Fairy Tail Chapter 322 Breakdown! Glorious Victory.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!


Woah, Mashima, a 35-page chapter with color pages?! That’s awesome… But, unfortunately, the chapter wasn’t that great. The Grand Magic Games end with Fairy Tail’s victory, something no one would have expected, right?
Despite the outcome being predictable, I liked the tension… But I’ll talk about that more in detail later.

For now, let’s start from the beginning of the chapter.

Gray and Juvia decide to attack their opponents with everything they’ve got, gathering their strength while holding each other’s hand. Chelia is mesmerized by how romantic it is and doesn’t react, leaving both her and Lyon wide open to their opponents’ combined Ice Make: Ice Geyser and Water Nebula attack. Thus, Lamia Scale has been defeated and is knocked out of the Games.

This looks familiar...

This looks familiar…

Juvia and Gray’s combo attack is extremely similar to Lucy and Juvia’s Unison Raid back during the Tower of Heaven arc, but it isn’t Unison Raid because their magics didn’t fuse together. Still, it was strong enough to defeat Lyon and Chelia.

On that note, even though I always complain about Fairy Tail’s plot armor and constant victories, I think this fight would have been disappointing if Lyon and Chelia had won. It would have undermined Gray and Juvia’s bonds and their teamwork, so I’m happy they won because it strengthens their relationship.

Moving on, Erza’s fight also comes to an end. After donning Nakagami’s Armor, she can bend the rules of magic to her whim, defeating Minerva in one hit.

Just how overpowered is that armor?!

Just how overpowered is that armor?!

I think Erza’s forced victory is the epitome of plotkai. It literally came from nowhere, because her new armor hasn’t ever been mentioned before and it is just WAY too powerful. Her victory really felt contrived, in my opinion.

Still, it’s good to see Minerva get what she deserves… But Mashima is really a pervert for giving us fanservice in that moment. X__X

From this point on, the chapter takes a darker turn. The crowd rejoices after seeing Fairy Tail dominating the tournament, but then they notice that they might actually lose. Sting is at full power and he could easily take them out if he wanted to. He shoots a flare into the sky, announcing his position to the Fairy Tail mages and his intention to take them all on at once.

The suspense is palpable when they arrive, beaten, bruised and clearly unable to fight. Sting proclaims that crushing all of them will prove his worth to Lector and activates his White Drive. Shockingly, Fairy Tail isn’t afraid, but stands proudly, ready to accept whatever is going to happen.

This is so epic that I can't even put it into words.

This is so epic that I can’t even put it into words.

As the crowd watches in disbelief, Sting breaks down, admitting that he can’t bring himself to defeat them like this… So he forfeits.

The arena explodes with excitement and fireworks as the Grand Magic Games are over, but a much more poignant scene occurs on the battlefield.
Erza asks Sting why he surrendered and the reason is obvious. If he had won in such a dirty and underhanded manner, he would have seen Lector again, but he wouldn’t have been worthy to be his friend. Now that he has lost, he thinks that Minerva won’t give him back, but Erza reveals that he’s free.
As Sting sees Lector in Millianna’s arms, he stumbles towards him and they share a tearful and heartfelt reunion. The Fairy Tail mages smile as they embrace, but Mavis’s expression quickly becomes serious as she notices something sinister.

At the Castle, Arcadios has reached the throne room, but the princess is no longer there. Revealing that the “unbelievable outcome” has come true, she has donned armor for battle and is ready to open the Eclipse Gates.

This arc has reached the climax... What will happen now?

This arc has reached its climax… What will happen now?

So, the Grand Magic Games are finally over! Despite the outcome being extremely predictable, I really liked the way this chapter was executed. When Sting confronted Fairy Tail, it felt really tense, like anything could happen. I didn’t like it when he broke down, but when he embraced Lector, I understood why he did it and it was a really touching scene.

What did you think of the Grand Magic Games?

Well, I guess that’s it for me! Judging from the title of next week’s chapter, “Shadow” will probably come back and we will find out who or what it is. I’ll see you then!

Fairy Tail

– 最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on March 11, 2013.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail Chapter 322 Breakdown! Glorious Victory.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. I saw 3 out of 4 battles that showed Mishima just wanted to get this thing over with. If he doesn’t want to put in the work to show battles and give great explanations for those battles, he should have done a Kishi and go Kakashi rampage and not even show them and just showed what was happening in the castle.

    Erza’s armor that can bend magic to her whim? Lame. Even then, Minerva’s magic wasn’t clearly explained either. It was like an enigmatic battle, you didn’t really know what was going on.

    The other fight was the Juvia and Gray fight. I girl gets mesmerized by romance? That’s a little sexist really. And I was kinda mad about that. That is not doing well for the female characters. Chelia just stares in aww after a lengthy battle with them.

    The final one where Sting was dawning his new form, he just broke down and caved to a stare down? I really wanted to see him wreek havok on this group. That would have been surprising. But no, we get Fairy Tale winning.

    You got one thing right though, this event is finally over. Now we can get to someone powning these guys for once. Zeref style

  3. Also, great breakdown. Keep up the good work

  4. awesome breakdown
    @wiseman please don’t ever say that Mashima-sensei is a sexist, again. That’s Kubo and Kishi. Chelia like her cousin is obsessed with love .

  5. @wiseman

    I also felt that these fights were rushed, as if Mashima only cared about finishing them quickly. He should have taken his time because these fights could have been much, MUCH better.

    Erza’s armor is literally Plot Armor. It lets her bend the laws of magic to her whim. Talk about Mary Sues!! She’s God.

    Chelia getting distracted by romance wasn’t out of character, since she’s known to be obsessed with romance, so I don’t think that was sexist. But if the same thing had happened with any other girl, I would have been really irritated because it would feel like sexist plot-induced stupidity.

    I actually liked Sting giving up. It proved that Fairy Tail’s willpower and bonds are what make them strong and they won because they never gave up and they deserved it. ^^

    I still want them to lose a battle before the end of this arc, though… Being overpowered would be really boring. I’m counting on you, Zeref. @__@

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