Fairy Tail 320 Breakdown!! Clash of Earth and Lightning.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!

This week’s chapter was pretty good. It gave us a few tidbits of information on the fights that are still going on in the Grand Magic Games and it developed one in particular: Laxus vs Jura vs Orga.

So… let’s start from Erza, shall we?

What a coward.

Wait… Do you intend to kill her?!

Minerva is such a coward. She’s throwing Erza around like a rag doll, acting all high and mighty… but she’s able to do that only because she kidnapped Millianna and forced her opponents to fight each other. If Erza was at full power, she wouldn’t be so cocky!

Another thing that worries me is what she said about “the public bearing witness to Titania’s last breaths”. Does that mean that she wants to kill Erza? Considering that she almost murdered Lucy, that doesn’t sound so far-fetched.
Even if she doesn’t want to kill her, I have no idea how Erza will manage to get out of this dangerous situation and it really looks like she’ll lose this time. That would actually be a welcome change to her undefeated status, in my opinion. I don’t want her to become a Mary Sue… X___X

Moving on, Gray and Juvia are fighting against Lyon and Chelia, with the latter team having the upper hand. It makes sense, considering that seven years have passed and Lyon must have gotten extremely strong! Still, Gray and Juvia are working in unison, so they might win thanks to their teamwork.

That brings us to the most epic fight in this week’s chapter. It starts off really shockingly, with Jura one-shotting Orga.

Epic fail.

Epic fail.

Orga looked so strong but he actually isn’t, huh? Or maybe Jura is just too badass?
Still, I was disappointed. Mashima introduced this really strong character, a God Slayer who can fight on par with Laxus, and he was defeated before he got to show off his abilities. What a waste.

So, it turns out that in the past seven years Jura has risen from the weakest member of the Ten Wizard Saints to the fifth strongest. The other four are way more powerful than him and it appears that they might not even be human.

Stronger than Jura?! O___O

So they’re from Fullmetal Alchemist?!

This is an extremely interesting panel. It’s foreshadowing the arrival of these four “deities”… Who might somehow be involved with the Eclipse, even though it’s very unlikely. They will probably appear in another arc, which means that Fairy Tail won’t end with the Grand Magic Games, something many fans are afraid of because of the scene where a badly scarred Levy wrote a letter to Lucy sometime in the future, hinting that she and many others had died.
Do you think Fairy Tail will end with this arc?

The fact that Levy’s the narrator instead of Lucy is also really frightening. What tragedy could have happened to separate them all?

Anyway, I’m glad that Mashima foreshadowed a future arc with the strongest Wizard Saints because it means Fairy Tail won’t end and we have nothing to worry about.

Moving on, Laxus and Jura talk about how excited they are about this fight and the Lighting Dragon attacks his opponent, who strikes him down immediately. The crowd is shocked and Jura comments on his victory, only for Laxus to punch him in the face, telling him to stop being so cocky.



Looks like Laxus is stronger and more durable than Orga, managing to get up after that devastating blow. I don’t think he damaged Jura much, though. How will he manage to defeat the Wizard Saint if one hit almost knocked him out?
I really don’t know how he’ll win, but he almost certainly will because he’s probably the Leader of his team and if he loses, Fairy Tail loses.

Well, that brings us to the end of the breakdown. I hope you enjoyed it! See you next week!!


“At this very moment, you’re not some geezer with a pretentious title and I’m not anyone’s grandson. We’re just two gladiators.”

Laxus and his epic speeches. @___@

– 最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on February 25, 2013.

9 Responses to “Fairy Tail 320 Breakdown!! Clash of Earth and Lightning.”

  1. It’s out!

  2. doesn’t the man to the far right of the “4 Divine ones” look familiar to you? http://www.mangapanda.com/fairy-tail/319/19

    It looks the white Knight armor Arcadios put on. I think he is one of the 4. I mean look how he was able to go into lava and left a pretty heavy stone. It wouldn’t be a surprise seeing as the castle houses the Door to the Eclipse plan. It’d be very important for one to stand on guard and watch over it.

    The Erza fight, I think she is just trying to figure out Minerva’s powers. She doesn’t look like she is being beaten up pretty bad anyways. She is going to figure out the timing or weakness of the attack and exploit it.

    Juura and Lexus look like they are going to draw. Or basically something is going to interrupt as they are deep in battle (maybe the Dragons?)

    I don’t really care about the Grey and other guy fight. I’m more interested in Juura vs Lexus like you are.

    Great Breakdown man

  3. i follow this manga for a long time now.. and in my opinion its a very weak manga.. even bleach its better…

    Mashima had the oportunity of making something diferent with the time skip.. but no..everything the same.. no surprise at all

  4. @wiseman

    Yeah, I also noticed that Wizard Saint’s resemblance to Arcadios wearing his White Lily armor, but I don’t think they are the same person. The “Four Divine Ones” are from Ishval, a different country from Fiore, so it’s highly unlikely that Arcadios is a Wizard Saint. And if he was, why wasn’t he able to defeat the executioners? It would be easy for a wizard stronger than Jura. ^^

    Anyway, Erza trying to figure out Minerva is a good theory! I like battles where strategy is important and power doesn’t decide the winner. Hopefully Erza will make a comeback and make Minerva pay for everything she’s done.

    @Diogo Pais: I don’t agree. Ever since the time skip, Fairy Tail has gotten better and better: its story is much stronger, thanks to the Apocalypse scenario and the Eclipse Gate and there have been many shocking plot twists. This arc is one of the best Fairy Tail arcs, in my opinion.

  5. @Dragon

    Maybe it’s the armor itself that gives him his power. For all we know, he might be another visitor from Ellodas, which means he can’t use magic on his own but rather has to use items imbued with magical power (think Mystogun).

  6. Nice Breakdown Dragon 😀

    Though in a weird sense I don’t want Erza to win or loose… I know this is a bit of a cop out but although, I hate Minarva this reborn trend of “Friendship” wins us everything is beginning to overpower the story. Gajeel’s power-up should be the last. I enjoyed this manga the most when I began to see Fairy Tail loosing and coming back up as a force slowly, though I know it cannot continue with just FT loosing but it shouldn’t be the same old story. A friendship speech and a near death victory… Luxus seems to be heading in that direction and Erza and Grey at the moment. I would like to see either a halt in the games or a good balance between victories and losses to keep the manga interesting and vibrant.

    @ Diogo Pais – I do see your point but I would say that the Manga has grown in bounds thanks to the time skip. All fighters where given 7 years to catch up on the elite Fairy Tail and it seemed to happen too, with all Mage’s being on a level playing field but Hiro does seem to be leaning back to his “Over powered” and “dramatic” plot twist saves, making FT loose it darker edge it had at the beginning of the Arc,

    @ Tenrai – That would be awesome… If the armor was magic but it would be strange as those people returned to Ellodas… Didn’t they? He could also be like Erza in the armor giving him strength etc…

  7. @Pein

    Technically speaking, when all the magic was absorbed from Edollas, it also took all those who had magic within them and sucked them back into the real world as well, including the Fairy Tail mages and the Exceed. However, there is no evidence to suggest the same thing happened in reverse in the real world. In fact we have evidence that suggests quite the opposite.

    Remember, Porlyusica (the old lady who always heals FT members) is from Edollas and has been referred to as the Edollas version of Grandine. If she’s still in Fiore, then it stands to reason that others from Edollas could theoretically still be there as well.

  8. I hope Laxus loses . Btw did any of you see the movie yet *Sniffles*

  9. At this point, I don’t think it matters if Fairy Tail wins or loses. I think the other team that’s not Saber Tooth is not going to win. If Fairy Tail thought it was important for them to continue the festivals instead of actually trying to find out what is going on, then I see Fairy Tail winning. As it stands I think the Festival is going to get interrupted and put an end to that years festivities.

    The Fairy Tail people are going to join the other guilds and they will protect everything they can. And once they thrawrt what ever is going to happen, the 3 teams are going to be announced co-champions. Thus causing the “surprise” winners of the Festival.

    But the thing that holds back my theory is that the princess is basing what she does on who wins.

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