One piece Breakdown chapter 702 and then some.

Hola everybody since this is my second breakdown I hope it will actually be better than the last. This chapter was really good. Even though i prefer some action and a lot more comedy in my one piece chapters, this one still delivered. We start of with the cover page were we see that Caribou is getting mistaken yet again for someone else. It is amazing how oda never forgets about a character even someone as Little as Caribou who was basically used as a way to show us that luffy can now use Haki.  Anyways on to the breakdown.

Mangastream said it best.  “The old geezer is a beast.” Now there are two thinks that have been established in this chapter the first is that the Old man is extremely powerful the second is that he has a devil fruit. Sanji and Zoro Both said that he has and ability. As to which one it is their is a couple of fruits that it could be.

When i first seen him using it i though it was the fuwa fuwa fruit which is the one that shiki has. Then i though it can’t be unless shiki’s dead already and he some how ate the fruit. Also the fuwa fuwa which translates into “floating lightly”, does not work on people only on objects and doflamingo’s man said his body felt heavy.

Their is also like liveaid said the kilo kilo fruit however that fruit only makes the user’s body heavy. It can be the gravity fruit which we have not seen . But if it is what type of fruit is it logia, paramecia or zoan?


How the old guy answer luffy’s question and Sanji’s input makes me think. That this old man can also be a former pirate. The way he said it maybe he could be one of doflamingos man. But the possibility of him being and admiral or even one of the seven warlords is all possible.But seeying as how nobody recognized him could he really be and admiral or the last seven warlord?

Moving on we see that the fairies have stolen zoro sword as well as other stuff. Oda said in and interview a while back that he was going to introduce a new species. So the fairies showing up could be it. Since the fairies stole zoros sword it causes the group to spit up yet again. We can also get a taste at how strong zoro has gotten. When kinemon said he will fight zoro for the sword zoro told him he does not stand a chance.

Now since sanji, zoro and kinemon are out to find some fairies. Franky grabs luffy so they can go and interrogate one of doflamingos men. They quickly realised that the guy they grab knows absolutely nothing. He does not know about smile or any factory.

This just goes to show how smart doflamingo is he keeps his subordinates on a need to know basis. With out racing any un wanted suspicions to himself. So instead of wasting time franky just ask him were they can find the “big fish” in order to get the answer they are searching for.

As further prove of his intellect doflamingo lets everyone know that ace’s fruit is going to be at the Colosseum. That way he knows luffy will here it. Which brings up the question is Law playing doflamingo or is doflamingo playing law?

Doflamingo did not get a chance to tell luffy about the devil fruit since law interrupted them. But now one of doflamingos subordinate let him know. I would have bet any amount of money that luffy would not have cared about that an went to destroy the factory. But by the expression he showed it looks like luffy might just go over to the Colosseum.

If he does go doflamingo left some of his most strongest men their. A couple of things caught my attention in the last page. The first is the reigning champion he could be the strongest out of all of doflamingos men going by the cheers of the fans. (fun fact: Diamante= diamond in spanish) i guess there was nothing fun about that fact.

The second thing that caught my eye was that old guy on the left he looks similar to the old geezer at the beginning. It might be the same person but ill go out on a limb and say he is someone different.

Side note: For those of you in the united states toonami will be giving one piece pretty soon i do not know the date but when i find out i will let you know.

Well this is the end of the breakdown see you in the comments.

~ by simplyantony on March 20, 2013.

8 Responses to “One piece Breakdown chapter 702 and then some.”

  1. I can’t wait to see this battle royale. Luffy is playing right into Dolfamlingo’s hands, but Luffy don’t care. He’s going to want to take that fruit and destroy it. I bit Dolfamingo is going to want to beat Luffy, so he is going to make himself the final boss or something.

    It seems like the old man does know of Luffy though.

  2. Great breakdown too. Keep it up man. Finally a post on One Piece. I do like that it’s not hectic right now. Like the calm before the storms

  3. may one of the straw hat crew will eat the mera mera fruit . fire power for zoro or sanji maybe .

  4. Good breakdown SimplyAntony you noticed some interesting things, indeed if he was an admiral he should have been recognized. Same might go for a warlord depending on how long he would have been in service.

    As for the Diamante guy, I suppose their names represent the cards (hearts, spades, diamond, clubs) where the seat of hearts was reserved for Law, untill he betrade Donflamingo of course.

    Hmm, it seems only likely to me that the old man in the colloseum is the old man from the bar, he has the same hair, scars and coat.

    @sunil Shrestha i doubt one of the Strawhats will eat the mera mera fruit, it would break the monster trio balance.
    besides that, Sanji said he wouldn’t want any other fruit then the invisible fruit. And since Zoro is a swordsman i doubt he would take a fruit.

    Lets hope this will attract more people to read and comment on the One Piece section! One piece has so much more possibilities for debate then any of the other mangas at the moment.

  5. I think Black Beard is going to get into the mix some how and take that fruit. But I don’t think he knows of what’s taking place in Dressrosa. I think he is the new Yonko they’re talking about

  6. @the laughingwiseman I was thinking the same thing about Blackbeard coming since aces fruit is one of the most powerful once out their…for all we know the blind swordsman could be working for him also.

    @liveaid yeah ur right the reason why I consider him to be someone else was cause at the time I did not notice the x scar on his for head….as for aces fruit I can see sanji eating it the whole reason ace was so strong in the first half was vecause no one could touch him sanji did get stronger but is he really at luffy and zoros llevel who train with Rayleigh and mihawk
    Out of all the straw hats I would rather Nami eat the fruit

  7. How come it’s starting to seem like Sanji is going to get the Mera Mera fruit? That would be a badass combination. Fire Legs Sanji

  8. @wiseman hopefully lol

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