Naruto Chapter 620 Breakdown: The Badass Hokage are back in action!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Naruto breakdown.

This chapter was a bit of a difficult one to write for, because unlike most chapters, it doesn’t really bring any new information forward that we weren’t already aware of. The conversation between Sasuke and the Hokage as a whole was mostly typical banter and although it may be building up to something more pertinent that all of us will no doubt be discussing and debating in the near future, for now, we’ve pretty much been left in the dark with nothing much to go on.

Yet, even despite this premise, the chapter still somehow managed to simply be epic, and that can be largely attributed to the big personalities involved who helped breathe a healthy dose fresh air into this manga as a whole.

Of course, the individuals I am referring to are the previous Hokage themselves.

... Er... nevermind...

… Er… never mind…

Now, although Hiruzen and Minato are two characters we have had some insight to as a whole, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju have both been enigmatic mysteries up until now, with our only impressions of them being built upon legends or hearsay referencing their likeness. Now that we’ve gotten to meet them in the flesh, I must say that I am truly enjoying their presence and the vibe it’s bringing to the manga.

From Tobirama’s stern and harsh outlook on the world of shinobi to Hashirama’s happy-go-lucky nature, I think it’s safe to say that we have two completely opposite extremes here who just so happen to be alternating sides of the same coin. If I were to make a comparison, I would say that this contrast of ideals is similar to the one between Danzou and Hiruzen.

Tobirama himself is very much like Danzou was up until his death in that both put the village above all else, even if it meant making darker and more controversial decisions in order to protect it, and when we consider that Danzou fought under his command, it may not be too far-fetched to deliberate that Tobirama’s overall ideals influenced those of his younger charge as he grew into his later years. In the same breath, we could also deliberate that – despite being taught by both of his predecessors – Hiruzen subsequently absorbed more of Hashiramas ideals and grew into a more compassionate and understanding leader who was less inclined to make unnecessary sacrifices.

Would you like some emo toilet paper to absorb that rainbow poop? Here, have Sasuke...

Would you like some emo toilet paper to absorb that rainbow poop? Here, use Sasuke…

Of course, aside from the First and Second Hokage’s personalities, I also have a feeling that we’re going to end up seeing other sides to Minato and Hiruzen as well beyond what we already know about them so I’m really excited to see where this meeting as a whole is building up to.

Taking things a step further though (as I usually do), I would also like to touch on another theme that has become very strong in this manga and one that has once again come into the forefront of the story. That is, of course, the theme of brotherhood.

I can only imagine how Sasuke would have handled being a middle child.

I can only imagine how Sasuke would have handled being a middle child.

We all know that brothers come in all shapes and sizes and where some might be two peas in a pod, others tend to contrast each other in a significant way. But despite all the variants of brother pairings we’ve seen in this manga, one factor has always been highlighted above all others, and that is the strong bond that brothers share with one another, regardless of what emotions are driving those bonds.

Even though Hashirama and Tobirama seem to contrast each other’s personalities quite strongly, at the end of the day they are still brothers and I am even quite sure that they both respect and admire one another even if they look like they want to kill each other sometimes (hey, all brothers want to kill each other now and then). This sentiment is also reflected strongly in other examples of brotherly love, with the likes of Sasuke and Itachi, A and Bee and – if we took it further – even Kingaku and Ginkaku. Even Madara’s love for his brother, Izuna, has been highlighted as the reason he fell into darkness, so there’s no doubt they shared a very strong bond as well.

The only question remaining is “why?” Why would Kishimoto make the theme of brotherhood such a dominant focus in his story? I think the answer lies primarily within his main character, Naruto.

To be alone is to be trapped in a world of black and gray, where not even the sunlight offers any warmth or hope.

To be alone is to be trapped in a world of black and gray, where not even the sunlight offers any warmth or hope.

When we take a look at Naruto as a whole, there are a few things that make him stand out from many of the other characters in this series, however, the most glaring factor that separated him from his peers is that from the time of his birth, he was the one who was most significantly lacking bonds of any kind. This was partly a symptom of him being ostracized as a Jinchuuriki and also partly because his parents died at the time of his birth, leaving him without any family relations and taking away all hope of him ever having any biological siblings. This also means that Naruto also grew up with a relative lack of understanding when it came to bonds with others – particularly those between siblings – and this was shown quite deliberately through his abrasive interactions with those around him – most significantly in his interactions with Sasuke who he often clashed with in his bid for attention.

However, Naruto’s fate changed quite drastically when he was placed on team seven, because in a way, Sasuke became a substitute for a brotherly figure of Naruto, even to the point where Naruto mentioned that when he was with Sasuke, he pondered on whether that was what it felt like to have a brother.

Every time I look at this scene, and remember what follows, I get this sudden, incredible urge to punch Sasuke in the face...

Every time I look at this scene, and remember what follows, I get this sudden, incredible urge to punch Sasuke in the face…

This particular detail is actually very significant, because it not only reflects back to the dominant theme of brotherhood that has been running throughout this manga, but it also gives us insight into Naruto’s actions and explains why he is willing to go so far to save Sasuke. Essentially, in Naruto’s eyes, Sasuke IS his brother, and in the same way the Raikage tried to protect Bee and Itachi tried to protect Sasuke, Naruto is also trying to preserve the strongest bond he had ever developed in his life, a bond that others have fought for, taken revenge for and even died for without any hesitation.

In essence, I do believe we as readers should view the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke as a brotherly relationship on par with other similar relationships shared between the likes of Hashirama and Tobirama, or Madara and Izuna. At least, I feel this is how strongly Naruto feels about their bond, even if Sasuke in himself does not particularly share that sentiment.

Naruto and Sasuke. Both enemies and friends... rivals and brothers...

Naruto and Sasuke. Both enemies and friends… rivals and brothers…

Moving past my overly-thoughtful ramblings, as we come through to the close of this manga, it seems we’ve come to a point where we’ll finally learn the true history between the Uchiha and the Senju from Hashirama himself, or, at the very least, the Senju’s side of the story. This is obviously a very important matter, because it could easily change the tone and direction of this story as a whole, but we’ll have to see how things unfold when the next chapter releases.

Until then, I did want to point out one observation I made on the last double page spread of this chapter, one that I feel further links the chain between Hashirama and Naruto, even if only in a symbolic way.

Dodgeball. Because some rivalries can only be settled through contact sports.

Dodgeball. Because some rivalries can only be settled through indirect contact sports.

If you observe the image above, you’ll notice that Hashirama is essentially using the Rasengan on Madara. To be exact, his Mokuton avatar managed to catch Kurama’s Bijuu Bomb and subsequently retaliate with it in the form of a Rasengan within his the palm of his woody hand.

Now, this might be a moot point, but I do believe it has some symbolic importance and that it was very much intentional on Kishi’s part, especially when we consider that a bit earlier in this arc, we learned that Minato was actually inspired to develop the Rasengan through observing the workings of the Bijuu bomb and as we learned from Bee during Naruto’s chakra training, the two techniques are actually formed in a similar manner, using a similar chakra rotation. This is also why Naruto originally attempted to recreate the Bijuu Bomb from his Rasengan before Kurama would cooperate with him.

So you create a technique that's inspired by flying giant balls of death. It must be a guy thing...

So you create a technique that’s inspired by flying, giant balls of death. It must be a guy thing…

Going by all this, one could say that, indirectly, Hashirama was actually the first ninja to ever use the Rasengan, albeit an incomplete, undeveloped, makeshift and probably unintentional version of it. I also believe that this could be taken as a hint that there may still be some development plot-wise as far as the Rasengan is concerned. Perhaps Naruto may still need to complete the technique in some way, a technique he essentially inherited from not only his father and the First, but also from the Bijuu themselves.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. I took this breakdown as far as I could take it and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Here are the winners of last week’s Bubbliton Contest.

3rd) Iamnotreallyhere:

Tobirama 1: The plight of the noble and majestic Anon can only be described as tragic
Tobirama 2: Their constant search for an identity, or even a personality of of their own more often than not ending in failure.
Tobirama 3: Despite all this they tirelessly continue on, futile as it may seem, struggling to survive in a world dominated by ego.
Sasuke: Also they taste like chicken.

(Those who go onto the chat will understand…).

2nd) Bret Yingling:

Tobirama: Although before the catscans, we suspected something was awry.
The Uchiha won many awards for acting on stage.
Most notably Madara’s portrayal of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.
Sasuke: I love musicals.

(This was a very close second).

Kantonkage: Now that’s a story for another time. Itachi is awesome for some reason I don’t know.

Kantonkage: Now that’s a story for another time. Itachi is awesome for some reason I don’t know.

Well done to Kantonkage for his win. I couldn’t help but laugh at this entry.

Here is this week’s Bubbliton.

*Insert possible caption here.*

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


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  1. First!! YAY!!

  2. When is the other chapter coming out… lol

    I hope we get Minato’s story too. All we know is that he stopped Kurama at the start of the series.

  3. Third.

    Great Breakdown.

    Bubbliton Contest

    Bubble: Steal to second!
    Caption: Kages Baseball.

  4. Quatro!!!!

  5. I guess this makes me cinco?….great breakdown ten

    But here’s my question since tobirama and danzou are so alike why wasn’t he choosen as hokage?

    I want to see naruto sassuke kakashi and guy vs ohe four hokages or at least naruto vs his old man ik its just wishful thinking but a man can dream the first better at least meet naruto

  6. @Simplyantony

    The answer to why Hiruzen was chosen over Danzou is fairly simple really. Hiruzen showed no hesitation when offering himself as a distraction while Danzou conversely showed a complete lack of conviction at the time. Tobirama knew that a Hokage had to be decisive and not hesitant and at that moment, Hiruzen was showing the qualities of a Hokage.

    If an older Danzou were in Tobirama’s position at the time, he would have probably chosen Hiruzen as well, after all, he does want what is best for the village and what was best at the time was Hiruzen. However, I also feel that Danzou grew more decisive as he became older so if the same situation had occured at a later time, he might have been chosen instead.

  7. You know, to be honest guys, I’m actually a bit disappointed that there’s been so little comment or conversation on anything I’ve tried to bring up in the breakdown aside from a point that Simplyantony brought up. It makes me wonder if anyone actually reads the breakdown or if they just pop in to say an obligatory “great breakdown” and then move on and wait until the next chapter comes out so they can discuss that instead.

    Am I wasting my time here? Because I feel like I am. I don’t enjoy the idea of working until 8 in the evening just on a breakdown and going through so much effort when hardly anyone actually seems interested in them.

    It’s not just my breakdown either. I feel like Pein and Dragon have put a lot of effort into writing breakdowns for you guys and yet their sections hardly receive any attention whatsoever. You guys all want sections like One Piece and such to come back but no-one is even really supporting the work being done already. This is why authors lose their drive to write and why sections are eventually abandoned and fall into oblivion.

    I’m really just not feeling it right now from anyone here.

  8. Hey Tenrai,

    Please don’t stop writing. I am here everyday and if I’m being honest I am bit interweb comment shy. I will make an effort to post on here regularly. Wouldn’t want you to stop and I’m sure everyone thinks that way.

    I can see this battle to the death between Naruto and Sasgay not really happening now. They will have a showdown but on more amicable terms or Sasgays heart wont really be in it.

  9. first off did Hashirama actually cause cracks in the walls with that face? a Face only a mother can love…. as laid back and congenial as he seems who would’ve thought he had such a scary face. Unohana? XD lol anyways….

  10. I do have to say that I like the theme of “brotherhood”. I’ve always contended that the heart of Naruto is not him becoming Hokage but his constant persistent seemingly foolish unwillingness to give up on Sasuke. He even says that how can he be hokage if he can’t even say his friend. In a way that’s almost like Kishi linking up becoming Hokage with saving Sasuke. Naruto’s persistence rocked Sasuke twice. Who isn’t affected by the scene where he calls Sasuke family when they are fighting at in the Valley.

    Older Brother and Younger Brother seems to be a consistent influence from confucianism that’s passed on through “Zen Buddhism”. Relational Hierarchy is a dominant part of Japanese Culture.

    I’m not sure if deflection of a Bijuu Bomb is the creation of the Rasengan. Still as a theory it’s very well thought out.

    Also exactly how do you complete a bijuu bomb? I mean he already can go Kurama mode and match the other Bijuu in power with his power… I really doubt there is more to be perfected….

    what I really want to see is Tobimara’s awesome powers in a fight. I want to see a Tsunami or some kind of ultimate Water attack. I just think we have seen so much of Hashirama’s repertoire ( through Madara and Yamato) that we can kind of guess at his abilities but we haven’t seen the extent of the Second’s abilities.

  11. @Tenrai Don’t stop writing! I read them all, just don’t always have varying opinions that haven’t alreay been stated. I do agree with your whole Brotherhood theme. It is probably a subject close to Kishi that he is projecting through the Manga. What i am really interested in right now, though, is a good look into the first and second. They call the second the god of shinobi, but the first beat madara…still, who is stronger? And what was that finger reorg? I am pretty submerged in these two figures we’ve only heard legends about. And no matter what we know the first is leaving that basement where young uchiha come to age through the ….ahem…guidance of older generations.

  12. I read the breakdowns every time and look forward to them. Not only for the jokes but also because almost every time I get some more insight into the manga.

    I do chat/debate sometimes, but mostly only when I have something to say. The times I do bring stuff up it tends to just get glanced over or ignored completely. Last time I was in a debate that I remember was the whole Hinata-using-kawarimi-jutsu thing.

  13. @Tenrai – I’m with Gendoikari, just because we don’t comment on your breakdown is not that we don’t read them. To me at least, everything you have written makes perfect sense and many times, you have brought out insight that I haven’t even considered. I especially likes how you do comparison between characters across times and show the similarity between their characteristics. It is my understanding that Japanese have a very high value between siblings than that of North America societies. This is even more true for brothers whether it is by blood or in arms. As for more people commenting in the blog, it might be that some have lost interest in Naruto Manga as a whole.

  14. @Tigerpalm

    I understand what you are saying, but you also need to remember that I am as much a part of this community as you all are. While readers can read a breakdown and gain one-way enjoyment and understanding from it without needing to comment or reply to add to it, a writer does not have that convenience. What keeps a writer engaged and interested is feedback from his readers or discussions with them. If everyone is just silent, then what’s left keeping the writer engaged and interested in his work?


    I’m not looking for praise or expecting people to make me feel good about what I’m doing. Hell, everyone on the blog can dissagree with what I say and debate the points I make for all I care. All I’m saying is that when there’s nothing to show for all the hard work, or not even a bit of engagement, then there’s no point. It’s just how I feel and I can’t help those feelings.

  15. @Ashes

    He didn’t just delfect the Bijuu bomb. He caught it and then used it Rasengan style to attack Madara. It seems pretty intentonal to me as a symbolic gesture.


    I try not to ignore reader comments, and usually I’m quite enthusiastic for debates. Lately though I just feel like things have been very mellow. That’s also why I tried to start the discussion about the Hokage on the last breakdown – to try break the ice so to speak.

  16. Does Kishi has a brother ?

  17. @Ten, Im very sorry to hear that you feel that way.
    I wanted to tell you that I expect yours (or WRA’s) breakdowns as much as the chapter itself (and its comments!).
    I feel the same way about Pein’s awesome Bleach breakdowns (not a One Piece reader), but in that regard, I don’t like Bleach that much anymore.
    Anyway, overall, my input wouldn’t be that awesome, as I am kind of a “enjoy while reading” guy and never give the manga much thought afterwards, unless I tell my brah how awesome the chapter was, that is, or I am trying to think on a bubble for the contest, XD.
    Also,I really think many readers are “lurkers”, and I would love to see their comments, as well as those of the regulars!
    So, c’mon guys! Give Ten some love! (= fill Ten’s belly, XD).

  18. @tenrai Ive been following since the IRA days, never comment but I read every post & most comments. Keep it goin!

  19. @Tenrai I understand that but a leader is born to serve the people if he choose him because of that the we can say hinata should be hokage since she tried to fight pain to safe naruto knowing she was going to lose…or Sakura who risk her life fighting one of the akatski at the beggining of the time skip the only useful thing she did….Ten don’t stop writing ur breakdowns.They kept me reading naruto when I was lossing interes

    Bubble: daim if I would have known that hiruzen would have left stunade become hokage I would have pick danzou

    Caption: At least it wasn’t sakura

  20. To be honest, I am guilty of only reading the blog, checking out the breakdown art, but skimming through the breakdown. Sometimes I read them thoroughly, but not always. However, I’ll start reading them more diligently now 🙂

  21. @Ten
    Don’t stop man, your breakdowns are great and it’s good to comment again, it’s been awhile. Man tobi being Obito turned out great as many doubters hated but you and I and others predicted and it was great that at one point you used some of my therories in your breakdown with Kakashi Gaiden. I think the story is really evolving greatly and does anyone see Sasuke using the Hokages in a battle against Naruto to prove what Naruto intended as being the greatest Hokage of them all. Hahaha seeing Naruto fight the first and fourth Hokage would be epic.

  22. Ten, I do like what you say. I actually do read the whole breakdown. It’s a shame that you feel under appreciated, but the fact that so many people are commenting on the Naruto section should stand testament to your writing ability.

    About the other sections getting no love, I think that’s more of a Fandom type thing. I think people on here read more Naruto then the other manga, or come here to talk Naruto more then the other manga.

    I do have an idea though, about having people participate in discussions. You should ask questions at the end of the breakdown.

    I myself haven’t been able to participate in metaphysical/philosophical discussions because I haven’t been able to. I’ve been doing a lot of school. But that is a lame ass excuse, because I think you have way more on your plate. Same goes for the other breakdown folk. I will be thorough in my reading of the break downs and see if I’d be able to bring up topics of discussions

    I also think that people tend to be shy to the topics you bring up as well. It will be fun to see this site evolve with your recent revelation.

    I have been guilty of just reading your blog and not commenting on what you had to say. I will make an effort on all fronts of the sections to make sure your guys (blog writers) works are appreciated.

    It’s not about telling you to “not stop writing” it’s about participating in your topics of discussion. But it would be nice if you gave us hints as to what you want to discuss.

    It’s been a while since I’ve written a medium sized post. Well, on to Fairy Tale!


    It’s out, now to read.

  24. Hi Tenrai,
    I am one of the readers of your breakdown although I don’t give comments, but I always wait for your breakdown every week. I am not actually good in giving my opinion especially in debates but I am one of your fans. Please don’t stop writing. Through your breakdown, i am able to understand more about the story of Naruto. I’m actually learning from you guys than the manga itself.
    It may seem like only few are active in this blog, but i can assure you that there are many who are always reading your breakdown and silently supporting you.
    Once again, please don’t get tired of writing. Be of good cheer always, and Godspeed.


  25. Ten, why so bummed out bro, you know very well there’s a ton of people reading the breakdowns every week, they might not post but I know a lot are reading. For me at least it’s a great part of the day to sit and read a new breakdown. I might not read other breakdowns because other mangas don’t interest me as much as Naruto dose and that’s why I don’t get involved past this.

    But rest assured your hard work, and everyone’s for that matter, is greatly appreciated, you remember full well what a big blow it was for us when Jeramiah decided to step aside from IRA and we were left with nowhere to read about the new chapters.

    It’s true a lot of old friends don’t post as often, if at all, but I’m sure a lot of them read the blog weekly.

    So many thanks for keeping the place alive, and I hope WRA and all it’s authors will be here for a long time still to come.

  26. As for the chapter, I’m gonna go throw myself out the window because that thing I just read was outstanding. No worries I live on the bottom floor :))

  27. The latest chapter was very good. Was that a variation of Sage Mode that Hashirama used? or more like Tsunade’s healing seal?

    Kurama looked cool in the armor as well, yet feels like an uchihax now being to cover others in susano’o!

  28. @simplyanthony a twin to be precise. You know O-parts Hunter/666satan that’s the younger twin.
    @tenrai you get the desire punch Sasuke. I get the urge to use a weed whacker on Itachi

  29. wait a minute…what?!…was i just watching porn? page 14: got me tripping. Rofl at there O face!. page 15: yup attaboy’s! thats how u do it. no wonder there so good friends. Uchiha-Senju love

  30. @ gendoikari, I think it’s both. It might be Hashirama’s sage mode, as suggested by Mangastream’s translation and it might be a variation Tsunade adapted to herself to use as a trump card in combat.

    Also that 1000 arm goddess should have been the scariest mother in the world, I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side and risk a slap.

    @ lack of imagination, =)))))) I hoped I wasn’t the only one with a perverted mind. Thankfully Mangastream’s translators aren’t such big pervs, there a bit more easy going buts still the same message “comes” across.

  31. @ the pervs, you’re on your own there. I don’t see it. Orochimaru seemingly stole the Gojuu Raushomon from the 1st, though on the mangastream it translated it to “quintuple,” though I only counted 3 just like Oro’s. The fight is cool, but I wish they would save it for the anime, its hard enough deciphering what happens during them, plus it also funnels information through more chapters than needed. Most of you guys are stoked obout it, though, so i suppose Im alone on my island haha. Badass that the 1st needed but less than a second to enter sage mode. He just keeps on showing that the glorification on his person is well warranted. @ Tenrai, I personally would comment a lot more than I seldom do, but I keep forgetting my passwords. Keep up the breakdowns, It helps A LOT when I haven’t a clue whats going on. Insightful is you, indeed.

  32. I wonder what Madara could do with a Susanoo Juubi…

  33. Sorry for the double post, but… on page 10, I wonder if that far shore was the site of Naruto’s home village, Whirlpool?

  34. HI there..

    @tenrai im following this blog since IRA days, since the days that was only jeremiah writing the breakdowns.

    I really do enjoy reading your breakdowns, just as someone said, reading this and the following comments its like a 2nd chapter in the week.
    unfortunately im not realy the type to write comments or for the debates itself. But i feel what your saying, writting without feedback demotivates anyone, saying this and because i dont want WRA shuts down im going to try out comenting every now and then. (Despite my english is not perfect)
    And an ideia for the lack of comments could be that since u put chat online the comments have decresead substancialy.

    For this chapter, epic battle between the 2 godlike shinobis, (nine tails with susano’s cloak :O ) and im looking forward for the history between senju and uchiha’s

    That technique hashirama used at the end was the same technique Tsunade used.. not the sage mode..

  35. epic chapter i had a feeling wed be seeing those 2 as kids. Here’s a small theory tho…so far there are 2 types of known sage mode snake and toad.
    orochimaru and jiraiya mastered those. Now we see Hashirama use a sage mode who is the grandfather of tsunade. Now i saw someone commented that hashiramas sage mark matched tsunades mark (i thought it looked like narutos clown mark from ep 1. but i digress…). Basically my point is I think hashiramas using slug sage mode and its possibly some of tsunades medical ninjutsu uses this as well.

  36. madara itself in the battle with the 5 kages, commented that hashirama used the same technique with him.. neither naruto nor kabuto got face marks for entering sage mode not even jiraya..

    and the similarity with tsunade jutsu points to the fact that its not sage mode..

  37. Helo to all the new comers in this sight happy to see you guys participating.Hope to see you guys here on a daily bases…(even thought I shouldn’t be saying this since I disappeared sometimes lol) as for the chapter it was magicly delicious just like the lucky charms I’m eating -___- now I see why mandara couldn’t beat hashirama he just went beyond sage mode he went bage mode (Beyond Sage)

    @kantonkage I’m not sure i understand what you are reffering to. Are you saying hashirama and Danzou are like twins?

  38. @anthony Kishi has a twin brother, the author of the 666Satan/O-parts Hunter manga.
    @newcomers welcome

  39. @kantonkage oh I see is that manga good?

  40. @all the new commentors.

    Welcome to WRA and thanks for your input. I do appreciate it.

  41. Based on the image on, it clearly shows that this True Thousand Hands is hugh compare to the nine tailed. I guessing that it could even take on the juubi.

    As a side joke, what do you get when the one thousand years of death jutsu is performed by the True Thousand Hands?

  42. I for one thought it was an excellent breakdown. You are one of the main reasons this blog is still alive. I want you to know that as a fellow wra blogger, I am here to support you and my fellow community: this blog through thick and thin to the best of my ability. I think everyone else here feels the same.

    Especially those most faithfull and comment on the breakdowns every week. In my opinion Tenrai, you and they, are to be very much commended.

    @ Discussion.

    Tenrai, you noted that The first’s hokage personalty and persona was the spitting image of Goku.

    If you ask me, he and his brother remind me of the relationship between Goku and vegeta. I actually think this is where Kishi got his motivation.

  43. @tigerpalm

    we need to see Hashirama perform Thousand years of pain on Kurama with this jutsu!

  44. i bet hashirama/madara’s story are the same as to naruto/sasuke’s story. the only difference is.. hashirama was more skillful and madara wanted to be his equal. on the other hand sasuke was more skillful and naruto was the one chasing him.

    @tenrai i’m thankful that you still continuo to do breakdowns. i also started reading breakdowns since ira. was just a lurker back then.

  45. Tenrai, now that Diogo mentioned it, I too think you’ve lost some people to the online chat. Thus devieding us into two sepperet groups, the people who use the chat, the ones who post comments and the very few who do both. IMO the chat was the reason for the bomber of posts going down lately. People post on the chat what they think and dont come back to repost on the comment section so thus you have to gather the info from both parts and combine them. Or simply eliminate one.

  46. Any of you getting Ultimate Storm 3?

  47. @ten I been thinking since their is not alot of bubliation entry u should do a what ifs instead next week like they did in raging blast like what if sasuke wouldn’t have left the village or something like that just to change it up uk

  48. I would love to see a difficult choice post…. would you rather have Kiba become Hokage or Ten Ten marry Naruto? ……. those kinds of things…. where you have to choose between two “evils” I find them hilarious…
    Of course you have to find the proper tension to make it hard to decide lol

  49. Actually ashes idea is better

  50. does he get Hinata on the side?

  51. Bubble: Yout know what happens when I flex my finger? No? You know the hardest part of this? The hardest part is cleaning up afterwards.
    Caption: The Wuxi finger hold

  52. Bubbliton:


    You put the boom-boom into my heart!

    Caption: Tobirama can’t get the song out of his head.

  53. @Tanwir – is that a reference from Kung Fu Panda?

  54. @Eugen

    I completely disagree that the chat is taking away anything from the blog as far as comments are concerned and if you were on there enough, you’d understand why I say that.

    To be honest, there are never really a lot of people on the chat at any given time and I think at most, I’ve seen maybe 5 or 6 in an active conversation. You can’t tell me that it’s dividing the blog because I’d expect to see a lot more people on there a lot more often if that were the case. You also need to remember that WRA has had a chat in the past and it never divided the blog back then, so I don’t see why it would suddenly start doing so now. Even IRA had a chat. Did it ever make a difference? Certainly not one that I noticed…

    In any case, this topic has become a moot point now. I don’t want to hold up the comments section on something like this so I think it’s best if we drop it for now and leave it for another time and place.

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