Fairy Tail 321 Breakdown. The Power of Youth!

Welcome to your weekly breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

Just look at Jura's rapeface. D:

Just look at Jura’s rapeface. D:

This week’s chapter starts off immediately after last week’s final page. Laxus punches Jura, who quickly retaliates by raising earth pillars from the ground. Their fight continues and the crowd, especially Makarov, is shocked by the Lightning Dragon’s true power. Mavis says that today’s youth will continue to grow stronger, leading the world into the next era!

As if on cue, Laxus uses a powerful attack that leaves Jura almost speechless, but eager to continue their battle. He then thinks about what Natsu would say in this situation and steals his trademark catchphrase: “I’m getting fired up!”.
This shows that Laxus has really changed and he’s not the arrogant prick he used to be in the Fighting Festival arc. He has developed as a character and as a person, which makes him much more sympathetic.

The scene moves to Erza and Minerva’s fight, with the Scarlet Knight proclaiming her intention to win no matter what.

Minerva is going to regret pissing Erza off...

Someone is going to regret pissing Erza off…

Minerva’s magic is finally explained, even though I wasn’t the least bit satisfied. Mashima used to develop the forms of magic the heroes and their foes used and it made everything more interesting.

Just think of Ultear, Cobra, Kain Hikaru, Meredy… Their magic didn’t get a one page explanation. It was explained during their fights and I really liked that. That’s why I think Mashima’s getting lazy because he could have developed War God Magic more, instead of simply saying Minerva can manipulate anything in her field of vision, even changing the properties of the space she’s manipulating. Maybe he didn’t do that because there are so many fights going on, but he should’ve slowed down and focused on one, with a quick look at another one instead of what he did in this week’s chapter. It was too hectic, in my opinion.

Anyway, despite her opponent’s magic, Erza counterattacks and releases Second Origin, revealing an awesome new armor.



Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this armor’s name translate to Heavenly God’s Armor? That means that Erza wields the power of the gods now… That is so epic.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see what happens because the next page shows how Gray and Juvia’s fight is going. They’re badly beaten, so Lyon and Chelia decide to deliver the finishing blow, but the Fairy Tail mages are determined to win using their combined magic.

I think they should lose. Gray isn’t at full power because of his fight with Rufus, so Lyon is stronger than him. Also, Fairy Tail winning every battle would be really cheap, so it would be better if they lost one and would have to struggle to win the Grand Magic Games.

Moving on, the chapter ends with Laxus using Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art and defeating Jura.

Yeah, I really didn't expect this. *sarcasm*

Yeah, I really didn’t expect this. *sarcasm*

Oh no, Fairy Tail has won again! It’s getting old. They’re winning the tournament and they still have five members left! I hope something shocking will happen, like Sting finishing off the weakened members of Fairy Tail because them winning like this would be really boring.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week! See you next time!!


What the heck is happening here? Is that Lector?! O__o

– 最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on March 4, 2013.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 321 Breakdown. The Power of Youth!”

  1. Worst chapter of Fairy Tail

  2. @Donovan: I also didn’t like all the plotkai involving Erza and Laxus. It was disappointing.

  3. @Dragon Well how many times do the heroes lose in a Shonen manga?

    You also have to consider the prediction made by future Lucy, an impossible outcome would be one that might rankle some peoples nerves. In fact it would almost have to in order for it to be truly impossible.

    Besides that Mashima has clearly hinted that things are going to go bad in a big way after the tournament so I guess you’ll get your fill of Fairy Tail Falling then.

  4. So what is the secret art dragon slayer magic Lexus is using?

    Also, What is second Origin? What is first origin?

    I’d like to know if you guys would be so kindly as to answer those questions

  5. Since no one else said it, FIRST!

  6. @ wiseman
    about laxus i myself don’t know what is the secret, but my prediction is that the attack is the ultimate dragon attack that is roaring of any.

    the first origin is place of magic that any wizards can access. to put simple what is second origin, that is another jug to put your magic.

    @ dragon
    i know it’s looks cheap to make gray and juvia won over lyon and chelia, but if they can do unison. They had chances to winning the battles. Unison is far superior than just series of attack of two or more wizards.

  7. I think Mashima just rushed the battles too much, he didn’t make it feel like a hard fought win for Laxus against Jura (who for heaven sakes is one of the “saints” or whatever). Also even though I want Laxus to win and I have no trouble with Fairy Tail’s predictable come back, at least try to make it seem a bit of a tougher fight and not some uppercut last minute knock out… give the reader some sense of emotional doubt in the face of the predictable outcome. I would’ve liked it if Jura got up from Laxus’ dragon roar and revealed a card he was holding back too… Erza better only squeak in a win… I just think the way Mashima is doing the battles is awful. However I’ve seen worse…

  8. @wiseman

    The Secret Dragon Slayer Art he’s using is called Roaring Thunder. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/66577964/21

    Second Origin is a second source of magic inside everyone’s body, but it is closed off for most people. Ultear’s Arc of Time magic can open it, but it causes that person excruciating pain. Unlocking it gives you a massive boost in power. 🙂

    By the way, it looks like Erza’s new armor is actually called Nakagami Armor! http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Nakagami_Armor
    Since Nakagami is the god of fortune, what abilities could this armor possibly have? @__@

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