Naruto Chapter 609 Breakdown: It’s the end of the world as we know it + colour page bonanza!!!

Greetings one and all.

It seems that, as far as the Narutoverse is concerned, the end of the world has finally come at last. Although, I must admit it’s a little bit premature seeing as how the Mayans said that the end of the world would only happen on the 21st of December this year. Then again, I guess it’s always better to set the trends rather than following them, and what better way is there to start the end of the world than with a chapter as epic as 609?

Why, with more epic colour pages this week, of course!

A powerful partnership prepares to face off against the greatest challenge it has encountered yet…

The first thing any reader would notice in this chapter is that at the start, it almost seems to be a turning point for the better in favor of the good guys. Madara has been seemingly dealt with for the time-being thanks to Guy’s Noon Tiger (Or afternoon / morning / daytime tiger, depending on which translation you read), Bee breaks free from the Mokuton that had ensnared him and Obito appears to be a little worse for wear, not to mention the fact that he is now facing the prospect of being outnumbered and outmatched without his partner in crime to back him up.

Still, despite the change in situation, Obito’s confidence does not seem to waver in the least, which could either attributed to blind arrogance (a bad joke when you consider the Uchiha and their eyes), or to the possibility that he might actually have a few more tricks up his sleeve. The latter, however, proves to be true when he finally decides to make use of the Mokuton and, while it isn’t quite on par with the power and technique Madara has shown with it, it still proves to be enough to hamper Naruto at the very least.

Some surprises are spontaneous. Others are a lifetime in the making…

It would be nice to see if Obito’s Mokuton could be used to any further extent than what already has been shown, but I have a feeling that as far as his repertoire is concerned, the manga will focus mainly around his Sharingan while everything else will play a supporting role at best. Still it serves its purpose, giving Obito just enough time to make a dash at his target.

So, what does Naruto do when he’s faced with an emergency of epic proportions? When his sensei and the very world itself are at stake and the utmost drastic measures are called for? Why, he uses one of his most dangerous techniques of course, a technique that he has used to fell many a foe. A technique that is so dangerous that it’s comparable to Chuck Norris’ Roundhouse Kick, Bruce Lee’s “WAAATCHAAA!!!!” and Donald Trump’s “You’re fired!”

That technique, of course, is the Naruto headbutt.

Aside from Naruto, The Uchiha are also familiar with a variation of the headbutt no jutsu…

What makes this technique so dangerous is the fact that Naruto’s head is hollow, which causes an internal shockwave to build and amplify as his temple collides with that of his foe. It was considered a forbidden technique because of its tendency to cause the user to suffer from intelligence loss with each use, but Naruto doesn’t need to worry about that particular side effect…

In any case, aside from this shocking (and yet not so shocking) development, this chapter also managed to bring about a bit of humor, oddly enough from Kurama this time around. I literally laughed out loud when he swapped places with Naruto under the pretense of helping Kakashi, only to then throw said ninja straight into Obito’s Kamui. Naruto’s expressive reaction was enough to make many readers giggle, I’m sure, and it was a nice little touch from Kishi’s part that helped break a lot of the tension this chapter was riding on. What seemed like a big mistake, however, turned out to be a blessing in disguise instead. With Naruto in the real world and Kakashi in the other dimension, each time Obito phased out a part of his body to avoid Naruto’s attacks, Kakashi was ready to meet said body parts with full force.

Sorry Kakashi. He lost that part when his body was crushed. It’s the real reason he’s emo…

One thing that caught my interest though was what Kurama mentioned with regards to him being able to freely give his chakra to others. He said that he was able to control his chakra and give it freely when he wanted, unlike Naruto, but that (according to some translations) he’d teach it to Naruto “later.”

It got me thinking about the concept of transferring chakra as a whole, because it seems to be a feat that very few ninja are capable of achieving, and the only non-bijuu characters in this series whom we have seen pulling it off thus far include the likes of Karin, Juugo and Zetsu. It made me wonder if you had to have a unique kind of physiology to be able to transfer chakra – which might be why not everyone is capable of doing it – or if it was simply a very high level technique that required a great deal of skill to perform. When we look at Karin, she was also able to transfer chakra to others, even though it required them to bite her. She’s also an Uzumaki so I was wondering if there was some relation between their bloodline and the ability to transfer chakra, which may also explain why Kurama would be able to teach it to Naruto.

Meow… I mean, Grrr!

Dashing towards the finish line, we also switch over to Bee, who – along with another Naruto clone – fires giant Bijuu Bomb at the barrier surrounding the soon-to-be Juubi in the hopes of destroying it before it is revived. I found this scene particularly interesting because destroying the Gedou Mazou statue would also essentially mean destroying the other Bijuu, a fact that the Hachibi seems to have found closure with, but that could also be written off under the theory that Bijuu may be able to revive themselves after death and that the Hachibi acted knowing he would still see his siblings again one day. Or perhaps the Juubi is considered such a monstrosity, that death itself would be a kinder fate than being absorbed to become part of it.

Either way, our chapter of epicness culminates in one final, epic event, whose epicness can only be described as epic. The Juubi is finally revived! Oh… and Emodara is back as well… <_<

Now all we need to do is call in Piccolo to blow up the moon for us… X__X

So now it seems that we’re definitely heading towards the climax of this battle, though were it will go from here is anyone’s guess. I personally have a feeling that Naruto will somehow manage to seal the Juubi within himself, maybe using “That Jutsu” that he needs to somehow complete.

I say that because of how the Sage of the Six Path’s seemed to prophecise that all the Bijuu would one day become one again, with different names and forms than they have now. He also mentions that unlike when they were within him, they would be lead down the right path, which in itself suggests that this transformation would take place within, or with, someone else.

Is Naruto a reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths?

Kurama’s view of Naruto above also seems to suggest that he sees the Sage of the Six Paths within him, but it may also be a case where his thoughts regarding the premise “It’s been too long old man” might be in reference to the fact that this prophecy has taken a long time to come to pass, but that Kurama recognizes Naruto as the catalyst for its arrival.

Of course, Naruto sealing the Juubi within himself may not be the only possibility that would fall in alignment with this prophecy. The fact that the Bijuu themselves appear to be giving Naruto their chakra before parting ways with him may also suggest that in some way, they are already within him in spirit and that only their physical bodies are remain trapped within the Juubi.

This speculation would suggest that Naruto could unite the Bijuu’s souls within himself to create another being that could compete with the Juubi in terms of power and is also supported in this chapter by the idea that Bijuu are able to control transfer their chakra freely as was shown with Kurama.

Note to self: Never entrust an air head with your soul.

If that somehow came to pass, then all we’d need left is for Sasuke to somehow trap the Juubi within himself and have a true battle between darkness and light. Of course, these kinds of ideas are probably too epic to ever come true, so I’ll just eat some cheesecake instead while the rest of you come up with more plausible ideas.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown! Here is last week’s bubbliton contest winner!

Coolbeans: NO BUT this one is different, goash Kakashi!

Well done to Coolbeans for his winning entry.

And here is this week’s screen!

*Insert possible caption here.*

You can also use Naruto’s first bubble on the right (the one with the dots) if you really want to, but it isn’t necessary because I think his facial expression says a lot on its own.

Good luck, and I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 20, 2012.

41 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 609 Breakdown: It’s the end of the world as we know it + colour page bonanza!!!”

  1. First

  2. Great chapter and great review. Can’t wait till next week!

  3. Bubble Contest
    Naruto: What do you mean I shouldn’t call it the Super Naruto Megatonbutt?
    Kurama: It just sounds like your saying your ass is the bomb..
    Caption: Next week Sasuke’s Chidori Lightning Rod vs Naruto’s Super MegatonButt- who will come out on top!!

    Will read post now, comment later =P

  4. Great breakdown! Madara just looks like he’s chillin…

  5. Bubble Contest

    Naruto: What do you mean “about time”? This fight has been epic so far!!!
    Kurama: Yeah, but we’ve been waiting for the Juubi for about a year now. I wanna see what it can do already.

    Caption: Awkward moment when your own characters are getting impatient.

  6. Excellent breakdown

    Just a thought, if Naruto is the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, wont Naruto eventually fall back to the same path that SSP was on which is not the right path.

  7. @tigerpalm

    Just because someone might be the reincarnation of someone else, that doesn’t mean they are destined to follow the same path. A new life = new possibilities and a chance to start over.

    Of course, it might just be that Naruto is a direct descendant of the sage rather than an actual reincarnation, although you must admit their striking resemblances to each other are uncanny.

  8. P.S. has anyone ever thought of associating Naruto’s six whisker marks with six paths? They are like paths, in a sense…

    What if the Sage of the Six paths was called such not because of the Rinnegan itself, but because of the six marks on his face that represented those six paths? I mean, the Gin-Kin brothers had the same six marks and they were also said to be direct descendants of the Sage himself, which is why they were able to survive Kurama’s chakra and wield the Sage’s weapons.

    Yamato also mentioned that the only reason Naruto could withstand Kurama’s chakra was because of the strength of his own chakra (much like the brothers), so that would also be the tie-in that suggests that he is a direct descendant of the Sage as well (or a reincarnation).


  9. Naruto is trying to pull off Zoro’s Asura technique? lol

  10. Whenever I see Naruto in the six paths type mode – I think of the seals that Danzo was an expert at. I think that some of the reasons why nine-tails mode works is that the seals contain the explosive power of the biju. We also know that Naruto’s swirl tatoo thingy on his stomach is an actual seal. So this could just be an extension of that, even though it’s kinda weird.

  11. i’m waiting for a sage of six paths transformation from naruto and sasuke to finally end madara’s life.

  12. Good news everyone! It’s my birthday, EST.
    there is one thing that’s pissing me off though, (besides the Uchiha thing) Rin’s death. Why did she die at Kakashi’s hand?

  13. @Kantonkage

    Happy birthday! And I’m sure we’ll find out about why Kakashi killed Rin, it’s just a matter of time.

  14. Packs a brand new Rocket Launcher for Kanton, may you have lots more victims with this one. Happy B-day bro, drink your ass of so you won’t remember Kishi’s trolling of the story and the Obito reveal for some time.

  15. it’s out.

  16. Now that’s what you call an early release. TIME TO READ!!!

  17. Holey Crap that was a trip if I ever saw one. That Juubi is going to blast some serious jinchuriki ass.

    And as far as Kakashi is concerned I think the kyuubi really did pump him up more then he’s usual max chakra level. I mean Kakashi absorbed and released the 8 Tails and was super fast at it too.

    If that isn’t a serious upgrade then I don’t know what is. He’ probably gonna be a big part of the plan to take down the Jiuubi and the Uchiha horror duo seeing as he can now send things and attacks to the other dimension faster and with less strain with his sharingan.

  18. Short chapter felt short. But it was shot and epic. Lol.

    Kakashi is showing way more control over Kamui now though. In fact, he’s almost using it on the same level as Obito was. I just wish that, once again, the scans would be a bit clearer so I could see what was happening more.

  19. It’s about that time when Naruto finally combines the Sannin Mode with the Kyuubi Chakra to ascend to the ultimate sage mode. Maybe this is THAT JUTSU. Who knows, any way we’re bound to see it sooner or later, Kishi didn’t show us the bad ass Cross eyes for nothing.

    Also Madara is becoming a total Vegeta rip off with the crossed hands in the Prince of Sayians style.

  20. Awesome chapter, I really get the feeling the juubi will back fire on Obito and Madara in some way. I mean the sage of six paths was meant to be an insanely strong ninja who had an extremely tough time against the juubi, and now Obito/Madara can control it? I think this is also hinted at by Obito’s comment of giving the juubi “too much consciousness”. Will look forward to mangastream’s version to see if it clears anything up.

  21. @ Chapter 610 “Go for the eyes!” “It doesn’t have any eyes!” “Then the nose, the throat, its vulnerable spots!” “It’s rock, it doesn’t have any vulnerable spots!” —- Galaxyquest

  22. Shuma-Gorath ripoff if there ever was one. More tentacles added (“tails”) to avoid trouble, but it is what it is. Lol. Anyway, I feel like I need to wait for the breakdown because I will be lucky if half of what I think happened really did happen. The 9 tails is a badass, Guy looks down for the count. Kumara did say he’d do the same chakra replenish for Naruto and Guy, but what good will that do Guy? Theory on Kakashi raming Rin through; maybe the only way at least one of them was going to get away from the Mist ninja was if Kakashi evolved. He loves Rin, he kills Rin, he gets the prize of survival.

  23. Guys check out the Manga stream chapter, it’s a little bit cleaned up as far as translation goes and you can actually make out what they’re saying.

    All in all I’m still hoping for the Sage+ Kuubi fusion when Naruto will release his clone. That way he can sense the juuby and have the combined power of both the Bijuu Mode and the Sannin mode.

    And also Gai might go all the way ,in this fight, to the 8th gate and the Kyuubi’s chakra might be just the life saving energy he needs so as not to die from usind the jutsu.

    I actually really want to see what the Blue Beast can do in that mode seeing as he mopped the floor with Kisame and full power and also he sent Madara flying with the afternoon tiger.

    Funny as the dude’s trying to be, he’s one of the most dangerous shinobi out there and he’s able to fight on par with sharingan users without getting caught in there genjutsu.

  24. P.S. I hope Sasuke doesn’t come trolling into this fight and without any effort, manages to take control of the Juubi.

  25. Now Kishi is just getting dirty….I don’t think a bubbliton for this chapter will come close to beating Bee yelling “MONEY SHOT!” hahaha

  26. Sorry 4 the double post but at mantis I agree that has got to be the funniest line in naruto so far

  27. Caption contest
    Naruto: wait so he’s the power of earth and water, the life force of the planet…?
    Kurama: come on, don’t do this bit two weeks in a row bea…. Naruto
    Caption: CAPTIN PLANET he’s our hero!

  28. I’m really liking the mangastream translations these past few weeks. They’ve gotten into more slang type of dialogue. It’s awesome seeing these guys work as a team. It’s awesome seeing all for in human form. Bee, Kurama in Narutos body, and a another Naruto in Sage mode, Kakashi and Gai. I like how Naruto and Kurama are cooperating. I also don’t think that Juubi is anything as strong as it was before. It still doesn’t have the 2 most powerful Bijuu and I think the other Bijuu gave some of their power to Naruto. I am looking forward to these next few chapters.

  29. @wise
    It is awesome to see kurama and naruto working together for this battle, and it’s necessary really. But with that said I hope when it’s over they can bring back at least some kind of cheeky rivalry and arguing. Bee and 8 tails already have the best friends jinchuriki thing and I hope naruto and kurama are different. Again though it is cool to see them on good terms and tag teaming a battle like pros who have been together for years… Because they totally have, I just hope we get a different non battle dynamic than bee and 8 tails have.

  30. As far as why Kakashi killed Rin, I initially thought that Rin had something special, like a special jutsu/kekkei genkai that Kakashi thought should not get into enemy hands. Given he generally thinks logically (but at the same time has now been tugged by the promise he made to Obito to protect Rin), he thought that the only way to keep Rin’s ability from falling into the wrong hands and to protect Konoha was to “off” her. The tear came as his knowledge that he a) loved Rin and b) failed to protect her and keep his promise to Obito. Also, remember the two of them were surrounded by ninja. It could have easily been a tactic to protect her from the ninja though I think that may have been a bit drastic even for Kakashi. It will be interesting to see what the truth is behind that situation.

    These past two chapters (as 610 is now out) have been difficult to determine what is going on regardless of whose scans are being read. It is clear that our modified Team Kakashi had been fooled into thinking that killing the Mazou saved the day when, in actuality, it actually brought badass Jyuubi to full bad and ugly form. One thing IS clear, however, and that there is going to have to be a special technique necessary to defeat this hideous monstrosity. It has no ideals, morals or feelings so Naruto’s “special gift” isn’t a factor here. It only knows destruction so…it is possible that Naruto will need to learn whatever “that” jutsu is. One question though – he will need the chakra of the Hachibi, which means that Bee/Achibi will have to fork some over. Likely? No?

    Other questions: WTH happened to the Kage in this epic battle? Kakashi and Gai have been powered up (Super Saiyan powers anyone?), so why can’t the Kage get these amazing gifts,too? Besides, there’s a limit on Tsunade’s ability to heal through the amount of chakra she possesses (ok, she’s a bit under the weather at the moment) so if she goes, the Kage die.

    And, Tenrai? You’re right on that Madara/Vegeta knock off thing – bad, very bad. Just give him a huge widow’s peak and an attitude and voila.

    Then, there were legions of troops supposedly heading to the battlefield. Where did they go? Are they going to be the ones that find the Kage looking worse for wear?

    Sasuke? For once I’m wondering where you are…get off that search for Uchiha truth and clarity and help finish off these two demons. With relatives like these two…

  31. Going back to a previous topic. But based on my observation, all of this as far as Obito goes IS about Rin. He claims not to care anymore, but the truth is that it is Rin that is driving him to do what he’s doing. It was Rin’s death, at the hands of Kakashi no less, that causes him to fully mature and awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan. It is Rin’s death that pushes him to accept and completely go along with Madara’s Moon’s Eye plan.

    So the question now is, who will become the host of the Juubi? We’ve got Obito and Madara standing there and Naturo, who people seem to think will become the host himself. Then there’s even Sasuke. But I think that the Juubi will simply become a force in itself that must be destroyed. And the key to that is Naruto’s shared power of the other tailed beasts.

  32. lol “with relatives like these two…” Imagine Thanksgiving with *that* family!

  33. I just want to find out where Sasuke and the rookie nine are. How long has it been, like 50 chapters?

    What is in that scroll?!?!?! >_<

  34. Am I the only one who isn’t particularly liking Mangastream’s slang translations they’ve been putting out lately? It just seems too off to me. The more direct translations were better IMHO.

  35. Bubble / Bubblition:

    (Read left to right)

    Naruto: “DUDE! Why did you throw Kakashi straight at Obito?! I could have just slipped behind Obito while someone else distracted him!”

    Kurama: “You mean like what Orochimaru did to you and Sasuke?”

    Caption: “Would you like some ointment for that burn?”

  36. Bubblition:
    Naruto: What do you mean, they think I have a crush on Sasuke? That’s ridiculous
    Kurama: Well, he is your first priority and all. You also keep screaming his name out even more than becoming Hokage. Not to mention you’re not doing this for Sakura anymore, too.
    Caption: Naruto’s reaction to the Yaoi fan girls.

  37. Hey everyone.

    I just wanted you all to know my breakdown will be a little late. It’ll probably be out tomorrow thanks to my being busy today.

    Sorry! T__T

  38. Caption contest:
    Naruto: WHAT DO YOU MEAN George Lucas sold the rights for Star Wars to Disney? What will happen to the Ewoks and the wookies?
    Kurama: dead, all dead. There’s no place in a Disney movie for cute fuzzy creatures coming together to sing and danc… DAMNIT!
    Caption: Nartuo uses his sage mode to sense the future

  39. @tenari
    why not just constantly have a double breakdown.

  40. I hope I have enough time for this last bubblitions
    Naruto: What are you doing, Kurama?! This is an important battle..
    Kurama: Tch, it’s only your Speech-No-jutsu vs their The world is crap-no-jutsu
    Caption: Kurama using his Captain Obvious-no-Jutsu.

    Naruto: I thought the Bijuu were told not to entrusted their soul to airhead. Is Obito
    Kurama: I thought that too but apparently you didn’t look at the fine print.
    Caption: Fine print “the power of the Sharingan overrides airheadedness and all related symptom such as losing, seeing straight, testoterone and the power to plan logically.”

  41. @philip

    Why would I constantly have a double breakdown?

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