Naruto Chapter 616 Breakdown: When the going gets tough, the emo get going!

Greetings one and all, and welcome to yet another Naruto manga breakdown. This past issue we were all given a real treat in the form of a cover page and opening colour pages for Naruto. It may be a bit of a late new years celebration, so to speak, but it is nonetheless a welcome addition for us manga hungry fans and a great way to start off the new year. In particular, I really loved the spread posted below, which featured a lot deal of detail and great artistry.

Take note of the fact that Naruto is holding nine swords (representing him as the Nine Tails Jinchuurinki). Of course, Sasuke just looks as emo as always.

Take note of the fact that Naruto is holding nine swords (representing him as the Nine Tails Jinchuurinki). Of course, Sasuke just looks as emo as always.

Moving along to the latest chapter, the saying “jealousy makes you nasty” is definitely one that came to mind as I read through the first few pages, and for one particular Emochiha, it’s a vice that seems to have become a lot more prominent in his already long list of iniquities, which include, among other things, feelings of hatred and revenge.

Of course, the person I am referring to is none other than Sasukill Emochiha.

Hey! I'm only emo on days that end with "y". <_<

Hey! I’m only emo on days that end with “y”. <_<

Sasukill is no stranger to jealousy. In fact, if we look back into the history of this story, we’ll find that there are two things that seem to drive his advancement as a character. One are his feelings of revenge – which were before directed towards Itachi and now towards Konoha – and the other was his sense of rivalry with Naruto, which was often intensified by his feelings of inferiority regarding Naruto’s rapid growth compared to his own (which could definitely be seen as a form of envy).

The first indication of these feelings was shown when Sasuke challenged Naruto to a fight on top of a hospital roof, a radical move on his part that was clearly driven by his former encounter with Itachi, who also seemed to show more interest in Naruto (his target) than in Sasuke (his own brother).

naruto c175 p06

Despite Sasukill’s typical outward show of confidence, it’s painfully clear to us readers that at this point in the story, he feels more than a bit shaken by Naruto’s growth and Itachi’s former taunts. His fears (if you can call them that) are realized in the aftermath of their battle, where the comparative results of their power are shown as clear as day.

Biiiiig... bada boom...

That’s a Biiiiig bada boom…

It’s really from this point in the story that things took a turn for the worst as far as Sasuke is concerned. He abandons Konoha, turns against his comrades and even attempts to kill them on more than one occasion and yet, in all that time, one thing has remained consistent, and that is the fact that Sasuke always seems to be challenged by his own self-conscious feelings spurred by what seems to be some sort of inferiority complex. It’s as if he feels threatened by the mere thought that Naruto might be as strong as – or stronger – than he is and I’m not sure if we could write this of as simple Uchiha arrogance, or whether it’s representative of some primal fear deep down inside Sasuke’s heart.

One thing is for certain though and that is the fact that Sasuke will go through any lengths to ensure that Naruto never surpasses him, no matter how drastic those measures are.

Sure... <_<

Sure… it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re worried he might kick your butt. <_<

This brings us to the present, where for the first time in a number of chapters, we finally get a glimpse of the whereabouts of Team Hawk and their more than creepy guest, Orochimaru. It’s clear from their surroundings that Sasuke and company have found their way towards Konoha, which brings up a few questions about just what they intend to do there or who they intend to meet. It also brings to light the idea that Sasuke may run into Koharu and Homura as targets of his revenge, which I am hoping will happen if only to see a battle between the three of them.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the only thing on Sasuke’s mind as he feels the all too familiar aura of Naruto’s power despite being far from the battlefield he inhabits, a fact that Orochimaru does not fail to notice.

I'm surprised Orochimaru isn't more interested in all the wood around them.

I’m surprised Orochimaru isn’t more interested in all the wood being erected around them.

So now Sasuke has two things to be jealous about. The first is that Naruto is most likely stronger than him once again and the other is that he now probably has a girlfriend as well, which definitely hurts Sasuke’s chances of ever making Naruto his…

Ouch… feel that burn…

The only question from here is, what will Sasuke do now, knowing just how much further Naruto has grown since their last meeting? To what lengths will Sasuke go to close the gap between the two of them knowing how far he has gone in the past, and at what cost? It is with these question in mind that I have come up with a theory of sorts that I’d like to share with you all, one that involves the scroll of Orochimaru’s that Suigetsu found.

With the way these people always fail to give a name to the person or thing they are referring to, I'm starting to wonder if this mystery individual is Voldemort.

With the way these people always fail to give a name to the person or thing they are referring to, I’m starting to wonder if this mystery individual is none other than Voldemort.

So, here’s my theory. It’s a bit of a shot in the dark and there’s a good chance I am way, way off the mark here, but I believe that the secret behind this scroll somehow involves the Reaper Death Seal.

When you think about it, it seems to be a logical fit. Orochimaru’s arms were sealed away by the Shiki Fuujin, and so where two of his greatest Edo Tensei weapons, so it only makes sense that he might have spent a lot of time and research in an effort to find a way to undo the seal or perhaps even take control of the Death God itself. This would, in essence, serve two purposes. The first would be to give Orochimaru a means to gain his arms back – and thus the ability to use his jutsu again – and the second would be to allow the re-summoning of formally sealed individuals such as the likes of Hashirama, Tobirama and even Minato.

That isn’t all though. There’s one other factor we need to consider in all of this – something I believe Kishi has intentionally been building up to for quite some time now – and that is the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra, which was also sealed away with the Shiki Fuujin.


One thing that’s always bothered me is the question as to why Kishi would specifically bring up the point of mentioning that only half of Kurama’s chakra was sealed into Naruto. Why not just say all of it was sealed into Naruto? What difference would it really make to the story either way?

The obvious answer would be that he did it because he still intends to use the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra in some specific way that is important to the advancement of his story. This made me consider the possibility that he may intend to give Sasuke the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra at some point, to balance him against Naruto as an equal, but opposite power. It also forms a connection back to the fact that the Sage of the Six Paths gave his Yin chakra to his oldest son (the Uchiha) and Yang chakra to his youngest son (Senju and Uzumaki), which means this kind of contrast in their power would thereby be symbolic of that history as well. In essence, through this contrast of power, the battle between Naruto and Sasuke could be seen as a true battle between Yin and Yang, negative and positive, or even light and dark.

All theories aside though, this latest chapter had a lot more to offer as well in the form of action, with Naruto once again at the forefront.

When Hinata fantasized about her dream proposal, this wasn't what she had in mind...

When Hinata fantasized about her dream proposal, this wasn’t what she had in mind…

I thought it was pretty cool how, for the first time in the series, everyone in the alliance got a true glimpse of Naruto’s power. The way they all referred to it as “Naruto’s chakra” in such awe is a testament to how far he has been acknowledged as a shinobi. I also thought it was awesome how Naruto is now sharing that power with his comrades and giving them a boost as well to tip the scales against the Juubi.

In a sense, it reflects back to the lesson Itachi gave Naruto about how it isn’t that those who become Hokage can be acknowledge, but rather it is those who are acknowledged that can become Hokage. It also reflects on his words “never forget your friends” in the way Naruto is no longer trying to do everything on his own, but is instead relying on his comrades to help him in his struggles. Naruto is playing the team game now and what a team it is.

Except for Tenten, she’s still being useless, as usual.

Come on Tenten. It's been like 100 chapters since we last saw you actually doing something and the best you can come up with after all that time is a one-word line?

Come on Tenten. It’s been like 100 chapters since we last saw you actually doing something and the best you can come up with after all that time is a one-word line with three dots at the end?

At this rate, I think it would have been much better if Neji had throw Tenten in the way of the Juubi’s attack to save Hinata and Naruto, rather than jumping in the way himself. That way, he would have saved the world in more way than one…

Still, aside from a few specs of dust, this latest chapter shone brightly. It was a good start to 2013 and I can only hope it gets better from here. I know I’m cutting things off a bit abruptly, but that’s all from me for now as far as this breakdown is concerned, so here are the Bubbliton winners from the last breakdown.

Pepe Chuy Moncho: Girls, always trying to be kind, behind our backs.

Pepe Chuy Moncho: Girls, always trying to be kind, behind our backs.

Well done to Pepe for his entry.

This week, there weren’t many bubbles that seemed suitable for a bubbliton contest, so I decided instead to have a normal caption contest (no bubbles involved, only captions). Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert Caption here.*

*Insert Caption here.*

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

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  1. First is Uberkage!!

    Bubble Caption: DId Naruto just give the entire shinobi world… the Clap?

  2. The Todd would be proud

  3. Second

    Great breakdown as usual.

    Bubble Caption: YOU IT!

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  5. CAPTION: I was told to share in Kindergarten. So I’m sharing my AIDs.

    I hope that joke wasn’t too inappopriate. πŸ˜›

  6. It’s out:

  7. its out πŸ˜€

  8. This was a good chapter, well balanced between action and talking, lots of action and finally we get to see, next week, where Orochimaru brought Taka and finally see who they will meet. I truly hope it’s not Koharu and Homura (the two elders of Konoha). Those two have been around for some time now and they, sure as hell, know every little underground move Konoha has done in the past.
    Also Hinata’s shoulder popping was a nice touch, do you guys realize that she sees everyone on the battlefield NAKED!?!?!


    Mangastream’s version is a more easy read, both picture and translation wise. Also I caught a few things I missed the first time @, like the fact that the army took the shape of a bird when they cut off the Juubi tails (arms) and also the obvious strategy to detach Madara and Obito from the Juubi.

    Now since Lee and Naruto severed the connections to the Bijuu, will it go on a rampage or will Madara and Obito manage to regain control of it next chapter. Any way it goes I think Orochimaru, Saskue, Juugo and Suigetsu might take control of the story in the future chapters and we get a Kishi classic (Like the Kages slaughter) and miss the action, I for one hope, if he dose decide to include Sasukes story now I think it would be better to go with both stories at the same time 50/50 of the manga to each one.

  10. Caption entry

    “what we call the japanese hand slap of team spirit is merely a traditional buddhist blessing passed on by the head ninja to his subordinates before entering battle as seen here in these ancient sequential tapestry panels….” — Professor of Cultural Studies at Toyko University

    @ Tenrai I must say that you always surprise me with the depth and levity of your posts. I wish I had money I could throw your way…

    @ chapter 617 That panel with Naruto comforting Rock Lee and giving him Kyuubi chakra is incredibly powerful. finally we catch up next chapter with Sasuke? and the Shinobi Aliiance is finally useful… and we get to find out that Naruto can empower an entire army and still have chakra left over…. I have to say alot of the previous chapters have been a bit lack luster but these last couple have definitely got me stoked. Especially seeing that Rock Lee gets to kick Madara’s ass.

  11. I agree, Rock Lee taking a chunk out of Madara was extremely gratifying. I’d say another high point of the chapter was Naruto’s delivery of his philosophy again.

    This panel: “I hope no one would sever the bonds they’ve made with me.”

    I know this might be stretching it, but his face looks really mature and confident in that panel. This is a welcome change to being indecisive about how to reply to Obito.

  12. Caption: If you’re happy and you know it…!

  13. @ashes

    Thank you for your generous feendback. I appreciate it and I am glad you enjoy the breakdowns and hope everyone else is enjoying them as well.

    But, if you’re going to throw money, please make sure they aren’t coins because that might hurt a lot. O___O

  14. Caption: “You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra! You get chakra!” A sneak peak when Naruto crossovers with Oprah.

  15. Excellent breakdown Tenrai!
    I love the fact that Naruto finally made the power of Kurama into something of his own. I especially like how Kakashi noted how the chakra was more dense and robust. πŸ˜€

  16. Caption: Even with his upgrade Chakra mode, he still isn’t fast enough to complete the multi-thousand years of pain. They just keep blocking him…

  17. You know, there’s one thing I’d like to see more of in this battle and in this manga as a whole, and that is Naruto using his summoning contract more. I mean, he’s had his toad summoning contract since part 1 and yet in all these hundreds of chapters since then, he has rarely ever used it. I think the largest extents to which he did use it were in the battles with Gaara and Pein and other than that, not much else has been done.

    We saw Minato go toe-to-toe with Kurama while riding on Gamabunta. I just think it would also be awesome if we saw Naruto doing the same right now against the Juubi, with his awesome cloak flowing in the wind, standing in an epic stance on top of Gamabunta’s head, etc.

    Come on Kishi! Use the skills you gave Naruto dammit!

  18. aption entry, 2nd ( and last)

    When the level of your Awesomeness is this high, you automatically create applause.


  19. Caption entry, 2nd ( and last)

    When the level of your Awesomeness is this high, you automatically create applause.


  20. @ Tenrai Well I think it’s awesome how you don’t get so caught up in the “moment”/chapter and how you bring us back to Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship and how Sasuke’s jealousy was one of the motivating factors for leaving Konoha.

    Also I wonder what the Toads would be like infused with the Kyuubi’s chakra?

    LOL @ the Girlfriend comment….. Sorry Sasuke, he’s taken but if you want a man like person, here’s Sakura….

    @ Eugen I hope we get at least 3 of weeks of Sasuke followed by Kishi taking up the story again with Naruto and not skipping over anythng.

    I’m with you I’m not sure I want the Elders as being, “in the know”. I’m hoping the Scroll makes the Reaper give up the dead and we get to see either the First and the Second recounting stuff or the Sons of the SOSP. It would be way cooler.

    @ everyone else… there are so many strange possibilities for Orochimaru, what if he restores the part of himself that the Third sealed and then takes up the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra?

  21. Caption: who would have thought that the talk no jutsu could be convert into a high five powerup no jutsu

  22. @ashes, I think Oro would give the other half of Kurama’s chakra to Naruto. If he can’t glean knowledge from it, it is of no use to him. Now, that doesn’t mean he won’t go back and try to take it in the future, if it suits his goals.

    I want to see what all the hubbub about Naruto learning the names of the tailed beasts was about, and how he will use that against Madara/Obito.

  23. I wonder though… if the death god dumps the contents of his guts, does that mean Minato could teach Naruto FTG and sealing techniques (in the moments before he dies from the giant claw wound through his chest)?

    Does that also mean other baddies from before the 3rd Hokage’s time would also be freed, releasing a whole new set of baddies on the land, and making way for another Naruto series? Maybe “Naruto Death God Villains”?

  24. awesome : p

  25. Imagine if you will that the death reaper releases the sealed ones for oros control, the oro lets loose the first on madara :-0 it will be epicness 9000 2 immortal legends vs eachother but also bittersweet becuase yay 1st beats madara hopefully but awww oro turns him on the shinobi army after hes finished with madara while sasuke and naruto play.

  26. Did Kishi ever explained how Tobi was Mizukage during the Bloodymist era? That part is still bugging me. Zabuza was part of the bloodymist generation. He graduated around 11 years of age. He and Kakashi are roughly the same age. Kakashi and Tobi were around the same age. How could Tobi be the one who was controlling the 4th Mizukage if he wasn’t even old enough or strong enough to manipulate him? This piece of information fell through the cracks. Bullshit

  27. @breakdown you forgot to mention Kiba uselessness even with the new powerup.
    Also Itachi doesn’t taunt Sasuke. He was taking yet another potshot at Sasuke’s sanity, for his “protection”.
    @ashes Nope, like Rin’s death it’s never elaborate on.

  28. Great breakdown as always nii sama. Interesting points to bring up too. I totally forgot about the ying yang and from my point of view, Kishi seems to wanna recreate the past (like always >.>)

    To me, I think the first time Sasuke began to feel the first inklings of jealously was after the Third’s funeral when he told Sakura that it wasn’t him that saved her, it was Naruto. I could tell it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Imagine the dead last he expected to fail didn’t.

    Another one was when he was contemplating the battle he witnessed between Naruto and Gaara. He felt dwarfed by the fact that Naruto learned all those jutsus and grew that fast without his knowing. Totally explains the way that he berates Naruto like that >.>.

    Well all I know is that the long awaited battle between Naruto and Sasuke is gonna be totally epic (or some heads, namely Kishi’s, are gonna roll).

  29. it’s about to go down!

  30. if madara was able to undo the seal of the edo tensei.. the other 4 hokages can definitely do the same..

  31. Brilliant breakdown !! Its almost as if you went into Kish’s mind ….
    you hit bull’s eye !!

  32. Bullshit cop-out. These guys better not get controlled. I will actually stop reading this manga if they get controlled.

  33. Why the fuck didn’t Oro do that in the beginning? Bull shit

  34. Wow, it seems I really nailed my theory on the mark in my breakdown. It’s actually uncanny, lol!

    Now the only part that remains to be seen is if Sasuke tries to acquire Kurama’s Yin chakra from Minato, or whether it will somehow find its way to Naruto to give him help to stop the Juubi.


    You should try to calm down and not get too worked up without taking a step back and thinking about things a bit. You ask why Oro didn’t do this before, when I think the answer is rather obvious. It’s clear that to summon the Shinigami in the way they did, Oro needed two things. The first was the mask from the Uzumaki temple and the second was to be in the presense of the Uchiha shrine. Both of those required the act of infiltrating Konoha, which would usually be very difficult even for the likes of Orochimaru under normal circumstances. He may be strong but it’s not like he can challenge the strength of the mightiest hidden village on his own, especially after losing his arms. He even tried to do it with two hidden villages at his beck and call and he still failed.

    It’s only now because 90 percent of Konoha’s forces are out at war that infiltrating Konoha has become easier.

  35. @ Tenrai, Firstly, congratulations on a b-down over 9000, as usual.

    @ Wise, Maybe Orochimaru decided to find the out a way to get his arms back after they were taken by Hiruzen. So he dedicated his research on this matter after the “crush Konoha arc” .

    It’s nice to see that the Shiki Fuujin mask was an Uzumaki heritage. Now we finally get to see what Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen can finally do. Not that bullshit we saw at the start of the manga.

    Now we will truly see what the best of the Hokages can really do without the worry of something as fleeting as Life involved in the equation.

    @ Chaps, I know for sure Tobirama can undo the Edo Tensei because the dude created it, as for the rest, I hope the same will happen.

  36. Wow, I couldn’t believe this was almost entirely predicted by Tenrai. Good job man!

  37. @Eugen so if ever that theory happens. we are in for some battle. the question now is. why didn’t tobirama undo it when he was first summoned by oro. did oro use edo tensei? or a different one?

  38. @Chaps

    Probably for the same reason Madara never undid it when he was first summoned – because he’s not in control of his body yet.

    Madara was only able to undo his in the brief moment he gained control of his body when Edo Tensei was released.

  39. @wiseman

    Also, to answer your earlier question about the third Mizukage, we don’t know how long he reigned for so for all we know he was Mizukage right up until before the start of Part 2. The current Mizukage, Mei, does seem to be fresh to the job, after all.

    This means Tobi’s influence in the mist could easily fall well within the timeline without issues, seeing as how we have no real evidence to indicate otherwise. We also can’t presume that Obito was the sole cause of the “blood mist” saga.

    Aside from that, going by the tone of your comments, you seem to be very angry lately… Is everything alright?

  40. Chaps, I for one desconsider a lot of info we were given at the start of the manga, because Kishi didn’t have a very clear path to follow story-wise, so as time passed he revisited some old aspects and tried to upgrade on.

    We all saw the shameful prestation of the former kages in the “Crush the Leaf arc” and now I’m willing to bet the 4 hokages are gonna change the tide of the war.

    I hope we get to see the full extent of everyone of the group and a lot of unseen jutsus.

  41. Oro’s back at full power & with a lot of knowledge from kabuto.

  42. Lack of Imagination (LOI for short, sorry but typing your name is really made for Tenrai who is used to type long novels)

    I was really eager to see Orochimaru at full power since his rebirth, but now I’m even more looking forward to his testament of power seeing that he’s obtained kabuto’s memories and can now enter sage mode without any drawbacks. Also kabuto learned the full extent of Edo Tensei and a lot of other jutsu that Oro will most likely put to far better use then Kabuto did.

    Kabuto was a great bad guy IMO but he was to young and without a definite and concrete path and purpose, a bit to “green” if you will.

    But Orochimaru has been doing the bad guy role for a long time and his experience and knowledge is uncanny and almost unparalleled.

    So I’m on the edge to see 4 hokages with unlimited power, an EMS Sasuke and a upgraded Orochimaru.

  43. I don’t see how Oro gets sage mode out of this… sage mode takes training as well as knowledge. Guess we’ll see tho πŸ™‚

  44. What a meh chapter, Kishi is beeing obvious lately, no plot twists, nothing everything is predictable.
    Better read One Piece ^.^

  45. *Eats LiveAid.*

  46. @tenrai sorry for my not so constructive feedback πŸ˜›
    Awesome breakdown tho as usual!

  47. I get the feeling we’re going to see a pro-Konoha Kabuto vs Orochimaru battle in the future.

  48. I am truly impressed with how well this chapter was predicted haha..excellent stuff. Sweet chapter over all, and very excited to see where this goes from here.

  49. Thanks for your concern Tenrai. I’m alright, just bummed by the turn of events in the manga is all.

    How is this conversation going to turn out? What does Sauske want to know from them? I want to know how Konoha was during Minato’s reign

  50. Wow. Kudos on predicting this chapter down to a T, Tenrai! Now fess up, you broke into Kishi’s house and snuck a peak at the chapter before it hit the publisher’s right? ;P

    As for the chapter, once again I’ll have to say I hate Edo Tensei. For me it’s a cheap cop-out jutsu that just about cheapens everything in this manga. It was fine when it was used sparingly but the Kishi took the jutsu and went to town with it! I just really hope the Hokages aren’t used as indestructible puppet weapons like the other summons. I think that would be a new low on the disappointment bar.

  51. @chaps and tenrai: I disagree at the time there was no reason to deactivate it. Is it just me or was that chapter a bit of an Asspull. Such as the Uzumaki clan house that conveniently holds the Shiki Fuin release thing. Shouldn’t the Hokage know about something like that and at least have provided better security than leave something like that lying around for an Uchiha/Orochimaru/Kabuto walk in and grab it. Though that would have probably grabbed it regardless but still make it a little believable.
    Caption: Now if only all contagious diseases where this awesome.

  52. I hope to see Kurama’s other half making its way to Naruto, but I highly doubt it. Notice how Oro had prepared 6 bodies? And he had 4 of them used to resurrect the previous Hokage and he used one for himself. He had Juugo and Suigetso hold down both Zetsu. One, Oro entered. What about the other one? I think that one is going to seal Kurama’s other half some how.

    Are we going to see Madara and Hashirama working together to stop the Juubi from rampaging?

    Now the only one missing from this fiasco known as Edo Tensie is Jariya. For gods sake, Kishi! You’ve brought everyone else back to life, now bring on the Pervy Sage! At least go all the way!

    Imagine Jirayia working with Minato! Bam wizzle! But no, most likely, I aint going to see that

  53. @Wiseman

    Maybe the other one is for Kushina. @____@


    I would actually like to see Kishi use Minato to fight at the very least. The other Kage can go back to sleep for all I care but I think it would be awesome if Minato was used to fight in some way, because we never really got to see the full extent of his power as Hokage on the battlefield. I’d also like to see a Minato vs Naruto fight because I think it would be very sentimental and emotional. If Kushina was somehow involved as well, that would heighten the emotion that much more.


    I reckon the kage may not have known about what the masks in the Uzumaki emple could be used for. We also can’t be sure if they even knew the location of the Uchiha shrine. Still, there are a few oddities I did spot in this chapter that I will mention in my breakdown.

  54. Firstly I will repeat myself , TENRAI IS KISHI , there is no more to this subject to discuss. Let’s be thankful he’s taking time in between his manga drawing to write our breakdowns.

    @ arpotu, As far as Sage mode is concerned let’s say it’s a bit like Naruto’s shadow clones for Orochimaru now, only he got all the intel he needed from Kabuto. If you know the procedure then you can master the jutsu without much trouble, also let’s not forget this is Orochimaru were talking about, so learning a jutsu and a new skill is this dude’s life goal.

  55. PS, The other half of Kurama’s chakra is sealed inside Minato, so technically he’s the jinchuriki of Kurama in his present state, only he has the yin half inside him.

    So you can be damn sure Minato will crush a lot of people until he is sealed away forever.

    What I would like to know is how will the other half of Kurama react now when it knows the yang half in Naruto has become a partner and friend to it’s jinchuriki. Will the two of them reach a mutual understanding and share the same state of mind or will there be a conflict between them, almost the same as it was for Naruto at the falls of truth.

  56. @Eugen

    Technically that isn’t correct. Only the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra was sealed into Minato, while Kurama’s body and the rest of his chakra was sealed into Naruto.

    I’d presume this means that only pure chakra was sealed into Minato and that there isn’t actually a physical being with a personality like Kurama himself. If I had to compare it to something it would be how Naruto took Kurama’s chakra in their tug of war. Once the chakra was seperated from Kurama, it was just a large sphere inside Naruto that he could access at any time. But the sphere itself was just pure chakra that had no mind of its own while Kurama still existed as a being seperate from the chakra.

  57. @ Kishi, sorry Tenrai. You know I’m not gonna debate the subject with you since you wrote the whole thing .

    But you have to remember one thing, the bijuu are pure chakra, so what Minato has in his body now can probably manifest itself as Kurama, shape and power alike.
    It’s just a guess but it is a possibility.

    Also Great job on the breakdown, if I haven’t already praised you yet.

  58. @Tenrai. I think she just died at the alter and some of her chakra was sealed into Naruto. Minato didn’t seal the Kyuubi into him. It’s like what happened with the 3rd Hokage vs Oro. The 3rd took Oro’s arms. Minato just took half of the Kyuubi.

    I didn’t think about the possibility of Kushina. I do want to see Minatos reaction.

    I also don’t think these guys will get controlled. Doesn’t Oro need those seals on his kunai and stick them in the back of the head of the ressurected? Or even the beans that Kabuto placed on the ground. I think these guys are going to free roam to the battle field.

  59. Im gonna pull a tenrai here and predict something that will probably be true….. THE FINAL ZETSU IS FOR THE KURAMA CHAKRA FOR NO ONE ELSE BUUUUT?? SASUKE!!

    If im wrong everyone here can mass zombie mode eat me…

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    Btw, I don’t know why you guys are so enamored by the idea of the yin chakra of Kurama. If you want to get technical, the energy that is yin goes to the container vessel it belongs to. So, if anything, it should go back to Naruto. I just don’t see that happening because, as I recall, it was just a haircut to get Kurama to fit inside Naruto. The chakra is gone. If Oroch got his arms back immediately so too should Kurama get his yin.

  61. @ visionary1200, I now what your saying, I can already see Orochimaru’s green slowly showing his Pedoface, more disturbing is that Sasuke might go for it this time :)).

    As for Kurama’s other half of the chakra, it can’t go back if it’s still sealed in Minato. Think of it like a Tonka toy, Minato was sealed into the Shiki Fuujin and Kurama was sealed into Minato. Minato now is out of the reaper but Kurama’s chakra is still in Minato. Remember Minato has to release that seal somehow because all that’s holding the Kyuubi’s chakra in now is a bit of a mystery. Seeing as Kurama was also sealed into Minato with the Reaper death seal, now all that’s holding the chakra into the 4th body is a bit of an unknown factor.

  62. @Eugen, then by that logic Oroch should not have his arms back. If the chakra is in Minato, why then did he have limited chakra while talking to Naruto? Because it was sealed in the death reaper seal. The same seal the third used on Oroch’s arms. Oroch turned the seal inside out by sacrificing himself.

  63. Visionary, I know what your saying, if Orochimaru’s arms returned to him from within hiruzen then by the same logic so should Kurama’s other half of the chakra return to it. Now I’m really looking forward to see if it’s gonna be a huge surprise for both naruto and Kurama when all that power comes rushing back, and more importantly, how will this change affect the both of the in mind and body alike.

    As for Minato,s limited chakra issue, if I’m not mistaken he used kushina’s seal and incorporated only a small piece o his chakra into Naruto as a failsafe in case the kyuubi got freed and Naruto wouldn’t have been able to stop it.

    So Minato only used a bit of his chakra to sneak in with kushina’s as well while the rest of his chakra got sealed in the Shiki fuujin.

  64. Great breakdown ten…btw it was not letting me comment un here
    Anyways great chapter but what I found more interesting is the anime last week when Hitachi said he helped fake shisue death so that meens he is still alive right?

  65. @simply: I think it was just one of those lost in translation moments in the anime, i think it simply means itachi helped fake it to look like sishui was murdered, when he infact actually technically commited suicide?

  66. @anime: i was just glad to see killer bee use his 8 swords with style from samehada, and notice how naruto used some awesome taijutsu on itachi also, taijutsu is what excites me in a battle, its good to see some things back to basics, maybe thats why i felt like ahhh hell yeah when lee got badass now in the manga, i wish he would open up 7 gates plus the kyuubi chakra hehe oh yes.

  67. Don’t forget to make Lee drunk too.

  68. @bakkage I feel like their is more to it than that I’m going to try and find the chapter so I can double check because they made it seem like shishu? Left the village I hope we get to see what happen to him his death or were he ended up

  69. Hello all! Remember me? *sweat drops*

    Great Breakdown Tenrai.

    (this is Awkward, i feel like a new-comer) Umm…. Uhh aha! If the death god seal was to be un-done then that means the deceased spirits are free from imprisonment and can roam free only leaving them prey to Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei not that the deceased will all resurface back to the land of the living

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    I for one vote for Hashirama and Tobirama because there the ones that have been the least developed in the story, but I would love to see Hiruzen’s prime power also so we can finally put an end to the myth that he was better then hashirama and tobirama.

  71. @Eugen: I really believe that Hiruzen was the strongest of all Hokage. I also like the fact that he wasn’t really born of any known super-lineage. He mastered tons of jutsu, I bet even more then Oro. He learned from the first 2 hokage. Its a shame they only have him at old age. How is it that they revive the 3rd Hokage in an old state but Madara can be resurrected in his prime, and with add-ons (like Hashirama’s cells)? I just don’t get that story logic

  72. I just hope to God Oro doesn’t take control of them. I’d really like Minato’s take on the Uchiha and seeing Oro.

  73. @laughing: Edo Tensei requires the user to acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to reincarnate. DNA might have changed due to age and chakra and this might be the reason why the 3rd Hokage, Pain, etc. where revived in their not so prime states.


    It’s out

  75. Emochiha confirmed!

  76. This has got to be my favorite chapter of all the recent chapters. I absolutely love the personality of the first. It also confirms what I’ve been prediction (as I’m sure you all have) for a long time. Emochiha (as lousytv says it) is something I’ve been wanting to hear for a long time. So many times we have heard of Sasuke’s eyes being stimulated by loss/despair. So many times we have heard of very tangible tragic moments creating power for the uchiha. Now it’s all confirmed.

    I still want to hear more about the senju. But I got my fill of excitement from this chapter. Seeing the personality of the 1st hokage is awesome, and the story really delivered. As some might have expected, the 1st is a lot like Naruto. A loud mouthed and well meaning brat with a lot of heart.

    So excited for the next chapter.

  77. @ Bret, I agree with everything you just said. The 1st is like a child, lay’ed back and with a sens of good towards everyone. To my dislike, Tobirama indeed pushed back the Uchiha but it seems the dude knew a lot more about the clan then we first thought.

    Apparently Obito’s brain got f’ed when Rin died and also Madara as well. Now Sasuke felt the same effects caused by his love for Itachi, the Itachi who IMO was the best among Uchiha, being the only dude who cared about the history of the clan and judged everything rationally.

    Gonna be back with more after I reread the chapter a few more times.

  78. Also the reaction Hashirama had when he found out Tsunade was the 5th Hokage made me laugh like a mad man :)))))))


    A bit more precise on the translation but all in all it’s the same info.
    Funny how Minato didn’t intervene in the discussion, he might have been kept in the dark about the past.

    I really enjoyed this chapter and I’m surprised to see Tobirama was the exact man Danzo was. The douch actually sponged the most out of Tobirama and not Hiruzen but I guess Tobirama took the kage decision based on power and compassion in spite of a rule with an iron fist,

    Also I’m really amazed to see Sasuke held so strong and fought the urge not to punch Tobirama in the balls for his attitude and disrespect towards the uchiha as a clan.

    Sasuke sure has come a long way since he obtained the EMS and his reunion with Itachi.

  80. Am a lil bit disappointed, i thought Hashirama will be this serious dude like Itachi but then this character wth….

  81. hashirama reminds me of goku…bittersweet moment really

  82. It’s tough for me to decide whether to emphasize what Tobirama had to deal with in terms of having everyone getting along or see him as a hateful dictator who cared about power too much. It seems like him assigning the Uchihas as the police force was a joke of a job for a peaceful village. It is apparent, though, that of all the Hokages, he made the worst decisions. I knew we were in for a treat, though, considering of all the Hokages, Tobirama is the one whom we knew the least. The next most mysterious one is the 3rd.

  83. I loved this chapter. Firstly, the first hokage’s personality is amazing and here’s why: he’s naruto. In part 1 we had this allusion of naruto being like the 1st and sasuke like madara (valley of the end)…it seems so natural that his personality would mirror naruto’s (Goku’s). The story is really coming full circle. Also, sasuke’s redemption is imminent (to at least anti-hero status) Ever since his meeting w/ itachi he’s learning to look at the big picture and what it means to be a ninja. After this meeting they are definitely going to the battleground. It would be awesome to see hashirama lecture and belittle madara and obito while putting faith in naruto, but this might not happen seeing as its just pure fan cheese. I want more 4th hokage talking tho/ sasuke acknowledging that minato was naruto’s father. Also gotta hand it to kishi with the seconds explanation of the uchiha’s curse. Not only was it natural and awesome explanation but it saved at least for me 2 of the major pitfalls of the series: sasuke’s emoness and obito’s reaction to rin. Also, I’m wondering if tobirama invented the edo tensei so that the uchiha can see they’re fallin brethren and stop buggin out or was he just looking for apowerful tech to protect the village.
    ps. suigetsu was hilarious throughout he had me on a frickin roflcopter.
    pps. where is obito’s mizukage phase

  84. i think sasuke would put an end to the uchiha’s curse by creating another village or living in peace in konoha. just like the third said itachi’s wisdom was on par with the kage’s at an early age and i think he(itachi) knew that as an older brother of sasuke that, he(sasuke) would be able to see that bigger picture and that was to put an end to their clan’s curse. and i don’t see naruto and sasuke having that epic fight. they’re brothers. πŸ˜€

  85. Here’s my wild take on this: After Sasuke hears the explanation of the first, he will battle the Hokages and beat them to become the ultimate Uchiha. Naruto will also come up victorious and uphold the banner of the Senju. This sets up the most twisted story-ending scene of all time – they make love, not war.

  86. I wrote a sort of weird fan-fiction for Naruto a long time ago. I wrote (because I predicted this for the manga), at the end, that they had a huge fight and joined forces because Sasuke was a bit wiser and accepted Naruto as a friend. But while accepting him as a friend – they still had to fight – as brothers do. Because, for one, they still had that competitive side. And, for two, they both sort of believe that fighting one another is one of the best ways to know one another. So with Naruto narrowly winning the fight, they have a talk after some healing takes place. Sasuke talks about what he has learned from the outside, and Naruto accepts his plan to figure out what the shinobi world is all about and to find peace.

    So, while I think that Sasuke and Naruto will become friends again – (because with this cluster****, I don’t know anyone who would deny Naruto’s plea to have Sasuke pardoned) I don’t think it will happen without another fight.

    And even then, how amazing would it be to see them fight side by side again? After all this?

    Naruto never gave up on him.

    Oh, and we’re going to see Sasuke smile again. That sort of cheerful smile that he shared with Naruto in passing when he was sitting on the docks.

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