One Piece 703-Waiting Room

Ciao guys welcome to another one piece breakdown. Before i Get started i want to talk about law. As we all know law is a genius. What his done since punk hazard island has been nothing short of incredible. But as i was watching the anime last week it showed the part where law helped luffy. He said he did it on a whim. But was it really a whim? Here’s what i think law helped save luffy so he will feel indebted to him. I believe that law had all this plan out he picked luffy out of all the other super nova because he was strong and Honest. So he will not betrayed him and he needed his help or someone else to take down doflamingo. If that’s the case then law is truly incredible. Well that’s a little food for though let me know what you guys think. Now on to the chapter.

This chapter starts off with luffy and franky still talking to one of doflamingos man. When the guy whose name is still unknown starts fantazicing about the fruit luffy yells out that he wants it. Then offers it to Mr.Supeeeeeeeeeeeer himself franky. I was really shocked that luffy would offer it to him and franky would turn it down with out thinking twice. But you can expect just about anything from the strawhats. So it shouldn’t have surprise me.

It seems franky has gotten wiser with the time skip. He is not as much of a goofball as he used to be. Both him and luffy figured out that doflamingo set all this up to trap luffy. Knowing this they still feel like they can not waste this chance. So they head to the Colosseum. But before this we get some wise words that anyone would be good to live by and by franky no less. “regret is a pain in the ass” so don’t be afraid to take chances. The last part was added on by muah. I don’t just give breakdowns but life lessons also.

Anyways back to the breakdown. We switch to the sword retrieval team. Zoro is seen running after the fairy’s when we see Casanova sanji (and i used the term loosely) lock eyes with a the beautiful violet. For the first time since i been reading this manga oda finally gives sanji some “play” as you young wipper snappers say. A women actually came up to him. Even though she did so to avoid the cops. So sanji being the gentleman that he is offer his services. We can tell how dangerous this violet is she almost seduced sanji to death.

Now after all that violet  introduces herself and ask sanji to escort her to the next city and help her kill a man. Which i would bet all the money i have in the bank right now (i have 0 money in the bank 😦 ) is doflamingo.  However i can also see violet being part of doflamingos crew and sent there to bring the strawhats in.

lmao this page made my day so it had to go in the breakdown

As we keep reading we see luffy and franky finally got to the Colosseum. Right when they get there they see a toy soldier with one leg being chased by the police. The toy soldier soon steps in the Colosseum in which he starts by trolling the police and lets them know that neither them nor the marines can step a foot in the Colosseum or they will be considered criminals. He starts to tell them that they do not have any jurisdiction their. Since the marines can not get in the Colosseum then the old swordsman is probably not the admiral the marines send.

I guess i was completely wrong luffy has not mature at all. When luffy goes to sign up for the battle  even though he is suppose to stay under cover he almost put his real name on the registration sheet to fight in the Colosseum. So he decided to put Lucy instead. Luckily he arrived when he did since he was the last person to enter. When he goes into the waiting room he get to meet most of the participants.

As luffy is walking around he gets spotted by spartan. A 51 time monthly winner. He is upset because he believes luffy is week and will ruin the appeal of the Colosseum. When he goes over to knock luffy out he finds himself flying through the wall. Like always oda knows how to keep us interested i can not wait until the next chapter.

Well this is the end of the breakdown but before i go thelaughingwiseman said in a comment that he believes that Blackbeard will come and take aces fruit. A part of me thinks the same thing since all he has been doing since he became a yonkou is stealing the most powerful devil fruits. So ill leave you guys with this question who do you think will get the mera mera fruit?

~ by simplyantony on March 28, 2013.

18 Responses to “One Piece 703-Waiting Room”

  1. FIRST

  2. I’m calling it! Sanji is going to get the mera mera devil fruit!

  3. I agree with you TLW, it suits his fighting style. BUT I’m very sketchy on my OP canon. Did sanji not love to swim and catch fish or something like that when he joined the Strawhats?

  4. Oh and great breakdown simplyantony, It’s really great to have OP breakdowns back up 😀

  5. As i said befor, Sanji will not eat the mera mera fruit! Here is why:
    1. Sanji stated he only has interest in 1 fruit (invisible fruit, that absalom currently holds)
    2. Sanji is still part of the monster tri, he wasnt trained by Mihawk or rayleigh. Tho Ivankoff is a name worth mentioning.
    3. He has learned how to use sky walk and can apply the same thing in water (blue walk), this would go to waste by eating a fruit.
    4. as stated by Ashan it wouldn’t make sense regarding his dream to find all blue.

    If anyone is going to eat the mera mera fruit (which i highly doubt), it’s going to be Usopp. I think it would go well with his dream, to become a brave warrior. Tho i must admit it doesn’t make much sense for a sniper.

    I just don’t like the idea of a crewmember getting the fruit, it’s a cheap power up and that isn’t really Oda’s style.

    On your question about who is going to get the mera mera, I must admit i have no idea. Certainly Blackbeard would like to have that fruit tho =D

  6. @ahsan his dream is to find all blue but just because he won’t be able to swim doesn’t meen he can’t fish

    @live aid I understand what you are saying and like you said ivankoff is a huge name bit still doesn’t come close to the power of mihawk and Rayleigh before the time skip I would say that fluffy has a little edge in terms of power from the big 3 and sanji and zoro were even. But now I believe he is the weekest member of the monster trio. If sanji gets the mere mera fruit he would be able to fly just like ace. So we can not count him out. I personally think that if anyone eats the fruit from the straw hats it would be a complete accident.

    But I also think that the fruit could be eaten by a new straw hat member.We know Jimbe is one but I feel like their is going to be another

  7. zoro and sanji fought in the shabondy island after the time skip. it looked like they were equal to one another.
    also zoro was interested in fire cutting techniques of kinemon . if zoro learns to cut fire and sanji eats the mera mera fruit . it would keep the balance in the power . just thinking

  8. @borninsane13 all they did was beat up a pacifista I still feel that if zoro and sanji got in a fight zoro will barely beat him
    Even if sanji eats the mera mera fruit it meens nothing since zoro has haki it would be like smoker vs vergo he would just give zoro a bigger range of attack. Logia devil fruits are more powerfully but only because people that do not have haki can’t touch them but they can get attack by them. I don’t think it will change anything in the monster trio they will all still be the same and sanjis power up will only work with low level people. Not marine vise-admirals. Or the pirates they will fight in the future that’s if sanji eats the fruit

  9. I’m not sure……. but …. wouldn’t Sanji eating the Mera mera fruit mean the only crew member able to swim is Zoro ( or does Franky turn into a sub? I can’t remember. I haven’t been reading so maybe Jinbe joined the crew?). Anyways with only one member able to swim doesn’t that make life as pirates for the crew a bit difficult?

  10. Nami, Franky and Ussop can also swim. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part that Sanji got the mera mera fruit. I was thinking that because Luffy wanted it, and I don’t think he’s going to want it as a keep sake, knowing him. He would be looking to make someone stronger so they can be stronger. Why not Franky? He’s already made of metal, so he wouldn’t have problems swimming. He can turn himself into a boat

  11. i think luffy will be the one to eat the mera mera fruit. seriously he needs that powerup 🙂

  12. Is there anyone that has actually eaten two fruits? I thought that technically eating two fruits caused death. I mean blackbeard’s ability is to steal other people’s abilities.

  13. @ ashes blackebeard has ate two fruits and is still alive we still don’t know how he did though

    @chaps we still haven’t seen luffy’s full power so we don’t know how strong he is since the time skip having said that I still want him to get the mera mera fruit.

  14. @simplyantony
    technically we don’t know that he ate a devil fruit, all we know is that he absorbed the power from Whitebeard.

    Personally I hope no one get’s the Mera Mera Fruits powers, I think if Luffy wins the fruit he’ll officially retire it.

  15. @ iamnotreallyhere I went back and reread cause I wanted to double check before I answer you.But I guess you are right all we know is he has the power we do not know if he ate.
    However Marco did say that black beards body was not normal so it could be possible

    Also what do you meen by retire it? Like keep it on his ship like shanks did with the gum gum fruit

  16. @iamnotreallyhere I guess he did eat 2 frutits


    This was just once again an epic chapter, what a characters showed up.
    Starting with Bellamy I allready got excited, but a member of blackbeard!?!!!1ONE!

    Btw am i the only one who thinks that kyrus is actually the old blind man luffy met at the start of this arc?

    This arc is starting to get so interesting, can’t wait for the next chapter allready.

  18. @live aid I didn’t think of the old man being the gladiator thanks for saying it now I can add it to the breakdown when I make it later

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