Naruto Chapters 624 – 625 Breakdown: The different paths to peace.

Greetings one and all and welcome to my latest double breakdown. I usually don’t like doing doubles, because they’re a pain and I don’t like skipping breakdowns, but life is life and sometimes living is more complicated than it ought to be.

Not that the Shinobi of Hashirama’s childhood had that problem. The living problem, I mean…

But I digress, enough with my personal story. Before I get on with the rest of the breakdown, I’d first like to wish everyone a belated happy Easter for those who celebrate it!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! (Artwork by Risachantag)

To start with the chapters themselves, I have to admit that as far as chapter 624 was concerned, I was somewhat disappointed with how it was delivered for the most part, mostly because of Madara’s sudden shift in personality for the worse and how his character as a whole was depicted as largely one-dimensional. But after thinking about it for a while, Madara’s change started to make more sense to me, so I decided to try and look at it with an open mind.

Wishful thinking only has meaning if backed up by a strong resolve.

Wishful thinking can have a power all its own if only it is backed up by an equally powerful resolve.

When it came to choosing between his bonds and dreams with Hashirama, and his family, it seems Madara’s ultimate choice was to protect his family, in particular, his brother. Although the reasons behind his decision are quite clear – especially when we consider that the blood of his brother’s is ultimately on Senju hands – ultimately, this choice once again shows the almost childish nature of Madara’s rebellion, and even that of the adults as well.

Madara’s decision will ultimately doom more Uchiha to death than it will save and one of those lives counted in these losses will be that of his younger brother. It’s an ironic twist to the tale and a sad turn of events that ultimately shows us that selfish decisions made for all the wrong reasons often cause us to lose more than we were trying to protect.

Still, when we look at the brief exchange between Senju Butsuma and Uchiha Tajima, it does give us some more insight into just how the minds of the adults worked at the time and how their actions have obscured and derailed the minds of their younger charges, particularly the way in which these two particular fathers opt to strike first at one another’s sons in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

A shameless victory

This very attempt at a preemptive strike at two young children shows us that both adults in question have no sense of shame or remorse when it comes to taking whatever steps they deem are necessary to ensure their success in a battle with their enemies – even cowardly or underhanded ones – and that they value victory over their honor or pride as shinobi.

I believe this is something that Madara clearly takes note of in this brief exchange and its something that changes his resolve as far as creating peace is concerned. After all, in order for there to be any chance of peace between the clans, trust is a commodity that is paramount to its success. But if there is no honor amongst these shinobi, how can there be any hope of trust between them?

Ultimately, it is this mistrust that fuels the conflict between Senju and Uchiha. Their inability to see eye-to-eye leads to many battles where Uchiha is clearly the underdog and yet, even despite Hashirama’s numerous attempts to persuade Madara into forming an alliance for the sake of saving his clan from bloodshed, Madara deliberately and consistently refuses, though I have a feeling that was largely thanks to Izuna’s influence more than Madara’s own will.

Peace refused

If I were to put it one way, Izuna seems to be for Uchiha what Tobirama is for Senju. Both lack the broader perspectives of their older brothers and as such, both seem to insist on preventing their brothers from ever accepting the possibility of peace. If we were to look at the world through their eyes and consider each of their possible perspectives, it might make sense why they feel the way they do.

On Tobirama’s side, we have a man who is part of a clan that is overwhelmingly stronger than its opposition. Because of this, it makes sense that Tobirama sees no reason as to why Senju should consider creating peaceful relations with that opposition, because Senju itself will not necessarily benefit from this peace any more than it would benefit from simply destroying its enemies once and for all. If Senju eliminates any threat that opposes it entirely, then the risk of war would essentially come to an end.

It’s a more permanent and sure fire way to end conflict than a shaky alliance between clans that might crumble apart at any moment – especially when we consider that Senju clearly had the advantage and was in a position that practically guaranteed victory – and I’m sure that’s exactly how Tobirama saw it. To Tobirama, killing Madara was a necessary evil that would bring an end to a long-standing conflict and one he felt was completely justified. One death to end all deaths.

Tobirama's Resolve

On the other hand, we have Izuna who is in a significantly different position as part of an underdog clan which suffers under the threat of annihilation. Given these circumstances, one would think that Izuna would be more open to a peace offer from Senju if it meant saving his clan, but when we take into consideration the pride of the Uchiha and the nature of the world as a whole, its understandable why he doesn’t see it that way.

As I mentioned in a comment earlier, “it’s one thing to accept a peace proposition when both sides are on equal terms and have an equal amount of power and influence, but when you are the lesser side accepting a peace offer from a clan that is overwhelmingly stronger than yours, you can’t help but feel as if you are simply submitting to their will and allowing them to take control of your people. After all, the stronger clan can naturally control the terms of peace and subject the weaker to whatever will they desire.”

Izuna is probably in a position where he feels that peace with Senju is simply a path that would lead to the total subjugation of the Uchiha. Because he cannot truly fathom Senju’s motives and because he knows Senju has no true need for an alliance considering their strength, it stands to reason that he would feel those motives are anything but honorable, especially given the bloody past between the two clans. In a sense, one could say that ultimately, Hashirama’s idealistic notions almost seem too good to be true, which forms part of the reason as to why it’s so hard for others to accept them as legitimate.

Ultimately, this distrust also filters down to Madara who might have otherwise considered Hashirama’s proposals but who ultimately chose to heed the words of his brother instead. It’s only in the end when Uchiha is all but doomed that Madara finally accepts defeat and puts Hashirama’s honor and resolve to the ultimate test, knowing that the only alternative was the complete destruction of the clan his brother died to protect.

Earning Trust

With the transition from chapter 624, we move onto what I feel was a truly magnificent entry into this story as a whole. What I liked about it most was that it brought back that third dimension to Madara’s character and showed him to be something more than just a warmonger who only desired battle above all else.

The first sign of this deeper side to him was the fact that Madara gave Hashirama a choice between two options – one which would result in his brother’s death and another that resulted in his own. This is a gesture that Hashirama appreciates, because he realizes that Madara understands the pain of losing a brother and how Madara has given him a way to avoid that dark path while still proving his sincerity. Hashirama chooses to kill himself rather than Tobirama, but before he can, Madara stops him and proclaims that he has seen his true resolve.

Hashirama's resolve

The odd thing – and this is something that Madara reflects on later – is that Hashirama’s choice is also one that will ultimately lead to more death than he might have hoped. Much like Madara’s earlier choice of family over friendship or peace, Hashirama’s choice to spare his brother – who distrusts the Uchiha – over himself is what leads to the eventual destruction of the peace with the Uchiha clan that he fought so long and hard to create.

In the end, it was Tobirama’s meddling that led to Madara’s abandonment of Konoha. We also know that further along this timeline – after Tobirama becomes Hokage himself – he would later make decisions that would lead to the segregation of the Uchiha from the rest of Konoha as a whole, a move that would also fuel their discontent and desire to rebel and then, ultimately one that would lead to their destruction at the hands of one of their own.

It just goes to show that even within Hashirama’s dream, there was a sense of childish idealism that lead him to believe he would be able to achieve that dream without needing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Had he chosen to kill his brother rather than himself, there’s a chance that unrest may have never arisen in Madara or the Uchiha clan as a whole. The only question remaining given these prospects is whether killing one’s own brother for the sake of peace is a path a leader should ever be willing to take. Can the act of saving lives ever be used as a justification for taking them in cold blood?

With the theme of brotherhood aside, another theme this chapter brought us back to was the black and white, or Yin and Yang theme that has also been long-running in this series and one that I’ve brought up just recently as well. However, this time, it was not only presented as a contrast between Hashirama and Madara, but rather, between the Senju and Uchiha as a whole.

It was only a few moments later that Michael Jackons burst out from behind the scenes to lead a mass dance ensemble.

It was only a few moments later that Michael Jackons burst out from behind the scenes to lead a mass musical/dance ensemble.

This time, the theme was presented in an interesting manner, because of the subject matter at hand. Considering the political turmoil and Tobirama’s distrust of the Uchiha, one could say that the representation of black and white between Uchiha and Senju, is symbolic of the discrimination between the two clans by some members of both sides. They are essentially labelled much in the way one would label a colour. We see black as black and nothing else, just as we see white as white and its this uni-dimensional way of thinking that, ironically, gives birth to disparity between the clans.

However, Madara takes the theme a bit further and presents another unique outlook on the tension between Uchiha and Senju, one that depicts it as a necessary balance of opposing forces that creates rather than destroys.

So, what I'm trying to say is that when a mommy bee and a daddy bee meet, baby bee is born!

So, what I’m trying to say is that when a mommy bee and a daddy bee meet, baby bee is born!

Basically, it once again comes down to Yin and Yang and seeing these two opposing forces as a form of harmony rather than as a violent or destructive clash. In the end, it takes both black and white pieces in order to complete a chess board, just as it takes both rain and sunshine to create life.

In the end, following this philosophy, Madara creates a rivalry between himself and Hashirama and almost seems to promote Hashirama into coming into conflict with him, citing that he is the only one who can. It makes me wonder if Madara perhaps saw their rivalry much in the same light he sees the concept of Yin and Yang, as a necessary struggle between opposing forces needed to create life. In a sense, one could say that this gesture might be correct, after all it was this very battle between Madara and Hashirama that ultimately allowed Madara to attain the cells required to awaken the Rinnegan within himself and bring him one step closer to his goal of creating a new world.

Even Danzou, who lead an organization that remained hidden within the shadows, seemed to revere this balance between dark and light, knowing that he had to control both in order to achieve his goals.

Danzou's Philosophy

Well, that’s about all from me this week. I would mention how Hashirama chose Madara to be Hokage first and yada yada fishpaste, but that would just be stating the glaringly obvious. I’m sorry the breakdown is late as well. I had half of it done on Thursday but then the Easter Weekend ate all my time and energy.

In any case, here is last week’s Bubbliton Contest winner.

Pepe Chuy Moncho: Later Madara invented the one thousand years of death jutsu!

Pepe Chuy Moncho: Later Madara invented the one thousand years of death jutsu!

Well done to Pepe for his entry. There won’t be any bubbliton this week, because none of the panels seemed suitable, so instead, I hope there will be enough to discuss from the breakdown to keep everyone busy.

In particular, I’m curious to see what everyone’s opinions on the idea of killing one’s own brother or family for the sake of peace are.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


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    now, to read

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  3. Great breakdown, very deep….hmm kill your brother to make peace with those who have killed your other brothers. It seems like a hard choice to make. especially when the end result you are hoping for(to protect those you love) is lost to the exchange. To me, it seems like destroying peace in order to create it. It’s that same reasoning Pein had. Create a jutsu so powerful and destructive it scares people into peace, but only for a period of time..

    That kind of peace does not has been a reecurring theme with the villains in this Manga. Everyone wants the same thing, but the opinions of how to achieve it vary. Naruto is the first to truly be able to let go of his hatred and forgive those who have done harm and killed his brethren, breaking that circle of hatred.

    Like you said Tenrai, a truce between two unequal powers brought on by the more powerful is easily manipulated. The stronger can impose on the weaker and the two never really come together. The peace is temoorary. Naruto overcame a stronger foe, forgave him, and befriended his friends. He wanted to truly achieve peace, and in order to do so you must let go of the past, forgive and move forward on new ground, together.

  4. @Mantis

    I also think Naruto understands that in order to achieve peace, he has to walk the talk, so to speak. Naruto chose not to kill for the sake of revenge and I believe part of why he has more chance at achieving true peace than anyone who came before him is because his hands are still free of blood and, essentially, untainted. He’s young and honorable and has not made any enemies through bloodshed and thus, is more trustworthy and approachable than your typical shinobi. He has even made allies out of many past enemies, from many nations, including Gaara, Zabuza and Bee among others, as well as forgiving the people in his own village who treated him as an outcast or pariah.

    You could say he’s on neutral ground in the eyes of all who look at him, because he has never done anything that strictly contrasts with his outwardly compassionate nature.

    Still, even despite his compassion, Naruto also shows a sort of understanding that others in the past have not. I mentioned the part of choosing whether to sacrifice your own brother for peace, or to spare him and you brought it up in your comment as well, but Naruto seems to have taken it a step further and is looking for that elusive “option number 3” that I mentioned in my poll. Because he sees Sasuke as his brother, he doesn’t want him to be hunted down or killed for his crimes by the other nations, knowing that all it will do is continue the cycle of death and hatred, but at the same time, he also understands that he can’t only keep defending Sasuke forever just because he sees him as his brother.

    So rather than say he’ll kill Sasuke himself, or say he’ll protect him even if it means going against the world, Naruto seems to be considering an alternative to both those paths. It’s something he believes he can only do himself and it also seems to have a lot to do with being the one who shoulders all of Sasuke’s hatred so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to, but I still can’t tell what Naruto’s final answer to the problem will be in the end.

  5. @Tenrai – awesome breakdown. See good things do come to these who waits.

    Thanks for pointing out the black and white thing during the ceremony.

    As for the Naruto and Sasuke issues, it might come down to take your hatred on Naruto like the time when the cloud shinobi beats the crap out of Naruto. Since everyone have so much respect for Naruto, they will forgive and forget.

  6. Great Breakdown Tenrai

    The willingness of Hashirama to sacrifice himself for the sake of peace instead of wiping the out is a testimony to Hashirama’s “faith”. He definitely had to have a bit of faith to think Tobimara would abide by his dying wishes and that Madara would keep his word once he was dead. I mean killiing oneself so that others might live might be a martyr’s death ( he didn’t hate the world he just considered peace greater than his own life) Still Hashirama couldn’t be certain that either side would make peace. It takes two to tango. I mean Hashirama maybe the coolest Hokage in terms of just pure power but this willing sacrifice for the sake of peace is what make me admire him. It’s not his god like power but this moment that soldifies in my mind why he was the greatest Hokage.

    however Madara stopped Hashirama but was that because he believed Hashirama resolve or was Madara afraid that with Tobimara in charge of the Senju he knew knew the clan wouldn’t survive. At least with Hashirama still alive there was a chance for the clan survivors. I don’t know if Madara really believed his resolve.

    Tobimara was a jerk but at least he didn’t kill the Uchiha after Hashirama’s passing. So yes the segregation was awful and the seeds of rebellion grew off of Tobimara’s pride. still I would say he was at least good enough to make sure that no conflict was visited upon the Uchiha once Hashirama was gone. He didn’t exile the Uchiha or take away their freedom but at least gave them a kind of armistice

  7. Great breakdown ten no matter how many complaints people have about naruto it is definatly a great manga. I believe that if you kill your brother to get peace you will not have it. If mandara only gave the 1st the choice to kill hashirama and the 1st did it he would become have become mandara. I say this because he will not have peace of mind and Dr dispare of killing his own flesh and blood the one person he wanted to protect for the peace of everyone else would be a lot for anyone to handle.

    He would always have “what if” thoughts in his head. I really like how kishi brings some reality in this. Through out history people have been trying to find peace in different ways a lot of names come to mind when I was reading this breakdown. Hitler in his own crocked way thought that he was right and the only way to get peace was to commit a mass genoside mandara can be come pare some what to him. He was to put the narutoverse his own image by basicly murdering hundreds of innocent people. Naruto is a lot like Gandhi in the way he wants to achieve peace.

    Btw sorry for any misspelled words I’m on my found so spell check changed a lot and I had to saywhat I thought cause ik I would forget after this class. I can clarify anything you guys don’t understand later

  8. There are a few things I’d like to talk about.

    The first being Madara’s change in character after his brother died. He had transplanted Izunas eyes into himself. Maybe it is Izuna’s feelings that were in his eyes that changed Madara. Maybe it was the resentment in Izuna’s eyes transferred to Madara. There are a few examples that could prove this theory. The first is the ability to transfer abilities from one Uchiha into another; Itachi did that with Sauske. Itachi was able to transfer Amerterasu into Sauske. That is seen when Tobi showed his eyes and Sauske bore Itachis tomoe. The other example is when Tobi is able to see the events that are occurring as he rushes to aid Kakashi and Rin. He was able to see what was going on with his eyes. Maybe Madara was able to do the same thing and see what Izuna had felt while he was still alive (remember Izuna still survived the transplant but died later on in battle)

    The second thing I’d like to talk about is this idea of Brotherhood. I think that is the cycle that needs to be broken. If I were in Hashiramas shoes, I’d have been a better brother (more strict). I don’t like how Tobiramas ideas where the main ideas of the other Senju. If Hashirama had another second in command who agreed with his ideas, then it would have been a better situation. Instead he decided to keep his family close to him and that prove the downfall of the Uchiha.

    There are countless examples in this story alone why Brotherhood/family is the real reason the whole Shinobi world has gone to hell. Because he had a strong tie to his family, Hashirama spared Tobirama and doomed the Uchiha to genocide (and what happened to the Uchiha was genocide).

    It was Hiruzen (the 3rd Hokage) who couldn’t come to kill his own student because of that bond he had with him, that led to the destruction of the life and countless murders and atrocities Oro commited. Jirayia had the same issues. He couldn’t come to defeat Orochimaru when he had the chance. He let him go because of their “special” bond. I can go on, but you get my point.

    The other one is the bond Itachi and Sauske shared. That was a very perverse brotherly bond. Itachi used this bond to make Sauske hate and resent him. Itachi only made Sasuke think about him and only about him his whole life as a means to getting revenge for his clan. Itachi realized the folly of his ways and realized that he should have trusted Sauske.

    I feel that those bonds are selfish. Why do you hold one special bond above all else? I say throw all those selfish bonds away and actually incorporate as much people possible into your life. What these guys had done where isolate themselves from the world around them, while pushing all their feelings, emotions, desires, dreams onto that one person they created that bond with. That is not healthy at all.

    I think that is what separates Naruto from all the rest. He is realizing that it’s not about the connection you share with one person. Its about what you are sharing with all. He is going to handle Sauske on his own because he knows no one else is powerful enough to stop him, not because they have a special bond. He has been doing this his whole life. He has been marching to his own beat, and by doing so has allowed himself to be part of everyone elses lives and make connections with multiple people, not just one person.

    What Naruto is doing is he is trusting people. Not just trusting Sakura or Kakashi, but all the people who’s had major impacts in his life.

    I think that is what Kishi is trying to tell us with his stories about Brotherhood, or just staying with the ideals of one’s clan/family. It is a bad habit that breeds more bad habit. Naruto did grow up with those ideals. He created his own ideals/morals of what constitutes a bond and who he can have that bond with. He realized that Sauske was an important part in his life, but he also recognizes that he is the only one in his life.

  9. that last sentence is supposed to say “he realizes that he is not the only one in his life”

  10. @wiseman – what you said made a lot of sense. An excellent example of how Naruto changed people is Chiyo from the Sand that saved Gaara.

  11. Itachi made the opposite choice that Hashirama made.

  12. Awesome breakdown! Did anyone get the ultimate ninja storm 3 and/or seen Road to A Ninja?

  13. Oh wait, road to a ninja is coming out later this month.

  14. @ Ten, great breakdown, very insightful as always. you always know how to read between the lines, But IMO Izuna was as guilty as Tobirama was for the notion of peace not to work. Both weren’t seeing the bigger picture and only cared about power and there own clan.

    This was the main reason why Madara and Hashirama couldn’t be allies. Even if Izuna didn’t die and the alliance would have been formed, both Izuna and Tobirama would have created animosity between the clans and there older brothers would have had to take actions as the leaders of the clans, a bit like how Hiruzen’s decisions were always affected by Danzou, Koharu and Homura.

  15. it’s out! :))

  16. @Eugen

    That’s why I mentioned in my breakdown that Izuna was for the Uchiha what Tobirama was for Senju. It was the two younger brothers who lacked the vision and foresight of their older siblings and because of it, they caused the rift between Uchiha and Senju to widen with their influence.

    I’m also certain that if Izuna were still alive, he’d have caused just as much trouble for the alliance between the two clans as Tobirama did.

  17. @ Ten, true is true. As for this latest chapter, it must have been a hell of a struggle for Hashirama to end Madara’s life like that. Sure the dude didn’t die, but even so, Hashirama made his decision to kill his best friend for the sake of so many others.

    It was indeed a scary testament of Hashirama, and one that showed just how far he was willing to go for the dream he finally accomplished. He would have killed his friends, brothers and even his own children to keep the piece he struggled so hard to win.

    It raises the question of what happened to his child ?!?!?! But I guess that’s a question for another time.

    All in all, this was a perfect chapter for me. A lot of loose ends tied, fighting, great story and flashbacks all in one.

  18. Hashirama forgot zombieland rule #2 – doble tap. just to make sure lol

  19. Is there any chance Madara was able to use izanagi? I haven’t totally thought it through, but it might account for Madara being a shell of his former self.

  20. @ Bret, I’m sure he was aware of this jutsu by that time, seeing he was in his prime and at the peak of his power. I guess we won’t know the circumstances of this fight until Madara completes the story and reveals how he obtained DNA.

  21. Really nice and complete breakdown Tenrai particularly the segment about on Izunas contemplation, great job.

    My thoughts on the hole “killing a member of family for peace” is that it is pointless for discussion,because:
    On one hand, what’s the difference between killing a brother, a few foes or your hole clan for peace?! where does it stops? (does it really stop..)
    On the other hand, you can’t do nothing, you are in the position that you must take some action because the other side anxiously wants blood.
    The 3rd choise is to reason with an overly emotional man who lost all his siblings to the war (good luck with that).

    Really enjoyed reading your breakdown on Madaras resolution and explaining it with the chessboard metaphor, really neat. I would just like to add up, draw a parallel between what Madara said to Hashirama at the end of the manga and what Naruto said to Sasuke when they last met.
    Naruto: “If you attack Konoha, I will have to fight you
    So save up your hatred and take it all on me
    I’m the only one who can take it”
    Madara: “The only one who can compete with me…is you”
    It’s like the same conversation but in a different time. They both know what the future holds, the difference is who takes the lead in the conversation and their approach. The villain takes the path of hopeless and despair, that this life is just a entertainment or a punishment. While the hero takes the path of hope and friendship, believing that he can win his friend back.
    Is that hope childish and naive or not, well will see what Kishi says.

  22. i hope kishi won’t drop a big izuna bomb on us. i don’t know why but i have this gut feeling he was the one who survived and took hashiramas cells.

  23. How about we have a little debate about what Sasuke will decide, now, after hearing Hashirama’s story. Personally I would start with a sucker punch straight in Tobirama’s crotch for being a douche. But as far as the bigger picture is concerned I think Sasuke understood that both Madara and Hashirama sacrificed a lot for the village and there dreams but there’s still one loose end Sasuke doesn’t know about, and I’m sure he’ll want to find out before he chooses his new path.

    Sasuke will want to find out what Madara’s true dream was, the dream he abandoned Konoha for, and why was this dream so important he’d bring harm to the village both he and his friend fought for all those years.

    Sure the village was more Hashirama’s baby but Madara knew the suffering he’d bring to all the children of the Leaf and I don’t think, with the hardships he had as a child, he’d bring that sort of turmoil to the kids that finally knew piece.

    So my opinion is, Sasuke will want to know what was Madara’s true goal and dream and it it was bigger then Hashirama’s desire to protect the new lifestyle he made possible for so many people.

    I think Madara’s goal was hidden in the tablet and somehow he took it upon himself to keep Hashirama good by being the darkness in the world.

    I know it sounds like a really absurd motivation, but I think Madara knew Hasirama’s good would someday be challenged by a evil just as strong, so he took it upon himself to be the bad guy thus spearing the village and only taking out his fury on the only man who could handle it, Hashirama himself.

    Many of us consider Madara as the great evil in the Narutoverse but I think he just chose to take up that responsibility for the greater good.
    Even in the fight along side Obito I see him calm and calculated but not truly evil.

    I would go about this even further but I’m curious to see if you guys have any thought on the matter.

  24. Sorry for the piece instead of peace, error. Auto correct

  25. @Eugen. I’m not sure that totally works, because Madara wanted to be revived (supposedly to help the Moon’s Eye plan?) and he had no qualms about killing others using the Juubi. So if he’s supposed to be the evil – the chosen evil – that he chose to be for himself as you describe – then he’s still trying to do it. To be the one.

    But apparently, at least at this point, he doesn’t seem to fully care. I don’t quite know why, but still.

  26. i think madara and tobi already said what they really wanted as “peace” they wanted to press the reset button for all i know. they wanted to live in a world where there were no heroes and the like.

    as for sasuke. i think he’s decision would be to stop madara and obito. and after that, fight naruto. why fight naruto again? i think this should happen because sasuke needs to know that naruto can stop him if ever his hatred becomes uncontrollable like that of madara.

  27. @ Andrew, It stands to reason he’ll still kill a lot of people, just like he did back in the day, that’s the whole point. The important thing is the need for someone strong enough to be able to stop him. To me this is just a guess and it’s a bit of a null prediction but I would like it to be so, just so Madara would become Kishi’s new Bad Guy with Good Intentions ( See Gaara, Danzou, Itachi, Nagato and maybe even Obito).

    @ Chaps, I actually think Madara has no intentions to make the moon’s eye plan a reality, he used this ruse in order to give Obito something to fight to the death and beyond for. Madara found out how to drive, and push Obito’s buttons and took advantage of his situation by means of Rin’s death.

    Madara is a warrior who lives to fight and stand at the pinnacle of power, he wouldn’t want to be the same as everyone else. But Obito on the other hand never saw powers as his ultimate goal, his true drive was to stand side by side with Rin and Kakashi and have a great life onward.

    I suspect Madra will betray Obito soon and that’s when Obito will change teams with the good guys.

  28. awesome ive been looking for a new breakdown

  29. I”ve been meaning to say something about the last part of chapter 626.

    “I think that… shinobi are people who endure to achieve their goals. But depending on what they choose as their goal, they change.” -Hashirama

    The quote wasn’t overlooked or anything. I’m sure we all saw it. But I think at the very least – what he is talking about is possibly the overriding theme of the whole manga. Naruto is a great shinobi because he is a genius of hard work. His goal, for a long time, was to ‘bring Sasuke back’. Because of that and much much more – Hashirama putting it into words is what I think is a milestone in the manga, and it really puts the punch into that last page.

    I’m not sure if Naruto has changed his goal. I don’t think he firmly mentioned any changes. I only remember that Sakura tried to release Naruto of his promise. But I still am under the impression that he values his old friend. The evil chakra Sasuke has may be a surmountable task after all, once both Naruto and Sasuke are led to the truth.

    I honestly believe what the story is hinting at, is that Naruto could be the Hashirama of his time. He could be that goofy kid with the will to stick to something he knows is right. There’s only one problem. If Naruto is in the same situation, will he stab his friend in the back? I think we all can suspect the answer is no.

    This chapter seems to say that Naruto’s next big task is to do better than Hashirama. Don’t stab Sasuke in the back (as much as I know some of you want him to). And find out how to achieve peace, beyond the scope of protecting the village at any cost.

    Hashirama changed. He decided that he needed to make huge sacrifices (killing Madara) to protect his dream (the village). Will Naruto change in this way? Or will Naruto be the one that does not need to change his childlike attitude, his naivety, and his seemingly unbreakable spirit?

    Naruto values brotherhood more than the concept of a village. We will see Naruto and Sasuke fighting together again someday.

  30. Sorry for the extra post, but I had something to add.

    There is a basic rule that some people believe in. It’s a peace keeping rule. Very simple, and up to interpretation on what it means. The rule is sometimes called a law.

    You may compete, but you may not wage war.

    The way Madara was attacking the village – it seemed like he was expecting Hashirama to defend. I think someone on here mentioned that he might not have even wanted to hurt the village at all. It seemed like competition. That said, when Hashirama killed Madara it was a different feeling. It was like he was waging war all over again. It turned from protecting the village to killing dangerous pests.

    A war against anyone who would harm the village.

    Either way, Hashirama’s attitude about protecting the village is reflected in the other leaders. Especially the Fourth Hokage who was revered for how quickly he dispatched his foes. Minato was a hero, known for being a fierce protector. Maybe that is part of the darkness that invaded the village.

  31. @bret i think this is where naruto would surpass the past hokages. he isn’t the type of person who would kill for the village instead he uses his talk no jutsu against his enemies and beat them to a pulp after until they surrender to his words.

  32. i think every hero needs a villain. imho madara wanted to be the villain so that hashirama can be the hero but i guess hashirama went a little to far by killing madara. isn’t that why superman won’t kill lex luthor. and batman won’t kill the joker?

  33. @chaps017: Precisely. Although I would hope there would be a bit better explanation on that slab that told Madara “another way” than “be the Joker to Hashirama’s Batman”. I do see your point though, and it might be a fine prediction to say that the answer that Madara sought was merely to continue to fight Hashirama to create a literal yin-yang relationship.

    I’m not sure quite how it represents peace, but maybe while they fight… the rest of the world just watches – forcing the peace in that way somehow. A bit of a stretch, but there have been stranger things that have happened.

  34. “Either way, Hashirama’s attitude about protecting the village is reflected in the other leaders. Especially the Fourth Hokage who was revered for how quickly he dispatched his foes. Minato was a hero, known for being a fierce protector. Maybe that is part of the darkness that invaded the village. – bret”

    i totally agree with this. this is the darkness that enveloped konoha and it’s leaders and this is what naruto is trying to fix right now. naruto wants to achieve true peace, peace with everyone and not just within the village or with neighboring countries. he also wants to create the world that obito wants to create with the infinite tsukiyomi but naruto is going to do it the hard and right way, no shortcuts.

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