Naruto 622: The Other Side

Iamnotreally here not really breaking down this weeks chapter of Naruto because apparently Tenrai accidentally ate his internetz and has to wait for it to return… ¬¬.

Anyways normally I would be tempted to parody the title for this breakdown but this chapter I feel warrants a bit of seriousness in it’s breakdown. The over all tone of this chapter really gives you an idea of just how messed up the shinobi world was before Harashima came along and brought some light into the mix. Makes you wonder though just how much of that was also Madara’s and Tobirama’s as well.

We start the chapter right where the last one left off with a young Harashima and a young Madara still at the creek where Harashima continues to gloat about Madara’s lack of stone skipping skills. Harashima notices here by  Madara’s stone skipping technique that he had been trained with a shuriken, possibly a call back to Zetsu’s remarks during the Sasuke/Itachi throwdown about how an expert with a stone could defeat a novice with a shuriken.


Let’s Hope he’s better with a Shuriken… >>

After more Sassing from Harashima, Madara notices a corpse floating down the creek. Though we’re not given any idea how far they are from the combat I would say they’re still a fair ways away or they probably would have noticed the sounds of combat first. This unlucky fodder ninja is from the Hagoromo clan, though nothing more is offered about him or his clan. At this point Harshima mentions that they should both leave, and it’s just now that Madara even seems to realize that Harashima is a shinobi. In any case Madara tells Harashima his name, but not his surname as per some unwritten rule, and they both go their separate ways.


Going home Harashima finds his younger brother has been killed in battle though he doesn’t seem to find much sympathy from his father on the matter. I can see in Harashima’s as yet unnamed father exactly where Tobirama got his attitude problems from though. The guy doesn’t seem to have any patience for those who would question him, even if the questions make sense and his answers don’t. This seems to highlight exactly how messed up the shinobi world was before the time of the villages though and that seems to be the crux of this chapter.


Let’s keep in mind though that while this may not be the most outwardly affectionate relationship we have been given glimpses into how some of the other clans treated their children. Specifically how Kimimaro’s clan treated him, basically caging him like an animal till he was needed to fight. Not that this really makes what the Senju were doing any better but they could definitely be worse. After Senju’s Dad of the year exits stage left we get a scene where Harashima is talking to his brothers (Tobirama and an Itama the youngest Senju sibling)  start talking. It’s during this conversation that some of the first seeds of Konoha are planted I feel, as the kids are obviously far wiser than the adults around here.


Of course the Senju aren’t the only dicks in this world as it somehow takes five Uchiha to kill an obviously helpless child. This only leads us though to the next scene where Madara finds Harashima at the creek once again. As how they’ve both lost brothers to the war and the futility of it all we see yet another seed being planted. This makes me wonder just how much of the Hidden leaf was the work of Madara himself. How much effort did he put into the village? it’s obvious he had more than a little invested in it, but how much is yet to be revealed. It also makes me wonder just what it took for Madara to betray the village. Harashima’s story is by far a deviation from Obito’s where Madara was portrayed as having no interest in an alliance and that it was his clan that pushed him into joining the Senju in forming the Hidden Leaf. Though at this point both versions could still be valid depending on how the story progresses.

This Chapter ends on a symbolic note as Madara finally gets his skipping stone across the creek, what this symbolizes I feel is that both Harashima and Madara have finally come to the same point , though what that point is I shall leave for you readers to Debate.


Future friends, future enemies. What brings then together? What drives them apart? Only Kishi knows at this point.

Normally this is where I would place a new Bubble contest but I felt this chapter was a it to heavy for such a thing. Instead I propose a debate!! The debate is this: How does Harashima achieve the title head of the Senju clan? Does he wait and inherit it from his father? or does he rise up and oppose the establishment in an attempt to bring peace to his clan? or some other wild theory? Leave your thoughts in the comments as always.


~ by iamnotreallyhere on March 5, 2013.

22 Responses to “Naruto 622: The Other Side”

  1. Shameless first!
    Thx Ianrh XD

  2. I’m guessing it’s two things. One is Hashirama’s sheer power. He was probably one of the most powerful ninja. Two, was probably because he was seen as a peace keeper, since he was responsible somehow for ‘uniting’ the clans and creating peace in more than a few ways. Yeah, it was power and because he used that power for the good of all people. People probably respected the hell out of that.

  3. Third, phew. I think Madara and Harishima clearly had the same vision of a village together, but Madara saw it as an alliance to wipe others out and bring peace through force, where Harishima wanted to help other villages and spread the wealth and power. After Madara already sold the clan on the agreement, the power struggle and disagreement on where the village goes from there made Madara change his mind, but the clan was already convinced. Maybe he lost his final brother near that time as well.

  4. I think it was more of Hash rising to the top. I think the only reason Madara leaves is because he was power hungry. He didn’t want to live in the shadow of Hashirama. How else would he have gotten Izuna’s eyes? He had to have been given to him or he took them. I think Izuna was still alive some time after his eyes were taken and died in battle.

    What I’m getting at is that Madara sowed his own seeds of destruction. He got Izuna’s eyes some how, and he had an inferiority complex towards Hashirama. Those are facts. He must have turned evil for some selfish reason.

  5. @ Absent Hashirama* I know I’m picky but it’s in the comic panels you posted 😛

    Great breakdown.. It’s hard to know. It amazes me how messed up the world was before the Senju and Uchiha united. they were the two great driving forces of conflict. So in some ways the restraint brought upon the Ninja world was alot greater when they united. It didn’t stop the cycle of hate but it did seems to slowed it a bit. “World wars” were less common. That is large Ninja wars between multiple clans happened less and more “local” skirmishes between clans.

    I think Hashirama ended up with the position of Hokage at an early age because of his father’s death… Obviously Ninja didn’t live long. I think Madara and Hashirama worked toward peace.

    Still It amazes me that Madara and Hashirama were friends and it’ll be interesting to see at what crossroads Madara and Hashirama’s paths diverged.

    also does Itama look a bit like Zetsu? anyone else think so?

  6. It’s out!!!

  7. The latest chapter was really cool, a lot of the hidden leaf’s foundations were discussed in this chapter and it seems Madara’s only concern was to keep a protective eye over his younger brother.

    I think we can start debating what’s gonna happen, only after the next chapter, witch is gonna be in 2 weeks sadly. Hashirama’s father with Tobirama will have a tag team match with Madara’s father and little brother.

    I’m guessing all six are gonna take part in this fight, maybe Madara and Hashirama will manage to break it up somehow but the reactions of the fight will open both there eyes to the fact that they are still to young to take charge of there clans and Hashirama the story teller will probably skip to later years where both he and Madara are adults and leaders of there brethren.
    At this point they will finally be able to form the Leaf but to much would have happened in between the time they decided to form an alliance and the time the could actually do it.

    And so there mind wold probably be changed by now, Madara seeking to bring the Uchiha to the top of the food chain, and Hashirama would undoubtedly fall no less then that.

    The Leaf will form, but this time by the agreement of both clans, but the turmoil will burn in the Uchiha, as mentioned by Tobirama, probably at the time of Izuna’s death.
    This IMO is going to be the catalyst that’s going to change Madara and drive him towards other goals.

    IANRH great breakdown, it was really enjoyable but as I said, there’s just not much we can piece together at this time to form a solid prediction of the future.

  8. I’ve always suspected that Madara blamed the leaf for the death of his brother because it became a necessity to gain power to fight against the leaf.

    It might be a similar situation, but I think the confrontation between Madara and Hashirama recently, was pin-pointing about the time when Izuna died, because Madara ‘changed’ (a.k.a. got his perfect MS). So here’s what I think happened:

    Madara and Hashirama ended up with a treaty and some peace between the clans. I can see the death of Izuna happening one of two ways. Either the Uchiha clan decided to kill Izuna to ‘stimulate’ Madara’s MS – or the Senju clan kills Izuna because some people (Danzo types) don’t settle with the idea of peaceful relations. Perhaps someone in the Senju clan kills Izuna because they see it as the best way to create animosity between the clans. Either way, Madara goes nuts because of a thirst for vengeance.

    I think the big problem here is simple. The Uchiha can be affected too much mentally by their opponents.

    This is why I bring up the purpose of the Sharingan. Similar to distributing the biju across the land so that no one would dare use that power against each other in fear that it would start another war, the Sharingan should be seen as the same thing.

    The Sharingan is a method of retaliation in the face of people who perpetuate war and suffering. Sharingan always grows out of suffering and war.

    I don’t think it is just that Rin died – it is that she didn’t have to die, and there were people responsible for her death.

    I don’t think it is just that Izuna died either – it is that he didn’t have to die and he would have led a happy life, if not for the warring between clans.

    I’d say the same things for Sasuke. He didn’t really have a super huge amount of growth unless he was stimulated by a need to take revenge. It’s not just the death and suffering of others – it is also the added aspect of revenge – the concept that suffering was put upon the Sharingan user.

    It goes along with all the themes of the story. I know some people have said Sharingan is more of a systemic anomaly that is only a product of a change in chakra – but I really think it is possible that it came from somewhere or that it was designed. And I think it was basically designed to make sure the Uchiha could destroy people who create suffering.

  9. @ Bret, good point all around, but I think Izuna wasn’t a victim of the Uchiha nor the Senju. If the Senju were to blame then the whole Uchiha clad would have started a war with the Senju again, and if the Uchiha did it Madara would have destroyed the clan, because let’s face it by what we saw Madara do against Hashirama, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge to kill everyone in the Uchia clan: ( this going by the presumption that Izuna died after the union of the Senju and Uchiha, info we have from Itachi and confirmed by Obito later on).

    So what I think happened is that Izuna fell in a random battle against another clan but Madara’s loss was the same either way so the effect of Izuna’s death was so much more amplified now due to the fact that he gained and mastered the sharingan all the way to the Mangekyo just by watching his brothers die and loved ones falling in battle, at this point the eyes could only go to the EMS but without a transplant that was impossible and the Rinnegan was still a long ways away.

    So the dude found himself with the little light he had left in his eyes closing away and probably a wounded and dying brother next to him, and in that moment Izuna offered his eyes to his brother to be able to lead on there people.
    Now I for one am very curious if Madara actually took his brother’s eyes or if Izuna gave them willingly as a farewell gift.

    I think, by what Hashirama said, that Izuna gave up his eyes of his own accord, now I guess we’ll see if that’s the case or not

  10. Also, dose anyone find it strange both Hashirama’s dad and Madara’s father knew each other and the same with Tobirama and Izuna.
    But Madara and Hashirama had no clue about one another. Sure they could have guessed but still…

  11. Why do I get the feeling that the brothers from the Uchiha and Konoha planned this chance meeting of their fathers? I think they are both going to kill each other and the Brothers will work on building the future.

  12. I noticed in the mangastream translation that apparently Hashirama has close to no fashion sense (sort of.) I guess that means that Naruto likely wears what he wears because he thinks it’s cool and, probably, comfortable.

  13. @ Bret. I know Tobi explained it, therefore it could be incorrect….but didn’t he say Izuna gave Madara his eyes? Other scenario is that he stole them. Either way, this was to activate EMS, which is, thus far and by what we have been told, done AFTER you activate MS. Plus it was said both Madara and Izuna activated them together.

    I think everybody walks away from this fight, due to Harashima and Madara stopping it with some of the great jutsu they have both been working on. And Izuna eventually will get mortally wounded or sick and offer his eyes to Madara, who will then seek venance for his death. Maybe the way the village was going(Harashima wants peace and equality of power, Madara almighty unequaled powere) to maintain peace somehow led to Izunas death.

    Side note, if Madara is already a prodigy capable of taking on adults, Harishima should be the same(from their skills being on par with eachother)….Just a little thought to back up why I think together theyll be able to stop this fight without casualties.

  14. Wise, that may be the case. But I doubt. It seeing hashirama and madara’s reactions from there stone messages.

    Maybe it was tobirama and izuna’s plot seeing as the two already knew each other and all the shinobi kids would agree to a truce of some sort seeing they were affected the most in the war and lost a lot of there brothers and friends.

    A lot of people already said it but, damn, was it hard to live in those days. Kids were forced to grow up quick in that period and to think both madara and hashirama were as strong as they were at 10ish years old it’s a testament of how much and how fast they matured both in power and mind in order to stay alive and outgrow there seniors.

  15. @Eugen

    You say mature in both power and mind, but in my opinion, you can’t take the child out of a child, no matter what circumstances they are forced to grow up in. There are some forms of emotional development and growth that only happen with time so even though a child may act very much like an adult outwardly in the face of those circumstances, deep down they are still just children.

    This can be seen with Hashirama’s emotional reaction to his brothers’ deaths and his lashing out against his father (typical child-like rebellion). It can also be seen in how Itami cried out of fear before his death. Yes, shinobi they may be, but you can’t eliminate the essence of what they really are.

    Still, if you ask me, it’s because of that almost child-like innocence that the likes of Hashirama and Madara were capable of having dreams of things like peace and understanding between the ninja clans, something the war-hardened adults don’t even seem to want to consider, especially after years of death, fighting and loss. I also think that’s why Naruto’s generation right now is also the best hope that the current world has for attaining peace, because like Madara and Hashirama once were, they are still able to have dreams and now they have the power to turn those dreams into something substantial. It also plays back to how Gaara once asked the other Hokage if they had forgotten who they were, almost as if to reflect on how they had lost touch with those dreams and ideals they might have once had as young shinobi.

    I guess Gai was right about praising the power of youth. Lol.

  16. @ Ten, right you are, but unlike a child of konoha in the present times who has no worries of a brighter future and dreams of peace but instead they think of becoming the next Hokage or other role models, Madara and Hashirama on the other hand visioned a brighter future for everyone and not for there own selfish needs and drives.

    What I’m trying to say is, the present generation aren’t affected by times of war and hardship so it’s only natural they don’t have such high expectations and dreams for union and a more peaceful future.

    Madara and Hisirama may have been children at heart but there way of thinking was much more mature then it needed to be for them at that time.
    I guess that in times of demand one has to adapt in order to survive and to be able to make a change for the better.

  17. more flashbacks… NOOOOOOO lol

  18. I have been reading breakdowns for a couple years but I do not comment often and I just wanted to let you guys know that what you do is greatly appreciated. You possess a tremendous gift with your ability to write and display your own ideas about each chapter of the manga. Keep up the good work.

  19. Just so everyone knows, there will be no Naruto manga this week. My breakdown will also likely be out tomorrow as well. It was going to be today but other work got in the way.

    In the meantime, I also thought of using the break to do another “Awesome New Manga” post, and though I had an idea in mind about a great new manga I recently discovered (and one I feel will eventually reach a level of the current big three), I’d also like to give everyone else an opportunity to introduce other new manga they love as well. If anyone wants to maybe even write an “awesome new manga” post themselves – based on a manga they love and want to share with everyone else – they’re more than welcome to.

    For those who want to see what kind of post it is, read my last one here…

  20. P.S. @ Ralph

    Welcome to WRA. I hope you enjoy your stay and hopefully we’ll see you on more often. ^ ^

  21. Great break down I am not really here….I’m finally back I hate midterms week -___-…I’m not going to lie my mind can not fathom how mandara went done that path I can not see hashirama killing his brother I’m curious to see what kishi comes up with….also I can’t wait to check out the new manga ur talking about….also depending on what manga u write about im interested in doing a post like around Saturday when I’m done with all this exams

  22. I like the new manga Onepunch-Man, it’s funny and has some great art and action even tho killing me with just the art right now with no movement forward plot or comedy wise. Pulling a Kubo haha

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