Fairy Tail 324 Breakdown. Death.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans.

The princess is determined to open the Gates... But is that really the right thing to do?

The princess is determined to open the Gates… But is that really the right thing to do?

So, last week’s chapter ended with Future Rogue revealing himself to Natsu’s group after devouring their enemies. In the meantime, Princess Hisui and Arcadios realize that two people came from the future to warn them of the imminent destruction of Fiore, so they decide to open the Gates.

That is exactly what Future Rogue intends to do and the reason he travelled back in time from seven years in the future. He somehow found out that the Eclipse can be used as a weapon to kill the 10,000 dragons, thus preventing the apocalypse: dragons will conquer the world and not even a tenth of the human population will survive.
That reminds me of something

In the Ultimate Magic World, only people who can use magic will survive, approximately 10% of the human population. Could the dragons somehow be related to Zeref? And will they exterminate all humans incapable of using magic to create his ideal world? We’ll find out soon enough.

Is this fate really unavoidable?

Is this fate really unavoidable?

If the dragons aren’t stopped now, the world will be doomed. Rogue reveals that he has time travelled to kill the person who will close the Gates before the Eclipse Cannon is fired. The only way to change fate is to kill that person… and it’s Lucy.

He fires a Shadow Sword at her so quickly that no one reacts in time, except Future Lucy who takes the blow instead. Dying, she swears that she didn’t close the Gates and that she’s happy to have met everyone again after they died in her timeline. She then asks her past self to show her the Fairy Tail mark on her hand, reminding her of all the adventures and fun she had with her beloved Guild… Then she passes away while telling Present Lucy to protect the future.

No way.

No way.

I can’t believe someone good has died in Fairy Tail… And in such a poignant and touching manner! This scene was extremely sad.
Just think of what Future Lucy has gone through: all of her friends died and she went back in time to prevent such a tragedy, but she realized that she had no idea how to. Now that she had finally met up with her friends, she was killed by someone who claims that she is the cause of everything that happened. I hope Present Lucy manages to avoid her fate or it’ll be too depressing.

I have to congratulate Mashima on making such a bold move, though. It was really unexpected and I’ll be really happy if the rest of this arc is just as unpredictable. Hopefully he won’t ruin everything by making Natsu defeat Future Rogue through nakama power. It would be really stupid… but when has that stopped Mashima? -__-

Nakama POWAAA!

Nakama POWAAA!

Well, Natsu is using his Lighting Fire Dragon Mode, but I don’t think that’ll be enough to defeat Rogue. I hope he’ll lose, but if he does, Rogue will try to kill Lucy… and that’s when Jellal will arrive. It would be perfect if that happened, in my opinion.

Well, that’s it for me! See you all next week!



~ by 最強 Dragon on March 28, 2013.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 324 Breakdown. Death.”

  1. It’s out!

  2. FIRST.

  3. Awesomeness breakdown as always Dragon =P

    I predict that there will be no winner between future Rogue and Natsu as F-Rogue will flee before he can be defeated.

  4. I’m kinda glad this turn of events has made the win for fairy tail seem ridiculous in the light of the possible apocalpyse. It’s like winning a track race at college just before the unforseen military draft into a world war. It’s like the exaltation of winning a teddy bear at the fair followed by enlisted to stop a earth destroying comet. Makes the win seem less significant in the face of the grim future. The predictable win and it’s joy swallowed up by this gripping, strange and dread invoking events. Chilling , Riveting, Heartbreaking… Honestly this turn of events an was epic. Sparked a reason for me to comment. usually it feels quite boring. I wish I could nail down how this suspense , where the characters dialogue is so straight forward and yet forbodes so much that you know the Author isn’t trying to be overly mysterious. I wish I could express how good this chapter in terms of writing was amazing.

  5. Is Natsu stopping the prevention of a future where Dragons destroy trhe world. Maybe Lucy closed the gate by doing something unassuming that had far reaching consequences. Maybe she wasn’t aware of it. Rogue is not a villain (or is pretending to have the futures best at heart) However i don’t think Rogue is Evil and I doubt Lucy intended to close the gate. Unlesss… a worse fate happens when they use the gate, so later Lucy tries to prevent the use of the “cannon” against the dragons. (like the destruction of the celetial spirits when the canon is used?)

  6. great breakdown dragon…i believe natsu will be winning but the dragons will come so they will not finish

  7. Well things are really getting interesting here, I wonder who built the gate to begin with?

  8. Well I was excited to see Natsu handing Rogue his butt and then all of a sudden, some random, white shadow black shadow and Ultear showed up… Still who knew that the gate would let the dragons “in”. Interesting stuff

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