Naruto Double Takedown Breadown 617-618

Iamnotreallyhere not really Double breaking down two whole chapters of Naruto for Tenrai Senshi. Not because he’s not been apparently tasked by one of his clients to teach their kid not to draw outside the lines… Because that would just be silly….

Chapter 617- Dance of the NInjas 2


Lee’s introspection on Neji and how he turned from being a cold aloof arsehat to a friendly rival willing to accept Lee on equal terms is something I find to be somewhat similar to the dynamic Naruto and Sasuke had before Sasuke decided to embrace the emo side of the force. I for one have to wonder if Sasuke hadn’t left Konoha if their relationship would have eventually evolved into a similar one.

In retrospect this chapter seemed to revolve heavily around Neji’s death, almost to the point of making him a martyr to the cause of the shinobi alliance. The fact that Obito constantly tried to shake Naruto by taunting him with his death only reinforced this for me


Lee-Kachu I choose you!

I really have to wonder about giving Lee Kurama’s Chakra as he can’t really use it for anything though I suppose it probably gives him a boost to strength and acts as some kind of armor. Makes me wonder what he would be capable of going 5 gates in Kyuubi mode.

The following however I have no explanation for…


Errr… Here’s some chakra TenTen, go play with your knives and stay out from underfoot

From here we begin to learn that Naruto didn’t just give everyone a tall glass of Biju-juice, he not only had to mold that chakra to match each individuals unique chakra, he had to do it all on the fly each individual receiving a massive amount of chakra in a fraction of a second. Not only that but Kurama insinuates that he’s also maintaining a connection to each and every one in the entire shinobi alliance.


I find it very interesting that Kurama specifically mentions that he’s maintaining a connection. This pretty much tells me he’s not just powering up the shinobi alliance but also connecting them through himself. And I can imagine it may have had something to do with how they managed to pull…


Some one should tell them that’s not what people mean by flipping some one the bird… I’ll just let someone else tell them

This little stunt.

I actually think that Naruto’s resolve here shook Obito a bit, if only for a moment. That moment was obviously enough though as it provided an opening wide enough for both Naruto and Lee to score direct hits on the two current antagonists severing their physical connection with the Juubi.

and with that Kishi segued us over to Sasuke back in Konoha.

Chapter 618: The Ones Who Know Everything

This chapter starts out as our intrepid Emo and his band of merry malefactors go mask shopping at the local Uzemaki shrine. After finding a mask that matches their emo goals they then head to the Uchiha shrine but first a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


With this Kishi not only draws us a parallel between Sasuke and Naruto’s homecoming but he also drops oh so “subtle” hints at a parallel between him and Orochimaru before moving on to the Uchiha shrine where they begin the task of summoning the ones that know everything.


The Orochimaru Diet Plan… nah I just can’t see this catching on.

After losing a few pounds on the Shinigami diet plan Orochimaru then prepares for the next phase of his plan. Obviously this involves Edo summoning those he just released from the Shikifujin seal but where will he find his sacrifices?


Six men coming out of Sasuke… There’s a joke in there somewhere, I just know it…

Well that was handy, one zetsu for each of the summons, one for Orochimaru to use, and one spare in case someone gets… I dunno, hungry I guess? And with that we are then introduced to “The ones who know everything”


And that wraps up my double breakdown =P

Oh yeah almost forgot.

Caption Winner = ashesreignited


“what we call the japanese hand slap of team spirit is merely a traditional buddhist blessing passed on by the head ninja to his subordinates before entering battle as seen here in these ancient sequential tapestry panels….” — Professor of Cultural Studies at Toyko University

Here is the new bubble contest.Image

have fun =P


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14 Responses to “Naruto Double Takedown Breadown 617-618”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Second!

  3. caption 1: I’m gonna boop your nose!
    caption 2: boop

  4. I won……………? I won!!! I wahn, I wahn I, wahn ;P

    since Tenrai almost forgot. I wonder how intrigued he was by the entries
    Nothing worse then being picked because you were the least mediocre. 😛
    just teasing Tenrai.

    Sheesh Sasuke and Naruto have issues with squatters taking up residence in their bodies. Naruto had a scroll frog, the Kyuubi, the Eye crow from Itachi( which was actually Shisui’s eye) and Kushina and Minato’s “spirit” /chakra. Sasuke has 6 white Zetsus, Orochimaru’s dna( just before Itachi kicked it out of him) and whatever that stuff is that Jugo keeps giving him. ( we won’t even ask about the whole biting Karin thing) Seriously Kishi did you have beneficial experience inhabited by a parasite? was formerly a sword swallower or Professional Regurgitator? The main characters’ “souls” are like trees that have one too many birds perched in their branches. I mean they out do Orochimaru on the amount of items in their gut. All he has is a sword. (random side question: Didn’t Sasuke steal the sword from him too?) I mean isn’t Orochimaru suppose to be the snake like one? Eating people whole and what not?

    I think I’m a bit confused on the whole chakra thing. even with the diagram…

    Also I wish there was some kind of revelation…. this is like Sasuke catch up in these last few chapters… I don’t know if anything exciting really happened in the discussion I’m hoping next week we find a piece that’s been missing for so long.

  5. If this is a double breakdown, how come chapter 619 is mentioned too?

  6. Because it was going to be a triple but Tenrai wants to break down the latest chapter and I was tired when I changed it from a triple to a double, and forgot to change the number, which I am gonna change right now…

  7. IANTH Great job on the B-down. these last few chapters have been really interesting and I can’t wait to hear Sasuke’s resolution after he hears everything there is to know from the former Kages.

    Witch ever way it goes I can bet Sasuke will want to speak with Madara also to find out why he’s so driven with revenge and darkness, and why he didn’t try to rewrite this cursed path the Uchiha have been on for so long.

    IMO Itachi should have been the peace bringer of the clan being so mature and well versed in ninjutsu and knowledge alike. Together he and his brother could have turned the fate of the clan around. But I’m sure the Konoha higher ops would have tried to stop that action by devious means.

  8. Sry I didn’t mean to misattribute the breakdown to Tenrai, I apologize Absent

  9. “IMO Itachi should have been the peace bringer of the clan being so mature and well versed in ninjutsu and knowledge alike. Together he and his brother could have turned the fate of the clan around. But I’m sure the Konoha higher ops would have tried to stop that action by devious means.”

    that being said sir eugen. i think itachi over did himself on trying to restore the clan all by himself resulting to the annahilation of his clan. he did say on episode 299 that he was wrong to carry all the burden. IMHO i think that sasuke would be the one to carry on that duty of restoring the Uchiha clan and stop the curse that tobimaru was talking about. and i think sasuke would be last sharingan user. ever since i watch the movie bonds, i always had the feeling that sasuke will/would help naruto. i really don’t know why but i really have that gut feeling that they will always have that connection of being rivals and at the same time always having each others back.

  10. @ Chaps. I actually think Kishi contradicted himself in making Itachi’s personality. because a man who’s so mature and has the reasoning of a kage by the age of 7, can probably figure out he can’t do everything on his own, I’m not saying he should have included Sasuke in a plan to bring back stability to the uchiha. But he and Shisui could have built something truly great of the Uchiha clan.

    As for the naruto-sasuke relation, I bet Sasuke’s “love” is non other then Naruto, he lost the love he had for Itachi when he whipped out the clan and after that incident he found a friend and a rival in Naruto, and for some time things were really great. Sasuke only lost his mind when he figured out that he fall behind, compared to Naruto and so he tried to find a quick solution to achieving power in Orochimaru’s proposal.

    But he’s relationship with Naruto is one that will never be undone and that’s probably why Sasuke is so frustrated, because he’s trying not to care for naruto but for some reason he can’t forget his comrade.

  11. @Eugen: Agreed. This was shown best in the fight between Sasuke and Bee. There have been some subtle things since then that have shown it, but this event confirmed that his thoughts were, in fact, with team 7.

  12. I don’t think it’s his love for Naruto that missed with him. Sauske has been an avenger ever since the Uchiha massacre. That’s the traumatic event that set him off. He had a family and a brother he loved very much. And the one person who loved the most killed his entire clan. that is what caused the brain chemistry to alter his eyes and chakra. That’s why he was able to become powerful. The 2nd event was actually finding an equal and a rival in Naruto. that is when the altered brain state thing comes in. Like Madara he realized that only in the Darkness he could get more powerful.

  13. i bet orochimaru already has an idea on what sasuke’s resolve is. and that would be to save the village if not the village atleast stop madara and obito from destroying the uchiha’s name.

  14. i agree but if sasuke resolve was to save the leaf then why have oro and his gang with him

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