Naruto Chapter 610 Breakdown: Here’s a little something about nothing…

You know, there comes a time in every breakdown writers career (yes, we call it that even though we never get paid), where they hit a brick wall as far as the chapter they are writing about is concerned. While some chapters offer a lot of complexity and plenty of material two write an in-depth analysis about, others are simply too straight-forward, where the only thing an author can really do with them is narrate them directly in a fashion not too dissimilar from a boring villainous monologue.

It’s in these moments where an author’s metal is truly tested, where they must strive to make a mountain out of a molehill, an ocean out of a puddle or five-star cuisine out of nothing more than two slices of bread and a block of moldy cheese. Can this breakdown writer pull off such a daring feat? Is this nonsense he is spouting right now anything more than an attempt to distract his audience and hide the fact that he has no clue what to say about this chapter? Read on, and find out!

Where’s Baron to start a debate when you need him?

So what happened in this chapter?

Well, there was a lot of “pew, pew, pew!” and a lot of “bang, bang, bang!”, and then a “boom!” and a “whoosh!” and an *insert various types of splosions here*.

What we did learn amongst all this chaos though is that the Juubi apparently has a mouth that’s just about the size of its body, with enough teeth to put Jaws to shame. Of course, if a creature of any kind has a mouth as big as that, it can only mean one thing; he must be a long-lost relative of mine.

Next time on “When Christmas trees go wrong!”

Visually, I have to say that if Kishi wanted the Juubi to look horridly grotesque, he succeeded in achieving that goal quite soundly. The way the Juubi’s singular eye almost seems to be a life form of its own – bulging out of its estranged socket as if it were ready to pop out and return to its home planet – definitely seems to place a lot of emphasis on its importance. I have no doubt that we’ll learn how its linked to the Sharingan and Rinnegan at some point, as I highly doubt its similarity in appearance to both said doujutsu is just a coincidence.

Naturally, we also learned that the Juubi is incredibly powerful as well – so powerful, in fact, that its power cannot even be measured by Naruto, who attempts to use Sage mode to gauge its strength. This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise when we consider that this IS meant to be the ultimate mass of chakra in the Narutoverse, but it does make one wonder just how the Sage of the Six Paths managed to best such an overwhelming beast, or how Naruto and company might possibly do the same. Perhaps, like most wild Bijuu, it simply lacked the intelligence to control its own overwhelming power and thus needed a host to make the most of its potential, which may also explain why – for the time being – it seems to be allowing Madara and Obito to control it.

Still, one thing I have to give to team “good guys” is the fact that they refuse – point-blank – to even consider giving up, despite the enormity of the threat facing them.

Clearly you haven’t taken note of the long spines on the Juubi’s back…

Despite my declaration earlier that there wasn’t much I could think of saying for this chapter, if I had to point one pertinent observation out, it would be the conflict of interests I noticed occurring between Madara and Obito.

One the one hand, you have Obito who wants to start the Moon Eye plan right away for the purpose of creating a new world. On the other, you have Madara who claims that there would be too much interference from Naruto and company and that they should use the Juubi’s power to remove them from the picture first. This disagreement showcases an air of tension between Obito and Madara that wasn’t readily apparent before as Obito defiantly accuses Madara of simply wanting to test their newly acquired power as if he were a child playing with a toy.

It must have been love, but it’s over now!!!

This conflict made me ponder on the idea of whether or not these two Uchiha really share the same goal after all. For starters, is Madara really interested in the Moon Eye Plan, or was he simply using Obito as a pawn to acquire power all along? If he was just using Obito as nothing more than a pawn, did Obito figure it out? Would that explain why he seems hesitant now, or why he might have been less-than-enthusiastic when learning about Madara’s revival through Edo Tensei?

When we look at Madara as a whole, there are a few things that just don’t add up for me. For one, he speaks about creating a world where there are no losers and where everyone can find acceptance and love, but then, in contrast to those words, he places a lot of pride and emphasis on his rivalry with Hashirama. If all he was interested in is peace and love, then why would such a rivalry be so important to him? Why would he always compare his own strength to that of Hashirama’s?

I do believe there’s a good chance that Madara is really only interested in power and nothing more and, if that’s the case, we may see a fallout between him and Obito soon.

I’ma Firin’ Mah Lazah! BLAAAAAARGH!!!!!!

Beyond that hypothesis, there isn’t much else I can add to this chapter as far as deep, contemplative theories are concerned. I could mention Kurama taking the helm as a team captain, or how Kakashi has better control of Kamui now, but then I’d just be stating the glaringly obvious and I wouldn’t be adding any meaningful insight beyond what our readers can already see well enough on their own.

In saying all that, this wasn’t in any way a bad chapter. On the contrary, it was actually a very good chapter as far as battles go. It’s just not the kind of chapter I can write a novel about, much to the dismay of many of our word-count obsessed readers out there.

So, with that, I bring a close to this breakdown. Here are last week’s bubbliton winners.

3rd) Kantonkage

Naruto: What are you doing, Kurama?! This is an important battle..
Kurama: Tch, it’s only your Speech-no-jutsu vs their The World is Crap-no-Jutsu.
Caption: Kurama using his Captain Obvious-no-Jutsu.

2nd) Coolbeans

Naruto: WHAT DO YOU MEAN George Lucas sold the rights for Star Wars to Disney? What will happen to the Ewoks and the wookies?
Kurama: dead, all dead. There’s no place in a Disney movie for cute fuzzy creatures coming together to sing and danc… DAMNIT!
Caption: Nartuo uses his sage mode to sense the future.

Michael Crume: Next week Sasuke’s Chidori Lightning Rod vs Naruto’s Super MegatonButt – who will come out on top!

Well, that winning post was full of so many innuendos that it would have made Captain Pickles proud. Still, it was funny and that’s the bottom line. <_<

Here is this week’s Bubbliton.

*Insert possible caption here.*

Have fun, and sorry again about the short breakdown! I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 27, 2012.

48 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 610 Breakdown: Here’s a little something about nothing…”

  1. first

  2. i did it, it only took 2 weeks to achieve this.
    i like to thank boredom and twitter and tenari

  3. 2nd

  4. 3rd @_@

  5. Four is DEATH!!!

  6. Bubliton

    Kyuubi: I don’t think we can “Talk-no-jutsu” this one.
    Caption: The world ends when there’s an opponent who can’t be “talked-no-jutsu’d”

  7. Bubble / Bubblition:

    Kurama: It’s no use Naruto. Just give up.

    Caption: There’s no way out of Tenrai’s stomach

  8. I have to say. I wasn’t totally expecting it to be the best idea ever, but I went with it. But at this point I think making Tobi Obito was the best thing Kishimoto could have done. It added a small level of complexity and inspired a lot of theory-making. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what Naruto and Obito do next.

  9. Bubble: It’s no use Naruto! It’s over 9000!!!
    Caption: What sage mode sensed about the Juubi’s power level

  10. I’m pretty sure someone’s already noted this, but the Juubi’s eye very much resembles Tobi’s second mask:

    Maybe Madara’s plans haven’t changed, but Tobi’s has (As theorized by Kabuto ).

  11. I’t Out!!!!!

  12. Time to read. @__@

  13. Took their sweet time…

  14. ninjas.. ninjas everywhere

  15. I really enjoy reading your breakdowns Ten, keep ’em coming!
    @611: Awesome… pure awesome! I got chills reading it with Naruto theme playing on the background. \m/

  16. This chapter gave me goosebumps!!! Really, such an awesome chapter. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the last awesome one…

  17. Epic chapter was epic, but my only question is, what is this “FUUTON: KAZEKIRI NO JUTSU”?

    When you read it, it’s has a similar name to Raikiri, only this one means Wind Blade while Raikiri means Lightning Blade. Is this a Jutsu Naruto started developing after learning his wind affinity from Kakashi and was it inspired by Kakashi’s Raikiri? If it was, then it would have a symbolic impact in this battle, because, in essense, Kakashi only completed his Raikiri thanks to Obito’s eye and Naruto using a similar technique would bridge a link to both Kakashi and Obito.

    For all we know, it might have been a technique that Minato started developing first after being inspired by Kakashi’s Raikiri. It may even be “That Jutsu” that Minato intended for Naruto to complete. Naruto did say it is the one jutsu that would be able to overcome the infinite Tsukyomi, so there is a good chance this may be the one we’ve been waiting for. Naruto may be using the seal for Kage Bunshins because, much like with his other techs in the past, he may need Kage Bunshins to help him perform the jutsu.

    Now I’m really curious…

  18. I’ll go on a limb and say it, this might be a Rassenshuriken bijuu dama, only hand held. Or simply a Bijuudama fuuton rassengan.

    I hope that jutsu get’s absorbed by the juubi and the fear grasps everyone on the battlefield. I really hope that this battle will be a long and terrible one with a lot of people killed, and at the very end when all hope seems lost Naruto rises up from the ashes and goes in for a sacrificial kill and gets a post mortem title of KAGE of all shinobi.

  19. @Eugen

    Your idea is moving and all, but you’re forgetting about Sasuke. Naruto still has to face him and that can’t happen if he dies against the Juubi in this battle now.

  20. @ Ten, Yeah that’s true, the only thing that bugs me about that subject is the following.
    1. Either Naruto musters up a jutsu of such great proportions that it F’s up the Juubi and the army goes in for the kill against Obito, Madara and the Juubi, because Naruto is to worn out from the technique.

    2. Obito starts slowly (it’s already happening) to realize Naruto is his childhood dream and places his faith in him, then takes Madara to his death resulting in the death of both Uchihas.

    3. Sasuke and Pedochimaru come along and start shit up and somehow get the upper hand on the Juubi after a Madara and Tobi scuffle. And so a Naruto vs Sasuke battle is starting with the kyuubi gathering natural energy and turning himself into what he was before Minato sealed his other half of chakra into the Reaper.

    Basically a Monster vs Monster battle. Either way it happens I hope it will drag on for some time because I want to savor this fight, as we all do, for a long time.

  21. @Eugen

    I actually believe that after this battle, there will be a down time before the next, true final battle begins and I also believe that the real final battle of this manga will be between Naruto and Sasuke.

    In saying that, I’m not sure how that battle will take place or under what circumstances, but I don’t see it as being far-fected if Sasuke somehow managed to get his hands on the Juubi and became a host for it. The reason I say that is because I believe Kishi shouldn’t take a step down from Naruto battling the ultimate power in the Narutoverse to then battling a normal Uchiha as a finale.

    Still, there are too many loose ends for things to finish up here. For one, there’s that scroll Suigetsu found and whatever implications it might have on the current situation. There’s Orochimaru himself, who I don’t think will simply disappear in some cheap, nonsensical death again without putting up at least some sort of fight.

    I can see Kishi taking his time with this, because there’s still a great deal of room for more content in this manga.

  22. I truly hope that’s gonna be the case Ten, because I don’t want Naruto to end any time soon. I still hope for a DBZ comeback, by Toryama of course.


    This was so epic, and I can’t wait for the next. I wouldn’t say it’s getting TOO intense, but the intensity is rising. Naruto’s about to do battle with two major villains while the others help and watch at the same time.

    This is all culminating with Naruto bringing everyone together as a unified whole, that demonstrate caring and compassion more than hatred and anger. The battle against Sasuke, I think, is going to be huge. Because remember how awhile back Suigetsu claimed that Sasuke was going to bring peace to the shinobi world or whatever? This may end up being a fight of ideals, with Naruto holding life, change, caring, and free will, while Sasuke holds fear, death, change, hatred, and control. And just like change they both carry unification with them.

    The manga’s getting really exciting, and in all honesty I can’t wait for some down time so that there’s hopefully some more character development. I think after this Naruto’s going to be unanimously declared hokage; although obviously he’ll still have to work with the other kage.

  24. Did anybody read the mangastream translation? it says that wind cutter was used by the juubi (page 19) and that narutos jutsu at the end was just the corny ninja alliance justu. kinda disappointing if it’s right….


  26. Actually what it seems to happend is that the jubbi tries to remove the fog and bugs that are hiding the shinobi army by causing a great wind wave, wich is to powerful so the wind cutter jutsu was used by the sand ninjas that are at the back in the hill to avoid getting hit by the wave. They seem to be Temari´s apprentices or something like that.
    Just look at the back in the last panel.
    And of course the jutsu that Naruto its talking about is the nerdy ninja alliance jutsu 😛

  27. If the assumption is right and can be made that Hinata learned the Shintenshin no jutsu, this gives a lot more sense to the idea that the sharingan is a mutation of the byakugan. I still theorize that the sage of the six paths had a wife who wielded the byakugan. And it would set up nicely for the possibility of HinaNaru, even though I was always a NaruSaku fan myself.

  28. Actually I think that’s slightly wrong. I read the mangastream translation. I think what they imply is that Ino and Hinata both did a combo attack with Shintenshin, supported by Byakugan. Byakugan was probably used for distance so they could kind of snipe them with Shintenshin.

  29. It’s exactly how Bret said, Neji and Hinata were there only for support to Ino and the other Iamanaka so they could pin point Obito from a far distance.

    As for Naruto’s jutsu I was shocked after reading mangastream’s translation. Ant it is more logical then the wind tech. witch the Juubi used to clear the bugs and the mist, the shinobi alliance unleashed so they can regroup safely.

    I for one don’t know what to think of this last chapter, it was great, no doubt about that, but it also was a bit of a let down at some points. All in all it was great overall. I hope Sasuke will be joining the fray pretty soon and the action can finally star, because let’s face facts:\

    The Madara vs Kage fight was epic over 9000 and it still might have been even more epic if kishi hadn’t switch to Obito’s flashback mid massacre..

    The kages went full power against a dude who unleashed the EMS, Susano’o, Mokuton forests and poison flowers, the rinnegan, 10 kage bunshin with susano’o, meteors, and the biggest Motherf*&^ Susanoo in the manga that could rival even the bijuu.

    Now that fight was like a shower rape from the Oakland Raiders to Tweety!

  30. I have to say that the arriving back up, maybe a bit stronger than nothing at all but c’mon we watched Madara toss the Kage’s around. The only thing the Ninja army can do is hold off Obito and Madara until either Naruto regerates his chakra, (mass clones Sage Meditating? ), Kurama powers up…? essentially Naruto is able to fight or Sasuke shows up and shows off why his EMS is cooler than Madara’s…

    Still I’m impressed that Ino and Hinata were able to throw off the Juubi’s angle of fire…. kind of like distracting an archer long enough that the Arrow missed it’s target from lack of concentration. I think ultimately there is alot of diverse powers but in terms of whether it matters is another question…. (I mean Madara is a near impossible to destroy Zombie with more power than possibly Sasuke because of the added Mokuton) This kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings where essentially Aragorn( with the Armies of Gondor, Rohan and some elves) has to keep the dark armies busy and Sauron’s focus, so that Frodo can destroy the Ring.

    The army is gonna keep Obito and Madara busy just long enough for Sasuke to show up with…..? or will the Tsukyomi be initiated? Madara doesn’t seem keen on starting the Tsukyomi…

    The Epicness of all the Ninja Nations and all the divisions showing up at the same time still is incredibly impressive. Too bad in the face of a Juubi, Madara on jutsu steroids, it doesn’t seem to mean a whole great deal…. unless Kishi comes up with a creative Team work that somehow helps them fight Madara and Obito…. Also we haven’t heard from the Kages yet. They may show up later…

    anyways good chapter.

    Tenrai it was a short chapter and not alot to work with, You did a good job.

  31. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I got shintenshin confused with the divine push. I feel like an idiot.

    Anyways, that makes more sense.

  32. It’s ok Andrew, we all overlook or misinterpret Kishi’s view on things sometimes and that’s why we’re all here to figure out the chapter piece by piece.

    Me myself, I noticed Ino’s shadowy silhouette behind Obito the second time i read the chapter and figured it was her trying to keep Obito under control and in the next panel Obito broke her hold on him.

    This are small but very important things we initially overlook and in the long run they mean a lot.
    Let’s hope the manga will do a good job of detailing the fight as much as possible,

    I for one enjoyed the 7 ninja swordsman of the mist, filler in the war, AKA Kakashi’s Rampage because there was so much of the war we haven’t seen and a lot of powerful shinobi that vanished really fast without us getting to know there true potential.

  33. I still hoping for the ma/pa sage to fuse with Naruto and Kurama. That way we will get to see these eyes again

  34. It was never really about the others. It’s mostly been about Naruto. His name is in the title after all. I’m happy with the stuff that Kishi HAS showed us.

    Also, thanks Eugen. 🙂

  35. Does anyone remember if Naruto’s ever actually killed someone canonically?

  36. @andrew he used his Wind Shuriken to defeat Kakuzu. Yeah I’m pretty sure that killed him…. of course the fact that Kakashi and Shikamaru got him down to three hearts would be more likely to say it was a group effort killing Kakuzu… but someone pointed out that Kakashi finished him off. So the closest thing to a kill was Kakuzu.

    I’m not surprised… he didn’t let even sasuke kill one of the Konoha 11… he uses kid gloves with his favorite characters

  37. I was really hoping it was Naruto’s new technique: “That Jutsu…” that always get’s mentioned. I hate all this side-stepping in these stories to keep suspense.

    What is the Army really going to be able to do? Do they know the situation/circumstances they put themselves in? They are going to have to focus their attacks on the Juubi. They can’t attack individuals. I think they are going to use combo attacks to stop the Juubi.

    I still think there should be sound genjutsu users that should play a prominent role in this fight. That is one thing that was able to rattle Pein when he was fighting Jirayia. I think that can work on Tobi and Madara since they have the rinnegan active.

    I have a feeling that Naruto is going to make clones of he and the other’s of team badass (Kakashi, Bee, Gai) and go somewhere to recuperate. Leaving it in the other’s hands, as it where.

    The other’s get caught up in the infinite Tsukiyami, and Team badass meets Sauske and his “companion” Oro, and they team up to fight Madara, Tobi and Juubi. Then they would call themselves Team Ultra Mega Badass (consistening of Naruto, Sauske, Kakashi, Oro, Bee and Gai) + stragglers (Suigetsu and Juugo)

  38. No. I think Kishimoto was intentional when he tried to make it seem like Naruto was never the one to kill someone at that time. As though he were trying to prove a point by keeping him pure even after a battle in a land where killing is the norm.

    I don’t know what to make of it honestly.

  39. if you guys remember, Goku never killed anyone in DBZ other then Majin Buu. He didn’t kill Freeza nor Cell, not even Picollo or any android. So the only person he off’ed was the culmination of evil in the DBZ-verse.

    And seeing as Kishi inspired himself a lot from Toryama’s manga I think Naruto’s only kill will be Madara.

  40. Bubblition: Kurama “God Dammit, Naruto! I told you to stay away from the Fermented ramen.
    Caption: it’s too late Kurama. He’s in his own little world right now.
    @eugen How is Naruto going to kill a guy who’s invulnerable.

  41. @Andrew

    Technically speaking, Naruto has yet to kill anyone in the manga so far. The only things he has “killed” were either technically never alive in the first place (Like Pein’s puppet bodies) or he’s turned them into trees which are technically still alive (Zetsu clones).

    Even Kakuzu survived his Rasenshuriken attack, only to be finished off by Kakashi’s hand, so it does seem that Kishi is intentionally keeping his hands free of any blood, so to speak.


    Actually, Goku did “kill” Freeza, although he was forced into doing so. It was still his attack that finished the job though. He also killed King Picollo in the original Dragon Ball.

    In saying that though, I don’t think Naruto will end up killing anyone. It’s just not in his nature.

  42. Ten, not to switch mangastream or anything but didn’t Trunks kill Freeza after he came back to earth with his father to finish the job. The same father who found Freeza in outer space chopped in half. Then future Trunks layed him and his father to rest for good.

    @ kanton, now that’s the question my friend. I for one think that Naruto will somehow be able to use some uzumaki sealing techniques and will manage to trap Madara forever, maybe even in his own eternal tsukuyome.

    Because let’s face it, besides Kid Buu, Gogita/vegitto, and Aizen, there hasn’t been a villain so haxed as Madara is. The dude is the perfected experiment Kabuto tried on himself, he’s like a bottle full of every major bloodline in the Narutoverse and he can manipulate any technique. Plus he owned Edo Tensei even more awesome then Itachi and that’s saying a hell off a lot.

    All I hope is that naruto will finish Madara and no one else.

  43. I would argue that Kakuzu would’ve died from the damage caused by the Rasenshuriken had Kakashi not finished him off. Kakashi killing Kakuzu just stepped up the timeline of his death, not whether Kakuzu was going to die. So yes Kishi is trying to keep Naruto’s hands clean. I feel it’s contrived that Kakuzu survived, being that a Rasenganshuriken completely obliterated one of the pain bodies.

    I feel Kishimoto does similar stuff with Sasuke. Sasuke never kills a bad person but engineers it so he only takes out the “bad guys”. Sasuke has intent and he injures some people but he’s never shown actually killing anyone but Danzo, Orochimaru ( who really wasn’t dead), Deidara( who kinda killed himself to kill Sasuke), and some zetsu’s, so again Sasuke killed only “bad guys”. Itachi manipulated Sasuke into killing him. Sasuke only injured the Raikage (because the Raikage stuck his hand in amateratsu in his ambition to take out Sasuke), tried to attack Sakura, and Karin is quickly saved from fatal injuries by Sakura being nearby to give medical ninjustu. Sasuke isn’t even allowed to kill Kabuto for the sake of Izanami demonstration. So in the end technically, the only person he killed was Danzo. That’s it. So the question is how far is Kishi avoiding his two main characters from “shedding blood”.

    the way this war is going and the fact that Kishimoto had the ninja army fight people that were already dead, and the fact that none of the main characters were severely injured or killed in the fight, makes me say that Kishimoto has a hard time allowing the more difficult questions that comes with his philosophy ” defeating the cycle of hate”.

    Honestly the fight with Pein made more sense. At least it asked questions. Naruto was seriously trying to decide whether killing was a good answer.

    I’m not looking for bloody war fare but I am wondering how so many characters can go unscathed and not be forced to make hard decisions.

    Even Tsunade’s escape from death by Madara’s hand in the Kage fight was a bit of a cheap shot. Some how one of the only unsealed Zombies was her former boyfriend, who just happens to have a spirit jutsu, which just happens to fly across the battle field to where she is and save her?… Oi!!

    Kishi just increases the potency of his “author intervention jutsu” around Naruto. It’s like an energy field of “luck” that dodges difficult consquences… he just uses it with more frequency with Sasuke because Sasuke’s murderous and revenge based intent makes it harder in situations to figure a way out of the whole killing thing. At least Naruto is looking for options to avoid killing.

  44. Actually, at the very least some ninja died and/or were sealed away (like in that pot if I remember correctly,) but normally it was off screen.

    I don’t know what to think of Sasuke’s lack of really killing many if anyone. He seems to be more into justice than forgiveness, though his hate could just as easily kill those around him.

    Before I make a decision on Sasuke getting bloody hands or not, I want to see how this experience with Itachi has changed him in some way. I’m pretty curious, but right now I’m focusing on the current battle.

    I kind of agree with you Ashes, Kishimoto really shouldn’t be avoiding these questions. I think the reason he’s doing it is because he doesn’t have the answer to those questions himself, so how would he demonstrate something he doesn’t know?

    This is probably crazy, but based on stuff I’ve read if you believe you know you will find the answer because the answer will come to you from your thoughts. I can’t guarantee that though.

    I feel bad for Kishi, having to do something like this when he’s probably not that knowledgeable about the subject himself.

  45. @ashes Well, Madara himself is a giant cheapshot. Remember the Kage, turns out be fodder for character development. Chances the results would be the same if you just had Asuma, Gin and Kin bros, the Uchiha virus, Zabuza, Haku and Dan.

  46. @Katonkage I was just pointing out important times where Kishi sabotaged the possibility of deeper questions about the nature of war, it’s consequences and ending the cycle of hate. I wasn’t diagnosing all the difficult issues Kishi has produced with his interference using his godlike powers to create “miracles” in his imaginary world or even to discuss
    the Uchiha abiility, to reach in and tickle their magic colon of holding. ( yes i just implied that all Uchiha are born with a pocket dimension)

  47. @ashes: actually didnt danzo kinda kill himself too? just thought its worth pointing out

    @WRA: is it just my pc getting funky or is it starting to snow??

  48. @Ashes

    Actually, it was stipulated that Naruto’s attack destroyed two of Kakuzu’s hearth, which means he still had one heart left, which was the one Kakashi finished off. So no, I don’t think he would have died if just left alone, unless you count dying of starvation given enough time.

    Kakuzu was, however, crippled by the attack thanks to the fact that the Rasenshuriken severed all of his chakra pathways and such. I for one, however, don’t understand why they didn’t try to keep Kakuzu alive for the sake of interrogating him and just offed him there instead. He could have been a valuable source of information on Akatsuki if the likes of Inoichi and Ibiki got their hands on him.


    I forgot that Freeza still came back as mecha Freeza, so technically you are correct that Goku never killed him. King Picollo still counts though, but even then you could argue that King Picollo was the pure evil half of Kami and so was similar to Buu in that sense.

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