Fairy Tail 310 Breakdown!! Protecting our family.

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown!!

Only if you let me nibble your lion ears. X___X

Stupid sexy Leo.

So, it’s been a long time, huh? Fortunately I haven’t missed a lot. The Garou Knights appeared and they have been defeated… that’s pretty much it.
Still, this chapter was really epic. We got to see everyone kick ass and it was AWESOME.

Let’s start from the beginning. After Horologium saved Arcadios, Leo arrives, apparently coming from the palace because he got Lucy’s and Yukino’s keys back. Ready to terminate their opponent, the Celestial Spirit mages attack, summoning Pisces. It’s revealed that this twin spirit’s true form is that of a mother and its child.

Brace yourselves for the MILF jokes.

Brace yourselves for MILF jokes.

I really like Pisces’ design and theme. Every Celestial Spirit is anthropomorphic and it would be really weird if Pisces wasn’t, so I’m happy Mashima decided to make them mother and child. Still, I wonder why Yukino didn’t use their true strength against Kagura…
By the way, what happened to Opiuchus?! Did someone steal its key or did Yukino hide it somewhere? Or maybe Mashima just forgot. -___-

Moving on, Ousuke the executioner tries to increase the gravity but is stopped by Libra. He then summons water, Pisces’ weak point. Unfortunately for him, Lucy can now summon Acquarius.

In the meantime, the others are fighting against their own opponents. Pantherlily, Wendy, Natsu and especially Mirajane show us just how strong they are, annihilating their opponents.



Even though this last part of the fight was seriously awesome, I can’t help but be disappointed at how short it was. The Garou Knights were hyped up to be really strong, but in the end they were defeated really easily. I get that Mashima couldn’t have made this fight really long because the Grand Magic Games aren’t over yet, but I still think Fairy Tail should have struggled a bit. I hope the anime will make it longer.

Anyway, it turns out that everyone sent their opponents flying in the same direction and they all meet up. Natsu threatens to execute the leader of the assassins if he doesn’t show him the way out of the Abysss Palace, concluding the chapter on a comical note.

Well, that’s it for me. See you next week!


Oh, Mirajane… You’re so awesome. @___@


~ by 最強 Dragon on December 3, 2012.

9 Responses to “Fairy Tail 310 Breakdown!! Protecting our family.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. *sigh* I like fairy tail but sometimes I can’t help but grow tired of the numerous “friendship” power fights. I mean we’ve never seen them train, they’ve always beat there opponents with the power of “friendship.” I just want to see an epic fight were they struggle, at least for a bit.

  3. Well, that’s true most of the time, but this battle wasn’t won through nakama power. Pantherlily and Mirajane trained three whole months to achieve this level of power. Lucy, Natsu and Wendy had their Second Origin activated, so they also got a massive boost.
    I just hoped they would have struggled more because the Garou Knights were hyped up to be very strong. Well, I guess Fairy Tail is stronger. 😛

  4. Second @___@ its unbelievable, it was friendship that gave them power this whole time… Maybe now they will all show up at once and… No wait that’s Naruto, well that and random power ups. <__<

    I didn't enjoy this chapter and it seems that FT is falling back into its old traps, it has become scared to allow a member to loose in battle, I would of enjoyed seeing a more "even" battle with FT coming back in the end. An aspect that made this Arc enjoyable was the lack of "Random Friendship Victory Modes"

    Nice Breakdown though Dragon, Hopefully now we move back to the contest and away from Natsu and Lucy

  5. I’m over a third of the way to 310…. still more catching up to do… I keep trying not to read the breakdown… I hate “spoilers”.

  6. Where is everybody?? We have an awesome fight coming up and no one is talking about it. So who you think is gonna win. I say 3-way tie.

  7. We are all awestruck by the potential =P

    Or we just haven’t gotten around to it yet either way this upcoming battle has the potential to be one of the best of the series.

    Awesome breakdown by the way Dragon =P

  8. Darn I want to be in on the excitement… I’m. not. Reading. fast enough.

  9. The 4th OVA is out btw.

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