Fairy Tail 313-314 Double Breakdown. Kagura The Avenger.

Welcome to this week’s double breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!



Last week’s chapter was good, but it felt kind of short. Future Lucy didn’t reveal anything about her mission because she fainted right after taking off her hood, so Princess Hisui only gave us bits and pieces of what she was told was going to happen.

In the meantime, back at the Grand Magic Games, Laxus and Gajeel meet their opponents: Orga the God Slayer (O RLY?) and Rogue.
Erza, Kagura and Minerva’s fight doesn’t continue because the Sabertooth mage uses Millianna to make them fight each other; the victor will be her opponent.

I was disappointed by Minerva’s use of her hostage. She shouldn’t have interrupted Erza and Kagura’s fight in the first place! She even lampshades it, admitting that it was a miscalculation and she would have been lucky to defeat both of them so she decided to retreat.

In the end, everyone except Jura, Lyon and Sting have found an opponent. The White Dragon can’t even be found by the visual lacryma, though… What could he be planning?

Even if you win, you're still hiding like a coward... -__-

Even if you win, you’re still hiding like a coward… -__-

Moving on to Chapter 314, Ultear and Meredy are discussing what Future Lucy said, but Jellal doesn’t want to accept it because he feels that there’s something wrong about what she said.

He doesn’t explain what because the scene moves to Erza and Kagura’s fight. They both decide to go all-out, so Titania starts using her armors, but the Mermaid breaks through with overwhelming power: nothing her opponent does can damage her. Erza asks Kagura what Jellal did to her and she finally reveals her past.

Simon was Kagura's brother?!

Simon was Kagura’s brother?!

I really love this plot-twist. First, it shows that even minor characters have a family who loves them, thus giving them more depth. Second, it connects Erza and Kagura even further. The man who loved Erza and sacrificed his life to save her is Kagura’s brother. Now they are fighting each other and it even looks like Kagura will kill Erza, unaware of Simon’s love for her. So tragic…

Jellal's expression makes me wanna punch him in the face. :twisted:

Jellal’s expression makes me wanna punch him in the face. 😈

What do you think happened to Erza? Did Kagura really stab her?

I would say that Erza has finally been defeated because I have no idea how she’ll get out of this situation, but knowing Mashima, Fairy Tail can’t possibly lose. Erza will defeat Kagura somehow! -__-

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for next week’s chapter. See you then!


-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on January 14, 2013.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail 313-314 Double Breakdown. Kagura The Avenger.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. “Sword of ‘Feelings'” coming up -_- *sigh*

  3. Woot for an excellent Fairy Tail Breakdown!! =P

    Also Kagura forgot to yell Surprise soo…

  4. Firstly, I don’t believe Erza died in the latest chapter, and I have a feeling that she’ll rise up from the ashes turn things around in the next chapter, perhaps even with a cool new armor/weapon set to show off. (Everyone else seems to be showing off new spells/modes/transformations, so why not Erza?).

    Also, Erza is the ONLY one who’s allowed to thrash Minerva as far as I am concerned, especially after what she did to Lucy.

    Thanks for another great breakdown Dragon!

  5. Ashes? did someone say Ashes?

    Dragon it could be that Minerva wanted them both to go full out so that she would have a tactical advantage later by knowing her opponent ( which ever won) while keeping her highest techniques a secret, so as to gain a double advantage( hidden technique + anticipation of opponent). or it could be a cheap ploy by the Author to incite alot of excitement and then leave us with some disappointment

    Okay here’s a possibility since we don’t know what happened or whose blood is in that panel.

    I think Minerva came back and attacked Kagura while she was distracted, just when it seems Erza can’t get up from the beat down Kagura gave Erza, Minerva may intend to beat them both without having to have much of a fight. so Mnerva defeats Kagura and then a damaged Erza fights Minerva and Minerva is surprised that she won’t get a quick win.

    What is with these God Slayer vs Dragon Slayer fights?
    I mean the Laxus fight is essentially the Lightning Dragon Slayer vs the Black Lightning God Slayer. I just like lightning ( elemental) but after watching Laxus taking down Raven Tail… I’m really stoked. I’m starting to warm up to Laxus ever since his “exile” way back and his recent return.

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