Naruto Chapter 619 Breakdown: Visiting the past has never been so… weird. O_o

Greetings one and all and welcome to yet another Naruto manga breakdown!

Firstly, I’d like to thank Iamnotreallyhere for helping me out by covering last week’s breakdown and saving me from a triple. Things have just been really busy my side, but I hope to make up for that in the coming weeks with more epic breakdowns that I hope you’ll all enjoy reading.

In any case, to avoid dwelling on such somber subjects, let’s get on with the show!

No remember guys. First it's a jump to the right, then cha-cha real smooth!

Now remember guys. First it’s a crisscross, crisscross, then Cha Cha real smooth!

Now, I think it’s probably safe to say that the first thing that stood out in this latest chapter was, of course, the First Hokage himself. I’m sure many of us had this idea in our heads of what the “God of Shinobi” might have been like character wise and I’m also sure many of us envisioned this stern and powerful, yet wise and kind leader, who was always calm and cool-headed. I personally envisioned some genius-type shinobi along the lines of Itachi or Minato, considering how he was always depicted through legends.

But now that his personality has finally shone through and we’ve gotten a taste of the real Hashirama Senju, could any of us have really imagined this kind of outcome?

(Compliments of Iamnotreallyhere).

(Compliments of Iamnotreallyhere).

As I’m sure you could have guessed from the mock page above, it seems obvious that Hashirama’s personality mirrors that of Naruto’s quite closely. He seems very loud and energetic, and very easily excitable, as seen when he first discovered that Minato was the fourth Hokage. Personally, I enjoyed this banter between the previous Hokage and in a way, it also felt like an initiation of sorts for Minato, who had never met the first two Hokage himself.

We also got a bit more insight as to the origins of Tsunade’s own personality, as well as the cause of her gambling habits, which also creates a greater sense of the almost childish and seemingly irresponsible nature of the First Hokage.

In a way, despite how others might feel at this development, I am somewhat relieved and pleased by this revelation, because it shows that you don’t have to be a methodical genius to be a great Hokage. This may also be another case where the ideals of “a genius of hard work will surpass a real genius” shines through and for all we know, Hashirama may have been a klutz like Naruto or Lee in the past who had to work real hard to become as strong as he did.

I'm sure she was a shining example for the other kids during a game of monopoly.

I guess this would be a bad time to tell him that the village blew up under Tsunade’s care…

Still, despite this sudden and rather surprising development, the intention behind Hashirama’s personality soon becomes apparent as the conversation between the Hokage and Sasuke takes on a more serious and deliberate tone.

Not only are we given hints that draw greater parallels between Hashirama and Naruto, but we are also given more links between Sasuke and Madara as well, as Tobirama explains that the hatred of the Uchiha is not born simply through a lust for power, but rather, through a love greater than even that of the Senju. To be precise, it is because their love is so great, that the loss of a loved one causes a change in their minds and makes their brain release a unique chakra that catalyzes a change in their optic nerves.

Enter, the Sharingan.

This power also grows along with their hatred and the further down they fall along that path, the more powerful their eyes become.



In the end, we are told quite bluntly that Madara’s own fall was caused through the loss of his brother – whom he loved above anything else – and, in essence, this sentiment is reflected almost perfectly within Sasuke as well, who also fell down a darker path for the very same reason. One could even reflect on how this explanation also does a great deal in explaining the fall of Obito as well.

Still it’s plainly obvious that Kishi’s intention is to create a more pertinent link between the past conflict between Hashirama and Madara and the current conflict between Naruto and Sasuke, even to the point where he is bridging their personalities and ideals and in some ways, even the circumstances leading up to those developments. However, I do not believe this was the only purpose behind the explanation of the source of the Uchiha’s hatred. I also believe that the information we have learned in this chapter may give us some more solid clues behind the actions of Itachi as well and the decisions he made regarding the Uchiha massacre and sparing the life of his brother.

Sheesh. They just can't give this guy enough praise, can they?

Sheesh. They just can’t give this guy enough praise, can they?

I think many of us have questioned Itachi’s decision to spare Sasuke in the wake of the Uchiha massacre. Some of us might have felt it was irresponsible or selfish, considering what was at stake and the fact that Itachi was wiping out the rest of his clan without question. Why spare one Uchiha and risk possible retribution? Was it because Itachi was too soft, or was there some deeper reason behind it?

At first, we were presented with one possible answer by Obito; that Itachi simply loved Sasuke above even the village itself. However, I now believe this may be false and that the real reason has just been given to us.

Despair of the Uchiha

Essentially, what we’ve discovered in this chapter – as I mentioned earlier – is that when an Uchiha suffers to great a loss, they undergo a significant change to their minds and that the loss of love leaves an incredible hatred within its wake. Considering how knowledgeable Itachi was to the conflicts of the past and the curse of the Uchiha as a whole, I’m sure he was well aware of the fact that he too might have been susceptible to such a drastic change should he suffer a great enough loss of his own.

Basically, what I’m trying to get to here, is that I believe the true reason Itachi chose to spare Sasuke, was to balance the loss of the Uchiha with the survival of his brother, so that his loss was not so significant so as to transform him into another Madara. After all, if he did kill his brother and his heart was changed because of it, he might have become an even greater threat to Konoha himself than Sasuke would have if left alive.

I also believe this was why Itachi chose to make Sasuke hate him, which was another decision of his I often questioned in the past. Itachi knew that he would eventually die – and most likely by Sasuke’s hands – so the only way to ensure that Sasuke didn’t undergo a transformation for the worse was to destroy any trace of love Sasuke may have had for him deep down inside. That way, when Sasuke did kill him, he wouldn’t feel any loss associated with his brother’s death and he would be spared from the Uchiha’s curse of hatred. Unfortunately, even if this was the case, Obito ruined those plans by telling Sasuke the truth and forcing him to feel the pain of loss, which is ultimately what darkened Sasuke’s heart and awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan.

One day you'll learn Sasuke... one day...

One day you’ll understand Sasuke… one day…

All deep thinking aside, there were a few other notable titbits of information that may have deeper implications further down the line. For one thing, the fact that the Uzumaki created the Reaper Death Seal may serve to imply an even greater link between the Uzumaki and the Sage of the Six Paths, whose Rinnegan gave him power over life and death. I had always been curious if there was a link between the horns on the Shinigami’s head and the horns that we see in the silhouette of the Sage in flashbacks (though, like with Naruto, that may just be extreme hair gel).

There was also a significant, contrasting display between the ideals of Hashirama Senju and those of his younger brother. To me, it almost felt like Tobirama was more of a Danzou-like personality – cold and ruthless when it came to defending his village – while Hashirama’s was more open and compassionate, similar to how Hiruzen was for the most part.

Still, more important than what happened in the past is the question “where do we go from here?” I personally would like to see the Hokage play some part in this war, even if not directly. I’d also like to see Naruto meet all the previous Hokage so he too can converse with them and gain a greater understanding of things. It would be both a heartfelt reunion and an insightful encounter.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Seeing as how no-one entered the Bubbliton Contest last week, I can’t choose a winner (shame on you all). Still, I’ve decided to forgive you and give you a new Bubbliton for this week.

Here it is.

*Insert possible caption here.*

*Insert possible caption here.*

Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments. ^ ^

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  1. Zeroth!!!

  2. First then ?

  3. 3rd, so kanton can be……

  4. Nope, i’m 4th

  5. Amaterasu if I were you I’d hide really good, because claiming the 4th spot has dire consequences.

  6. Fifth. And I actually read the breakdown before commenting. <___<

  7. Awesome breakdown.

    Maybe there is a foreshadow between the 1st and Naruto as in Naruto will be the next great Hokage.

  8. Bubbliton:

    Tobirama: Although before the catscans, we suspected something was awry.

    The Uchiha won many awards for acting on stage.

    Most notably Madara’s portrayal of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

    Sasuke: I love musicals.

  9. Lol Bret, the same thing went through my mind:


    Tobirama: It’s not clear why the Uchiha were gay and emo, But there love for dramatic theater was a big hint in that regard.
    It was just after they didn’t receive any applause that they achieved the sharingan and killed everyone present.

    Sasuke: There cold hearts deserved to die in pain.

    Caption: The true roots of the cursed clan.

  10. Bubbiton:
    Tobirama: No matter how many times it screamed and cried
    Tobirama: No matter how much it begged
    Tobirama:I would not let it leave untill….
    Sasuke: It put the lotion on its’ skin

  11. To help drive a bit of discussion given the relative quietness on the blog this week, I decided to introduce a topic of discussion that everyone might be interested in entertaining.

    The topic is: Based on what we know about them so far, who do you feel was the greatest Hokage of all time, and why?

    Now, this isn’t just about who is the strongest Hokage or the coolest (although these points can factor into the greater whole), but rather, a collective of many factors that make a Hokage great, such as leadership skills, actions they’ve partaken in, legends associated with them and even their personalities or convictions. Debates are welcome and hopefully, people will discuss each others points of view and build on them, or even contest them.

    Perhaps we can even extend the discussion beyond just the Hokage and include all the Kage we know of and change the question to “who do you think is the greatest Kage of all time, and why?”

    Anyone interested?

  12. I gotta say that I think the 3rd is the best. So far it is just a gut reaction.

  13. I like the sound of that discussion.

    Not really new but an infrequent poster.

    This is a difficult one though. They all have massive plus points. The 3rd really went up in my estimations because of the power the first had and how he took him and the 2nd on. I think if Kishi (Tenrai) got to write it again then i think that battle would be made a lot bigger than it was. But for me the 4th is the best. The Fastest Shinobi! He was ruthless on the battlefield. Other villages’ shinobi were told to flee on sight! His student was Kakashi, Son was Naruto! Knew all sorts of jutsu and seals. Created the rasengan! Took on Obito and wiped the floor with him and dealt with the 9 tails!

    The 4th gets my vote

  14. I wont reintroduce myself but i dont post much, always come back to read tenrai’s breakdowns its like getting 2 chapters a week. I agree with you @gendoikari the 4th is the best of them all. The first had wood jutsu that controls the biju i think it was chiyo that said he had 7 under his control before he divided them among the other villages. This leads me to believe him and madara both used the tailed beasts to get the upper hand on eachother take that away and they are not so scary. Considering Madara got his biggest power boost upon death its safe to say that they are both overhyped. The 4th on the other hand has demonstrated his prowess without a bloodline or a biju.

  15. 3rd Hokage! He was known as The God of Shinobi. Kishi even considered him the strongest of all Hokage (albeit pre-time skip). He took both the 1st and 2nd Hokage on while they were Edo Tensied and he was old. He took on Oro and was close enough to killing him then anyone (although I think Jirayia would have been able to beat Oro too).

    I would have liked to see the 3rd in his prime (at 28) against Madara. I think it would have been one wiked smile.

    I will also not acknowledge Hashiramas new add-ons because it is there to only make Madara that much stronger. And I strongly dislike how strong Kishi has made the Uchiha over the whole series lol personal vendetta mode activated :3

  16. Hashirama reminds me more of Goku then he does Naruto.

  17. @Wiseman: Sadly making them stronger was the only way to make them suitable opponents, especially seeing as Naruto needs to keep getting stronger. Not only that, but during pre-timeskip we never actually see the full extent of the hokage’s powers at the time. Neither do we see Orochimaru’s full power until after the time skip. He had to make everyone stronger to keep things interesting, while at the same time he tried to make it seem like the older ninjas in pre-time skip were stronger, while not actually being that strong.

    Hard to say what I’m trying to say. Anyways, making the other ninja stronger was really the only way, and at the same time Kishi never seems to try and come up with even more unique jutsu or anything like that.

  18. @Wiseman

    Actually, in that one picture where he was laughing I swear he was the splitting image of Goku, just with a different hairstyle. Still, as far as characters in this story are concerned, I’d say he is closest to Naruto.

    @Everone else

    I appreciate you guys getting involved in the discussion, but as I mentioned in my original comment, it isn’t just about how strong they are, but also about how well they lead, their personalities, their demeanors, the ideals, etc. After all, there’s more to being Hokage than simply being strong.

    Who do you guys think was the best overall Hokage? I actually think the Third is pretty high up there near the top. Out of all the Kage, he had the longest reign and kept Konoha going through two great Shinobi wars and yet it still came out as the strongest and most prosperous nation each time. He was also kind and compassionate, yet still able to make difficult decisions when need be. He was also the teacher of three among some of the strongest shinobi to ever live. Of course, he wasn’t perfect, but then, who is?

    I also think Minato would have made a great Hokage. Despite his short time on the job, he showed considerable wisdom and intellect and he was able to inspire others both on the battlefield and off. As for Hashirama, he was the one who first tried to bring balance to the five great nations and was revered for his strength, so I’d say he’s a good candidate as well.

    To me, Tsunade is a good candidate as a strong leader figure. She’s well respected and seems to have kept Konoha going, but I reckon she comes somewhat short in battle strength compared to the other Hokage. Sure she’s strong, but she seems to be more of a one trick pony, while the other Hokage seem to have far more expansive repoitires.

    And last, but not least, I feel Tobirama is probably my worst candidate for best Hokage. A lot of his decisions, while he felt they were just, seemed to cause more harm than good.

    1st panel: Tobirama – In the past, all American idol contestants sucked…
    2nd panel: So as punishment we SADOMIZED them MERCILESSLY until the wept upon the stage.
    3rd panel: Sasuke: Sadomy eh? When is American idol coming to Konoha?

  20. The whole Uchiha hate thing seems to be Kishi trying to once again justify Itachi’s actions.

  21. @Kantonkage

    Though it may explain Itachi’s actions, it doesn’t necessarily justify them, anymore than explaining why the Holocaust happened would justify it.


    Where have you been!? *eats Prawl.*

  22. @tenrai let me reword that. I meant trying to make Itachi using Tsukoyomi on Sasuke was a good thing.
    @prawl wasn’t Groundhog Day last week.

  23. Yeah I don’t like how it is explained that Itachi’s thinking was that on par with a Kage’s way of thinking. A leader (in this case a Kage) never believes genocide (which the Uchiha massacre basically was) is the real answer. And then Itachi has a change of heart once he has died? (when he explains he shouldn’t have bared the burden all alone). But I digress. I still think the Hokage should all meet up to face their sins. And besides I’d like to see all the Hokage, past, present, and future, show up at one place too.

    Why does Sauske get a meeting with the Hokage? Shouldn’t Naruto be able to ask the Hokage about his clan heritage as well (Uzumaki clan)?

  24. Naruto should also ask them why they accepted the role of Hokage. Sauske already had his time with his fateher. Naruto should have more then 60 seconds with his

  25. @Wiseman

    I actually have a feeling Naruto might end up seeing the Hokage himself. Perhaps not in the same circumstances, bit it’s definitely a possibility on the cards.

  26. @wiseman I dont think the 3rd was saying Itachis thinking was on par with a kage intellectually speaking. just that he was looking at the bigger picture instead of being narrow minded.

  27. its out:

  28. Super super excited! Finally some good damn news! Just relieved! Read Read Read!

  29. Epic chapter was epic. I know it was mostly just talking, but you could really feel the excitement and tension building up. It was also cool to see Hashirama’s lose his cool a bit, because it shows us that side of him that can be serious and deliberate.

    I’m definitely excited about seeing the former Hokage join the war. It seems Hashirama has already escaped Edo Tensei, so that says a lot. I’d love to see Minato meeting Naruto as well…

    Too much excitement! Too much adrenaline! *Splodes.*

  30. Remember guys, Sarutobi beat the crap out of Hashirama, despite the fact that Hashirama has so many hax jutsu, especially the ones he used against Madara.

    The only explanation for this is in the chapter, how it’s mentioned that the hokage have most of their power back. You could theorize that the reason Hashirama and Tobirama were so easily taken care of was because of this lack of full power.

  31. @Andrew

    Actually, the fact that Orochimaru’s version of Edo Tensei was flawed back then was already mentioned quite a number of chapters ago and further reaffirmed in this chapter.

    It’s been confirmed that when Hashirama and Tobirama were summoned in part one, they weren’t brought back at full strength, because Orochimaru had yet to perfect the technique.

  32. @Tenrai

    sorry for misisng the other points at the start. The 4th didn’t get a chance to fully stretch his Hokage muscles in the other aspects that are important to that role. So on that basis it is probably the 3rd. He held the village together with strong leadership, always had time for the villagers, and had a lot of fallout from the previous regimes.

  33. This chapter was great, it’s also nice to see a lot of old faces back on the blog posting. I know you guys are always here stalking but it was nice to see you drop some lines for us again.

    The best hokage is a tought question, powers wise I would give it to hashirama, brain wise I would give it to tobirama because in some cases you have to make rash decisions to ensure the safety of the general public, I’m not saying what he did was right but in the long run it ensured peace for the village Untill the Uchiha figured out the true story behind the military police.
    Sarutobi was a grea all around ruler but he lacked tought decision making skills and so he left that part of the Kage job to danzou, homura and koharu. ImO that was a bad decision and it made konoha boile from the inside out.

    Minato on the other hand was a great leader, he took the tought decissions, analyzed them and took the best decissions, and he was also very powerfull without having a strong bloodline. To me that places him at the top besides hashirama.

    Now I for one would like to revise this topic after we see more from the hokages so we can accurately determen there true battle strength.

  34. Thank you Tenrai for letting me know. ๐Ÿ™‚ That explains everything. ๐Ÿ˜€


    It’s Out!! Liking the Hokages conversation between eachother.

  36. I have to throw in for the Third but I think that’s because of how little we really get to see the first and second. Even the fourth had a shortage of material… So I would say the fourth comes second followed by the First Hokage. The second Hokage seems a bit dismissive and a bit harsh. Still I vote for the Third because of his fight with the First and Second in his advanced years, his compassion, his “adoption” of naruto and so forth..

    So the third all the way for me…

    As for this discussion I look forward to finally hearing about the Uchiha and Senju history but also the possibility of seeing the Madara +Fox vs Hashirama fight. And lay to rest the weird power Madara has in his eyes to “roll back time” whether it’s just a kind of future seeing or if it’s rewinding time, we will finally know….

    Also I want to know why Orochimaru is so helpful all of a sudden… but I am hoping to see the Hokages in action versus Madara and Obito…. I want to see what the Second is capable of ….. they talk about what Hashirama is capable of and make references now and then to the Second but we’ve never seen his capabilities. Madara kind of displayed the First’s capabilities when he fought the Kages and later Naruto with the wood dragon….

  37. I’m very curious about Sasuke’s alternative option to destroying the leaf. I’m hesitant to make this prediction but the cues seem to be there…

    Depending on how well Hashirama explains the purpose of a shinobi (which obviously he will), I think it well determine Sasuke’s new goal.

    He may want to be Hokage and protect the village that his brother willingly died protecting at all costs. Now it seems slightly far fetched since the shinobi world deemed him an international criminal but Kishi could spin the story a bit and give sasuke some redemption.

    Personally i dont care about Sasuke too much except as a motivator for naruto. But I think Kishi is setting up the final battle as a fight for the 6th Hokage title since Tsunade is most definitely dead or crippled for life. Naruto will win but would defer the title and his dream to Sasuke. It’ll be the first Uchiha Hokage and the start of a new era for Konoha. Naruto of course wont be left out in the cold. I predict after his feats in the 4th shinobi battle, he’ll be the World Shinobi Kage of the 5 nations(or all nations?). The tsuchikage mentioned a while back in chapter 563 ( that he was thinking of uniting all the scattered ninja villages as one. Without a doubt, he and everyone else would nominate Naruto to that position. Who better than Naruto to go on a few crazy adventures to meet all the Shinobi in the world and unite them. Isnt that sort of what the sage of the six paths did?

    Also I think orochimaru’s plan to “crush the leaf” was really code for a regime change to make him the Hokage. That’s what Sasuke must have figured on when he called Oro out on his lie about his prior invasion being on a whim.

  38. Hashirama is the best! Even Orochimaru is impressed haha. Last couple chapters have been well received, in my part. If Sasuke does get converted (which I kinda want) then that will take a lot out of the battle. Madara as mighty, I can not fathom him staying in the same zip code with Oro, Sasuke, Naruto, and the Kages. I guess the rest of the shinobi forces too. Even with the 10 tails, which isn’t even at full strength. The last panel of the ch really gave me a consice picture of the 1st’s power. Madara, Sasuno, and the 9 tails vs Hashirama. Hashirama wins. Nuff said

  39. What do you guys think about the conversation between Sasuke and Oro, about his true motive for wanting to crush the Leaf? Knowing Orochimaru’s nature as a scholar, I am super intrigued about this whole business. Just throwing this out there, I hate the whole Hinata+ Naruto deal. Naruto needs a hottie. Hinata is too plain and weird looking. Kind of alien-like

  40. “I hate the whole Hinata+ Naruto deal. Naruto needs a hottie. Hinata is too plain and weird looking. Kind of alien-like”

    Thank you Allthings! I think the same thing. They could have at least made her hotter over the time skip. Tis a shame. Naruto needs a real Woman. It’s a shame Anko is way older the Naruto, I really believe she is most ninja then most major and minor characters of this series. Its a shame she didn’t receive a prominent role.

  41. @allthings and Wiseman

    Name one “real woman” who ever cared about Naruto as much as Hinata (besides his mom) or who even went as far as to be willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

    Okay, Tsunade cares a lot about him as well, but that’s more of a godmother/son thing and obviously no possibility of a relationship.

    Besides, I think there’s a possibility of a child of a Hyuuga and an Uzumaki inheriting the Rinnegan. @___@

  42. One thing I’m wondering about;

    In the past couple chapters Sasuke’s flashed his Mangekyou a couple times. Why is it his regular Mangekyou again & not his EMS ? Mistake ?

  43. @Sharinagashi

    Actually, I think that may have been an intentional move on Sasuke’s part. I believe the reason he showed his MS in the first place was only to prove to the Hokage that he was not some pure child and that he had seen the ugly side of the world already, after all, to attain the MS, you have to have suffered a great loss.

    However, I believe he intentionally hid his EMS because he didn’t want them to know that he took Itachi’s eyes, perhaps either to hide his true power from them, or because of some form of shame he feels for taking those eyes.

    Still, this is only my speculation. It could have also just been a mistake, but I doubt Kishi would make the same mistake on multiple panels over two chapters without noticing it.

  44. It seems weird for the Uchihas to be able to switch between MS and EMS.
    Sure, they can switch between plain Sharingan and MS, but that’s more of af Super Sayajiin 1/Super Sayajiin 2 thing imo.
    Sasuke has abandoned his own (useless) eyes for Itachi’s, and with Itachi’s should come the new pattern/EMS. I just don’t see why, Sasuke should be able to switch between MS and EMS.

    Although, maybe the new explanation that the Kages gave about the creation of the Sharingan in an Uchiha (unique and “hateful” chakra), so maybe it’s the chakra that’s the main bulk behind the Sharingan, not the eyes. (but then why do you get “new and improved chakra”/EMS from taking your dead brother’s eyes?)

    But yeah, it does seem stupid for Kishi (or the assistants) to mess up his EMS over several occassions.
    However, remember, these were the guys who magically gave Raikage his arm back on one of the epic two-page panels… who know what they are capable off… ๐Ÿ˜›

  45. @Tenrai

    I like the part that you mentioned about Hashirama might have escaped the edo tensei already. ๐Ÿ˜€ I was actually thinking the same thing. If Madara can escape it might as well Hashirama too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. @Tenrai

    I like the part that you mentioned about Hashirama might have escaped the edo tensei already. ๐Ÿ˜€ I was actually thinking the same thing. If Madara can escape it might as well Hashirama too!

  47. Bubble:
    Tobirama 1: The plight of the noble and majestic Anon can only be described as tragic

    Tobirama 2: Their constant search for an identity, or even a personality of of their own more often than not ending in failure.

    Tobirama 3: Despite all this they tirelessly continue on, futile as it may seem, struggling to survive in a world dominated by ego.

    Sasuke: Also they taste like chicken.

  48. I’m not sure if this has been talked about before. But the fact that the moon’s eye plan exists implies a lot about the story. I’ll go through a few of them.

    Tsukuyomi is based on the mind of the person using it, therefore the moon’s eye plan is going to be based on Madara’s (or maybe Obito’s) mind.

    Because it is based on Madara’s mind (no matter how brilliant it is) there will probably be some flaws. The moon’s eye plan universe could be just as flawed as the one he is in, making it a universe where people still are at war at some point. Perhaps even creating a world much like the original.

    If this is possible, (if the moon’s eye plan could work) who says that the world they live in right now isn’t also a product of a previous moon’s eye plan – or multiple moon’s eye plans?

    What if the sharingan and the Uchiha were built to create universes? Amaterasu – a big eraser. Tsukuyomi – a big projector. Izanagi – a way to test a scene. Izanami – a way to make a final cut. Susanno? Not sure.

    But still, why not project Izanagi? Go through 100 years of a test world, figure out some things about how to achieve peace. Then when you find a suitable way to achieve peace (at great cost to your eyes and every human soul), project Izanami to seal the deal.

    Izanami was used on people to ‘always lose’ a fight. Why not ‘always win’? I’m guessing that this might be a unrefined way to bring peace to at least one person (fake peace), mainly because they would have to swallow their pride and accept ‘defeat’ to get out of it.

    I’m not sure if i’m making sense. This is a bit stream of consciousness. Feel free to correct me on anything i’m saying. But I think the concepts might have something to them for predictions and stuff – so I thought I’d post about them.

  49. one of the best endings to Naruto… Naruto Ending 12: Parade by Chaba

  50. Thx to Ten for the breakdown and all for interesting comments!

    1st panel:
    -There was only one thing I could do to cleanse the evil within their soul.
    -It wasnยดt pretty, They begged for mercy…
    2nd panel:
    -Many suffered greatly, but I had to do whatever necessary to bring peace to Konoha and restrain Uchihas’s power.
    -Nothing would make us to beg to anyone…

    Caption: Sasuke should tread lightly, 4 weeks of continuous Gangman Style is not a matter of joke…


  51. Bubblition; After finding out that izuna eated it the last cookie. madara fell into despair.
    Itachi is awesome! I have no idea why I said that.
    Madara kept screaming “my cookie! my cookie!โ€ฆ That’s it everybody dies.
    Sasuke: Did he avenge the cookie?
    Caption: Now that’s a story for another time. Itachi is awesome for some reason I don’t know.

  52. =)))))))))))) Kanton, dude you have my vote for 1st place this week on the bubble contest, I spat a mouth full of pepsi on my wall because of you, barely missing my laptop screen.
    Cheers bro that was awesome.

  53. awesome breakdown

  54. Bubblition; After finding out that izuna eated it the last cookie. madara planned his revenge.
    Unfortunately for madara, izuna died.
    Madara was so broken by this he vowed to avenge the cookie.
    Sasuke: that’s remind Itachi Stolโ€ฆ Itachi is awesome
    Caption: Normally one would expect a Tiny reference.

    Bubblition: TINY NOOOOO!!!
    Come on this my best attempt a making the Uchiha sympathetic.
    Sasuke: But this has nothing to do with Itachi
    Caption: Shut up fool and give your condolences to Tiny!

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