Fairy Tail 318 Breakdown!! Curse you, Mashima.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

The Grand Magic Games are coming to an end... These battles will be epic.

The Grand Magic Games are coming to an end… These battles will be epic.

It’s been a while, huh? I’ve missed a few chapters, but not much has happened.

  • Minerva stabbed Kagura who had conceded defeat to Erza, thus stealing 5 points and enraging her. She is so going to pay for this!
  • Laxus and Orga’s fight was interrupted by the uber-powerful Wizard Saint Jura… What will happen now?!
  • Gajeel and Rogue started their fight with the former pwning the latter, as expected. Suddenly Rogue’s shadow promises to lend him its power to kill Gajeel, though…
  • Finally, Future Lucy has awakened and she tells Natsu’s group what happened to her, hiding important information from them. Is she an imposter?

This week’s chapter starts off from that last point. Future Lucy has studied the layout of the castle to avoid being captured by the Royal Guard, but they are confronted by them anyway. That raises the question: Is she an imposter who’s trying to use Fairy Tail for her own sinister goals?

Jellal tells it like it is.

Jellal tells it like it is.

Future Lucy told Natsu that Eclipse had brought her back to July 4th and that she had no idea of what to do… But that was all a lie. She didn’t arrive on the 4th and she told Princess Hisui about a different way to use Eclipse, similar to Etherion. How could Lucy have known that? And even if she had somehow found out, why would she lie to her friends?

I think she’s an imposter and a really good manipulator. She’s taking advantage of Fairy Tail’s trust in their nakama to make them do everything she wants. I have no idea of what she’s planning, though.

What do you think?

Moving on, it looks like Arcadios told Yukino about Future Lucy’s lies and they ran away… Even though it would really be OOC for Yukino to abandon her friends like that. Anyway, Mirajane ran after her, so we’ll find out what happened soon.

Back at the Grand Magic Games, Rogue is having a mental breakdown because his shadow is talking about annihilating Gajeel. Suddenly, he starts yelling and knocks Gajeel away. He then reveals that he’s “Shadow”, the one who controls fate.

That sure is an original name.

That sure is an original name.

Both Mavis and Makarov say that Rogue has been possessed by this… being. Despite its cheesy name, it is extremely powerful and it claims to be even stronger than Natsu.

In the meantime, Jellal, Ultear and Meredy feel Zeref’s magic and they think it’s Future Lucy’s, not knowing of “Shadow”. Mashima is trying to confuse us! X__X

Anyway, Rogue has almost killed Gajeel and tells him that he will be consumed by the shadows, only for Gajeel to do something really unexpected…

He eats them.

No way.

No way.

WTF. Just WTF. This can’t be happening again. Another Dragon Slayer eats an element that isn’t their own without an explanation?! You better make something up fast, Mashima, or you’re going to regret doing this.

I have nothing left to say after this terrible, terrible, terrible plot twist, so I’ll end this breakdown on  a  happy note with one of my favorite moments from these last chapters.


This was so touching.

See you all next week! ^^


~ by 最強 Dragon on February 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “Fairy Tail 318 Breakdown!! Curse you, Mashima.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. Shadow and Metal have nothing in common. How is it possible to have 2 affects?

    My theory is that dragon slayers can use any dragon slayer magic really. It seems that there is a basic root to learning the magic that would allow a dragon slayer to learn multiple dragon slayer effects.

    Why can’t there be 2 Lucy’s? One being the imposter and the other being the real Lucy.

    I just want to see some more raging in the tournament. I think it’s been a fun arc

  3. Dragon, I pretty much reflect how you feel about Gajeel’s transformation. The whole chapter was great up until that last page. After that, I wanted to hit my head repeatedly against the nearest wall.

    Who knows, I may have rediscovered some of my braincells I lost there last week…

    Still, I don’t like the fact that Mashima seems to have confused two separate events and mixed them up together. When we think about it, Natsu never ate Laxus’ lightning element. Rather, it was given to him willingly by Laxus himself, which makes some sense at least. The only other time we’ve seen Natsu eat an element outside of his own was when he ate Zancrow’s black flames and he was only able to do that after completely purging himself of his own fire element. In other words, he couldn’t have both active at the same time and he was forced to substitute one for the other. Even then, it still made more sense that Natsu could eat black flames because, at the very least, they are close to his own element. It may not have been ideal, but at least it was somewhat understandable.

    But how, may I ask, was Gajeel able to adapt to Rogue’s shadow element without 1) purging his own element first or 2) being given it willingly by Rogue himself? To me, it would be stupid if Dragon Slayers could suddenly just start eating any element they felt like, because it would destroy their unique powers, constitutions and identity and would eradicate any conceivable limit to their power and make them Mary Sue’s in the making. i really, really hope Kishi doesn’t go down that path for the sake of his own manga.

  4. Well I have been stoked to see the fight with Jura. Also I think You and Tenrai have said pretty much what’s on my mind.

    Kick her butt EZRA!!

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