Naruto Chapter 611 Breakdown: We all stand together! Bom-bom!

You know, after reading chapter 611, a particular song came to mind once I had reached the very end, seeing everyone gathered together. It’s a very old song, but its subject theme hits the heart of the message of unity being portrayed in this chapter quite soundly, so I thought I’d share it with you all. However, be warned; merely watching it may be enough give you grey hairs.

P.S. it is quite an old video, so I apologize in advance for the quality.

Now that’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest for the week…

Ahem! As for the chapter itself, one could say this latest iteration of Naruto does everything a person could hope for from a Naruto chapter. It managed to be hopelessly epic in just about every way, while at the same time managing to be both evocative and moving for anyone who has even the mildest sign of a heartbeat.

How does it do this? Well, it pulls off what you could consider a very old trick from any story-telling perspective, where the author invokes a sense of hopelessness, giving the reader the impression that there’s no way for the hero to overcome the challenges they are facing and that all seems lost. From here, the author then subsequently presents us with a glimmer of hope; a small light at the end of the tunnel that renews our faith, moves our hearts, builds on the tension and excitement and makes us itch to see what happens next. This type of story telling may seem a bit clichéd – and is certainly common enough to be deemed as such – but some clichés just work no matter how much they are seen or used and the up and down, adrenaline-induced flow of emotions that these types of chapters evoke certainly help to keep things moving in a good way.

This is what you call playing Pong, Bijuu-style.

This is what you call playing Pong, Bijuu-style.

The sense of hopelessness comes mostly from the overwhelming power of the Juubi. I never noticed it in the previous chapters, mostly because of the shot angles used during the fighting, but the Juubi is quite certifiably massive. It’s eye alone is almost the size of the Hachibi and even Bee’s Bijuu bomb attack seemed like nothing more than an insignificant speck of dust as it approached its target.

This sentiment proved to be true when the Juubi nonchalantly flicked the usually unstoppable projectile away, only for it to subsequently near-obliterate its original owner. Madara wasn’t really exaggerating when he compared his opponents to “flies buzzing around”, because compared to the Juubi, that’s exactly what they seemed like.

After being sent off like a 4th of July firework, Bee is pretty much taken out of the battle for the moment, leaving Kakashi and Naruto at the mercy of the Bijuu. It’s at this point where we see our first moving moment in the chapter, when Naruto pushes Kakashi out of the way of the Juubi’s tail at the cost of his own safety.

This will be a tail to remember...

This will definitely be a tail to remember…

Now, I have to admit, this was quite the sentiment on Naruto’s part because it shows that he puts the safety of others above his own. Even Obito reminisces on how much Naruto reminds him of how he himself once was, with this particular moment linking back to the time he pushed Kakashi out of the way of the falling debris that would later end in half of his own body being crushed thanks to his efforts.

These comparisons Kishi is drawing between Naruto and Obito may be building up to an eventual reconciliation of sorts, where an understanding is reached between these two opposing forces, but for now, regardless of how much Obito has changed for the worse, I’m sure he can’t help but be moved by Naruto’s actions in some way. The only thing that draws this scene back from being truly special is that the Naruto pushing Kakashi out of the way is only a clone and so its sacrifice seems dampened somewhat given the fact that the real Naruto is left relatively unharmed by the transaction, save for perhaps some emotional trauma that was shared when the clone dispersed and shared its memories.

Still, the real Naruto manages to keep a bad situation from becoming worse as he and Kurama help dampen the falls of both Kakashi and Bee, although neither are left without signs showing just how close they came to being nothing more than names on a memorial stone.

It's just a flesh wound?

It’s… just a flesh wound…?

It’s at this point that a sense of desperation truly begins to set in, as we are shown that both the Hachibi and Kurama have run out of chakra and need time to replenish. Kakashi had already spent most of his chakra using Kamui on something as large as a Bijuu and Gai still doesn’t seem to have recovered from his last use of the Afternoon Tiger. Even Naruto seems to be worse for wear without Kurama’s support and when one considers the fact that they’re up against a still relatively unharmed Juubi and two powerful Uchiha (with one of them being immortal), it becomes hard to imagine how they could possibly turn the situation around in their favor.

And yet, even despite the hopelessness of the situation, Naruto refuses to back down. He chooses to stand tall in the face of adversity, even knowing just how overwhelming the task that faces him truly is. I’m not sure if we could write it off as ignorance or overconfidence on Naruto’s part, but I have a feeling that he must have been feeling pretty defeated as well, even if he didn’t want to show it. All he had to rely on that point was the chance that Kurama would be able to recover chakra in time to face the Juubi again before they were all wiped out, but even that was a long-shot in the dark, with no guarantees for success.

Yet I think Naruto also knew that if he showed any outward signs of defeat, he would be destroying the hope he had created for everyone just moments before through his inspirational words and actions. He knew that if he hesitated, he’d lose the faith of those who believed in him and followed him. In true Naruto fashion, despite his young age, he has once again opted to become the pillar of support that keeps everything together, even when the whole world is crashing down around him. It’s one of those things that make me truly admire Naruto as a character and it is a virtue that I believe makes him a suitable hero at the head of a shonen manga of this caliber.

His eyes show his strength of his resolve...

His eyes show his strength of his resolve… his actions, the strength of his heart.

Luckily for Naruto, his resilience pays off and help arrives in the form of the Shinobi alliance army. This was the most truly inspirational moment of the chapter seeing everyone gather together, including the likes of all Naruto’s peers from the leaf. There was a bit of NaruHina hinted at as well through comments by Kiba, which seemed pretty intentional on Kishi’s part, but it wasn’t the true focus by any means.

The scene also managed to give a real sense of unity amongst the five nations – something that Kishi has been developing for quite some time now – and it was that very feeling comradeship – with everyone at Naruto’s back, ready to support him without hesitation – that elevated this moment to something that was truly inspiring.


Although crowd members are screened for weapons, bombs and whoopee cushions prior to delivery, Rent-a-crowd is not responsible for any damages, loss of property or social unrest that may be caused by the crowd you rent. User discretion is advised. Shadow clones are not included.

With everyone united, hope seems to have been rekindled at last and I’m sure I can speak for many of us when I say that our appetites have surely been wet for the next chapter that is to come. My only question now is whether or not the five Kage will somehow manage to make an appearance as well, although there may only be four now when we consider Tsunade’s condition the last time we saw her, or six depending on how you choose to look at it…

Either way, the next chapter should be epic and if it falls anything short of that, it would be quite a disappointment given the great build-up of this chapter. Regardless, that’s all from me for now. Here is last week’s Bubbliton Contest winner.

4th) Donovan Peaks

Kyuubi: I don’t think we can “Talk-no-jutsu” this one.
Caption: The world ends when there’s an opponent who can’t be “talked-no-jutsu’d”.

3rd) Kevin Phoenix

Bubble: It’s no use Naruto! It’s over 9000!!!
Caption: What sage mode sensed about the Juubi’s power level

2nd) Kantonkage

Bubblition: Kurama “God Dammit, Naruto! I told you to stay away from the Fermented ramen.
Caption: It’s too late Kurama. He’s in his own little world right now.

Eke2k6: There’s no way out of Tenrai’s stomach.

Eke2k6: There’s no way out of Tenrai’s stomach.

There were only four entries to the bubbliton last week, which is a pity, because I felt that the screen we used was a really interesting one that left a lot of room for cool bubbliton ideas, but alas, that’s how the ball rolls sometimes.

Hopefully this week we’ll see a few more. Here’s your next Bubbliton.

*Insert possible caption here.*

*Insert possible caption here.*

Yes, that’s right, this week we have four bubbles, which means four times the effort, four times the craziness and… the same reward. <_<

Good luck, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 4, 2012.

43 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 611 Breakdown: We all stand together! Bom-bom!”

  1. First!

    Excellent post, and I apologize for the inactivity recently. I hope to get the ball rolling again soon. But alas, we are here for your breakdown.

    I agree with all of the above and will find something creative to enter for bubblition. Kishi did good, question is, will he do even better? Should be a great next chapter!

  2. Seconded!! One more sleep to the next epic chapter.

  3. Third @_@

  4. Four Is DEATH!!

  5. I’m not a fan of the NaruHina pair because I just don’t like Hinata’s hair. I can’t be the only one right? I don’t like the bowl cut, she could do soo much better. Can’t Sakura give her a proper hair cut? isn’t there a ninja hair stylist out there? You get the point, i hope lol

    bubbilation (read’s from right to left): 1)who 2) took 3) our 4) waffles!!!

    bubbilation #2: 1)prepare for trouble! 2) make it double! 3) to protect the world from Devastation 4)to unite all peoples within our nation!
    Caption: Team rocket has some new recruits… and they’re itchin’ to learn from the best!

  6. Bubbilation

    Darui: I’m ready to kick some ass!
    “Rock ninja person”: Let’s do this!
    Third Guy: We can win this fight!
    Shikamaru:…Why must I be here…

    Caption: Poor guy, he just wanted to stare at the clouds.

  7. Sweet! Two wins in 3 weeks!

    Bubble / Bubblition:

    1: “Bad boy emo collar pop pose no jutsu!!”

    2: “I’m a badass, don’t mess with me-pose-no-jutsu”

    3: “I’m still a virgin, pretending to be bad – no-jutsu”

    4: ” -_-‘ ”

    Caption: Shikamaru is surrounded by idiots

  8. Bubble1: Gang
    Bubble2: Bang
    Bubble3: No
    Bubble4: Jutsu
    Caption: When a thousand years of pain just won’t cut it.

    Awesomeness Breakdown

  9. Kitsuchi: Cracked earth landing, Arrival jutsu!!
    Darui: Black crane feather fall, Arrival jutsu!!
    Random dude: Knee palm worship, earth hugging Arrival justu!
    Shikamaru: ………

    Caption: Entrance jutsu’s are just too troublesome…

  10. @Tenrai – You took a chapter that no word could describe and wrote one heck of a breakdown. I especially like your out take of Naruto as the youngster that wont give up no matter how grim the situation is.

    Clockwise starting from the upper left
    1. Rock
    2. Paper
    3. Scissor
    4. WTF
    Caption: Wrong Game for Wrong Place.

  11. @wiseman Err, Hinata doesn’t not have bowl cut. She has a hime cut like Kikyo, Chichi, Motoko Aoyama and a few others. Her hair is only shiny like Lee and Gai’sط.

  12. Bubblition: right to left

    Darui: When evil must be stopped…

    Kitsuchi: Unlikely heroes will always rise…

    Leaf Guy: …To protect all love and Justice!

    Shikamaru: What a drag…hope you enjoyed your face time.

    Caption: Not this time Konoha 11! I’m sure these guys are respected enough to be in front commanding their…*reads* Oh COME ON! Even unknown characters got a better spot! WHO ARE YOU CROSS EYED PHOTO BOMB GUY!

    Sorry, I’m going for a second entry! Same rules.

    Darui:Eh-Sexy Lady!

    Kitsuchi: Oppa is Gangnam Style

    Leaf Guy: Eh-Sexy Lady!…

    Shikamaru:…oh oh oh oh…

    Caption: It’s official, Oppan Gangman Style has surpassed the rank of pandemic…

  13. Bubblition:

    1: Prepare for trouble… Make it n-tuple!

    2: To protect the world from devastation… To unite all peoples within our nation!

    3: To denounce the evils of truth and love… To extend our reach to the stars above!

    4: Team Shinobi, blast off at the speed of light!

    Caption: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

  14. its out! 😀

  15. Grr…you’re quick Chaps…well played

    edit: It would seem mangapanda jumped the gun on the emails…

  16. well.. it’s gone now.. LOL!

  17. I feel like I just watched a badass episode of Captain Planet…

  18. First, Great breakdown Tenrai.

    Second: This was a really good chapter.I like it when the manga showcases strategic attacks rather than the usual hodgepodge of overpowered jutsus. However, doesn’t it seem too easy? I keep picturing a red flag waving: DANGER DANGER, YOU’re ALL GONNA BE PULVERIZED IN THE NEXT 3 SECONDS!


    THIS:”I’m not a fan of the NaruHina pair because I just don’t like Hinata’s hair. I can’t be the only one right? I don’t like the bowl cut, she could do soo much better. Can’t Sakura give her a proper hair cut? isn’t there a ninja hair stylist out there? You get the point, i hope lol”

    Oh sure. Styling tips from someone who, when prompted to specify which gender, the answer would neither be an “M” or “F” but a big, glaring “?”. I mean, Sakura could wear fake, jagged chompers, dye her hair powder blue and she’d be a dead ringer for Suigetsu. The only other person with whom she shares ambiguity in gender is Sasuke (ironically in that respect they are quite perfect for each other).

  19. Check out the MS version

  20. Why I am a fan of NaruHina:

    1: Hinata was the first person amongst Naruto’s peers that showed any caring or compassion towards him while the rest mostly rejected him, treating him like a loser or as nothing more than a nuisance (this was partly influenced by the older generation’s attitude towards him as well, but still…).

    2: She was also the first person to ever openly admit that she loved Naruto; even before his own parents. Basically, out of all the people Naruto ever knew, Hinata was the first to openly make it clear that he was actually loved by someone.

    3: Sakura’s fake love confession put a nail in that relationship coffin for good as far as how I feel about it is concerned and so far as I can see, there are no other competitors for Naruto’s affections beyond that.

    4: This…

    Sorry, but I didn’t see Sakura jumping in and putting her life on the line to save Naruto, or anyone else for that matter. And then there’s the fact that Hinata was really badass while doing it too… <_<

    As far as I am concerned, if anyone has any reason why Naruto should be with anyone else other than Hinata, they'll have to come up with something better than what just I've listed above, which I don't see happening anytime soon. The only place you'll find anyone showing more compassion towards Naruto is in a fanfiction.

    *Is read for a debate.* @___@

  21. @Tenrai Senshi: Yes, I do indeed agree wholeheartedly.

  22. I’d much prefer the Ramen guys daughter. She has much better hair and if she could fight, she would have done the same!

  23. And she also knows how to prepare and take proper care of Naruto’s ramen… that didn’t sound dirty at all

  24. I was NaruSaku fan for awhile. And still kind of am. But I think NaruHina shows more promise, and the fact that she’s been changing this entire time and getting stronger, I feel like she’ be best for Naruto (especially because she can watch his back – literally,) but I just hope that Hinata learns some more moved and ninjutsu and stuff. I want her to be stronger than she already is. It’s sad that only the main character of the series seems to be the only one shown getting stronger and stronger. Sure this is a testament to Naruto’s will, but still.

  25. Great breakdown Tenrai I haven’t been able to read the last couple of chapters, cause life has gotten in my way again -___- one of this days I’m about to take care of it lol…

    You guys are forgetting a single person in your calculations narutos first kiss Mr.Emo himself sasuke….but I always been a narusaku fan and here is why because naruto loved her and she loved sasuke I wanted naruto to snatch sakura away from him.But as you stated above that fake confession also has me a little bit more for naruhina

  26. Plus we can’t forget hinata has humongous…… eyes that can see anything
    Sorry for double post

  27. Seriously, the only one other than Hinata who stands a chance as Naruto’s future lover is Sasuke. But I don’t think Kishi wants to go down that route, so Hinata is going to be the one. 😛

  28. @Dragon

    If that ever happened, I would probably commit seppuku on that very same day.

  29. @the NarHin mash up: But her hair… lol

  30. @wiseman: <— that is the hairstyle, by the way stop living in the past, Shippudden Hinata's hair is normal.

  31. something else to consider: Naruto’s blonde hair + hinata’s black hair = red/orange hair. Whirlpool gets their original colors back!

  32. K looks real cool, kinda like the girls from Neon Genesis Eve Angelion. I will look for more

  33. So the juubi is about to return to its perfect form -___- I thought it needed the 8 and 9 tails to be complete. Here’s a thought what if when the juubi goes perfect it eliminates have of the alliances and hinata with it. Causing naruto to go sage of six paths on them and since hinatas gone he ends up with sakura

  34. Hey guys, first off, I know the end of the word is gonna be here on the 21 because we’ve started talking about naruto and Sasuke and also about Hinata’s hair.

    As for the juubi, madara or tobi already mentioned it would get to full power even without the 8 and 9 tails and probably that’s why it took a while for it to reach it’s perfect form. It probably needed time to gather the missing energy the hachibi and kyuubi would have given it.

    Now as for the ongoing fight something better happen soon because that army won’t be good for more then another 3 or so coordinated attacks from the army will proably be there limit after witch the Juubi might start taking it personal .
    And after it,s attack I bet only the main characters will be left standing.

    This is about the time in witch Naruto will have to learn the FTG so he can use it to send the big incoming attacks from the juubi elsewhere.

  35. @ Simplyantony remember Sasuke had that piece of the nine tails ( which was a decoy from the real bee) that he returned to the akatsuki, it had some chakra in it. also they both Bee and Naruto chucked energy at the Juubi with a bunch of bijuu bombs… also you have to remember that Madara just absorbed alot of kurama’s energy with his wood dragon. I don’t know if he passed it on to the Juubi but the juubi only needed Kurama’s chakra to be semi-complete. They also had one of the Kinkakku brothers that carried a piece of the energy from the Kyuubi… soo…… It has all 9 Bijuu’s energy…. Naruto however is short the energy of the Racoon, the bijuu, the one tail that came from Gaara. So again it maybe fully functional even if it’s not completely adequate. I mean it’s incomplete in some ways because it’s short to actual bijuu but maybe it just needs to be enough to defeat the army and start the Moon Eye, Tsukyomi.

  36. @ Ashes between you and me, I doubt the moons eye plan will ever be initiated:

    1st. I think Madara only resorted to telling Obito that as a way to make him do his work and not to betray him.
    2nd Madara is too powerful as it is right now and in spite of him being immortal now he has the Juubi under his control as well.

    As a warlord as he once was, tasting this power only to lose it again doesn’t sound like Madara at all.

    I think madara will betray Obito or Obito will wise up to madara and will try to take him out.

    Anyway it will unfold I doubt Madara won’t take the juubi for a full power go around.

  37. When did the shinobi alliance find out that Obito can only remain intangible for 5 mins? Only Konan knew that weakness.

  38. @ashes I understand all that but remember mandara himself said it was incomplete when he arrived. He said that obito was to heistie.But I could be wrong thought

  39. @Sage that is an interesting question…. how did they know? hmm….

  40. They Clearly shared intel, also they are able to communicate with the shinobi at headquarters. which is how they knew.

    Did everyone forget about sasuke and orochimaru.

    I can see sasuke maybe giving naruto an eye or two to fully become the sage of six paths, or something to that effect

  41. Ultimatesage

    Konan did say that Amegakure would align itself with Konoha and assist them, or at the very least, behind Naruto. There is a possibility that they shared information with Konoha before Konan’s untimely death. Still, because this wasn’t directly mentioned, it could be seen as far-fetched, so I would have liked an explanation myself, admittedly.

  42. Bubblition:
    #1: Hello.
    #2: My Name is Inigo Montoya.
    #3: You Killed my Father.
    #4: Prepare to Die.
    Caption: Pre Ass Kicking One Liner

  43. Bubblition: Darui: Darui, Captain of the first division providing reinforcements.
    Kitsuchi: Kitsuchi, Captain of the second division also providing reinforcements
    Nameless Shinobi 12345, I think I know Hiraishin.
    Shikamaru: Your existence is troublesome, please die.
    Caption: This is why you don’t put fodder in Big Damn Hero moments.

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