Bleach Manga Breakdown The Return….

Awe all, been a while but as the year reaches its climax and with it the festive season, family, work etc commitments begin to take its toll but while I have a gap would like to look through the past couple of chapters highlighting the best and worse moment. Important facts that could easily be missed and crazy theories stemming from the pieces of information we have received. Though an over all feel of Bleach is difficult to determine with so many chapters that need to be covered. I can say however that Kubo has kept me interested in recent week, I find myself looking forward to the next chapter of Bleach. While although I enjoy manga’s like Naruto, if we look at scale Bleach’s mini war and Naruto’s single battle seem to have taken up about the same amount of chapters which is refreshing. Kubo could of continued the battle chapters for a lot longer then he did but instead he gave us bits and pieces and let us think up the rest knowing that Soul Society was defeated.

Chapter 513 – The Dark Moon Stroke

I would say of all the chapters I am going to review this was my least favorite, with the main highlight being the subtle suggestions of Ichigo’s Quincy Hybrid identity hinted by him being able to escape Krige’s prison and the ability he seemed to gain from absorbing his surroundings like a true Quincy. Though Ichigo’s strength seemed underwhelming though I hadn’t really expected more so early in the arc.

Chapter 514 – Born in the Dark

This was by far a more interesting chapter confirming all we speculated the previous chapter. Ichigo’s birth seems to be shrouded in even more mystery. Many will remember one of Kubo’s greatest trolls, when Aizen spoke of Ichigo’s birth and that Ichigo is Half Shinigami and then ending the chapter to only reveal the following chapter that he said Human and not Quincy/Hollow as many predicted. This Chapter confirmed that Ichigo’s parents are One part Shinigami and One part Quincy.

We also see that the Quincy have a particular weakness being unable to remain in Soul Society for more then a specific period of time and Aizen being able to alter Juha Bach perception of time. The chapter ends with Ichigo’s Blade being destroyed which forms part of the motive of the next few chapters.

Chapter 515 – Relics

A strange break from the current arc that had been so battle focused that now reading a chapter without any battle or stress of another character dying we get push back into the systems Soul Society use which are very militaristic in nature. Also understanding why the 4th Squad Captain and members where not deployed was nice for Kubo to write in though most people would of come to a similar conclusion.

I felt so so about this chapter, I felt both happy and sad at the same time. Hearing Byakuya was still alive or in a coma (which basically means he is coming back) was really annoying, after all that build up and emotions from the battle with F for Fear, Kubo quickly takes it away from us. Now as many will know I am an advocate for Death in manga, I believe that a writer must be able to remain realistic to the facts of death with the exception of maybe the main character having a form of plot armor. Books like G.R.R Martins A song of Ice and Fire and the comic book series The Walking Dead use this theme almost to the extreme but the plot doesn’t suffer from it since a reader is always wondering what will happen next. I thought that maybe Kubo would state his intent with this arc but removing arguable the two most loved characters of the series. Though if I had to be honest I was glad to hear Kenpachi made it but Byakuya should of remained dead.

Kyouraku seems to have taken the role of Captain Commander, I really enjoyed his character calming the other Captains and still remaining true to the old man’s legacy. Even an underlying message that we cannot be consumed with grief and held back by relics of the past that cannot be change but instead look forward etc.

Chapter 516 – The Zero Squad

Better known as the day One Piece drawing style entered Bleach, now there was nothing wrong with the chapter, there was a good blend of humor something Bleach has been lacking of late but the biggest reveal since Aizen’s “Betrayal” was received with an over the top comical theme, the new characters look like they belong in another manga and not the dark edge of Bleach these characters would be a stretch for even Naruto to pull off.

Though as someone once told me, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but that guy looked shady so what does he know… Covers are what can make or break a character in this sort of manga, If Byakuya or Kenpachi where revealed to look anything like this group of misfits the manga would probably of been canceled a while ago already. This form of Character design works with some manga’s like One Piece and Fairy Tail but here it seems off and out of place with Spider lady and Elvis look alike seemingly the only characters that seem believably powerful?

Though I can sort of understand his mentality with these designs, maybe the contrast between the Quincy dark tones and looks was taken into account and when you think about how long these characters would of sat around doing nothing. You may be able to see how the sword rusted in time.

But here Kubo made a big mistake, he had on opportunity to introduce the Zero Squad and he wasted it on comic relief, making one or two comical and the others dark characters or similar to the characters Juha explained while battling Yammamoto would of been far more effective.

Chapter 517 – Stairway to Heaven

It’s funny how Kubo titles his chapters and then has that have nothing to do with the current chapter but instead the following one. Zero Squad literally only ended with the Zero Squad arrival while this chapter focuses mostly on getting to know the new characters. It was interesting to see and a small display of the new characters powers and overall strength. It makes me wonder if they will do another “Rewind” Mini Arc to explain all the connections and friendships that have formed from Zero Squad before they became the Zero Squad.

Ichigo going to the Palace and Kenpachi/other less important character 😛 was also interesting to see. I personally hope its for a special training and maybe the unlocking of Kenpachi’s Bankai. How would you guys feel about finally seeing Kenpachi’s Bankai?

I loved the ending of 517 and this motivational page does perfectly reflect the feeling I got from reading 518. We have this big reveal and still Kubo “Hides” the identity of the “Mystery man” though from reading it, I have a very strong feeling it is Grimmerjow, Ichigo’s “main” enemy in the beginning of the Arrancar Arc. The speech style and overall feel of the “Clues” Kubo gives seems to point that way.

Though besides that the chapter felt like a whole lot of word with very little substance… It was light and fluffy but I felt like beside its ending it seemed like a filler chapter. With the arrival of some older characters we hadn’t seen in ages. The Fullbring Page was the highlight of the chapter and helps bring together all the previous chapters of Bleach into one final mega arc 🙂

Well that is all I got for this weeks Breakdown ^__^

Pein out ^:__:^


~ by pein0avenue on November 30, 2012.

30 Responses to “Bleach Manga Breakdown The Return….”

  1. Shameless First without reading breakdown.
    I love you Pein, but Im way to tired.
    Ill say its awesome anyway.

  2. I wanted to see a deeper tone to this Arc. The comic relief was ill placed. I was looking for some badass characters to appear, not some freakin’ carnies (definition of carnie – people who work at the Carnival). It was a little of a downer. Soul Society just got obliterated and everyone is calm or cracking jokes. And adding all this other stuff like “The voice” on the other line with Urahara and Ichigo being called son by Juurha. What if it was Jurhha’s sister that was Ichigo’s mother?! That would be intense. Maybe that was Isshins connection with the Quincy, he might had been the one who saved some of the Quincy, which caused him to lose his power in the first place.

  3. I hated the character designs of the Zero Squad, maybe because I had high expectations. I kinda hoped that the most powerful shinigami in the Bleachverse would look a little more badass. Especially Kirio Hikifune’s character. I hated that she was the fat one.

    I think you hit the nail on the coffin. This drawing style is Oda’s. It’s something suitable for One Piece, not Bleach. I loved the war(wish it was longer) but the ending chapters were dissappointing to say the least. Especially Byakuya’s revival. Why are so many mangaka afraid of killing of characters. Yeah a few of the fanbase will be UPSET, but they definitely won’t quit the series this far down the road and it advances the plot in the long run.

    Just like in Naruto. Sure Jiraiya has a huge fanbase and people love him, but killing him off advances the plot and develops Naruto’s character(now I wish Kishimoto would go a bit further and kill off someone like Kakashi, Sakura, or Sasuke so Naruto can learn that not everything can go his way) but that’s what Kubo should learn to do. He did it with Gin Ichimaru, sure he had a fanbase but his death helped develop the plot and add to Rangiku’s character development.

    Killing off Byakuya would help the overall plot and the seriousness of the Quincy war and the destruction of Soul Society and it would add to Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji’s character. He really needed to die there, especially with all the hype leading up to that.

  4. i imagine the zero squad went a little crazy being isolated for so long. on a side note is it snowing

  5. Yeah, they spent a few chapters showing Byakuya and his “death” and it turns out he’s alive? Troll status. I don’t like how we weren’t able to see who was on the other line either. I bet it was Vaget… Grimjow lol

  6. Holy Deep-Fried Bacon Batman!!
    The New chapter of Bleach has a wallop of a twist…
    Never… Saw… That… Comming

  7. Damn, Renji took that punch like a champ. I’m guessing the dude is gonna become the fastest shinigami out there seeing what the division 0 dude stated.

  8. The Latest bleach seems like Kubo is looking for ways to cull his overlarge cast.

    Also… Why the lack of attention for bleach of late? The latest arc has to be the best since the rescue Rukia arc.

  9. @ IANRH, the latest bleach arc is really the best since the start of the story IMO, but the people on the blog have started to post less and less as of late, I don’t doubt there are a lot of viewers and readers but not even 10% of them are bothering to leave a comment. It’s sad really seeing as we have so many people working hard to release breakdowns on time for our favorite mangas and anime series.

    I do like the way Kubo is taking his story and I’m a bit sad the dude is ending the story with this arc, one where he showed he is a great manga ka and without a doubt the story’s ending will be sad for a lot of his readers.


  10. I know right.

    But I guess as a manga artist/writer it’s better for his work to go out with a bang than a whimper. Also who knows what else he may cook up after Bleach is over. A man with an imagination like that more than a few other ideas he would like to pursue after bleach is done.

    Not sure why people aren’t commenting though, I guess people like us will just have to pick up the slack =P

  11. If you want to know why people aren’t commenting, then I’ll tell you. It’s simply because there is no mystery of how good and bad will interact. When everything is straightforward and simple in a story we call it unfolding. Both Naruto and Bleach are experiencing this unfolding although it seems Naruto still has more mystery because of Sasuke and co. In Bleach, the biggest mystery I saw was in chapter 518. It has a mystery speaker in the beginning(any ideas?) and then there was Shiba’s palace. We see the backs of the Fullbringers. This is great, but where is the bad guy progression? That’s the problem with Bleach. In this arc, there’s simply not enough bad guy development. Its only good guy development! Mentally, I think people like to fantasize how different story elements of good guys and bad guys fit together like lego blocks. Unfortunately, there just isn’t very much of it in Bleach. It’s not that its not a good story. It’s just that there’s not much mystery in Bleach. I think what made Bleach so good in the beginning was the mystery of Ichigo’s Zanpakuto and his interaction with it. Unfortunately, Kubo wasn’t able to milk the mysterious inner greatness of Ichigo in the ensuing story arcs like Kishi has with Naruto. I feel what really sets Bleach apart from Naruto is the art and transcendental tone it eschews. Naruto is more about believing in one’s self and those you care about, while Bleach is more about fighting intolerable cruelty and saving lost souls. Naruto is great, but there is a special place that only Bleach can go, and I know you can all feel it.

  12. There is still plenty of mystery here in bleach Visionary.

    For instance if all zanpakto come from the Zero Squad guy, then where did Ichigo’s come from; Why has the soul king taken so much interest in Ichigo; And what exactly is Stern Ritter’s goal in all this, they didn’t seem to be about the genocide of all shinigami so then what is their ultimate goal?

  13. Everything you just said, iams, was about Ichigo including Stern Ritter, who is interested in him because he’s half Shinigami and half whatever his mom is. The Quincy enemy development hasn’t been happening much because they just decimated Soul Society. How much more evil can you develop than that? There needs to be some good guy development before they make more bad guy stuff like scheming to take over Ichigo’s soul or absorbing his powers.
    If I were to guess, I would say that Kubo got content with the beauty of his artful manga/anime, (Believe me I don’t blame him! His extra art is fabulous including his fillers for anime), but something went wrong and his ratings fell or something so he had to shake things up a bit in order to get his series more interesting. Well, I couldn’t think of a more dramatic entrance than having an invasion of Soul Society with the Shinigami army badly beaten. Because of this dramatic unveiling, though, a sort of normalization needs to occur where more good guy stuff happens. In this case it means Ichigo and co. need to find their power. Don’t worry though, some bad guy stuff is prob gonna happen very soon, right?!!

  14. To be honest, bleach just doesn’t cut it for me. For example, I love One Piece the reason I love it is because everything fits, somewhere at the start of the series a mention is made about the strongest swordsman at mermaid island and 400 chapters later, you actually meet this swordsman.
    One Piece is surprising, but it makes sense.

    Kubo just keeps making up new stuff that makes no sense at all. For example the guy who makes all the zanpakto, its total bull….

    The thing that is enjoyable for Bleach are the fights itself, even tho the increase/decrease of powerlevels is absurd (e.g. why is unohana beating kenpachi without shikai/bankai?)

    I’m happy Bleach is coming to an end, i just hope he stops making up stuff and writes a decent ending for a ones promising manga.

  15. Hey LiveAid! I may be wrong, but i think most good manga artists have an overall summary planned for a manga before its official launch. It’s called a bible for dramas. Look it up and you’ll see what I’m talking about. What might be true is that there may be some parts not completely visualized in the artists’ minds. The way a mangaka deals with this is by letting the story unfold and then see what would be the best way to convey a story element. If a series is good, they will add more side story and such until the time comes to play the final act(which is planned). Bleach, right now, is playing its final act, so, I think this was all planned. Unfortunately, because Kubo is forcing the end, there is less time for creative unfolding. So there might be some rough patches in the way things flow(such as unbalanced progression or creative expression). Hopefully his reputation stays in tact after this series, and he’ll have more incredible work for us to gaze upon. I’m sure he will.

  16. I know many here will disagree but I think this is the most interesting bleach arc since the save Rukia arc.

    I wonder if he’ll kill off Unohana, and if so will Kenpachi’s character evolve or just go on being what he’s always been? I certainly hope that Unohana doesn’t die though as I would like to see her bankai before the end of the Manga.

  17. This is the reason i can’t really really enjoy bleach overall, why the hell is Kubo building up for something epic, even tho EVERYBODY allready knows that ichigo’s mom is a Quincy. I mean it was foreshadowed a 1000 times.

    What I did like about this chapter was the both comical and emotional talk with ikumi.

    Also about last chapter did kenpachi really kill unohana, that would make no sense at all.

  18. @LiveAid, Kubo had to troll us a little more, for old times sake :)). As for Unohana death, I think it was necessary to unlock Kempachi’s mind to be able to speak with his zampakto and thus be able to achieve bankai and shikai.

    It was related he shut his mind down after his fight with Unohana in his youth so maybe killing his only worthy opponent struck a cord with the big guy and unshackled him from his own mind’s restraints.

  19. Kubo has achieved the rank of Master Troll. A moment of silence to honor his great achievement.

  20. I would offer to finish writing Bleach breakdowns but I don’t think that would be a wise idea. Besides, most of my posts would just turn into me flaming Kubo for how awful this final arc is, haha.

  21. @eugen it would have been okay… if she showcased her abilities earlier. The Unohana vs Kenpachi was a major disappointment
    @reflex I second that statement.

  22. So Ichigo is not even human? I wonder why Juubac whatever his name is called him son. Is he his grand pa or something. So does this mean he is going to get quincy powers too? Or what do Quincy have?

  23. @ Reflex, You gave my vote bro, bring the burn for Kubo, the troll deserves nothing less.
    @Wise, I’m guessing Ichigo will become even more powerful from now on, I for one don’t even bother predicting what will happen next in Bleach because it’s pointless to predict what Kubo’s magic pecil will sketch next.

    @ Kanton, I know what you’re saying, not long ago I regarded Unohana as one of the weakest of the 13 captains only to find out she was a blood craving sociopath with a title worthy of mopping the floor with Aizen.
    So why would you kill off someone like that without even giving us a proper fight with a full out bankai ending after 15 chapters of blood gushing massacre.
    So yeah I’m a bit ticked off myself.

  24. I miss Pein 😦 But I miss more the awesomeness Bleach was.
    I got hooked with the first anime episodes: I LOVED Rukia; found Ichigo interesting enough; cherished the relationships between characters; laughed with Kon and Don Kanonji; was intrigued by Urahara, Soul Society and Hollows…
    For Christ shake I even shed a tear when Byakuya struck Ganju!
    (I also enjoyed Inoue’s “attributes” XD)
    But then, a troll Hollow took over Kubo and the series went downhill, at least for me. Shit, I even dislike Rukia now!
    Well, as long as WRA still has something to say about Bleach, Ill hang around! So Reflex, fight Kubo back if you wanna!

  25. Get your pitchforks and torches ladies and gentletrolls, we have located the residence of one Tite Kubo. Angry mob starts now!

  26. I’ve talked to Pein about the Bleach breakdowns and he said it’s best if someone else was willing to do them. I just don’t think he’s feeling it anymore so I’ll give someone else the opportunity to give it a go if they want it.

    So, if anyone wants to write for Bleach, write up a breakdown for the latest chapter and send it to me by email to and whoever writes the best one will be chosen to author for the blog. If no-one is interested, I’ll pull down the section for now.

    Please remember though that writing breakdowns can take quite a bit of inspiration and commitment so keep that in mind before you decide whether you actually want to do it or not.

  27. Oh so we have to audition to flame Kishi? LAME. As a registered troll master I obviously have the best qualifications to deal with a fellow troll’s trollish manga chapters. Wait… Commitment you say? Ahh, fuck, looks like I’m out of the running! Have at it ladies!!

  28. But, in all seriousness, I’ll do it. I’m not submitting an audition breakdown though. Maybe I can even introduce myself to some of the newbies around here who don’t know me yet! I’m pretty sure only Eugen, pein, Tenrai and maybe ashesreignited have any clue whatsoever.

  29. Flex you have my vote all the way. I know it will make my day reading 3 pages full of “Kubo is a douche who likes to screw with readers brains”.

    I can almost see the awesomeness :)).

  30. Here’s hoping no one auditions and I get the job by default ;D

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