Naruto chapter 612 Breakdown: The Shinobi Alliance Jutsu!

You know, there’s something I’ve always wondered about when it comes to some of these battles in Naruto; a subject matter that became even more pronounced in this latest chapter. That is, of course, the matter of how exactly shinobi can talk over such long distances and still hear each other.

I mean, it’s not like they’re shouting or anything and yet, despite the huge distance between the Juubi and the rest of the Shinobi alliance, it seems having a normal conversation over that gap is commonplace in this manga.

I guess it's time to start using smoke signals...

I guess it’s time to start using smoke signals…

Of course, we can ponder on such a mystery regarding vocal communications later. I just thought I’d put it out there for everyone to think about.

As for the chapter itself, I have to admit that 612 fell a little short of the epic margin that 611 left for it. It was still a good chapter when one looks at it from a holistic perspective, but there was something about it that made me feel a bit off for some reason. If I were to describe how I felt in one word, I would use “detached.” I’m not entirely sure why I felt detached, but it was almost as if I were reading the chapter inside the scape of a dream and after the chapter ended, I woke up feeling groggy, with only a few slightly coherent memories of what had just transpired.

A future prediction of the launch of the PS4 / Xbox 720.

I can imagine this happening at stores around the world on the launch day of the PS4 / Xbox 720.

I think one of the things that threw me off was the simple fact that this battle involved so many ninja. The battle itself was mostly a series of panels depicting various ninja from each major village using a specific jutsu in unison to achieve a certain effect. While this did a great deal to highlight how well coordinated the attack was on the Alliance’s side – with their shared strength, knowledge and communication – I also felt it took away from the individuality of each character and made what we would usually perceive to be unique or awesome jutsu, feel somewhat archaic and generic.

I would have liked to see a few more familiar faces in the mix, like some of the Konoha rookies, or even the more familiar teams form the other villages, such as team Samui, etc, but in this case, the focus was more on the whole than it was on the sum of its parts.

And that is how you make a gingerbread monster. @__@

And that is how you make a gingerbread monster. @__@

Still, at the very least, this chapter was flashy and many readers will be satisfied enough just with that. One thing the chapter did manage to do was serve as a build up for what’s to come and with some strange transformation beginning with the Juubi, I have no doubt the proverbial feces is about to hit the fan.

I’m particularly curious about the Juubi’s tails, which seem to be unraveling into something else that could even depict wings of sorts. I’m not sure where Kishi will end up taking this, but hopefully it will be epic at the very least.

We all have to go through puberty at some point...

Puberty: Some have it worse than others.

Well, that’s all I can really say as far as this chapter is concerned. It’s somewhat difficult to extract lemon juice out of dry lemons, but I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown regardless of its brief nature.

Here are last week’s bubbliton winners.

5th) Kantonkage

Darui: Darui, Captain of the first division providing reinforcements.
Kitsuchi: Kitsuchi: Captain of the second division also providing reinforcements
Nameless Shinobi 12345: I think I know Hiraishin.
Shikamaru: Your existence is troublesome, please die.
Caption: This is why you don’t put fodder in Big Damn Hero moments.

4th) Eke2k6

1: “Bad boy emo collar pop pose no jutsu!!”
2: “I’m a badass, don’t mess with me-pose-no-jutsu”
3: “I’m still a virgin, pretending to be bad – no-jutsu”
4: ” -_-’ ”
Caption: Shikamaru is surrounded by idiots

3rd) Ajd

Darui:Eh-Sexy Lady!
Kitsuchi: Oppa is Gangnam Style
Leaf Guy: Eh-Sexy Lady!…
Shikamaru:…oh oh oh oh…
Caption: It’s official, Oppan Gangman Style has surpassed the rank of pandemic…

2nd) Iamnotreallyhere

Bubble1: Gang
Bubble2: Bang
Bubble3: No
Bubble4: Jutsu
Caption: When a thousand years of pain just won’t cut it.

Lousytv: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Lousytv: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Although I’d like to congratulate Lousytv for the win, I’d also say it’s a “joint win” with another entry by “Thelaughingwiseman” who had a similar entry. Although I think Lousytv’s iteration was a bit better, because Wiseman posted his first, I felt it’s only fair to give credit where it is due.

Thelaughingwiseman’s Bubbliton entry:

1) Prepare for trouble!
2) Make it double!
3) To protect the world from devastation
4) To unite all peoples within our nation!
Caption: Team rocket has some new recruits… and they’re itchin’ to learn from the best!

As for this week, I decided to forgo the bubbliton and instead bring back a feature that has been neglected for quite some time now, which is, of course, the battle debate. This week we have an interesting match-up that I believe will see a lot of support on both sides.

Itachi vs Kakashi!

Itachi vs Kakashi!

Muahahahahahaha! Yes, that’s right! I did just pit Itachi up against Kakashi! However, before everyone get’s carried away, I would first like to stipulate the conditions under which the battle will take place, so that it doesn’t come up as a point of argument in the debate itself.

1: Both Kakashi and Itachi are at the peak of their power (EG. Kakashi has the same mastery over Kamui as we’ve seen in these latest chapters, Itachi has Susanoo and the MS, etc).

2: Neither combatants are Edo Tensei zombies and thus can be killed or injured by normal means.

3: Both are also in perfect physical health upon entering the battle. Neither are suffering from any illness nor the effects eyesight degeneration caused through using MS.

4: Both combatants are fully aware of each other’s capabilities. In other words, Kakashi knows about the sword of Totsuka and Tsukyomi, while Itachi is aware of Kakashi’s Kamui, etc (even though in the manga, there is no proof of either of these cases being true except for Kakashi’s knowledge of Tsukyomi). This is to avoid quick-draw win scenarios in the debate and to ensure fairness to both combatants.

I think that’s covered just about everything I can think of, so with that out of the way, let the fanboy wars begin!

Remember, although I take the poll into consideration when choosing the winner, comments will go a lot further towards helping me decide and so I encourage everyone to take part in the debate. Also, remember to have fun and keep it clean.

See you in the comments. ^ ^


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  1. Itachi is just too haxed

  2. Oh snap! First!

  3. Troll bump!

  4. I second the troll bump!!

  5. Four is death!!

  6. Kamui wins it here. Kakashi is just too haxed now. He transported a giant bijuu, Susanoo should be no problem.

  7. HAHAHA Seriously!! No wait! Seriously this is happening again… Kakashi vs Itachi is like a WRA Classic but I will say that there is not a snowballs chance in Hell that Kakashi can beat Itachi. When you look at Itachi’s Arsenal vs “Kyummi” there is not real problem. Itachi can easily dodge and without Naruto’s power-up helping Kakashi he is basically useless in a long battle while Itachi can use Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and light taijutsu… @___@

  8. I think I’d go with Itachi on this one. Kakashi’s Kamui is definitely a dangerous asset, but I think that Itachi’s experience with the sharingan will keep him safe. He’s had a lot more time to get used to it than Kakashi has.

  9. Kakashi all the way! I’ll. Write a better post as to why later, but the copy ninja is dangerous and has had scuffles with itachi before. He comes in with a plan and takes it in a close fight

  10. I felt a magnet pulling me to this particular breakdown, and I don’t know why. I am most certain It has absolutely nothing to do with the debate though, that of which I am really looking forward to. <___<

    In any case… Another great Breakdown Tenrai. I like your analysis of how all shinobi can hear each other on the battlefield no matter how far away they are from each other. lol

  11. I think it would be a draw since kakshi and itachi are both regarded as genies they would come of with a way to counter each others jutsu which would leave them with just taijutsu

  12. Nice breakdown ten >_>
    As for the debate, I’m calling a tie, that’s right >___>
    The best way Kakashi could end this would be a tie. I’ll wait for someone to kick start the debate so I can weigh in 🙂

  13. @dreager1

    I wouldn’t exactly say Itachi has necessarily had more time to get used to his Sharingan. Remember that Kakashi is older than Itachi by a good few years and that when Kakashi acquired his Sharingan, Itachi was a little kid no older than say, 4 years?

    So, I’d say Kakashi has had his sharingan and used it for longer than Itachi had. In saying that though, because Itachi was a pure blooded Uchiha, he still would have had an easier time using his.

  14. @Tenrai Ah, you’re right. I forgot to factor in the age difference. So, I guess Kakashi would have had it for a bit longer, but I still think that Itachi may have used it more. I mean, even during the first arc of Naruto (Great Tenchi Bridge I think) he could only use it for about 1 fight and then he had to stop. I think it’s because he spent a great deal of time without using it and he got rusty.

    I think he may have even mentioned something about how he should have used it more in the past so that his body would adjust. Obviously that’s not a problem for Kakashi currently, but those years may have helped Itachi surpass Kakashi in sharingan knowledge.

    Kakashi has the advantage in ninjutsu with that huge number that he’s copied, but I’m not sure that Kakashi can keep up with Itachi’s speed. Plus with the possible sharingan advantage, Kakashi will have a hard time winning this one. Of course, it’s definitely a close fight either way

  15. Itachi wins by using the deadly Ame No Uzume.

  16. I come back and the debate of kakashi and itachi is underway. Awesome.
    I’ll have to say Kakashi for the simple fact that if Itachi does use any of his eye techs , Kakashi can and will move it to another dimension. Itachi would be foolish to try multiple times(and waste chakra) on constantly summoning them. Now his Ameratsu would be his greatest theat against him because of how dangerous it is. Planned right Itachi can say use an earth tech, and then add that to its such as the exploding crows/clones we have seen him use. Kakashi Now my question is can Kakashi use the same eye techs as Obito since he understands what he is doing.

  17. its out!

  18. Well guys, it looks like we have our first major sacrifices of some of the good guys. 😦

  19. hmmm.. i think i have to back read for awhile. shikaku already knows hows to defeat the bijuu. maybe if we connect the dots we can also find the answer before the next chapter

  20. 12.12.12 – My first bubblition (shared) win! Thanks Ten!
    @613: R.I.P. awesome dads… sh*t just got real!

  21. It looks really hopeless at this point seeing the fire power of that thing and the only thing the army can do now is pray that Naruto will unlock the other bijuu’s power he was given and ascend enough in order to fight off that monster.

  22. There better be a damn good explanation why the Juubi isn’t being made to just fire that thing right down in front of him at the hordes of shinobi in front of them and ending it right then and there.

    I’m also waiting anxiously for Sasuke to show up (with Orochimaru no less) and give a good explanation for what he’s been up to, then proceeding to kick some ass.

    Of course, there’s also the loose thread of each of the tailed beasts’ power given to Naruto. It would also be nice for Kurama to be ready to go for another round soon.

  23. Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves here. Itachi would wipe the floor with Kakashi if he really wanted to. He may not be able to use MS as much as Sasuke could, even before the latter got the EMS, but Itachi could still pummel Kakashi using just some kunai and some genjutsu.

    I’ll admit Kakashi could hold his own against Itachi for a time, but in the end Itachi would smear him all over the ground with his entrails and use his blood as war paint while heading into the shinobi alliance vs Juubi battle shouting like an indian on the warpath! lol

  24. That was an awesome chapter. So Shikaku, Ao and Ino’s father died as well. And they did not die in vain either. Those are very powerful shinobi. I guess Kishi needed to close the loop of having someone with a blood-limit eye and kill Ao. They probably killed the smartest shinobi in the whole Army. This is what I was looking for. And Madara’s remarks in the end. that tactic is rudamentary! but effectvie (paraphrase). lol Awesome and I love that smirk on his face. It brings in a little more realism I think: like, “haha that actually worked!” I allude it to a person playing golf. There are people ahead of them and he hits the ball and he see’s it going further and further and you start worrying and say “there is no way it’s going to hit that guy” and it does lol

  25. @kevinphoenix
    The reason the Juubi was firing at away targets was cause just as the alliance was trying to break the Juubi’s bond with Obito and Madara, Madara and Obito wanted too to break the bond between the army and their “brain” back at headquarters. @ Debate, I have to say Itachi wipes the floor with Kakashi even with his illness. Itachi is that badphucknass

  26. Itachi hands down. Reasoning? The uchiha ass-pull-no-jutsu. ’nuff said.

  27. 10 to 1 shikaku and the boys survive somehow.

    as for the debate..i’m gonna go with my gravatar on this one. Itachi is my boy, hasn’t let me down yet.

  28. This are my reasons for voting with Dish ( as always) on the debate.

    1st. We’re always right when we agree on something ( I know, too much arrogance)

    2nd. Itachi already beat Kakashi twice
    3rd. Itachi pros:
    – Mastery use of the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan,
    – Expert in genjutsu, only surpassed by Shisui in that department
    – Expert in taijutsu and battle awareness, deception and strategy
    – Can use the ultimate sealing, defensive and offensive ninjutsu.
    – Can use Izanami and probably Izanagi also.
    – Expert in weapons attack and countering attacks.
    – He’s a Uchiha (IE all of the above and more)
    Itchi cons:
    – He has health issues witch could limit him to a set of attacks without going all out and risking his life in the process.
    – Blurry vision from heavy drinking (doesn’t matter to much, just look at the Lee and Kimimaro fight)
    That’s about it.

    Kakashi pros:
    – Can copy and use any jutsu as long as it;s not kekkei genkai
    – Great strategist and great analyzing skills
    – Great taijutsu and genjutsu user ( not nearly enough to be on Itachi’s level)
    – Can use Kamui, up until recently, he didn’t know the full extent of the jutsu, newer development may allow Kakashi to manipulate the jutsu in the same way Obito dose.
    – He’s good friend with Naruto and Gai :))
    Kakashi cons:
    – Limited chakra pool and he’s use of the sharingan doesn’t come natural as it dose for a uchiha
    – Limited to one eye and can’t use the full powers of the doujtsu.
    – Has to give his life to secure a win against a great foe and even then it might not happen. (see pain fight)

    Let’s get this bad boy started because a debate was long overdue and I’ve missed Kisu’s imput for a long time.

    Also Ten, you could include a Edo Itachi vs Edo Madara fight if you wanted a real debate.

  29. @Eugen

    That is an elaborate list of their pro’s an cons but My reasons for a tie are simple.

    *Kakashi can and has transported huge masses very quickly to the other dimension.
    *He can and would do it on itachi, Susano’o or not.
    *It would probably take a few tries. (read: Complexities)
    *He would die when he successfully sends itachi there.

    Hence a tie.

  30. @ahsan but Itachi uses the powerful Ame No Uzume at the last second.
    @613 It Sucked!
    @wiseman Please DO NOT put realism with ANY action Madara does. Because its not realistic in ANY WAY imaginable! It’s not like Tiger Woods unless he some how hit a hole in one on his first stroke despite not knowing where the hole is.

  31. @ Ahsan – I see your major argument is Kyuumi, Do you really think in a 1 Vs 1 Battle, the smartest more hacked character, will sit around and let Kakashi draw up the chakra needed to hit Susanoo, plus I never seen Kakashi moving and using Kyuumi while Itachi can just stab Kakashi boom sealed Kakashi 😉

  32. @ Ashan, great to see you back dude, long time no see.

    I agree with you 100% only down side to that scenario is that this fight will start slow, as any battle starts, and the more the fight drags along the more itachi gains the upper hand. We both know Itachi is a better shinobi then Kakahi and he’s reached his level of awesomeness at a younger age then Kakashi. Plus Itachi is a natural Uchiha, and Kakashi drains easily, if Kakashi knew sage mode he would be epic but as he is now he’s just to prone to fatigue and risks loosing to much chakra before tachi gets really pissed.

    We’re comparing a natural born genius (Itachi) to a very smart shinobi that got lucky and obtained one of the greatest ninja tools (sharingan) ever.

    My honest opinion on the matter is that Itachi is almost unbeatable. He’s one of the very few shinobi in naruto that can’t be beaten if he really wants to win, he would die and still take the victory before drawing his last breath.

    That list consists of: Itachi, Hashirama, Naruto, Madara, Sasuke and Minato ,these are the only people I have faith in, that could take on each other and anyone could steal the victory. (No edo Hax)

    @ Pein, you have to admit that kamui is the haxest sharingan jutsu ever. It took Konan 6000000000000000000000000000 paper bombs to break Obito’s mask and kill the bastard, right before he erased his fate with Izanaghi.

    If Kakashi manages to perfect the jutsu, now that he knows how it really works and can travel to the other dimension at will, he could pose a great threat.
    But until we see him taking Kamui to a new level we can only hold Kakashi to the level he is now and that level is below Itachi.

    Marks and Reflex will Crucify me for that but I’m sorry guys that’s my honest opinion and I’m sticking by it. This debate is just like Naruto vs Raikage. As strong and fast as the raikage is Naruto is better, faster and stronger and possibly smarter too. I mean he too out he’s pops in Sage mode and he did it with style.

  33. I agree, a 3-way battle between Madara, Itachi and Kakashi would be pretty bad-ass. Heck, throw Pein in there for fun!

  34. Arpotu, Now that would be a great battle royal, You can throw Minato in the fray to and make the world explode.

  35. @ Eugen – Not really Kyuumi had its effect on Obito but I don’t think it will work on Itachi since its sort of a cop out. Itachi has “The black flames” (I can never spell it right) which ignites anything he lays his eyes on so in this staring contest Itachi would win as it would take time for Kakashi to use Kyuumi effectively enough to stop itachi completely. Plus I believe Kyuumi works similar to Itachi’s jutsu in that it absorbs anything Kakashi looks at, but the biggest flaw here is Susano will sort of block Kakashi’s “direct” view of Itachi. Working almost like a glass wall protecting Itachi and forcing Kakashi to absorb the outer chakra before being able to hit Itachi…. @___@

    I would of loved to see a Kakashi vs Gaara debate battle @___@

  36. For me this is quite an easy one, i would have to go with Itachi aswell.
    For of course the above named reasons, also do not forget that Kakashi’s sharingan is stronger this war, then it was ever befor and that mainly has 2 reasons,

    first, the two eyes (obito’s) are stronger when they are together, Kakashi will not have this advantage when fighting Itachi. Although i do believe Kakashi has improved his sharingan naturally aswell in this fight.

    Secondly, the hachibi keeps giving kakashi chakra boosts which makes him able to use his ms to the full extent (not beeing limited to his low natural chakra pool), this is another advantage he doesn’t have when fighting Itachi.

    Now ofcourse when it comes to tactics/strategies i think they could be evenly matched. but Itachi has way more options to win the fight.

  37. Pein & fearvano, great examples and your both right. I too, voted for Itachi and I’m still waiting on Tenrai to throw his counterargument so we can see what his pros for Kakashi are.

    As mentioned before, this two guys are on the top list of smart shinobi with only a hand full to match them in strategy and battle smarts: Shikaku, Minato, Shikamaru.

    And I’m open for a Gaara vs Kakashi debate. And I do believe that Kakashi will fare better in that fight seeing as he knows almos all there is to know about Gaara and he prepared Sasuke just for that fight back at the chunin exams. Sure both Gaara and Kakashi came a long way since then but Kakashi would still be on a more mature level and once Gaara get’s caught behind with his defense it’s over for him. But more on this later.


    spoiler alert

    neji dies


  39. Holy crap, people are starting to die in Naruto. Who else sees a Dragon ball ending with all of Naruto’s friends being brought back to life. Rip Neji, the dude was one of may favorite characters in Naruto and the 4th -5th strongest in the leaf among the present and still living.

  40. actually i only feel said, that i dont give a crap at all about neji.
    The konoha 11 have been in seen only a few times these last years. And never gotten back to beeing main characters of Naruto.

    This death didnt give any emotional feeling at all. Not like when Ace (One Piece) died, or even characters like sarutobi.

    What a surprise Obito isn’t actually madaras lap dog, who could see that coming….

  41. Alrighty… hectic chapter was hectic. I have to say, Neji’s death was quite shocking in its own right, but also very meaningful in the way he chose his own death just like his father did. I think the shock of losing someone is hard as it is, but when someone dies for the sake of keeping you alive, I’m sure those feelings of grief are amplified even more because they are coupled with guilt as well.

    Naruto must be feeling it pretty bad right now…

    As for the debate, I must admit that I expected a more balanced debate than this, but it seems people are leaning more towards Itachi as if this would be a white-wash, so I thought I’d put a few pointers in as to why I don’t feel it is as one-sided as people seem to suggest.

    1: Both Itachi and Kakashi are considered geniuses of their time. Both graduated at a young age and both became Jounin at a young age as well. But to compare it even further than that, the real statistics are as follows. Itachi himself graduated from the ninja academy at the age of seven and became chunin at the age of ten. Kakashi on the other hand, graduated from the academy at the age of five and became a chunin at the age of six. In other words, he graduated two years before Itachi and became Chunin four years before Itachi. Please note that this was before he even had the Sharingan so despite being against a pure Uchiha, with no blood limits to help him along, he bested Itachi in every way possible as far as his academic career is concerned. Also, Kakashi has been shown to outsmart Itachi before in battle as well, such as when he used a Kage Bunshin to trap him leading up to Naruto’s Oodama Rasengan. To say Itachi is intellectually superior to Kakashi despite these facts seems a bit lopsided to me.

    2: Despite what people here are suggesting, I would say Kakashi’s jutsu are on par with Itachi’s in terms of strength. Kamui is quite easily comparable to Amatarasu and Susanoo as far as strong ninjutsu are concerned and I’d say the only real advantage Itachi has over Kakashi is with genjutsu. In fact, I might even go as far as to say that Kakashi is superior to Itachi in terms of Ninjutsu, considering the fact that he knows over 1000 techniques including having powerful Space Time jutsu, something that Itachi cannot claim.

    3: We can’t really compare how much chakra Kakashi has compared to Itachi, but considering how Itachi has retreated from battles in the past because he did not want to use his MS techs to much, I think it would be prudent to assume Itachi necessarily has more Chakra than Kakashi or that he’d outlast him in any given battle. To suggest such would be to argue based on assumptions and not facts.

    4: While Itachi did beat Kakashi the first time they fought, Kakashi has since seen a considerable boost in power with the introduction of his MS techniques and space time jutsu. He was barely able to warp Deidara’s arm away before and yet now he can transport a fully awakened Bijuu with perfect accuracy. If that doesn’t suggest a considerable improvement, I don’t know what does, so to compare Itachi to the Kakashi of the past is not really fair considering the debate parameters dictate that both of them are at their best.

    5: While Itachi does have unique jutsu like the Izanami, I don’t see a jutsu like that working on Kakashi. The Izanami worked on Kabuto only because Kabuto was unsure of himself and did not know who he is. This is in stark contrast to Kakashi, who seems to have come into his own as a person.

  42. Damn. RIP Neji, we barely knew ye.

  43. You know what was fucking awesomeness?

    The parallel between Neji and Hinata trying to protect Naruto and Minato and Kushina trying to protect Naruto.

  44. Let’s not cry too much because Obito will switch sides. Naruhina FTW!

  45. You can be damn sure Naruto will burst out the sage kyuubi mode in anger after Neji’s death. And this time I don’t think he’ll hold back like he did with Nagato. This time he’s probably gonna blow a hole in the Juubi bigger then Madara’s Susano’o ( that didn’t sound dirty at all ).

    Also Ten, The whole Hatchibe Kamui transportation, massive and great as it was, you have to remember it was because of Kurama’s aid in replenishing Kakashi’s chakra, witch, might, have boosted Kakashi’s chakra pool a bit and making it more potent in some regards.

    As for the other point I agree with the fact that Kakashi sound good on paper but 1000 jutsu don’t compare o one great one. Rassengan, kagebunshin, Tsukuyome, Amaterasu, Susano’o these 5 are jutsus Itachi and Naruto took so far in perfection they made, and are making, legend.

    I’m sure Kakashi will hold his own against Itachi in a great way but I still think two sharingans are better then one and especially when those two are the eyes of the 2nd or 3rd strongest Uchiha out there.

  46. Neji shouldn’t have died for the first time since jiraya and ace from op died i actually was shocked…but this is war i suppose :/

    My reaction to this chapter
    begining: owell shikamarus dad died haha mandara is funny ass hell

    middle: dam obito just made mandara look like a punk….why is kishi giving neji so much love in this chapter?

    End: NOooooooooooooooooooooooo why couldnt it be Ino!!! tear falls nephew walks in ask why im crying i tell him im not im sweating from my eyes. The shake it off like a boss

  47. Antony, =)))))))) Dude i’m still laughing at your post. :))))))). It was a sad thing to see Neji die, especially since we didn’t see him a lot in the war. He should have been killed after he’d put on a great show for us and at least get a great hit in Madara’s face worth remembering.

    I know the dude gave his life for Hinata and Naruto, but let’s face it, Naruto would have deflected that mokuton spike like a boss or even heal himself with Kurama’s help. I mean Sasuke punched a hole through his chest with Chidori when they were 10 years old and Naruto was like: Dude if you do that again I’ll break every bone in your body.

    So in conclusion Neji’s death was only a catalyst to make Naruto face reality and go over 9000 on Madara and Obito. I can just see a FTG move from Naruto and a punch in Obito’s face that will send him flying.

  48. @simplyantony

    Ino still has hope for her. If you ask me, it should have been Tenten so that team Gai didn’t have to take such a significant knock. If Tenten had gone, they wouldn’t have even known the difference. X___X

  49. =)))))) If tenten would have died the Army would have joined Madara and Obito as a gesture of appreciation, and she’d be the only one left out of the Infinite Tsukuyome.

  50. @Tenrai I agree with you lol were is tenten even at?….

    Haha So this whole war was a distraction to kill tenten

    On a serious note did you guys catch that eagle getting hit by obito that moment right there was pure genius. It did the moment justice since the 1 time neji and naruto fought we could se the bird flying by.

  51. @eugen Except Kiba of course.
    Chapter Uchiha kills drained virtually all of the shock value because they’re boring God Mode Sues. Besides the Suechiha, Kin-Gin bros, the Jinchuuriki maybe Hanzo, Zabuza, Haku and Asuma can someone tell me the point of those other guys being revived since they didn’t do anything. Muu pretty much became fodder despite his Kekkai Tota (yet another awesome idea wasted thanks to the Suechiha eclipse). I HATE that the every credible threat is Uchiha related. Orochiman and Kabutops were defeated by Suechiha so they don’t count.
    @tenrai you may try to put logic in this debate but EVERY time Suechiha was backed into a corner a conveniently new attack pops up without fail.
    @simplyantony: defeated obviously. Kishi never showsher fighting.

  52. well maybe kishi actually is becoming a lil bolder..killin off neji now. i’m a fan. i like that he hasn’t been afraid to let some of the better known characters be killed, i mean it is a war after all.

  53. I think Kishi only kills people off (and sometimes not permanently,) when there’s a reason for it. His war isn’t too much like a real war. It’s mostly about character development.

    Although you notice he doesn’t have a problem with killing ninja off behind the scenes and right up front too. Almost like Naruto is NEAR immune to death.

    Oh wait his parents died.


  54. Who the hell is Tenten again?

  55. @ Andrew & Dish, if you think about it Naruto, Kakashi and Gai whould have been dead a long time ago seeing all the shit they went through u until now, they’re the only characters along with Sasuke ( who doesn’t count for using God mode cheats) that haven’t died yet, even when they went head to head with the most powerful shinobies out there.

    They fought ninjas like Pain, Madara, Obito, Kisame, Itachi, Deidara, Kakuzu, Dead Jinchurikis and there Bijuus, Hidan, the sound 4, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Raikage, former edo kages, and a lot more. So if this guys aren’t worthy of being hailed as the strongest shnoibies out there I don’t know who is, sure they are flawed in many ways but as a team these 3 are like a Super Nova.

    @ Kanton, Damn, I almost forgot about the male Tenten. :)) To bad he’s holding Akamaru back so much. That dog ca transform into Kiba, he can use all his techniques and on top of that he can piss on stuff and detect them anywhere no matter what. So why is Kiba on the team cramping Shino and Hinata’s style like that.

    Also, I have a feeling Sasuke and Orochimaru will start some shit pretty soon and Suigetsu and the tall Iahiko (Jugo I think) will probably reveal what was so important in that scroll they found.

  56. @ Eugen I pretty much agree with alot of what you’ve said…

    @ dish I feel that Neji’s death was handled wrong, not that dying during war wasn’t inevitable….. what I mean is that I wanted to see a bit of Neji go out with a bang since he’s survived the war… I mean kishi’s logic doesn’t make sense, he’s just doing stuff in order that his plot doesn’t get disrailed… but every time he does something like that he forces stuff and it feels contrived.

  57. i’m not saying he doesn’t rush his plot sometimes, and force stuff. he absolutely does. i’m mainly talking about the last time he killed off this many people so close together (pein invasion) he copped out kinda n brought em all back to life. i’m just hping he sees it through this time. if i was to compare it to something i’d say like how in Bleach, the Aizen fight, all the good guys prevailed in the end. like literally zero losses haha i just find that too much of a happy ending ya know? in that manga a lot of people are getting killed off, so maybe it’s a lil similar in the fact that the 2nd time around less people are “immune” to dying

  58. @ Dish If Kishi doesn’t cop out and bring them back to life I would be surprised. Somehow using Obito to resurrect the dead or something like the rebirth of the world…. or whatever doesn’t seem far fetched for Kishi

  59. @Ashes

    The harsh reality of war is that some deaths are unexpected and some are just downright shocking. In war, you don’t always die being a hero, or doing something epic. Sometimes you just get hit by a stray bullet, or die of starvation or a sudden explosion you never saw coming.

    If you ask me, Neji’s death was more down to earth and realistic. I would say a contrived death involves one where you can see a lead-up and right from the start of the chapter you can say “That person is gonna die”. Can you honestly say you expected Neji’s death right up until it happened?

    Even I have to say that I expected most of the deaths in this war to involve people of the older generation. I never expected any of Naruto’s peers to die, but since Neji’s death I’d say anyone is fair game now.

  60. @Tenrai

    I rarely get into debate but I’m going to be blunt. If Kishi had shown that the full consequences of war to be felt earlier in the story then we would find Neji’s death unpredictable, unforseen but logical. The great tradegy is that he made a character appear out of the distant past or in leap out of our periphral vision and drop him like a guy falling 3 stories onto the windshield of a car and then killed him off, in a world where it’s been proven that landing on a car from 3 stories won’t get you killed because the author engineered a way out. All his past cheats towards his characters lives make this attempt toward realism now seem merely a great whim, that Neji is merely a pawn to his fate/god whatever you want to call Kishi. It’s inconsistent.

    At least Neji dying and going out in an epic way would be more in keeping consistent with the way Kishi does things. I’m crying foul because Kishi’s weak unity to his universe and the natural consequences.

    I have no problems with an anything goes mentality like in Iron Man where he’s shot and we realize he’s wearing protective armor/vest, and then we notice that he’s bleeding through the armor. However if you tried to pull this off in a bugs bunny cartoon after we watch the Wiley Coyote survive being blown up, and being hit with an anvil it wouldn’t fly (this is exaggerating something to explain a point) . My point is that Naruto leans a little bit toward the cartoon side in terms of danger. Naruto had a hole through his chest with Sasuke and survived, same with his dad and mom and the fox ( how could they even talk?). You just pointed out how they talk over long distance. Also a number of moments when the author intervened to keep both Sasuke and Naruto from staining their hands ( Kakashi finished off the one guy that in essence Naruto intended to kill and Sasuke’s opponents committed suicide or were injured). Or miraculously dodge the death of a character like Tsunade’s spirit boyfriend saving her from Madara.

    I understand this is writing for young Adults. however even doing so requires some consistency. He was able to let both Jirayia and Kakashi die fighting. Neji could’ve died defending Naruto, it didn’t need to be drawn out but the seriousness of this war and it’s consequences have been neglected. We see no permanently crippled Ten Ten or Kiba, or loss of limb or eye, or third degree burns…. I don’t want a gory mess marched in front of me as if some gratuitious sense of delight of pain, or a “this is the dark reality deal with it”. There are subtler ways of making conveying this sense of threat ( I don’t want a rendition of tearing limbs and so forth like some of the battles in Braveheart). I’m not wording this well..

    My point being Neji died. I wouldn’t have been able to predict it but there’s a difference between unpredictable and inconsistent. It’s both unpredictable and inconsistent that Wiley Coyote would actually bleed and die like a soldier in Iraq. However to be shocked by a death that is logically sound, consistent, unified at the same time is good writing.

  61. @ Ashes, I agree with your, novel long, point of view. We’ve seen throughout this manga that fire doesn’t kill anyone, falling from great drops is a piece of cake and when you remember your past and have a flashback it’s like writing your will and testament because your surely gonna croak.

    All in all Neji was a unnecessary sacrifice and the one who should have gave his life up in that situation should have been non other then Hinata’s father. YES I SAID IT, that douche was a Asshole to Hinata almost her whole life and suddenly he found compassion for her and Neji.

    And yet the only moment he should have showed he would sacrifice anything for her child le lets Neju jump in front of the spikes and deals a heavy blow to one of Konoha’s very few young talented shinobi.

    Neji would have probably been the first Hyyuga who would have been able to achieve the ascension to the Saringan and now it was all in vain. More so his death will probably cause Naruto second guess his determination and path, and he might start fighting for revenge.

  62. this versus poll is invalid. you took away the very thing that would make this poll talking about… their weaknesses. the fact that they each have dif eye problems with the sharingan would make it a more even match so i have two answers. with the stipulations given, i would have to give it up to itachi. he has more raw power and stronger moves, beside kakashi always states how hi chakra isnt that great compared to other ninja. my second answer given that the eye problems were incorporated kakasi would win he has a wider array of moves (mastered/copied over 1000 moves) and knows how to effectively link them and use them to great effect. kakashi also rarely has to resort to using his saringan to full effect. itachi has only been show to use his sharingan jutsu assuming kikashi has some jutsu that can in anyway obscure direct eye contact, which I’m sure he does, itachi would be limited to hand to hand combat with very few juts. kakashi also has summoning and more then one elemental property

  63. @tenrai it was contrived not because how he died but the cause. Suechiha Madara strikes again for the entire Edo Tensei assault nobody died. Unexpected is someone dying then. Everything has been contrived because of Madata’s involvement.-

  64. @ashes and neji death
    I see where you are coming from, but the reasons for Neji death is more ideal than Hinata’s father.
    1. Some of the 11 peers dads just died, so I mean hinata’s dad dying too is like “well damn just kill of all the parents at one time.” No, its cheesy
    2. At the beginning of the book, neji hated his clan for the most part and traditions, he didn’t want to protect the main branch, he didn’t understand his father for doing it, he tried to kill hinata himself, now you see him going against ALL of that. He protected the main branch (Hinata), and he understood his father.
    3. showing obito good young character who helped old people out in his youth and dedicated himself to his comrades, to owning madara thus claiming to be alpha dog, and onto of that killing off a fans favorite character Neji, to make people start to say “wow wtf obito”. Obito’s character is. Completely changed, he mocked naruto even at the death of his friend who was a close respected peer naruto looked up to and whose life weighs greatly on Naruto so he won’t easily just die with sasuke later on.
    4. As said before its the shock of a young main story character dying like that.
    5. It was good story development, he may not have had an epic moment, but its the small things that count for major characters.
    6. This was more of an impact, especially since the two had a bond.

    As said before, this chapter was really mainly focusing on Obito’s true nature. The point of this chapter was to gain more people to dislike the villain. It worked on a lot of people, I read different comments on reactions.

  65. @greyfox I didn’t advocate that Neji’s dad die that was Eugen. second i said i didn’t care for how Kishi killed of Neji, not that a death of one of the 11 or even Neji was necessarily wrong. in chess one thing you learn is choosing the place where a piece maybe sacrificed is as important as the timing. i’m saying that Kishi created a huge weakness by creating this great restraint towards his characters suffering consequences and so then when he kills off Neji, it feels out of the blue and inconsistent. i don’t know how he could’ve saved himself from this structural weakness in his writing. i still think killing off Kiba would’ve been better maybe.

  66. Neji had to die. There was no other way. Naruto needed more fuel to his respective fire and a stronger bond to Hinata. Neji basically told Naruto, Hinata was his and basically she was his to protect from now on. @Grey Fox (Metal Gear reference? lol awesome) I didn’t get that from Tobi. It looked like he was trying to convince himself what despair should feel like. And he manifested it in physical form by chance. I don’t think Tobi was thinking so far ahead that he knew Neji would sacrifice himself. I think he used that as a means to back his argument. I never liked Tobi as a villain. He is a watered down version of Pein. I wanted a villain who just didn’t care about anything, the Tobi from before. A villain who wanted to torture people until the end of time with his infiinte Tsyukiyomi

  67. so if anyone wants to know I think Neji could’ve gone out different or maybe Kiba but either of those two options.

  68. did anyone realize that Nagato used the resurrection technique from the Rinnegan that Obito has? so essentially Obito was keeping from Madara that he doesn’t have the ability to resurrect Madara 0_0!!

  69. this picture proves that being used for a pin cushion doesn’t equal death…. how about the Iruka “Ninja star in the spine” survival

  70. @Pincushion. I believe Haku blatantly states that for Naruto and Sasuke he wasn’t trying to kill them. If anything he was probably trying to temporarily incapacitate them.

  71. Also I think Kishi may be a little anatomically dense. Or biologically dense. Dense and retarded when it comes to anatomy and biology.

  72. All I gotta say is that I didn’t see that one coming…Neji???

    However, it does make sense. It passes Hinata onto Naruto (Ok, Naruhina fans rejoice) to protect as Neji declares his ultimate trust in Naruto. The bond is undeniable as it reverts back to the very beginning of the manga with the loser/genius references, which makes it all the more touching. It was also Neji’s way of saying “Thank You” to Naruto for freeing him from the bonds of hatred for his clan in the beginning and how much it meant to him – words that were never expressed.

    Now, Obito…badass villain…or is he? He’s now cocky enough to not only taunt Naruto, his intention, but also to taunt that edo tensei of Madara into submission. At least now both admit they can’t control the Jyuubi and Obito, believe it or not, realizes, he made a pact with the devil. Remember, his entire hatred rests on the fact that he saw Rin killed by Kakashi for reasons he still may not know – nor do we. While Obito may be trying to use despair to destroy the enemy, as a previous commenter said, Pein did the same thing…and look what happened to him: Naruto. I think that Obito is now going to see what true power looks like and it isn’t in the form of the Jyuubi. It is going to be Naruto in full Kyuubi form but with the resolve of all of those he loved, admired and respected who have now perished – a power that Obito cannot match. Not sure if Naruto can pull off a Nagato-esque conversion but I do think that Obito may end up regretting his vicious attack.

  73. Hey there Penny. It’s good to see you again.

    I’m not sure this one is going to be about forgiveness. Because I think, for both Kakashi and Obito, the thing they need the most right now is acceptance for the things they couldn’t change, but living on for those you loved. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think this is the lesson Naruto’s going to learn. Acceptance. I think that’s what’s going to make Obito think twice – whether he lets himself die because he just can’t live with the loss, or he lives on for Rin’s sake, I don’t know. It’s possible Obito will die because he can’t handle it and he’s accepted it and he’s finally ready to rest about the fact he couldn’t do anything to save her, and neither could Kakashi, but I think Kakashi is going to come out on top and finally accept everything that’s happened to him. He may or may not die here, but either way, I think when all is said and done, this will be the perfect time for Kakashi to unmask himself, because it would represent so many things!

  74. @Mike Smith

    Just because I said that both combatants are at their best, that doesn’t mean I’ve taken away their weaknesses. I just took away elements that would make the battle unfair, such as Itachi being sick or suffering from degraded eyesight. Both combatants are at their best in terms of physical health, but they still have weaknesses associated with their jutsu.

    So, for example, Kakashi using his Sharingan for too long will still result in him falling over and flopping on the ground like a fish. Itachi using Susanoo would still cause him excruciating pain, etc.

    Let’s not compare a disease to a character weakness. It is a third-party factor that serves as an outside influence on the character’s strength, which has nothing to do with the character’s own physical or intellectual proficiency.

  75. Tenrai – Kakashi wins for one reason only: he’s alive. Ha! (sorry, had to make a joke of it)

    Andrew -as far as the acceptance thing goes, I see your point. This is the first war that Naruto has fought and he hasn’t fully accepted that in war, deaths of comrades is inevitable, as shown in the death of Neji. He wanted to save every one of his comrades but he can’t control what they decide to do – such as Neji deciding to sacrifice his own life for that of Naruto. It’s interesting that we don’t really know why Kakashi killed Rin, whether it was a tactical move or whether it was to prevent the Mist from gaining an ability that was a Kekkei Genkai of Konoha or some other reason…nor does Obito. All Obito knows is that Rin is dead and that Kakashi couldn’t keep a promise he made to him so all he knows is rage and hatred.

    IMO, Obito is going to die because of his ambition of hatred – his attitude as shown with the edo Madara is clear – and will make mistakes based on that hatred. He will underestimate the will of Naruto and Naruto’s true power – and I don’t mean that of Kurama. His true power is that of his belief in never giving up on his friends and comrades. As far as Kakashi being unmasked, I think the only mask that gets removed is the mask of hurt, pain and lingering regret he has carried for many years since he killed Rin, no matter what the reason, because he loved her so dearly. He will be able to move on without the chains of regret that continue to bind him; much like the curse mark bound Neji until Naruto came along in the Chuunin exam.

  76. Good points Penny. The reason why I think Naruto is going to learn acceptance here is because he’s been learning lessons ever since the Zabuza arc. But recently he’s been mostly learning things that go along with bringing peace and unity to the world. This was probably the best way for him to learn it, as hard as it is for me to admit that. Because there are so many shinobi who HAVE been in war and had to learn what Naruto is learning now. It’s a piece of growth that needs to happen to him. I just hope it won’t be too painful.

  77. This is rather off topic but…whatever happened with Manda version 2? You know, the one that Kabuchimaru created? He was shown as this badass beefed up Manda on steroids that could stop a massive island turtle dead in its tracks and pwn all the ninja that tried to stop it.

  78. Anyway, as far as Neji’s death goes, I think it ties things up with him pretty well. And while many would say he should’ve gone out fighting, not all deaths are expected. I am, however, really hopeful that this is a sign that Naruto will come to truly reciprocate Hinata’s feelings by the time this war is over. There’s been too much buildup, even if it was mostly from Hinata only, for Naruto to just up and say he’s not interested.

    So yeah, NaruHina ATW!

  79. Hey guys. I was going to do my breakdown today but it seems I have been swept up in Christmasy things (preparing for Christmas eve dinner). I also don’t think tomorrow, being Christmas day, will be any better. Sorry for the delay and I hope everyone will patiently await the new breakdown. @___@

    Also, merry Christmas Eve! *Throws Christmas fruit cake at random WRA members.*

  80. Marry Christmas eve guys and gals, Ten I think you can postpone the breakdown seeing we won’t be having a manga the a couple of weeks to come.

    I hope you enjoy a warm Christmas there, because here I’m freezing my ass of, good thing we have snow because it’s been almost 10 years since the last white Christmas in the area.

  81. @Eugen

    Well, I guess we’re lucky to have Christmas in summer here then. Lol. I always was more of a warm weather person myself, but it’s nice that you guys are having a white Christmas.

  82. Happy Christmas y’all. 🙂

  83. Merry Christmas all

  84. Happy Holidays, WRA!!!

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  88. Merry Christmas – a little late, but still the thought is there!

  89. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!

    Seems like tomorrow we’ll have the big 3 up for grabs and also there are UNCONFIRMED SPOILERS out.

    Looks like Sasuke is showing his face and it seems Madara gets sealed. This sounds a little to good to be true but I guess Kishi could throw us a great Christmas gift with the holidays present and all.

    Sorry for not posting in the spoiler section Ten but there wasn’t one for this last chapter.

  90. where is it.

  91. I have a hard time believing this spoiler. Specifically because Naruto is experiencing a crisis of faith right now. He has to learn something here or some time after it. And Naruto is supposed to change people. If Naruto can’t come up with the answer to help Obito accept what he cannot change, then what is the point of Naruto if Sasuke is going to take out all the hurdles in Naruto’s path to his answer for peace?

  92. @Andrew Naruto is given too much power if he can talk no jutsu Obito out of starting the moon’s eye plan, beside we need to hear from Kakashi about Rin’s death yet.

    Also this maybe Sasuke’s way of redeeming himself in front of the villages and defending the honor of the Uchiha by fighting Madara. We haven’t seen Sasuke in action in forever. No i actually think i like the spoiler.

    Kantonkage is gonna be happy if Madara is sealed.

  93. As far as I can tell, Sasuke is too focused on revenge to even care about redeeming himself. He probably doesn’t give a shit about Madara, especially right now when he’s trying to find out whatever Suigetsu found. Also I don’t think Sasuke gives much a fuck about Obito either but I can’t be certain about that one.

    And in this case I don’t think Naruto would be pulling “talk-no-jutsu” so much as he’d be acting out his beliefs by not giving up and accepting what he can’t change in this world, but without giving up on his morals and desires.

  94. @Andrew I believe Itachi’s going out changed Sasuke a bit. i feel the panels implied that Itachi impacted him with a philsophy where he gets his revenge for the clan and protects the village at the same time… Essentially Madara’s defeat, who started all this and probably provoked the destruction of the Uchiha because they didn’t listen to him. So Yeah I think in the end Sasuke defeating Madara would leave him redeemed in the eyes of the village, even if redemption but revenge was what he was going for….

  95. @Tenrai if your right about Hatred fueling Susanoo then Sasuke’s Susanoo maybe fueled in a fight with Madara, if he believes Madara is the reason the clan got killed. What I’m saying is that Sasuke’s susanoo maybe more powerful than madara’s, if there was a fight between the two…. which maybe possible.

  96. okay i know not all of you watch the anime filler episodes… however i do believe AJD’s caption contest requires no context for coming up with something hilarious…. so i will post the link here and I ask you to go over there and take a stab or two at the caption contest at the end of the breakdown….

    some creativity and some support people for your friendly Naruto breakdown writers.Thanks!

  97. it’s out must be special since its Hinata’s birthday.

  98. 615 is out!


    The very possible formation of NaruHina for real!

  99. Everyone be ready for the feat that not even Akyra Toryama succeeded in doing, a Super Sayan GIRL. I’m hoping for a Hyuuga ascension next chapter, with Hinata reaching the sharingan or the rinnegan and with this some of her skill would probably be joined with Naruto as well.

    This acceptance was a really big leap for Naruto and it has taken a very long time for him to see that Hinata was always at his side at the worst moments in his life, (shunned as a child, at the chunin exams, the Pain invasion, a now at the death of one of his closest friends), now Naruto has accepted Hinata as his equal and they’re gonna meet the Juubi, Madara and Obito head on.

    I paused a bit at this page, more precisely at the 3 panels on the top left, Naruto is slowly closing his fist while turning into the Kyuubi mode and you can see Kishi’s interpretation of the moment as Naruto crushing the Juubi with his hand.

    I think that the next chapter will be one of the most epic ones yet and the Naruto-Hinata Duo will probably hit the bad guys with some really, over 9000, bad ass jutsus.

  100. so it’s going to be.. naruhina :)))

  101. Ok guys I’m going to jump into this subject for the first time ever.

    The question is: Why should Naruto be with Hinata.
    The answer is as obvious as the Sun, Hinata has been there for Naruto from the start of the story, she never doubted him and she was the only one besides Iruka who threw herself in front of death in order to protect him.

    Hinata has lived by Naruto’s creed all her life and Naruto’s words and actions imprinted in her soul. She fought and trained harder and harder just so she can one day stand by Naruto’s side and so he could see her growth and that it was all due to his words.

    The day has come when Hinata marches at Naruto’s side in order to stop the biggest evil the world has ever faced witch comes from 3 different generations, a ancient evil, The Juubi, a monster from the Narutoverse’s oldest times, Madara, the personification of power and evil from a time of legendary Shinobi that created it all for the present generations. And Obito, the shinobi who was always at the wrong place at the worst times, a shinobi who experienced the hardships of war and the loss of his loved ones, a shinobi that entrusted everything to his friend in order to protect that witch was most precious for him, only to weak up from death and build himself up hoping for a joyous reunion with his friends and peers, only to see that his sacrifice was all in vain and so he closed his eyes to every bit of hope left in the word and instead embraced the darkness and evil of people.

    got a little sidetracked there for a second, but I wanted to be sure that everyone is aware of what Naruto and Hinata are about to face together.

    Now besides the endless examples Tenrai has showed us for a long time now, I ask you, Why would Naruto choose Sakura instead??

    Sakura, apart from being one of Naruto’s teammates, has never acknowledged him for his heart and power until Sasuke left and no one else could stop the evil that would befall Konoha.

    Sakura has always loved Sasuke and if I were Naruto, I would never try to win over a girl who will never love me the most in the world and so I would always know that her love will always be one of settlement and not,”true love”.

    She even falsely dedicated her love for Naruto just so the guy won’t go off and break Sasuke’s neck.

    So people, why would you want Naruto to end up with Sakura, when you know she’ll never truly love Naruto, so far the only useful thing Sakura ever did for Naruto was to realize he and Sasuke are in a far greater league then her and so she should stay the hell out of the way.

    Hinata, on the other hand, never stop’ed trying to better herself she always picked herself up and closed the mouths of those who doubted her (Hiashi, Neji,…) and always jumped in to help those she cared for.

    Sorry for the big rant, but it had to be said. NARUTO-SAKURA is just pointless.

  102. I loved this chapter because I absolutely love Hinata, but I fear that this epic monologue was her swan song… How is she (or anyone else for that matter) going to survive another barrage of wood needles? I really hope I’m wrong about this, but I think she’s going to die. T____________T

  103. This was a great chapter

    @eugen you made some great points and to that i ask you this. Why does naruot have to pick one? why can’t he shadow clone himself and be with both?

  104. I was always a pretty vehement NaruSaku fan. Pretty loyal to the pairing rather. But I am quickly becoming a NaruHina fan. I didn’t mind either pairing at first, but everything that’s going on, especially the idea of princess Hyuuga Hinata ascending and becoming more powerful? That sounds pretty kickass man.

    Especially because I at one time theorized that the Sage of Six Paths’ wife was a Byakugan wielder. The reason I theorized this is because I believe it was Kakashi who at one point, earlier in the manga, said that the Sharingan was a mutation of the Byakugan.

  105. =))) Antony dude that last one made me laugh so hard my chest still hurts. I doubt Naruto is that much of a pimp. Jiraiya and kakashi, maybe :)))

  106. @ Antony and Eugen well the whole guy gets the GIRLS isn’t unknown amongst japanese manga ( ahem Harem Anime/manga). LOL I actually wondered for a while if Sasuke would end up dying and then Naruto would end up marrying both of them, especially since the world is a pseudo- ancient Japan based society

  107. Andrew – you said exactly what I was thinking about the NaruSaku/NaruHina thing. I was, like you, a NaruSaku fan but Sakura has turned out to be a pretty useless character of late. Hinata, in this war, has finally found her voice, her strength and her determination…and with one slap of Naruto’s face, she showed what her Nindo was all about. She’s grown into one self confident, beautiful woman – and an awesome shinobi; one that her father, I hope soon, will realize totally deserves the title of Head of the Main Branch of the Hyuuga Clan.

    Not to mention…she showed who was boss in that relationship. Naruto, you had better watch out! LOL

  108. @Andrew: That is a pretty crazy theory on how the Sharingan started. What if that’s how the new Uchiha are created? With Naruto and Hinata. It’d bee cool to see a time skip where there is an elderly Hinata talking to a her grand child named Sauske about Naruto and his adventures. And Sauske goes to class where an Elderly Ichiruka is still teaching and right when Sauske does a shadow clone (the stances where he puts his hands together to gather chakra) he opens his eyes to reveal the Sharingan.

  109. A better fight would be Itachi vs the 4th Hokage

  110. Oh wow… Hmmmm….

    First off, Thank You Kishi-sensei! This chapter was him practically saying “Put a sock in it, NaruSaku fans! It’s OVER!!!!”.

    Second, congratulations Obito for being such a magnificent bastard! *applause*
    Sidenote: The font that Mangastream used in Obito’s speech bubbles in the first page really fit the atmosphere and made the weight of those words seem heavier.

    Third, What I really liked about this chapter (aside from the NaruHina happenings – Yes, I’m a shipper, unashamedly so) is that that boy (Naruto) has finally gotten through his thick head that HE IS NOT ALONE. Sure he’s heard it over and over and over again before and at times even seemed as if he listened ( ) but I think this is the first time that the message actually went through to him.

    Also, I’d like to particularly take note of Obito’s expression right here:

    It’s such a curious expression, I don’t quite know what to make of it. But I feel so sorry for him. Clearly nothing good ever comes out of pining after the “Sakura’s” in Narutoverse. Obito is glaring proof of that. Naruto cleary has the better end of the stick. Obito never had a Hinata in his life. With all the parallels between Naruto and Obito, what happened in this chapter made me remember about Itachi’s words a couple of chapters back.

    I think it’s safe to say that was a really close call. That is why I’d like to point this out too:

    Ugh, Sakura! What the hell are you gaping at, you useless piece of baggage?! Once again, as in the Pein Invasion Arc, when it’s crunch time you do what you do best: DO NOTHING! Off to Sasuke you go! You deserve each other! *sighs in reief* (Sorry, had to make last minute mini rant)

  111. @Laughing. Whoa that would be kind of cool. Hinata better hurry and have some children with Naruto then because I’m not sure he’s going to survive the battle against Sasuke. Hell, I don’t think either of them will survive.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment by the way, I think it’s a kickass theory, especially since it’s NaruHina related.

  112. @ashes lol that would be crazy but only two thinks are going to happen either obito will show naruto the pain he felt when rin died or sasuske will kill Hinata which would be crazy. Actually hinata could survive and sakura could die. Forget what i said their is endless possibilities. Im curious to see what kishi does hopefully Hinata does not die

  113. I just realized how emotionally strong Hinata has become. She has become so strong that instead of grieving (especially in the middle of war,) for her lost brother, despite all that inner turmoil, she looked up to Naruto so much and saw when he was suffering and tried to help him see the truth and to help reassure him. It’s pretty amazing. I believe Sakura’s only done something like that once and after it she was pretty seflish thinking that Naruto should have been the one comforting her. Which Naruto pretty much always does.

    I like this Hinata a lot. Whether she knows it or not, she’s helped out Naruto emotionally many times in the past. She always put Naruto before herself and she would make a great wife. Especially because Naruto would likely put her before himself. And thus they would intertwine.

  114. @ andrew now that you say that its true If naruto and hinata become a couple then they would be just like his parents.

  115. if ever naruto and hinata end up with each other and have children, hinata would probably give birth to kids with powerful chakra, spiritual energy, will and physical energy.

  116. Only just noticed this:

    Even if you consider yourself a demon in the ninja world of Naruto, there is no way you don’t still have feelings and like connections.

    One of Naruto’s first lessons. Even “monsters” have feelings.

    Even those who wear a mask. You can still see through it and understand.

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