Naruto Chapter 613 – 615 Tripple Breakdown: Despair and hope + Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Greetings one and all. I know it has been over two weeks since I last did a breakdown, but I’ve been busy with holiday stuff and Christmas stuff, so I just haven’t had the drive to sit down and “work”. I apologize for the delay, but I’m finally back at last with a new triple breakdown to make up for the lull.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to once again wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas. I hope that all of you had a great time and that you’ve all been safe over the holiday season. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish the best to you as well and hope that you’ve all been having a great time with lots of cheesecake.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! ^ ^

Unfortunately, things are not quite as merry for our blond hero, as Naruto discovers the true horrors of war once the alliance begins its battle with the Juubi. I found it quite interesting and somewhat sobering how the alliance’s arrival, which bought hope at first glance, could so quickly turn into a situation of despair as Naruto and his friends are forced to deal with the pain of loss, with the first victims of such a tragedy counting Inoichi and Shikaku among their numbers.

It makes you wonder if the arrival of the alliance in itself was indeed a good thing, or if it is something that will only lead to one tragedy after another.

Yep. The Big-bada-boom is almost here...

Yep. The Big-bada-boom is almost here…

I have to say that the first time I was made aware of the fact that the Bijuu Bomb was headed for the Alliance Headquarters, I was taken a bit by surprise and a part of me inside felt a little bit saddened by the fact that cool characters like Shikaku and Inoichi would soon be taken from us. I know they’re not exactly given the most page time, but the time we did have with them was awesome, so their loss is still felt.

But what really made this scene special and awesome was how they and the other ninja at the headquarters reacted to their impending doom.

That awkward moment when you realise that staying home and watching "Wipeout" would have been a better idea after all...

That awkward moment when you realize that staying home and watching “Wipeout” would have been a better idea after all…

Rather than despairing about their situation, most of the shinobi accept their fate with a straight face. Some even see it in a comical light and jokingly reflect on the situation they find themselves in. They all knew the risks that they faced coming into the war and they were more than prepared to deal with the consequences of their choice. More than that, they didn’t allow the idea of certain death stop them from fulfilling their duties and even in their last moments, they worked tirelessly to aid their troops on the field with a strategy that would help them stop the Juubi.

It makes you realize that to these individuals, if the cost of protecting future generations is death, then it’s a cost they feel is more than well spent. No death is in vain if it can change the future for the better and I find it admirable how brave Inoichi and Shikaku were especially, knowing that they’d be leaving sons an daughters behind in the new world they were trying to create with their sacrifices.

Seeing how Shikamaru and Ino swallow the pill of such a bitter loss and still retain the will to fight was just as inspiring and yet disheartening at the same time.

How do you learn to smile again when the people worth smiling for are gone? How do you continue to live and fight in a world where you feel alone?

How do you learn to smile again when the people worth smiling for are gone?

By now, most of the shinobi in this new generation amongst Naruto’s peers know the pain of loss. Some have lost fathers or mothers, others have lost teachers or friends. Even Naruto himself has already had to deal with the loss of Jiraiya at one stage and unfortunately for him and his friends, these wouldn’t be the last tragedies they faced either.

Still, even the loss of Inoichi and Shikaku left Naruto in a state of shock and surprise, most likely because it was so very sudden and unexpected. It also brought with it the horrific realization that the alliance’s arrival was something that bought with it both hope and despair and that Naruto would be forced to deal with the ebbs and flows of both as he watched helplessly as the allies that came to aid him, bled and died around him despite his efforts to keep others from sacrificing themselves for his sake.

It's the claw!

No Naruto, that does not look like a giant hand trying to touch Hinata’s… (static noise).

When you think about it, Naruto was actually doing a good job of keeping his word regarding keeping his friends alive when it came to protecting Kakashi, Bee and Gai, but then, protecting three people on a battlefield is much easier than protecting thousands. Even with his speed, Naruto cannot be everywhere at once and I think the idea that he couldn’t save everyone left Naruto in an unexpected state of alarm.

Still, thanks to Neji, he is snapped out of his stupor for the time being and even managed to fight admirably alongside his peers, despite the chaos that was occurring around them. To me, this was the most inspiring part of this chapter, seeing how the alliance shinobi worked together to mitigate the attacks of the Juubi, from the Kaiten of the Huugi, to the earth jutsu used to create shelters to protect the alliance shinobi. We readers really got a sense of unity and teamwork from these efforts and the sheer scope and pace of the battle made it feel truly exciting. But what was most exciting was to see just how strong Neji and even Hinata had become over these years, which is something we haven’t really been given much insight into up until now.

Epic Hyuuga battle

Seeing Hinata use the air barrier palm was cool, because it’s quite a high level Hyuuga technique in itself, but seeing Neji use such a powerful version of it to stop one of the Juubi’s tails (or hands depending on how you look at it) was definitely an impressive display of his strength and a good indication as to why he managed to attain the rank of Jounin.

It seemed like a fitting final moment for Neju to shine as well, because it would also end up being his last…

To give a life for a friend, is the most noble sacrifice a person can make.

To give a life for a friend, is the most noble sacrifice a person can make.

To me, this was one of the most shocking and unexpected moments in this manga for one reason alone. Coming into this war, I expected deaths and, in fact, I expected quite a few of them. However, I always expected that those deaths would mostly count the older generation among their numbers because it has been a long-recurring theme in the manga where the elders would give their lives to protect the next generation or “The King” as it has often been referred to.

However, in this case, it was one of the new generation – one of Naruto’s peers – who was giving their lives to protect the future and this in itself gave this moment a truly tangible impact. More than that, Neji died protecting a friend whom he believed was worth saving even at the cost of his life and it also goes a long way in showing just how differently people see Naruto now from how they viewed him in the past. Before he was simply hated or despised, even to a point where some people wanted him killed, but now there are many who were once his enemies who are now willing to die to protect him, which I feel is truly the greatest form of acknowledgement Naruto could ever receive.

Because only a genius would do something so stupid. T___T

Because only a genius would do something so stupid. T___T

Neji’s death also held a lot of symbolic importance in how in the end, he finally understood the importance of having the freedom to choose your own death. It helped him understand why his father chose to die the way he did, because it’s better to die a death of your own choosing for something you believe in than it is to die a meaningless death that made no difference in the end.

I also found it quite moving when Neji’s bird-cage seal disappeared from his forehead because it also symbolized how he found freedom from his curse in his own choices and actions, which in itself proves that freedom is not simply about a state of being, but is rather about understanding that no matter what our circumstances are, we always have the power to walk our own path. In the end, Neji chose a selfless path and even in his final moments, he managed to be truly awesome.

Goodbye Neji. We will miss you...

Goodbye Neji. We will miss you…

Of course, even though I said that the greatest form of acknowledgement you can receive from someone is when they’re willing to go as far as to die in order to protect you, it doesn’t mean that it’s the kind of acknowledgement Naruto wanted and Neji’s death in itself has a significant impact on Naruto’s psyche. His conscience is broken down even more by Obito, who taunts Naruto mercilessly regarding the fact that he let a friend die despite his promises to protect them. If one could say that the attack on the Alliance Headquarters was an effort to destroy the “head” of the Alliance, then one could say that Obito’s psychological attack on Naruto was clearly an attempt to break him down so far as to destroy the “heart” of the Alliance, because it is already clear that Naruto represents the heart that holds them all together.

It’s also the first time since the battle with Pain that I’ve seen such a lost and hopeless expression on Naruto’s face and I think Kishi did a good job of portraying his emotions, including his grief. It’s a good thing for us that good old Hinata was there to slap some sense back into him.

Epic slap no jutsu: for even better results, put on a gauntlet first.

Epic slap no jutsu: For even better results, put on a gauntlet first.

For me, this was yet another moving scene in a trio of chapters that contained many, and in my opinion, it was also the most important one because it not only reaffirmed the notion that no matter what happened, Naruto would never be alone, but it also further helped to strengthen the bond between Hinata and Naruto and showed just how strong Hinata’s will had become as well. While I feel that for most of this manga, Hinata has been a largely neglected character as far as character development is concerned, I also feel that she has really come into her own since the Pain arc and going into this war arc.

She has become a pillar of support for Naruto and even helps him understand that one of the best ways to protect his friends is also to protect the memory of what they died for and also to protect himself who now bears their lives as part of his own as well. Because of how important I feel her speech was, I decided to paste the entire thing here in one long panel, so that everyone here could see it in its entirety. In particular, take note of how Naruto’s facial expression changes throughout, slowly changing from one of shock, grief and despair, to a calmer expression that shows his understanding of Hinata’s words.

I guess Naruto and Gaara aren't the only ones who know how to use Speech no jJutsu.

I guess Naruto and Gaara aren’t the only ones who know how to use Speech no Jutsu.

While I personally felt Hinata’s speech was epic, how did you all feel about it?

Aside from the obvious morale boost to Naruto, Hinata’s speech also carried with it even more implications as far as a potential blooming relationship between Naruto and Hinata is concerned, something I am sure delighted many NaruHina fans. The fact that she has always been the one ready at his side when he needed saving shows, as far as I am concerned, that she is the best person for him.

NaruHina FTW!

NaruHina FTW!

Of course, whether we like it or not, Kishi will take his story wherever he wants it to go, so for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. We also can’t give Hinata all the credit either, seeing as how both Bee and Kurama also contributed to Naruto’s recovery in their own ways as well.

Still, I do like the idea that Naruto and Hinata will most likely end up fighting side-by-side in the next chapter now that Naruto has his strength – and more importantly, his confidence – back. All I can say is that I can’t wait to see what happens next!

That’s it from me for now though. I would mention the results of last week’s debate, but I think we all know that it’s pretty clear that Itachi won, so instead, I’ll just give you this week’s Bubbliton Contest.

*Insert possible caption here.*

*Insert possible caption here.*

Sorry for the late triple breakdown. I hope it wasn’t too long for some of you, but I’m glad I finally managed to get it out.

Also, I’d like to wish everyone a great New Year’s Eve and a happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! And may 2013 be filled with even more awesomeness!

And I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

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    Since Tenrai likes discussion…. and I need to start with a controversial topic..

    Lets talk endings…..

    Where is Sasuke? Is he going to be involved in this fight? Orochimaru will be defeated? helps out? is still trying to earn immortality? ( is always a cooler villian than Obito…..?)

    Hinata and Naruto? what about the flip side what about Sakura and Sasuke… will we see them exchange some words before the big finale?

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  6. Happy New Year to All of You!

  7. @ Breakdown….. Tenrai your persepective almost persuades me to shelve most of my criticism about Neji’s death

    kudos to your gauntlet slap reference 😀

    Neji’s death at least gave a sense of vulnerability to the other rookies. Also I am glad we get to see Hinata developed more… though Fangirl online shipping wars are fun to watch… Pretty much Kishi did a one two punch on the fangirls especially those that heart Neji.

    @ other things
    I saw a theory going around tha Naruto will redistribute the chakra he has to 8 rookies, so that in a partial sense the would become jinchuuriki. I don’t know but definitely more interesting then two contenders for SoSP. Essentially a battle between two people both who have incomplete Juubi’s

    Shikaku’s plan?

    Hinata and Naruto fighting side by side? Awesomeness for A Naruhina supporter like me


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  10. Happy and merry New Year y’all.

    @Ashes: Oh man that is the sickest idea ever. But I feel sad because neither Tenten nor Rock Lee would be able to get bijuus. I kind of think Rock Lee especially should get one, and that maybe it would help keep his body safe when he’s opening the gates. Not only that but the chakra wouldn’t be being used so much for techniques as to help his moves have bigger reach, be much more deadly, etc.

    If that happened I also wonder what bijuu Shikamaru would end up with.

    This may end up not happening – in fact it probably won’t due to the reason I already mentioned (and the fact that you’re cutting out all the other villages except the Leaf (I mean what about Kankuro and Temari,)) but I would still love to see a discussion about this idea and the implications it would have on the ninja world.

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    Naruto: Super Kaio-ken times 20!
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  13. Something I need to get off my chest. How come it is next to impossible, at least for me, to find any genuine spoiler postings? Instead, I find all these websites posting false and misleading information claiming to be spoilers for the next chapter. And I usually wait til the night before the chapter is due to be released.

    So my question is, are there any actual websites or message boards that post ACTUAL and CONFIRMED spoilers based on raw scan or whatever as soon as they are available? Because it’s been months since I saw any real spoilers for a chapter before it’s released. And by the time I do know anything, it’s from the actual chapter itself.

    Why would I want to read spoilers and just wait a bit longer for the actual chapter? Why not? And besides, that’s beside the point. So, does anyone know where real spoilers are posted?

  14. @ashesreignited: I can only surmise that Madara can only be truly stopped with the Shiki Fujin. If there’s another way, it could be something mentioned in that scroll Sasuke has.

  15. @Kevin

    Actually, I’ve found that lately, spoiler sources have been unreliable all round and 90% of the time, the chapters come out before we see any spoilers nowadays, or at best, very shortly before the chapter is released which by that point, they’re not very useful (at least this is the case for Naruto). It’s probably because the sources of these spoilers may not be supplying “the goods” anymore, so to speak and so people are using less reliable sources.

    It’s also the main reason why the spoiler section on the blog hasn’t been utilized in so long and has since become redundant.

  16. Aw! According to MangaStream, it looks like Naruto is on hiatus until the third week of January. 😦

  17. First of all a very late HAPPY NEW YEAR from Romania.

    The spoiler issue is probably one of legal issues seeing mangahelpers used to post really accurate spoilers a few months ago from a girl who’s name I can’t remember right now. So I’m guessing it had to be something big that made people stop posting pictures of the manga and scripts pre release.

    As for the story, I’m glad it got so serious and important people are finally starting to die, it’s not like I wanted Neji to sacrifice himself (tenten, kiba, ino, useless kumo girl would have been better) but it wouldn’t have had much of an impact to us.

    The main thing is they are fighting the top 3 biggest baddest dangers out there at the moment, and if the 5 kages got sent to saint peter’s gate by just Madara then it would have been a serious let down if no important shinobi fell in the face of 2 of the most haxed Uchiha out there and a pet monster that can kill anything and once lived in the frincking moon.

    So all in all the story is in the right place, my guess is the this will be the moment where naruto will charge up really badass and actually actually come close to winning the fight just so we get our hopes up, and the the juubi will ascend into it’s final form and disparity will be a pleasant feeling compared to what the army will experience .

    All I wonder is how big of a role will team taka and Orochimaru will play in all of this.

  18. tell ya what, I didn’t even know the manga was out already haha..pretty pleasant surprise to wake up to. and the chapter itself? damn did i enjoy it from beginning to end. any one who keeps up with this blog know Eugen and I are pretty much the same person when it comes to how we interpret the chapters I’ll pretty much just say “ditto” to his post. Really couldn’t have worded my summary a whole lot differently.

    oh and Happy New Years everyone! I sincerely hope everyone has a year much better than the last and may our lil blog community continue to grow.

  19. Ohano was the person who supplied the spoilers. I always checked (sorry for link) but that person has gone with the wind lol.

  20. I have a feeling nobody will be chatting till the 23rd :))). See you guys then. Even if I don’t think it will take that long since the next release, I think the big 3 will be out by 16th .

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    Naruto: It’s just you and me now!
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    Great breakdown, cant wait for 2 weeks for the next chapter to come 😦

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    Let’s have an Obito vs Itachi debate! @____@

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    Hinata: !!
    Thought bubble: why do guys have to be so overly dramatic?
    Hinata: Hai….. ( sigh…)

    This is what you get when you have a level 75 Demon Mage take love tips from Pokemon’s Brock

  27. @ Ten Alright but before i picked the winner (BTW i will pick obito regardless of your answer for arguements sake ). Is it edo itachi? Is his eyesight deteriorating? And has he caught the disease yet?

    Obito will win regardless if its edo itachi or not. Alot of people critices obito for being a one trick pony but in actuality he is anything but. He is a very skill taijutsu user. when he was younger he fought with rock lee and those guys in the war whose name escape me…also when he seen rin was killed he went and fought half the miss ninjas with taijutsu along. Eventhought itachi is skilled in taijutsu he is not near obitos level. Obito also has that fire ball jutsu that the uchihas are known for. He also has some of hashiramas he can do alot of wood realease techniques he may not be as intelligent as itachi but he learns really fast. As for genjutsu eventhought we havent seen him use any he has a sharingan so he should be able to use a couple but not to the extend of itachi.

    Having said all that useless ruble if he and itachi did fight then obito will win. Since he can use kunai he will just teleport and attack itachi before he even realises it. Obito also has the rinnegan so he should have some of pains power. The only way itachi can win is if he knows all obitos ability and goes for and instant kill. Because if the fight drags on itachi will lose.

  28. @simplyantony

    Itachi is mortal (no Edo Tensei) and also in good health (no disease and no eyesight loss).

    As for Genjutsu, Obito does seem to be quite proficient at it. He did use it to control both Kurama and Konan, after all, so at the very least he is no stranger to genjutsu. Hell, he even used it to control the third Mizukage and I reckon to dominate individuals that strong, your genjutsu would have to be pretty epic. In saying that though, both of these combatants are sharingan wielders and both have the MS, so genjutsu will likely be useless on both sides as both have a means to see through it. This includes Tsuyomi, as Itachi mentioned that the only way to best it is to have eyes as powerful or more powerful than his and when we consider that both Obito and Itachi have the MS, their eyes are probably on par and so Obito could probably resist Tsukyomi.

    I’d say as far as other eye techs are concerned, it’s mostly a tie between Obito and Itachi. Itachi has very powerful offensive abilities like Amatarasu and Susanoo (which doubles as defense), but Obito has space time jutsu that is also equally useful for both offense and defense. We’ve also seen that Kamui can be used to avoid amatarasu and could even be used to slip past Susanoo’s defense. In saying that though, I doubt Itachi will be taken by surprise and even for Obito, slipping past Itachi’s watchful eyes will be difficult. Itachi would probably figure out the trick behind his jutsu very fast so at the very least, he won’t let Obito solidify to attack him without some considerable effort on Obito’s part.

    One clear advantage Obito does have, however, is the Mokuton and the Rinnegan, which are two factors that may tip the scales in his favor. If he can use the power of the six paths, it also means that most jutsu would be useless against him and taijutsu would be risky as well. Still we have yet to see Obito use these techs so we can’t even be sure if it is within his capacity just yet. One thing I can say that is in Itachi’s considerable favor, however, is the Izanami, which would make Obito’s use of the Izanagi useless and thus at least eliminates that option from the battle for him.

  29. Obito touches Itachi before he knows what’s going on because he thinks it’ll be standard taijutsu.

    Obito sucks Itachi in.

    Itachi is stranded on the other side.

    Itachi starves/dehydrates and dies.

  30. @Andrew
    “Obito touches Itachi before he knows what’s going on because he thinks it’ll be standard taijutsu.”

    I don’t think we have ever seen Itachi in a state when “he doesn’t know what’s going on” and I doubt someone as impulsive and rash as obito could “fool” Itachi. Itachi would know this going into the battle and hence do his best to avoid it which I guess is pretty much the best anyone in the narutoverse could do…

  31. @Ahsan. You’re right, but Obito stated (when Sasuke’s gift from Itachi opened up amaterasu against him) that apparently even Itachi didn’t know the extent of his powers.

  32. As much as I like Itachi, I have to give this one to Obito too. I think Itachi has a few things going for him on the surface. He is extremely smart and he developed his Sharingan to the full extent of what you can do without advancing to the Rinnegan or the perfect MS by exchanging eyes.

    That said, Obito is super smart as well. It’s arguable who is smarter. Itachi was a complete genius on the battlefield but Obito was a genius at unprecedented levels of secrecy.

    Obito also has Kamui, the rinnegan, and mokuton. So I’d say what Obito lacks in smarts (even though I would still argue similar intelligence), he makes up for in sheer power.

  33. didn’t Obito said that Itachi could have killed him if he knew his secrets?

  34. I would say that Itachi is pretty clever the only way Obito could one up Itachi is in pure surprise factor, that is to say, Itachi wasn’t aware of Obito’s dimensional “phase” abilities and so forth…. however we don’t know what is implied in having only one Rinnegan eye. I mean you need two EMS to use Susanoo……. what I’m saying is that the powers of each one seperately may not be as strong as their dual unity…

    I believe that since we haven’t seen much in the way of rinnegan powers…. (is it possible it’s takes a bit of training to use them properly….?) We have only seen Madara use one of Pein’s abilities… the absorption ability, which never made sense when he had a Edo body anyways but still.

    so I believe that If Itachi had more knowledge going into battle with Obito I think Itachi has a higher chance of wining. I think Itachi’s natural and easy grasp of situations and the abilty to make full uses of the smallest tactical advantages makes him almost a dead even match to Obito

    Also the interesting thing I would bring up in terms of Genjutsu is that having an EMS does it really see through all Genjutsu? I mean Itachi was the most skilled Uchiha genjustu user… I mean he even had Izanami on hand, which in a way is another Genjustu. Itachi’s ability to be “deceptive” and tactical and very very clever…. this balances out the power pluses that Obito has….

    Itachi would be tied with Obito if Obito’s surprise factor was eliminated by Itachi being “in the know” about Itachi’s power. However I only give it to obito by a slight advantage of “mystery” or “hidden ability” or whatever you want to call his surprise advantage.

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  36. im sure they are being spiteful, damnit! this better be a good chapter….

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    GO! GO! GO!

  38. decent chapter, although I hope this isn’t all there was to the plan HQ made.
    Felt a bit short due to the “we will always be in your heart” flashback stuff. But that needed to be said.

    Too bad it will prolly take another 10 chapters before Sasuke is anywhere near the battlefield.

    I feel that the next chapter is gonna be awesome though.

  39. Great part about the mangastream translation is that I understood the fact that what the Taka and Orochimaru felt was Naruto’s chakra. So Sasuke was bummed out about that.

    Also, where dose the army go from here, sure the got pumped full of kyuubi chakra and bound the Juubi but what will they do next seeing as that thing has another form to ascend to and when it dose I bet that everything we saw up until now will be child’s play.

    And another very important fact for me was to see Lee mourn he’s dead teammate, it would have been a serious let down if only Hinata and Naruto would have been the only ones who suffered after Neji’s passing.

  40. Well, it seems I have a lot to talk about in the breakdown. @__@

  41. I wonder what Shikamaru’s dad wanted to hide from his wife… I wonder if “you put your weed in it”, or if it’s a copy of Jiraya’s book 😉

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  43. I know that my jokes are gross, but here goes anyways….

    Bubble Contest

    Naruto: Fart Harder Hinata! We need more flame!
    Hinata: Hai!
    Thought bubble: OMG! I think I’m gonna shart!
    Hinata: pffffffffft! Whew! That was close!

    Remember: The way of the ninja is to endure!

    So, Sasuke and co. are in Konoha… Where are they going I wonder? Maybe it’s the ancient monument? What do you guys think?

    I hope everyone is having a great new year!

  44. Hmmmm iono bout stopping the jubi but stopping madara and obito should be fairly easy. Bind the jubi madara and obito with ionos tech, their greatest weakness is the rinnengan….they’re standing on a massive bomb of natural chakra just have the person controlling them absorb naturaL chaka in huge ammounts then leave when its about to turn them into stone and vuala madara and obito are done. If they cant absorb chakra from tbe jubi then have naruto go sage mode and absorb from him. Then ur just dealing with a mindless jubia

  45. i feel like the dynamic Madara and Obito have toward Naruto is really driving this last battle behind the scenes. Madara is pretty nonchalant with Naruto because he knows naruto can be dumb and stubborn but he seems to respect that he’s pretty impressive in terms of power. Then there’s Obito who keeps lecturing about changing reality and there being no hope towards naruto. He’s gotten more personal when he mentioned minato and Jiraiya a few times. I feel like at this point in the war he’s actually taken an interest in him. Obito definitely sees his younger self in Naruto. A few chapters ago Madara noticed Obito genuinely wanted to Naruto to join him. I think he’s absolutely terrified about the possibility of seeing Naruto succeed where he had given up.

    I don’t know if i wanna see another naruto talk-no-jutsu like the one used in the Pain arc but if you’ve paid attention to Obito carefully then it seems like Naruto wont need to. Obito is gonna do it himself. Just like when Kurama decided Naruto was a human he could trust. Obito is eventually gonna be defeated but his ending might be bittersweet. He’ll realize he chose the wrong path and that just because one personclose to you died doesnt give you the right to become a psychopath and try to alter reality…

  46. @Ultimate: Everything there was fantastic, and then I saw this: that just because one personclose to you died doesnt give you the right to become a psychopath and try to alter reality… I lolled realizing that Obito did kind of take it really hard.

  47. Hey guys. Just so you know my breakdown will likely be out tomorrow. I know that’s a bit late, but I’m being swamped by work right now.

  48. No worries Tenrai. ^,^ I can wait. 🙂

  49. i feel so bad for neji rest in peace my caged bird brother

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