Fairy Tail 323 Breakdown. The Future Casts A Shadow Into The Present…

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!

As the Grand Magic Games end, so do old rivalries... And new friendships begin.

As the Grand Magic Games end, so do old rivalries… And new friendships begin.

So, after last week’s Grand Magic Finale, we were all expecting a mellow chapter, right?
Well, NO, Mashima surprises us again with shocking PLOT TWISTS. Actually, most of it was and because of that this breakdown will be short and sweet… But I hope you’ll like it anyway.

Starting off, I’d like to point out everyone’s reactions to Fairy Tail’s victory: unanimous happiness. Even those like Kagura, Rogue and Sting who held some hatred towards them are now content with how things are. They’ve all changed for the better and it’s really heartwarming.

As Fairy Tail’s fighter team celebrates, the rescue team is having trouble against the Royal Guards and the Garou Knights. Just as they are losing, a shadow appears and swallows their enemies… So mysterious!

Moving on, right in front of the castle, Fiore’s soldiers have gathered and are getting ready to open the Eclipse Gates. Arcadios finally finds the princess and she brings him up to date on what’s going to happen… and he suddenly asks her to kill him for doubting her.

Woah, Arcadios, isn't that a bit extreme?!

Woah, Arcadios, isn’t that a bit extreme?!

He tells the princess that Future Lucy doesn’t know anything about Eclipse 2 and she had no reason to lie. Hisui, confused, reveals that the person who told her the second use of the Eclipse Gates… was a man.

Just as she says this, Jellal realizes that the person he chased on the evening of July 3rd and Future Lucy (who arrived at midnight) are two different people. They both felt like Zeref because they had just used Eclipse, a black magic spell, to travel back in time, so evil power was still lingering on them. That means there’s a second time traveler!

The chapter ends as the man-eating shadow gathers, no longer hiding its true form… Future Rogue. DUN DUN DUN.



This is an amazing plot twist. I am really shocked. I don’t think anyone saw that coming! It isn’t absurd, though… It explains the identity of the person Jellal was chasing before being stopped by Doranbolt. Their hair looked nothing like Lucy’s, so they had to be someone else. Also, the shadow possessing Rogue makes sense now. It’s him from the future, so I believe it was trying to make itself stronger.

Still, we know nothing of Future Rogue’s motives. It looks like he’s a bad guy, but he could actually be good… After all, he told the princess to use Eclipse to save the country from the dragons’ attack, right?

So, what do you think of this plot twist?

Anyhow, the only way to find out the truth is to wait for Fairy Tail 324. ^^

That brings us to the end of this breakdown. I hope you enjoyed it despite its shortness! See you all next week!



– 最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on March 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Fairy Tail 323 Breakdown. The Future Casts A Shadow Into The Present…”

  1. It’s out really early! 😀

  2. Didn’t Jellal put that mark on his face to make himself the vessel for Zeref? Future Rogue has a similar mark on his face. The plot twist thing is getting confusing.

    Great breakdown man

  3. wow the latest chapter was insane. Both people came back in order to stop the dragons and yet Rogue believes Lucy did it… And now I’m really confused by the time travel. So does that mean Lucy shall die later in the manga because she’s dying now? or is this one of those, I created a parallel time line by going back so technically I’m from the future but a future that didn’t happen because I went back in time… So my timeline exists but I created a new one… so there’s a different future lucy. Essentially a parallel time line… It’s confusing… I always hated time travel paradoxes of just explanations.

    Anyways beyond the usual time travel confusion, we have compounded the idea that someone closed the eclipse before it could be used to defeat the dragons. Rogue seems to think Lucy did it ( unconciously? unknowingly? Naively?) So he has it out for her. Natsu in his usual way doesn’t give a rip and defends lucy. Yeah the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of Natsu. Does anyone else think that “well meaning” seems a bit over the top. Even I sometimes wonder at Natsu tendency to defuse tough situations by just picking fights… He’s dense.

    Or was Rogue mistaken and Lucy wasn’t the one who closed the Eclipse?

    Sorry I haven’t been writing many comments.

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