One piece chapter-701 Breakdown.

Aloha Gentleman and ladies, gals and guys this here is a brand new one piece breakdown. Before i start Breaking it down. I suppose you want to know who i am. Well to keep it simple just call me Antony or simplyAntony. I Been thinking whether to start my breakdown in this chapter or a few earlier i finally decided to make it about the latest chapter so that way i can continue my breakdowns weekly instead of trying to catch up.

One Piece 701 Page 5

Now that we got all the mushy stuff out the way lets start discussing the first chapter. At the beginning we see luffy trying to get on momonosuke in order to fly. While he refuses. I started thinking that maybe momonosuke  is a proud samurai warrior and refuses to fly. Then i read on and see him troll Sanji, Brooks and his old man by laying on Namis chest. That makes me think back of when he flew. The reason he flew was because of what i’m sure is now and Image of donflamingo. This is what i think, when the samurai’s landed of dressrosa they were met by donflamingo and a couple of his crew. seeing his power first had left momonosuke scarred. So when he remember the ordeal he wanted to escape. As a reaction or instinct to this he flew since he could not run away.

One Piece 701 Page 9

Moving on we see the strawhat’s split up into 3 groups. The sunny security team, the Caesar transfer team, and the factory destruction team. So far we know that at least 2 of the 3 teams have a vivre car that leads them to zou. This could be some foreshadowing by oda in letting us know that something bad will happen or i could be over thinking it. Now i think the teams are really interesting here i thought since it was going to be 3 teams that thee monster trio would be separated. But they are all in the same team. Not only that but they also have the most important part of the plan. This has a lot of significance to say the least. This is basically saying that law has absolute faith in Luffy, because unlike punk hazard were he did not have any choice in this case he does. I believe donflamingo will fight law at the bridge and luffy and the rest will fight his subordinates we seen the last chapter.

One Piece 701 Page 13

Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

As we move on we see that the strawhats have reach dressrosa. A city were the toys live and they take the term broken heart literally. The good news is their is beautiful women everywhere the bad news is if you cheat on them you get stab.(To cheat or not to cheat that is the question).Now the idea of life toys seem interesting. It brings up many questions. Like why are they alive? do they have hearts? Is donflamingo controlling them? Do they know how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? . Only Oda knows. This has the chance to be one of the best arcs since they reach the new world. Oda sure knows how to keep us interested. Also  It seems that luffy can not go anywhere with out being recognize so they ask their future strawhat member cough cough. To make a disguise for them.

This chapter ended in the best way possible. We get a chance to see one of the most gullible character in the serious. Now he could be either extremely trustworthy or seriously stupid. I for one thing this guy is just to trust worthy . A part of me wants to say this guy is the admiral the navy sent, However there are also a few possibilities. Another one is he can be one of the samurai or he can be one of doflamingos goons. Either way he is and interesting man. As for his power it can either be a gravity devil fruit or a strong for of kings deposition. Regardless this guy is not to be underestimated cause as stated by luffy he is strong.

Well that’s the end off this breakdown let me know what you think. I am also open to criticism. So please help me make this a great breakdown. Also if you guys have any theories or prediction please shared them and i will gladly put it on the breakdown the following week for us to discuss. So until then Au Revoir.

~ by simplyantony on March 14, 2013.

10 Responses to “One piece chapter-701 Breakdown.”

  1. Firstttt
    (I do not read OP, might as well start now, XD)
    Good to see new additions, though. GL anthony!

  2. thank you @simply
    Bout time with one piece.

  3. forgot 2nd, haha never one of the firsts

  4. I’m looking forward to ton’s of battles. And Hopefully Smoker gets a rematch with Dalflamingo! I always like how Luffy goes gong hoe and see’s the island and it’s inhabitants.

  5. @Nike I would recommended it is a great read at the beginning however it starts of slow but its all worth it in later chapters.

    @iamnotreallyhere I agree all his been doing is loosing ever since getting to the new wold I will not count the lost to vergo since he wastryingto get laws heart back but vs do flamingo he didnt even put up a fight

  6. I haven’t read the chapter. I’m just thankful that after all this time someone is willing to do one piece breakdowns. I was never a really devoted fan. I liked the Enies fight and the early fight with ole shark face but I haven’t really gotten excited about the new chapters.

    One Piece is a monster of a Manga. I gotta get back to reading it.

  7. Well, this looks like a good start for the One Piece section’s revival. Though I still haven’t caught up on One Piece yet, I do intend to, so one day I’ll be able to contribute to these comments and discussions properly.

    Thanks Simplyantony for your efforts.

  8. Awesomeness breakdown, never considered the blind guy could be the admiral they sent, though it does make sense.

    Great work simplyantony =P

  9. Yooooosh finally One Piece got resurrected!
    Kool first breakdown, I for one am still gonna say this guy is a Admiral, he seems like a guy that puts “justice” befor everything!
    I doubt he didn’t know he was beeing trolled by the guys when he was gambling. He just didn’t care much yet because he was waiting for the main event (the strawhat crew/Law) to arrive!

    As for his fruit, The gravity fruit is allready possessed by Shiki so thats unlikely, the Kilo Kilo fruit is also allready out there.
    Also seems very unlikely that this is his Haoshoku Haki (kings disposition) as even Shanks/WB/Rayleigh are unable to do this and they are supposed to have the strongest haki. I think it was even stated somewhere that Shanks had the strongest Haki of all people. I can’t really think of what it could be then but maybe we will find out soon.

    @Tenrai How long can it take for you to catch up to one piece? Haven’t you been reading it since Supertrek did these breakdowns?

    Allright new chappy out back to reading!

  10. Not very much to discuss this week, hmm the old man remains a mystery thats good i suppose. I just hope Zoro/sanji won’t be off for some kind of lame weak mission to retrieve his sword for multiple chapters.

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