! Zolo.

  2. Great breakdown!
    If blackbeard is gonna be on the hunt for luffy aswell, he would be wise to ally up with shanks, I doubt luffy is on par with any of the Yonkou at this moment. Three Yonkou would just be way to much.

    So do you guys think Blackbeard is laying around Dressrosa somewhere?
    Or did he only send burgess to the colloseum?

  3. I agree that this could be one of the better arcs in the series. My current favorite is CP9 (Officially called Water 7 right?) right now (Those fights were intense!) but this could easily make top 3 and maybe even become the best! I’m always a sucker for tournaments and it’s about time that One Piece had one as well. This is definitely going to be an arc to remember!

    I’d go with Zoro over Sanji. They’re both pretty skilled, but Zoro’s durability is insane and one slash can be deadly

  4. A long time ago we had a zoro vs sanji debate (this was far befor the time skip) and sanji won that one!
    Now i would say zoro wins this one, but im kind of dissapointed about the zoro after time skip tho, he hasn’t showed us much new stuff yet, while Sanji has shown a lot of development.

    water 7/enies lobby is the same arc if i remember correctly, I actually thought both the war and impel down were awesome aswell.

  5. @ live aid I don’t think Blackbeard is around their its probably just burgees and his fleet. He dprobably thinks with sending burgees is enough since he does not know the straw hats are on the island also. The war arc was really good also but it was just luffy their and interns of epic fights ennies lobby got it for me.

    @Dreager1 their the same ones

    Now what if sanji eats the mera mera fruit who do you guys think wins then?

  6. Ah all right. Wow, that arc definitely gets around. All those names….well, glad that it’s getting its props! Well, if Sanji got that fruit then I think he may have the edge in this fight. It would be hard for Zoro to stop the fire and Sanji’s intense fire kicks. Even if he blocks them, the fire will still burn him and the damage would add up

  7. After I seen the vergo vs smoker fight I don’t see logia users as strong as I used to. Earlier in the serious they were extremely powerful but now its all about haki I can see zoro beating sanji easier if he gets the mera mera fruit speacialy if he learns to cut fire… having said that something just occur to me what if zoro interest in learning to cut fire is a way of foreshadowing Blackbeard getting the fruit.

  8. Yeah, logia users aren’t all that. They said something about physical attacks not being able to hurt them, but I never quite bought that. Haki is definitely more important because it’s like having aura or chakra. Definitely a good power boost. If Blackbeard got the fruit, that would definitely be interesting. I think Luffy would be the one to fight him instead of Zoro though. The friends tend to get the shaft in the climaxes and are forced to fight the lower ranked minions

  9. Yeah ik I don’t meen Blackbeard himself getting the fruit but someone from his crew like the warden from impel down he looks like the one zoro would match up with

  10. Lucy the Gladiator…. LOL it’s bad enough is name is Luffy.

  11. Hmm, It’s true that Logia users no longer rule in One Piece as they did befor the new world.
    However if you take a look at the war of the best arc, having a logia still has great advantages, a few time it looked as if Whitebeard stabbed Ao Kiji with haki but he was able to dodge it by making a hole in his body.
    I do think that if the user has fully mastered his logia fruit they still get a huge power-up from it.

  12. I wouldn’t say huge but it is a power up. Haki can be use as armor to sence attack or as and attack…the only huge powerup would be the ones the admirals have…from what we seen so far .

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