Fairy Tail 311 Breakdown!! Epicness.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

Great job, Rufus! You remember something that happened five minutes ago! -__-

Great job, Rufus! You remember something that happened five minutes ago.

So, this week’s chapter starts with another one of Rufus’s terrible memory puns. Fortunately the scene immediately moves to the Abyss Palace where Fairy Tail is looking for a way out.

Charle lampshades the absurdity of Arcadios surviving the lava, but Loke reveals that he didn’t die because of his Jade amulet, a powerful protection charm. Coincidentally, that is the element of the dragon Wendy and the others summoned a few chapters ago! Also, the princess’s name means Jade so what could the relationship between Hisui and Arcadios be? Are they lovers or is he only her henchman?

Anyhow, the group sees a door that immediately opens, revealing…

The hooded woman! *GASP*

What is she doing here?

I just came here to troll FT fans by not revealing my identity again.

So, the mysterious woman is back! I wonder what she’s doing at the Abyss Palace? If she wanted to stop the Eclipse Plan, then she would have gone to the Gate… Maybe she needs something from Fairy Tail? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out who she is and what her motives are… Hopefully Mashima won’t troll us like he did with Jellal. X___X

In the meantime the princess finds out that the Garou Knights have been defeated and sighs in relief. Datong, the Minister of Defense who has just returned from the Grand Magic Games, reveals that he’s the one who sent Arcadios to the Abyss Palace and he figured out that Hisui used Fairy Tail to save him. Also, she is the true mastermind behind the Eclipse Plan 2, which has to be put into action before the next day or else Fiore will be destroyed.

It sure would be an epic fail. *gets shot*

It sure would be an epic fail. *gets shot*

I wonder how the country will cease to exist. Will Zeref summon Acnologia again? Or will the hooded woman be the villain? I’m sure that Charle’s vision will be very important, though. Lucy was crying inside the crumbling palace, which probably means the Eclipse Plan 2 failed. Or perhaps her vision showed a possible future and it can be changed by travelling to the past? The plot thickens.

Moving on to the Grand Magic Games, Juvia runs into Chelia who attacks her because Leon loves her (talk about crazy), just as Mavis predicted. This looks like an interesting fight, but I’m afraid Mashima won’t focus on it because of the incredibly awesome battle that’s coming up… Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva!!

Oh, Hiro... You and your perverted chapter titles.

Oh, Hiro… You and your perverted chapter titles.

This was a really unexpected plot twist… Especially because it feels kind out of character for Minerva to barge into the fight, though. I thought she would have let Erza and Kagura fight until they were really tired so she could give them the finishing blow, earning points for Sabertooth. Maybe she has a sense of honor?!

Anyway, I really don’t know who’s going to win. I would say Erza because of nakama power, but I’m hoping Mashima won’t let us down this time.

What do you think?

Well, I guess that’s it for me! Chapter 311 was a double issue and there isn’t going to be a chapter this week, so see you next week!! ^^


No pantsu?! @_____@

~ by 最強 Dragon on December 16, 2012.

3 Responses to “Fairy Tail 311 Breakdown!! Epicness.”

  1. No chapter this week, but I finally managed to write the breakdown!

  2. First!

    Also great breakdown Dragon =]

  3. Gah!!

    No Comments?

    Well this weeks chapter aught to at least pique some interest and produce some activity. If only to try to guess how Lucy looses her arm. And wow…

    Spoiler after this…. not that anyone here hasn’t read the chapter yet.

    Lucy is the mysterious person from the future?
    Kind of makes me wonder if Fairy Tail wins or or loses… Ah who am I kidding =P

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